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The Truth of Israel's War

02 August, 2006

By Anwaar Hussain

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The truth is that organizations like Hizbollah and Hamas are there because Israel is there and not vice versa.


As the land of Lebanon continues to be drenched with the blood of its own children, the world stands in a hushed silence watching this murderous crime from the safety of the sidelines. The Muslim world itself, with nary a peep from it's corpulent leadership, remains busy in brave exchanges of 'please-say-no-to-Israeli-aggression' emails and imploring Allah to come to the aid of Israel's victims.

It is time to shout the truth of Israel's war from the rooftops.

The truth is that organizations like Hizbollah and Hamas are there because Israel is there and not vice versa.

The truth is that the West created Israel out of its guilt of what it did, or allowed to be done, to the Jews and the Palestinians had no part in it.

The truth is that the holocaust was THE REASON because of which Western powers helped establish the Jewish state as a refuge for the Jews and their own consciences.

The truth is that for the redemption of their guilt, if the holocaust did really occur, the Western powers should have formed a state of Israel in their own backyard and not deprived 5 million Palestinians of their homeland.

The truth is that these same Western powers now want the entire world to accept the status quo and submit to the reality because the washed out glories of World War II are still around.

The truth is that while these same powers wielding the whip of anti-Semitism disallow even a discussion on the subject of holocaust, the fact remains that the issues of holocaust and Palestine are intimately interconnected. The roots of the Palestinian conflict must be sought in history and no solution to the conflict is possible unless historical wrongs are addressed first.

The truth is that the German peoples are still being punished for the crimes of a few as if the 3rd Reich was representative of all past, present and future generations of Germans and as if the entire German history is made up of the 12 years of the 3rd Reich's rule.

The truth is that along with the Germans, five million Palestinians have been made to pay reparations for the holocaust for 60 years, and will have to keep paying up for another 1000 years if nothing is done, yet the West continues to remain blind to the interconnection between the two issues.

The truth is that the dominant West today refuses to see the simple logic that if the holocaust did indeed occur, then Europe must bear the consequences and not the Palestinian people. And if it did not occur, then the Jews have no claim to the Palestinian's land.

The truth is that some sixty million people died in the gigantic crime of Second World War yet a few million Jews continue to remain the center of attention with the other over 90% of victims promptly forgotten.

The truth is that though it is difficult to put across the scale and effect of Israel's abuses of Palestinian lives through statistics alone yet these are appalling enough: since the year 2000 alone, in addition to hundreds of acres of farmland destroyed and 25,000 Palestinian homes demolished, nearly 4,000 Palestinians have been killed, 30,000 injured and 400 assassinated. An overwhelming number of these casualties remained women and children.

The truth is that despite the fact that Zionist controlled media reports just 13% of Palestinian children's' massacre and 88% of Israeli children's deaths, the numbers tell a horrifying tale; for 121 Israeli children reportedly killed by Palestinians, close to 800 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis.

The truth is that while zero Israeli homes have been demolished by Palestinians, 25000 Palestinian homes have been demolished by Israel and while two Israelis are being held prisoners by the Palestinians, 9,599 Palestinians are currently imprisoned by Israel.

The truth is that the great benefactor of Israel, the United States of America, gives more than $15 million per day to the Israeli government and military while the Palestinian NGOs get a miserly $232,290 per day to care for the victims of Israeli aggression.

The truth is that while Israel reportedly possesses upward of 400 WMDs, the Palestinian have none and while there are 65 UN resolutions against Israel, there are none against Palestinians

The truth is that while Israel bemoans that four rockets that fell on its territory were made in Iran, it has received upward of 17 billion dollars of arms from the United States alone over the last 10 years.

The truth is that virtually every bullet and every shrapnel that ricochets through the Palestinian's flesh and blood is linked to the United States of America one way or the other.

The truth is that no other country could avoid the wrath of the resident bully of planet earth, the United States of America, with one thousandth of what Israel does for breakfast every day.

The truth is that while Kofi Annan of United Nations of America (UNA) could find time in the thick of these atrocities to issue a deadline to Iran on its nuclear activities, he is powerless to even broker a temporary ceasefire to pause the unremitting bloodletting of innocent Lebanese.

The truth is that the twin evils joined at the hip, the United States and Israel, have together caused so much mischief in the world in the past few decades that one is forced to draw the conclusion that devil does indeed exist.

