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Tuesday Oct 15, 2019, Safar 15, 1441 Hijri

This is why America is great and Pakistan isn't.

24 November, 2006

By Ahmer Muzammil

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Common sense eventually prevails in America as it's evident from the mid-term elections while in the motherland it's an extinct commodity. In one word the reason is "Democracy". I know it's a cliche beyond sense but at the core level, that's the bona fide difference. Our minds have been corrupted with disinformation because the military-mafia is a skillful master of rhetoric. So the mantra of corrupt politicians and incapability of civil society is highlighted in an uncanny manner, paving the way for the argument of ultimate intellect, unquestionable and un-matched patriotism and supreme gene-pool of the "Men at their best, Pakistan Army". So once this preeminence is established that these "Gift of GOD" to all Pakistanis are in fact a superior-being than there divinity and there absolute right of governance becomes that much easier to shove down our throats.


Rest assured that I have nothing well to say about majority of our politicians but why is their incompetence being used as a reason to suppress the will of the people?  We as people must decide once and for all that who has the ultimate right to govern our lives? If the majority of Pakistanis feel that Pakistan Army is the rightful owner of our livelihoods and aspirations than I will shut up, but till that free & fair referendum is done I would like mushy to get real. The "know it all" general has recently claimed that he can beat "mian" & "bibi" in an election. Yes. That's right. And the real reason ash isn't marrying abhishek is because deep down she is secretly in love with me. We all have our delusions but most people are able to keep it on the down-low, general sahib unfortunately isn't aware of how to keep a lid on his insanity. If he makes an outrageous claim like that than one might say "haath kangan ko aarsi kya?" Put your money where your mouth is general sahib!

But as ghalib said "hazaroon khoahishein aysi kayy harr khoahish pay dum niklay".


The mid-term elections in America has once again brought to fore the fact that American public by & large are people who have the sensibility to do the right thing. This happens in societies that don't own their bad decisions as some sort of demented ancestral estate. As soon as they realize that they have made an error they rectify it, we on the other hand hold on to stupidities because it's what our forefathers did and after all they were all angels sent down from Allah (SWT) so how can they be wrong about anything? Amazingly enough that's the exact same argument that Quresh gave to the prophet (PBUH) 1500 years ago when prophet (PBUH) insisted that the new born girls shouldn't be buried alive and the hand made statues can't wipe if someone spit on them let alone fulfill wishes, they said are you asking us to deny what our forefathers believed in? I hear that same spat all day long from our people, obviously we have come a long way.


All indications are that next year the elections in Pakistan will be as fair and honest as Darryl Hair, and that's saying something. What I find ultra horrid is the willingness of Pakistan Peoples party and Maulana fazlu to get in the sack with the establishment. I wonder sometimes how come these people are not suicidal after such obvious hypocrisy. Anyone with a shred of civility would go shoot himself out of sheer guilt, but I guess when GOD was distributing integrity our politicians were out protesting hudood ordinance or something else insignificant. One look at the political horizon of our country and you must wonder what a cruel joke has been played at our expense. When aamir liaquat Hussein is your religious minister, you must realize that hell must have frozen over. MQM having the religious ministry is just as funny as maulana samiul haq as the in charge of Arts council or anything else fun for that matter. Of all the people you would think that MQM would be a little more sensitive to what the poor people in FATA and balochistan are going thru after all whooping of 90's wasn't that far back, was it? This "Bravery" oozes from an army who for some ungodly reason shine ONLY against the defenseless civilians of their own country, Whether it's East Pakistan or the streets of Karachi and Hyderabad or the mountains of Balochistan and NWFP, Pakistan Army's assertiveness and cavalry is nothing short of perfection. However when confronted with real war against real army they seem to surrender before you can say "IT". I am not an Army hater, my hats off to jawans and officers who actually put their lives in danger to safeguard our borders. It's a noble profession maybe far nobler than my meaningless day job. But at the end of the day this is what they choose to do, we appreciate it but we can't pay for their gracious undertaking by giving up our right to vote. Army is the paid servant of the people of Pakistan not the other way around.


And why is that things that should be a norm of any halfway decent modern-day government is actually favored upon us and we are expected to be indebted for generations. If media is freer  in Pakistan than what it was and it is then why is it a expectation from the establishment that this alone should be enough for people of Pakistan and how dare they demand healthcare, clean-water, rule of law, free & fair elections and self-respect as well?


