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Should Iran become a nuclear state?

17 January, 2006

By Syed A. Mateen

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Members of the nuclear club had condemned Iran on removal of seals from its nuclear research facilities, which has paved the way for the resumption of sensitive nuclear work after a two-year suspension, despite warnings from the west of possible UN sanctions.

United States government in a press statement has said that Tehran had showed "disdain for international concern" over its atomic programme by removing seals from Natanz nuclear research plant, while Russia has said that it would like to pursue Tehran through talks to halt the process of nuclear research and will ensure that Tehran should refrain from enriching uranium.

Deputy Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Mohammad Saeedi had told reporters during a press conference that some of the seals that were in the field of only research facilities were authorized to be removed in the presence of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors and production of nuclear fuel will remains suspended.

Atomic powers of the world do not want that other countries should also join the nuclear club. There is no doubt that the west does not trust Iran, Syria, Yemen and the likes, after the 9/11 terrorist`s attacks on New York and the Pentagon. The West only wants one state to be strong enough on this planet to take action against the Muslim countries and that is Israel. When the time comes, the western countries will count on Israel to drop an Atom Bomb on a particular Muslim State and it could also be Iran.
The mandate of the members of the nuclear club is safety, security, and survival of their own people. USA, Britain, France & Germany fears that if Iran will become a nuclear state, it may attack and wipe out Israel from the world map. If the western countries think that Iran should not continue its research work for enriching uranium in future, U.S. President Mr. George W. Bush should fly to Iran and meet Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, or invite him at White House and listen to his grievances against Israel.
It is unfortunate that big powers of the world could not solve the long awaited political differences between the countries and their undue favoritism towards Israel have forced the present Iranian regime to resume its nuclear research work in Natanz nuclear research plant.
Time has come for the west to practically demonstrate its willingness to resolve differences between the countries within a specified period of time, e.g. issues between Palestine and Israel, India and Pakistan, as any more lip service which is going on since 1947 to the affected countries will not serve any purpose.

If the west wants Iran to suspend its nuclear programme, then it should also ask IAEA inspectors to visit Israel and see how many atom bombs Israel can drop on the Muslim Countries? If a Muslim State like Iran with its nuclear capability can be dangerous either for the western countries or for Israel itself, than Israel as a nuclear state is also dangerous for, Iran as well as for other Muslim countries in the world.

The possibility that west want to see Iran as a non-nuclear state is very rare, unless west ask IAEA inspectors to Israel completely dismantle the nuclear capability of Israel and make the entire region a nuclear free zone.

Reader Comments:

iran and israel has equal rights for N bomb

im fully agree with Mr Syed that if israel can have N bomb then why not Iran, Syria, Yemen. if religion is the reason, West must clear in UN why a muslim country cant be responsible N power. if israel can threaten iran, then why not iran can do the same????? there is no reason why these RESPONSIBLE conutries can have N bomb but not india, pakistan or iran. four years before, US made a comment that they may go for N option to takle iraq. one year before, a chineese general said N option is open to solve taiwan problem and russia........... no less than 100 times(in last 50 years) they have said they may use N bomb against US. if these countries are responsible then why iran cant use N bomb against israel who is their number one enemy? while israel ....... look like they have lisence to attack on iran and it may be justified later also.

idia has proposed atleast 100 times that no country would have N bomb. all the N bomb would be handed over to UN and also first of all stable seat holders would be selected damocratically. there wont be any space for world war 2 winners. i think the concept of stable seat is also wrong.first 5 so called RESPONSIBLE countries acquired N bombs then stable seat of UN and now teachin others.

s tiwari, Pakistan - 17 January, 2006


Listen to what you said, Israel is no saint i know, but atleast they didnt call to wipe Iran off the map, they also did not declare the holocaust a load of shit.

Reading this, its as if the Iranian president himself spell-checked it for you, it smells of propaganda and is not what i consider a non-biassed opinion.

Im sorry but israel has had nukes for a while now, and to be honest no one really cares that they do, Its not as if they are standing there threatening other countries like some looney Iranian president.

daniel, New Zealand - 18 January, 2006

Iran and Atomic Technology

We specially those Muslim countries that are geographically linked together of the central and eastern Asia will live and die together. The U.N has become a puppet organisation in the field of defensive measures and now we have not to let be such activities continued any more.
Turkey, Iran, the central asian countries of Ex- Soviet Union, Afghanistan and Pakistan have the right to be fully armed and no one has to do any interferance in their internal affairs.
Any threat in future to any country of this group should be considered to be to all and for that reason we have to be armed upto the teeth. Likely Iran.
Yes, one thing may happen that all the countries of the world end up their atomic energy programmes so will we do that alongwith. Otherwise there should be no misunderstanding.