And if there is a devil, there must be a God--a God that watches their devilment in divine silence.

For now at least.

Copyrights : Anwaar Hussain



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Reader Comments:


Israel only started the war with US approval. Otherwise, Israel alone is an easy take for muslims. Syed Hassan Nasrullah, we are with you in your efforts to get this devil (USA) face the death.

Sunny, Pakistan - 02 August, 2006

Typical Mind set !

Coward Hezbollah terrorist are deliberately using civilians as a human shield. They Don't want to live lebanon in peace. These Islamic fundamentalists must understand that reading koran all the time and following 18th century mentality of allowing religion to dictate each and every steps of their lives will never allow them to develop a better, civilized society. Such closed society only teaches them how best they can die, rather than how to live with dignity and prosperity. Islamic terrorists organisations like AL-QAIDA, HIZBULLAH, HAMAAS, FATAH,etc has created this mess.They have to be blamed for muslims fate.

Bestr egards, Hungary - 02 August, 2006

Truth is Israel and Middle east will have to live together forever, with or without war. To all Israel haters, here is some advice from Bill Gates, 'Life is not fair, better get used to it'.

Andrew M, Canada - 02 August, 2006

Reason $15 million per day to the Israelis Plus $520 Billion Maintenace war cost

Judaism do not allow to own a State of own let alone State of Philistine Changed ownership name
Using the terminology Israel for 22,000 Balfour Jews. Cost of maintenance of few irrelevant Jews
living in Telaviv Haifa Eilat Kiryat Shomona etc is US $520,000,000,000 as Iraq WMD war current
cost of Bush Blair.POG vs. POS is good vs. Evil or GOD vs. Satan. P is for Group of people
Constituting Party Who Support Above. Robin Cooke Minister with others had Opposed Tony Blair
while Jack Straw had supported Blair Now Jack Straw left Blair and supports victim of Lebanon
against Israeli Civilian Killing.Anwar Hussein want conflict explained via Devilisation vs Godisation.Blair's
view is how west is losing battle of Arc of extremism" amid chaos, division and bloodshed inviting civilian
bombing and corpses in rubble via provoked retaliation by Israel. To defeat wealthy and developing nations
help clear rubble Infrastructure of Arabs Asian African Balkan Muslim bombed nations to rebuild them by IMF
loan and left over can make progress in peace and harmony .But they created 9/11 in the US, 7/7 in the UK,
11/3 in Madrid, the countless terrorist attacks in countries Indonesia, Algeria, Afghanistan Gaza Bank Kashmir Lebanon Palestine India Chechnya Bosnia Kosovo Mindanao E Timor, Somalia, Darfour Ethiopia Sudan etc.
We must re-appraise our strategy agenda on poverty, climate change, trade as this is a battle we must win.
We are fight a war on Terrorism of reactionary Islam and moderate mainstream Islam striving to get
our democracy as banner was not Iraq Regime change but values change as fanatics, attached
reactionary view of Islam with terrorism. We had barely heard of the Taliban Hamas Hezbollah before
with a growing movement to bring back departed from faith into our Western culture. A battle about
Islam was just Muslim versus Muslim. They created Muslim versus Western.Al-Qaeda felt threatened
by two brutal dictatorships - one secular, one religious - under threat from Syria and Iran. In Iraq, Syria
allowed Al-Qaeda in Lebanon Iran allowed Hezbollah Prime Minister Sharon took the brave step and
His squeeze was too great. Islam versus the West 'Religious oligarchy' require convincing reason
for the continuing presence of our troops as it is they not us bombing making rubble slaughtering
civilians ruining civilisation deliberately. 'Israeli predicament' is with growing opinion we pay too great
a price for supporting Israel. I, and any halfway sentient human being, regards the loss of civilian life in
Lebanon as unacceptable, grieves for that nation, is sickened by its plight and wants it to stop. UN Resolution
1559 is needed to neutralise POG Hezbollah who gets their weapons from Iran .But we then have to empower moderate, mainstream Islam to defeat reactionary Islam with Muslim vs. Muslim as there is no more quarrel
between IRA catholic vs. Protestant Anglican. Iran and Syria are a constant source of de-stabilisation. Sunnis
UAE, in Bahrain, in Kuwait, in Qatar Egypt Libya Algeria are on our side with stability Turkey Indonesia
Malaysia too. Two-state solution' with 80% Jewish 20 % Palestinian is fine. As President Bush said on Friday. Moderate's means Sunni Islam that is open to alliances Syria and Iran Lebanon are not in 'Modern realpolitik'
amid 'Shameful poverty' as we are causing development in Africa and Russia and its precious energy reserves
to align them. Think India as emerging power for alliance against reactionary Islam we fight amid Muslim
vs Muslim approach.
Anwar Hussain, Who is Devil or Party of Devil Creator in Devilisation vs Godisation.Looking into Blair
Itinerary since Arrival and participation in all conflicts and meeting with local security and ministerial
meeting Blair vs..(prior to terrorism) do not look good at all.

