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Some questions on militancy

24 August, 2006

By Muhammad Ahsan Yatu

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Are Americans sincere in total elimination of religious militancy?  Going by the statements of President Bush, the answer would be, "Yes, they are". 

The situational realities, however, present a different picture. America , somehow, still supports the extremism though, as in past, not everywhere. Today this support is certainly selective, and much more secretive. It is connected to the American Global vision, which is well fixed and intended for a century, at least: Or till such times, when the oil wells of

Middle East would dry out. Hence, it is sheer innocence to conclude that the Americans will change so early.

Moreover, the American vision is being governed by wisdom, brute and soft both, and not by the media statements of its leaders. And it is the brute side of their wisdom that had made them to formulate a policy after WW II to promote religious extremism. The policy was well thought out. It had many partners, and certainly more dimensions (targets) other than that of only countering the Communism. The tragedy inflicted on the Americans on  September 9, 2001, was, no doubt, huge enough to compel them to reconsider their policy and the partnerships. And like many others this scribe remained for a couple of years under the spell that they would do so. They did it but only partly.

While there is plenty of evidence, if not direct, indirect certainly, to elaborate Americans' duplicity, and their continuing support to the militancy, where it suits them, allow me to present the most recent one, which was revealed by none other than the worthy President of Pakistan, General Pervaiz Musharraf. He in one of his fresh speeches, delivered a few days ago in Islamabad before a gathering of Pakistani philanthropists based in America, said that while the American Oil Giants and the Arab Sheikhs are living luxuriously, the illiterate Pakistani child is being indoctrinated for a journey to hereafter by turning him into a suicide bomb, ready to explode to bring death and destruction to himself and to the others.

Connecting the three, the rich Arabs, the rich Americans and the poor indoctrinated Pakistani youth of today while speaking against the menace of terrorism, President Musharraf has highlighted the obvious, and what we can conclude safely from his revelation is that the parties who had joined hands fifty-nine years ago to promote religious extremism are still on the job.

The President must be appreciated for exposing two of the partners. Yet, one question he too should answer: which Pakistani channel the outsiders are using to attract hundreds of poor Pakistani youth? People still remember the days when some one was caught by the agencies if he was found strolling near the Russian and the Indian Embassies. What used to happen to him during interrogation was also a well-known secret. Days have not changed. Nor have our agencies. They are still as sensitive, as active, as efficient and as lethal as before. No happenings of their concern, small or big, can escape their eyes. Besides, who does not know about the large, deep rooted and watchful presence of the CIA almost everywhere in Pakistan? Isn't it strange in presence of so much vigilance the kind of activity that attracts hundreds of Pakistani youth to militancy is simply going on?

Judging from the two fatal terrorist attacks on him, his stress on moderation, and his recent revelations, it can be assumed that President Musharraf is steadfast in his anti-militancy drive. But we have a ruling elite, which is powerful, rich, self-centered, conservative, and has no vision of the contemporary world; and, hence, it is not interested in things that Musharraf adores. Moreover, we have our own giants and sheikhs. The divide in our ruling elite, is comparable to the one when America supplied arms to Iran during Iran-Iraq War and President Reagan knew nothing about that.


Anyway, those who had entered into an understanding fifty-nine years ago to promote religious extremism are partners still; though, with somewhat shift in strategy. This partnership is now at some places against militancy, and at the other pro-militancy. Sometimes militancy serves a common purpose, and sometimes a specific one. Sometimes it harms, collectively or individually, the partners/partner also.  The entire world is still in conflict even after the elimination of the Soviet system, and one way or the other sponsored religious extremism is the cause. Why; and that takes us to the basics.

One of the dimensions of the grand understanding on promoting extremism was to preserve and enhance the authority and the riches of the parties involved. America would have kept on doing nasty things to destabilize Russia, even if Russia was not communist - a job that the Anglo-Saxons were doing since many centuries. And that is what America is up to even today. Given its resources, ability, vastness and political will, Russia was and will remain the only challenge to the American dominance.  So, to the Americans, the Chechens and the other militants of Central Asian states are not extremists. Similarly the Arab elites are only interested in preservation and enhancement of the magnitude of their tribal rule and attitudes, and the associated riches. Thus, to them, the militancy related with the slogans of political Islam is plausible, as it keeps the environment turbulent, which in turn becomes a tool or a reason to keep the primitivism intact. The Arab elite sponsored militancy is plausible to the Americans also, because it helps them to manipulate the oil rich but troubled Middle East with ease.

To both, Americans and Arabs, the death of Pakistani youth and destruction of Pakistani society brought by the militancy is no worry. The Pakistani rich and the powerful are not, purposefully, bothered either. Militancy has helped them to keep the masses engaged to rhetoric such as Ummah, Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Balkanization of India, atomic bomb, strong defense and now Lebanon, and what not. That is why, what to talk of a revolution, there are not even minor protests. Isn't this a nauseating reality in presence of so much poverty, illiteracy, deprivation, extortion and exploitation? This question has answer in unfolding of all the dimensions of American policy on extremism. Most likely the third and the last dimension of their policy is Demarcation of Civilization. It is a subject for another debate. Yet, what Demarcation of Civilization will mean is imposed isolation for such nations, which will not turn to modernization and democratization (which will not become part of Western Civilization). The rich Arab elite might survive even in isolation or till petro-dollars flow: for us isolation will simply mean a journey back to our past. Or back to backwardness. Isn't it enough reason for our elite to think and act differently? The question of all questions is: can our elite think positively? Or, even, independently!!!


Reader Comments:

North west flight to Mumbai

All the twelve suspects detained on a Northwest airlines flight to Mumbai were born in Mumbai. Their only fault was this that they were carrying a muslim name.

