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Seeds of Indian Proliferation

24 April, 2006

By Adnan Gill

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A country indulges in Nuclear Proliferation in one or two ways, as a donor or as a recipient. As a donor it can export the nuclear technology to other nation -- called 'Horizontal Proliferation' -- or it can divert technologies from its Civilian Nuclear Program(s) to its Military Nuclear Program(s) -- called 'Vertical Proliferation'. India is guilty of indulging in both, Vertical and Horizontal Nuclear Proliferation.

  Horizontal Proliferation occurs when a country exports its indigenous resources (knowledge/items) and/or when it practices 'Onward Proliferation.' Onward proliferation takes place when a country obtains a controlled item from overseas and retransfers it, or exports a reverse-engineered item without proper authorizations to a proliferant state or to a terrorist group. Proliferant states and smuggling networks use such tactics to avoid export controls in supplier states. Experts like David Albright, President of Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), believes proliferant states target Indian industries; consequently, Indian Onward Proliferation is expected be become a serious problem.

  Vertical Nuclear Proliferation occurs when a country diverts knowledge and/or items from its safeguarded programs to its military programs. David Albright in an October 26, 2005 testimony before the US House Committee described the Indian Vertical Proliferation as, "India's extensive military and civil nuclear programs are often connected, sharing personnel and infrastructure. In addition, some facilities currently have both a military and civilian purpose." The Indian so-called "peaceful nuclear explosion" (detonated on May 18, 1974) is a prime example of the Vertical Proliferation. The fact is also confirmed by an Indian scientist Raja Ramanna who admitted that the radioactive core of India's first nuclear device was the plutonium diverted from its American-Canadian supplied civilian nuclear reactor (CIRUS).

  Since 1949, as a recipient, India has licitly and illicitly received nuclear technology from 'Nuclear Supplier Group' (NSG) countries like France, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, United States and Soviet Union/Russia. The nuclear technology transferred to India in 1950s and 60s by NSG nations like the United States and Canada is directly credited to India's first nuclear weapon and its test (1974), a fact also confirmed by Indians themselves. For its part, India effortlessly proliferates the nuclear technology to countries like Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Sudan and South Korea.

  Exploiting the dual-use nature of civilian nuclear equipments and materials India had been using the cover of civilian programs to produce nuclear weapons. Experts believe, as in the case of 1974 nuclear blast, the plutonium for at least some of India's nuclear devices tested in 1998 also originated from its American-Canadian supplied civilian nuclear reactor (CIRUS). In a June 15, 1998 Washington Post (p.A23) publication 'India Cheated', Victor Gilinsky and Paul Leventhal reported "You wouldn't know it from news reports, but most of the military plutonium stocks India dipped into for its recent nuclear tests came from a research project provided years ago by the United States and Canada. India had promised both countries it would not use this plutonium for bombs." India boldly violates non-proliferation conventions and brazenly breaks bilateral agreements by transferring nuclear fuels and technology from its so-called civilian nuclear programs to its nuclear weapons  programs.

  The so-called "Atoms for Peace" reactor was built by Canada and run by tons of heavy water supplied by the United States. In return for the reactor, India promised both suppliers in writing that the reactor would be reserved for "peaceful purposes" only. But in a display of barefaced defiance and belligerence, India broke its promise by diverting the plutonium from CIRUS to the manufacturing of nuclear weapons that were tested first in 1974 and then in 1998. The fact that neither Canada nor the United States has uttered a peep about India breaching the signed contract with contemptuous boldness is symptomatic of Western complicity in the building and modernization of Indian nuclear weapons arsenal through nuclear proliferation. Since it began operating in late 1950s the Indian CIRUS reactor alone has produced well over 600 pounds plutonium which is enough to build over 50 nuclear weapons. No wonder, the Indians do not take non-proliferation seriously.

