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Terra, Terra, Terra

24 February, 2006

By Anwaar Hussain

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Never before has one word, or its relentless repetition, done so much for one man as the word `terror (`terra` in Texanese) has for this Texan from Crawford that now resides in the White House. No other single word, it seems, is so much responsible for Bush`s continued fame among certain naive American quarters.

Whether it is the external or internal policies of this administration, the word terra remains the cornerstone of all its past, present and future plans of action. Be it Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Katrina, domestic elections, passing of sham legislation, the Guantanamo Gulag, the discovery of torture dungeons or the scandal of spying on own citizens, no crisis has ever been strong enough to withstand the magic mantra of terra, terra, terra.

The latest scandal, the domestic spying program that shot to doll rags every possible U.S. law and Constitutional amendment, too is now conveniently being called the "terrorist surveillance program." Were it not for the fear of puking, one would have laughed at the sickening use of this word.

The only other word that comes a close second, especially in the run ups to and the durations of external fiascos e.g. the upcoming Iran war, is the word freedom. The entire presidential tenure of the current White House incumbent is laced with the two words terra and freedom. Though most Americans have begun to suspect that freedom at home, like any fixed commodity, is depleting by the exact proportion of its alleged export abroad, there are still some out there who heed this incessant chant of terra, terra, terra.

has been used at times as the most well oiled ramrod with which to shove unpalatable legislation down the dissenting Americans collective throat or, at other times, used as a stick to cow down the anti-war opposition into a mute submission.

In one of his West Point speeches, President Bush announced that the "war on terra will not be won on the defensive. We must take the battle to the enemy, disrupt his plans and confront the worst threats before they emerge. Not very much later, this same president in an interview with Matt Lauer on NBC`s Today show when asked if the war on terror could be won responded with, "I don`t think you can win it." On the one hand this president says that Americans lives can "never be the same" because of his "war on terra" and on the other that in spite of all the sacrifice of Americans freedom and prosperity, he will not ever win the "war on terra".

How gullible can a people be? This president tells the Americans that the "war on terra" is so vital that they have to sacrifice their freedoms, bankrupt themselves, allow spying on their private lives, change their lives forever and not ask for secrets that he keeps from them. He tells them to stay the course without telling them what the course is. Yet without bating an eye lid, he tells them that the war on terra will continue forever and even at the end of forever, it remains essentially unwinnable.

Ironically, there are still Americans out there that, despite being told that this war on terra is neither winnable nor finite, answer to the call of terra, terra, terra like faithful on a shrine. Is it a secret any more that Americans will be kept in a constant state of fear for as long as the Bush Co. can get away with it because terra, after all, is very, very profitable for certain corporations and power brokers? Is it any secret any more that the only way to stop terrorism is to expose the war on terra as yet another very dangerous US governments war scam?
Does any one need reminding any more that the so called terrorism is a desperate tactic of a desperate people, not an evil ideology? That the root cause of present day terrorism lies in US governments failed foreign policies that maintain the violent occupation of Muslim lands and the cruel subjugation of millions of marginalized Muslims. That stopping terrorism is wholly ineffective until these unjust US government policies are stopped. That, for example, the illegal and immoral continued US occupation of Iraq greatly aggravates the problem by patently authenticating the so called terrorists claims of repression and brutal occupation of Muslim lands. That this bloody US occupation practically guarantees that Americans and their sidekicks will continue to be targets of violence wherever and whenever possible and that the soon-to-come Iran misadventure is most likely to swell the ranks of these very terrorists like never before.

That all this is happening right before our eyes, with such obvious similarities to the rise of the Hitlers and Mussolinis of the past, is as hugely sardonic as it is unbelievable. For the time being however, riding on the wings of terra, the Americans are being sleep marched into history`s hall of shame. The day may be far but it surely will come when this mass delusion of the Bush supporters will finally evaporate. On that day these Americans are certain to wake up and, in a deafening global chorus of error, error, error, ask themselves the fateful question, "What have we done?"

So on the eve of yet another war that is about to be thrust upon yet another innocent mass of humanity, let us remember that like all empires in the history of human civilization, the Bush Empire too will eventually come to an end. And when that does finally happen, I don`t want to be around for the fear of those involuntary drops of tears when the charlatans are being meted out the Mussolini treatment.

