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This is not about Apostasy!

06 April, 2006

By Ahmer Muzammil

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Allah swt Says in Quran 'If they turn away from thee (O Muhammad) they should know that We have not sent you to be their keeper. Your only duty is to convey My message.' (42:48. ). Thank heavens that the Afghan Courts didn't do anything stupid and let that man go free. I am in complete agreement with the rest of the 'CIVILIZED WORLD' that there was no ground on which this man should have been punished 'TODAY' in the COUNTRY OF AFGHANISTAN. Why do I have 'TODAY' in caps and quotes? Because there is a basic point that everyone is conveniently missing. That point is that 'TODAY' it is not against the Afghanistan's law of the land to apostate. Who is to say tomorrow it would be the same? And why stop at Afghanistan, take any country in the world, there laws can be changed according to the wish of the majority of the people who occupy that particular land. And that is my basic point of contention with the so called 'Western Democracies'. In their narcissistic point of view there morals, rituals, laws and principles are common-sense and universal, therefore should be adhered and followed by every single breathing human being all over the world. Please understand that personally I don't agree with the religious doctrine of Ahmedi-Nijad and his world view, that's why I am not planning to move to Iran anytime soon. To me personally western democracies and there laws make more sense that's why I live here. But at the same time I also respect the voice of majority of Iranian public who has given their mandate to this man. If we keep on insisting that we have the ultimate wisdom and therefore our say supersedes majority then that's just a tad self-serving in my opinion, which creates resentment in the rest of the world.

     This debate is not about Islamic Laws, this debate should be about the wishes and aspirations of the majority of any country. Whether the majority of any country wishes to be governed by Secularist, imperialist, capitalist, communist or Islamist, it should be the prerogative of the people of a particular country. I mean isn't that the definition of that famous bird 'DEMOCRACY' that everyone seems to love so much. The thing that I find amusing is that we as human beings can be so openly duplicitous. On one hand we are willing to kill more than a 100,000 human beings just so we can give the gift of democracy to the relatives of those 100,000 killed, on the other hand when people in Palestine express their wishes thru vote, we are not too hot about that, because we only like democracy when the winners are our puppets. Basically what it boils down to is that, when we say democracy for a third world country we don't really mean the type of democracy that we have here in west, what we are really saying is that let us tell you who and what is good for you, because you are too stupid to make that decision on your own. And then we wonder innocently, 'Why does Muslims Hate Us so much?'. Well maybe we should stop killing these Muslims, and just maybe we should stop supporting tyrants and corrupt kings in these Muslim countries, and while we are on a streak lets also stop stealing their natural resources and then just maybe these 'MOSLEMS' will stop hating us, it's just a theory but it just might work.

      Going back to the initial topic of discussion which is whether we as citizens or residents of a particular country should have to follow the law of the land. My understanding and submission is YES, we should and if we can't whether it's for religious reasons or moral reasons or whatever then we should move and live somewhere where we are comfortable and we don't have a philosophical clash with the law of the land. We all should be law-abiding citizens of our respective countries; I think that goes without saying.

   Now if we agree that we should obey and respect the law of the land then just for the sake of the argument let's say tomorrow American Congress passes a law that all men who keep their beards will be sentenced to death, because that is what the majority of Americans want, they don't want any facial hair anymore. Well if it becomes the law of the land and I for whatever reason can't shave my beard because either I am a sikh or because my understanding of religion finds it incumbent upon me to keep a beard, or I am trying to hide my acne. Whatever it maybe the logical dispensation would be to move somewhere else where beards are welcomed, or at least allowed. This beard example is an extreme, it sounds stupid, but in democracy, it's the wish of the majority, not the wish of smart people only. Besides what's stupid to me might not be so stupid to someone else. E.g. in Bombay as in most of India you won't be able to find beef, because in India Cow is worshiped as a GOD by a vast majority and understandably they don't want people eating their GOD. So if that's your poison you probably don't want to live in India.

   My religion Islam forces me to follow the law of the land especially if I live in a non-Muslim majority country. If any of those laws are against the basic tenants of Islam then I have stringent instructions from Islam to migrate, defiance or breaking the law is a big NO NO. I told a congregation of Muslims once in USA that if tomorrow US congress bans SALAH (5 daily prayers) then we can't violently revolt against it, because Islam forbids us to do that. Some people there thought I was saying that Salah would not be FARD (COMPULSORY) if that happened, quite the contrary, SALAH would still be FARD, you just would have to get out of your comfort zone and move somewhere else. Plain and simple, we would have to migrate to lands where we can pray.