  Strangely, despite Indian disposition to indulge in nuclear proliferation when or as they please, each new generation of American policymakers think that they will be able to gain Indian restraint and acceptance of nuclear controls by being a little more accommodating to them. The Indians long time ago learned of the American weaknesses that stem from a mix of an obsolete Cold War mentality and commercial greed. Hence, they effectively exploit this American weakness to build, expand and qualitatively improve their own nuclear arsenal.

  Indian perseverance in the acquisition of latest nuclear technology through covert and overt means, and its practice of proliferation of nuclear technology in both vertical and horizontal manners worries peace and non-proliferation experts. In light of unscrupulous and unrestrained Indian proliferation record, experts openly question Bush Administration's decision to transfer American nuclear secrets to India which can potentially compromise American national security due to Indian proliferation practices, including the 'Onward' proliferation. They argue that helping to ramp up India's ability to import and export controlled nuclear items can neither be in the interests of the

United States nor the global non-proliferation efforts.

  Since the March 2, 2006 Indo-US Nuclear deal, the Bush Administration and Indian government officials have mounted a deceptive PR blitz in which they tirelessly  hampion India's supposedly "impeccable" nonproliferation record. Factually, however, in order to buy into this sugarcoated propaganda, one would have to ignore and discount decades old Indian horizontal and vertical proliferation record that started in 1960s when India decided to dip into irradiated Plutonium from its civilian CIRUS plant. Not withstanding the deceptive Indo-Bush Administration propaganda, experts point to mounting evidence of Indian proliferation record. Recently, ISIS unmasked a well-developed, active, and top secret Indian program to outfit its uranium enrichment program and circumvent export control efforts of other countries.

  Essentially, the Indo-US Nuclear deal allows India to buy foreign-made nuclear reactors while allowing her to substantially ramp up her ability to produce materials for nuclear weapons. Understandably, the deal was widely criticized even within the Bush-Administration. In 2001, the, American ambassador to India, Robert Blackwill asked Washington to rethink its nuclear policy towards India. But Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, however, wanted a sensible incremental approach to increasing sensitive trade with India. In a 2003 interview Secretary Powell said, "We also have to protect certain red lines that we have with respect to proliferation."

  Leading nonproliferation experts of Bush Administration, John D. Rood and Robert G. Joseph tirelessly lobbied for a deal in which India would have agreed to limit production of plutonium and to place all of its electricity-producing reactors under permanent International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards, which would have been in accordance with the US laws too. But the Bush Administration was so intent on hammering a deal with India that by the time Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh arrived in Washington, many of the key items on Mr. Rood's list had been taken off the table. Nuclear specialists in the US government say their concerns about weapons proliferation were overridden in final talks with India.

  Secretary Condoleezza Rice is believed to be the force behind the hurriedly concocted and potentially damaging Indo-US Nuclear deal, which will arguably compromise American nuclear secrets vis-à-vis its national security. Reportedly, the deal is a brainchild of Secretary Rice's counselor and longtime colleague Philip Zelikow and (a Bombay-born expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and a former aide to Blackwill) Ashley Tellis. On April 3, 2006, the Washington Post (p.A01) reported, "Upon Rice's return from Asia, Zelikow began exchanging memos with Tellis, resulting in a 50-page 'action agenda' for U.S.-Indian relations completed in mid-May." While making a case for India, in a memo Tellis argued, US would have to "help New Delhi develop strategic capabilities such that India's nuclear weaponry and associated delivery systems" to deter growing Chinese influence.

  The Post also revealed Bush Administration's maverick strategy of assisting India in developing nuclear weapons. It reported, "the Bush administration originally wanted a pact that would let India continue producing material for six to 10 weapons each year, [but the signed deal] would allow it enough fissile material for as many as 50 annually." The Indians were quick to pick on American desperation to conclude a deal. They outfoxed the Americans on negotiation table. The Post quoted a senior American official involved in the negotiation, the "Indians were incredibly greedy that day. They were getting 99 percent of what they asked for and still they pushed for 100." It was as if Bush Administration's sole goal was to please the Indians at any cost.

