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The Bin Laden Killing - A Masterstroke

06 May, 2011

By Anwaar Hussain

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A blizzard of lies indeed flies every which way in the aftermath of Abbottabad strike. Lies have surely been told before, during and after the operation. The fact, however, stays that Bin Laden is dead. In a singularly unmatched stunt, in one clean, surgical and slashing strike, Bin Laden is taken out and announced dead to the world, finally, officially and conclusively.  After years of fumbling and shuffling, the giant has at last delivered a masterstroke that leaves many gasping for their breaths.

The scribe thought long and hard about covering the many inconsistencies in the American reporting of the Abbottabad strike and carrying out its technical post-mortem but then thought it to be a useless exercise. At this juncture it seems pointless to raise doubts about the many variations in the Americans’ public narration of the event or whether the strike got airborne from Jalalabad or from inside Pakistan. Whether he was killed for the first time or the umpteenth time is meaningless too. At this time, the whole wide world, including the over patriotic Pakistani media, agrees that Bin Laden is dead. What matters is that now in the end, the snake’s head lies deep in its watery grave separated from its writhing body on land. Good riddance are the words that come instantly to mind. Other than that, here is what the scribe thinks of the occurrence.

Given America’s supremacy in weaponry, satellite imagery and stealth technologies, the strike itself is no big deal. As a matter of fact, it was the delay in getting their man that was raising questions about Americans’ capabilities and sincerity. Lest some Americans brag about their armed forces’ skill and bravado, a little reminder would be in the fitness of things. On 9/11 four airliners flew for a considerable length of time in US airspace before slamming into some of their structures and killing innocent human beings. One even hit the Pentagon, if one’s memory serves right. Those fat, huge and sloppy machines went unchallenged by American Air Defense Systems.

Likewise, our neighbors too need another little reminder. Excited to no end by the happening as they are, they have given to making lofty claims about their strengths and intentions. They need to stop chaffing at the bit for a moment and ponder awhile. With around 1.32 million active standing army and 2.14 million reserve forces, they have the third-largest active troops in the world. With all this military muscle they failed to stop, or even detect till it was too late, terrorists that launched from Pakistan on foot, boats and taxis and inflicted that brutal carnage upon Mumbai citizens not many years back.

So no, it is neither the audacity nor the competence of Uncle Sam that makes the event a masterstroke. Why is it a master stroke then, one may ask? After all as long as Bin Laden was declared living and at large, he came pretty handy in scaring the world into many useful actions for the great US of A. So what is so masterly about the strike? Here;

1. Firstly, with Uncle Sam’s limitless resources, foisting another terror legend upon the world only takes some more imagination. Any way, the world was developing a kind of Bin Laden fatigue from the continuous harangue about him and about “now we have him, now we don’t”. A fresh face, when need be, will bring fresh prospects with it.

2. Secondly, with US elections around the corner, the Americans getting their collective backsides endlessly kicked by the ragtag Taliban and the increasing pre-election clamor of “bring the boys back home”, this killing proves to be a godsend. All the Americans need now is to declare having achieved the principle war aim of killing Bin Laden, pronounce victory, keep their supremacy fable intact and get out as fast as they came, if not faster.

3. Thirdly, the event took the wind out of Pakistan’s over zealous grand strategic thinkers of the Khaki variety. For them the aftermath is extremely embarrassing not because of the questions that arise out of the massive bungling on their part but the answers that the whole world in general and the Pakistani nation in particular expects from them, and which are nary-a-coming. They are squirming in the cage, on the back foot and more pliable than molding clay at this particular point in time. Any number of concessions can now be extracted from them especially with regards to mambas like the Haqani group that they still cuddle in vain hopes.

Let us come to the real issue. And that is of demanding certain answers from our grand strategic thinkers—our ‘saviors’ who promised that ‘they will save us’. They need to come clean on the issue for naked truth is always better than the best dressed lie.

