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Suicide Bombings! Logical Frustration? Maybe!, Islamically Justifiable? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

15 July, 2005

By Ahmer Muzammil

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Lets get one thing very clear, there is no authentic school of thought in Islam that even try to justify this inconsiderate and indiscriminate killings of innocent civilians, specially in a country that hasnt been captured by non-Muslims, militarily. The mistake that most of the Islam bashers make, is that we dont look at these incidents, like the one in London from a psychological and common sense perspective rather we look at it with our religious goggles. Some make this mistake out of the bigotry and intense hatred within, some make it because of ignorance, nevertheless we are unable to understand the phenomenon, henceforth to this day not able to nip it in the bud.

The truth is that behind all crime no matter how small it is, the root cause is usually injustice. Does this injustice make the crime justifiable? Off course not! But the powerful & the influentials of the world has to come to this realization that till the day they deliver justice, peace & prosperity to the majority oppressed, brutalized and persecuted masses, their glass houses shall always remain vulnerable. Thats just a fact of life, sooner we reach this apprehension better it will be for all of us.

What happened in London or on 9/11 is deplorable, and I as an individual and any truly learned Islamic Scholar would condemn it in the strongest terms possible. In the Islamic jurisprudence there is no room for this haphazard struggle and specially surprise attacks in which the target is unarmed civilians. Although my religious knowledge is very limited but I categorically claim that Islamic rules of war categorically forbids killing of unarmed civilians especially on a land that has always been occupied by non-Muslims. Islam also make it mandatory for all Muslims to obey the law of the land, so for all Muslims residing in western countries such as USA and England, it is their religious duty to follow the law of the land. If an individual feels that a particular law of his resident country is a hindrance or some how against the teachings of Islam, than he is instructed by Islam to mig rate from that particular country, armed revolution from within in this scenario is not even an option as far as Islam is concerned.

I am appalled by this inhumanity, the ironic reality is that both these extremes whether its the religious misguided (I refuse to call them fundamentalist, its a positive word, I am not an English professor by any stretch of imagination but it annoys me to misuse words just for the sake of complacency) in Islam or the neo-con hawks in Washington, there rhetoric and justification is the same. I swear to you sometimes the statements that exudes from Rush Limbaughs and the Laura Ingrims of the worlds can be totally mistaken for the English translations of the statements coming from Osama Bin Ladens and the Zarqawais, yes they are that identical. On both sides the same old tribalistic jargon My religion is better than yours, my civilization is more civil than yours it is so dumb that it amazes me that it still rallies masses even in a supposed educated society of America.

It is utterly inexplicable that in an open and informed society like America, to this day majority of the Americans dont realize this simple fact that the same people that advocate war and confrontation and are the champions of American patriotism, not one of them not a single one of them has the moral courage to send their own family members to go fight that war in person. Am I the only one who sees this hypocrisy? Does no one else realize that these vultures who live in lavish houses all across USA, all these senators, congress-persons, filthy rich bigoted talk show hosts, all of them are banking on the emotions of the masses? While the soldiers that are lucky enough to return alive and in one piece come back to torn up families, ruined careers, and quickly vanishing benefits! All these warmongers have to give back to these soldiers are empty emotional rhetoric, while they and thei r families live it up in their mansions. What a shame!

To this day 1800 American boys have lost their lives in Iraq? I ask anyone who can answer me, for what? To save the American way of life? For our freedom? For WMDs? To give democracy to the people of Iraq? If democracy is really what we wish for everyone, then why not start the invasion from Saudi Arabia, 2nd should be Egypt, next in line should be Jordan, or how about Pakistan? The favorite of American establishment, one Mr. Musharaf, is he a democratically elected ruler? Why not invade all these countries and hold elections, true fair elections, do you think Americans would like the results of these fair elections, did we like it in Algeria? Does anyone really buy that dung? How was Iraq threatening the American way of life? Have we found any WMDs in Iraq? Was Osama Bin laden, the real threat to Americans, was he operating out of Iraq? Or did we go in Iraq out of the go odness of our hearts so we could deliver democracy to the people of Iraq? Which one is it, someone please tell me, because we owe it to the families of those 1800 Americans who died, thousand more who are wounded both physically and emotionally for the rest of their lives. Forget about the more than 100,000 iraqis who have been killed, they can be collateral damage, for sure their lives are not as important or precious as the Caucasian ones, but for the love of God tell us, was it worth it? 61% of Americans dont think so anymore Mr. Bush, I stand corrected.