   With the same token, if you live in a country that is governed by Islamic Law (by the way there is no country that is fully governed by Islamic Law in the world), then you might not want to apostate. You can live as a Christian but if you are a Muslim then you might not want to convert while your are still living in that country, because IT'S AGAINST THE LAW OF THE LAND. If all of a sudden you have had an epiphany and want to become Christian then instead of breaking the law and mocking the system and therefore creating anarchy, it would be wise if you move out of that land and then do whatever your little heart desire. How is this any different from having the respect of law of any other country? Who are you to tell a group of people what laws they should govern themselves with? And if you do feel compelled because you have some kind of super-intelligence and everyone else is just too dumb, then don't beat the drum of democracy.

  I have said it many a times that it doesn't take a genius to figure out why there is animosity against Americans in the third world countries, especially the Muslim world. They don't hate our freedoms, what kind of a moronic reason is that to hate anyway? We need to stop living in the lala land and analyze sincerely the root cause of this rift. But our administration and the bigots are allergic with this word 'ROOT CAUSE'. 'Since we have the metal on our side right now, let's roll them flat!' This schoolyard bully mentality was the primary reason for our adventures in the near past and heavens-forbid if we don't wise up, will be catastrophically destructive in future.

  Let's start minding our own business for starters. If we are truly the champions of democracy then let's engage the popular leadership of the third world countries rather than Kings, and military dictators. Running AD campaigns on Arabic channels about how great America is towards Muslims is rubbing salt on the wound. Masses are much smarter and politically savvy than we give them credit for. They are not going to sway and start dancing like monkeys on a well made AD campaign by Karen Hughes, that's an insult to their intellect, and I hear that sentiment all day long by the intellectuals who are considered mostly liberal in these Muslim countries on different TV channels.

  I am proud to be an American, that's why I have chosen this land to raise my family. That's why I am worried about the reputation of my country. I ask questions and point out the flaws because I care and because I have a stake. We need to understand that America is a success because of the hard work and tolerance that American people are famous for. It is this tolerance and the opportunity to succeed regardless of their race, creed or religion that attracts people here from all over the world. We have always welcomed the individuality and cultures of different people, and that's why we are a great nation. If the American-forefathers had insisted that everyone be 'WHITE' (like many of our bigots are calling for right now) once they arrive on the shores of America, I assure you we wouldn't have been the success story that we are today.


Reader Comments:

Re: Apostasy?

Unfortunately North America is under the influence of a group,that has no principles.
The nation is divided and has
no direction.There is a need to wake up and return to the
time, before this admin came to power.People across in the
Muslim nations must keep open
mind and extend toward the ordinary people here.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 06 April, 2006

Well,From America clobbering to lauding.U have evrything in your mind.I have read your articles.It looks like you are confused on which path to take.I have a sugestion:

Clear the mess at your end first,which should be the highest priority.

Gouri Sankar, Hungary - 06 April, 2006

ahmer i live in the US as the same time the americans are tolerant can you say there is equality...blacks are still saggregated and hispanics are designated to the lowest paying jobs such as cleaning bathrooms and flipping burgers...this is racism and it still presides within the american society...secondly religion...yes especially 9/11 there is a cetain degree of religious discrimination in the United States too...i hate to say this but your aticle like all other of your articles are poorly written with highly debateble and controversial facts...i just dont get what the hell your're trying to prove with this nonsensical stuff you i dont think anyone visiting this website is interested in your "love" for america and where you want to raise your kids....even if the example is in context to the non-topic sensless article of yours.

, Pakistan - 06 April, 2006

be rational

hello Mr Ahmer sir you said in Bombay muslims cant find beef so muslims probably don't want to live in india. I want to ask you a question? In which even a single state of India, there is a rule that people can't eat beef or cows can't be killed? For your information, last year government of India did export of cow meat to many countries. France is India's main customer of cow meat. do u know? you always talk in air.

I accept on lower class level, hindus are very sentimental with murders of cows. But even in city like lucknow, there is a big market of cow meat. it is very popular in Muslims as it is very cheap as compared to goat meat. And for your information, about 99% kabab shops in lucknow is run by Muslims and their 95% customers are Hindus. All the hindus knows that kababs of goat is very costly as compare to beef but it is well known, no Muslim shop will provide beef kababs to Hindus while everyone know Muslims of Lucknow eat beef. I know this as I born there.

