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United States and England, Safe-Havens for the Terrorists?

24 May, 2007

By Adnan Gill

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As hard as it may seem, but the truth is the so-called leaders waging war against the menace of terrorism are guilty of providing safe-Havens for the terrorists. Yes, it is true, in this day and age, the United States and England are indeed harboring and nurturing some of the worlds most dangerous and vicious terrorists. It is such a shame that the government's of these countries not only provide safety and comfort to these terrorists, but in many cases they even reward them with their citizenship along with public welfare benefits. You got it right; the terrorists are harbored and comforted at taxpayers' hard-earned money.

In a prime example of hypocrisy and an instance of violation of international laws, in February 2001, one of the worst terrorist the world has ever known, a man credited with more acts of terrorism than Osama bin Laden, a man solely responsible for the massacre of thousands of Pakistani citizens was granted British citizenship with full civil, constitutional rights and privileges available to all British citizens. His name is Altaf Hussain. By granting citizenship to him, the British government deliberately violated international laws, like the UN Security Council's (UNSC) Resolution 1189 (section 5) and still stands in violation of, among many, UNSC Resolution 1368.

By the late 1990’s, there were over 260 criminal cases, many involving acts of terrorism, pending/decided in Pakistan against Altaf Hussain. The Daily Telegraph reported, "When [the news media] asked why Mr Hussain was not deported to Pakistan before he was granted citizenship, a British diplomat [casually] said: ‘He has not committed a crime on British soil.’" In other words, one man's terrorist is another man's hero; but in this case the terrorist was rewarded with the British citizenship.  As observed by the British news media, Altaf Hussain is still allowed by the British government to micromanage MQM from UK.

A taxi driver turned politician, in 1984; he became the leader of a political party, called Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM; previously also known as Muhajir Quami Movement). Based on racial lines, his party established no-go-areas and also opened up a number of torture cells around the city for those who were perceived to be political threats to the party. MQM is frequently cited for their involvement in terrorist and mafia activities, especially within the city of Karachi. It is widely believed, that the money made through carjackings, land grabbing, kidnappings, drug running, extortion (Bhatta), etc., enabled MQM to make remarkable gains in successive elections. 

In another instance of how the British government protects and nurtures terrorists and mass murderers, Augusto Pinochet, ex-president of Chile and a wanted man for the murders of 3,000 dissidents and leftists, and for the torture of another 30,000 was first arrested and then was released by the then British Home Secretary Jack Straw without facing trial. The message was, unless British interests are harmed, all sort of fascists and terrorists can seek a safe-heaven in England.

Similarly, on the other side of Atlantic, the other self-proclaimed leader of war-against-terrorism has been busy protecting and harboring terrorists as well.

In 2006, a U.S Federal Court of Appeals set a notorious Cuban terrorist free. A Cuban terrorist, Luis Posada has boasted of helping set off deadly bombs in Havana hotels and masterminding a 1976 bombing of a Cuban airplane that killed 73 people. Declassified FBI and CIA documents corroborated Posada’s boasts. In a May 18, 2007, the Los Angeles Times editorial which honed on the hypocrisy of the Bush administration, it said, "With a misguided decision upholding bail for Cuban-born terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans has done more than free a frail old man facing unremarkable immigration charges. It has exposed Washington to legitimate charges of hypocrisy in the war on terror." The editorial then equated Posada with the convicted terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui. It stated, "In other words, Posada is the Zacarias Moussaoui of Havana and Caracas. Moussaoui is serving a life sentence without parole in a federal prison in Colorado for conspiracy in the 9/11 attacks; Posada is free to live in Miami."

Then there are international criminals and terrorists like Charles Taylor. Taylor seized power in Liberia, and is indicted by the United Nation's Special Court with a 654-count indictment for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the conflict in Sierra Leone. These individuals are supported by the American political heavyweights and leaders of a very strong televangelist-Christians lobby like Pat Robertson. Robertson repeatedly supported Charles Taylor in various episodes of his TV program ‘700 Club’.

On June 2, 1999, a ‘The Virginian-Pilot’ article reported that Charles Taylor had extensive business dealings with televangelist Pat Robertson. The article alleged that Taylor gave Robertson the rights to mine for diamonds in Liberia. These diamonds are also known as blood-diamonds which the American government has now prohibited its imports. In an investigation conducted by the police against Robertson, it had been alleged that Robertson used his ‘Operation Blessing’ planes to haul diamond-mining equipment to his mines in Liberia. But for some unexplained and mysterious reasons, the Attorney General of Virginia Mark Earley blocked any potential prosecution against Robertson. Clearly, Pat Robertson, a racist and a bigot, who doesn't mind lining his pockets with the stolen money from his ministry and the blood-diamonds.  This is the man who blames “Islam for teaching violence,” but is fine with violence as long as he can fatten up his personal bank accounts with the blood-money.

