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The Continuation of the Islamic Revolution

28 July, 2005

By Jawaid Mehmood

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Ayatollah Qumeni had little man power when he demanded rule of Islamic Sharia from the Shah of Iran. A journalist once asked him, The masses are not with you, how you would achieve your goal? He said The kids that are in the cradle right now will be my army and they will God-Willing enforce the Islamic Rule in Iran. Soon after he was forced out of Iran. He spent the earlier part of his asylum in Iraq and later on in france. During this time he was constantly in touch with his people and was leading the brewing Islamic revolution which was eventually fruitful. After 16 years of forced leaf from Iran, when returned Iran, a flood of human beings welcomed him. Millions of people showed up at the airport, majority of them were young people. Among these young men was a man by the name of Mahmood Ahmedi Nijad who was an integral part of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Nijad was also implicated in the hostage of American diplomats which were eventually freed once the American govt released the 567 million dollars that was the property of the nation of Iran. During this time the Shah of Iran passed away in Egypt due to throat cancer. After the prisoners and the diplomats were released they came on the media and told the world that they were treated with utmost respect and civility.

The fact of the matter is that America and their western allies were always after the demise of the Islamic revolution therefore they conspired with their golden boy Saddam and had him attack Iran. That war lasted for 8 years, hundreds of thousands of innocent muslim lives were ravaged. Even all thru this despair and chaos, the elections were always held on time and slowly but surely Iran kept on progressing.  Even today west is conspiring against iran to adopt the western values and their democratic model.

On 27th June thousands of Homosexuals gathered in Washington d.c for a rally. The interesting fact is that among these men and women there was a group of Indians and Pakistanis were also present in this Gay-Parade. Fact of the matter is that west has its values and freedoms and east has its own values that they take pride in. As far as Iran is concerned, the reformers opened the society and gave them freedoms that they didnt have. In 1979 the population of iran was 35 million, it grew to 65 million in the year 2004. women are free to pursue higher education, 61% of Iranian women are university graduates, about 4 million individuals use internet, about 3 million have access to satellite tv, which includes bbc, cnn and voice of America. There are more than 700 channels that the populous of iran have access to. About 250000 iranians listen to bbc radio. The biggest news paper of iran has a circulation of about 450,000, the reason behind that is that 98% of Iranians are literate.

Every household on average has 4-6 individuals, its not hard to conclude from the above information that the people of iran are not living in stone ages, its a viable and thriving society. One more interesting fact is that the last 4 election the reformers were victors in Iran, however since the west and America has built up their pressure on iran by falsely implicating them in nuclear issues, Iranians gave their vote of confidence in the recent election to a man who was close the ayatollah and is an avid supporter of the Islamic revolution. Mahmood Ahmedi Nijad was born in a poor family. Being a son of an steel-mill worker he knows quite well that you have to strike the iron when the iron is hot. When he became the mayor of Iran, the tardionalist supported him and some of his friends contributed financially to his election campaign. The recent presidential campaign no different either, he is not a rich man therefore didnt have any money to spend on his campaign, his friends and the people of iran contributed to his campaign. Honesty, discipline and simplicity in his daily life are the characteristics that he is widely known for. When he was the mayor of Tehran he refused to use the lavish official residence of the mayor and instead lived in the same apartment which he use to live in at the outskirts of Tehran before he became the mayor. He learnt these traits from being close to ayatollah. After he became the president of Iran the first thing he did was to pay a visit to the greave of Aayatollah Qumeni. He also paid his respects to the martyrs of the Islamic revolution. When a man achieves success and chooses to remember his dead comrades, this shows immense character.

 In his first press conference Mahmood ahmedi Nijad made it crystal clear that if someone wants to shake our hands in peace, we will welcome them with open arms. But if someone wants to dictate us with aggression, we will show them that we are a living, breathing viable nation. He said that nuclear capability is the right of Iranian people and they will not sacrifice it on the whims of others. The fact that Mahmood ahmedi nijad won the confidence of 61% of Iranian people shows us that Iranians have no doubt that a strong man who is firm on his stance and not apologetic, can only safeguard their nuclear interest and aspiration.