There is a joke doing the rounds on the web that Pakistan is so insecure a country these days that even Bin Laden was not safe here. So here are the scribe’s direct questions to the grand strategic thinkers;

Q-1.  Do you agree that there is nothing as embarrassing as watching your boss do something you assured him couldn’t be done or him finding something you said wasn’t there?

Q-2. CIA Director Leon Panetta alleged the other day that Pakistan was either incompetent or involved. Which one is it?

Q-3. Is the terrorists being on our soil the bigger violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty or four helicopters flying into Pakistan without a flight plan to kill a wanted mass murderer?

Q-4. You claimed that you could detect and shoot down intruding drones any time you wished. Now which one is easier, taking out small swift drones or bulky, slow helicopters?

Q-5. In the aftermath of the event, we are repeatedly being assured that our strategic assets are safe. Weren’t these strategic assets meant to save us? How come we have ended up saving them?

Q-6. What would India achieve by breaking up or occupying Pakistan? They could occupy East Pakistan but didn’t. So, don’t you think that instead of making more India-specific nuclear-capable missiles, the funds and energy should be directed to eliminating the terrorists who actually are capable of breaking Pakistan or, at the least, turning it into a sickly, failed state?

Q-7. Do you think it is possible that the lowly field operatives of the ISI knew all along and protected Bin Laden? After all, General staff may have a rethink on strategies, the field operators seldom do, especially when the cause is so thoroughly mixed up with religious zealotry and fervor.

Q-8. If it was Jihad against the godless Soviets, during which the ISI mothered these mambas, why is it now not Jihad against the ‘infidel’ Americans?

The only positive that I can see in the situation for our grand strategic thinkers is that that there sure is a certain character that can be built from embarrassing themselves endlessly. If they can sit happy with embarrassment, there’s not much else that can really get to them.

Though the scribe has written the piece with much shame and anguish, yet the Americans are requested not to continuously remind the Pakistanis of the billions of dollars they have been giving them. It reminds one of a 6 years old child’s question to his father, “When my mother puts clothes on me, it is called clothing me, when God puts skin on people, is it called skinning them?”


Reader Comments:

Shahadat of Osama bin Ladin

Every mujahaid wants shahdat and Allah respect those who have performed jihad with this motive.It is end of life with the view of world but we believe that mujhaid never die because Allah clearly mention this in Holy Quran.

Tipu Sultan, - 06 May, 2011

Sir, you sound very bitter. Pakistan is finished regardless how loudly you protest or scream.

NotPakistani, Panama - 06 May, 2011

Well written...the Indians surly are no angels...but Pakistan can sure start looking at the world independently rather than through the India Prism and security is where they should start.

imman, Pakistan - 06 May, 2011

Bin Laden Killing - A Masterstrok

Yes, I agree. Our army chief Kayani should stop playing dramas with the sentiments of the people. Slow and low level flying choppers have travelled for 3 hours and spent 40 minutes with explosions and firing at a cantonment area and the army just closed their eyes and ears. Mr.Kayani, you can fool some people for some time, but not all the people all the time.

Shajahan Basha, Pakistan - 06 May, 2011

It is time Pakistanis looked at how credible they are.

dv, United Kingdom - 06 May, 2011


I believe in god to even is only one called with respect of any religion.. But if one religion call to kill other people of his own or other religion.. I revaluate my way to think thats not good.
Now at this moment US are celebrating the died of one man .. At past moments i remember clearly thousands celebrating the dead of more than 3 thousands inocents too.
IS THIS JUSTICE? for my personally justice is to make this persons feel and suffer the same or worst.. SORRY BUT IM NOT US LOVER OR MUJAHAIDIN but THIS TOO GROUP MAKE A LOT DAMAGE TO OUR WORLD... even they deserve each other.. THANKS

tito, Palestinian Territory, Occupied - 06 May, 2011

US expert in deceit.