In the meanwhile, however, Cry terra and let loose the dogs of war.

Copyrights : Anwaar Hussain

Courtesy: Fountainhead


Reader Comments:


Anwaar, what drives one middle eastern man to live an honorable life i.e work hard, be family oriented, and care for his neighbors, while another man chooses to tie explosives to his chest to detonate amongst innocence? Surely something as external as a country's foreign policy cannot be the source of the internal differences our two men portray. We have seen both educated and un-educated, rich and poor commit acts of terror so we can't assume education or social hierarchy is the source of our internal difference. The only possible answer I can think of is perception. One's perception of the world drives his reasoning and thus his reality. So now, how to change perception? Well, policy obviously can't do that. One policy would drive everyone's perception to one conclusion. Thus every Middle Eastern man would either lead an honorable life, or we would be running out of planes to fly into buildings. Freedom is the answer. With freedom our first two men's perceptions may still differ, however the later will have a better avenue to address his. Currently, what Egyptian or Saudi can influence a country's foreign policy by voting...none. What Egyption or Saudi man can influence foreign policy through terror...there is a long list. So freedom being our answer is why U.S foreign policy is shaped by freedom. (and also the reason you continue to see terror and Freedom in the U.S media. Problem Terrorism, Solution Freedom) That is why we are in Afghanistan, and that is why we are in Iraq. Our foreign policy has not always been correct, that is we have made mistakes. Examples would be 1953 Iran Coup, continued sanctions on Iraq after proof they were only hurting those they were intended to help; not reacting to Hablijah with something other than a no fly zone...the list goes on. Now however, I am convinced our policy is right. While our mistakes in the past were driven by "what is good for America" our policy now is driven by "what is good for all." Freedom will allow the Middle Eastern man to change his society for the better, thus protecting ours.

We should be working together on this. Finger pointing towards individual problems isnt going to do any good, we will run out of fingers. Lets point to freedom.

As far as your concerns regarding my freedoms here in the U.S, they haven't been diminished at all. That is unless I call Osama or one of his followers. Only then will I have issues.

Tom B Dossogault, United Kingdom - 24 February, 2006

objevtive seeking session

You right that this is the beginning of the end .The war on terrorisme is a pretext to what every Muslim knows .Our live is not the same after 11/09 you noticed it Anwaar and I did .It is a war against the Islamic danger .It is a dirty war .Notice that those who attack Islam now don't do it with knowledge they do it with fear ,rumours ,reversing verses from the Quran , leaving words from the Quran , misunderstanding etc .They attack knowlegde with ignorance and that's what makes them inflict huge damage to Islam from which we can say they are winning .
A second thing why they are winning is because they attack harmless Muslims .The element of surprise is very important in warfare .For example insulting the Prophet .Muslims react somehow astonished why ? why ? .They are winning because they attack a friend , not an ennemy .Easy isn't it .
to me it is clear that Muslims have to deal with their ennemies with the required armour in this case "ignorance" .Our scholars say to us that a noble goal should be achieved by noble means .I do agree with them because I respect our scholars ;only we forget that lying and cheating in war is allowed .We should lie and cheat in order to motivate our people and to demotivate the ennemy .So , telling friends that you worked for Mac donnalds and that they make disgusting food and telling them some ugly stories is for example allowed .This is what I understand under "Ignorance" .
we should also use the element of surprise .to achieve all that we should destroy our countries .The rulers in Islamic countries can only be destabilized with huge nihilisme .Let's
use the system in moderne Islamic countries for which it is made :bribes ,stealing(from state ) ,vandalisme ,telling bad stories to a foreign inverstor , creating family tribunals with own court system etc ...
in short boycotting our states .This should be done to get rid of our biggest ennemies :our rulers .
Lets make a battle plan .

nouressine, Pakistan - 25 February, 2006

All consuming HATE

Mr.Anwaar Hussain Sir:
I have read all your articles and ALL Are Filled with HATE. It is all consuming in every one of your writings. All the people who are believers in the peace that fills their souls whether Muslim, Christian, Hindu will know this as they read what you write. Is some of what you write true, yes.Try looking into your own if you believe you have one. As brillant as you are as a writer. For the price of what you think and write is your personal destruction for yourself. Eventually. But it does provoke the minds of all of us as you write it.

