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WWIII - Bring It On

25 October, 2007

By Gordon Prather

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Five years ago, in a new National Security Statement, President Bush announced that;

"The United States has long maintained the option of preemptive actions to counter a sufficient threat to our national security.

"The greater the threat, the greater is the risk of inaction and the more compelling the case for taking anticipatory action to defend ourselves, even if uncertainty remains as to the time and place of the enemy's attack.

"To forestall or prevent such hostile acts by our adversaries, the United States will, if necessary, act preemptively."

On August 26, 2002, in a major address to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Vice-President Cheney developed the theme.

"On the nuclear question, many of you will recall that Saddam's nuclear ambitions suffered a severe setback in 1981 when the Israelis bombed the Osirak reactor."

Nuclear ambitions? The Israelis launched a "pre-emptive" attack on a small French-built research reactor safeguarded by the International Atomic Energy Agency because of their assessment of Saddam's "nuclear ambitions"?

The UN Security Council "strongly condemned" the Israeli attack as constituting a clear violation of the UN Charter, and "a serious threat to the entire IAEA safeguards regime, which is the foundation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty."

Cheney continues;

"But we now know that Saddam has resumed his efforts to acquire nuclear weapons. Among other sources, we've gotten this from the firsthand testimony of defectors -- including Saddam's own son-in-law, who was subsequently murdered at Saddam's direction."

Cheney lied. Contrarily, Saddam's son-in-law had provided the CIA documentary evidence in 1995 that all of Saddam's "weapons of mass destruction" and their means of production had been destroyed, either in the Gulf War or on Saddam's orders in the immediate aftermath. And UN inspectors had since confirmed that Saddam had made no effort to reconstruct them.

Nevertheless, quoth Cheney,

"Many of us are convinced that Saddam will acquire nuclear weapons fairly soon."

From the Tooth Fairy?

"Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction. There is no doubt he is amassing them to use against our friends, against our allies, and against us. And there is no doubt that his aggressive regional ambitions will lead him into future confrontations with his neighbors confrontations that will involve both the weapons he has today, and the ones he will continue to develop with his oil wealth."

How to thwart Saddam's alleged "aggressive regional ambitions"?

Well, how about launching a preventive attack, depriving him of ambitions as well as "his oil wealth"?

Okay, but in the six months it took Bush to get the necessary invasion force amassed on Iraqi borders, those pesky UN inspectors had reentered Iraq and were reporting to the Security Council that Cheney was wrong the Tooth Fairy had not supplied Saddam any nuclear weapons after all.


Worse still, China and Russia had made it clear to Bush that the UN Security Council Resolution [1441] they had allowed to pass did not authorize the use of force against Iraq. Furthermore, they would not allow any resolution to pass that did.

Nevertheless, Bush launched his war of aggression against Iraq, anyway.

Back in 2002, all the while he was preparing to invade and occupy Iraq, Bush insisted he wanted a "diplomatic" solution to the alleged Iraqi nuke threat.

And since 2003 Bush has been insisting that he wants a "diplomatic" solution to the alleged Iranian nuke threat.

The problem is that all Iranian nuclear programs were and are subject to IAEA Safeguards and Director-General Mohamed ElBaradei keeps reporting that "all the declared nuclear material in Iran has been accounted for, and therefore such material is not diverted to prohibited activities."

In late 2004, Iran voluntarily entered into negotiations with the British, French, and Germans [E3], who purported to be negotiating on behalf of the European Union. Iran voluntarily suspended for the duration of the negotiations all uranium-enrichment activities.

The negotiations were undertaken by the Iranians in the hope they could obtain "objective guarantees" that the EU would defy the United States, would re-establish normal diplomatic and trade relations, and would, inter alia, respect both Iran's "inalienable" rights and European obligations under the NPT.

Iranian officials made it clear (a) at the IAEA Board of Governors meetings in March and June, (b) at the Seventh Review Conference of the Treaty in April, and (c) in their Note Verbale to the IAEA of August 1st, 2005, that any attempt by the EU/E3 to turn their voluntary suspension of uranium enrichment activities into a cessation or long term suspension would be "incompatible with the letter and spirit of the Paris Agreement and therefore unacceptable to Iran."