benz m Ispahani, India - 02 August, 2006

The truth?

Hizbollah & Hamas are murderers. So long as the people of Lebanon & Palestine continue to let radicals be their voice, they will continue to pay the price. Reep what you sow. Long live Israel. Long live USA.

bob, United Kingdom - 02 August, 2006

The truth?

When the people of the middle east start spending their money on educating their children and building peaceful societies rather than bombs, hijackings and terrorist cells; the world will then be at peace.

bob, United Kingdom - 02 August, 2006

The truth?

Israel left S. Lebanon...they have left Gaza...and still you find excuses for the murdering of Jews. I've no doubt that if Israel moved to an island in the sea, arabs would attack them for treading on calm water. This is how the West sees you.

bob, United Kingdom - 02 August, 2006

Anwar Hussain

Why are you so stuck in your hatred that results in lies you are telling your reading public. It is so embarrassing to read all this nonsense. Always trying to use WWII as the reason Israel exists. But history doesn't support your theories. Your rants are an outcome of yellow journalism. Shame on you! You can do better then this dribble. At least discuss our differences coming to terms with the facts on the ground and not your fantasies as is typical in your part of the world.

steve, Iraq - 02 August, 2006

Hypersensibility about civil Militants

The weakening religion's social authority also entails a growing individualisation of religious practice. The definition of what it means to be involved in such militant practices and the reconstruction of a Muslim community rest on the individual. The relevant dimension is that of religiosity - how believers experience and formulate their relationship to religion in Israel/Palestine by the two state approxymate. Such an individualisation of Islam is pervasive and parallels the same phenomenon in Christianity: the stress on faith and values, the quest for an universal community going beyond cultures and nations, the importance of local congregations as a basis for socialisation, and alienation from a society seen as materialist and vain. But it is important to stress that such a move towards the individualisation of Israel and the US can lead to various forms of religiosity, from liberal Islam to neofundamentalism, passing through emotional pietism, moral conversatism, or humanistic and social propagandism. Why no Muslim stress the ecology desaster of the oil glut at the coast of Lebanon. Because the feeble of the Muslim beneath looks like a kind to must be educated for militancy...Salaam!

Shokat Saleem, Georgia - 02 August, 2006

The real "truth".....

The real "truth" is that repeating lies endlessly doesn't make them true. Israel was created by the same process that created Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia and most of the other countries in the Middle East. Israel has as much right to exist as any of these countries, and no amount of lies repeated by Muslims and their sympathizers will change that.

Joel K, United Kingdom - 03 August, 2006

Theological War

It's nothing but a theological war.

Radical Jews mythological prediction is that that until or unless the Solomon dome's is not attacked third time, their Messiah will not resurrect.

Christian Evangelists (Bush Inc.) believe that untill or unless Jerusalem does not become capital of Jews, Jesus's (pbuh) resurrection will not happen.

Muslims believe that untill or unless they are not completely opressed, plundered and corrupted, resurrection of their divine Imam Mehdi (pbuh) will not happen.

As per theological understanding of all these three great monotheistic religions, this is just a beginning flare of an upcoming war, supposedly to be led by divine powers.

Now, we all have to decide, whose side we want to be.

Jews: who are provoking Muslims to send missile on their land so that Solomon Dome's get destroyed and their Messiah will appear.

Christian Evengalists: Who have formed Neo Conservatives to formulate a strategy based on manipulation techniques to make Jerusalem capital of Jews.

Muslims: Who are being opressed and destroyed.