Mr Ahmer if you talk about rights of minorities in any country, I may say india is a role model for minorities of whole world. Our Prime Minister is Sikh (1.2 % of population of India), President is Muslim (15% of population), President of ruling party is Italy born Christian (2% of Population) and rest about 82% are Hindus or Buddhists. Even president of election commission is Sikh. General of Indian Army is Sikh. Muslims and other minorities give very good results in IAS exams and are top bureaucrats. They are on all the top posts like chief ministers and many others posts and this is becoz of laws of India, and becoz 81% Hindus chose them in elections. All the top film stars in India are Muslims, as Hindus love them. For your information, head of Indian military is President of India, a Muslim, and this is the faith of Hindus in Muslims.

Too many Indian Muslims are in western countries. They earn money and back to their home, India, not to any other Muslim country or to Pakistan. ALL THE MUSLIMS OF INDIA WANT TO LIVE IN INDIA.

I don't believe in religion but I also prefer not to eat beef as cows are regarded as mother in India. Hindus there pray cows. One day I was in London. My one friend gave me beef burger. I said I prefer not to eat beef. He asked why. I told him the reason. He said, but this is London. I said I know this is London but in India it is said, “you will not respect your own mother if you don't respect mothers of other people.” And before he could think more, I ate that burger. I may say this is the reason why many times Muslims don't eat meat in front of Hindus in India as the concept of mother is same for both Hindus and Muslims in India. But……………. haha………….. who think that much. I can guarantee atleast 50% of upper middle class of Hindus eat beef as they know we have to move forward not backward.

Now this is my request, please write a article and compare the rights given to minorities in India, a non religious country with 81% Hindus, with rights given to minorities of Pakistan. I can assure you, you will find India as benchmark.

Thanks and Regards

s tiwari, Hungary - 06 April, 2006

Religion is Better Than Democracy

Hello s tiwari, what a true and accurate writing on Beef and
“Eating Habits” Of meat eaters everywhere (Hindu Muslim Christian)
Vegetarian eat vegetables and destroy meat body content by fire before
Putting ashes in water (mainly) for reactivation.Or they let it soak in rain
water whereas Burial people leave Meat Body Intact. Human Body is
96% water and 4% residue content.

Human Cows and animals Eat food as vegetarian or as Meat eater and
Have habit like Normal Heterosexual Homosexual Gay Lesbian and Pig
Style Habit by some who lick all kinds of thing considered unsuitable
For Human (by most) DIGNITY.Islam “Eat zabiha what has been
prescribed including beef”.Briefly For me 100% my analysis religion
is Ma yan, child Tut Pharoan , Ma based reincarnation,Father son based
jesus coming Buddha Middle age , after 40 Islam based Imam mehdism
jesus coming for final episode as solution for for all.

benz m Ispahani, India - 07 April, 2006

Only to Convey Truth...

what a true and accurate writing on religion Practices and Equal Rights
in USA everywhere and unfairness of democracy.

Imam of an all working Muslim mosque told me( while working with me)
In my group all are working consequently we open for 3 salah prayers on
Working days and 5 on weekends. Another group from another sect of
Muslim told me exactly the same- 100% working or running businesses
Or working as highly qualified doctor Lawyers Professor surgeon and
real estate people running stores and business.Most of the time our
branch of Prayer site is closed and people are paying Donation and
sadqa in liu of congregation as per such and such quote.

In my case I fight for Yatim dispute democracy layout of USA UK Canada EU
Life insurance Car Insurance Accident Health Property Law Pension and
Workman compensation Courts Judges Police constable Repair kickbacks
Swindling WMD invasion contract killers Looters and Money sharing at
Bush Blair Rice Rumsfeld Harper Israelis sheiks Emirs and OIC leaders Islam rights layout
Level. They are not helping they are wasting time and creating new
Area of swindling Murder Massacre Swindling Cheating Robbing Stock
Bonds PROJECTS more or less Mafia distribution territorial gang warfare
Wearing democracy and invasion for fraud precedent.Religion in Medina
Began when The Camel Brought Holy prophet On Yatimia's property.

Let us expand behind India US pact Why they are doing to Yatim
Religion democracy to widow and yatims to create a career for
themselves using Islam and rights democracy and glorified stealing rule.

