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Still the Bumbling Fools

07 May, 2007

By Anwaar Hussain

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Thanks to the murderous fools in the current US administration, civil life in Iraq, now at the “point of no return”, is teetering at the edge of total anarchy.


As an accompanying fallout, along with an estimated million dead Iraqis, a morally, financially and diplomatically bankrupt America, the inept charlatans have also successfully managed to thoroughly radicalize the whole region. From Sudan to Pakistan and beyond, the ranks of America haters now stand swollen like never before. The recruiters for suicide brigades now drool non-stop with glee at the long cues of raging applicants outside their murky caves.

Let us revisit some of the opening acts of the bumbling fools in this morbid theater of the absurd.

Whether the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions were on false grounds or for some higher moral compulsions, the blundering fools should have known the character of state identities in these countries. They should have investigated whether society’s members there consider themselves first and foremost to be members of the nation championed by the state or the rival cultural elites there do not accept the national identity and would rather respond to tribal, ethnic, and religious calls. They did not.

They should have found out the personnel allegiances of the full-time cadres, part-time cadres, active and potential supporters of the likely resistance fighters, their warlords, and other armed groups opposed to such invasions. They did not.

They should have stopped threatening Iran and Syria long time back. They should have rather been providing firm support to these states to bolster regional stability. They should have been rewarding these countries for their non-intervention rather than tongue lashing them, humiliating them openly on false pretexts and laying down red lines for them on daily basis. They did not.

And the one thing they should not have done was trying to pick winners so early in this macabre game and aiding one Iraqi faction against another. They should not have provided active support for Iraq’s partition, as a result of which they now find themselves doing feverish rounds of the ‘axis of evil’ trying desperately to stop the member states of the ‘axis’ from supporting their Iraqi proxies. They did.

What takes the cake is that unruffled by the ghoulish results of the idiocy of his actions, in the meanwhile, the ‘decider-in-chief’ of the bumbling fools has decided to ‘surge’ ahead and fatten the target for the resistance fighters. The accompanying ‘surge’ in American casualties, since that decision, vouches for the increased size of the unfortunate target. Who was it that said, “while intelligent people can often simplify the complex, a fool is more likely to complicate the simple.”


Shamelessly though, the perpetrators of this grizzly drama are busy making dizzying rounds deep within the heart of the ‘axis of evil’, hat in hand, begging any one there who would care to listen, to save them from their own bumbling selves.

One does understand that fools are more audible, being naturally endowed with voices so much louder than sensible people. Yet one is confounded all the same that there are still Americans out there, however miniscule in numbers, who support this dastardly act and cheer on the participating actors. Perhaps it goes only to prove that every fool finds a greater one to admire him.

When such an American does finally wake up one day and ask to be forgiven for the atrocities committed in his name, it would possibly be for him that Abraham Lincoln would have said, “He reminds of the man who murdered both his parents, and then pleaded for mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan.”

Although the lot ruling the roost in the great US of A is still the bumbling fools, one does hope that when they do finally come around, the Nancy Pelosis of America would have the guts to display the following Spanish proverb in bold yellow letters on a bill board with a black background;

“What a fool does in the end, the wise do in the beginning.”

Copyrights : Anwaar Hussain

Reader Comments:

Fools are only those who get invaded and occupied

Wish Mr. Hussain had a better sense of judgment. Every socialist in the world can harp about President Bush and his cabinet.

But the real egg of foolishness is for the ones who get invaded and occupied.

Both Afghanistan and Iraq had at least 10 years to get their act together. Sadly though, the leadership in the two countries remained aloof from the reality just like author of this essay.

The end result was really unfortunate. Now the two countries are occupied and being managed or mismanaged by the others.

We can all sympathize with an individual who gets robbed on the highway. However if the whole nation gets hell bent on inviting others, there is no sympathy for them.

So bumbling fools are not the Republican administration. They will go home and play golf after retiring from the presidency.

However bumbling fools are those who got hanged like Saddam, or are hiding in caves like Mullah Omer.

Or may be the bumbling fools are those who support Saddams and Omers of this world.

Dr. Qazi (, United Kingdom - 08 May, 2007

Be Progressive Muslim Turn the Tide

Islam: “Stop evil with your hand, via writing or least via prayer”.
All three works or suppose to work.

“What a fool does in the end, the wise do in the beginning.”

