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Suicide Bombings! Logical Frustration? Maybe!, Islamically Justifiable? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

15 July, 2005

By Ahmer Muzammil

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Lets get one thing very clear, there is no authentic school of thought in Islam that even try to justify this inconsiderate and indiscriminate killings of innocent civilians, specially in a country that hasnt been captured by non-Muslims, militarily. The mistake that most of the Islam bashers make, is that we dont look at these incidents, like the one in London from a psychological and common sense perspective rather we look at it with our religious goggles. Some make this mistake out of the bigotry and intense hatred within, some make it because of ignorance, nevertheless we are unable to understand the phenomenon, henceforth to this day not able to nip it in the bud.

The truth is that behind all crime no matter how small it is, the root cause is usually injustice. Does this injustice make the crime justifiable? Off course not! But the powerful & the influentials of the world has to come to this realization that till the day they deliver justice, peace & prosperity to the majority oppressed, brutalized and persecuted masses, their glass houses shall always remain vulnerable. Thats just a fact of life, sooner we reach this apprehension better it will be for all of us.

What happened in London or on 9/11 is deplorable, and I as an individual and any truly learned Islamic Scholar would condemn it in the strongest terms possible. In the Islamic jurisprudence there is no room for this haphazard struggle and specially surprise attacks in which the target is unarmed civilians. Although my religious knowledge is very limited but I categorically claim that Islamic rules of war categorically forbids killing of unarmed civilians especially on a land that has always been occupied by non-Muslims. Islam also make it mandatory for all Muslims to obey the law of the land, so for all Muslims residing in western countries such as USA and England, it is their religious duty to follow the law of the land. If an individual feels that a particular law of his resident country is a hindrance or some how against the teachings of Islam, than he is instructed by Islam to mig rate from that particular country, armed revolution from within in this scenario is not even an option as far as Islam is concerned.

I am appalled by this inhumanity, the ironic reality is that both these extremes whether its the religious misguided (I refuse to call them fundamentalist, its a positive word, I am not an English professor by any stretch of imagination but it annoys me to misuse words just for the sake of complacency) in Islam or the neo-con hawks in Washington, there rhetoric and justification is the same. I swear to you sometimes the statements that exudes from Rush Limbaughs and the Laura Ingrims of the worlds can be totally mistaken for the English translations of the statements coming from Osama Bin Ladens and the Zarqawais, yes they are that identical. On both sides the same old tribalistic jargon My religion is better than yours, my civilization is more civil than yours it is so dumb that it amazes me that it still rallies masses even in a supposed educated society of America.

It is utterly inexplicable that in an open and informed society like America, to this day majority of the Americans dont realize this simple fact that the same people that advocate war and confrontation and are the champions of American patriotism, not one of them not a single one of them has the moral courage to send their own family members to go fight that war in person. Am I the only one who sees this hypocrisy? Does no one else realize that these vultures who live in lavish houses all across USA, all these senators, congress-persons, filthy rich bigoted talk show hosts, all of them are banking on the emotions of the masses? While the soldiers that are lucky enough to return alive and in one piece come back to torn up families, ruined careers, and quickly vanishing benefits! All these warmongers have to give back to these soldiers are empty emotional rhetoric, while they and thei r families live it up in their mansions. What a shame!

To this day 1800 American boys have lost their lives in Iraq? I ask anyone who can answer me, for what? To save the American way of life? For our freedom? For WMDs? To give democracy to the people of Iraq? If democracy is really what we wish for everyone, then why not start the invasion from Saudi Arabia, 2nd should be Egypt, next in line should be Jordan, or how about Pakistan? The favorite of American establishment, one Mr. Musharaf, is he a democratically elected ruler? Why not invade all these countries and hold elections, true fair elections, do you think Americans would like the results of these fair elections, did we like it in Algeria? Does anyone really buy that dung? How was Iraq threatening the American way of life? Have we found any WMDs in Iraq? Was Osama Bin laden, the real threat to Americans, was he operating out of Iraq? Or did we go in Iraq out of the go odness of our hearts so we could deliver democracy to the people of Iraq? Which one is it, someone please tell me, because we owe it to the families of those 1800 Americans who died, thousand more who are wounded both physically and emotionally for the rest of their lives. Forget about the more than 100,000 iraqis who have been killed, they can be collateral damage, for sure their lives are not as important or precious as the Caucasian ones, but for the love of God tell us, was it worth it? 61% of Americans dont think so anymore Mr. Bush, I stand corrected.

