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Some democracy, America

07 June, 2007

By Anwaar Hussain

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President Bush is in Europe flaunting, in a hard sell pitch, his brand of democracy to the world at large and to Russia in particular. He is known to have said: “We believe that the voice of the people ought to be determining policy, because we believe in democracy.”

That, ladies and gentlemen, is as fallacious a statement as any that the President of United States has been giving since he took over the reins of his great country. Fallacious too because the American President is selling a product that America does not have.

Granted that we in the Muslim countries have not much idea of the fruits of democracy, having been perpetually ruled by kings, despots, generals, tyrants, autocrats and dictators of all hues. Granted too the fact that no democracy is perfect and at any given time it is either getting better or getting worse, yet the President’s statement is a wholly fallacious one. Fallacious because despite calling itself ‘the champion of democracy’, internally, the U.S. has hardly ever had a direct democracy where American people determine American policy, the true essence of democracy, and externally, it has a long and sordid record of closely coddling mambas like Pol Pots, Marcoses and Zias of the yore. The American President is selling a product that America does not have.

The President’s statement is fallacious because corporate corruption of American politicians and government has shredded to bits whatever semblance of democracy America was left with. Fallacious too because instead of having democracy in the decision making institutions of America it is rather the fine art of corporate corruption that now stands democratized and institutionalized with all now having a chance at equal opportunity corruption. All it takes is money. Corporate corruption in America is now at a stage where it has become a bipartisan, open, and legal practice with Americans finally coming to accept it as a status quo, an integral part of a dollar-driven, cheating culture. The American President is selling a product that America does not have.

The President’s statement is fallacious because it is now plain for all to see that misrepresentative government and corporatism has oppressed American citizenry to the extent that their democracy has become nothing more than a corporate theocracy, a fascist feudal state in which “the serfs” serve the corporate state as voiceless workers, voracious consumers, submissive citizens and pliant subjects. The American President is selling a product that America does not have.

The President’s statement is fallacious because the immoral alliance that he and his predecessors have been having with dictators the world over runs exactly counter to the false pledges of democracy to their subjects. Fallacious too because those who cosset ruling tyrants cannot advocate for themselves the exclusive privilege of bringing democracy to the oppressed. The American President is selling a product that America does not have.

The President’s statement is fallacious because despite the fact that for all his internal and foreign misadventures, from social issues to Iraq war, the support of American masses having decidedly moved from a trusting to a distrusting majority, he presses on stubbornly. Fallacious because while clinging doggedly to his disastrous policies, he is known to have called himself ‘the decider’ on more than one occasion. Fallacious too because despite the aforementioned fact, there is not one single institution in that ‘mother of all democracies’ that can help loosen the death like grip of the yellow fangs of his administration from the jugular of its unfortunate victims. The American President is selling a product that America does not have.

The President’s statement is fallacious because contrary to its democratic plumage, his own party’s strategy is now out in the open. And that is a Republican Party that permanently runs the United States and a United States that permanently runs the world. Fallacious too because the severely mauled, but still breathing, democratic opposition has so far miserably failed to nip in the bud this wicked vision of a one-party global empire. The American President is selling a product that America does not have.

The President’s statement is fallacious because he has had real laws passed at home that have torn bomb-size holes in the Bill of Rights, set into motion an actual shift of American judiciary toward the radical right and has so fused his government with corporations, the military, portions of the media and a hugely expanded secret police apparatus that now it scares the living daylights out of common Americans. The American President is selling a product that America does not have.

The President’s statement is fallacious because the world can see his quisling lackeys overseeing his experiments in Afghanistan and Iraq about to roll in dust and his ally in Pakistan looking with stunning disbelief at the shifting sands of national opinion beneath his feet. Fallacious too because had his vision of democracy bore even a scrap of resemblance to the original idea, his friends in these countries would have been elevated to prophet hood by the innocent masses of these countries. The American President is selling a product that America does not have.

The President’s statement is fallacious because we the world can see that for us at least, American democracy has boiled down to nothing more than that of a lynch mob who vote on the fate of their victims even as the rope is being readied to carry out the inevitable verdict. The American President is selling a product that America does not have.