After death of Doctor Husband .The children are in prison like
Without work opportunity under Bush Blair Harper Rice(ongoing) control
While widow of these yatim has not stepped of the house
Since 1976 -2006(30 yrs continuous) in Markhan Ont
to see a doctor dentist or go for a walk like A dog or cat
even 15 feet from confined terrace in Canada.How and why ?
Wahabi Oil sheik (father in Law of this widow)Rented Rs
2000/month (offer by Crane mfg Construction UK Co) to his rich
multimillionaire friend for just Rs 99/(ninety nine rupees)
in 1950's.Yatim Mia is their surname in Calcutta.They sell
remade repainted 45 gallon (petroleum Products )tin Drums.
Where as oil sheik friend of Saudi sheik and himself a wahabii
was contractor of shell Burmah oil And distributed himself
Kerosine while brother ran standoil franchise.

Due to India democracy and Saudis Wahabi and muslim Hindu
Layout These Yatim Mia ,his sons ferzand yatim Mia and His
Grand Children ……all yatim mias either paid Rs 99/- month
Or no payment at all during 1956-2006(50 years) @ crane company
Offer Rs 2000/month in 1957 is huge theft via democracy Gimick.

This is India democracy and obstackle.Where as UK USA Canada
democracy is far above illicit Undemocratic with incompetent
alcoholic Pub pot senate and Parliament Bill making frauds who
would neither reform Democracy Nor implement Religion using
T E Lawrence sheik Sikhs none Existent Kashmir maharaja in
99% Muslim Kashmir who loot!
These Yatim sons family with Haji Tag should be magnified
with India democracy and Wahabi sheiks Islamic Yatim
context 1956-2006(50 YR on going active swindling without
shame without fear while keeping honour )

M.B.Zakaria, United Arab Emirates - 07 April, 2006

You both are incorrect

The US has some class systems but education over-rides these systems. To say that hispanics have the lowest paying jobs because of racism is insane. They have the lowest paying jobs because a large majority are ILLEGAL. They don't have skills to advance.

For the article, I am all for allowing a country to have rules if they are truly voted in by a majority. To say Iran voted for President is crazy. All other parties were squashed and not even allowed on the ballot.

Take Hamas as another example. They complain that those who withold funds from the Palestinian people don't truly believe in Democracy. It's nuts....that what democracy is. They voted for a bad group, they get the consequences...which is cutting off of money.

Ryan, United Kingdom - 08 April, 2006

“Moderate” Muslims Muddy the Waters PART 1

Every Friday issue of The Wall Street Journal has an article on religion that appears under the general headline of “Houses of Worship.” The March 31, 2006 , title of the article was “Holier Than Thou: Muslims declare each other apostates--with violent results.” The author, Masood Farivar, is a reporter for Dow Jones Newswires.

I appreciated much of what Mr. Farivar wrote. However, when I reached the last part of his article, I became very disappointed. Unfortunately, his contribution, as well as other ones coming from “moderate” Muslims, tends to muddy the water rather than give an accurate description of the true nature of Islam.

The author began by mentioning the plight of the Afghani Muslim who had converted to the Christian faith.

“The international uproar over the case of Abdul Rahman, the Afghan convert to Christianity charged with apostasy, has drawn attention away from a far more common and nefarious practice infecting religious practice in Islam: the accusation of heresy leveled by Muslims against fellow Muslims, a practice known as takfir. Historically, little more than a rhetorical device, takfir has in recent years grown into a deadly weapon in the hands of Muslim extremists bent on purging Islam of just about anyone who does not subscribe to their views. Today jihadist terrorists in Iraq have begun to use takfir as a rallying cry for violence against the Shiites.”

It is quite likely that most readers of the WSJ have never heard the word takfir. It is derived from an Arabic verb kafara “to be an infidel, or to blaspheme God.” The first time I heard of takfir was in connection with the name of a radical Islamist group in the United Kingdom , “Al-Hijra wal-Takfir.” The followers of this extremist group claim to follow in the foot steps of the Prophet who left Mecca in 622 A.D. and settled in Medina . That event, known in Arabic as Hijra (migration,) signified Muhammad's separating himself from the kafirs (unbelievers) of Mecca , in order to settle in a pure milieu where he could freely spread Islam.

Mr. Farivar explained the serious consequences that result, when some Muslims accuse other Muslims of heresy:

“The concept of religious censure is not unique to Islam, of course, but under Islamic law the charge of apostasy may not only condemn the person to hell but require his immediate death, if he does not repent.”

