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Sun is not just a Star, it`s Tremendous Energy Absolute Electricity, Ultimate Blessing!

26 May, 2010

By Aliya Idris

Pakistan energy crisis stands at a very critical point in history and if not debated today it shall definitely threaten our survivals and our generations shall suffer badly in the decades to come. Act and act in the living present is all that is needed to overcome the grave energy crisis, unless new generation capacity is installed on war footing basis with a visible shift to Alternate Energy sources including Solar and Wind, the situation will severely affect socio-economic conditions. Therefore Private and Public sector both should devise alternatives to meet the current requirements and provide future solutions in order to get away with shortage of power and build an illuminated Pakistan. The world has chosen the new showground where Power Generation shall be done using renewable energy resources ensuring ultimate safety for public and reasonable protection of environment. Renewable energy sources are Solar, Wind, Hydro and BioFuel which replenish themselves while non renewable are coal, gas, HFO etc. which diminish with time.


Solar energy can be particularly suitable for developing countries such as Pakistan. In rural and remote areas, transmission and distribution of energy generated from fossil fuels can be difficult and expensive. Producing renewable energy locally can offer a viable alternative. Solar energy can directly contribute to poverty alleviation by providing the energy needed for creating businesses and employment. It can also make indirect contributions towards reducing poverty by providing energy for cooking, space heating, and lighting. It can also contribute to education, by providing electricity to schools.

Solar energy is the energy derived from the sun; solar powered electrical generation relies on photovoltaics and heat engines. Solar applications includes space heating and cooling through solar architecture, daylighting, solar hot water, solar cooking, and high temperature process heat for industrial purposes.

Solar techniques include the use of photovoltaic panels and solar thermal collectors to harness the energy. And without any ambiguity it can be said that solar energy projects are most feasible for Pakistan as its geographical location on the map makes it ideally suited to make most advantage of the blessed plentiful sunshine by using Solar Energy Technologies. Solar energy has great potential to provide 5 MWh per meter square per annum and at this rate solar energy has the potential to supply over 1,000 times the total consumption of energy and shall no doubt become the dominant energy source in a few decades. As solar radiation is intermittent, solar power generation is combined either with storage or other energy sources to provide continuous power, although for small distributed consumers, net metering makes this transparent to the consumer.

The world has moved on to energize through this abundant source and literally whole cities are enlightened through it. The solar thermal power industry is growing rapidly and 13.9 GW announced globally through 2014. Spain is the epicenter of solar thermal power development with 22 projects for 1,037 MW under construction; while in the United States only, 5,600 MW of solar thermal power projects have been announced.

It is also mentionable that Kenya is the world leader in the number of solar power systems installed per capita. More than 30,000 very small solar panels, each producing 12 to 30 watts, are sold in Kenya annually. For an investment of as little as $100, then why cant us? What is abstaining us? Solar Photovoltaics Modules factory must be setup so that reduce cost per kWh, it is also notable that this plant does not require big initial investment but the raw materials may require little cost for production which can also be reduced if solar cell manufacturing plants are installed.

It is genuinely evident that solar energy can provide sustainable, clean, cost effective, and localized energy to our people. Authorities must stand up to politicians and oil companies that want to hamper our emergence by relying on foreign oil. Alternative energy solutions and especially solar can have a realized advantage; taxpayers, engineers, scientists and philanthropists are the ones to compel government to change policy and redirect our collective energies to beneficial results. We have to work together as wise citizens, to establish a prosperous enlightened Pakistan. 


Reader Comments:

thoughtfull article

It is very encouraging to know that pakistanies are thinking loudly about sustainable solutions to the very serious nergy crisis. She is right to think that our secure and sustainable future lies in the exploitationm of renewable energies of solar, wind, hydro and biomass. these sources will generate energy and employment for prosperous Pakistan.

irshad ahmed, Pakistan - 27 May, 2010

Coal for Paks

Bio-fuels,Renewable energies, wind power, solar power and many other off track or slightly on track sources of energy have been in use or talked about to substitute a very small fraction of the main sources that are oil, gas and coal.

I was personally involved in renewable energy with my renewable energy company's name as renewable energies as well in Canada.All advisors to US presidents since Nixon have been advising US government about bio-fuels etc., but with the land and all other resources put together can substitute only 5 percent of current energy use from oil, gas, coal and less of hydro-electric power.India spent 12 billion dollars on wind power mega project, but the recovery was only 6-8 percent of design due to irregular, low velocity and ever changing direction and intensity of wind.My own renewable energy business in Canada in which the owner of a Canadian engineering consulting company was my partner, went to business failure.My own money earned from consulting on oil and gas was lost in business.

Now come to solar power. First there is not enough of poly-silicates in the world to make the required solar panels. Then in running cars, you have to power the batteries for 80-90 hours to drive your car for only 20-30 minutes. Third solar energy dissipates and distributes itself with certain limited threshold patterns.Even if you switch to some iffy solar, you will leave some hot and cold geographical spots in the world.

Oil, gas and coal are the great energy blessings to mankind.There will be total upsets and human cataclysmic disaster once you find the world has run out of oil, gas and coal.Before oil and gas revolution starting 1900, the world could not even support 1.5 billion people without famines and starvation. It is only oil and gas related fertillizers that our planet earth can support 7 billion people.The world will fight and destroy itself out once the oil, gas and coal is gone.

Pakistan is very fortunate to have the second largest coal reserves in the world and that is the ultimate energy survival of Paks. Unfortunately, Paks have not yet developed its coal for power and other uses.

The world has 1200 billion barrels of oil, 6400 trillion cubic feet of gas(equivalent to 1200 billion barrels as imm scf of gas equals 180 barrels of oil).Pakistan has 200 billion tons of the world's 1000 billion tons of coal and one ton of coal gives as much energy as 1.6 barrels of oil on average.Pakistan must develope its coal as much fast and preferably with China's help because, western companies and business structures eats away all leaving nothing but debt behind for the people who even own their resources.China will be much better player for Pak's coal development.

Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 28 May, 2010

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