Hate George Galloway all you want, call him a NAZI like one ignorant biggot & and a degenerate opportunist Michael Savage does, if you must. But it doesnt change the fact that he is an elected representative of British people and after the bombings of London when he said that people of London paid the price of Blairs decisions on Iraq, he has a point. Please know that neither George Galloway nor I are dumb enough to suggest that this was justifiable. Any act that indiscriminately take innocent civilian lives, whether its American rampage in Iraq & Afghanistan or these barbaric attacks in London and everywhere else are nothing but evil. The terrorist should be apprehended, Allah SWT says in Quran

When it is said to them: "Make not mischief on the earth," they say: "We are reformers only.  Indeed, they are the ones who make mischief, but they realize (it) not. This holds true for both sides.

The truth is that behind all crime no matter how small it is, the root cause is usually injustice. Does this injustice make the crime justifiable? Off course not! But the powerful & the influentials of the world has to come to this realization that till the day they deliver justice, peace & prosperity to the majority oppressed, brutalized and persecuted masses, their glass houses shall always remain vulnerable. Thats just a fact of life, sooner we reach this apprehension better it will be for all of us.



Reader Comments:

Wake up Europe! --part 1

Europeans and the British seem incapable of learning from their own history. In the last century, they stumbled into World War I and then declared it “the war to end all wars” until, of course, they discovered appeasing Nazi Germany only led to World War II. Until recently, they have been reluctant to admit that the worldwide Islamic Jihad included them.

In the years following WWII and the divestiture of former colonies, the population of Muslim immigrants from northern Africa and the Middle East began to grow. Typically, they tended to resist assimilation. This resulted in high rates of unemployment and discontent with their host countries.

The French took the tack that you're welcome to come here, but you had better become more French than whatever former nationality you had. In 2004 France passed a law forbidding the wearing of the Muslim headscarf, the hijab, in educational institutions. Muslim leaders said this was tantamount to a war on Islam. It will surprise many to learn that Islam is the second largest religion in France . However, the native French are proud of their national heritage and the result has been harsh laws and procedures aimed at Muslim troublemakers that make our USA Patriot Act look tame.

Following World War II, the reward the British received for granting independence to its former colonies was a wholesale invasion. Unlike the French who created a top-secret counterterrorism center, code-named Alliance Base, the British decided that letting the radical Islamists say and do whatever they wanted would establish an unspoken rule that blowing up Brits was bad. They learned differently on July 7.

It's not like Europeans didn't know they had a problem, but they were busy creating and, of late, rejecting the European Union. This year, the French and Dutch both refused to ratify its constitution and the British put off any vote. However, the EU isn't the only game in town. The Council of Europe was founded in 1949 and is the continent's oldest political organization, bringing together 46 nations, including 21 from Central and Eastern Europe . It has its headquarters in Strasbourg , in northeastern France .

The aim of the Council was to insure post-war Western Europe did not become Communist. It functioned primarily as a human rights watchdog and, since 1989, has paid close attention to Europe 's new post-communist democracies. In 1993, it held a summit to insure democratic security and, in October 1997, it reaffirmed its devotion to democratic values and “cultural diversity.”

Unfortunately, the British embrace of “cultural diversity” proved to be the fuse on the time bombs that went off in London . To a true Muslim, cultural diversity is anathema. One is either a Muslim or an infidel, an unbeliever. The lives of unbelievers count for nothing.

As we have seen, even among themselves being Muslim is no guarantor of tolerance. In simple terms, Sunnis don't like Shiites. Killing each other, including blowing up each other's mosques is no big deal. Why should Europeans have been surprised when they brought these bad attitudes with them?

But they were surprised. In 2002, Pim Fortuyn, a maverick Dutch politician, was murdered for warning against the Muslim immigrants whose views, not surprisingly, were contrary to Dutch traditions. Then in November 2004 a Muslim radical assassinated Dutch filmmaker, Theo van Gogh. “The jihad has come to the Netherlands ”, said one Dutch parliamentary leader. For twenty years the Dutch had welcomed growing numbers of Muslim immigrants, including known radicals. It's going to be harder for Muslims to immigrate to the Netherlands and one suspects this will prove true throughout much of Europe .

Germany is home to 3.5 million Muslims, three times more than the Netherlands , but so far they have been spared terrorism because most are from Turkey (2.6 million) or Bosnia (170,000) where a more moderate form of Islam is practiced. The Germans, however, are not indifferent to the threat. Germany requires all immigrants take language classes and is quick to expel anyone suspected of Islamic radicalism.

Germany, like England, has been a convenient transit point for the planning of terrorist attacks, the movement of funds to finance them, and, of course, the “martyrs” who can't wait to blow themselves up in order to convince people they should not support the US or British military in the Middle East.