Reader Comments:

For the kind information of this writer I would tell him that that the biggest gay group in the west/USA comes from Iran and they even seek asylum on these basis so I believe that he while mentioning the gay groups from India/Pakistan forgot or overlooked knowingly the Iranian " just to miscredit others, why?

Per Ab, Svalbard And Jan Mayen - 28 July, 2005


Although the vote rigging allegations in the first round of the elections in Iran are the most blatant and even Islamic Republic insiders with impeccable establishment credentials are protesting about it, the world media is silent. The foreign correspondents are just repeating the results as announced by the Guardian Council.

Giving the impression to the world that this was a fair and free election and the population participated in this farce overwhelmingly.

Two results were announced after the elections. The interior ministry who should have announced the election results, announced Ahmadi-Nejad's votes as 3,449,697.

Yet the Guardian Council which should have no part in announcing the results, declared Ahmadi-Nejad as the second candidate with almost one million votes extra.

Where did the extra one million votes suddenly come from?

In a controversial letter to the Supreme Leader, published on various sites and dailies in Iran but later withdrawn, Karroubi resigned from all his government posts and accused the Supreme Leader's son for manipulating the election results. Suddenly Karroubi, the long term veteran of the Islamic Republic, the man who could be relied on to be the peace maker between the different factions in the Islamic Republic, felt so outraged by the audacity of the vote rigging that he joined the opposition to the Islamic Republic!

The foreign media however, have not reported any of this. They have just simply regurgitated the Guardian Council figures. BBC's John Simpson, a self proclaimed expert on Iran , in his typical school boy “analysis”, paraphrased the usual, “Rafsanjani the moderate facing the hardliner in the second round ….”

What will be the consequences of such reporting?

The Muslim youth in Europe hear about alleged election fraud in America , but a "successful", flawless election in the Islamic Republic. The Muslim youth in Europe will hear the allegations of mistreatment of the prisoners in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib prisons, but they never hear the mistreatment of political prisoners and ordinary public in the Islamic Iran. I can go on with such comparison.

In short however, the idea of the Islamic government being some sort of Utopia and the Western democracy a flawed and degenerate system will be further engrained into the minds of the Musilm youth in Europe .

The Muslim youth will be more confident and more resolute than before.

These spineless politicians and media will help the West to lose the ideological battle ground. Once that is lost, all else will crumble too. For no force will ever be powerful enough to take on the growing fundamentalism amongst the determined and dedicated Muslim youth who are prepared to die for what the Western media led them to believe to be a Utopia.

So much for the West's war on terrorism.

Check following links to get some idea about Iran's Islamic Democracy....

Reza Aslam, India - 28 July, 2005

The fact is there was no rigging of elections. Mr. Ahmadi nejad was third when only a fifth of the votes had been counted. Furthermore, he was not on radar screen of anyone in West as a would be victor in the elections.

if you want rigging of elections, look to u.s. where just last week the Republicans apologized for not counting black vote in America, up to recently. And, how about a two hundred years of racist democracy where only the elite could vote for the most of its history.

in the end, democracy needs oversite, the europeans have the discrete aristocracy and the the americans have the secretive plutocracy.

the people in west have not even an indirect say as to who and how they are manipulated by the aristocrats and plutocrats, whereas in Islamic Republic of Iran, the velayte-faqih is selected by an elected body of clergy. And, it is not discrete, hidden, nor secretive. and, more so it is the last resort for the people to rely on when government becomes weak or corrupt, as the nationalist government of mossadegh was easily overthrown by the cia.