Suggestion: All those who are Realistic, they should become a part of a big strategic alliance of Jews and Christian Evangelists, this will safe their A**.
However, people who believe in justic and spiritual values have no other option but to side with Muslims. This is going to be tough stand, but one thing is guaranteed; that is, Spiritual Satisfaction.

AK, Pakistan - 03 August, 2006


I agree with Steve. I think, Mr. Hussain can do better.

I thought I might take some of his points and argue another side, but I'm finally realizing that ideology precludes the ability to reason.

I would be wasting my time...

Isadora, United Kingdom - 03 August, 2006


The ugly truth about Israel is that is built upon lies. In the Torah it states that Jews are forbidden from forming a Jewish state as punishment from their past sins. The "promised land" refering to Israel is a mention to the after life for the Jewish peoples. There are many Jews (true to the Torah) that beleive the zionists are not Jewish. Those that claim to be Jewish and support Israel are in denial about the truth that G-d has revealed. Don't be fooled that when you say you are against Israel you are anti-semitic because you are not. Those people that occupy Palestine calling themselves Jewish and Israelis are the true anti-Semeites acting against G-d. Let it the truth be known that those who support Israel are the true terrorists of the world. As Ahnedinejabad says "Israel must be wiped from the map". However the true Jewish responce is that Israel must be dismantled and the lands returned back to the indiginous peoples. Those that deny this are not Jewish and are supporters of terrorism.

Charlie, Pakistan - 03 August, 2006

Steve you are in Denial...

Why is it necessary for someone like you who claims that he is Israeli need to come on a predominantly Muslim forum to defend Israel, it's terroristic nature and truth of it existence? Why is it such a hard time that people like you feel it is necessary to blame the world for hating Israel because you claim to "Jewish". Let me explain that if you are in Israel and you support what the terrorist regime is doing by killing children mainly, then what does that say about your faith if you have any? You should know from your own Torah that "jews are forbidden from forming a jewish state". Here is the reference: Condemnation of and segregation from anything connected to or affiliated with the so-called modern day "State of Israel" is based on the Talmud, the key fundamental doctrine of the Oral Tradition handed down by G-d to Moses on Mt. Sinai. The Talmud in Tractate Kesubos (p. 111a), "teaches that Jews shall not use human force to bring about the establishment of a Jewish state before the coming of the universally accepted Moshiach (Messiah from the House of David)." It could be further stated under this definition that Jews are not allowed to dominate, kill, harm or demean another people and are not allowed to have anything to do with the Zionist enterprise, their political meddling and their wars. The true Jews remain faithful to Jewish belief and are not contaminated with Zionism.

The true Jews are against dispossessing the Arabs of their land and homes. According to the Torah, the land should be returned to them (meaning the Palestinians).

Steve all of this comes from a Rabbi with whom I spoke to. You are a liar and out of place here to defend MURDER. Perhaps it is not Anwar Hussain who is hateful perhaps it is you.

Please enlighten the readers why we do not see the damage and after math from these "so called Hezbollah rockets fired into Israel"? Why is there an absence of that coverage? Could it be that most of what we are hearing and seeing on the news is biased and made up? Why can you support your case for MURDERING of children? Do you support the bombing of children? Please also enlighten us why there are pictures of Israeli children writing death letters to other children on U.S. made mortar shells and Israeli parents cheering them on? Is this self-defense? How come the claim and proof of what Hezbollah is absent from the media?

Charlie, United Arab Emirates - 04 August, 2006

Keep Fighting Back

As a 67 year old American of German descent, born in the United States, I have never lived in a free country. The United States is completely dominated by the Jews who support Israel and Christian fundamentalist lunatics who willing do their bidding. The only way this insanity will be stopped is when some nation turns Tel Aviv into a nuclear parking lot.
It's good to know that there is some freedom from Zionism. Keep up the great reporting

James Warner, United Kingdom - 04 August, 2006

Truth Bob?

Israel left S.Lebanon/Gaza?Places that they had ILLEGALLY occupied. Still do in some areas.
Israel does not have the right to occupy Palestine, renaming it Israel, as a Jewish State. Turn back the clock to 1946 and have a, comparatively, harmonious State of Palestine, in which Christian, Muslim, Jew, and the Enlightened lived together. Return to the disposessed their homes and property stolen to make way for foreigners from Europe whose only qualification for entry was that they were of the Jewish faith.