A lot of people already know about the famous book that Michael Hart wrote entitled "The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History". Number one on that list has been discussed at length; few have talked about the 5th on the list which is just as surprising as the first. It's the 2nd caliph of Islam Omer (May Allah be pleased with him). What is it about him that is so intriguing to a western writer of this age? The only justification I can come up with is that Omer ((May Allah be pleased with him) had an eerie sense of justice and unrivaled sagacity of accountability towards his constituents. It almost seems that he was bi-polar with all due respect because if you look at his demeanor other than as a ruler a very ruthless and stubborn picture emerges. But as a ruler of the people he orders his governor of Egypt in his court because governor's son beats up a man for defeating him in a horse-race. Omer's justice is that he gives a stick in the man's hand and asks him to beat the governor in front of the full court, because it's his power that his son is drunk on. Makes you wonder, "Where have all the cowboys gone?"

Reader Comments:


Ahmer Muzammil has proved that there are great thinkers in Pakistan who can access the things so well. Congrats Sir. Hats off to you

Prashant Sonawane, Hungary - 24 November, 2006

America America hai, or Pakistan Pakistan

Please calm down Muzammil Sahib. Just a mid term election result has you and many other American-Pakistanis jumping with joy. This is all the while the simpletons forget why they voted for Republics back in 2000. Yes it was the Middle Eastern factor that Pakistanis joined the Republican ranks. Dems were big baddies because they supported "one" country in the MidEast. Fast forward 2006 and Republicans are baddies as they have gone against "one" country in the Middle East. This however is a myopic picture of a vast-wonderland called USA. If we ever look beyond the 2006 trouncing of Republicans we ought to realize that America is America because of its military-Industrial complex. Here the politicians work hand in glove with the military and the country wins. On the other hand, in our beloved Pakistan everyone is down to "gali-galoch" (cursing) the military. The military gets angry at the politicos and the cycle of instability continues. About time we figured out that our politicians must work closely with our military. Then both will help each other develop a strong military-industrial complex that will ultimately benefit Pakistani public. What makes China so successful? Its military industrial complex. What made Japan, Germany, Spaniards, Britons big and strong? Their military-industrial complexes. Some of these guys used their complex wisely and they are still powerful. The rest have gone down the history’s book. We in Pakistan as well our Pakistani-American brethren sing praises of America but absolutely refuse to follow American behavior of setting up strong military.

Dr. Qazi, United Kingdom - 25 November, 2006

We all know the outcome

Yes, we all know that whenever there is anti-army, anti-pakistan or anything against pakistan is written by a pakistani, a shower of praises come from none other than indians themselves as they live to hate pakistan. Same goes over here. Shame!

Hashim, Pakistan - 26 November, 2006

Not Anti Pakistan

Mr Hashim seemed to have not liked my response to the article. If that is the case, I sincerely do apologize. But to be very frank, I dont think that I have written anything against Pakistan. I just praised the thinking of the writer. It is not something against Pakistan but praising America. America is a country which has become very powerful because they have worked very very hard for achiving the kind of success that they have achieved. Even in India when there is a debate about America, there are lot of people who dont quiet accept the greatness of America.
Whenever a country like America has done well, we should appriciate their good things and learn from them rather than talking about their bad points and convencing oneself. The phenomenal progress that countries like America and China have done is really commendable. Even our countries (India and Pakistan), have great potential but we need to organize our social structure properly. The problem in India is that there is lot of corruption and the problem in Pakistan is that there is no proper democratic government.
Believe me, it is not good for the army to rule any country (not just Pakistan). The army should strictly do their own job (i.e. to protect the country). Pakistan is fortunate that they have an Army Chief and President like Mr. Musharraf. Can you imagine what would happen if a person like Hitler takes control of Pakistan? It is not a good thing that power should be with one person.
As far as Indo-Pak relations are concerned, I think that we are on the right track and people of both countries have realised that they should have peaceful relations with each other. People should understand that in the 21st century economic & technological power will be the greatest power. No matter how many Nuclear Bombs do we prepare, it would not make much of a difference. From now onwards the greatest weapon any country can have would be education. Education for as many people as possible. So wake up (India and Pakistan) and smell the coffee.

Prashant Sonawane, Pakistan - 28 November, 2006

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