fz, Pakistan - 29 July, 2005

Islamic Revolution in Iran

Iran needs reform and it is time that it sheds the rhetoric of "revolution". It is made itself "an odd man out". There is absolutely no need for Iran having nuclear power, nor the weaponry to "destroy" Israel. It also is suffering from a serious malaise of American paranoia. Would that it know about the fragility of Israel and of America placed on a slow but abrupt decline from events taking shape from inside. First, take the case of Israel. The religious orthodox Jews do not recognise its validity. The Jews are in "Exile" through a divine edict. They are under a sacred "Oath" to their God -Yahweh - not to create a poltical entity during 'exile'
but to remain loyal citizens in countries of their residence. Does Iran needs reminding that Judaism's fate is intertwined with Islam? Iran played host to the Jews, together with Turkey and other Muslim countries for centuries. In fact Jews passed the better part of their 'exile' under Muslim regimes. The real problem in Palestine relates to the Jews. "Jews" according to an eminent Jewish author of his bestseller Book" The Jews", "were rarely in control of their destinies and where they impinged on history it was because they were in trouble or troublesome. Yea! Judaism is in trouble and it needs the refuge and protection of Islam. Fate has brought it at the door of Muslim Ummah. The talk of a "two state" solution in Palestine is both absurd and illogical. The state of "Israel" happens to be "one too many" in Palestine. The place is preordained for the "Armageddon". There is looming in America an imminent exodus of the American Jewry. Guess where it might end up? Israel, where else and that too in the West Bank. Iran is clearly on a course of shooting in its own feet. It needs a dose of savvy diplomacy and the sooner it sheds its autocratic rule by the Mullahs, the better for the country.

Sher Mohammad, Pakistan - 01 August, 2005

To fz and M. Aslam, some thoughts

Dear fz,

Unless I am just misunderstanding you due to language differences, I feel you are wrong when you say the US elections were rigged. You wrote to the readers of your comments to "look to the US where just last week the Republicans apologized for not counting black vote in America up to recently."

If I read my history right, it was after the Presidency of Lyndon Johnson in the early 60's, that the Democrats had the black vote (the vote of our African American citizens) pretty well sewn up. The reason for this is that during the civil rights movement in the US, also in the early 60s, when African Americans had to fight for their right to vote, along with other simple freedoms, it was the Democrats who were in office and in power. Mr. Johnson along with many of the American people, fought long and hard to get our African American citizens their lawful rights in a shamefully segragated South. Of course, their were discriminations in the North as well.

The Republicans, thinking that it would be a waste of time to court the African American vote because it was so solidly in the democratic camp, didn't bother to reach out to them. In other words, they didn't try very hard to win the African American vote. They merely took it for granted that most would vote for the Democrats.

Actually, they were right. It is almost a tradition for African Americans to vote for the Democrats to this day.

However, when a person runs for president, they should have a plan to work for all of the American people, regardles of race, etc.

The Republicans recently apologized and vowed to work hard for African Americans and their vote in the future. This, I believe, was the apology you mention. No votes were uncounted and, though you may hear differently on the BBC, and even from biased Americans with their own political agenda, our elections were not rigged.

Most Americans are willing to accept all different religions, races, ideas, cultures, beliefs, etc. We are a nation of immigrants and for the most part, we manage to live together in peace.

Can't those of you who are so angry at America try to take into account that the US has had to pull together so many different cultures, races and religions and we had to do it while allowing all their freedoms as well? A monumental task. One we still struggle with today.

Any county can look far back into the past and see mistakes it has made. Any country. In my opinion America is always evolving, morphing into new and different shapes if you will -trying to get it right.

In spite of all the criticism and anger we hear and read, sometimes we do get it right.

For those who spend their time looking into the past in order to dig out the faults of others, I can only say, don't stay there too long, you may get left behind.

We didn't count on 9/11. Did anybody? But still, Americans dug themselves out, mourned their dead, began the horrific battle of fighting those who wish us dead and still we go on.

I agree with you so much, Mr. Aslam. America has a great sore that grew for a while and threatened to poison us all. The writing and reporting of the American and other Western ideologues who can do nothing but speak of the West's "flawed and degenerate system" From their ideology, young Muslims may well learn to further hate the West, mostly America. You are noticing America's cultural civil war. You must be a very intelligent person and I do admire that.

I am happy to tell you that things are changing. The voices of these shameful ideologues are getting weaker. Or am I just naive? I hope not...