bob frobenius, United Kingdom - 25 February, 2006

one americans' view

You proclaim to know how americans feel. I wonder if you've ever felt the freedoms that we enjoy everyday or if you've ever been to America. I'll bet you would love to live here and enjoy what we have. I can understand that I'm not going to change your opinion, but realize that your jealously for what we have is visible through your words. Here's some feedback for you. Your article represents your view and since you are not American does not represent American views. Most of the people I know don't mind the FISA and how they're conducting operations to protect us. You say we're gullible, I say we are fully awake and wonder how much freedom you enjoy? America doesn't decide how Muslims are treated, their leaders do. Most leaders of Muslim countries have kept their people poor, uneducated, scared, malnourished, and nonmodern for as long as I can remember. We in America despise repression. We fight against it. We decide who leads our country. Look at our history. Terror, or as you call it, terra. It's spawned from bad people. We want to get rid of those who use it to oppress people. It's sad that a seemingly educated guy like yourself would want to let loose the dogs of war. I think you've watched too many movies my friend. Stop acting like you know how Americans feel and start being responsible for your own views and those of your elected officials. If at least you have the freedom to do so.

carlos santanna, United Kingdom - 26 February, 2006

A capitalist he is

No more than a typical cattle auctioneer your subject who cries "Terra" appears to be, a man of no intellect who was chosen by the gang of capitalists so that they can put him to use in accordance with their hidden agendas out of which we have only seen Afghanistan and Iraq thus far while they continue to pursue the rest of their agendas that we can only speculate. This subject is no more than a horse that runs a race at the commands of it's jockey on the saddle and using the stirrups without conferrnig with this Terra subject since all he knows is that they are benefiting him in person in the long run as he accumulates more wealth by robbing on the nations influenced by the inuendoes of his jockies.
In the simplest form he and his entire entourage qualifies to sit in the biggest War Crimes trial ever held in any international court having jurisdiction over such matters. I would very much like to see them on the stand explaining why and how they did all the destruction in this world that deserves peace, where so many lives of Amerians and non-Americans were lost only to fulfill the very personal and capitalistic dreams of this entourage.

Muaffar Jabbar, Pakistan - 27 February, 2006

Islam start from home.

Brother Anwar.
Aslamo alaikum.
We as american muslim r proud of us . Think about tererism is this to burn your brother muslims home and property to burn, I think that is terrerism not any ware else U find the terrorissm in pakistan why they dont burn their own home or property then they burn some poor public.
God bless pakistan and Musharaf who is the real muslim solder.

Mobin Syed, United Kingdom - 28 February, 2006

Anwaar Hussain understands the United States better than most of my own countrymen, and rather than respond to Carlos Santanna's comments myself, I'll let a few more qualified Americans explain the situation.

Here's General Smedley D. Butler, former U.S. Marine Commandant, twice awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, back in 1935; I spent 33 years in the Marines. Most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenue in. I helped in the rape of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street.

And General Douglas MacArthur in 1957; "Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear - kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervor - with the cry of grave national emergency. Always there has been some terrible evil at home or some monstrous foreign power that was going to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it ..."

And I'll end with Arthur Sylvester, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, speaking to U.S. correspondents in Saigon, 1965, Congressional Record, 12 May 1966;

There's more of course, much more, but what's the use; the stupidity of the average American regarding his/her country's actions throughout the world is mind boggeling.

Bob Rogers, United Kingdom - 01 March, 2006

physical violence are results of intellectual violence

hi to all the brothers . im little bit agree with bob frobenius, this writer write some hates. but Mr Mobin Syed, i dont know in which part of US u live, truth is very different. i have been living in Sydney for last 3 years and i never found even one single muslim who is proud to be australian or US citizen, some of them came from US for studies. i have been in US and UK also. a type of anger i have seen, more or less, in all the muslims. all think in the same way about the peace, progress like us. most of them drink also, means no fundamentalist, but........ no one is happy.