Hate George Galloway all you want, call him a NAZI like one ignorant biggot & and a degenerate opportunist Michael Savage does, if you must. But it doesnt change the fact that he is an elected representative of British people and after the bombings of London when he said that people of London paid the price of Blairs decisions on Iraq, he has a point. Please know that neither George Galloway nor I are dumb enough to suggest that this was justifiable. Any act that indiscriminately take innocent civilian lives, whether its American rampage in Iraq & Afghanistan or these barbaric attacks in London and everywhere else are nothing but evil. The terrorist should be apprehended, Allah SWT says in Quran

When it is said to them: "Make not mischief on the earth," they say: "We are reformers only.  Indeed, they are the ones who make mischief, but they realize (it) not. This holds true for both sides.

The truth is that behind all crime no matter how small it is, the root cause is usually injustice. Does this injustice make the crime justifiable? Off course not! But the powerful & the influentials of the world has to come to this realization that till the day they deliver justice, peace & prosperity to the majority oppressed, brutalized and persecuted masses, their glass houses shall always remain vulnerable. Thats just a fact of life, sooner we reach this apprehension better it will be for all of us.



Reader Comments:

Terrorisme against Islam

I largely agree with Mr Muzammil, killing innocent Muslims or non-Muslims and suicide is against the very righteous spirit of Islam. Certainly, there are motivators such as the war in Irak which frustrate Muslims through put the world. However, to justify the blind killing of completely innocent civilians, Muslims or non-Muslims is totally deplorable. Any organisation which justify such terror attacks behind the veil of Islam are people who corrupt and harm the Islam faith. Organisations which hide behind Islam and support these murders of innocent civilians should be immediately banned.

It is also important that the international community and in particular the United States end some of the leading motivators behind Muslim militancy. The US ignorance of universal human rights in Irak, Guantanamo Bay and prisons in Afghanistan proves that Washington is far from a responsible country abiding by the international laws. In Irak, it is very imperative that the US give up the supreme command over to the United Nations. Only this will gradually reduce the militancy and help the Irakis rebuild their own country.
Yours truly,
Atilla Iftikhar

Atilla A. Iftikhar, Norway - 17 July, 2005


Mr Muzammil. I couldn't agree more with your sentiments. Behind the rhetoric and the influence of the rich and powerful; still lies the one word Greed. Couple that with with righteousness, a word applicable to all religions in their relationship towards each other and therein lies the seed of intolerance. Regardless of the acts of terrorism committed by both sides , some in uniforms and others without. Bush/Blair call it war. War is terrorism
If this you don't believe then you haven't been involved in a war. Justification by ALL participants is the correctness of our "Cause" and usually is is boosted by the belief, inculcated by the leaders, that "God" is on our side. Our "God" that is.
I dream that one day we will all be rid of this superstitious belief in Gods.and start thinking clearly for ourselves. A dream? Well it's certainly better that than the present nightmare. Tom Edgar Queensland 4381 Australia

Tom Edgar, Aruba - 17 July, 2005

I agree totally. This is a very good article.

laura, United Kingdom - 17 July, 2005

Suicide bombers myth

For a different perspective on the subject matter, below is an american scholars differing view;
Quote:"Why are suicide bombings publicized before any proof is brought by investigation?

This question underlines the illogical nature of suicide bombings. It is believed, to find logic you have to see the suicide bomber as a fabrication of the Zionists for their own purposes:

To demonize Islam

To make Muslims look stupid, fanatical, and murderous.

To create worldwide terrorism that they can claim has nothing to do with Israel, but everything to do with Islam.

To attack those who think themselves to be allies, but are not, e.g. America, Spain, Britain.