Dr Mahattir Of Malaysia was wise. He paid heed in the beginning .
Other UMMA nations including Saddam Hussain Nasser Sukarno Z A Bhutto
also tried but the nature of Crime against Islam was overwhelming. Islam one way or other still trying to contain aggression Of Jewish Settlers and others .They grew in millions with free wheeling dealing alongwith USA allied who are out there to destabilize umma.They have money monopoly mfg monopoly they create sectarian killing while stealing and looting And squandering. Canada is in recession and is for sale and up for grab.

Their common contention is to acquire Islamic asset without Islamic infrastructure. Now is the time to catch up. Bangladesh was looted. Muslims of India have been left behind.Chechniya Kosovo Bosnia Philipino Muslim Thai Muslim Burmese Muslim and all Muslims in so called Hyde Park speaker corner organization of Islamic conferences have been left out from adequate development. If you see
That None Muslim World are building modern apartment complexes new homes or people calling themselves upper middle class buying cars modern furniture building factories mfg steel mills cars of all make engines chemical factories appliance factories decorating Parks streets road and converting bustee into good looking development like used To be in Canada USA EU UK this is their own doing and
Umma’s fault.It is better to be late than never.

The G8 media is obsolete and is obsessed in defeating Shia Sunni Islam.They are defeating even church .They helped economic and religion growth of China India Jewish settlers .Some one ‘s loss is some one’s growth.Cho Seung Hui could not take enclave and taunt of 2 years and had decided to take revenge. Other Muslim living
amid the same taunt have been kept Held up while enemy promoted themselves.Better believe this is what happening.Instead develop your new homes
Develop own factory development own education family life Islamic lfe as new beginning.

B _Lal, Hungary - 08 May, 2007

This person Dr.Qazi is using this name as cover.

This woman/man is using this name as a cover.His or her real name probably is "John Doe" because his speak is never based on logic rather than American agenda.For many Pakistanis they should know in times of 9-11 US embassy contacted many writers and asked them to write in favour of US govt position and gave good money for it.Afterwards the articles got printed with their names(without them even writing them) and money was still given to those writers.I wonder if this money is given towards justice and helping Pakistani nation survive and sustain.Dr.Qazi is certainly a name used for cover.,he/she uses urdu idioms to make it look like He/she is Pakistani, but these people learn urdu and culture before they start writing.

Abdul Kareem, Pakistan - 08 May, 2007

This disguized Qazi

The man still appears to be carrying false identity as any one can take up any yahoo address.

The disguised one can float from one falsehood to an other and the opinion is sadly allways biased as anti-islamic and fully laden with off spec false facts.

The victims are the poor and innocent Iraqis and most killings of the innocent ones has been carried on with assists of the highly paid merceneries.

The man appears to be doing a high caliber intelligence work to sow inter-islamic hate and balatant abuse contrary to the truth.

He can ruthlessly call peace lovers terrorists and appears to be thoroughly enjoying the bleeding death of million innocent muslims allways putting the blame squarely on the ones who had nothing to do with the tragedy and were caught off guarded.These innocent Islamic people had nothing to do with either Saddam or America or Israel.

The man feels no shame, no remorse, no regret, no ammends and absolutely no regard of the innocent's death.

He can only write in Pak Tribune like that. He is challenged to get a single letter with such views published in any other Pak dailies.

Can he have or can he show such writing from a standard net service address other than yahoo, which is shunned by any user with a standing.

Already half dozen or more sensible people have expressed disapproval of the writings of disguised Qazi, who i , like all other critics have expressed doubt in the real identity.





Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 08 May, 2007


Good article, but need to know two things:
1-Where is the Muslim world leadership? Why Muslim world is falling behind and why terrorism is giving Islam a new phase? Why can's Muslim countries solve their own problems without USA? And Why Islam can't be preached by these majority good Muslims around the world, as Islam was meant to be? And why most Muslim counties are run by Kings, Emires and Dictators? Why Muslims don't compromise their internal problems, so USA will not enter their business?

2-You need to know who run the USA decision making body? Yes, of course, Congress. And the United States Congress is made of 38% Zionists. There are 5.2 millions Jews, they all vote, but there are 13.7 Muslims and they don't vote.The Zionists politicians in the USA and around the world only care about Israel's interests and they are afraid; if peace arrive to Middle East Zionism will die. Ordinary Americans are very peace loving people. It's the Zionist politicians who are mamipulating and compromising the interests of American for Israel by sending USA to Iraq. Cause Saddam used to pay $ 20,000.00 to each bomber inside Israel.