  Sadly, instead of forcing India to freeze its Vertical Proliferation, the US State Department had been helping India get around the laws by arranging for France and later China to continue the Tarapur radioactive fuel supply.  Considering Indian proliferation record, instead of rewarding India by signing the deal, at a minimum, Bush Administration should have insisted that Indian plutonium covered by "peaceful purposes" agreements be unavailable for nuclear weapons, and that the Tarapur fuel is not reprocessed to extract weapon grade plutonium. Under the 1963 agreement, India was bound to get US approval to reprocess the nuclear fuel. However, in a blatant disregard to the signed agreement, India disputed this and insisted it was free to reprocess the used fuel at any time. Regrettably, the US government as usual bowed to Indian demands fearing an irritant in US-India relations and dispatched the disagreement to the wastebasket of oblivion. Currently, there is enough  Tarapur plutonium to manufacture hundreds of unaccounted nuclear weapons.

  In March 2006, another ISIS report revealed details of Indian illicit and secret nuclear procurement program. The report effectively busted the myth of so-called 'indigenous' Indian nuclear program. The report highlighted the indisputable dependencies of Indian nuclear program on the foreign sources. It stated, "India has a long history of illicitly acquiring items for its own unsafeguarded nuclear facilities. Many of India's nuclear programs have depended on extensive foreign procurement for materials, equipment, and technology. Indian nuclear organizations use a system that hires domestic or foreign non-nuclear companies to acquire items for these nuclear organizations. Such procurement appears to continue for its secret gas centrifuge enrichment plant near Mysore."

  The report also cataloged the deceptive and illicit procurement network established by Indian Department of Atomic Energy. "In an attempt to hide its true purpose from suppliers and others when it started this project in the 1980s" Under the direction of India's Department of Atomic Energy, Indian Rare Earths (IRE) Ltd. of Mumbai, a public-sector undertaking focused on recovering minerals and processing rare earths, procures sensitive materials and technology for a secret gas centrifuge uranium enrichment plant codenamed the 'Rare Materials Project' (RMP) outside Mysore, India. The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) operates the plant and appears to both coordinate procurements for this facility with IRE and pursue procurements for its own divisions through IRE. RMP itself is rarely acknowledged by the Indian government as a gas centrifuge plant."

  An impressive and resolute Indian proliferation record spans over five decades. The Indian nuclear program is developed, nourished and sustained by the Nuclear Supplier Group nations through direct and/or indirect assistance. Whenever Indian establishment failed to secure direct and/or indirect assistance from the NSG, it stole the nuclear technology through secret underground nuclear proliferation networks.

  Each state that covertly or overtly paddles nuclear technology to India makes mockery of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) that entered into force on March 5, 1970. Article III – 2 of NPT states, "Each State Party to the Treaty undertakes not to provide: (a) source or special fissionable material, or (b) equipment or material especially designed or prepared for the processing, use or production of special fissionable material, to any non-nuclear-weapon State for peaceful purposes, unless the source or special fissionable material shall be subject to the safeguards required by this article."

  Even though, India is not a NPT signatory it has constantly fought to undermine and weaken the NPT and IAEA charters. American and European nearsightedness and compliancy has directly resulted into Indian constancy in pursuing nuclear bomb-making and nuclear proliferation. It is not surprising that the Indians expect the game of proliferation to continue.

  Practically every nuclear reactor running or planned in India is either provided and/or built by a foreign country or had been designed from foreign blueprints -- stolen and otherwise. Every ounce for the radioactive cores of Indian nuclear weapons comes from the nuclear reactors that India deceptively, legally or illegally secured from foreign nations.

  Pointing to the serious risks posed to the American national security, in his October 26, 2005, testimony before the House Committee on International Relations Hearing on the US-India David Albright warned, "This agreement could pose serious risks to the security of the United States. If fully implemented, it could catapult India into a position as a major supplier of both nuclear and nuclear-related materials, equipment, and technology. With a weak and poorly enforced export control system, [Indians] could become major suppliers to the nuclear weapon programs of adversaries of the United States, in some cases possibly using technology which the United Sates originally provided." India also has a huge manpower trained in nuclear secrets, which inherently makes it a considerable knowledge transfer risk.