Mr Carlos you say the view of a american which is made by your media which explain only those things which is "politically" good for west. all these articles you read, not only in pakistan, in all the arabic countries, china, asian etc. you may clearly understand the view of rest of the world. in case of india, indians feel happy to walk with the west becoz there is no religoius or arm compatition between india and west. but the truth is..........

brothers IN EDUCATED WORLD, ALL THE PHYSICAL VIOLANCE ARE RESULTS OF INTELLECTUAL VIOLENCE. if u think Osama Bin Laden or Al Jawahari are men whome u may kill by missiles, you all are making big mistakes. "they are thinkings of a big population of the muslim worldh. they can be found as posters in small small shops of a muslim country. they live inside the people. one will be killed, someone else will take place of him. they r hidden characters of majority of muslims who want justice.

now we gotto identify the justice. justice for what.......... i could try to know. i thought many times.

1st: gagression of christianity on religious groundh christian top post priest want to change religion of all the people and want them to convert to christianity. And it is well known, religion doesnft meant by praying.haha. "RELISION REFERES TO FOLLOWING". For example, some times terrorist attacks on US and sometimes US attack on afganistan, but it always results in killing of hundreds of people in Nigeria. Just few days before, bcoz of cartoon chapter, 100-200 hundred people were killed. First muslims killed Christians to take revenge of that cartoonist and then same thing was done by Christians. While the interesting thing is, African is a completely different race. Neither founder of muslim nor Christian religion were of African race. Here if you want to know the real guilty people who are responsible for the killing of misguided innocent people of nigeria. gThey are those religious people who were responsible to convert religion of Nigerian.h If there could be a common religion of all African, no killing could happen regardless what happens in the rest of the world.

2nd: western countries want to keep playing power game on rest of the world. they have been dominating arabic countries for a long time by all means. good or bad. POLITICALLY GOOD FOR WEST and politically bad for arabs. And want to keep playing with rest of the world.

if country like china dont allow religious freedom in their country, there is some reason. if china is preparing for a big war, economical and military both, there is a reason. Again some analyst will say WEST WILL TACKLE CHINA. My message to those people again, china is not only a name of contry. gChina is a thinking of all the Chineseh. No matter in which country they live, they want china to be a militarily and economical powerful country which may dominate the west.

all the writers of arabs, china, asian and even africa also, have a hate with US and West and the source of this hate is becoz of these two reason. gAGRESSION ON RELIGION and POWER GAME with rest of the world.h

There is a intellectual violence which is badly disturbing the peace of the world. This is to be stopped. And how??????? This is yet to think. No easy becoz rest of the world like china and Arabs also want to do the same with the US and West. Hope we will be able to give a better world to our next generation


hello, Hungary - 01 March, 2006

Bob, Do you have an Opinion?

Bob, were they to live into today's environment, what do you think Gen. Butler's and Gen MacArthur's views on terrorism would be. Do you truely believe Gen Butler would consider our war on terror to be a mere avenue to expand capatalism? Do you think Gen MacArthur would decree the war on terrorism is just another scare tactic of the American government? If you do, then Arthur Sylvester's quote was clearly gadged towards individuals such as yourself. Do you evem have a view of your own? And by a view, I mean making a valid point by other means than leaning on a few empty quotes. Remember Anwaar's essay was in regards to terrorism and freedom. None of the individuals you quoted has played a role in the war on terrorism. That would be considered quoting out of context.

Tom B Dossogault, United Kingdom - 02 March, 2006

Terra Your Terror

Terra Terror means Your Terror, Texan Terror or Crooked (unstraight)
Terror. Islam spread via Prophet Mohammed pbuh and his Ministers
Who had vision enough to procure oilfields and let go unoccupied
Vast Lands.Then Khans were called Terror Mongol(unjustly).Muslim
Mogul developed farms hiway grand trunk road and motels from
Russia Rawalpindi Calcutta amid developing guns poetry Urdu (Hindi)
Farming arts culture FARMING to be called Golden Period attracting
East India Company. World world Terror and all war format ww1-current war
Was developed by European American Australian Canadian towards
Dismantling Turkish Muslim unoccupied region of the world. Consequently
Kazakh Tatar Siberian Muslim looks like Native Indian of Americas.

