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Thank You Suicide Bomber! No one is talking about my 1.5 Billion anymore!

25 October, 2007

By Ahmer Muzammil

Does anyone remember that this woman facilitated a dictator and gave him a new lease on his dwindling career as the head honcho for the price of 1.5 billion dollars? Was this money borrowed from abba-jee of Pervaiz Musharaf that he graciously pardoned it or was it tax-payer’s ? Is anyone talking about the NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) anymore in which the biggest criminals and absconders are going Scott- free, while the common Allah-wasaya rots in jail for gambling 10 RS on a cock-fight? But to be fair these pardoned doesn’t belong to PPP alone but hail from the hierarchy of a diverse political affiliation and according to the leadership of PPP that’s a testament that they are not the ONLY looters, just one of them so you see its all good than and people like me and civil society at-large should shut it!

I am not suggesting here like that orator par-excellence ‘shujaat of gujraat’, that Peoples Party staged this bombing, what I would like to see however in future is that either everyone-all hundreds of thousands of millions of them- get an armored vehicle and if that’s a tad inconvenient than the leaders should be forced to walk with the same people that they are supposedly championing to serve.  Just so the grave-diggers in low-income areas aren’t over-worked and the graveyards near defense and Clifton get some rush as well.

140 dead human beings none of whom were even a distant relation with any of the superior-caste that was Brahmin enough to be on that armored truck, how come? Benazir said that the martyrs would be remembered in history as the heroes of democracy, why doesn’t she recruit Balawal or Bakhtawar for that coveted position as well? Did aitezaz ehsan’s (for the record I have tremendous respect for him) or raja pervaiz ashraf’s or sherry rehman’s or aftab shaban meerani’s or any leader’s kids were part of that human shield that the leadership seems so proud of? Was layari –the mecca of Peoples Party – turned in to a vibrant, thriving neighborhood when benazir Bhutto was at the helm of affairs? If not and it wasn’t, why are people so stupid that they can’t see that Benazir’s dog has a more nutritious diet and drinks cleaner water than the people of layari ever will. Not one single bullet point in NRO has anything to do with awam or fair elections, NOT ONE! You can take that too the bank but at least Rehman Malik, the biggest drug-dealer of Pakistan and special confidant of Bibi wouldn’t be politically victimized, the nation stand obliged!

I read today that Mehmood Qureshi, President of Peoples Party Punjab visited the home of a worker in a slum of Punjab who was killed in the bombing and offered his condolences while generously showering the family of this poor-man, who was the sole bread-winner of the household, with a handsome sum of RS. 5000 in crisp Pakistani currency. That is the price of human life and sacrifice, not even 100 damn dollars! Benazir’s head scarf that conveniently slips enough just so she can still be ‘enlightened’ enough for the west and Muslim enough for the voters at the same time, costs more. 

I have always maintained that the will of people should be respected. I am a proponent of free and fair election and I truly believe that is the only way forward. Even though I despise bibi or mian sahab, not because they have personally wronged me but because they are living manifestation of the class system that I find utterly reprehensible & nauseating, never the less I think that things will only get better once we have true democracy in Pakistan. In the short term that would mean either Bibi or mian at the helm of affairs but that’s OK. With a confidant media and relatively free higher-judiciary it’s a step in the right direction, as long it’s not Army or that Fox Maulana Fazloo, we shall be better off.

Post 9-11 for couple of months it was a cardinal sin & reason enough for incarceration in USA to even hint that maybe we should look at the root-cause of this desperation and hatred that forces individuals to take such drastic steps. Suicide Bombers are not only willing to create havoc and devastation for human beings that haven’t wronged them on a personal level but are ready to end there own life in that process as well. I challenge anyone and I know that they would have hell of a time justifying suicide bombing from an Islamic angle because there are stringent rules and procedures of combat in Islam none of which allow any sort of indiscriminate killing of innocent that suicide bombing results in. But it would be quite easy to explain away from a psychological perspective. All you have to do is create an atmosphere where there is no hope on the horizon, no education, no electricity, no opportunities to earn an honest living and on top of that your family members including women, children and old get blown up in to fragments in front of your very own eyes. I assure all of you that 9 out of 10 will gladly opt for suicidal-revenge, not because they are eager to get to 72 virgins in paradise or whatever but because they can’t wait to check out of the hell that we have created for them. 

It’s a slippery slope when you can’t bring yourself to condemn indiscriminate slaughter of human beings in a market-place in waziristan just because the length of there facial hair is not to your liking. We are either a society that stands for human rights for ALL human beings not just of the Urban ones or else we are hypocrites.