When the people of the east spend money on bombs? Come on Bob. The biggerst producer of weaponry is your own country and is, by far, the most willing to use them led by a President who on a personal level showed no propensity for being personally involved in any military activity when the oportunity arose.

Hizbollah/Hamas are murderers?
I can't dissent from that. But what does that make Israel and the U.S.? Their kill rate is many times more than either of these two little organisations. Reaping what you sow? When you point the finger, three point back.

Hizbollah/Hamas haven't gone halfway around the world to impose their will. America has.
I may agree that the Middle Eastern countries are not ideal places.To my mind they do need to improve their peoples plight. This could be accomplished by the example of showing that there is a better way. I just don't believe it can be accomplished by bullying them into accepting that our bombs are only dropped to show what a kind loving progressive people we are.Tom Edgar Australia.

Tom Edgar, Aruba - 04 August, 2006

The truth

Seems like Mr Anwaar Hussain has the ultimate truth.Same old song and dance the 'Evil America'helping Israel.Mr Hussain should also calculate all the money and aid America is giving to Palestine.If the west is guilty of creating hated Israel ii's also guilty of creating Pakistan.How many innocent civilian Indians are being killed every day by
the muslim terror groups including women and children.How many wmd does Pakistan have and for who?
Israel never asked for this war.Why Hazabollah would provoke and kidnap Israeli soldiers and kill some of them for a bloody thrill.Israel did not have any intention of going into Lebanon.Why would Israel leave southern Lebanon six years ago without secuting any agreement from Hozobolla or the Labanese govt?
Do you remember Israel gave up Ghaza strip and demolished all the settlements in a land for peace swap.As a matter of fact Yassir Arafat got almost every thing that he wanted in Oslo Accord.Millions of dollars are being given by Europeon Union and the 'evil US'to the Palestinians. Yah,the great benefactor of Israel also is the great benefactor of Palestine including the country of your origin.Most muslims spew a frothy venom against Israel most of the time.They all want to eliminate Israel from the face of the earth.So what do you think?
Should Israel just sit there like a lame duck and let the hateful people cosume her in their conflagration.

Berjees Taaj, Pakistan - 04 August, 2006

Israel: NON GRATA....?

Israel: NON GRATA?

The ongoing Israeli aggression against the people of Palestine and now against Lebanon raises the following questions?

Should Muslim countries allow such an irresponsible, aggressive and uncomfortable tiny neighbour in the heart of Muslim world?

Doesn't Israel's highhandedness justify what Iranian President or Al-Qaida has been advocating?

Shouldn't Muslim countries, having diplomatic relations with Israel, reconsider their positions?

Shouldn't the OIC be called the Organization of Ineffective countries?

Why the Geneva Convention on human rights seems dead, deferred or delayed over such a sensitive issue?

Isn't Israel a source of violence and instability in the Middle East?

Is one Israeli life equal to 1000 Palestinian lives?

Isn't Israeli violence legitimizing the Palestinian or Lebanese response in the same coin?

Why do the West, especially the US, ignore the Israeli aggressions?

Isn't Israel performing the role of a qualified hatchery for the global terrorism?

What makes us delay the application of UN resolutions in this outstanding issue?

Do we want continued terrorism stemming out of human sufferings?

Where do we have the world conscience to quell this Palestinian-cum-Lebanese holocaust?

Ahmed bin Babar

Ahmed bin Babar, Pakistan - 04 August, 2006

Long live Bob ! you are right ! let me add one line
Long live Israel. Long live USA and Long live India

dilip aghav, Hungary - 04 August, 2006

Zachariah -Christ wheat loaf couple being Tortured

There seems to exist a couple Zachariah -Christ e L combo
Believed to be abused (decades) by Israeli Saudis Bush Canadian
EU Indian Army combo
Over extended period.AK theory with bush evangelist or Rome
Or Arab or Isna conspiracy to wrap up religion amid
Bombing killing abuse torture at individual and group level
Level reflects that AK and they are in error manifest.
Attempt to hijack Religion by killing UMMA or hungry
4 billion will spread until all are destroyed while they wait
For the death of people constituting Theology Terror victim.Issa
ibn Marium issa Ibn Ahmed Jewish Messih or Imam Menhdi
r the one with henna in hands feet UMMA (being bombed at
will in theology War of words and real E Hud bombs) while AK
justifys messih coming via UFO is absurd.

Z Billo, Pakistan - 04 August, 2006

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