  Non-proliferation experts insist that India should be sanctioned for its proliferation record. To support their argument, they cite statements of Indian statesmen who admitted that the fears of international sanctions kept the nuclear weapons program in low-gear. The former Indian President Venkataraman said, all " preparations for an underground nuclear test at Pokhran had been completed in 1983 when I was the Defense Minister. It was shelved because of international pressure, and the same thing happened in 1995." Another example cited is of former Indian Prime Minister Gujral, "the Americans got in touch with Mr. (Prime Minister) Rao and for some reasons it was felt expedient to postpone the tests... It was a major decision where all dimensions and aspects had to be calculated. No decision could be taken in a hurry ignoring all the political, economic and international relations dimensions."

  When it comes to Nuclear Proliferation India suffers from credibility problem. In a May 13, 1998, testimony before the US Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs then Assistant Secretary of State Karl Inderfurth explained how Indian government can not be trusted with its mere assurances. "We were told privately and publicly that India would continue to show restraint in the non-proliferation field, and would do nothing to surprise us" As a direct result of India's decisions and actions, we are now compelled to look again at our approach to India," said Mr. Inderfurth.

  Stung from Indian deceptions, after the 1998 nuclear test at Pokhran, Secretary Inderfurth advised Congress to coarse India in parting ways with its shadowy proliferation practices and encouraged it to become a responsible nation that respects non-proliferation norms. He said, "Instead of highlighting our cooperative efforts with India... we will now need to put much of the cooperative side of our agenda on hold and deal with the consequences of India's actions. We must focus anew on seeking a meaningful Indian commitment to cease from further testing, to join the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty immediately and without qualifications, and to respect other international non-proliferation norms." Emphasizing the difficulty in trusting India, Secretary Inderfurth also advised the Senate Subcommittee that due to dishonorable Indian practices the US should revaluate its relations with India, "We will need to assess how we will deal with India in accordance with Glenn Amendment  and other U.S. laws, which require sanctions far more restrictive than those placed upon Pakistan under the Pressler Amendment" I must caution that India's actions have made [engagements] far more difficult."

  Indian culpability in every step of Nuclear Proliferation cannot be ignored anymore. Instead of rewarding it for proliferating nuclear secrets and technologies to other nations and to build its nuclear weapons arsenal, IAEA and NSG will have to place sanctions on it to or, at minimum, slow down its mad pursuit of becoming a nuclear superpower. On account of Indian hegemonic behavior towards its neighbors and its inherent domestic instability steaming from a society built on racial/communal discriminations, the World Community cannot afford lose nukes from an unreliable and potentially fractured nation, like it almost witnessed when the Soviet Union was fractured.


Reader Comments:

What is Horizontal-Lateral Proliferation Technique?

In the absence of guided Islamic life …

What exactly is Horizontal AND Lateral process
thinking or nuclear proliferation?

Horizontal thinking is an extremely powerful tool,
a catalyst for the generation of insight working
best in conjunction with "traditional "Vertical Thinking
“the way your right hand works with your left”The Lateral
thinking not exactly threatens the validity of vertical
thinking as two processes are complementary, not
antagonistic. Lateral thinking enhances the effectiveness
of vertical thinking .Vertical thinking multiplies the
effectiveness of lateral thinking by making good use
of the lateral ideas generated .The develop rarified
skill-sets people with high degree of psychological frame
that screens out much vital data could also be called
educated incapacity people.Lateral thinking can get the
expert out of that mental cul-de-sac by setting, intuitive
pattern recognition, suspension of judgment, reversing
challenging premises, counterfactual thought and
brainstorming alternatives EXPERIMENTS.Vertical
Thinking helps the horizontal thinking While Lateral
Thinking is Creativity thinking while interdisciplinary
thinking is artificial neural networking via Artificial
Intelligence systems And genetic algorithms which
is borrowed from evolutionary theory within the
field of data mining IT mining.Genetic algorithms
are interesting because even though it works.
"convergent thinking" is vertical thinking and
"divergent thinking" is horizontal thinking to explain
the same processes.