But that is exactly what Bush has been attempting to do using the strong-arm tactics he terms "diplomacy" ever since, denying Iran its "inalienable rights," corrupting, in the process, the IAEA Board of Governors and the UN Security Council, itself.

Up until now the Russians and the Chinese have limited themselves to making it clear that failure by the Iranians to fully comply with the resolutions of the IAEA Board or Security Council could not be used by Bush as a pretext to launch another war of aggression.

Then, last week, Iran hosted a "summit" of leaders of the Caspian Sea littoral states Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Iran.

Russian President Putin met with Iranian President Ahmadinejad, and afterwards declared that "Iran is an important regional and global power." Putin also said that he had seen no evidence that Iran was pursuing a nuclear weapons program and announced that Russia would go ahead and complete the Iranian nuclear power plant at Bushehr.

The summit, itself, resulted in a number of "milestone" agreements, including one prohibiting other countries such as the United States from using territory or facilities of one or more Caspian Sea littoral states for attacks on another "in any circumstances," and another "disallowing" the passage on the Caspian Sea of any ship not flying the national flag of a littoral state.

Bush's promptly convened an unusually lengthy press conference, in which to get off zingers like this one.

"We've got a leader in Iran who has announced that he wants to destroy Israel."

"So I've told people that, if you're interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon."

So, if Bush is to be believed, he's recently told Putin that he is willing to start World War III, not because Iran allegedly has nukes with which to allegedly attack Israel, or not because Iran has the capability of making the material to make nukes with which to allegedly attack Israel, or not even because Iran allegedly wants to make nukes with which to allegedly attack Israel. Now all it takes to start WWIII is some Iranians knowing how to make a nuke.

Well, since many Iranians have access to the internet, WWIII - bring it on!

Reader Comments:

This is a good read if you are willing to ignore the IAEA's failures in Libya, North Korea, Iran, A.Q. Kahn and the fact that Saddam consistently deceived and stalled in order to skirt his 1991 obligations.

For all of those who will say the UN had Saddam "contained", I would expect they could explain why he corrupted the Oil For Food Program.

In addition, I would hope they could inform us what evidence arose during the inspectors four + year absence from Iraq and led them to believe Saddam was going be cooperative, or the UN was going to become effective in their thirteenth year.

