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The Setup to Destroy America

14 March, 2006

By John Kaminski

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Failure to recognize what's really happening and who is really behind current events is going to cost us our lives, our country and our planet.

Although the thought has been in my mind for decades, it took a trailer from the controversial new Turkish movie "Valley of the Wolves" to jar my consciousness into really recognizing what is happening. 

 America is being set up to take the fall for everything that's wrong with the world.  

In the movie, Americans are portrayed as heartless killers, reminding me of the way Germans were portrayed as the evil perpetrators of World War II. And I sensed at that moment that very soon, if not already, Americans are going to be the targets of a worldwide backlash that will be far worse than anything the Germans ever experienced.  

And rightly so, because what Americans have done to Iraq, Afghanistan and so many other countries is far worse than anything the Germans ever did to anyone.

 But have you ever thought about the common factor that links Americans and Germans in their tragic fall from grace in the eyes of the world? 

Created from well-known accounts of real events, the principal scene in "Valley of the Wolves" shows ruthless U.S. soldiers shooting up a wedding party in Iraq, butchering women and children, and then revelling in it, like they were slaughtering beings whom they regarded as less than human. Wonder where that idea came from?

 I remembered a similar story in the real news from Afghanistan a few years back that curdled my blood, and was mostly covered up by mainstream media. And of course you've heard variations on this story for decades from that tortured territory called Palestine, and more lately, Iraq.

 But this sense of foreboding about what is happening to Americans — how they have become mindless killer robots who enthusiastically rationalize the need to torture innocent people — led me to realize that the movie lacks one important component.  

Namely, who is behind this reversion to barbarism and senselessness? How did all this come to pass, where the country known for its freedom and tolerance had suddenly turned totalitarian, and was even persecuting its own citizens who wanted accountability and justice, or even wanted to ask legitimate questions?  

And why is it almost no one can see or describe it, or, for most, even fail to recognize what has happened, never mind bring it up in polite conversation? 

 How have Americans become so blind to the pain they are inflicting on the world, even as through draconian new laws they are actually inflicting the same pain on themselves?  

The process of the perversion of America from a nation of God-fearing, community-loving folks didn't happen overnight. Some people say it took about a century and a half. But over the past 50 years, Americans has morphed from a compassionate sanctuary for the oppressed into the world's worst oppressors themselves.  

Why? And how?

It all involves the subject we can't talk about. If you mention a certain word, otherwise competent news organizations won't touch the story. Ordinary people cringe at the mere mention of it. Many supposedly democratic countries have passed laws prohibiting even discussion of this topic.  

Yes, it's the elephant in the living room again.  

What if the mysterious force behind all of these atrocities is the very same bunch that has provided all the information you have ingested throughout your life? How will you ever detox from deception if the very tools you have been given to think and act in this world were provided by the same folks? Which they have.

 Think about the decline in morals we have experienced in the last half-decade that has turned young females from prim ingenues committed to marriage, family and community into pill-popping prostitutes with no hope for anything except luxurious servitude. How do you think that happened, or who made that happen?

 Think about newspapers, TV, and movies, and how they're willing to tear down America, its people, and its religions, but always fail to mention one particular group, the same group that is behind all the changes, and owns all these media outlets.

 Think about politicians that have all been bought off by so-called special interests, but when journalists report on these matters, they don't tell you who these people really are. They only use vague labels, like New World Order, Communists or Illuminati, without telling you that these are all synonyms for the same group.

 Think about supposedly progressive commentators like Noam Chomsky, Jeff Blankfort and William Blum, who will eagerly describe every American depredation they can catalog, yet never mention the motivating factor that changed the behavior of Americans. What factor do these three writers have in common?

 Think about every elected official in this country, particularly in Congress, who won't make a single decision without first checking with a certain group, because not to do, as everyone knows, would mean political suicide?

 Do you see any connection between this subject that in your self-absorbed pragmatism you deem it imprudent (and unprofitable) to mention, and the intensification of atrocities that are done in your name?

 Because you are unwilling to do so, you are about to lose your life, your country and your planet.

 And all because you didn't see that some people who pretend to mouth platitudes that seem progressive, compassionate, and reasonable to you were simply being disingenuous.

 You refused to see that some people say one thing but mean something else. And because of that, you have made their agenda your agenda, without even noticing that your decision cost you everything and them nothing.

 Do you think, at that moment when you draw your final breath, you will finally understand that you have been misled?

 Now is the time to think about such things, because that moment draws ever closer and will arrive soon.