Then he went on to give a historical account of a group of Muslims who anathemised everyone who disagreed with them. He referred to “the emergence in the late seventh century of a radical group known as Khawarij, whose members argued that committing a simple sin constituted heresy.” Actually, the case of the Khawarij, known also in English as the Kharijites, is much more complex, and needs further explanation
When Ali, the cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet, assumed the position of the fourth caliph in 655, Mu'awiya, the governor of Syria , revolted against him claiming that Ali was involved in the murder of Uthman, the third caliph. In the fight that ensued, the forces of Ali who held the upper hand were led to accept an offer for a truce that came from the other side. Some of Ali's supporters did not agree with him, and left his camp. They were called the Khawarej, an Arabic word that signifies leaving a group. They became the prototypes for Islamic radicals. They assassinated Ali in 661. They went on to declare all Muslims who did not follow them, as unbelievers. They wrought havoc for a long time among the Muslims of the Middle East . This explains the similarity between these seventh century Khawarej and present-day Takfiris.

Mr. Farivar continued:

“Until recently, mainstream Muslims dismissed the takfiris as a fringe group, the extreme of the extreme. But with wanton terrorist acts on the rise, a response seemed required. The leaders of Saudi Arabia , Egypt and Jordan --themselves targets of apostasy charges--have denounced the takfiris.”

“Mainstream Muslim thinkers have also started speaking up. In the U.S. , Mr. Siddiqi has led a group of prominent Muslim religious scholars in issuing a fatwa denouncing extremist interpretations of the Koran and hadith. In Saudi Arabia , Sheikh Abd al-Muhsin Al-Abikan, an eminent religious scholar, has given a series of high-profile interviews calling for a campaign to combat takfir culture among Muslims.

“Whether these arguments stem the tide of takfir-inspired violence remains to be seen. The lack of a central synod or council to define Islamic orthodoxy makes it difficult to issue a broad pronouncement discouraging the practice. What passes for sound belief in one country or one historical period may be seen as a heresy in another.

Allen Smith, Pakistan - 08 April, 2006

“Moderate” Muslims Muddy the Waters PART 2

“That is not to say that there is no orthodoxy or, just as important, that religious leaders lack clout. They might want to remind the faithful, especially now, of the Prophet's tolerant teachings. As Sheikh Al-Abikan put it: “The authority to declare takfir is God's alone, and no man has that authority.'”

It is indeed helpful to read that “in the U.S. , Mr. Siddiqi has led a group of prominent Muslim religious scholars in issuing a fatwa denouncing extremist interpretations of the Koran and hadith.” However, a “mainstream” reading of the Sacred Text of Islam reveals a very negative view of non-Muslims. Consider for example, the accusatory texts from the Qur'an:

"Because of the wrongdoing of the Jews We forbade them good things which were (before) made lawful unto them and because of their much hindering from Allah's way." Surah 4: 160

"O people of the Scripture! Do not exaggerate in your religion nor utter aught concerning Allah save the truth. The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was only a messenger of Allah, and His word which He conveyed unto Mary, and a spirit from Him. So believe in Allah and His messengers, and say not 'Three' --- Cease! (it is) better for you! Allah is only One God. Far it is removed from His transcendent majesty that he should have a son. His is all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth. And Allah is sufficient as Defender." Surah 4: 171

Above all, we should not forget that in the very first Surah of the Qur'an, known as

Al-Fatiha, mention is made of the Jews and Christians in a derogatory way:

“Ihdina as-Sirata'l Mustaqeem, Sirata'l al-Latheen an'Amta 'Aleyhem, Ghayra'l Maghdoobi 'Aleyhem, wala'Dalleen.”

“Lead us in the Right Path, the Path of those whom Thou hast blessed; and not in {the path of} those upon whom Thy wrath has come; nor of those who have gone astray” (Chapter 1:6, 7) [Translation is mine JT]

Muslim commentators explain that the Jews are “those upon whom” the wrath of God has come; as for Christians they are the ones who have gone astray. This chapter, which is in the form of an invocation addressed to Allah, is memorized by most Muslims. It defines their relation not only to Allah, but to the “Others” as well. It is ingrained in their memory that, while the grace of Allah has been abundantly given to them, those “Others” are either lost, or are the objects of Allah's wrath!