Best regards,

Carollane, United Kingdom - 01 August, 2005

Apologies of the 4th generations

Dear Carollane,

The rest of the world do not see USA a bifurcation of Democrats and Republicans, they tend to put all Americans in one basket. It is indeed interesting, but not surprising, that last week the Republicans apologized for not counting black votes in America. The historians remind us that as values evolve the misdeeds of forefathers become a heavy burden on the conscience of those who wish to dwell on the high moral grounds. It is not uncommon that typically a 4rth generation would attempt to reduce the burden of the misdeeds of its forefathers from its collective conscience, with an open apology. Britons have also started extending apologise for its excesses and human rights crimes during colonialism.

If this logic would stand true, the generation of your great grand children, in USA and UK, would have a long list of “miaculpa's” to apologise for.

Unfortunately, you and I would not be there to witness those apologies!

S. Khan, Pakistan - 03 August, 2005

the African America vote

Dear Mr. Khan,

Thank you for your reply to my earlier comments. I understand what you are saying in regard to your "mea culpa" statements.

However, I don't understand why you still believe that the African American vote was not counted in the last American elections. Am I misunderstanding you?

Perhaps my earlier comments were just not clear in this regard. May I please try again?

The African American vote WAS counted. The entire election results would have been thrown out, had they not been.

The Republicans apologized for not politically addressing Black American issues because of their assumption that African Americans would only vote for the Democrats in any event.

It is the duty of everyone running for any office in the US to address the issues of all citizens, regardless of race, religion, etc.

Republicans did not properly address African American concerns and, again, that is what the apology was about.

Is that a bit more clear? Or is this a case of not believing this American who seems to be beyond naive? May I respectfully offer the suggestion that you, perhaps, could read all sides of this issue?

In my opinion, we are all only too willing to believe what we read, simply because it is on the Internet. We seem to feel we can just "google" and we will find the truth.

I understand this, though. I find there are times when I must to force myself to consider ideas that are contrary to what I want to believe, especially if it is consistently negative.

The truth seems to be playing a huge game of hide and seek in these difficult times...

Carollane, United Kingdom - 04 August, 2005

The Continuation of the Islamic Revolution

Your article has described the facts which some of the westerners do regard as facts of life in Iran. A revolution in Iran and a man today who is their the man had a vision how to make his ideas known to his people and he succeeded with a huge majority. The continuation of a revolution what west calls is not a revolution but its a carry on of a government with rules which are equal for all and in accordance with Islamic teachings. Man is created equal and must respect the existence of others but US never realises.Power and money does not remain with one, it keeps on changing but with time. Iran was paid back the money which was theirs. What a shame on a country who has enough for their but to grab from others with pretexes is the policy of US. US has huge Nuclear pile up and why are they worried if Iran or other countries have them? The problem lies that US fails to understand that dropping of two Atom Boms on Japanese cities 60 years age was not a human act but a genocide. Do good and have good, surely we all believe in Japanese are not forgotten that huge murders to their people. The puppet of US who lost his kingdom Saddam is just counting his days and soon he will be gone. New government will not be loyal to US, no doubt its a try on the part of American administration to topple and kill innocent people and have hold on OIL.
A fear created and loss of lives in Iraq will not go unaccounted and US will pay one day. US mixes religions with so many ideas to justify their occupations and intrusions into other countries. Lessons should be learnt before its too late.
Iran is there with a new President a man with no money and he will make his country very strong with 98% literate people and so many graduates. The population of Iran is young and determined and will achieve their place in the world no matter what US and others think and try to derail their progress. I am sure they all will fail.

Mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 07 August, 2005

Western Democratic Principles ??????

Mr. Reza I'm sure most of the Iranians will regard your version of the truth as lie just as I do. Please don't tell me that the Iranians were enjoying the most brilliant form of democracy during the despotic rule of the late Shah because that's what you are implying. Don't forget that the west did not have any complaints about having a blood thirsty, greedy and corrupt tyrant like the late Shah. So, I don't be so euphoric about the so-called western democratic principles, democracy loving people might take you as a charlatan or a fool.

Tarek Masud, Bahrain - 23 December, 2005

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