 Don't you see that you have not done all this to yourself, but that someone else has? And that your failure to recognize and identify who has deceived you, who has changed the shape of your life to suit their own needs, has robbed you of everything you held dear.

 The word you were afraid to utter, the group you were afraid to identify (for fear of loss of revenue), has become the very factor that destroyed everything you hoped to love.

 And still, in your fear, you do nothing, except maybe rail at the ready-made issues that have been constructed for you to make you feel that you are doing something, when in reality they have been constructed to keep you from focusing on the real problem.

 Right now, if you harbor any hope of continued survival, you may wish to focus on that word you were always afraid to mention, and understand what your fear of saying that word has done to you. In case you haven't noticed, it is about to destroy your life, your country, and your planet.




Reader Comments:

US is good too

1. Like everything else Americans are a normal distribution i.e. some are fantastic, most are in a range below or above average and and some are much below average. So are all others. For example most people are friendly, lucky, rich, handsome to a minimal to higher to highest degrees and a few are very unlucky, very violent, ugly, very poor, etc. So only a few in every socity are really bad.
2. Americans did very good things by bringing back democracy in Afganistan and if you watch it closely, it is back on the track of education, women's rights, elections, reduction in poppy cultures, etc. Americans also helped Muslims in Serbia, etc. So please do not curse US for the actions of a few people or the few mistakes. See the postive contribution like education, technology, noebel laurates, etc. and encourage positive thinking and solution and direction on everything on mother earth.

Dayal, Hungary - 15 March, 2006

lets think for a new start

I think if western media will also publish this type of articles, there may be some changes. “West and US must know they cant just keep playing power game with the rest of the world with the support of their media who keep justify them by showing something like rest of the world deserve for that.” Western media must know they can't just justify wrong steps of West and US in political way. they can confuse their people not others. Publicity is not everything. Western media must know ........ if they will try to justify wrong, other will also do the same like this movie where US solders were shown as terrorists.

there was a time that media was source of information but now media is just to confuse people. our media say what is politically good for us and their say what is politically good for them.

In the same way, Arabs must also understand they can't just support terrorist attacks on the west. Long life of west is related with development of developing countries. If country like india, pakistan, china, thailand or even middle order country like malaysia is progressing, the reason is ECONOMIC FLOW from west to east. Economy follows the simple law of flow, which is from high concentration to low concentration. Even if in case of Israel, if anyone say he want to remove them of kick them from their home. No. this is wrong. Arabs and other muslim countries have to change their mentality with israel also. terrorist just give some religious justification like israel and want to kill innocent people. If israel do wrong, they wuld be criticized or even be punished but they must not be said to be removed or kicked from their home.

Both US with west and Muslim world have to think in positive way. First US wuld take action against those media personals and western political people who justify wrong against Islam and Arabs. And then US has to be very strict with Christian religious people who are using religious freedom of west in wrong way and trying for religious attacks on other religions. “West must ban religious publicity”, which look like challenge to other religions. “These religious and power minded people must be recognized as enemy of West and the whole world.”

On the other hand Arabs has to be very very strict with those who call for fatwa or killing others. There must be a rule in all Arabic countries , if some one call for giving money to kill any human being, he must be sent to jail for atleast 20-30 years. There must be a environment so that West won't look suspiciously on Arabic countries. The good start may be from taking action against those who have been involved in offering money to kill any human regardless any religious reason.

Otherwise ……….. we all must be prepared for some very wrong happenings in world peace. “Religious and power competition will take the world towards an end.” First West has to take a start against intellectual violence, “religious and power concept both”, and then Arabs would give it to an end by taking proper actions against those Muslim religious people who are involved in making Islamic terrorists.

Thanks and regards

s tiwari, Hungary - 15 March, 2006

The Setup to Destroy America

What is going into the minds of US top brass is event that they have lost the track and no longer respect human lives and are going there from where there is no come back. Looking at the history it happened in the past and will happen soon but it will be too late. When a Lion goes beserk in the jungle a handfull of guys with stick kill the lion. You can't fight with the world when you are doing everything wrong with such pretexes that your own people are not with you but are compelled to side you because they have no choice. When through a so called democratic system you become US President then you got to carry on until something happens to you. On planet earth US has been very wrong when innocents are butchered in Iraq and Afghanistan. All normal US human being are against the genocide and would love to see that their brother, husbands, sons and daughters are brough back from a war which is unjust. Why delay when you know you lost it and prolonging will not be any gain for you. Learn from a stupid mistake and don't play with a fire which will not be controlled by you and whole world could engulg in it. Why not live in peace which is best way to keep the planet earth confortable for all.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 19 March, 2006

power struggle

This is a power struggle.The sad thing is that American is risking the lives of its own people just to proove a point.The wars that it starts are baseless, maybe they are are just wake up calls to those countries which are now starting to gain the stamina. For Americans to commit atrocities is just a game, but that does not justify Muslims to commit the same barbaric act of killing innocent civillians.Muslims must concetrate on proving a point that the western countries have personal vandettas on them for their Oil, and that they want to take control of their countries.all the Muslim nations must play careful, because they never knoe what the next setup is.