The President’s statement is fallacious because American democracy is not only not a democracy; it is in fact the exact opposite…a ‘minocracy’. He is trying to sell to the world a system in which if only 60% of the people bother to cast their vote, in a majority system with two parties, 31% of the electorate can impose its will on the remaining 69%; and with three parties competing, 21% of the people could rule a country through an appointed elite. The American President is selling a product that America does not have.

The President’s statement is fallacious because American democracy has actually translated itself into vesting the incredible amount of the power of the President of United States into a mediocrity like the incumbent President with disastrous results for America and the world at large. Fallacious because mediocrity has now become the rule and unlimited irresponsibility one of the privileges associated with his kind of totalitarian democracy. Fallacious too because with the justification of a popular mandate, a third-rate politician has been given the licence to squander resources and bringing chaos into the world without the fear of being held accountable for it. The American President is selling a product that America does not have.

Some democracy, America.

Copy Rights: Anwar Hussain

Reader Comments:

selling some wich one doesn't have

The meaning of the word democracy sounds disgusting to us Muslims from the day Bush started to mention it to often .The word terror has also got another significance .To all neo cons ,if they are man enough to defend Bush .Do you think Bush brought democracy to Iraq or Afghanistan ?
Can you dream of having a Iraqi Catholic as minister of foreign affairs ?
Can you tell me why under the Taliban regime women were sometimes beaten with a stick while under your democracy many Afghan women burn themself ?
and what about Guantanamo .should perpetratorns not be punished instead of innocent people ?
Last but not least , wasn't Chavez elected democraticaly , why do you organise coups to eliminate the man .
Why do you stop each coup against Musharraf wich isn't democraticaly elected at all .
Wake up , you sell something wich you don't have .

Noureddine, Pakistan - 08 June, 2007

The American President is selling a product that America does not have

An excellent article ! It is truly astounding that a country like America that produces and nurtures the best minds in the world, is run by third rate politicians, aided by some unethical individuals in the CIA and the Pentagon. Only thing these politicians get right is to promote American national interest at the cost of world peace ! It is now an open secret that it is American policy is to create an enemy and then sell the idea to its allies in order to sell arms, cause destruction and then award contracts to its own people in reconstruction, what a brilliant economic cycle !!
Congratulation to the author of the article.


Neel, Pakistan - 08 June, 2007


A word "Democracy" has been used too often by US President with an intent to fool the world of today who are aware of the intentions behind all that WMD, Talenban, Terror or terrorism. So far there is no success achieved in Iraq by US and allied forces to give a democratic government but have damaged the country which will need at least 50 years to rebuild and fear created by US President in the minds of coming generations of Iraq might not haunt them but will remember what is done to them. History got a scar on it with the intrusion into two countries who did no harm to US but were allies in war against USSR through Afghanistan. US President failed to repay them back but destroyed them altogether. This very word of democracy is a joke and I personally think will be changed to something else by US and others before any invasion though its not very likely that it will happen in the next 10-20 years. It will be difficult to leave Iraq as the involvement there does not seem to be working in favour of US and its Allied forces. They are in a mess and to get out will be done by next US government. Elections were fair in Iran but US said no they were not because Iran is not a listening friend of US. Similarly Chavez was elected democraticaly but US President says NO to that election because Chavez is not in the good books of US President. But who cares about America today, if you ask me not many around the world. The tide is going to change and in the next 10-20 years there are going to be more Super Powers with larger armies and fighting tools and world will be even worst. Money and power never remains at one place or in one hand. It keeps on changing. Muslims were the rulers of three continents going back quite a while and there is going to be something similar in the middle of this century. World is chaning fast and others are waking up to combat all the probabilities.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 08 June, 2007

Democracy is good but which one?