Scott, United Arab Emirates - 21 July, 2005

Wake up Europe! --part 2

If Europe has been asleep, it took 9-11 to wake up Americans. The difference between the US and Europe is that we put troops into the field in Afghanistan as fast as we could to kill as many Taliban as we could. Then we invaded Iraq so we could establish a military base from which we could strike at any other Middle Eastern nation that thought 9-11 was a good idea. Most, with the exception of Iran , have gotten the message.

Even the US has been reluctant to conclude a holy war was occurring. While we might not have been at war with Islam, Islam was most assuredly at war with us. And that includes the Europeans and just about anybody else on the face of the Earth who does not want to convert to Islam.

One good thing to come out of all this bloodshed is a growing unity of purpose and sharing of information between Europeans, the British, and the United States that will improve whatever efforts it takes to end the Islamic jihad. Another good thing will be less criticism of the American approach to terrorists, i.e., find them and kill them before they can kill us.

Scott, United Arab Emirates - 21 July, 2005

What do we do????

35 years old young people (Americans) were protesting against an unjust war in Vietnam - where are they today? I am just as guilty. How could we have let this happen? Over 100,000 people have died and billions of dollars spent in this "war on terror" a war that started with the death of 3000. Imagine if you will that the US/UK did not attack Iraq and rather spent that money and effort on Africa where we could be saving lives instead of losing them. It honestly makes me sick to think about the direction the world seems to be heading in. We are greedy and self-serving, where is the care for the greater good? This will rest on our shoulders.

Peter Beck, Canada - 21 July, 2005

Islam not at war

Dear Scott: While I thank you for the supportive comments, I cannot agree that Islam is at war with the US or anyone else, for that matter. The majority, who follow true Islam, in my opinion, are not at war with anyone.

I notice you come from the UK so may I offer condolences for the recent deaths in London? Also, I thank God no one was killed in the latest attempt to send some sort of ungodly message to the world.

Strange. I think a suicide bomber who commits his barbarism for his God must feel very close to Him as he "martyrs" himself. The irony is that there is no one to accept his sacrifice. At the moment when he considers himself to be giving his God his greatist gift, his very life, he really stands quite alone as he dies...

Most of us know that the God of Islam would neither accept nor condone the behavior of these suicide/homicide bombers.

I do know that a lot of Islam is angry and frustrated with us right now, which is why I am always writing to the PakTribune asking that we all move on and solve terrorism together.

If we can manage to stand as one against terroristm, maybe we can also manage to stand as one against the cruelty in Kashmir, Checnya, the Sudan, etc. Sort of start a snowball rolling down a hill becoming larger and larger, so to speak. It's more than high time...

Couldn't we deal with terrorism together? Then We can go back to writing and hurling hateful articles at each other. Couldn't we manage to do that?

Writers, in these troubled times, especially, have a responsibility to think first about whether their articles, etc., will help or hinder, in my opinion.

After all, none of us should give aid and comfort to those who would commit mass murder wherever we come from.

Carollane, United Kingdom - 22 July, 2005

Norman Tebbit was RIGHT!

British Politician Norman Tebbit once made a very important observation. He looked at situations where in sports the British team played a team where some of Britian's ethnic population was from, the ethnic population would root against Britian. This wasn't only true for people who had immigrated from that country, but for third and fourth generation too. We are talking about people with British citizenship here. People who may have never even visited the country they were rooting for. So Norman Tebbit asked a simple but profound question. If these people can't support their country on something so small as a sporting match, how can we expect them to support Britain when there is a more serious conflict between the two countries (when I mean conflict I merely mean that no two countries ever have exactly the same interests)? This test has come to be known as the cricket test. It isn't really about cricket. You don't have to like cricket to be considered British (though it helps) but if you do like cricket and you are a British citizen, then you should root for the British cricket team regardless of who they are playing, even if they are playing in the case he mentioned - Pakistan.

Of course this goes far beyond the "cricket test", but still it does come from the same source. British Citizens of Pakistani descent or origin who do not see themselves as British, but instead identify more with a foriegn country. If they had considered themselves as British do you really think they could do this to their fellow countrymen.

Kim, United Kingdom - 22 July, 2005

BUSH & BIN LADEN are dual headed monsters

How are you haters any different than the hordes of men chanting “Death to America” burning flags and burning effigies, don't they say the exact same thing?