There isn’t and can’t be any Islamic justification for killing un-assuming, unarmed human beings because Allah swt says in Quran that whoever kills an innocent man or woman, he/she kills the entire humanity. But from a fact-of-life perspective if we don’t enjoy being bombed in our Urban centers than we can’t be supporters of indiscriminate killing of human beings in our rural centers either. That should be common-sense, which unfortunately is increasingly becoming an expensive and rare commodity in Pakistan.

My wife told me today that I am too bitter. Is there any reason to be anything but? Poorest of the poor from layari and surrounding villages died in this massacre and I am not even allowed to be bitter? I think if we were all a little bit bitter and mad and cynical, the ‘Brahmins’ wouldn’t be able to molest us in that callous, nonchalant & careless manner that they insist on.

Abb mayray doosray bazoo pay woh shamsheer hay joo

Iss say pehlay bhi mayra nisf badan kaat chuki


Ussi bandooq ki naalli hay mayri simt kay joo,

Iss say pehllay mayri sheh-rag ka lahoo chaat chuki

Reader Comments:

Where do the 'Brahmins' come in - in all this carnage and madness? I am unable to make out.

Rameez, Pakistan - 25 October, 2007

Where do the 'Brahmins' come in - in all this carnage and madness? I am unable to make out.

Rameez, Pakistan - 25 October, 2007

5000 Rs for human life

5000Rs from looted money which she and her huband stole from people of Pakistan. Our president can pardon her provided she pay $1.7 M back to people. People you have seen her twice and please don't give her any chance again.

Mian Riaz, United Kingdom - 25 October, 2007

Pay Compensation from $1.5 Billion Stashed Away

Qadaffi paid off US $10-25 Billion for Lockerbie crime Libya did not commit.US EU allied forced Qadaffi to pay may be more than ten million pound sterling.Benazir Bhutto
Is believed to have more than a Billion Dollar in the Bank. Bulk of the victim were either
Paid to provide or act as human shield or who were trying to promote democracy for a rich person.BB should pay adequate money to the family of the dead and those seriously
Deformed and injured. USA allied rich Bush Clinton Blair Dick Cheney should pay compensation to Iraqi victims via treasury of USA and EU funds for past 10 years Iraq Losses. For current WW111 further losses proposed all future Victim family should take initiative and seek compensation from EU NATO allied countries with Pay compensation as you GO basis that seem to be designing massive Pay Out via massive sanction and Massive Killing.

B _Lal, Hungary - 25 October, 2007

Not too harsh because....Part1

Sponger Wicked
Or “Tufailee Budmaash”
For adults only: Some contents of this letter may contain adult nature references, parental guidance is required. We can’t close our eyes or put our head in sand like ostrich from curse of so called enlighten moderation. Reason to update intellectuals and scholars is to highlight activities of “Porn mentality” and “Brothel Protection groups” camouflaged, and under protection of Pakistan Army.

Bollywood and Lollywood’s violence movies usually have a characters of chief wicked and some “sponger wicked” actors or “Parasite Rascals”. Comedians or actors with make up of traditional wicked make up and special costumes are used to perform such roles. In such stories terror of chief is promoted by sponger wicked actors by spreading rumors and tales of horror and fear of their chief, those collect goon tax, kill, abduct and create panic among public and law enforcement agencies. Chief (wicked) issue commands from GHQ, open or behind the curtain. Fight instructors pay special attention to characters who perform as “sponge wicked” role for attraction. Hero beat and hit them badly; in some movies side hero also plays role of “Tufailee” by copying, siding and cheating hero.
“Tufailee Badmaash” in Pakistani politics:
Present political landscape of Pakistan is full of such “Tufailee politicians”, who act as sponger wicked or Tufailee Badmaash, President or Prime Minister usually act as head of syndicate or Chief of mafia, politicians are used to spread horror stories of super natural powers of their chief. Like movie Tufailee Badmaash their appearance is always fearful, an iron rod fitted in neck; haughtiness and tac-au-tat behavior represent their uniqueness.
List of such characters and their services for authoritarian rulers is so long that a book is required to represent their services. However leaving small scale local Tufailee Badmaash, we will highlight only a few spongers with their source of power.
Global Tufailee Badmash:
1. Mush, Karazai and Noori al Malki of: neo-cons, NATO and ISAF
2. Benazir of: Anglo-Americans, Jewish Lobby, Salman Rushdie group and Mush group.
3. Altaf Husain of: Pakistan Army and Anglo-Indians.
4. Shakuit Aziz of: World Bank.
5. NGO’s, some English press columnists, atheists and brothel protection groups of: Western countries sponsored.