Scooter, United Kingdom - 25 October, 2007

WW111 Seekers cannot be Reformed

Democracy of Bush Blair Harper Olmert Dick Cheney Condoleeca Rice Reagan Thatcher Swatzernegger Trudeau Chretian WW1- WW111 (current) is
Obsolete. They create Death Destruction to Islam and UMMA to redress later.They are humiliating to Islam using one side confidence .They are none productive like soldiers in the world. They are humiliating to world hungry population who cannot even afford to buy a postage Stamp. One Postage stamp to the West is equivalent to food on the table for a family of 5-6 for one meal. Many do not have money even for quarter of an international postage stamp(on regular basis). There is no place for actors lawyers crooks stupid or incompetents MPS and Senators in Democracy Office. The Democracy has become stupid in getting mixed with above leaders and their Stupid elected representatives with no brain soldiers and no brain Generals. The above leaders are like struggling Election Candidates struggling to get back to office of Democracy to make use of money in the bank and for potential bank book IMF source needed to pay family bills. Bush Told Turkey not to touch Iran oil Iraq oil export. Bush and allied became infuriarated at Caspian Sea Russia summit (who were trying to manage their own oil) bordering Caspian Sea OIL . Daring Bush and allied in fact is telling them not to touch those oil like In Iraq Saudi Arabia UAE gulf Brunei .Above leaders are angry at Russia for getting hold Of their own oil while mixing with above none EU NATO group. Inferno in USA cannot be controlled by Hollywood Bollywood actors Governor(Reaganomics Thatcherism Economics of above kind ).They are beyond the ability of actors and actresses in Parliament. Lawyers for stealth bill as PM President or MPs are obsolete.No more conventional War Nukes bombers are needed.WW1 –ww111 beneficiaries are Called have fatso people in the format of Jewish settlers (free wheeling dealing and rides). Quran sold for US$2.3million for a kafir. 1203 hand written Koran was sold for $2.3million or Rs 125 000 000 for an acquaintance of Collins Huntintngton OPEC oil shipping group man (so called adopted son) by London Chrisitie within last 48 hours.In fact Islam has been humiliated with Total looting of Islamic History and evidence by Kufars and their grip on Islamic heart lung blood and resource.Evidence suggested Democracy Karachi convoy resulted in 141 dead 547 injured in PRE-calculated STUNT to deliver BB to Safety .Then Impart damage to poor UMMA of democracy seeker. It was done by chemical mfr and their soldiers around UMMA .They used None conventional war experiments in real human victim situation.They Used 2 simple explosion using Chemical RDX high explosives (RDX or HMX, TATB, and HNS) and their decomposition. "The Phase Diagram of RDX under Hydrostatic Pressure" or with TN /RDX Mix . who needs even these in none conventional war with Obsolete democracy obsolete leadership. Instead by using Intifada using simple Molotov cocktail or more sophisticated items to create inferno entire above obsolete democracy regime their countries and their financial infrastructured countries can flattened and put back to medieval EU and medieval USA America level (in no time) with equal number of civilian deaths equal infrastructure damage.Motto should be for every action there is equal and Opposite Damage and destruction in so called WW111 being designed by Bush NATO and oil RDX cyanide TNT gangsters of democracy.Being hostage to above and teaching them all above democracy progress and Peace my conclusion is that they cannot be made human who can be taught democracy or governace.World under above simply cannot be corrected.They only design death destruction for Muslims.

Z B, Canada - 25 October, 2007

Iraq Sanction(invasion) vs Iran Sanction (ww111 oil invasion)

UN anti Islam is Security Council. UN Anti Islam Sanction Division .of Armed GangHO- Bullying United army units of oil buyers’ have designed method of Invasion .They have designed carpet bombing wall to wall .They have designed to convert Iran from progressive country into destroyed mass killed Country(like in Iraq using fictitious WMD gimmick).The UN employees are kafirite working side by side Kafirite have Muslims partners of “share the loot division”who have designed to deprive the
Mainstream Muslim benefits of oil benefits of car benefits of resource.Muslim employees of Foreign Oil Company’s are oil sheiks that get paid for oil sales with commission to sell Muslim UMMA death and destruction. UN Kafiritie has Sanction (custom made) with custom made Invasion (proved to be success in Iraq). UN is kafirite forces of EU NATO UN exclusively designed not to give independence to Palestinian not to give independence to Kashmiris or Kosovo or Philipino Muslims.Iran is successful country .NATO and EU division of UN security council do not want successful Iran being regular Customers .Instead they want Mass killing Mass Sanction.They and theirs want Sanction to became Food for Oil Programme like Iraq. They want Sanction imposed (getting instruction of Kafirite Division EU NATO) who want Penicillin and drugs and rationed food for Iran oil Programme .They have none Muslim NUKE bomb Club. NUKE bomb club is anti Muslim club UN security council and Int’l atomic energy who do not want Muslims.UN EU NATO NUKE World Trade clubs are anti Muslim Organizations. UN and NATO have Muslim Traitors also known as Muslim Sheiks Muslim Emir who represent above Kafirites.The world of sheiks and NUKE club Mass murder club work under UN security council to Punish Muslim Public.Muslim Public have nothing to do what decision their oil sheiks Or Iran Ministers make.They killed millions of Iraqis and they they wish to kill millions Of Iranians.1.5 Billion Muslims of world countries should form Defence club Oil sales club anti UN club anti Sanction club to combat Bush forces to combat oil sheik and their world partners UN EU NATO Christian Jews Buddhists Hindus who seem hell bent on to reproduce mass killing mass sanction mass invasion mass civilization and building mass demolition done in Iraq.Bush and partners are plotting and designing again to repeat above to demolish Iran .They are designing again - food medicine for Oil sales using NUKE gimmick UN security Council gimmick.

benz m Ispahani, United Arab Emirates - 26 October, 2007

Security Council

I really wonder whose security these member countries are looking after? Are not they supposed to work together to make world a safer place?
China has occupied Tibet and already in loggerheads with other neighbouring countries.
USA and UK has already made their hand dirty in Iraq.
I don't see France exerting any real pressure on any of the blocks. Russia, after its disintegration is busy managing its home. Now, they have started asserting them. Are not the security council members to provide security to the other countries? This is high time the current UNSC to be dismantled or to be made more representative and work in democratic way.