The United States and England (the self-proclaimed leaders in the war-against-terrorism), either believe that they are the only authorities that can designate ”terrorists”, or they believe that the rest of the world is too stupid or too blind to see through their hypocrisy. Meanwhile, they continue to boldly provide safe-havens to some of the most notorious terrorists.  Either way, shame on them!

Three weeks after 9/11, Afghanistan was invaded and occupied by the so-called leaders of war-against-terrorism, because she was providing safe-havens for the terrorists. One of the reasons given for the invasion and occupation of Iraq was its contacts with the terrorists. Libya was bombed and heavily embargoed for decades, because it refused to hand over the men involved in PanAm bombing.  Naturally, one has to wonder, can anyone dare to invade and occupy the United States and England for providing safe-havens for the terrorists?

Reader Comments:

Unfortunate but true.

If you can get read the book"People's history of US" by Howard Zinn a leftist jew/American.The book is an eye opener.He gives examples after example.He says US made over 4oo treaties with local Indians and didn't keep any.I guess same trick that make treaties when you are weak to buy time,get strong yourself and then break it and still blame the other side,eg you don't know English so you didn't understand the meanings of these lines etc.This is what Brits had been doing all along as well.

M.K., United Kingdom - 24 May, 2007

Factors Governing wealth and Terrorism

Question :“Can anyone dare to invade and occupy the United States and England for providing safe-havens for the terrorists?” ?
Answer:Yes there is something called indirect invasion indirect influencing world sequence of events. Their "friends" or partners included: Royals-the queen, Princess Diana and the Shah of Iran. Tories such as Margaret Thatcher, Michael Heseltine, Edward Heath, Cecil Parkinson and John Major. The Hindujas held a special party for William Hague at their palatial headquarters in central London. Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown, who signed one of the Hindujas' passport applications. The US ruling class-new president George W Bush, former presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush, Al Gore, and Richard Helms (former director of the CIA). Hinduja brothers had lobbied the prime minister and Jonathan Powell, his chief of staff, over issues affecting India, nuclear weapons and the future of Kashmir .Blair Clinton Bush and The Israeli public statement proudly announces the elimination of a terrorist - touting the same post 9/11 slogan “war against terrorism”. How ironic, the world sees Israel an equal partner to this terrorist media chooses to portray Israel as the hero. Colleagues said about their Christian faith Jewish Hindu faith struggle. Wednesday, 25 February, 1998, 19:43 GMT Iraqi official condemns further US-UK pressure on UN amid Blair Clinton shuttle visit to Israel. Blair toured the world, shoring up support for the Bush administration, utterly convinced of his own powers of persuasion and advocacy. A wealthy Hindu family has agreed to underwrite the completion of a section of the Millennium Dome dedicated to religion. when pressed about why the Anglican Church was not 'putting its hand in its pocket' for the zone, he said: "The Hinduja brothers are not Hinduism Hinduja and his brother, from Bombay, were associated with Baroness Thatcher when she was prime minister - and also supported John Major when he came to power. Their global empire, run from New Zealand House in Haymarket, London, includes oil and industrial interests the billionaire Hinduja brothers, whose contacts include Tony Blair, John Major, Margaret Thatcher and other leading politicians, say they are prepared to attend any judicial hearing in India into corruption allegations against them. ON THE mantelpiece of the Hindu brothers' £10 million flat in Carlton House Terrace in London there is a series of framed photographs. They show the Hindujas with George Bush, Lady Thatcher, Tony and Cherie Blair, Al Gore, Atal Behari Vajpayee (the Indian prime minister) Hindujas have homes in Manhattan, Geneva, London, Bombay, Cannes and Tehran. For the wedding of three Hinduja sons, a Bombay racecourse was transformed with grottoes of dry ice waterfalls, elephants and white horses with gold livery. The event was attended by 10,000 guests flown in from 58 countries. The Hindujas made their first big money under the murderous regime of the Shah of Iran before he was driven out by revolution in 1979. They survived. In fact bush Blair Clinton algore spent their life promoting hinduja MittelAnd their likes during the entire period of office helping them develop in Indonesia Iran to central asia resulting in the label assigned “terrorists” to Islam and their buying luxury home near 10 downing street with temple and all (currently)