These same Muslims who are all of a sudden terrorist now have been living amongst us for ages, They are the doctors, engineers, businessmen etc. how come all of a sudden they decided to become terrorist? If all these Muslims are bad people and they are at war with us westerners & Christians, then how come there haven't been any bombings in Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, half of Africa, aren't all these countries Christian majority countries? How come none of these countries are being attacked? Could it be that these countries might just mind their own business rather than oppressing people by appointing and supporting non-democratic governments in Middle East and stealing their wealth and resources? Why do we forget that Saddam was the favorite of Americans not too long ago, who supported him in his reign of terror? Who brought him in power in Iraq? Who gave him these chemical weapons so he could use it on the Iranians? Who trained and supported Osama Bin Laden against the Russians? Are we all really this dense, do you not get scared by reading this hate on this post. "KILL ALL THE MUSLIMS, ALL ONE BILLION OF THEM"LETS BOMB MECCA as one bigot republican congressman recently said, is that really the solution? No one in England seem to remember that when we were being bombarded by the Japanese and the Germans, Americans sat on the sideline, and didn't come to support till they were actually attacked, where was the love then? We were fighting a moral war and Americans sat on the sideline, now Americans are fighting an immoral war for OIL and to make sure that there illegitimate child Israel is not harmed and we get on board like we are there servants?

All these haters on this forum who want an all out war with all Muslims, I assure you, they are nothing but cowards, they sit in their comfortable homes and enjoy their comfortable lives, while the poor soldiers are fighting a war that is not worth fighting. If a country invaded England and appointed a puppet govt over me who will loot and plunder England, rest assure i will fight for my freedom till the last breath. I have no reason to believe that the people of Iraq are any less patriotic than i am. Get out of their countries, don't support dictators in their countries, don't steal their natural resources, don't support the bully Israel in middle east. Be fair in all affairs and we shall all have peace.

Brad Smith, United Arab Emirates - 22 July, 2005

Hi Joe

I presume it is the same old Red Neck McCarthyist throwback. Terminology has improved but still the same old extreme holier than thou attitude. Yes Joe THEY are wrong. If I wasn't such a dyed in the wool Atheist I would say Satanic. THEY preach Hatred and we are right and you are wrong. The terrible part is that you don't see your attitude is exactly the same.
Until the U S A and the U.K.'s leaders start to understand their actions lead to reactions and that interference in another nation's system rarely is either justifiable or productive. You can't make people love you by beating the living daylights out of them. Nor can you, hypocritically, replace despots with similar ones of your own choosing and expect the populace to acquiesce. The Brits put in the Shah in Iran. The result??? The U.S.A. has a
record unsurpassed in assisting and installing Fascists. Pinochet, Franco,always with an idea for advancementof America's policies not with any idealistic consideration for the indigenes. It isn't just America, all nations with colonialist ambitions have been the same.
All people believing they have the right God on their side breed and foment hatred in extremis, Be it rabid right wing Fundamentalist Christians or Crazy Fundamentalist Hindus, Islamists or dare I say it Hassidic Jews.They all want, eventually, world domination by MY religion because we are right and you are wrong. I say let the Gods battle it out for themselves.The Hindus would probably win, after all they, at the last count, had over eleven hundred Gods. One each for the Muslims and Jews, and the Christians?? , either three, or one split into three, maybe backed up by a Holy Mother, so four at the most. I reckon the Hindus would an odds on certainty. Oops! I forgot about the billion Chinese who don't have Gods . Come on start laughing and loving. Killing and hating? You can't win this way. I don't know anyone who hates a Quaker but then they don't preach hatred,nor violence, not even to those of whom they should be, at least, apprehensive. Yes Joe I still sign myself. and I still expect to hear from you directly.Don't be afraid, I'm near eighty, I don't bite.

Tom Edgar, Aruba - 23 July, 2005

Very one sided

The author is blind to what is happening in the world. What about the slaughter of innocent native black civilians by muslims in Sudan or the attempted imposition of Sharia law in Northern Nigeria? What about the illegal occupation by muslim forces in Northern Cyprus?

What does the author think would happen if, lets say, an international Christian terrorist organisation attacked Saudi without provokation, and within Saudi (as if) there was a Christian population which then turned around and demanded protection? What would happen?

They would be slaughtered wholesale. Lets not mince words.

I for one, am getting sick of the double standards.

Stephen Furze, United Arab Emirates - 23 July, 2005

not my problem

However being a muslim I don't consider terrorists as ennemies .I have a problem with the US and I or my childeren will solve that problem anyhow .I don't Understand Americans and Jews .Why do they think I'll fight their war .I will not hate suicide bombers because they killed my Jewish brothers nor will I hate the Iraqi Resistance because the kill American citizens .Do solve you problem yourself guys .I have an ennemy to kill .

noureddine, Pakistan - 23 July, 2005

well said!!

i take pride that Muslims from India tend to blend into Britain or wherever else they go without much ado. i have a childhood friend of mine in the USA who has moved with his family many years ago who is a devout muslim. yes...he agrees that life is tougher post 9/11 but he and his family are able to cope. And this particularly is addressed to my Pakistani friends- this family comes to India once in two years on a long holiday and in his words to 'feel at home' and to reinforce their faith in human values.
So much has been said to malign India by all kinds of sundry journalists and columnists inspite of which most indian muslims feel safer in India than they would in Pakistan. Kashimiris please note!!

aarvey, Hungary - 25 July, 2005

Reply to Carollane

Hi Carollane,

Thanks for your comments. I would like to ask you few questions.

