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U.S. Dubious Character in GWOT – OBL Killing

18 May, 2011

By Ishaal Zehra

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Pakistan as a country and Pakistani people as a nation are going through very tough times. John Kerry, the first American politician to visit Pakistan since Osama bin Laden was shot dead in the incident of unilateral action by the US forces on May 2nd 2011, told the country`s military and civilian leaders that they could lose billions of dollars in funding if they fail to tackle militant safe havens in the mountainous border areas.

Things have clearly changed after the May 2nd incident of unilateral action in the sovereign independent state of Pakistan, unfortunately, by its own ally in war against terror. How absurd American accusations are that Osama bin Laden was able to hide in the country due to either an official support network or the ‘incompetence’ of Pakistani authorities. Just to let the so-called ally of ours know that we as a nation have full confidence in the high command of the Pakistan Armed Forces and the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Throwing the entire responsibility on external factors and absolving oneself from any responsibility is absurd as well as ridiculous. Pakistan is not the birthplace of al Qaeda. Taliban and al Qaeda was born in an allusion to US funding for the Afghan mujahidden in the 1980s war against Soviet troops in Afghanistan, it is unfair for Pakistan to own all the blame.

To cover its own failures the US always blamed Pakistan for not doing enough or for harboring terrorists on its soil. These terrorists nurtured by the US for its own objectives and then abandoned could not be get rid off so suddenly. Moreover the high handed US policies and killing of innocent people through indiscriminate bombing made things more difficult and complicated. Intervention in Afghanistan by regional powers like India and Iran further compounded the problem. How can Pakistan overcome such well entrenched insurgents in one of the roughest terrain in the world while its so-called allies and the Afghan government complicated matters and vitiated the atmosphere. This monster of terrorism has engulfed the region and Pakistan is clearly not responsible. Everyone including the US must take its share of responsibility for its own failings.

The contribution of this country in the US-led war against terrorism was always well above average. 248 al Qaeda operatives, among them senior leaders, had been captured by Pakistani armed forces. No other country in the world and no other security agency have done so much to interdict al Qaeda than the ISI and our armed forces. We have lost more or less 35,000 people of Pakistan including our civilian brothers and armed forces.

Pakistan was a peaceful country with a tolerant population till the time the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in 1979, after which the bad days for Pakistan started. The US, apparently, started to feel the pain for the “poor” Afghans. While this is no more a secret now that the US actually had no love lost for Afghan freedom as they themselves are a historic demon who had committed grave atrocities against other countries - not forgetting Japan, Korea, Vietnam and the total elimination of the native American. However this apparent pain was not for freeing the Afghans from Soviet occupation in fact, the US saw a golden opportunity to avenge its humiliation in Vietnam.

The proof is provided by Mr. Zbigniew Brzezinski (National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter) in his interviews. He acknowledge the fact that the US worked towards inducing the Soviets to invade Afghanistan through covert actions.

Billions of dollars in military aid were provided to the most ignorant, bigoted and obscurantist forces to fight the Soviets. Thousands of criminals were released from prisons in US allied Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia etc to fight a holy war in Afghanistan. Hundreds of Madrassahs were opened to give militant religious education to young Afghan and Pakistanis to indoctrinate them to fight the Soviets. This was all done without any regard to the fact that this monster that was being created will one day attempt to devour its own creator. The area became awash with sophisticated weapons. After the Soviet withdrawal the US and its allies conveniently withdrew, leaving battle hardened warriors looking for another enemy. They found one in the United States. Al Qaeda an organization created by US trained zealots prepared for ten years while the US remained blissfully ignorant, of its plans. The terrorists struck the US on 9 September 2001. The US reaction was immature and beyond proportion. The sympathy wave generated due to the tragic events faded as the US policies became bankrupt and counter productive.

And the Great Satan then started the Great Global Game. Ever since then all what is happening on the world stage is been directed and produced by the Great Satan himself. The war in Iraq lead to Afghanistan is now being purposely drawn in to Pakistan. The Osama’s presence here in Abbottabad just paved a way for further advancement of US plans in the region.Fortunately for us Pakistanis, the chief outcome of this incident is that Pakistan is now bound to deal with its problems internally. Expectantly it will give a little troubled feeling to the allies of GWOT but humbly it is stated that we cannot afford to put off the flaring self esteem which has aroused in the wake of this costly war.

Collectively, we must acknowledge facts and see our faces in the mirror of history and if the American mirror, unfortunately showing them vandalized then its not Pakistan’s fault.

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