Nikus, Hungary - 26 October, 2007

The Madman in Iran.

That Madman in Iran wants to bring about a nuclear attack because he thinks a 12th Iman will come from heaven or whether and protect Iran.

He really believes this stuff!

Jeff, United Kingdom - 27 October, 2007

What WW III?

Deceit is the cornerstone of the Bush's policy which he uses in creating the "New World Disorder". He believes in a simple formula:
"Create bigger problems, to make existing ones look meaningless".
He wants his allies also, to do likewise. Apply it anywhere, it works.

Iran is not starting any World War III by exploring alternate and renewable sources of Energy and Power Generation for its peaceful development plans. Bush is a confirmed sadist and can attack anyone he considers becoming self reliant. He does not like sitting at ease and talking to solve his problems. He can call anyone evil enemy and attack to kill. He is actively painting Ahmadinejad a bigger terror than Saddam.

Bush has nurtured his unique Rules of Business. First he believes that freedom, not stability, is the essence of democracy. When he came, he advocated growth of the tree of liberty and freedom through commerce. He had minimal defense expenditure plans when he came into office but, once in position, he fertilized his liberty promises on patriotic blood and engineered circumstances leading to war for promoting his war based commerce as well as satisfying his sadistic urge.
Bush reacts to any idea of war fiercely and unilaterally. After 9/11, Bush called the enemy evil and attacked him unilaterally without authorization from the United Nations. His unilateralism is premeditated, mean-spirited; instinctive and self-serving to all limits. He is not any believer in national administrations or international institutions. He is highly skeptical of the United Nations, where non-democracies have veto power. Even among democracies Bush is more comfortable with “coalitions of the willing” than decision-making by NATO and its committees. European countries consider NATO, nothing more than an American tool and therefore not conveniently acceptable.
Like Ronald Reagan, Bush is a selective internationalist only and does not believe in the institutional system. For him, negotiations to solve problems is insulting and only acceptable to achieve specific, covert aims. He often stops, reverses or delays negotiations in order to alter the balance of forces on the ground and improve his bargaining position.

Bush has a many faceted personality and will continue to bedevil the world much after the end of his horrible period of rule.

M.Saeed, Pakistan - 27 October, 2007

Peace for mankind



muslims do not qualify as WW3 candidates. Watch out for mighty Russia and China as they are getting hotter and stronger in bid to catch up with the strongest.Muslims including Iran are too week to qualify as the war mongers dream foes for humanity's grand destruction as wished by war mongers gone wild and bloody.

Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 28 October, 2007

Typical moslem/barbaric view

This is very ugly thought. UN is not very successfull. The reason may be different. What prompted you to think that UN is working against moslems?
I am no big supporter of Western hegemony. Cuba and other South American countries are facing it.

Nikus, Hungary - 29 October, 2007

What Prompted an Individual ( Me )To Blame UN or Its Organ Layout?

