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The Innocent Terrorist

06 September, 2005

By Ahmer Muzammil

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For the past month, the Indian influenced media has been bombarding us with the sob stories of a terrorist who has been proven guilty in the court of law for bombing innocent civilians. This whole charade of Sarabjeet Singh's family, threatening to commit suicide if he is not pardoned, is nauseating. Here is a suggestion for them, if you don't like to see your brothers, sons, husbands hanged, then ask them not to come in our country and blow up bombs. Is that too much to ask?

It would be an utter travesty if this terrorist gets a presidential pardon. If the General has a new found compassion, then he should have given pardon to the people that were involved in the failed plot to assassinate him. This monster was involved in the killing of innocent Pakistanis and is a cold-blooded killer and a spy and under no circumstances should be given a pardon.

Why are we getting so subservient as a nation? I remember when I was a kid, we had nothing but for some ungodly reason we felt that we could take on the world. I am not advocating suicidal ventures but what's annoying is this mindset that all of a sudden we should treat India as a superior partner, PLEASE! Forgive me for being blunt but if Indians want to sort out the issues on the basis of fairness and as equals then "Khush Amdayd"(Welcome, me-casa su-casa) but if you all think you GOT THIS one the bag then, Think again!

Isn't it ironic that in Pakistan we are rounding up people on suspicion that they might have some association with terrorists that might or may not be involved in criminal activities? You can get arrested in Pakistan today if you are a member of a particular organization. It doesn't matter whether you have committed a crime or not, you are a culprit by association. On the other hand we have a terrorist who is proven in the court of law to have killed Pakistani citizens, violated the law of the land and is possibly a spy, still there is talk in the higher echelons to let him go free, because it will be a good-will gesture towards our new masters, the Indians. How many Good-will gestures will it take to stop the human rights violations in Kashmir? What will it take to get some good-will gestures from the other side of the fence? When would be a good time to assess the progress of this newly found love between India and Pakistan, have we truly made any headway? I think not! And the blame lies with the Indians, because from the start their strategy was to sweep the dirt underneath the rug and buy time. This was a golden opportunity for us to become Good neighbors but the insincerity and the usual "trying to be slick" attitude is going to result in the same hateful and envious atmosphere that the populous of both countries have been living in for ages. This atmosphere has been conducive for poverty and devastation in both countries. If there is honest advancement to resolve the contentious issues between the two countries, only then we can hope and pray that the resources that are being spent on arms and bombs and missile technology can hopefully be spent in the human development sector. God knows both the countries can use those resources.

Here is another angle that the Pakistani establishment should take in consideration if they are vaguely thinking about letting this killer go. If we free Sarabjeet Singh, then aren't we saying that our law enforcement agencies and our courts are incompetent and that they implicate innocent people? We are also setting a precedent that we will overlook your crime no matter how heinous it is, as long as you got the "right passport"(and that changes from time to time, however you can never go wrong with the Blue one). I am all for peace and friendship but let's not make a complete mockery of our judicial system by undermining it. If you do the crime you must do the time.


Reader Comments:


As an Indian, we are definitely not Masters. If you have a very good proof that Sarabhjeet is responsible for Bomb blasts, we feel he should be punished. But we all feel he is not the person whom you are looking for. Why can't any media(Indian & Pak) list all the evidences that made him a terrorist/innocent. Again, if he is responsible for the death of innocent lives, he should be punished. But if you have even a pinch of doubt in proving that he is a terrorist, then he should be just jailed and not killed.

John, United Kingdom - 06 September, 2005

hate breeds hate and nothing else

If we free Sarabjeet Singh, then aren't we saying that our law enforcement agencies and our courts are incompetent and that they implicate innocent people?

As a Pakistani, I have no doubt in my mind that our law enforcement agencies are corrupt and our judicial system is not fit to serve justice.

If our institutions had a reputation of reliability and trustworthiness, I would have agreed with you and stood by you.

Kis cheez ki jhootee shaan mere bhai ?

Yasir, Pakistan - 06 September, 2005

Travesty ??

Agreed... line by line.. You as a Paki took advantage of the fact that a family is trying to rescue their son being killed as a Terrorist in a foreign country. As an Indian, what happened to your so called "Law" for Mr. A.Q.Khan. That informed the whole world how incompetent your law enforcement agancies are. Any place in the world everyone has this question "What happened to Mr. A.Q.Khan?". We are asking just not to kill Sarabhjeet. Pak doesn't need to prove its credibility by killing an inidividual... Funny, Pak also has the Mumbai Bomber, Dawood while India has all the eveidence against him.
Again, if Sarabhjeet dies, make sure not to send any spies to India... It will become dangerous for that individual.

Karim, Hungary - 06 September, 2005

Suppose Sarabjit was your innocent brother

Just by reconsidering the evidence on which Sarabjit was convicted does not make Pakistan a servant of India. There seems to be adequate evidence that Sarabjit was convicted on fabricated testimony and is not the actual person who is supposed to be the supposed terrorist. At long last, the peace process has started on some positive note, and is it correct to derail it by hanging an innocent guy just because you want to prove that your country and your courts are absolutely perfect in this imperfect world?