M.B.Zakaria, United Arab Emirates - 24 April, 2006

Why doesn`t this article mention anything about the vertical and horizontal proleferation of Pakistan. When you point a finger to someone, you point 4 fingers towards you.

Arun, United Kingdom - 24 April, 2006

Horizontal Vertical Nuclear Proliferation Commission Agents

Horizontal and Vertical Nuclear Proliferation of India USA allied nuclear Deal Reasoning …

Concept can be exporter or importer.The nuclear technology Horizontal Proliferation can divert Civilian to Military Nuclear Which is 'Vertical Proliferation'. India is indulging in both. Horizontal Proliferation occurs when a country exports its indigenous resources.' Onward proliferation is importer from overseas for resale inclusive. Vertical Nuclear Proliferation occurs when they convert to military and then diverts knowledge for resale.. "India's extensive military and civil nuclear programs is connected to after East Pakistan venture when they detonated on May 18, 1974 on Vertical Proliferation via US Canadian CIRUS since T E L sheik anti turk muslim allied group normal transfer of technology transfer of religion transfer of military methodology impersonating Great Turkish and Islamic Rule of recent past.

.The suppliers group equally sworn enemy seem waging war on islam who supplied India Since 1949.The motivated supply came from France, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, United States and Soviet Union/Russia (NSG club) .I doubt it if Indian contacts with iran Iraq Egypt Sudan and s korea were for their interest on for the NSG interest.The nuclear technology transferred to India in 1950s and 60s by NSG nations like the United States and Canada is directly credited to India's first nuclear weapon and its test (1974), a fact also confirmed by Indians themselves. For its part, India effortlessly proliferates the nuclear technology to countries like Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Sudan and South doubtful. Recently it was alleged 'India Cheated' The so-called "Atoms for Peace" reactor was built by Canada and run by tons of heavy water supplied by the United States. India produced well over 600 pounds plutonium which is enough to build over 50 nuclear weapons the Indo-US Nuclear deal allows India to buy foreign-made nuclearbush rushed hammered a deal quick fix with India Secretary Condoleezza Rice is believed to be the force behind the hurriedly concocted and potentially damaging Indo-US Nuclear deal Bush Administration's is assisting India in developing nuclear weapons not to force India to freeze its Vertical Proliferation then using france and china to continue the Tarapur radioactive fuel supply ,JFK assassination 1963 had put India to get US approval presumably via Israel leading to June '67 Sinai venture after suez 1958
Nasser fiasco. Tarapur plutonium to manufacture hundreds of unaccounted nuclear weapons.with other recent project seem saturated in Karnataka and mysore region with gas centrifuge enrichment plant near Mysore." Indian Rare Earths (IRE) Ltd. of Mumbai, a public-sector undertaking focused on recovering minerals and processing rare earths came with Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) on March 5, 1970. India is not a NPT signatory Pokhran had been completed in 1983 with Islamic revolution in Iran and Gulf war Iran Iraq WAR Prepration in effect. When it comes to Nuclear Proliferation India suffers from credibility problem. In a May 13, 1998, and after 1998 nuclear test at Pokhran know the sequence of events leading to WMD invasion specificallay with a reference 768 UN resolution mentioning by Blair recently in conjunction with 768 AlLAH number of prisoner #768 Veerpratap singh with M Hyat khan
Political group Lahore IOK AND AJK Kadahar Herat Axis ongoing crisis amid building of petrol pumps opening in straight line bus and train air link with India Pakistan without boundries amid Disappearance of Islamic faith and forced IMF democracy expenditure layout.