Alger Hiss, famous for being a convicted Russian spy, was the very first secretary general. Recognition of Israel for 22000 Jews have compounded in 1948 under abnormal setup. This is UN.Alger Hiss was a US State Department official who was first secretary-general of the United Nations Conference on International Organization (the United Nations Charter Conference) in San Francisco in 1945.UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld. 10 April 1953 – 18 September 1961 Sweden Died in a plane crash in Zimbabwe (still in turmoil)UN selection process is custom designed to cater specific criteria’s of individuals of Monopolist. Muslim View is God has power over thing.UN is supposed to manpower
Organs distribution. Israel USA France do not recognize Int'l Atomic Energy Commission (recognized by world).UN is recognized by World as something to turn to.EU NATO G8 did not recognize UN who attacked Iraq on all occasion contrary to the ruling of UN .USA is abnormal military Junta of both Republican or democrat as military democracy of Cowboy farming looting expanding and colonozing as in new found lands .They have forces around the world dropping Nukes and creating market for Killers Mafias Suicide bombers Looters while shipping and bringing of Imperialism.
5% world Population have 50% world resources under UN and G8 Design .They went on to pretend it is ok to create 10 yr sanction for UN Salary food -Medicine for disintegrating Iraq. UN is Hyde Park speakers corner chamber (security council) for resolutions to give some land to 22000 Jews of Philistine amid series of fictitious resolutions on Israel Kashmir and for poor nations around the globe during entire period of UN history.UN is suppose to govern. Instead USA EU Israel Mafia looters killers govern. For governance killing looting or welfare of affected nations Money has to come from somewhere. Money has to come from development for UN staff Salary and for welfare programme for member nations. Instead entire infrastructure of governance layout is in the hand of few individuals from Looters Killers group. For years Only Canada was paying UN expenses. Somebody had to raise concern and blow whistle. Based upon the principle I know from Qumran “Raise alarm for God “it works and worked. But individual has statute of limitation’s Canada EU jointly of singularly have statute of limitations. This is job of UN. This could have been job of Bush Clinton or Blair. But Money has to come from somewhere. Income job employment business and resource produces income.Governace of such income needs security. Security Council's job is governance to ensure security of employee’s organization single nation or 178 nations. Instead UN is governed by finance monopoly. UN has to have a boss. Boss is such person as Alger Hiss Dag Hammarskjold Uthant Ghazi Kofi Anan KiMoon.Kofi Anan allowed Iraq invasions in return for favour from Canada for self and son's education at U of T.What is food for UN staff programme comprising world conflict. And governace( for world 178 nations)?Why world problem cannot be governed by UN charter ?Organ is charter. Instead organ is being collected for transplant.Organ is g assembly security council economic social inequality Trutee coucil and Hague court for Crime against humanity crime again UN 178 nations under a secretariat (artcle 7) while under ( 8 )world Nations of USA Canada or 178 of them shall place no restrictions on the eligibility of men women to participate in any capacity under conditions of equality in its principle and subsidiary Organs. The boss is one and I being one and only (perhaps) the main victim who raises alarm as one none registered none recognized and awaited for organ snatching. Being # 8 assigned to me by God in many ways and as deliberate victim of 1800 and free stuff which goes with it.I will be happy to produce evidence that I have no ID equality despite being best trained under richest Organ Of 178 ‘s richest ficticious democracy. Democracy with equality under false pretence is like controlling UN and 178 nations amid democracy r court monopoly infrastructure glamour layout which at the end of the day amounts to aggression against Islam against Muslim aggression against Individual.If I am in it
there is no reason why my comment should not count by
article 8.

benz m Ispahani, United Arab Emirates - 30 October, 2007

The Western Media Collaps

It is clear that the US media moguls would have us believe that the catastrophic invasion and occupation of Iraq was a sincere effort to promote freedom and democracy in the Middle East, gone awry. But we must remember that everything associated with capitalism is about marketing: making the people believe that things and events are the opposite of what they really are, and creating artificial wants that neither benefit the individual nor society, while simultaneously embellishing corporate profits.

This understanding would have been equally evident in the mainstream media’s buildup to the war had we a less propagandized, better read, and more informed citizenry. Even the politically naïve should have known that Saddam Hussein’s threat to the US, so vividly hyped in the media, was pure marketing propaganda.

But the majority of the people bought it, and now we have no choice but to live with our purchase. Short of a major social upheaval, we are going to be in Iraq for a very long time, and the death toll will continue to rise, especially for the Iraqis—the unwilling recipients of our corporate benevolence delivered through carpet bombs, terror, and torture. For these are the undeniable legacy of our foreign policies, and the illegal, amoral, acquisition of property by blunt force trauma.

Shokat Saleem, Georgia - 04 November, 2007

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