Democracy is defined as a govt of the people for the people by the people but in reality Is it so?.Not in USA.
In USA there is establishment that controls the outcome of plitical process and this establishment is composed of 5 powers, which are military,intelligence agencies,christian right(i.e.fundamentalists who pray for nuclear war so Jesus can land in Jerusalem and Jesus insists according to the bible that there should be Israel and the temple of David be ready when he comes.We don't know about the menu that will be served yet on the reception,yet we know the blood of millions would have been spilled by then),
then is Israeli Lobby which is in it hand in hand with christian right.Last is corporations.This is American establishment.Elections are done between two parties Republican and Democratic,each candidate runs on difference in domestic policies.Foreign policy of Israel or destruction of Muslims is not touched.Therefore some policies will never change no matter which party is in WHite house,and they are support for Israel and war on terrorism(read Islam) and opening world's markets for American goods and pushing American culture,be it nudity,homosexuality,drinking or gambling or what ever but it will be treated sacredly with fundings and force available for back up.The leaders of muslim countries for fear of their life will keep on saying"Well if you don't like certain semi nude show borrowed from American under the cultural exchange program then change the channel for fear of their life and then to overcome this fear will say outloutI am not afraid of death,may be echo helps overcome the fear.Thinking behind it is, that to impose new culture older culture should be attacked day and night on its foundations.
In USA the turn out in Presedential elections is around 25% to 30%,the rest don't even bother to vote because they know their fate is well decided and wouldn't change so why bother.Other compliment is that the outcome is racially and religiously motivated not by the agenda of service in most of the cases.In a neighbourhood of white people even a black university professor will loose against a white plumber or sweeper.,and vice versa.
Lot of money is spent for the desired outcome., state of New Jersey,Mr.Jon COrzine ran for the seat of senator and spent $65 million dollars.,then he ran for Governor and similar amount was spent.The politicians are considered to be rich people and they become richer because the corporations spend money while pressuring them to pass a certain law favouring them against people area of pollution or foreign trade or what ever.But this hurts people.
Also during elections negative campaign is norm, meaning projecting opponents some past mistakes,personal scandals even a picture when a certain candidate was drunk and lying on floor outside bar etcetc.
Among secular democracies the best can be said of India but there too now corporations will start spending huge sum to get those politicians elected who will succumb to their demands.Best form of democracy is Islamic in which peoples wish is respected but within Islamic law not outside and this keeps the society humane and stable but unfortunately due to the inferiority complex muslims have they are following everything western without even questioning.
The present form of American democracy unfortunately is no model for any one esp.the poor countries.But the word of democracy is said by US leaders to put pressure on the leaders of those countries where in their selction,nomination etce US will was there, becasue they were unpopular,weak and with past of scandals so they will surrender on little pressure.

MK, United Kingdom - 09 June, 2007


Granted that America doesn't have the perfect democracy. Name me a country which has better democratic system & rule of law than America.

If you all Muslims don't like the democratic system in America or Europe then why are you flocking to these countries. Why don't you just stay in your country & work to establish a democratic system in your own country. When was the last time Pakistan or any other Muslim country had a truly democratic government.

Long live America the bastion of democracy.

BlackLabel, United Kingdom - 09 June, 2007

one NeoCon Humanoid speaks

You call us names NeoCon you belittle us with descriptions Humanoid well we are then NeoCon Humanoids but we are as free in our democracy as almost anyone in the world. You speak repeatedly of America in derogatory terms like an american can critize their own government but you are not an american. You talk about us all the time, so why do you hate us so much.

robert frobenius, United Kingdom - 10 June, 2007

Let freedom ring

America allows me to be as free as I need to be.

I thank God for that...

Some of you writers seem to believe everything you read just as long as it agrees with you. To you, there is not even the possibility of another side to the story, so you never go looking for it.

I can't imagine living with a mind that is incapable of wonder...

Born and bred in the USA

Ayasha, United Kingdom - 10 June, 2007

Sadly, You are Right

Many, many people in America know that our elections in 2000 and 2004 were stolen. We also know that 911 was not caused by planes crashing into the Twin Towers. The collapse of the Twin Towers on 911 was PLANNED. I believe it was planned by people like Karl Rove. (My father is an architect and took one look at the videos and said, "No building falls down like that except by controlled demolition.") 911 was the excuse for a fascist dictatorship to take over our country and destroy our democracy, just like Hitler used the Reichstag Fire in 1933 to take over Germany.
Our government is the most evil in history. It uses deadly radioactive uranium weapons to cause genocide in the Middle East, and I am afraid that we are going to attack Iran next. Bush and his neocon pals are more than gangsters, they are psychopaths who have no conscience and will stop at nothing to achieve world domination.
I hope people in Pakistan will do what people all over the world are doing--oppose the global domination of the Bush Regime. I don't know that much about Musharaff, but if he is working with the Bush family to further their goals, then I hope you will work to stop him.
May God help us all.