benz m Ispahani, India - 24 April, 2006

please mind ur own business

we indians are not pak centric, we have our global aspirations ,surely we are working towards that goal .and we are not considering pak as our is u consider us as a enemy.we know as nation in conventional war pak is no match for us.we have to watch our neighbour china with seriously.please keep ur house properly before showing the fingurs to others.its natural that with so vast boundry and with worlds 2nd largest population ,plus greater man power india has its own role to play in world affairs.please dont compare urself with india.we indians also wish pkistan to be prosporous with peace prevailed. for the benifit of the subcontinent join hands with india and work shoulder to shoulder for the betterment of the people living in the subcontinent, be positive.good luck

PRASHANT, Hungary - 24 April, 2006

Diffrenyt History

If US think tank can spare some time to read it? Good work.Keep it up.

Pakistani, Pakistan - 24 April, 2006

Sources please

The article is extremely long and lacks sources. The author criticises India for Proliferation but fails to realise that if India is to be blamed for Proliferation then so is very major power. Germany, France, UK, USSR, USA and Canada, all of them have helped India in developing its nuclear technology. Why doesn't he criticise them for Proliferation? Why these double standards? And what about A.Q. Khan's 'nuclear Wal-Mart'? Pakistan somehow doesn't even feature in his report on Proliferation. And his statement "India effortlessly proliferates the nuclear technology to countries like Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Sudan and South Korea." is utter rubbish. Mr. Adnan Gill.. perhaps you are living in your dreams. This article is another Pakistani propaganda to show India in bad light. The fact remains, every country in the world hails India's "spotless" Nuclear non-Proliferation record except Pakistan.

Cory Morris, United Kingdom - 24 April, 2006

yea..sit n write articles complaining about india...u ppl are serously in a state of denial rite...just cant seem to accept that pakistan is nothing compared to india...mark my a few decades time..india will be US n u will be our Mexico...just look at this article...cry us a river..nothing will change..kepp crying!

lucky, New Zealand - 25 April, 2006

Is all this talk about "Nuclear illicitness" blah blah coming from the A Q Khan nation??? which is known worldwide as a rogue nation that is dedicated to the spread of terrorism?? that is known to harbour and protect terrorists? u know what..thru all these articles u ppl are only crying for equal treatment with India...know what..i dont think given ur credibility..that can ever ever happen...
If there were a jail for nations..Pakistan would be sentenced to more war with india..n i think Pakistan will cease to exist

cray, United Kingdom - 25 April, 2006

AQ Khan is Indian..!!!

To add few more facts to this article, AQ Khan was born in India in 1935 and so he is an Indian.He was running nuclear walmart and was prolifereting left and right. India has to be blamed for that also. Pakistan has nothing to do with it. Our nuclear program is very peaceful in collaboration with Chinease, Koreans, Libians and Iranians. We are innocent and belong to religion of peace.

Khan, Pakistan - 25 April, 2006



abhishek majumdar, Hungary - 25 April, 2006

And what is Pakistan ?

whatever is said about India is true, but see the contrast, whereas in india the person responsible for development of nuclear technology, Prof APJ Kalam is made the president of the country, in pakistan the person regarded as the Father of Pakistan Nuclear Bomb Prof Abdul Qadir, is responsible for worldwide network of supplying nuclear technology to countries like Iran and South Korea which are causing trouble and he is ultimately denounced and put under house arrest.

Amiruddin, Pakistan - 25 April, 2006

Absolutely True

I would first like to commend the author Mr. Adnan Gill for writing such a wonderful & analytical article on the nuclear proliferation by India. This has really been an eye-opener for all of its readers. He has first explained the concept of vertical & horizontal proliferation in very lucid terms & then highlighted how the Indian govt. is diverting its resources from the so called civilian nuclear reactors to the military platforms. Meanwhile India's clandestine nuclear cooperation with Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Sudan and South Korea has also been exposed. The author of the article has clearly done a brilliant job of exposing the nefarious Indian designs which were missed by all of the UN agencies & the P-5 & NSG member states.

