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Suddam Hussain trial,A Drama.

27 October, 2005

By Tahir Akbar

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The international media has portrayed the trail of Saddam as a major watershed in the evolution of the political entity known as Iraq. It has been spoken of in terms of "Shia" and "Kurd" acting as cheerleaders at a spectator sport; revelling in the humiliation of the one who oppressed and taunted them for decades. On the other had the "Sunni" are sitting on the sidelines either angry or ambivalent. We should all get one thing straight from the on set; Saddam was not Shia or Sunni he was Ba`athist. He stood for Arab Nationalism, acted in the name of Arab Nationalism and all or his atrocities were carried out in his capacity as the Ba`athist head of a Ba`athist regime.

He incarcerated, tortured, murdered and made exhibits of Northerners, Southerners, foreigners (non-Iraqis), Takreetis, Sunnis, Shias and Kurds. He killed off members of his own direct family in cold blood, why would he demonstrate any affinity for so called Sunnis merely because they are not from northern or southern Iraq? The Muslims that called for Islam, that the Western media would brand Sunni, were among the most brutalised and humiliated by him. They are the ones that had the least love for him, and now are the most anxious about all this talk of splitting the state up upon racial and sectarian lines.

The trial of Saddam is an irrelevancy. The court room protocol is set up as a hodgepodge of internal law and Iraq law. Both of which are nebulous notions in themselves. Moreover they are both Kufr sources. It is true that Saddam made a mockery of the whole court procedure. What did America expect? It is not difficult to expose the fallacies of the innately farcical. All dictators that faced a show trail, from England`s King Charles I court to Slobadan Milosovic, they all invoked the argument of "by which authority do you try me?" For those that did not recognise the legitimacy of the bloody revolt and regicide in England in the 1649-50 the whole trial was a sham. For those that do not recognise the authority of UN`s war crimes tribunal the trial of Milosovic is a sham. For those that do not recognise the legitimacy of the current regime in Iraq, or for that matter the previous one " or the one before that, or the one before that, or the one before that etc, this trial is also a sham.

We Muslims don`t need a show trial. We as Shia, Sunni, Iraqi and non Iraqi know only to well the brutality of the Iran-Iraq war, the killing of 148 people in Dujail, the 270 known mass graves established since the 1970s, the 8000 male members killed from the province of Arbil (1983), The "Anfal" of 1988 campaign, designed to depopulate the Kurdish regions in northern Iraq, and the thousands that were massacred after 1991 in both the north and the south of the country. We consider these all to be crimes against us as an Ummah not crimes against Kurds or Shia. We all loath Ba`athism, in all its guises. We also hate Saddam for what he did and what he represented. No Muslim will shed a tear for him. An American show trial is not going to avenge any of that. It is not going to exorcise the ghosts of that period. These horrific events were the result of Kufr rule personified in Ba`athism. Kufr rule still exists, this time personified in the puppet government established by US. What has changed? Brutality at the hands of the government: no. Suppression of Muslims: no. Subjugation of the economy to western influences: no. So let us understand this trial in the context of what Saddam did to us as an Ummah. Let us put this into perspective and understand that it is true Islamic rule, and only true Islamic rule that can really purge this Muslim body of the filthy ideology that Saddam stood for.

Reader Comments:

Sadam husain did what he had to do keep his country to gether in a hostile opsition who tried to divide Iraq on sectarian basis. He did exactly what any ruler would have done to eliminate the forces causing any instablity to the security of Iraq as a one nation. His way to treat the sourses causing a threat national security may had been more or less not different than any soverign country. He may had a brutal view for his opponantas but as Bathist leader he had shown more secular view than any so called dictator who guranteed education, welfare and progressive technology to his his people as Iraqis.

amin, United Kingdom - 28 October, 2005

Next in line: Syria & Iran

It is a writing on the wall that Syria and Iran to read.
Nobody drop a tear for Saddam in all the Muslim world.

Sher Mohammad.

Sher Mohammad, Pakistan - 31 October, 2005

Why Not Other Despots ?

This is in response to Mr. Sher Mohammed's comment. The writing on the wall is not only for Syria and Iran, it is also for those who occupy and plunder the homeland of others on the basis of a pack of lies. We all know what the US force is facing in Iraq. It is true that Saddam had been a tyrant and a despot(so are Mubarak of Egypt, Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan, Qaddafi of Libya, Hussain of Jordan and the regime in Algeria), nevertheless, the US invasion and its continuous occupation of Iraq is also illegal. I believe Mubarak, Islam Karimov and the other despots of the Muslim World who happen to be the stooges of the west, should also be tried like Saddam for their crimes.

Tarek Masud, Bahrain - 10 November, 2005

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