benz m Ispahani, India - 25 May, 2007

India Supports Altaf

It's nothing new to Pakistani people but this article is great aT making awarnessto wards people but how long, let me make my self very clear as to how long we have to see and here are city Karachi becoming worst places on earth and massacres followed by massacres only b/c of a single person Altaf Hussain , a renowned Terrorist. A/c to my information India helps and funds MQM and asks Pakistan to handover DAWOOD IBRAHIM an Indian Terrorist. India has pledged Britain not to hand over Altaf Hussain to Pakistan until Pakistan hands over Dawood Ibrahim to India , that makes great conflicts.

M.F.Faizan, United Arab Emirates - 26 May, 2007

We need to hear the truth.

Its true that both UK & USA have historically entertained those who are the so-called Politicians available for sale and known to be the enemies of the State of Pakistan & Pakistani people. Those who have aggressed against and oppressed the public of Pakistan. However Mr. Gill you seem to be using the opportunity to describe something else which appears to be once again laced with the poison of ethnic slaughter. While the UK & USA are notorious when it comes to providing shelter to such politicians since they are interested in the demise of a nation like Pakistan which is quite evident from their hidden agenda I dont find it comforting that you use the opportunity to describe one sided story maintaining a bias and partiality towards certain ethnics of Pakistan.
I find it necessary to encourage aspiring commentators like you to maintain a balanced view when you wish to bring any given topic to the forefront of the mass media and honestly describe the stories of all sides.
Numerous people of MQM were killed since the time of Zia Ul Haq while such killings continued and escalated during the era of Benazir first term and remained about the same during the reign of Nawaz Sharieff and then again during the 2nd term of BB which was followed by a wnd term of Nawaz . I encourage you to expand your research of those facts where many households of Pakistan and specially Karachi suffered the loss of their youth at the hands of PPP and several other groups charged with ethnic cleansing of the Urdu speaking people. There are plenty of cases where the police first shot and killed many young men of Urdu speaking background and later declared that they were killed as a result of engaging against the Police authorities while they were killed in a fire exchange.
I urge you to kindly remain honest when reporting on such matters since the blood of Urdu speaking people who were killed in large numbers should also be discussed without any restrain on your part. The Urdu speaking people of Pakistan are just as precious as any other ethnic of Pakistan and desrve equality in all manners in the state of Pakistan. Nothing justifies their killing and maiming by other ethnics of Pakistan as has been prevalent for last several decades however only people like you who chose to write commentaries can bring such unfortunate incidents to a stop specially since you have access to mass media in the capacity you wrote this article.

Zubair Ahmed, United Arab Emirates - 26 May, 2007

Partners of Terrorism Transfers Buyout Asset Crime using Junk Bonds IMF

1971 Pakistan split came with massive terrorism massacre of 3 million .Then Adamjee buying out $400 m steel unit in France out of Jute business.Shah Iran removing wealth from Iran while buying off German steel mill crop Mercedes Benz with rulers of Kuwait and assets in Canada UK EU and USA.There came price jump from $1.95 /barrel to $70/barrel and above group With Mittel surfaced out in Indonesia mideast Romania to Warsaw pact OIC .It may be coincidence on individuals enclave plight 1973-2007 and above group buying of metal to oil conglomerates sharing a trillion dollar oil money steel skimmed off out of Iran gulf Kuwait.Swiss account EU UK or USA account is key to
sharing by partners of asset removal.

The combo of IMF Israel EU and above peoples’ dedicated lieutenant like Tony Blair
With declared strategy to make for self for country and above group plunged into world of killing debt reduction invasion looting killings with so called USA allied partners in Iraq Afghanistan Indonesia OIC.Whether Dick Chenny Rumsfelf were in oil business or condoleeza Rice framing Iraq Saddam or shia sunni M Sadr Saudi combo split or Mittel in steel and Indians in oil OPEC mall Bangalore Hongkong aircraft banking or software route to Transfer bank deposits with partners of crime.

Their activities revolve around named Politician their carpet bombings their Terrorism rhetoric using Osaka Bin ladin Zarqawi Alsadr shia sunni oil fields.For this you would need allied soldiers in bombers suicide bombers from 58 countries comprising OIC – so called Terrorist states.Overnight commission and asset development of Rhetoric Giants and allied soldiers with investors mergers acquisition and asset removal of a trillion dollar oil fund steel asset began. There came Muslim partners purchasers of IMF or deposed or casino gamblers losing Islam in an evening.During 1971-2007 specially since 1976 narrows down saturated Terrorism source incentive and beneficiaries such as above
Still juggling with passports citizen for cash to install own army of crooks as state within state in oic in eu nafta to else where.