When the Muslim world choose democracy that kills Zionism and that is not happening. When the Muslim world solve their problems, USA will risk invading.

God Bless America and God save America from the Zionists! More information: go to:

Akbar Khan, Pakistan - 09 May, 2007

Still the Bumbling Fools

The bumbling fools who supported terrorism and the Taliban in Afghanistan - people who went around raping, murdering and generally oppressing everyone they could with edicts against music and kite flying and anything else that might be considered fun in life. And the Taliban's support of Al Qaida allowed Osama Bin Laden to attack the US and murder 3000 people. And in the process of supporting these awful people, you people in the Pakistani military nearly lost your own country, which you can still accomplish if you go back to your wicked ways.

m. Bright, Pakistan - 09 May, 2007


Dear Editor,


It is with regret that one writes that Pak Tribune, a fine web portal as it is, allows pea-brained commentators like Mr. Qazi below to vent his ignorant rant on readers who delight in Mr. Hussain’s thoroughly enlightening, unbiased, bold, courageous and insightful articles. While one agrees with his right to express his opinion, however ignorant those may be, one is thoroughly exasperated by his passing judgment in such ill-mannered and badly informed ways.

Perhaps Mr. Qazi has not read the writer’s earlier pieces, the ORBATS for example, that he exhorts the writer to prove his ‘sense of judgment’. In my view Mr. Hussain is one of those rare writers whose sense of judgment, and impartiality, is far far above that of the many tin horn writers that one has come across the web over the time.

At best one may partially agree with Mr. Qazi’s observation that “the real egg of foolishness is for the ones who get invaded and occupied”. Partially because he does not observe that a still greater foolishness is on the part of the invaders who bankrupt themselves “morally, financially and diplomatically”, as the writer puts it, in their feverish and self defeating bid to invade foreign countries. Perhaps, it is a convenient lapse on Mr. Qazi’s part or then again perhaps Mr. Qazi’s limited world view allows him to observe only thus far.

In any case we, the general readers, would be much grateful if the Pak Tribune could save us from bigoted, self aggrandizing views of the likes of Mr. Qazi.

Maximus, Canada

Maximus, Canada - 09 May, 2007

Remarks about Dr. Qazi

Mr. Kareem,

Give us a break. Dr. Qazi can be whomever he wants to be. More than likely he is simply Dr. Qazi of

You tell us more about yourself than you do Dr. Qazi as you try to smear him.

Ayasha, United Kingdom - 09 May, 2007

article causes hatred

Funny that people wonder what causes's these kind of articles. There is no big trick to it....this is a Muslim writing hate articles about other countries.

You take a country with the most freedoms in the world, greatest economy, most technologically advanced and make it sound like everyone is stupid. Are you serious? These people leading the United States are still smarter than anyone you have ever met but you just feel like insulting them.

And before I hear all the hatred again, how many people are trying to get INTO the United States compared to trying to get into ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Facts don't lie, but unfortuntely you have no problem doing so.

Ryan, United Arab Emirates - 10 May, 2007

The Puzzling Mr. Maximum

Dear Mr. Maximus,

You seem to be quite a typical Canadian. You don't like Mr. Bush and, more than likely, you don't care for the U.S. At least you don't appear to.

Couldn't you just tell us that? Why do you have to use Dr. Qazi to do it?

As for Mr. Hussain, in my opinion, what we have here is more of his usual disdain for Mr. Bush, his administration and America.

However, even I have to admit that, this time, he appears to have at least one good point. It's when he indicates that Mr. Bush and his people didn't appear to understand the cultures they were dealing with.

I do think Mr. Hussain should be careful about calling people "bumbling fools," though.

I've been a bumbling fool lots of times and I suspect Mr. Hussain has also walked down that road - occasionally. Don't we all at one time or another?

Perhaps all of us "bumbling fools" should learn to just let sleeping dogs lie, because that same dog often comes up behind us and give us quite a bite.

Ryan. May I say that I think you are an absolute gem. Thank you...