There are two pics released by US Govt on Binladen one before death and one after Yet if you cover the face of dead BinLaden,the smile in both pics is same?.Have you heard of any man who would smile when he sees bullets being fired at him?This exposes the falsehood of the drama.Also see the new info on

Bahadur Khan,, Pakistan - 07 May, 2011

The Netherlands knew where Osama was

The Nederlands goverment member Defence analist knew where Osama Binladen was. And he was swear by USA for not leak this information

forumnoob, Netherlands - 07 May, 2011

Four stealth helicopters carrying 79 extremely trained super commandos and Navy Seals, with the most sophisticated kind of modern technology and weaponry and accompanied also by super trained killer dog who could literally sniff out the target. All these were used to shoot down in cold blood an unarmed frail middle aged man with failing health protected by his wife and 12 year old daughter
So what is the 'master stroke'about this dastardly assault?

Rezan, United Arab Emirates - 07 May, 2011

Obama claim 9/11 was joint Osama Pakistan Operation

9/11 had resulted in the invasion of Iraq.Lots of money had been collected by enron Pension fund by Tony Blair and Bush .This came out with BBc and other TV interview when Tony Blair was giving detail and reasoning..Saddam Hussain had invaded Kuwait.Oil fields were burning.Skud missiles had been sent by Saddam in Tel Aviv and Haifa..1991-2001 Sadam Hussein endured Inspectors(UN),Sanctions for presumed WMD,Suddenly,using 9/11 pretext Iraq was invaded ,iraq reduced into rubble .Saddam was hunted down and hanged.9/11 happened in 2001.There is no evidence that Osama bin Ladin was capable to marry 5 wives produce 20 children grandchildren play with them cater social aspects of life with inlaws.The world had been making fun of USA UK allied :''there was no WMD fou nd in Iraq using 9/11 pretext''.Osama had been operating in Saudi Arabia Sudan Afghanistan and Pakistan while hiding after Tora Bora Bombardment where he was likely killed.In the interim,his children wives were found to be living in Abbottabad blending with locals.It is absurd that Osama caused $3 trillion Losses to USA and had defeated USA defence system (which was difficult to penetrate for even Russian and Warsaw Pact Soldiers''.Osama could not have arranged these from maternity wards running there for own child @1 baby /yr plus grand children.President Obama Regime is a failure after pumping in $1 Trillion as a starter.Then recently had induced another 3 trillion budget while attempted to remove Col Qadaffi of Libya.He had also threatened to confiscate Libyan surplus of $30Billlion for Benghazi Rebel Regime.Pakistan also successfully prevented Pakistan breaking into mini states.9/11 killing of Osama bin Ladin Ladin is Game of playing confidence trick in Psychology and Memory.World had been asking why USA and allied are not vacating Afghanistan while was attempting to invade Iran for their Nuke Power plant Uranium enrichment.Pakistan did not masterminded 9/11 with Osama Bin Ladin.this is the story in circulation.Who believes this ficticious claim of 9/11/Is obama really superior hero blaming 9/11 on Osama and Pakistan and himself as hero of 9/11 Osama Killing.

zakaria_belal, Canada - 09 May, 2011


Not a bad article; however, nobody should be surprised that the initial 911 terrorists weren't shot down on the way to the World Trade Center. Until Muslims came along, it was inconceivable to us civilized types that we might have to contemplate shooting down commercial civilian planes in our own air space. And I don't think the Americans have to INVENT terrorists. The Islamists supply an abundance.