What makes Americans EU allied create terror and send body bags home
In collecting Muslim oil from OPEC or iron ores or produce and entire Muslim
Infrastructure.?Osama bin Ladin or Alqaeda look madrassah protesters are
No match compared to past hundred or even 200 yr terror of gas /diesel/iron
Horse or iron lady based current terror.I was in Osama Bin Ladin Consulting
Eng H/Q in Jeddah in 1976 with 100% white run and found linkage of Saudis
[Phi roans of Riyadh Houston] so called Wahabii Phirowns plotting terror-'76
-2006 terra terra terror of Bush and Bush WMD Iraq Kuwait.Why not call
Him Sheik Bush of Kuwait Iraq Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia or Sheik Blair?

mohammed_belal, Canada - 02 March, 2006

America's quandry

Dear Mr. Rogers,

I want to address you as respectfully as I can, but you have made me very angry so all I can do is try.

I worked in a hospital once with an ex CIA person. It was ridiculous...I might ask where they moved the coffee machine and he would answer with some seemingly innocent questions, play all kinds of verbal games with me and then tell my co-workers how he had managed to "question" me without my knowledge. I never did find the coffee machine. We all found him tiresome to say the least, though we did respect his prior work for our country.

As I read your comments, I can't believe you're an American moving about the country in today's world. You seem to be looking through eyes fixated on yesterday's America, in my opinion.

Just to give one small example - The average American today often goes to a MacDonald's to get a soda. We drive up to order and, lo and behold, we can't understand the person who wants to know what it is we want. We tell the person again and we can only assume he got it right because now we can't understand him. In many places all around Ameirca, other than MacDonalds, it is like this. There seems to be no desire to learn English in a new country where one has moved perhaps for safety or merely to earn a better living.

Our new citizens often huddle together in their own little communities within America, seemingly oblivious to the rest of us. On top of this, often they don't seem to feel our laws are important. They want to live by their own laws.

We Americans would like to make friends, but too many of our immigrants these days just keep to themselves, which causes us to feel they think they are above it all, superior to us in every way...

That's just one frustation we all, new immigrants, and ordinary Americans have to deal with.

Whatever happened to "United We Stand?" And, no, Mr. Hussain, does not understand the United States better than the US citizens who are trying to live peacefully in an ever changing "multi-cultural" world.

We want to be friends with all citizens. We really do. Americans are very open people, with very few barriers. For the first time we are finding no acceptance of our open arms and hearts and writers who say the things written in "Terra, Terra, Terra," aren't helping us out one bit.

Perhaps, in a world seeming to follow each other like lemmings when it comes to the US, it would make no difference, what anyone writes. "YOU hate America too? Why, so do I!" Can't we just move on?

I do not justify the flaws in my country nor the mistakes. I merely speak of a double standard that seems to exist around the world within the attitudes towards America.

BTW, "puking" is a vulgar word. Not exactly conducive to good writing...

Isadora, United Kingdom - 02 March, 2006

crazy answers

Bob, you are not from America nor are you an American. Choosing random people to quote proves nothing as there are at least 2 sides for every position. Be honest with your name and country.

Hello, for you I say this is where America and some European countries have made mistakes. We have such wonderful countries that others die trying to get here. Cubans float on the ocean on rafts to have a chance at freedom. Our mistake is thinking that people who come here want to be American. Our society has allowed foreigners to keep all their own cultures instead of adapting wholly to ours. The first mistake was allowing blacks to progress the insane notion of 'african-americans'. You are American or not. Love it or leave it. We're not perfect, but we have something that's drawing millions every year.

Bob and Hello, United Kingdom - 02 March, 2006

Root causes of terror-1

have been letting thoughts about Islam, Judaism and Christianity roam about the back recesses of my mind. In particular, comparisons between these three religious philosophies have been plaguing me of late. As a Christian, a Roman Catholic to be precise, as well as a lifetime student of history, I am trying to come to grips with some paradoxes that I cannot reconcile. The completely inappropriate response (at least in Western eyes), to the fairly innocuous cartoons of Islam's founder has given me pause to reflect on the response by different societies to perceived cultural 'insensitivity' and tolerance of religious diversity.