Mohammad Ilyas, Pakistan - 19 January, 2006

Iran nuclear based electrical power plant

Iran is not seeking to enrich uranium to make bomb.Iran scientists are
Hoping to build electricity based nuclear energy power plant,oil-gas
based,solar based,wind based and water dam based power plants? What
is wrong in doing this for The advancement of Science by a progressive
country with 20 times more Population than Israeli jews in the region?Pakistan
Nuke plant is next door.India nuke plant is next door.Israel nuke plant,
Russian French UK nuke plant is so close that Shah Iran used to ask family
“would you like to have take out from Paris Tiffany restaurant for lunch”?
Sheik zaki Yamani (ex oil minister)of S.Arabia: “would you like to have this
dinning table from Harrod to entertain your aunt for lunch”?Then In person
or by sending a VIP used to go and get it within such a short time that
people In London LosAngeles and even Toronto 12 lane highway take time
to go To work more often ? This 22000 Balfour Jews of Israel with Nuke bombs
in the middle of 1.5 billion Muslim countries and their bush blair army of Iraq
invasion have clearly one intention to grab Iran Oil using the same WMD
gimmick.What is Israel bush blair Japan car makers Korean French British
German Indian car makers doing there with Nuke bomb and 3 m jews
In the middle of 1.5b muslim picking up fight near oil fields? Their presence
is illicit dangerous for the safety of ¾ world population of the region alongwith
Bush or other hanging nearby

benz m Ispahani, India - 20 January, 2006

Daniel, You said Im sorry but israel has had nukes for a while now, and to be honest no one really cares that they do
I ask u jo boy, how u came to that conclusion. May be not in New Zeland. Muslim world is worried about Isreals nukes. So get it straight, either no one has it or everyone has it.

noor, Hungary - 20 January, 2006

An Eye opener

Very Nice Artilce and good discussion in "Have your Say". My Answer to the person from Newzealand would be.. I hope you have read the famous proverb "Dogs who bark doesn't bite" One should be more carefull from those who doesn't bark !!!

Mumtaz, Pakistan - 20 January, 2006

Indians, pl stay away from this Israel-Arab conflict

why people from India are worried about whether Iran has nukes or not.

either way Indians are not threatened by Israeli nukes.

Chan, United Kingdom - 20 January, 2006

physical violance are result of intellectual violance

hi DANIEL im agree with you. "israel didnt call to wipe iran off the map". the way irani president made the comment. he left no difference between osama bin laden and himself. he used a language of terrorists. but there is some other aspects to be considered. his comment shows the physical violance( remove israel from map bla bla) so there must be a intellectual violence in this well educated world. "this a law mit".

i explain you. after world war two, world war winners tried to capture powers in terms of permanent seat of UN and nuclear bomds. and they kept threatening other countries.they forced other nations to follow UN. and whenever they want, like illegal attack on iraq, they go against the law of UN. here religion is also playin important part. the time president of US claimed that he has got power to listen what GOD say. things have again become complex. one day i was talkin to a US green card holder indian HINDU. i was angry as he still believe in hinduism.he said MR BUSH refused to attend last DIWALI, a famous hindu celibration while he dont miss any christian religious things. and now he want other to follow US. muslim or hindu is different things mit, even small no SIKHS. more they will be asked to remove their hairs in france or anywhere in the world, more they will become religious. my parents are hindu but i refused to follow hinduism. but if i will have to, then certainly i wont follow christianity or islam.

president of iran is just trying to cash the mentality of third world and specially muslim world by saying he is against israel. but in reality, he also want N-power in the same way as other five RESONSIBLE countries and india, pakistan, israel have. he is just cashing feeling of muslim countries.

it would be hard to understand for you all these as your media never explained these type of intellectual violence. there was a time when media was source of infomation, but now media is just to confuse their people. western media just say what is POLITICALLY good for west and the same things happens in other countries like in pakistan whose news papers u read.

thanks and regards

s tiwari, Aruba - 21 January, 2006

The Western Game Plan and IAEA

If a terrorist state like Israel which is illegally occupying Palestine, can possess nuclear weapons then why is it that Muslim states cannot possess such weapons to defend themselves against Israel or America ? Who has given America or the UN which is basically a club of a pack of wolves, to decide who can and who cannot possess nuclear weapons ? Why doesn't the west give up its own huge stockpile of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons ? Why is it that Israel is never under the watchful eyes of the IAEA ? Bush and his henchman Mr. El Baradei do not have any reasonable answer for these questions and that exposes the fact that the goal of IAEA is not a nuke-free world, the goal is to keep the Muslim states militarily weak so that they can be invaded whenever Bush, Blair and their allies deem it necessary to impose their wicked interests, and all in the name of so-called democracy or human rights or secularism. This is the game plan of the west and this is what has been going on.

Ummat, Bahrain - 21 January, 2006


Why countries are worried about Iran having Nuclear technology? US and so many other countries including Israel got it, why not Iran?
Is there a guarantee that US is not going to use Atom Bomb again as he did in Second World War on Heroshima and Nagasaki. Why don't countries sweep their own doors and put their house in order before they pick on Iran? Leave others alone just mind your own business. Let Iran develop the technology for better uses such as electric generation etc.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 22 January, 2006

No nuke will be tolerated

The Israeli defence minister Shaul Mofaz:"Israel will not
let any iran nuclear work".