Best regards, Hungary - 24 August, 2006

Some Question on US Militancy is to Flatten Flatten Iran Syria like Iraq Lebanon

Before USA allied even come to Bomb Civilization in Iran Syria nearby to Flatten Homes Office Buildings Apartment Buildings Bridges Airports Railways Factories
Farms Rivers and Gas Stations as Satan as Tornadoes as Locusts as Forces of Evil as Enemy of Progress as Wrecker of Muslim Population as Greedy Claimant for Oil with documents of IMF with Shrouds kaffan for UMMA with Pyre Oven to Burn Burnt out Bodies Rotten Human Flesh which is inevitable. Start visualising action with equal and opposite reaction .This time it has to spread instantly everywhere With equal Evil every where as if Hell has Descended in USA EU Israel Equally.Jihad is a Must Requisite. Be Prepared for Eye for an Eye, Economy for Economy Jobs for Jobs with Hell in the River Hell in the Tanker Hell on the Allied Army Residential Buildings Office Commercial District (home –abroad in the real situation) with Plaque of Old Days Fire of Old days North South war fires of Old days with Visible Fire Anarchy Everywhere with Burning Damages Wreckage Everywhere.No more free Collateral bombing or sacrificing own
Family country Umma Islam.War has been prescribed for such event in befitting Manner. If Killer bank Robbers Terrorists are of this Magnitude You Treat them
As Devil not as USA EU Nation or World Leaders.They are Devil of the past ,Devil
Of the recent and Would be devil of future.You do not have to be super Nuke Power
Like Russia Warsaw Pact Army to Deal with Them to go after their Homes Their family their Town their Economy their life style Start a war where White Black brown European American Asian African will be Equal (from leftovers).Visualize this Matching Militancy.

benz m Isphahani, India - 24 August, 2006

Freedom from belief

Until the day all people can make decisions seperated from religious ideolgy, I give that religious beliefs cannot be divorced from influencing thinking, no progress will be made by ANY people. Nobody has the right to impose their particular beliefs, no matter how sincerely held, upon those of contrary or differing persuasions.

I pipe dream that greed and religion are dismissed from the human psyche. Then the way will be forward and upward. Nice dream not, I'm afraid, likey to become a reality. Very good article Mr Yatu but to whomsoever it was that placed your mini resume, could I point out "Staunched" in modern parlance means to stop the flow, usually of blood, sometimes water, and is the past participle of to staunch or stop, not something that, I think, was meant.
Staunch also means strong or firm, but never staunched. I

Tom Edgar, Aruba - 24 August, 2006

Some Questions and Answers on US Militancy to Flatten Islam

Israeli Zionism with Bush Evangelical Military Militancy on UMMA reflect
That their Militancy is in lieu of combined Militancy of Russia Warsaw Hitler Mussolini Japan Emperor Army. Going by the statements of President Bush, the answer would be, "Yes, they are" They are waging War on Islamic UMMA using Term fascism by destroying Islamic countries basic living infrastructure or civilization by flattening our r homes our lives our family psyche in pursuit To impose Christianity Judaism .The realities are that US Israel allied Bomb Ours to flatten Islamic infrastructure As Devil Israeli US Extremists as free Oil claimant. Jewish US EU vision being governed by performing live Guinea pig experiments on Muslim Umma by flattening our
home with experiments on our stem cell ovaries our blood our Heart Lung.We are being brain washed as terrorist if we do not let them have their way.They are like mentally ill they are sick people of the west with Every collateral bombing death destruction TV radio publicity designed as Totally mentally deranged people mentally sick leaders and . Their everyday Comment reflect proof evidence that American Oil Giants have had colluded with Lawrence of Arabia Sheikhsto create ww1-2 gulf Balkan war Israel oil based stocks exchange. Pakistani or Muslim children even in G8 have been called terrorists .Either give oil or you are terrorists based on Quran teaching. The President PM
resisted 2 partners. One was caught strolling near the Russia or nr Indian The two fatal terrorist attacks on PM Revealed with their flattening game . Indian Embassies affair
confirms that their have aligned to wipe out Islamic civilization.Consequently Zia was
killed with generals Now they want Pak army elimination with Muslim generals Muslim intellectuals.Pakistan OIC cannot treat them as equal partners.Quran calls this Hypocrite with warning not to associate with their Militancy other pro-militancy. Warfare has been prescribed which is called Islamic Jihad militancy .Jihad is to serve a common muslim purpose Collectively or individually. Invading crusaders army Cannot be partners. US recruitment Of NATO ISRAEL INDIA BUDDHIST RUSSIAN WARSAW army alliance have been combined with few Muslim leaders against so called Taliban Mujaheddin Alqaeda or hezbollah is contrary to the rule of Religious Militancy .They
have “conflict against those who would not let them wrap of Quran Islam Religion or
give them heart lung blood Oilfields on Bush- Israeli platter”.Consequently theirs is term
“Collateral Bombing Collateral Flattening of Buildings Homes roads markets livelihood Family Children friends UMMA”.

Z.Billo, Pakistan - 25 August, 2006

Blood borders

Dear MR.Yatu,
You write good articles.Let me draw your attention to a this on search area,type.Constant conflict and it will tell you the reasons for the wars in the world from US Army's perspective.ALso type Blood borders and you will see the map the US military is suggesting for middleeast,including Pakistan, without Kashmir,sarhad,balochistan and part of sindh.
For a writer like you you shoudl read ,write and share it with others.
Thanks.If you like do write me back.

muhammad Khan, United Kingdom - 25 August, 2006

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