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The Quandary Behind Blairís win & the lessons for my country folk!

19 May, 2005

By Ahmer Muzammil

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Contrary to popular speculation amongst the rest of the world, Blair's Labor party was victorious in England.

It's a testament to the fact that despite England's majority's discontent with Blair's role in the Genocide of Iraq, British people gave their stamp of approval because of his cabinet's immaculate performance for the betterment of British economy and the over all lives of the British. This is quite a contrast to the situation in our motherland, where the intelligence and the majority of Pakistanis do understand the logic behind the foreign policies of President Musharaf's government, and to some extent may even agree with it, but still the dissatisfaction amongst the masses on domestic issues and problems may very well result in the demise of this current setup. This downfall would have already taken place, if our opposition parties weren't as morally bankrupt as they are.
Blame Blair; call him Bush's puppy dog if you must! One thing is a fact! This guy knows a thing or two about being a leader. (How many people in Pakistan can you say this statement about?) He is articulate, he's charming, he has an energetic ambiance, his posture and his presence makes you feel that he truly believes in everything that he does or says. In other words he is the exact opposite of Mr. Bush. Feel free to disagree with him, despise his antics on the issue of Iraq,! But be rest assured that he is still the Man those Brits wants as their Prime Minister. He won fair & square, he didn't need his father's poker buddies in Supreme Court to bail him out. The only justification that I can find for this conundrum is that he delivered on the domestic front. It's that simple people, really. Take care of your people, provide them jobs, give them signs that there is hope on the horizon and you will get their vote again, even if they fill streets to protest against you regarding an issue or two, they will still vote for you if you make policies that are domestically viable.
This is a concept long lost on our ruling elite. To be quite honest, our masses should take most of the blame, because time & again they vote for people that have robbed & looted them with the help of establishment that is partly civil and vastly armed, if you know what I mean. I agree with Hassan Nisar when he says that we are worst than the herds of sheep, if the master would rape and brutalize in the manner that we have been by our rulers, even they would turn in to pack of wolves and attack. Its like we are daily injected with morphine or something that we see injustices against us, the elite taking advantage of our resources and we do nothing, Zilch, Zero, Nada. Actually we are becoming a society of people who first kill their offspring's and our spouses and then commit suicide, I want to deplore these people who resort to these drastic measures out of hopelessness, can you imagine the thought process and the agony one goes through before committing such heinous & extreme acts? Should I rather not condemn and vilify these elates that have molested the entire system just for their personal petty gains, hence causing this atmosphere of utter hopelessness on a grand scale. Sometimes I wonder how much money one needs in order to be happy, how big of a house, how many damn cars, is there a limit? It is frustrating, when I see the amount of wealth they have, the kind of clothes they wear, the houses that they live in, the cars that they flaunt on the streets of Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and everywhere else, right under the nose of the extreme poverty and absolute devastation of the majority of the so called human beings. This dis-balance of resources and wealth should & must result in some kind of uprising.
When the queen of France heard the masses cry for a piece of bread she said why can't these people just eat cake, and then we all know what happened to that queen and the establishment and elite of that society. All the "Cake Eaters" in Pakistan are duly warned.


Reader Comments:

Education points the way?

Mr. Muzammil's article was most interesting. However, I cannot agree with him regarding his use of the word "Genocide" when he speaks of Mr. Blair's part in one. A part Mr. Blair shares with the U.S., though it remains unwritten. As usual, this particular writer along with so many others, ignores the fact that Saddam Hussein has killed millions in his time. The man was a monster. Wouldn't genocide be more applicable to him and his murderous regime?
After all, the U.S. gave Mr. Hussein more than enough time to comply with myriad UN resolutions. Why did he not blink with vast military might clearly standing before him? A question the UN might answer one day as we dig ever deeper into allegations of corruption in their regard.
Also, I don't think Marie Antoinette ever said "let them eat cake." She may have thought it, but she was much too well bred a lady to say it outloud.
What are you suggesting, Mr. Muzammil?Marxism? Communism? The poor rising up to take and redistribute the wealth of Pakistan? What of the people who have worked hard and long for their prosperity? Who have earned what they have?
Or did you mean a rising up against the schools not fulfillng their purpose?The Madrassas? Did you mean a rising up against a goverment not serving its people?I hope this is what you meant when you spoke of "some kind of uprising."
If so, perhaps you are then calling for courageous leaders. Leaders who, in my humble opinion, Pakistan desperately needs.
We all, of course, have seen the recent uprisings related to the Newsweek article pointing to the desecration of the Holy Quran. Inadequately sourced and untrue. Product of a leftist/liberal media gone wild in an attempt to embarrass Mr. Bush.
Could we now move on? Could we now see beautiful Pakistan's people turn their critical eyes away from the distraction of America at this important time in its history? Isn't it more important to look to your own government? To direct your questions to them? To find a way to influence your schools who feed your children's bodies while forcing their mind to grow obese with hatred? I do understand the parents who send their children there. Quite simply, the children must be fed. So, how go about changing them? An unanswerable question?
Could you gather
together? Sign petitions? Carry signs? There has to be a way. Please, people of Pakistan, before your next generation of children are lost to bigotry and hate, do something.
Education, could be the answer.
Teach a child to hate and you have a deadly concoction brewing. We all know that. At least we should.
I would like to commend the PakTribune for publishing Mr. Muzammil's article. In spite of my, perhaps, uninformed and unwelcome criticisms,may we see more articles like this one. Herein lies the hope. In this American's opinion. Please forgive the intrusion. It's simply that I care.

Missy, United Kingdom - 21 May, 2005

I completely agree with you miss. The problem with the entire moslem population right now is that they seem to ignore the fact that a major portion of the fault lies with themt too. The moment something is pointed out to them they immediately seek refuge under the excuse of relegion. Read any Pakistani newspaper and you will see that very few articles are written about human rights abuses in their own country or genocide by their own people...etc...they seem to take more interest in verbally blasting the west and India while their own country remains in shambles as does the rest of the muslim world. I for onw believe that all the muslim countries have been gifted heavily...the middle east with oil..pakistan with probably te most fertile deltas..etc...but nothing is of any use to them coz every good thing is wrong according to them as wrongly interpreted from their relegion. I havent seen any other relegious group in the world saying that "the lord demands the killing". These people with vested interests not only spoil the name of islam but also reduce their own nation to garbage.
The Iraq issue is only the tip of the iceberg.

Commentator, Mauritius - 29 June, 2005

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