Hajja Romi Elnagar, United Kingdom - 11 June, 2007

like you...

Just like Bush is trying to sell democracy that his coutry does not seem to have, Muslims are trying to sell what they don't have-Peace

reader, Pakistan - 11 June, 2007


Ayasha,it is good to know about freedom of thinking and speech that you are proud of.It is this verything that makes us think and reach at true conclusions.May I suggest you to visit these site. and and read on left"Lie of the century"I hope being born and bred up in USA speak about truth so justice can be reached.

JS, United Kingdom - 11 June, 2007


Dear JS,

We are in the archives, but I just noticed your comment to me and I simply have to answer it, even from here in the basement.

I have thoroughly researched the whole 9/11 theory thing. Did you actually think I wouldn't?

It's all so silly. You are belieiving what you want to believe and you think that is the truth.

Try and article like the Popular Mechanics one to research for a start That is if you can get through. If you think back, you will remember that the computer capabilities have been a bit blocked in Pakistan. However, you are lucky enough to live in freedom. You can find the site, but I doubt you will bother.

You are following the crowd. I've never been very good at that. But I am good at asking questions and research.

Sometimes I find what I believe not to be true. I'm disappointed, but I can accept it because I am not a hater. Not being a hater, leaves the mind wonderfully clear.

Why do so many people these days do what you do? You, and those like you, actually believe their prejudices and opinions are the truth. THE TRUTH IS NOT JUST WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO BELIEVE.

Frankly, I'm beginning to believe there is no more truth. Only opinions...

And ingrates who are lucky enough to live in America where they can say any beastly thing they want about their country and they don't appreciate it.

Ayasha, United Kingdom - 13 June, 2007

Ayasha is an Indian

since u r 'born and bred up in USA'..... where did u pick babu vocabulary?

BhindiHunter, United Kingdom - 18 June, 2007

U.S. Theocracy and Bush

Was intewrested in yr article of 7th June/07.Agree with much of what you said.I am interested in-and concerned at the spread totalitarian theocracies, of which the oil lobby of the U.S. at the moment seems to be in the ascendancy.
Pakistan also appears to be 'on the cusp' of dramatic change.Which could have better-or ill affects for all of us.What do you have to say about that.
Respectfully yours.Jim Brunton
[I am a retired Ship Master Mariner].

Jim Brunton, Aruba - 08 September, 2007

Quite a joke Bush is

The man from Washing-Ton, i.e. Dhobi Ghatt, what in the world he knows about democracy, it took him a while to even learn the word and utter it but not properly yet.
His theory is "Do as I say, don't do as I do".
The slave of Dick Chenny & his clique, who installed him as president of USA since he is a perfect fit naive and an Elmo who repeats all what the master says.

Matloob Zaman, Pakistan - 08 January, 2008

There are Americans & then there are Americans

Dear Robert Frobenius
I hear you loud & clear, when someone states "America" or "Americans" it is not meant to reflect on the common people like you. Specially because majority of Americans are good natured individuals and secondly don't have time to review their internal politics.
Whether you call it democracy or name it anything in real terms a common American all the least cares to review matters of national or international importance.
When the term "American" or "America" is introduced in a discussion or statement it primarily reflects on the policies of the Govt of USA & the manner it imposes on other nations or tries to shape other nations.
I can see your dissatisfaction from how you read and understand this, but please be assured that in general terms Americans the natives of USA are not subject of hatred in these regards.

Matloob Zaman, Pakistan - 08 January, 2008


In America the way the system has been developed, the voters have no choice but to choose between the Demcrats and the Republicans. These parties have basically the same political philosophy which is capitalism. This cannot be a good example of democracy. In a proper democracy there must be at least five political parties with completely different political philosophies i.e. capitalism, socialism or Islamic politics. In America the domination of one philosophy has been ensured by a system known as the two-party system. Since the ruling party and the opposition both have the same philosophy, therefore, it really does not matter that much which party is in power. This is portrayed as the true face of democracy. This is a great deception.

Tarek Masud, Pakistan - 21 March, 2008

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