What is true islam? How would you define it? The way it was practised in 7th century?Did you ever read hadthis? Did you ever met victim of these henous acts of terrorism?

I am not indulging in articles here. I want to open eyes for my fellow europeans and muslims. When a christian commits henious crime (in modern times) or act of terrorism he does not say "Jesus is Great" or have bible to justify their acts. With Muslims it is different. Check their rhetoric and symbolisim and you will relaize they strongly believe it's a holy war. We did not start this "holy war" they did. What was Theo Van gough 's mistake? I am all for peace however, if other side is not rational, all these articles and rhetoric is not going to make any positive changes. The first step in order to solve problem is to recognize that the problem does exist.

Scott, Pakistan - 25 July, 2005

Bush or Osama.

Osama is terrorizing his enemy for religion. Bush is terrorizing the world for Oil. Who is bigger terrorist ?

There are multiple ways to achieve peace.
- mutual understanding
- tolerance
- deterrence

But droping bombs over each other is hardly a way to achieve what Americans and Brits are trying to achieve.

Ony solution for Iraq, Afganisthan is Americans and Brit negotiate peace with Islam extremist(the $ they will spend on this will be lot less than what they have already spent). And Alaska has lot of Oil so Americans can dig there to complete there requirement, little difficult terrain but with additional $ they can manage it.

SK, Hungary - 26 July, 2005

Me too I want to open the eyes of my Christian and Jewish friends .Do not forget that Spanish Muslims or unbelievers like we call them have been exterminated by us in order to restore the supremacy of the true belief .Here in Britain Catolics and protestants have been killing each others for centries .I do not spreak about wars in Europe between Catholics and Protestants .Oh my friend I 'll tell you something .My fellow Christians did not long ago kill thousands of Bosnian Muslims .You know why ? Because they are Muslims (sometimes only by name , but Muslims however ).
a few Muslims commited attrocities , millions of Muslims denounced it .For you it is not enough .You wish that Muslims say that Islam preaches hate they won't ,neither will you say that Christianity preaches hate .However Muslims are better that you .Muslims never made of morality and love their monopoly and you do .For me you are far away from love and morality .If my Lord Jezus was with us and he will certainly tell Muslims to continue the good things in them and he will point them the bad things with love and mercy .

john, United Arab Emirates - 26 July, 2005

Suicide Bombing

This menace can be fixed by solving the Jewish "tangle". Jews, according an "Oath" foresworn to their God - Yahweh - were not allowed to create a political entity. The Zionist (atheist - secularists) violated this sacred pledge and a possibility of an internecine war in Israel between the religious orthodoxy and Zionists could not be ruled out. Now Jews are known to be the biggest terrorists. Osama bin Laden is a mere "Lillitutian" before them. Just simply give "Israel" a new title "Safe Haven) for Judaism. That would save the Jews from violation of the sacred "Oath". The "Safe Haven" formula would give a "de facto" recognition to the presence of Jews in their biblical lands of Judea and Samaria (present West Bank) in Palestine. Remember, Jews are in a state of "Exile" through a divine decree. They are supposed to live as loyal citizens with other nations. History provides evidence Jews have passed better part of their "exile" under the Arabs and Ottoman regimes. Thir presence in Palestine in a "Safe Haven" provided by the Palestinians and the Muslim Ummah would, in fact, bring blessings in disguide in that the "Safe Haven" to Jews would create normalisation of relations between the two erstwhile estranged communities. It would open up trade and commerce channels and the two peoples would start interaction with each other. As for the "West", especially the Superpower "the U.S. of America", just wait a while. There is an imminent "Exodus" of the American Jewry lurking ominously there. The fall out of the "Exodus" is likely to land America in a "tail-spin" as well as create a widespread catastrophe everywhere.
The bottom line is to defuse the ticking time bomb in "Israel" by redefining it as "Safe Haven" for Judaism. Leave the "West" alone. It seems to have lived its time. The Jews haven't forgotton what they got from the "West" at the receiving end!
Sher Mohammad.

Sher Mohammad, Pakistan - 30 July, 2005

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