To shift the blame for any bombing Zionists perpetrate onto the Muslims, simply by calling it a suicide bombing.

To control public opinion in favor of Israel as the most grieved victim of terrorism.

To justify apartheid in Israel.

To justify war in the Middle East with the spoils of war accruing to themselves, while the costs are borne by their “allies”.

So it's not the fundamentalism, it's not the occupation, it's not suicide, it's not a guerilla tactic, it's the timeless strategy of the Jews working to advantage themselves on their journey toward dominion.

Israel Uses the Myth as a Cover to Attack "Allies"

[Israel uses the suicide bomber myth as a cover] to attack those who think themselves to be allies, but are not, e.g. America, Spain, Britain.
The invention of a myth does not happen in a meeting of the Knesset, nor does it come out of the imagination of one person or a think tank. It is an organic process that is a mix of reality, fantasy, and purpose.
The moment people stop believing in the suicide bomber fairy tale, the sooner they'll start to ask some serious questions.

Remember how we all were forced to believe the holocaust tales? There are all those pictures, all that testimony, all those books written, all those memorials built. It is in textbooks and encyclopedias. It is taught in school.

Can't we handle the possiblity that the "Islamic fundamentalist, suicide bomber" may also be a lie? We should look at everything with the same skepticism we developed in dealing with the holocaust myth, especially those things that come from the same source.

Israel is Attacking Muslims AND the West--The Two Should be Allies Against Israel.

It is the modus operandi of the Jews to stand aside while their enemies fight one another. It is well known that the Jews consider Muslims their enemy, but most white people in the world do not see themselves as the enemy of the Jews, when in fact they are. Why are they in Iraq? Is that really their battle?

A comparison can be made of WW I and II in which Europe was invited to self-destruct. Where were the Jews in those fights that benefited them beyond all others? Why is it that the Jewish banking interests fund both sides of a conflict? They come out of these terrible wars richer and more powerful while the power of the white world was diminished.

After the Russian Revolution and WW I, Jewish/Communism was triumphant and ready to conquer Europe. All of Europe had been weakened by WW I. The threat of Communism called for an alliance of Europe against the onslaught. It was not to be because Jewish influence on Churchill and Roosevelt made impossible the only sensible alliance of all Europe against Stalin.

Now the white world is being told that the enemy is Islam. Watch out."

Malik Shahid, Pakistan - 18 July, 2005


The author states that NOT ONE of America's leaders have family involved in the war. That is not true -- not many, but it is certainly not NONE. Please check this link:

The problem that you guys have is that a lot of Americans don't feel that you are against Terrorism. We see violent protests, burning of flags, even the deaths of your own citizens during protests but not protests over the killing of innocents. But over the "desecration" of your holy book. God's word is God's word destroying a copy of it is not good, but not something to protest violently and kill over.

Until Muslums have some tolerance for other peoples cultures and religions you will always be viewed in a negative light.

God is more powerful than the actions of an individual or government and will survive the desecartion of a man-made book even though the book contains the word of God.

Mike, United Kingdom - 19 July, 2005

Suicide Bombings!

I applaude you for your article and I agree with what you have to say. Well done.

Maria, United Kingdom - 19 July, 2005

Thank you Mike

Thank you, Mike for your comments. You seem to see what a few of our fellow Americans do not choose to see. That is, that even though we see in the article a condemnation of suicide bombings, we also notice a sort of justification within it.

If I were a person who could understand suicide bombers,and I'm not, I would imagine they would find some comfort from reading a large part of this article.

For instance, the mention of "America's rampage into Iraq and Afghanistan...these barbaric acts are evil." Notice the word "acts." Does that mean that America and the suicide bombers are one and the same? It would appear that it does. Doesn't it?

Mr. George Galloway who has more than likely disgraced himself by having a hand in the barbaric theft referred to as the "oil for food scandal," seems a strange choice for the condemnation of anything. However, he is,as the writer states, "an elected representative of the British people." Are we to understand this merits our respect no matter what?