National Tufailee Badmash under chairman of Mush:
1. Ch: Shujaat and Gujrat Mafia: sponsor Nosheen Saeed, Mehnaz Rafi and Neelofar Bakhtiar type of Vulgar Mafia.
2. Aftab Sherpao, Faisal Saleh Hayat, Rao Sikander Iqbal, Anisa Zeb Taherkheli and Qasoori: PPP Mafia.
3. Sher Afgan, Long Arm of Qunoon, Forty Siparas, Kamil Ali Agha, Sh: Rashid: Crazy Mafia.
4. Najam Sethi and Jugno: Shia Mafia under sub chairmanship of Abida Husain and Fakhar Imam.
5. Mir Shakil Ur Rahman sponsor of Mush doctrine of: vulgarity.

Today’s main story is based on tales of “sponger” or “parasites” that created a funny situation around the globe.
Revival of Shah Rangeela and Wajid Ali Shah’s Delhi and Oudh:
After departure of Shah Rangeela of Dehli and Wajid Ali Shah of Oudh, Queer practices were almost abandoned by incomers; however both have fame to conduct all such activities on national level. Which are under revival in recent days?
World queer forums look their future hopeless in Pakistan. Those were enabling to trace any club or society on national scene, even though Gen. Yahya and Zulfi Bhutto notorious for their suspicious activities did not promote such culture openly. We have some references about Benazir that she was interested in queer culture when she was studying at US and UK, later we found no evidence of her involvement.
On international scene only a few incidences were reported about Pakistan after imposition of Mush, many G&L Societies flourished with government funding. Such as Shireen Mazari Defense Club, Naseem Zehra & Mushahid Husain Club, Ghazanfar Mehdi queer clubs (Daira), Josh Maleehabadi Club, other Brothels and Massage centers under patronage of some famous NGO’s. But none had courage to openly declare their services for nation or register them with the name of purpose; each has a history of involvement with records.
General Behavior of Public:
Declan Walsh in Lahore:
Published a story in Guardian on March 14, 2006 as under:
“Under a starry sky filled with fireworks, about 150 gay men clambered to the roof of an apartment building for an exuberant party. Bollywood music spilled into the streets as dress-wearing men twisted and whirled flamboyantly. Some older men with moustaches and wearing traditional shalwar kameez stared silently from the sidelines. But most of the party-goers were in their 20s, dressed in jeans and T-shirts, and looking for a good time. "We just want to have fun," said one of the organizers, known as the "hot boyz".,,1730227,00.html

internationalprofessor, Pakistan - 26 October, 2007

Not too harsh because....Part2

Second story: Published some earlier in international circles:
“June 2002 article about gay life in Pakistan that was republished on Global, Syed Saqlain Haider Shah (Recounts his experience growing up as a gay man in Pakistan (DNA Magazine June 2002)”

Services and Hazards of “Ajoka Theater” and other “enlighten moderates”:
Ajoka Theater is the centres of preaching Adolf Mush doctrine in public at Lahore, Madeeha Gohar and husband Shahid Mahmood are die heart promoter of “Freud theories” under patronage of Pak Army. A few weeks back they received a serious setback when one enlighten actresses in her twenties died of AIDS at Lahore. Her name came to press because she was famous performer, otherwise no body know how many others are affected by such disease. It made suspicious Ajoka group and their activities.
You may notice Sheema Kirmani with Hindu tilak on her fore head, Beena Sarwar, Shandan Minhas (Show Biz) Nosheen Saeed, Information Secretary of the women's wing of the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-Q), Neelofar Bakhtiar (Sky diver), Mehnaz Rafi (actress), Kashmala Tariq (Pakistani school going children learned world Zina from her conversation, due to her “common law” activities now common wealth has appointed her at top post), Bushra Rahman (Pujari of Ram Mandar), Anisa Zeb TahirKheli are very active in Mush enlighten in the ranks of PML-Q.
Mush doctrine of vulgarity was so powerful that world fame Asma Jahangir, Hina Jailani, Iqbal Haider, Nigar Ahmad, Saba Khattak, Mumtaz Khawar, Aslam Khaki and Nasreen Azhar type peoples removed their trouser in public on the name of marathon and displayed their old age muscles for publicity.