From a historical standpoint, I know that there have been periods in Christian history that should leave us less than proud. From a beginning as a new sect of Judaism, to the centuries when Christians were brutalized and demonized, Christianity ascended to the status of official religion of what would become the 'Holy Roman Empire'. As the dominant religion, it was a short trip from being oppressed, to becoming the oppressor. Christianity became intolerant of other religions, particularly Judaism and Paganism. Institutionalized bigotry became accepted. With the rise of Islam in the 7th Century, this antipathy was extended to Moslems. However, because of the methods in which Islam was spread, primarily through conquest and forced conversion, there is arguably justification for this attitude. Later, during the Reformation, and the subsequent establishment of Protestant religions, hostility between the various Christian denominations became common, and is still with us today, although to a lesser extent.

What I find difficult to understand is the transition of the Christian and Jewish religions from intractable dogma to a more moderate stance of tolerance and understanding, while Islam seems to have taken the opposite course. All three religions are based on premises contained in the Old Testament, including the 5 Books of the Jewish Torah. Both Christianity and Judaism have kept the moral values contained in these tomes, but have disavowed the extremist positions on such items as adultery, diet, adherence to arcane rituals and restrictions, and many other areas of the Old Testament. No longer do Christians or Jews stone adulterers to death, imprison or execute 'blasphemers', or send people into exile for violating a dietary rule. In other words, the evolution of Western Society has allowed us to become more tolerant of both dissent and difference. Christianity and Judaism have espoused less violent methods of dealing with differences, and adopted the view that religion is both sacred, and personal.

Islam, on the other hand, appears to be regressing in its views. The rise of Wahhabism within the Muslim world has led to a more extremist, less tolerant attitude towards non Muslims. The use of the term Infidel, once rarely heard or understood by most Westerners, is now commonly understood as a point of reference to identify those of us who are now considered the enemies of Islam. What has made us a perceived enemy is not our attitudes toward Islam, nor our actions with regard to Islam. We have become the enemy simply because we are not Moslems.
Infidel is an all encompassing term used by the extremist Moslem. It includes all Christians and Jews, Buddhists, polytheists such as Hindus, and the Animist and Traditional theologies such as those found in Africa, Australia and America in their native populations. Quite a broad spectrum to direct animosity towards.

While broadening the scope of the worlds people they consider enemies, Islam has also taken a giant step backward with regard to its interpretation of how God wants sinners or transgressors treated.

Islamic Law, as now practiced in a number of countries, includes stoning women for adultery, genital mutilation of female children, beheading for converting from Islam to another religion, imprisonment and torture for 'disrespect' toward Islam, and death by various means for blasphemy.

While publicly calling itself the 'Religion of Peace', many Moslem clerics are telling their congregants in Mosques that Jews are the sons of pigs and apes; Christians, as the children of whores, are not worthy of any place in society; and Polytheists are heretics that must be exterminated. A quick comparison of two similar events, and the reactions to them, will illustrate the difference between Islam, and most other theologies.

John Adams, United Kingdom - 05 March, 2006

Root causes of terror-2

How many remember during the early stages of the Palestinian Intafada, when a large number of terrorist Palestinian gunmen invaded the sanctuary of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem? These thugs took over one of the holiest shrines in all of Christendom. They even shot at Israeli soldiers from within the Church, since they had taken their weapons with them. While inside, they abused and intimidated the clerics trapped within, and deliberately despoiled and debased the religious symbols revered at this site. Defecating and urinating on relics; defacing icons, statues and other religious artifacts brought only laughter from these men. After a lengthy standoff, safe passage to other countries was arranged for the terrorists, and they finally abandoned their occupation of this shrine. The Israeli defense forces never attacked the church, nor shot at the terrorists while they were near the building. In other words, the Israelis respected the Christian shrine, which the Moslems defiled. As part of this respect, the Israelis allowed known murderers and terrorists safe passage, to insure the safety of the Church which most Christians consider the birthplace of the Christ, and well as those held hostage within.