As we read through paragraph six, we see the usual vicious attacks on America...Sometimes it seems as if Americans forget there is a difference between healthy dissent and angry attempts to undermine. There is a difference after all. This article, in my opinion, goes far beyond even undermining. In fact, it seems to wander pretty close to hatred. Hatred for America, hardly unusual these days, even from its own citizens though they will deny it.

I cannot agree with the last paragraph of this article where it is written that others must deliver "justice, peace and prosperity to the majority oppressed, brutalized and persecuted masses." Fine sentiments. We all want to help those in need. Help given to the Tsunami victims,is a good example. But what about those in need working hard and helping themselves and governments of the needy serving the people as they are trusted to do. What about the needy and the governments working hard together in order to help themselves?

Nothing, I believe, is handed to anyone in this world. It takes struggle and hard work to accomplish goals. The World knows about struggle and hard work. Even Americans don't expect things to be handed to them. They struggle too, along with everyone else.

Isn't this really two articles in one? How about condemning the murder of innocents, PERIOD?

Then, if one wants to criticize America, go ahead. Write the article. No hypocrisy there...

There are legions of glass houses in the world. As long as we condemn and yet justify, or like lambs, remain silent, I am afraid none will stand. What then? Human beings and their elected governments will just have to work hard, be honest and help themselves. Sounds like Utopia, I realize.

But there will be no choice...

Carollane, United Kingdom - 19 July, 2005

The bigotry & hatred goes on!

I have no qualms in saying that there are certain people in the world who are biased and biggoted beyond reform. The most ironic thing to me is that by nature majority Americans are people that are the people of common sense, hence it use to be hard to convince them with just emotional rhetoric. They usually like to get to the bottom of the problem not just scratch the surface. When the incident of School shootings happenned some year ago in colorado, every sane voice in america didnt just demonize the killers & their families, rather they investigated the "ROOT CAUSES", (a word that annoys the biggotted and the racist of america today). Because without investigating the actual cause of the disease you will never be able to cure it. I am pasting an interview below which was conducted by BBC today. Mayor Ken Livingston the current mayor of London categorically says that If "we the brits went thru the exploitation and injustices that people in middle east goes thru on daily basis, we would have produced suicide bombers as well. Rest assure that my reply here is not for the ones that have just hate inside and all they want from everyone in the world to bow down to their supremacy, so please dont waste your energy in exuding anymore hate and non-sensical and ironic speeches in how the rest of the world should just bow down to the neo-con agenda.

P.S Due to space restraint please see the recent post for that interview. Here is also the link to bbc website

Ahmer Muzammil, Pakistan - 20 July, 2005

Mayor of London Speaks Out

Mayor blames Middle East policy
Mayor's comments
Decades of British and American intervention in the oil-rich Middle East motivated the London bombers, Ken Livingstone has suggested.
The London mayor told BBC News he had no sympathy with the bombers and he opposed all violence.

But he argued that the attacks would not have happened had Western powers left Arab nations free to decide their own affairs after World War I.

Instead, they had often supported unsavoury governments in the region.

A lot of young people see the double standards

Ken Livingstone
London Mayor

Mr Livingstone was asked on BBC Radio 4's Today programme what he thought had motivated the bombers.

He replied: "I think you've just had 80 years of western intervention into predominantly Arab lands because of the western need for oil.

"We've propped up unsavoury governments, we've overthrown ones we didn't consider sympathetic.

"And I think the particular problem we have at the moment is that in the 1980s... the Americans recruited and trained Osama Bin Laden, taught him how to kill, to make bombs, and set him off to kill the Russians and drive them out of Afghanistan.

"They didn't give any thought to the fact that once he'd done that he might turn on his creators."

No justice?

Mr Livingstone said Western governments had been so terrified of losing their fuel supplies that they had kept intervening in the Middle East.

He argued: "If at the end of the First World War we had done what we promised the Arabs, which was to let them be free and have their own governments, and kept out of Arab affairs, and just bought their oil, rather than feeling we had to control the flow of oil, I suspect this wouldn't have arisen."