Ayasha, United Kingdom - 10 May, 2007

Still the Bumbling Fools

Wrting facts about an admininstration like US is not wrong. Its not against any one person about whom the writer has written, its the policy of US government. Majority of american public is not in favour of what G. Bush has done so far and with the change of forces in the Whitehouse the Democrats are working hard to get out of Iraq. Why they are doing it because they know very well its an unwanted and unprovoked war on Iraqi Civilians. Saddam is dead and change of government is done with. Why to stay there and kill more people. So many US soldiers are also killed but why to go into Iraq at the first place It was OIL nothing else. Some people are offended if the facts are put on the paper but no good keeping eyes shut and see the salughter of human beings who done no harm to US. Working in any country for better living is not a sin or cannot be balanced with the atrosities of Iraq and Afghanistan. Workers in any capacity contribute towards the development of that country and once G. Bush appreciated them in his speech. Sometime he does talk good sense but mostly he is not well liked even in US and soon will be on his way out but America will still remain a great country until a coming up great power balances the power of the world. Let us not be personal and just give opinion on subject where more and more reader do like to give their opinions. No hard feelings.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 11 May, 2007

Letter to Ryan

The letter from Ryan amounts to looking down upon and that can be worse than hating any body.

This article by Mr Anwaar Hussein does not really hate anybody.It simply points out the facts about faults and short falls that are apparently being pointed out by every sensible person within America and Europe.

Since, the muslims are on the receiving end of the blood bath, no lamb really ever thanks the butcher while the strong and unchallenged butcher runs his knife.

Fortunately, the humans can criticize the cruel deeds of other muslims regardless of their might and brain.The brains can be better from people coming from poor countries and I can challenge hundreds of gas engineers from America and Britain put together in knowledge of gas engineering.
Ryan should just go to the leading gas engineering annual publications of America to find my name as the first ever to co-relate chemical reaction engineering with refinery, gas plant and pipe line integrity. In real knowledge and brain storming sessions I can even perform better than what my condensed publications may show.

Every people have a time andwe were there long before Europe and America could even think or dress themselves and Inshalla, we are getting on top again-hopefully sooner than one might think.

The superiority deigning and looking down on fellow humans have sunk the greatest empires without a chance again to re-rise.

Even the mightiest have the achiles heel in middle east oil insecurity and all nations and people have to behave on equality basis rather than bragging about their supermacy by killing million or so innocent people with fabricated stories and false pretences.


Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 11 May, 2007

Partition, if Occurs

Iraq may be divided between Arab and Turkey but may not handed over to Iran as Persia did have many a parts that are now having their own governments and territories like Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Baluchistan etc. Iran is a Shia power and Shias being more sincere to mourning and having their basic theology opposing Sunnis considering that being their sacred utmost skill can never rule a wholy muslim population with due justice so it should be kept clear in mind that Shias ruling a general muslim population will create problems and misunderstandings for future. They have certain basic theme of religion that they can not open themselves or openly act as honourable rulers. Shia theology does not have the potential to accept other folks.

Ahmad Farquleed, Pakistan - 11 May, 2007

Saddam is dead, but American troops must stay in Iraq

Saddam is dead, but American troops must stay in Iraq

Mohammad/UK says and I quote:
Saddam is dead and change of government is done with. Why to stay there and kill more people. So many US soldiers are also killed but why to go into Iraq at the first place It was OIL nothing else.

American liberals want to have it both ways. First they supported the war, and now they want to blame President Bush for the whole thing. Majority of killing in Iraq is being down by the Wahabis and Shias. American troops at this stage are caught in the cross fire.

Mr. Mohammad, your assessment is rather simple and innocent. Don’t we all know what happened when the West allowed Afghanis to run their own country for 10 years? Just like Afghanistan, Iraq too is multi-ethnic country. Just like Iraq, the anarchists exploited the internal differences and guess what? Afghanistan became the source of terror against the whole world.

If Iraq is ignored and dumped by the West at this stage, you can't even imagine the horrors that would be perpetrated by the terrorists.

Just like Afghanistan was not to be left alone, Iraq must be managed by the international community. Considering the intra-sect carnage in Iraq, UN must put some resolutions for the blue helmets. If blue helmets (UN force) is not possible, then Pakistan and Saudi Arabia should bring in 300,000 troops in Iraq. Iraqi people badly need international help, and quitting Iraq is not an option.

God forbid if Iraq fails to become peaceful and Americans leave, the same terrorists will show up in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It will be very easy for these Qaida and other terrorist to exploit Shia-Sunni, and ethnic differences in Pakistan. Soon our country will drown in blood just like Iraq. Right now most of the Qaida members are helping their Arab brothers in Iraq. As soon as they taste victory, the very next step for the Qaida will be Pakistan.