Z.B, Pakistan - 26 May, 2007

But other countries think that Pakistan is safe heaven for the terrorists after Afganistan.

Geo, Pakistan - 26 May, 2007


There are many type of asylum claims made by pakistani citizens in the west and the europe. These range from religious persecution to political asylum. When Canada handed taliban Due to the widespread corruption and human rights abuses; when pakistan makes a claim its nearly impossible to ratify it. Furthermore should these individuals be deported back to Pakistan; they risk facing death. As such sending them back becomes a lot more complicated. The best thing to do is give them Asylum and keep a close eye on them. Which is what the british gov. did.

As for Mr. Benz m Ispahani of Iran; I think u need to re read the content of the article and understand the concept. All u have projected is your paranoia.

Ganenthiran, Canada - 27 May, 2007

We need to hear the truth

Zubair Ahmed you done well to show your feelings of disgust about writer of the article. Single sided stories damage more than giving comfort or relief to the other side. Got to be more careful when writing about problems within Pakistan. Pakistan is for all those who are Pakistanis no matter where they came from or what religion or creed they belong to. There is no doubt that MQM is known for their activities against those who come to work and live in Karachi from Punjab and NWFP. There is no point in denying about that there does exist a climate created by MQM that Karachi belongs to them because they have paid high prices in the formation of Pakistan. They left a lot in India behind and came to Pakistan. They were first Muhajir Quami Movement and then Indra Gandhi told them even after living in Pakistan over 50 years how come you are still Muhajirs. After that the name was changed to MQM and on a recent visit to India by Altaf Hussain he opposed the separation and creation of Pakistan though it was too late for him to do anything. His parents came to Pakistan after the partition and if he loved so much India he should have gone back and lived there. He is no longer living in Pakistan but controlling his party while living in UK. What fun is there I don't know. If he is so much interested in politics why should'nt he take part in local politics. No one likes his stay here in UK though he got UK Passport and is British Citizen and playing politics while living here.MQM is even blamed by BB today in here article though I disagree with all she said. We will see who was the culprit of 12th May 2007 killings in Karachi.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 28 May, 2007

Your title is incorrect. It should read 'United States and Britain,..etc.'. The English are the only Nation in the United Kingdom without a Parliament and apparently do not even exist as a country. The British U.K. government and European Union acknowledge England only as the 'regions' and you yourselves seem to agree. Look under 'Your Country' section when you register for these comments. You'll find Scotland and United Kingdom but not England. While I agree entirely with the author that the British Government violated International law by granting British citizenship to Altaf Hussain it is important to make a clear distinction between the English and the British government that rules over them. The English are not the British.

Steve Thompson, United Arab Emirates - 28 May, 2007

incorrect analysis about Benz M Ispahani by Genenthiran

Genenthiran has been implanted to coverup with a simple statement on behalf of people involved in the same(amazingly). I have been swindled by legislation of Kolkatta London UK and Ottawa /Toronto since jfk assassination in 1963.Helplessly I watched from London House of commons and House of Lords gallery passing same swindling bill.i.e. Workman compensation insurance collection .It is I who was being repeatedly swindled in 3 continents. In fact due to Boss in ICI Tioxide I went to Iran in same sector work rather than refinery or pipe line work for which I had taken certificate BSc D Eng Degrees in Madrassa Kol UNIV and UK Univ Born near Mother Teresa House in Kolkatta (from Iranian mother living in G8 west under assume name ) I went to free Madrassa rather than next door St James School for Cambridge UK cert(jun senr).Straight from Madrassa and BSc(at age 19) I went to UK Universities Steel D sector and ICI CCI conglomerate pension theft in UK .Theft was repeated in Toronto amid swindling. by India due to none functional democracy none functional judiciary or deliberate swindling or deliberate denied Rs 2000/month rent since 1960-2007 injury benefit death benefit.While watching Bill passing I was helpless witnessing Same repeated theft due to globalization again and again using Benz M Ispahani role
Model Family role model victim for role model globalized terrorism (repeated bill repeated above posting in Paktribune chowk CNN and BBC 10 downing sty forum).Both are spokesperson of Govt or persons who are committing crime of worst kind in entire world history.
Live case need live catching redhanded.

benz m Isphahani, India - 31 May, 2007

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