British voters don't vote in elections on foreign policy, and suicide bombers won't change this

Andrew, Cirencester, UK

Have your say: Livingstone comments

He attacked double standards by Western nations, such as the initial welcome given when Saddam Hussein came to power in Iraq.

There was also the "running sore" of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

"A lot of young people see the double standards, they see what happens in Guantanamo Bay, and they just think that there isn't a just foreign policy," said Mr Livingstone.

Suicide bombers

Mr Livingstone said he did not just denounce suicide bombers.

He also denounced "those governments which use indiscriminate slaughter to advance their foreign policy, as we have occasionally seen with the Israeli government bombing areas from which a terrorist group will have come, irrespective of the casualties it inflicts, women, children and men".

He continued: "Under foreign occupation and denied the right to vote, denied the right to run your own affairs, often denied the right to work for three generations, I suspect that if it had happened here in England, we would have produced a lot of suicide bombers ourselves."

Mr Livingstone also criticised parts of the media for giving too much publicity to certain figures who were "totally unrepresentative" of British Muslims.

Tourist impact

Mr Livingstone later took questions about the bombings from members of the London Assembly.

He said the unity shown by Londoners in the wake of the attacks was a commemoration to those who died and showed a determination not to give in to terrorism.

The mayor said most of the Tube would be working normally by the end of the week and the Underground should be working as before by the end of the month.

But he warned Tube users they would have to put up with the kind of disruption caused by packages left on trains which was seen during past IRA bombing campaigns.

There had been "very, very little" cancellations of existing hotel bookings and flights to London, said Mr Livingstone.

But there had been an immediate drop in new bookings for long-haul flights and hotels and a "dramatic reduction" in British people bringing children into the capital.

'Naming and shaming' hotels

Before this month's attacks, the levels of American tourists visiting London were only running at 75% of the numbers seen before the 11 September 2001 attacks in the US.

One way to counter the "turn down" in tourist trade was to attract more people from the UK and other parts of Europe, said Mr Livingstone.

Mr Livingstone said he did not have information about hotels raising prices for people trying to stay in London after the attacks.

But if there was evidence of "profiteering", the Greater London Authority would "name and shame" those hotels involved and refuse to do business with them in the future, he said.

Ahmer Muzammil, Pakistan - 20 July, 2005

The Terrorists were Born and Raised in Great Britain

Mayor Ken Livingston the current mayor of London categorically says that If "we the brits went thru the exploitation and injustices that people in middle east goes thru on daily basis, we would have produced suicide bombers as well." Well guess what Mr Livingstone, these terrorists were born and raised in - THE UK. So I guess you people have produced suicide bombers.

Too bad more of the British people didn't listen to Norman Tebbit. He was right all along!

Ken, United Kingdom - 20 July, 2005

George Galloway - Modern Nazi

George Galloway is a modern day Nazi. I guess he would say that the British brought the Blitz upon them as well since they were the first one to bomb civilians (it was an accident but that was why Germany then went after London as a target).

Jim, United Kingdom - 20 July, 2005

Terrorists Might Save Western Civilization

Politicians like Galloway are a result of the decline that has been happening in Western cilivization. The terrorists may be inadvertedly reversing this decline though their horrible acts of terror.

As more of these attacks occur more people would get mad at politicians like Galloway and kick them out of office.

People will gain a renewed respect for things that they had riduculed such as patiotism, standing together for the common good of your country, and a renewed respect for the police force and military.

Politicians like Galloway would finally be seen for what they are - THE ENEMY WITHIN. And them, as well as all those who also serve as the enemey within will be chastized by society and become marginized like they should have been all along.

While seeing all these attacks is horrifying, these attacks also makes us stronger. America was never stronger than after we were bombed at Pearl Harbor. Never more determined. And for a month or so after 9-11 we were stronger than I have ever seen us be in my lifetime.

It's sad to say, but these terrorist attacks might be the only thing that can save us and stop the decline of our cilivization. The number of deaths is horrifying indeed, and I mourn every last one of them. But through this we will emerge stronger than before.