However, what the author missed upon was to highlight the contribution of Pakistan towards making this world a safer place for generations to come. Pakistan's impeccable nuclear non-proliferation record should also be highlighted in conntrast to the hidden proliferation being undertaken by India. Pakistan has been by far the most responsible nuclear power state with fool-proof security arrangements to prevent these weapons of mass destruction from falling into the hands of Jehadis. The leader of the Muslim Ummah & the only muslim nuclear power should be rewarded for its impeccable non-proliferation record by giving it full access to civilian as well as military nuclear technologies by the P-5 & the NSG. The great Pakistani scientists such as Dr. A Q Khan have endured great hardships to create the world's most advanced weapons with the bare minimum reasources when compared to their western counterparts. Instead of prosecuting him under the pressure of enemies of Islam who have falsely implicated him in nuclear proliferation, the world community should appreciate his courage & conviction which has kept Pakistan's head high in the world community. Today, the P-5 & the NSG should follow Pakistan's example which is the Nuclear Non-Proliferation leader of the world & give it its rightful place in the world affairs.

Karan Thapar, Hungary - 25 April, 2006

The bogus Gill

When I read this column, I remember reading a contradictory article sometimes back in an Italian English Paper called Corriere Sera. The article was about the challenging decisions taken by the then Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in combating mafia. But lately, I read in Independent, the British news paper that the mafia don was arrested by Romano Prodi, once his victory in the Italian election was apparent.

It is mentioned here that Adnan Gill is based in USA and is an expert in International Relation & Strategic Studies. But he is never seen discussing issued other than India-pak weaponry and has never shown up in media outside Pakistan. From his discussions here and also those in the defense journal, I strongly feel that he is a bogus creation of a short--minded Pakistani media to wiggle poor Pakistanis.

Mathew Jacob, Pakistan - 25 April, 2006

Everybody was indian prior to 1947

Everybody was indian prior to 1947

sanjay, Pakistan - 25 April, 2006

You need to practice yoga

Hello Mr Adnan Gill. man just have a look on your article. From top to bottom. think how much hate you are having for india. Hey tell me, do you think you are more knowledgeable than political group of half of the world including US, Australia, Canada and many other who support india on her nuclear stand? If the question is just of references, too many references are available in market place which can justify any view. may be some other people will also give reference pf your article to show baseless references. You cant compare pakistan or iran or north korea with india. If country like india, US, china, russia, france or britain do something, this is right. haha. whole world know, india is more responsible country than even US, russia, china or even France.

Mr Adnan Gill I would like to clear something, which you don't want to understand. What you think why US want to recognize india as nuclear state? US has tried hard by itself but they culdnt check india. India is getting more and more powerful. US want share in the growing strength of india. India was nothing when it did test in 1974 while till now india has travelled a long distance. Country like russia is now considered to be weaker country than india. Till 2020, GDP of india is likely to touch US$12000 to 15,000bn on PPP with Powerful airforce, navy, and reliable army. US is now helpless. US has no other choice other than to recognize india as nuclear power before india will get more more closer to china. Just few days before, china passed a comment, “if india withdraw its support from japan, china will support india for UN permanent seat”.

Mr Gill nuclear owning by any country is wrong. But if any country like US, China, Russia, France, Britain or India is having, the reason is their strength. And iran and north korea cant have becoz they are weak. and also the way US arm force are having eyes on pakistani nukes, I don't think pakistan still has control on her nukes.

Mr Gill no man, country, or any society is wrong or right, their strengths makes difference among them. A man is wrong only becoz of his weakness or failure in society. And in the same way, even if you do some wrong, your strength and success can improve your image and people will say you are right. Today US is supporting india becoz India has gained so much strength that US has no other choice other than to recognize india as nuclear state before india may get closer to russia-china group.

Mr Gill you have got so much poison against india, you have only two choice, either you would die slowly slowly and see the growing strength of india or die at once and do suicide. Or the third option, attend some yoga classes. May be you may get some peace of mind.

take care

s tiwari, Hungary - 25 April, 2006

sources please!?

how about where are the WMDs and you are still in Iraq?