Our President, Generals, and ministers have already been attacked by Qaida inspired suiciders. Wait until Qaida and terror wins in Iraq, then see what happens to Pakistan. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Iraq at this stage is not President Bush's problem only. It is a problem for the whole region. It is so sad that we all want to right big long articles condemning the West. It is even more unfortunate that some of the Pakistani intellectuals want to follow socialists and liberals of the West. Poor things don’t realize the implications of retreat in Iraq.

Among all this blame game, no body cares to bring peace and stability in Iraq.

How very sad!

Dr. Qazi (, United Kingdom - 11 May, 2007

Qazionics chess of conspiracy

Looks like Pak tribune has become the host to play the chess game of qazionics, where it appears that one disguised one has now probably an other disguized name as partner.

People on Pakistan and Islamic sympathizers(against the terrorizers)get rerady to play it well. You are already winning as many are showing angered frustration against the very intriguing balatant attack on peace lovers muslims in this media.

Listen muslims, even calling yourself peace lovers, acting peaceful , projecting peace motivation and indulging in no terror acts and even condemning them can classify you as terrorists by the Qazionics media invadors for their relentless conspiracy.

That Qazi got well orchestrated ally as well and perhaps disguized one too as you can read through the dynamics of the chesss game and its very kinetics of instigative advance.Only Paktribune could host such a thing in all Pak press.Dawn, Jang and Frontier post will throw it out of the window.

Any ways, the peace lovers of Islam and Pakistan have been challenged with false brandishing.You have to get up as the chess game is getting heated with international attention focussing on it.It is extremely important to see how we act united and with vigour and energy.

It is very essential to stop this chess game from creating inter islamic hatred by some disguised invador and a sole supporter that appears to be disguised as well.

Wake up muslims.Some one is mixing poison in our own media to make it look extremely offensive and aggressive to the fellow world of Islam.



Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 12 May, 2007

No partition of Iraq

Partition can never solve the problems of Iraq or Afghanistan.First Iraq is 65 percent Shia, 20 percent Sunni and 15 percent Kurd with 100000 Turkmen as well.
But, it is Iraqi character all over of loosly united COUNTRY WITH yet firmly held people so dependent on each other.Turkey's seclurism won't work there, because iraq is too religious.It cannot be absorbed into Arabia as the Sunni Arabs really are not much interested to absorb a majority Shia country. Iran is not an expansionist country and it only wants to help Iraq of both Shia and Sunni people.

Iraq's solution lies in being the country as loosly united but firmly held.

The Sunnis, the Shias and Kurdish people can function better within themselves rather than embracing outsiders.It is a very difficult country like Afghanistan and the situation is even more complicated because of foreign troops and more worsened by the presence of foreign informer merceneries.

No matter how confused and complicated Iraq may be,there is no room for foreigners of the west and also the Turks, Arabs and Persians to control Iraqi nation. The Iraqis dont want the foreigners of any sort to run their lives and nor do the foreigners want to be there permanently.

You get the Arabs, the Persians and the Turks in there and you have a very much confused and bloody mess that will be much worse than what you see now.


All Iraq needs and wants is the education to love and respect fellow Iraqi.More relative peace and fair sharing of economy can redress many ill issues and problems there.The same applies to Afghanistan.Unfortunately our own Pakistan is inching to similar mentality and thinking of indulging into mini scale of non compromising, but in our country, things are more or less under control.

Let alone, Islamic countries trying to pacify Iraq, even the military mights of the world is helpless in Iraq.Restoration of energy infrastructure will help very much as money in the pockets can better solve Iraqi problems.


Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 12 May, 2007

this history

every great empire at some point of time will look foolish is the case today for America

kumar, Hungary - 13 May, 2007

ignorant lies of Qazi

Could a writer be so wrong? Bumbling fools?
Saddam is dead. His butchery is at end. His pursuit of illegal weapons is over. His invasions of his neighbors are at end. His maniac children will never come to power. His legacy of death and mayhem will be globally recognized as a low point in history.
Iraq is richer today than a few years ago, and on it's way to even greater wealth. The situation there is FAR BETTER than under the tyrant. There are 27 million people who live in a land where they have more freedom and opportunity than in a generation.
All the media lies and distortions will not actually change their situation. Life in Iraq is getting better, and no matter how much filth Qazi and his ilk spew, it wasn't because of them. Qazi did nothing to save a single soul in that land. His point of view is poisonous and deliberately warped. He is just another media/academic whore of the rabid anti-americanists. Ignore him, and his "opinions" just like anyone in a position of actual responsibility already does.

kevin barry, United Kingdom - 14 May, 2007

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