During all of this, there was no outcry for vengeance against Moslems from any Christian sect, although all of Christianity was insulted, belittled and disrespected by these events. Indeed, the reaction of Christians was primarily one of patience, and cooperation with the authorities to achieve a peaceful resolution. Many of the Moslem criminals went to predominantly Christian countries as part of the agreements ending the siege. To my knowledge, there has been no retribution brought on them by any Christians.

As a counterpoint, the false report of a Koran being mistreated at the detainee facility at Guantanamo triggered worldwide Muslim protests, arson, rioting, and deaths. With this response as an example of the extremist reactions by many adherents of Islam, the cartoon response should not have come as a surprise. The murders, rioting, looting, arson and calls for the beheading of the Danish cartoonists and editors who published the drawings stand in stark contrast to the response by the West for the violations of the Church of the Nativity. Indeed, the publications by a Danish newspaper have resulted in the deaths of Christians in Nigeria, and the burning of their churches. Yet, by no stretch of the imagination, are Christian Nigerians connected in any way to the publications that have inspired the Moslem reactions.

In another study in contrast, the terrorists and their enablers in Iraq have repeatedly used mosques to store weapons, train killers, assemble bombs, recruit new members, and launch attacks against American and other coalition troops. Indeed, they often fire at our troops from inside the mosque itself. Yet, American commanders continue to honor the sanctity of the mosques, avoiding collateral damage to the edifice even if this puts their troops at risk. If a mosque is threatened by coalition forces, the clerics vow that any action against a holy place will bring massive retribution. Yet terrorists, who claim to be the true followers of Islam, continue to kill fellow Moslems by the score, even going so far as to destroy Mosques. But these offenses have yet to inspire any significant or sustained outcry from the Moslem world.

At last count, of the 18 main areas of armed conflict in the world, 15 of them involved Moslems. I have not read the Koran, and have no intention of doing so. The contents of the Koran are not relevant to any of the issues that face us today, and there is a simple reason I say this. If the Koran authorizes the beheading and brutal murder of defenseless people, enslavement of those deemed unworthy, genocide against those of another religion, forced conversion of people to Islam, the rape and murder of children, and all the other horrors that are even now being committed by these monsters, then Islam cannot claim to be the religion of peace. In fact, it cannot be called a religion, but rather a cult like movement incapable of any rational tenets.

John Adams, Pakistan - 05 March, 2006

Root causes of terror-3

On the other hand, if these barbarous acts are being carried out by seemingly large numbers of Moslems in defiance of the teachings of the Koran, then the entire Moslem community shares responsibility for not stopping this insidious movement from spreading evil in the name of Islam. If they don't vigorously and publicly take action against the beast within their faith, they have shown that they agree with the terrorists, their methods, and their goals. If that is the case, the Koran itself has become irrelevant, as the proponents of Islam are ignoring their own teachings.

I will be called intolerant for my thoughts. Many will say I am a bigot, a racist, or that I am Islamophobic. I can't stop the name calling, and I won't be drawn into debates with those who do not know history, and cannot see what is clearly happening. As my grandfather would say, I have been called worse names by better people. What I would say is where is a substantiated argument against what I have stated? And I am not referring to revisionist history, or what happened in the 12th century. I am talking about 2006, and what is occurring now. We cannot change the past (although some would rewrite it), but we do have control over the present, and can influence the future. So what say you, the sons and daughters of Islam? Are you an enabler of terrorists and their goals, or are you indeed part of the 'Religion of Peace'? If the former, at least have the courage to say out loud what you mutter in the mosque. If the latter, where are the massive protests against the killers and the horrors they are bringing down on the innocent?

Again, where do you stand?

John Adams, Pakistan - 05 March, 2006

Head of the Nail

John, you hit the nail on the head in this essay. The sad irony of the situation is that the tenets of Islam contradict love and peace. Yet, the Muslim world feels the only solution to the unpeaceful world is to become more Islamic. I pray for a day where there will be enough freedom in the Islamic world to question their own religon in mass.

I know you aren't looking for an atta-boy from anyone, but regardless, I totally agree with what you have written.

Tom B Dossogault, United Kingdom - 06 March, 2006

Who is the Judge

John, another good essay, you point out another contradiction within Islam which the Muslim world can't seem to comprehend. Both Christianity and Islam believe in a perfect Judge (being God). However, after acknowledging this, the Muslim world has deemed itself worthy enough to pass judgment of its own. As if God needed help, or was under-qualified in this task. So how in the world can a perfect Muslim stop judging others...according to the Koran and Hadith they can't...interesting.