Deepak, Hungary - 06 September, 2005


I have read all about spy. Whatever Karim said is not fact. AQ Khan did not explode bomb in Pakistan or India. He made it like your Kalam. Second thing is Daud Ibrahim is Indian .. not Pakistani. This is your assumption that he is in Pakistan.! If you can arrested your national... hang him if your court allows. This is too much stupidity to pin point others if your own guilty has been proved.

Hang this terrorist General ! as to show terrorists are not being pardoned and ignored of their crimes.

Sibtul Hassan Shah, Pakistan - 07 September, 2005

Condemned Indian Spy Creates a Dilemma for General Musharraf

“Sarabjeet's case has taken an important dimension as the entire Indian Establishment has put its diplomatic and political foot down to seek his release but Musharraf will face a lot of flak at home because he has quickly hanged one person and has lined up five others to go to the gallows for trying to kill him. How can he let an Indian agent go in such a situation,” an analyst writing for Pakistani newspapers from New Delhi asked.

Sarabjeet's case is in the Supreme Court of Pakistan which confirmed his death sentence, but the five accused facing death are not even allowed to appeal in any court and the legal process they have gone through is very dubious. It is just like “Emperor” Musharraf ordering someone to be beheaded because he did something which the Emperor did not like, the analyst said.

Singh has been languishing in Kot Lakhpat jail in Pakistan for more than a decade and now is facing gallows but the question is still not clearly answered whether he actually has been a RAW agent? What would be his fate had the Indian media and some Pakistani organizations not raised this issue?

Sarabjeet may well be a RAW agent because RAW chief PK Hormese Tharakan, Intelligence Bureau Chief ESL Narsimhan and Home Secretary VK Duggal met at the Home Ministry on August 25, 2005 to discuss the matter and to report the 'facts' to the Prime Minister.

Home Ministry sources say that whenever such an agent is arrested in an enemy territory, the home country quickly disowns him. One such case was of Rooplal who spent 26 years in a Pakistani jail. He did not have media support like Sarabjeet. But then he was released and returned to India. Now he has become disenchanted with the system.

The Pakistani secret agency ISI also does the same thing. It also hires poor Pakistanis who live along the border. After giving them initial training, they are pushed into India.

The question is how much time it would take to dispel the clouds of doubt between the two countries? There are several Sarabjeets in Pakistani and Indian jails who have been made pawns by the secret agencies of the two countries.

Kashif Shah
Electronics Engineer graduated from Sir Syed Engineering University

Kashif Shah, Pakistan - 07 September, 2005

Miscarrige of justice happened in Uk,USA,France,India and so many countries around the world.In my knowledge so many juries and judges make mistakes. Most of these countries take pride in giving ample oppertunities and time to the condemned prisoners to prove their innocence.In sarabhjeet's case allow him time and space to review his case by group of eminent pakistani legal experts.Allow his family to represent them with their legal expert. Killing an innocent man is much much worse than letting ten culprits getaway with their crimes.

Babu, United Arab Emirates - 07 September, 2005


I am totally agreed with you, you have said every thing right and in descent manner, but brother how did you imagine that pakistan government has not provided all evidences to indian government, they may not have provided evidences to media, but indian government is not aware this is impossible, for this you can't blame pakistan government, this is indian government who is hiding evidences and realities from their public, so brother blame indian government not pakistani government. i hope you will feel some sort of satisfaction. take care and bye for now,

ejaz chughtai, Pakistan - 07 September, 2005

Has he been proven guilty? Even the sole witness to the crime has recanted his testimony and exposed the true working of the pakistani judicial system. Is hanging an innocent man on fabricated eveidence really going to prove the santity of this corrupt institution? Whether it is political persecution, rulings on rapes, nuclear blackmarketeers, or overnight shipment of AL Quada suspects without prosecution, credibility of pakistani judiciary is a laughing matter. They have always been known to be subservient to the current ruler/prosecution of the day (mostly army), evidence or no (fabricated) evidence. If nothing else, this is another evidence of widespread culture of hate in Pakistan. No peace process can work in the long run unless this mindset undergoes dramatic change.

jamshed, United Kingdom - 07 September, 2005

Well when the pakistani establishment could not decide upon his real name then
how could people in pakistan think that he has been fairly treated in court. The courts, lawyers and the government kept calling him Manjit Singh though he is Sarabjit.

Abhinav, United Arab Emirates - 08 September, 2005

The Innocent Terrorist

The author needs to look into his own heart and then talk. How can you call other people while your own people are killing innocents muslim brothers. Please get off the hate wagon and do not fill the simple Pakistani hearts with hateret. Its people like you who do not want to see peace between India and Pakistan and better life for the people of both counteries. Its a shame that an educated man like your self is not thinking before he is writing.

Vinod, United Kingdom - 08 September, 2005

Dear Pakistani Friends

I know this is way off the topic but please pay attention
Please stop watching bollywood movies for free.
Either make it legal in your country or stop watching bollywood movies.
Please quit the habit of getting everything for free.
Mr.Ahmer write something related to this also.