The mass media and our political leaders incessantly tell us that mainline Islam is “tolerant” and “magnanimous.” They may refer to texts in the Qur'an that teach freedom of religion. Most of us have heard ad nauseam, the following verse:

“There is no compulsion in religion...” Surah 2: 256a

However, this verse must be understood in the light of history. Ask those communities that have endured 1400 years of Islamic domination about the true meaning of “La Ikraha fi'l-Deen,” i.e. the No Compulsion clause. They will tell you about the awful status of dhimmitude that they and their forefathers suffered. Sure, the People of the Book (Jews and Christians) were allowed to remain in their faith, but were subjected to the most humiliating conditions. Just read the books of Bat Ye'or to learn about this most degrading institution that was inflicted on the original inhabitants of the Middle East and North Africa . And please don't forget to learn about the Ottoman's abominable Devshirme, whereby thousands of young boys from the Balkans were forcibly taken from their parents. Islamized, and enrolled in the special corps of the Janissaries!

I return to the title of my essay, “Moderate Muslims Muddy the Waters.” Please read the last paragraph again:

“That is not to say that there is no orthodoxy or, just as important, that religious leaders lack clout. They might want to remind the faithful, especially now, of the Prophet's tolerant teachings. As Sheikh Al-Abikan put it: “The authority to declare takfir is God's alone, and no man has that authority.'”

These words of summing-up are very deceptive. To quote Sheikh Al-Abikan's words may fool the naïve, but they are no different than the mantra, 'Al-Islam hua al-Hall' i.e. Islam is the Solution!

“The authority to declare takfir is God's alone.” What a pious statement. It reminds me of the ruse of Mu'awiya's camp back in 661! When his soldiers were losing in their confrontation with Ali's forces, they suddenly lifted copies of the Qur'an on their spears and shouted, “Let God decide.” Pure and unadulterated exhibition of piety! But Allah had already spoken his final word, and this word must be interpreted by mere humans. The umpires that Ali and Mu'awiya agreed upon were not impartial. They deposed Ali, and confirmed his opponent as the lawful caliph of the Islamic Umma. Chaos broke loose as a result. Just read the violent crimes committed by the Khawarej to learn about the consequences of empty and vapid slogans!

Allen Smith, Pakistan - 08 April, 2006

“Moderate” Muslims Muddy the Waters Conclusion

It is up to moderate Muslims, if they are to be believed, to initiate a new hermeneutic of the Sacred Texts of Islam, and devise ways where those texts and teachings that declare gloom and doom of the “Others,” are interpreted as belonging to the distant past, and are no longer valid today. In our globalized and interdependent world, there is no room for any type of takfiri ideologies. I am waiting eagerly for true moderates who don't engage in muddying the waters; but acknowledge the mistakes of the Islamic past.

Allen Smith, Pakistan - 08 April, 2006

Freedom of Religion

Too often here in North America we confuse "freedom of religion" with "freedom from religion". Do you agree?

Ya`akov N. Miles, Canada - 10 April, 2006

The sense of right and wrong should be lost upon people just because something is pushed by the majority.

Killing someone due to difference of opinion or faith can never be right.

how would the author react if the majority in US, UK, India etc, ban Islam and quran by law for inciting hatred and murder and ask all muslims to leave.

in fact there is no reason for muslims to be in India after they divided the country in 1947.

Chan, United Kingdom - 10 April, 2006

Indian Multiculturalism

1. My hometown is also Lucknow. Yes a lot of beef is available in Lucknow, in south India where I worked, etc.
2 .A couple of million Hindus and Muslims pray together every year at Devan Sharif Sufi dargah near Lucknow (Barabanki). The govt. makes special transport arrangements. Plus many other Sufi Urs.
3. A Muslim singer devotee regularly sings songs in praise of Hindu Mother Goddess on Lucknow TV. His CDs are also widely available. No fatwa yet.
4. Muslim clerics in Lucknow issued a fatwa against terrorists after they attacked a temple in Varanasi recently quoting Koran that if a Muslim kills an innocent human being, he kills the whole humanity. Immediately, it was repeated by All India Sunni Ulema Board and by Ulemas in Varanasi and Hyderabad.
5. Muslim league hardly won seats in any Indian elections, but a Muslim candidate wins if he is from Congress, BJP, Samajwadi party in UP, etc. no matter 90% of votes are Hindus there. Similarly Hindu candidates win esp. in assembly elections, where the overwhelming majority is Muslim e.g. BSP candidates in UP. Some people do vote on religious or caste lines, but not all. How would Vajpayee win with margins like 4 lakh votes In Lucknow if no Muslim voted for him?
6.To conclude I agree with the recent US remark that India could be a model of multiculturalism. As one US expert put it "India has 150 million Muslims, but no Al-qaeda”. However Indians still have a lot more to do to create a truly multicultural society better than US or Europe e.g. many more marriages among all types of people. Among the people I know, only one of my cousins married a local Muslim in Lucknow.