Nabi Rasch, Canada - 10 May, 2011


Why geralize the word 'Muslims' Muslims are not a monolith. Almost every race in this world represents the religion of Islam. This does not mean that every race acts in the same way. Talking about 'civilized types'who uses weapons of mass destruction on defenceless nations.The so called 'civilized' nations bombed a small nation with mini atomic weapons,cluster bombs,blu-bombs,cruise missiles and phosphorous bombs killing mostly women and children ,defenceless old men. A million sent to oblivion.How dare you call yourself civilized. You are barbaric and savage.
There are groups of some very angry young people in this world who just do not like your foregin poicies which are totally unjust and unfair. Your blind support for Israel in spite of its killing 1400 Gazans in cold blood using hellicopter gunships,cruise missiles,mini atomic weapons including phosphorous bombs just like you used in Fallujah. Most of the killed were children and women. When Israle commits atrocities you look the other way. This is the question these young angry men of this world are asking.
Sept 11 was used as an excuse to bomb the populations of Iraq and Afghanistan ,destroy the entire infrastructure,including schools,hospitals and universities. Its almost back to stone age.
Sept 11 is not even proved. There are very strong clues that it was an inside job. In fact there is proof.
If people are going to believe that a bearded man sitting in a cave or some wierd hideout was capable of sending four planes undetected by the radar into the airspace of the world's most powerful country that spends nearly 40 billion for its internal security they must be really stupid or brainwashed.

Rezan, United Arab Emirates - 16 May, 2011

masterstroke- my left foot.

Now u r a part of it.
have u heard the story of police putting narcotics themselves in a car and getting hold of the driver. My questions.:
1- if obama was only 55/45 sure immediately before attack despite all the above mentioned equipment at its disposal, how could spy phatoo khan know it.
2- cdould the helis not have brought OBL with them in the helis.
3- How no american died despite a heli disaster.4- it was just a bullet to the head of a person not even resisting, how the pictures have become GRUSOME? or became gruesaome after the heli crash?
is america annoyed with pakistan for destroying the biggest trophy america would have like to put at display in white house after spending billions of dollars on the chase?
etc etc etc.

mazhar, Pakistan - 23 May, 2011

Mr. Hussain, Why do you write the comments of Indian Politicians? When problem lies in Pakistan. No religion speaks of Violence. It's our quest for power that makes us blind and interpret religion. If training schools of terrorisem are functioning in country, some day they will make sure to burn that country. Why people like DAWOOD IBRAHIM is living in Pakistan? Why reputed cricketer of Pakistan marries his son to daughter of Terrorist?
Humble request: Do self interospection and the ways or days are not far away when this Indian Subcontinent will be the cause of 3rd World War or The day is not far away when Nuclear Weapons will go into the hands of Terrorist and will destroy the very existence of MANKIND.
I condemn the terrorist attack on Naval Base. I condemn the killing of Innocent people.
Lets arise above politics and the hatered that has become part and parcel of world media. Lets work for MANKIND.
I pray to God that Pakistan comes out of the shackles of vicious circle of China and USA.
Stop cribbing about Kashmir and help us to make it the heavens of Earth

Sanjay Rana, Hungary - 24 May, 2011

Lies and more Lies

People think they know the truth,but the fact is everybody out there is hiding the truth.Majority of the people on this planet will
never know the truth.

Shaukat Ali Eshai, Pakistan - 04 September, 2011

Pakistan's anti India stance is diverting its resources from nation building. Forget India, US, and all the rest. Concentrate on mass education, democracy and Liberty for all. That is Jihad. That will give you 150% return on investment. Go check my numbers.

Mohan, - 26 September, 2011

A Masterstroke

Why bring India into picture when US kills OBL? Where does India fit in this master stroke of US marines and insane aftermath reaction of M/s Kayani & Co denial's & counter allegations?

Terrorism is bad be it by religiously motivated Muslim, Hindu or Chirstian- anyone

Its high time few Pakistani does self introspection. You have two Governments running parallely - one politically run and another based on misinterpreted religious faith & dogmas.

Islam was and is never bad. How can Allah be bad? How can HE teach intolerance, killing, depriving women. No religion teaches that fundamentally

Choose want to be a Pakistani first or Muslim first. Your country first or your religion first? Can there be a balance ?

Your politicians brought the Americans on Pakistani soverign soil, and see what they have done. This is America !!!

Trying with China- the end result will be no different

How come Al Quida, Haqanis and Talibans be messiah of true Mouslem?

No mordern, sophisticated weapon (including Uncle Sam's) can stop and destroy terrorism. Its education , its tolerance. Its correct interpretation of Islam and peaceful co existence with other religion and faith

Partha, India - 06 October, 2011

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