Saarth, Pakistan - 08 September, 2005

Re: To John

Mr. John, you have adivsed the Paklstani government to give a convicted(found guilty with the evidence in hand) Indian terrorist the benifit of the doubt. Now, my question to you is, would you have advised it if the terrorist was a Muslim and a citizen of a Muslim country? At the very momment, many Muslims all over the world are being detained and harassed on the basis of mere suspicion, you people don't seem to mind that but when the terrorist happens to be one of you, immediately you cry for the benifit of the doubt. May I ask for a reason for this double standard? I know you might call me wicked, I know you might say I'm spreading hatred by asking this question, but I also know that those who expose the wicked face of the wicked, from the point of view of the wicked, they are the most wicked of all.

Tarek Masud, Bahrain - 09 September, 2005

Re: To Vinod

Mr. Vinod, it is you who is spreading hatred by defending a convicted terrorist. Look at yourself, even a convicted terrorist now seems so desrving of humane treatment, seems so innocent, because this time the terrorist happens to be a non-Muslim and an Indian spy.

Nasir, Bahrain - 09 September, 2005

Re : Suppose Sarabjit was Your Brother

Suppose those Kashmiri men, women and children who are regularly being brutalised and murdered by the Indian Army in the name of fighting terrorism, were your brothers and sisters. Of course, that is impossible because how can they be your loved ones, so I must say that you are right, if the terrorist happens to be a non-Muslim and an Indian spy then he must be innocent. Indeed, it is all a conspiracy against the great champion of human rights, mother India's renowned secret service, the Research and Analysis Wing, in short the notorious RAW. Keep up your good work, you just might beat Hitler's honourable propaganda minister, Dr. Joseph Goebels. I'm sure that would bring great honour to your mother India.

Nasir, Bahrain - 09 September, 2005

To Ejaz and Tarik

I am not saying that you are spreading hatred. I really regret the way Muslim friends are treated. To be frank no one wants it that way. What to do Tarik ? Why would the whole world decide to screen ppl from one particular group ? Believe it is everywhere. I flew to couple of countries the last two months. I heard ppl whose name sounds like Muslims are screened. I don't want to discuss why the world decided to do that. If I am from that same group, I would rather think and look for a reason rather than blame the world. I just would say Not all Muslims are terrorists and not all non-muslims are non-terrorists. It's just a human thing and not related to a religion.Hope I didn't offend anyone..
I feel Pak should prove to the world and the country that the evidence is good enough to give death sentence. There are many in Pak who feels that this is not Sarbhjeet. Or, there are many who ask for a proper evidence. If you are not very sure, why a death sentence?

John, United Kingdom - 09 September, 2005

No evidence..

Kashmiri men, women and children are brutalized by Indian army ??? You make it sound like as if Pak ppl are the only humane ppl in the world... Others are RAW and are born only to kill Kashmiri ppl. So, India should handover Kashmir to Pak. I would agree that there might be cases involving Indian army. Can you also say the that Pak army never did anything against Kashmiris? Didn't they do anything ? Just converting innocent Kashmiri ppl to fight against their own "MOTHER INDIA" is good? And Indian army should just watch this and not do anything ? while many kashmiri's are killed in this war induced by pak(accepted by Pak) do you know how Indian Jawans were killed ? And making Kashiris get killed against their country is good?, right? While a Khan in Bombay rules the Bollywood why would India have anything against another Khan in Kashmir ? ISI is spreading unwanted hatred among Kashmiris and making them fight for Freedom. Every Muslim in India has more rights and independence than a fellow muslim in Pak.

All pak wants is to separate Kashmir from India as it believes that India is the only reason why B'desh got separated from Pak ? Think about this. B'desh got separated in a fight not more than 3-6 yrs. But this Kashmiri war is going on for years and still Pak is making all its efforts to do this even at the expense of its own country. For some reason ppl from B'desh didn't feel that it wasn't good to be with Pak. It wasn't India's decision to separate B'desh. Who cares what you think about me ?
Come out of that narrow view point and see the world outside Pak and B'desh. It's much better...

john, United Kingdom - 09 September, 2005

Double Standards

I fully subscribe to the views of Ahmer Muzammi pray to authorities not to compromise on the issue just for promoting good will with our neighbour who does not forgive us on any occassion and has been committing attrocities against Kashmiris through her armed forces disregarding all principles of humanity and law.

G Muhammad, Pakistan - 09 September, 2005

Human rights and Pakistan

I wonder when some fellow Pakistanies crying for Human rights in Kashmir. Wonderful a nation which killed 3 million Bengalis dont have any right to speak on human rights. And morover why Kashmiri Pundits are not humans? Dont they have any rights to sleep in their homeland? India have the highest record of democratic values and secular tradition. We dont need a military ruled countries certificate on our traditions. First of all change your judiciary which give clean certificate for a military ruler. The same Judiciary once killed a superior political leader in past.

Sandeep, Hungary - 11 September, 2005



Mohd Akram, Hungary - 11 September, 2005

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