Dayal, Hungary - 10 April, 2006

Indian democracy

A US analyst recently published that India is a better democracy than the US because it has its third Muslim President, a Sikh (1% people) PM and nearly made an Italian Roman Catholic (Sonia Gandhi) the PM. Not to mention the top positions in so many states and areas e.g. Muslim/Christian governors, Chief Ministers, Military and Air Force Generals or Chief e.g. Air force chief Hasan Latif, etc. Also the richest man in India (Wipro's Azim Premji) is a Muslim and the first top gallantry award winner was Abdul Hameed and so on. Compared to that, US has not had any black or Latino presidents, Governors, etc By the way it was only Indian parliament which passed a resolution against Iraq war which no Muslim country would dare and Turkey was even ready to help US in the war for an aid of a couple of billion dollars.

Dayal, Hungary - 10 April, 2006

to Ya akov N. Miles

im fully agree with you. this is what the world want. also i believe all those, either Christian or muslims or hindu or whatever, who are involved in doing publicity of their religion must be recognized as enemies of the world. all these religious rubbish people are trying to misguide innocent people and infact want to destroy the world. When one side try to strengthen his religion, other side also try to do the same. If first side has money to do so, other side has bombs to remove first side. There must be a common rule in the world which wuld punish all those who are involved in religious competition.

If the world will not think now, one day every one will cry with bloods. This religious competition will finish everything.

s tiwari, Hungary - 12 April, 2006

to Dayal

what you saying only those can understand who realy live in cities like lucknow delhi or other similar city. everyone know how many times hindu and muslims did fighting in last 56 years but noone count for how many days in last 56 years both hindu and muslims are living together in these cities. Infact if we count how many times even muslim did fighting with muslims and hindus did fighting with hindus, I guaranty the no will be atleast 50-60 times more than that of hindu muslim rights.

All those who think muslims of india are different from hindus are fooling themselves. I cant guarentee for 1-2 % of indian muslims, but certainly atleast 98% of indian muslims say Osam Bin Laden and Al Jawari are terrorist.

s tiwari, Hungary - 12 April, 2006


Mr. Miles,

I might agree. Except what exactly do you mean?

Isadora, United Kingdom - 12 April, 2006

No one has really responded to the main subject of the article. Hindus are trying to pull their own lame leg of secular country and christains and jews are talking out of the content.

Smith is waiting for moderate muslims justify his God and system. Keep dreaming smith. There is no moderate Islam or Muslims. For a Muslims what Quran says is divine, if it tells about jews and christians and that is what it is. Period. You can change it and we let change it.

Noor, Hungary - 15 April, 2006

Alen Smith from Pakistan

Aen Smith,

You may call your self Smith from Pakistan as Call my self amin from USA. My my advise to you is watch what you are saying before you will end up blaiming Islam. If you want someone to clean your doubts, I will be glad to do that. Just write me your email address.

amin, United Kingdom - 15 April, 2006

double standards

Ahmer Muzammil has, as usual, displayed his double standards. Double standards is a hallmark of Muslims. He calls the US "my country" and yet says if he wants to grow a beard and if the US bans beards he will "migrate" to another country. Wow. There cant be a better example of hypocrisy. So, if he is not allowed to do as he pleases, he will go to the extent of leaving his own country!!! So why call the country his own.
Ahmer should be careful with his views. he could be on the watch list of the CIA and the FBI. Hey, but no, the US is a democracy and everyone (including people like Ahmer) has rights. Had he been living in a Muslim country and criticising its leaders, Ahmer would have ended up in jail or have simply vanished into thin air. Why? because that's the rule of the law in Islamic countries. And Ahmer would have sat quiet, saying: "So what if they have punished me. It's the rule of the law and I deserve to be punished even though I am not guilty."
God, how can Muslims live with such views and don't come into conclict with the others, who respect human laws and human rights.

H. Johnson

h.johnson, United Kingdom - 15 April, 2006

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