juma, Malawi - 20 March, 2006

World Setup Truth /Evil of Democracy

World set up is based upon facts Governing World by unseen
Methodology of Religion. Muslim rely on Miracles of Doa
prayers and judgement based happening.Democracy is based
upon legal printed Bill with nobody to Implement it properly
leading to fight in court. Good of Democracy or Evil. Of
Democracy in courts UN Iraq invasion Bombing led to blame
game. Democracy set up has skilled Politician who have
learned to use power to manipulate USA Russia or Milosevic
Oil companies car Mfr and Oil sheiks Cults of official or
unofficial religion leaders.Major conflict of Democracy is
none implementation of Major Bill in Major Conflict LINKED TO
LIFE Death (often due to a liar party requiring a democratic bill
or religion or punchaet or tribunal or family get together methodlogy)

I tried to introduce correlation of miracles religion democracy above
Facts with solution ,Facts of factories courts insurance and basic
facts on Time Travel Education Madrassah to skill trade.Lately
it has been reflected By movie Power of thinking, Power of
hearts Power of prayer Knowledge, source of conflict or source
and solution of evil.Education unto PhD and doctorate level
is good for employment But Zero education with skill and trade
can fetch food.Often Ask the doctor of diagnostic cure is
solution.Often vital information need rewriting for true
solution .Letting it remain on Status Quo is not a good method.
Talk it out is good idea.Talk by Interfaith individual or high
Profile swindling Leaders (while a sympathiser to Milosevic)
Killing, invading genociding for personal promotion is no solution.

Hypocrite is people who are double crossing friends of two
Sides -Good or Evil. Sinners are double crossing to God and
Satan's is in the shoe Of Russia Warsaw pact with Lost
Power of Might. Blame Bush Blame Blair emerged after their Iraq
Episode .India China OIC have emerged as new Fighters
For survival. Evil of Democracy is Untrained Leaders and
Holders of Rifles machine gun earning $20-$100000/yr /person
While others doing the same for $250/yr/person.The problem
Of NHS Medicare Wages came with flight travel cost Housing
Employment Degree issue .The World methodology reliance based
Upon illicit Sheik Emirs and their stolen oil and resource coming
To an end with dilemma to invade Iran or not Drop Nuke there
For oil theft is where we are .Same I correlated about Durga Kali
Christ anti Christ Good or evil of democracy education skill of
Madrassah universities High Tech Low Tech mfg, job creation
Water refining and food growing. How would you implement money?
Saved is money earned energy saved is energy gained knowledge used
Is solution created – within good and evil of democracy of USA set-up?

benz m Ispahani, India - 21 March, 2006

(not for publication) - Note to Editor

I wish to commend you on the computer font which you used to print this article. It displays the English text very clearly, unlike the previous blurry fonts which you have unfortunately used in so many of your previous articles. It is a pleasure to read without getting a splitting headache after five minutes of trying to guess exactly what characters were being diplayed.

Ya`akov N. Miles, Canada - 21 March, 2006

The setup to destroy America?

Listen to yourselves...
America is evil, blah, blah, blah, get a grip people. Conspiracy theories, do they hire educated people for these articles? so much propaganda no wonder you all don't understand the good the US will bring. If it was up to me I'd ask which countries want to prosper and have Americas help. Then say "hey we told you so, we gave you the chance."

PeteB, United Kingdom - 22 March, 2006

The truth

You are referring, of course, to Iran. Thank you for the brilliant commentary.

ayman al-zawahiri, Pakistan - 29 March, 2006

computer font?

Mr. Miles,

This article is written by an obvious hater who wants the death of as many Americans as possible. It is also written by one extremly misinformed hater.

Computer fonts? It's quite easy to see which side of the bread you prefer to butter.

As an American, I recieve your message - loud and clear.

Thanks a lot...

Isadora, United Kingdom - 13 May, 2006

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