Why Pakistan is called banana republic? Just have a look at Ministry of education, Federal Minister Gen Javed Ashraf Qazi (F.A pass, extra qualifications ISI pass, believer of forty Siparas of Quran), State Minister Anisa Zeb TahirKheli (Atheist and Chachi dirt), Parliamentary secretary Dewan Jafer Husain (Top gangster of the area). Ministry of education wants to reform in education west is throwing money with both hands, keep hand on your heart and ask whether these peoples are capable of reforms. This situation exists in every Ministry and department it was just an example.
Recently Pakistan has opened National art Gallery at Islamabad (name has changed); some artists have a notion that by showing human naked part is a short cut to popularity and uniqueness. It is right in context to Pakistan being an Islamic country such elements are on finger tips, and western media is using them as scapegoat by declaring them “gallantry or bravery of artists” type praise. In new gallery there are some nudes, it delighted vulgar extremists, it was considered as victory to conquer empty ground for vulgarisms, from descendents of communist Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Salima and Shoaib Hashmi to Right wing PML-Q’s Nosheen Saeed, their happy faces full of enthusiasm which reflects determination to their vulgar cause and promotion of porn culture. Especially work of Anwar Saeed with nude paintings. Please visit following link compiled by Maleeha Noorani. I don’t know a few paintings will satisfy their sprites. It is clear that all such elements are Tufailee Badmaash of dictatorship. Recently a documentary was represented by Sabeeha Sumar, she went to tribal areas and try to preach her version of Quran, revolving around a few Ayaahs, all such material is supported by Pro-PPP leftists, those were also shown apologetic by not supporting dictator.

Spiritual and true descendents of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah:
A very few people knows relation ship of Adolf Mush with Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Oudh, link is very shameless and this is not the our subject today, however as a hint please search some months back visit of Bilal Musharraf to Lucknow and subsequently visit to famous Imam Bara constructed by mistress of Nawab (Bilal Musharraf visited there with residing cousins of Mush and Sehba at Lucknow).

internationalprofessor, Pakistan - 26 October, 2007

Not too harsh because....Part 3

After recent re-imposition of Adolf Mush on peoples of Pakistan by neo-cons and neo-imperialists for their vested interests, it was named as re-election (appeals are in courts). Fascist camp counted it as a great victory and celebrated as grand occasion by sycophant generals and political orphans. After calculated fraud with the nation, Mush considered him Queen of Pakistan or God on earth; NRO is an example of such royal thoughts. Monarch decided to grant some gifts to all law makers who voted in his favor, it was decided that gift must reflect porn doctrine of Queen to show new monarchy as modernize, enlighten and above standards of West, also to score more points over Benazir’s porn agenda. Finally all defense and strategic analysts, Kashmir Committee, Gujrat Mafia and core commander’s approved to award a box of “100 condoms” to each Member of Parliament on government expenses.
Ch: Shahbaz Husain, Minister of Population, who looks and could be recognized from his face and appearance as “Sponger wicked” or Tufailee Badmaash was chosen to provide gift of 100 condoms to each member parliament to celebrate victory of Queen on evil forces and forthcoming occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. Peoples noticed long queue of parliamentarians including Naheed Khan, Makhdooms and Pirs of PPP, Kashmala Tariq, Mehnaz Rafi and Neelofar, retired Gen from Chakwal to Chaudhries of Gujrat, everybody was paying gratitude to kindness of her majesty on such a pleasant honor. It was wondered that some single mothers, divorced and Sh: Rashid type have chronic bachelors were among beneficiaries.

Exceptionally only one MNAs, who felt it as an insult, and decided to take up the matter with NA Speaker Chaudhry Amir Hussain. He said that “I will take up the issue with the speaker and move a privilege motion if need be. We are all educated people and know the benefits of contraceptives, but this move is meant to humiliate the MPs,” said a PPP MNA, (who requested not to be named with the fear that Benazir could throw him away from PPP by disrespecting Queen). He said that perhaps such “stupid acts” were the government’s way of showing the world its “moderate face” (Reported in Pakistani press)
So my dear Ahmer Muzzamil your Mrs. should not worry that you are so harsh, circumstnces are giving birth to two kinds of extremists, one who are receiving benefits of war on terror and others who are deprived from braed and butter.
After some time when historian will write cause of our destruction, top of the list present system being imposed on gun point will be pointed out alongwith name of Mush, top generals and politicians.

internationalprofessor, Pakistan - 26 October, 2007

As always great article!!!