It would be inappropriate to say "thank you" but ironically terrorists might be the ones to save what they wanted to destroy. Had they left us alone we would have died out as a culture, but with these attacks that will wake up people and have them recognize the weakness within (people like Galloway) that threatens their very survival they can fix the problems (like by arresting Galloway) before it's too late.

The terrorists might be the only hope for our civilization. Just like Doctors shock a patient's heart to get it beating again, the terrorists will shock our civilization and as a result will get it going again even stronger than before.

Adam, United Kingdom - 20 July, 2005

Livingstone is a NAZI

Livingstone just hates Jewish people. There is a long tradition of this in England.

The King of England during the 1930s was very close to the Nazis and shared the Nazis hated of the Jews. That is why he was pressured to leave. It had very little to do with him marrying a divorced woman. That was just the pretext they used. People within the government drove him out of the crown because they feared his close relations with the Nazis.

I really have few feelings either way regarding the Jewish people. I don't hate them like Livingstone does. I certainly don't want to see them rounded up and killed like Livingstone probably does.

Europe does scare me. I really to believe that people like Livingstone might get their way and they will start killing Jews again. Livingstone proves that history does tend to repeat itself.

Cynthia, United Kingdom - 20 July, 2005

Livingstone , Galloway, and Hitler

All those people were "elected".

People better think very carefully before they vote. The people of the UK have elected to office some very insane people who will be their undoing.

Don't think I am only criticizing the British Voters. Look at America's cities.
People really need to take elections more seriously.

Bill, United Kingdom - 20 July, 2005

The "Root Cause"

The "root cause", as you like to put it is that we are perceived as weak, and to some extent that is a correct perception due to internal forces within.

But with every terrorist attack we grow stronger. Not weaker but stronger, more determined, more united!

In fact, what the terrorist attacks might allow us to do is to clean out our internal system. Flush all that is poisoning our society away.

From out of this terrible evil might come our savation. We might find within us again something that we have almost lost. The spirit that made us a strong country to begin with.

Dennis, United Kingdom - 20 July, 2005


Bombings in London

There are issues that Muslims in general and Pakistanis in particular don't want to or are too self conscious to face. Immigrants of Islamic, Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Sikh, Christian, Zoroastrian and other faiths have immigrated from the Sub Continent, Africa and the Caribbean Islands to the U.K. and have made it their home. How come only Muslims feel alienated? Why not the people of other faiths? How come Hindus have not produced suicide bombers? How is it the Sikhs, Hindus, Jains, Christian, Jewish and Zoroastrian faiths have succeeded and in many areas excelled in education, professional pursuits and business? Indian and Middle Eastern Muslims have blended into the U.K. society and economy? Why is this problem confined to Pakistani Muslims?

A. V. Rao, United Kingdom - 21 July, 2005

Sedition has Never been a protected form of Free Speech

Carollane, I totally agree with you when you say "Sometimes it seems as if Americans forget there is a difference between healthy dissent and angry attempts to undermine." While the former has always been a protected right in America, the latter is known as sedition and has never until recently been tolerated.

We need to crack down strongly on acts of sedition. Some in America might cry that this is an infringement on their free speech, I find it interesteding that the same people have for a generation now been fighting against the free speech of others in society, persecuting all those who say things out of line with what they feel is "Politically Correct". Anything outside their ideology. Free speech for me but not for thee is their motto. They have been infinging on other people's free speech rights for years, so they can expect little sympathy for their cries that their free speech is being violated. That is the height of hypocrisy.

And like I said, sedition isn't a protected form of speech. Even in America, speech has its limits. One can't falsely cry "Fire" in a crowded theater. One can't commit libel against another or slander people with false statements. And, until quite recently people understood the difference between dissent and sedition. While dissent is necessary, even encouraged in a healthy free society, sedition is only destructive and can cause great harm if not seriously dealt with.

Very soon people in America will be demanding that our government do something about all those who are committing sedition in our country. And I am not only talking about sedition by Muslims in America which isn't as much a problem as the sedition of organizations such as the ACLU.