We ALL know we are not perfect. Whether being a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Pagan, Secularist...and so on. With this, it seems logical that no one person is qualified to judge another. If no individual is qualified to pass judgment, no society, religon, or government is either. Where would we be if we constantly judged each others' actions and beliefs? We would be where we are today. Prideful societies at war with one another, passing blame, because it is always easier to point out others mistake than to admit to our own. There really seems to be only one solution to this..."Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone." That is let God, and only God pass judgment...we have proven we aren't good at it.

Lets forgive each other now, and leave the judging to the Judge.

Thanks John for another good eassy. I agree with everything you wrote...I just wanted to piggyback.

Tom B Dossogault, United Kingdom - 06 March, 2006

Mr Bob Rogers
It is clear that you try to be honest . You did't tell something new .However you stirred the unbelief of some of your people .Some of them accused you of being a Muslim
fooling them .Strange ? are they Jews maybe trying to fuel my anger againt the US .
Now I Understand why we got some very stupid reactions in this forum .
keep well

nouressine, Pakistan - 06 March, 2006

tell you some more about your greatness

hi "THIS THREAD" first of all i wuld like to apreaciate the western culture which adopt foreighners. countries like US and all the western countries realy give respect to foreighners. this is a truth.but some more truths you will have to know.

what you think how US or west got progress????? just by so called "greatness" made by publicity of your media. i tell u some more. which country invented NUMBER SYSTEM, ZERO, TRIGONOMETRY, ALGEBRA bla bla. this is india. check google. and now if you have even 1% knowledge of science, you would be knowing that no scientific inventions could be done without these. want to know more about india, ask me. i will tell you more. but the question is, why country like india is still backward???? i tell you. "becoz india was controlled by britain and other western countries for more than 100 years". and there is a gap of 100 years between the technology of india and the west which india has covered much in last 56 years. but still gotto do much. but yaap either space technology or others. india like countries has done much.

now one more question. how country like india was controlled by western countries like britain or portugal?????? want to listen the truth. then listen BECOZ OF QUALITY WEAPONS NOT BY ANY PEACE TALK OR ANY DEMOCRACY. haha. the time indian poets were doing research on peace, west made good weaponaries and captured india. controlled india for 100 years. broken india. robbed india badly. left nothing inside the country and now talking about greatness.

lets define the technology you proud of....... tell me the meaning of technology," LABORATORIES OR PEOPLE" if laboratories....... haha then you have to know science first.......... and if people then have a look on your reasearch centers. more than 80% are foreighners. only in NASA, ABOUT 36% scientists are indian. US is using technology made by indians and other developing countries nationals. the flow of money inside your country is becoz of those people who were migrated and working hard for the progress of US and west.

if u realy want to talk about ADAPTING OTHER CULTURES...... then go to india and adopt those graduate people who dont have job in india. haha. there is a big compatision to become the part of the world MADE BY WE PEOPLE, SO CALLED US OR WEST. only quality people get space in US or in west. "no one do mercy". haha haha. you need us to maintain your luxury. go and check all the scientific awards which are given to western people. most of them getting becoz of those HIDDEN people who are working under them.

WE MADE THE WORLD YOU LIVING BY HARD WORK, KNOWLEDGE, TALENT AND HONESTY. not only your this generation but also your generation from 1850 till 1947, were living great life becoz your that time governments was ROBBING some other people. we were so much robbed that we culdnt get time to recover damage. but it is being done very fastly.

Mr THREAD greatness of US and WEST is becoz of "PUBLICITY". haha. you people have two types of powers, one REAL POWER and second HOLLOW POWER. and this hollow power is made by your media which is very visible in the rest of the world.


HELLO, s tiwari, Hungary - 06 March, 2006

RE: "RE: crazy answers"

please note that my last comment was in response to "RE:crazy answers". to that gentleman who wrote his name as "Bob and Hello" and calling from USA.


hello, s tiwari, Hungary - 07 March, 2006

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