I strongly agree with Muzammil and the facts he has pointed out in this article.
Pakistani courts, media, and other trusted public representatives should focus their attention to the known $1.5 billion and other millions $$ that were stolen from the people of Pakistan. Nation should reject this NRO and bring all looters and corrupt leaders to justice. Oh, its election time, and every politician that files their nomination papers with Election Commission should be audited for what they own and what they owe. It is beyond my imagination to understand that Musharaf has given his pardon to BB and making deal with a person whom he openly accused her of national security threat, corrupt, and rejected politician. I strongly agree with author that it was not Musharaf's Abba-G funds that he has given her the amnesty. I wonder how long would it take for JIALAYS to understand their corrupt leaders who continue to betray this nation. It is time to elect leaders who have real desire to change the destiny of Pakistanis for good, and elect leaders that are trusted and not looters.

Sherdil khan, United Kingdom - 26 October, 2007

The Truth

When you come out in support raising slogans to promote and glorify the corrupt and hypocrites you automatically forfeit the right to be considerd either innocents or unarmed or unassuming or poor. You are as filthy as the filth. Applauding filth entitles severest punishment and shedding crocodile tears over it is 100% infidelistic.
Allah Swt is impressed and personally hosts any believer "Who personally gifts his life as a gift to Allah Swt to defend and promote Allah's causes".
Commenting on such highly marked spiritual transactions without sufficient knowledge is a wretched act and is absolutely disgusting.

Sadat Khan, Pakistan - 01 November, 2007

Benazir Tango

Benazir tango is getting deeper and deeper. Let us review/examine the following :

-BBC documentary titled "Princess and the Playboy", exposed a highly insulting scene in which Zardari's horses were shown eating salad from the tables laid and attached directly with the tables for the Cabinet Minsters of Benazir as well as her senior party members, in the PM house.
-Private power generation companies were given contracts with unimaginable tax-free privileges at rates 110 % higher than the then existing Wapda rates. This has resulted in our serious power crisis being faced now.
Mr.10% has accumulated loot money valued at about Rs. 700 Rupees per head, i.e., from each and every of 160 million Pakistanis. A total of over whooping 112,000 million rupees
-Security risk factor of Benazir. She has already compromised Kashmir in her statements, including those she made in India.
-She was twice removed on corruption charges. She was refused entry in this years Breakfast Prayer Meeting in White House, for being unreliable. Now she is suddenly a favourite of Washington.
-She refused to consider workers' risk of life and insisted to return at the cost of life of her workers.
-The US press makes it a point in reporting on her stories by mentioning her genealogy in the opening sentences, calling her a Shea with Irani-Kurdish blood flowing in her veins.

The list is in-exhaustible. Imagine a simple equation. Bhutto took over from Yahyah Khan, a Military Head of State, under depressing circumstances due to fall of Dhaka and had to be removed by Zia, another Military Head of State, under the Rule of Necessity. Benazir is trying to create circumstances similar to East Pakistan and to take over from another Military Head of State.

M.Saeed, Pakistan - 01 November, 2007

Known foreign assets of Benazir

According to an information released by a foreign source, the foreign assets of Benazir Bhutto include the following:

Her properties in the UK include:

Rockwood Estate, Haslemere Road, Brooke, Surrey,
Flats 6,11, Queens Gate Terrace London SW7;
26 Palace Mansion, Hammussmilch Road, London W14;
27 Pont Street London SW1; 20, Wilton Crescent, London SW1.

Her properties in France include: La Manoir Della La Reine Branch Mormon Ville, Hameau, (Near Forges); France 76780,5 Acre +2 attached properties (4.8 million French Francs in 1990); Property in Cannes France.

Her properties in the USA include:
Stud Farm in Texas; Wellington Club East, West Palm Beach,
Escue Farm, 13524, India Mound, West Palm Beach, Florida,
417 Acres; 3220 Santa Barba Drive Wellington, Florida;
13254, Polo Club Road, West Palm Beach, Florida;
3000, North Ocean Drive, Singer Islands, Florida;
525, South Flager Drive, West Palm Beach, Florida.

Based upon the available data and recent evaluations, the total estimated value of the above stated assets amount to 1.5 billion dollars. The information can be further authenticated through property evaluators and agents.

M.Saeed, Pakistan - 07 November, 2007

Na-Pak Tribune

How can you spread such false information when you don't even know what Nosheen Saeed looks like? I never attended the exhibition and the photograph published barely resembles me. Just proves how far you people can go to malign women and what vulgarity and malicious propaganda you sponsor. Instead of Pak Tribune you should name yourself Na-Pak Tribune.

Nosheen, Pakistan - 20 January, 2008

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