Bill Cameron Cohn, Iraq - 22 January, 2006

UN representation for Iran

It's oil based wages!
The UN's International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) agency is
Due to meet on 2 February to discuss whether to refer Iran to the
Security Council about Iran Nuclear Bomb Threat who can then
Decide if UN can sanction or manage Iran programme?

Muslim must get out of pugghungroo dilemma! Islam guidance is
Perfect and better than UN Surah flashing around N Bomb of Israel,
Nuke of UK,Nuke of Germany, Nuke of France,Nuke of China,
Nuke of India,Nuke of Japan,Nuke of Korean,Nuke of Italy and Nuke
Of Russia . Next they will ask us to become Jew, Hindu , Atheist,Gay
Lesbian,Sodomist,women imam goddess, Christian or Buddhist with
Security Council resolution and democracy or oil for food gimmick
like in Iraq oil aggression.

Wake up Muslim .Don't be fooled by muslims representing UN Security
Council or League of Nation.Do not know - How?Invite us to organize
for you!

Mohammed T.., New Zealand - 23 January, 2006


Iran must use diplomacy to negate research on nuclear weapons,but must acquire it.It is the survival of teh fitest.Hats Off to Nawaz Regime for going ahead and exploding the nukes,Pakistan is a Nuclear state now.Arabs do not want to abolish monarchy thats why they are against Iran.Only a bloody revolution in KSA,Kuwait,UAE and other states can make them understand as how important is to join hands and even a OIC or Arab League pact on lines of NATO for joint defence.This can make deployment of Pakistani Missiles in Saudi Arabia,or Jordan in hour of need and utilization of Jordanian or Saudi's F-16,F-15's in Pakistan.Axis of Evil is actually USA,Israel and Britain.It will be not quite a surprise to see break up of "United Nations" in future.

Sohail, United Kingdom - 23 January, 2006

no one or every one

To Chan from united states,
I am a Muslim first and Indian second. This is a muslim thing and you would'nt get it. Now, also I don't know as what you are giving your piece of advice to Indians. As American? I would who the hlle are you? As an Indan, I would say, shame on you self centered sob. You forgot for how long you have been ss kissing to Arabs. Have u any idea how much and for how many years India earned from middle east through labour and trade. America and Isreal have just started with India. So pls go be an s but don't expect every one to follow you.

Noor, Hungary - 25 January, 2006

Iran govt wants to wipe Israel off the map, lets flip the coin

Have you ever heard any other country who posses nuclear technology say they want to wipe another country off the face of the earth? Common sense says: make sure the idiots who say this never have nuclear capabilities. The Iranian government is telling us right now they are going to use nuclear wapons against Israel. Any country that was threatened like that, if they had any sense, would want to stop it. What if Israel said it wanted to wipe Iran of the map? Arabs would be up in arms all over the world. Hell, protestors would probably kill more of themselves than an Israeli nuke would. Why is it everytime I see Arabs on the news they're jumping around like monkeys, and shooting guns in the air? Now they want the world to say it's OK for them to have nuclear weapons? They can't even respond to a little ink on a paper without several people dying. Now they want nuclear technology. How insane have people become to think this is OK?

carlos santanna, United Kingdom - 26 February, 2006



ASHU, Hungary - 22 April, 2006

World should be Free of Nuclear Weapons

I believe that world should be free of nuclear weapons. All the major nuclear arsenal possessor should give up nuclear weapon and set an example and then they should put pressure on those countries pursueing to join the nuclear club.

saeed khan, United Arab Emirates - 23 April, 2006

Iran & terrorist USA

Iran has every right to become a nuclear state. Terrorist USA has no right to tell any country what to do with the nuclear policy.

Fascist Israel & Fascist India are two great terrorists of the world. Their paymaster, terrorist USA should tell these two countries to decommission their nuclear arsenal.

Terrorist England

ayaz, United Arab Emirates - 09 May, 2006

one voice in the wilderness

I do not trust anyone to have nukes! When are we all going to learn to live teogether? Take the money spent on military hardware & use it to better people's lives!! Ask any person on the planet, all they want to do is live their lives,rear their kids. If God created this world, he must be very sad to see how we abuse it. I just hope we don't blow ourselves up before we can find a more peaceful path.

Bill Pope, United Kingdom - 01 November, 2006

Ayaz in terrorist England

Ayaz, Just what countries do you consider to NOT be terrorist/fachist states? I'de truly like to know. You're living in a terrorist state. Why don't you move? As for the paymaster USA, you give us much to much credit. We have very little sway over the world. This may make you feel better, after we leave Iraq, we may tell the world to fix itself & not come crying to us when it is in trouble. I think we will follow the Chineese model. They don't care about your government, human rights abuses, nuclear wepons, its all just business.

Bill Pope, United Kingdom - 01 November, 2006

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