Phil, United Kingdom - 21 July, 2005

Real Threat is "The Enemy Within"

I see these terrorist bombings as more of a symptom rather than the problem itself. If it wasn't the Muslim extremists it would be some other group.

The real problem is those within my country who has been for generations now undermining my society and weakening its foundations. Organzations like the ACLU. If it wasn't for people like the ACLU, the terrorists wouldn't even have an opportunity to attack my country.

We need to deal with the root cause of this problem. And that is what we call in contempory American politics "liberals". They are the ones who undermine our efforts to fight the war on terror. They hate America as much if not more than the Muslim terrorists do.

In our misunderstanding of freedom, we have allowed people to put everything that protects those freedoms at risk. That isn't freedom. It is sedition. It is treason. And it is time that we rediscover the true meaning of freedom and what needs to be limited and stopped to ensure that our freedom can be secured.

We must not let the mental disease of so called "liberalism" destroy the body of America so that we can't fight external "germs" such as the Muslim Terrorists. For if we don't we will surely die.

Fred, United Kingdom - 21 July, 2005

The "Disease"

You are right, Ahmer. You said "Because without investigating the actual cause of the disease you will never be able to cure it."

Well the disesae is so called "liberalism" which produces evil people like Ken Livingston and saps a country's will to survive.

If the UK doesn't stop the insanity of "liberalism" they will be destroyed. Same goes with America. If organizations such as the ACLU aren't stopped then we are doomed.

Internal forces within the UK and America have weaken both countries to the extent that external forces can come in and attack. But that just might be liberalism's undoing. For with every terrorist attack, more people are waking up to the danger that people like Livingstone poses. They are waking up to that evil and are rejecting it.

Western society was on the decline. But with the terrorist attacks, the terrorists might just revive it. They might just renew within us the spirit that made us strong. We might just well become the land of the free and the home of the brave, freed from the insanity of liberalism that has kept us down for so long.

Brent, United Kingdom - 21 July, 2005

recent coverage

Recently 4 devout Muslims blew themselves up and dozens of Londoners on the way to work in central London. This was but a few of the hundreds of 'martyrdom' operations carried out by the faithful over the year of 2005. Like many of these operations this one specifically targeted ordinary civilians in Western terminology, however as an Islamic scholar justifying the bombings explained in Islamic religious law this term doesn't exist, people are either dar ul harb (zone of war as opposed to zone of Islam) or not.

Following this targeting and bombing of London commuters the trendy leftist newspaper the Guardian carried prominently a Tariq Ali editorial that whilst omitting to critique the bombings for targeting civilians in London did raise countless civilian deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq and culminate in suggesting getting out of these places and Palestine as being the solution.

Naturally enough the Jihadi elements of Islam love this type of analysis and promptly this article was put up on Islamic website along with a Fisk article of similar propaganda utility from the Guardians sister publication The Independent. There both articles remain along with one more on that day from Yamin Zakaria, a Hizb ut tahrir hardcore jihadi propagandist based out of London.

A few days later the Guardian ran a sassy article giving the radical Islamist perspective from Dilpazier Aslam a trainee journalist who is also a hardcore Hizb ut tahrir propagandist as discovered by an intrepid blogger who expanded on these links which have picked up by several media outlets since.

The guys who wish to bring back the Caliphate and end democracy on the way to Islam dominating the world have not only mastered the art of using the useful idiots on the far left but have incorporated much of their technique, rhetoric, terminology and arguments from this left who largely in tactical alliance with them. They are also well represented by the Guardian – Faisal Bodi is another radical Islamist Guardian opinion writer who in the Guardian article linked to his name agitates for some Hizb activists arrested in Egypt, one of many articles from this author printed by the Guardian.

Despite a Guardian journalist dying in the London commuter bombings the Guardian publishes propaganda for the bombers by their sympathizers and cheerleaders for the Hizb ut tahrir. Highly useful.

Where the Islamists succeed in gaining power we can be sure that these useful idiots will be among the first to have their throats cut as happened after Khomenei captured power in Iran with the help of socialists and communists. They weren't useful any more.

Joe, United Kingdom - 21 July, 2005

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