Amir, Pakistan - 26 April, 2006

Hate India

.I hope your next article is on How much has Pakistan proliferated to Iran, Libya North-Korea & Saudi Arabia and how it is a major problem to the world community .
Do you intend to write on the links between Qadeer khan ,the Army and the ISI.
I will wait for such articles

Sunil, Canada - 26 April, 2006


Mr Gill I wuld like to reply ur main points said,“India is guilty of indulging in both, V. & H. N-Proliferation.”First of all,I want to clear your concept of “being guitly”.Being guilty refers to someone who goes against law.Tell me who made law of this Nuclear Proliferation?If Pres. of UN, Mr K. Annan made this law, I'm agree with you.But if this law is made by world war 2 winners becoz they were very powerful that time,I show my middle finger to World War 2 winners in behalf of today's powerful india.Remember,US attacked on iraq on ground that “Iraq might have nukes”.While india did N-test in 1998 & said “we have nukes”.Understand difference?Pakistan just followed india with support of china to balance india.Nothing else.
2.You said,“David Albright, Pres. of ISIS said....bla bla.” Tell me how many top post english names you want to know who have told even US,china,Russia have been involved in proliferation of N-technology?Mr Gill trust me,I MAY GIVE MORE THAN 1000 REFERENCES OF WESTERN TOP POST HOLDER PEOPLE TO JUSTIFY THIS.
3.You said,“India has licitly & illicitly received nuclear technology from NSG……bla bla”I don't know how much knowledge of science you have.For your information,no country of world including US, can even develop a advanced jet fighter without help of other countries.They import technology of engine from some other countries,signal system from someone else, control system from different country,many other similar things & at the end they assemble and say they manufactured that particular aircraft.N–Technology is very different thing.Nowdays most of technological patents are made in such a way, Germany developed a technology & Japan made bit improvement and made it patent for JAPAN.haha.Trust me, the type of nukes india has right now, even US didn't haVE till 1950-1960.Today's quality nukes of US is becoz of Japanese laboratories.Understand?India would have taken assistance from some other countries, quite natural, but India developed her N-technology by herself. That's why india did test in 1974 and told the whole world,“we have N-Technology”.WE NEVER LIED. India has nothing to hide. Whatever we are, we say straight.
4.You said,“India effortlessly proliferates the nuclear technology to countries like Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Sudan and South Korea.
5.You said,“Victor Gilinsky and Paul Leventhal reported…………..bla bla” Mr Gill I may give you more than 1000 references and can prove, INDIA HAS THAT MUCH URANIUM & PLUTONIUM WHICH IS ENOUGH TO MAKE MORE THAN 2000 NUKES.India want uranium for just energy reasons.
6.You said,“The Indians long time ago learned of the American weaknesses...……bla bla”.What you think, US foreign ministry is fool?I complete your this half concept.NOW INDIA HAS NOT ONLY KNOWN WEAKNESS OF US, BUT ALSO HAS KNOWN THE STREGTH OF INDIA. it is the strength of india, which is responsible for the current political changes of the world.
7. You said,” Bush Administration's decision to transfer American nuclear secrets to India …….. bla bla”.Mr Gill, Mr Bush has just separated 30% middle class of india with 70% lower class of india in the same way as india has separated 30% nuclear reactors for militry purpose from rest of 70% civilian purpose.Mr Bush know this nuclear energy will help poors of india otherwise 30% middle class of india has no problem of electricity.
8.You said,“Secretary Condoleezza Rice is believed to be the force behind……………..bla bla” you think you are more knowledgeable than her? She is on the type of post, If u compare with yourself, your total identity is that you are a citizen of US while she is, what I wuld say, all the women of US dream for the type of post she has. Now "YOU" will say whether she is capable of takin decision or not?I repeat attend some yoga classes.

I don't find your rest of arguments, based on baseless references, which deserve to be even responded.But I must say about your one dream about india when you compared india with fractured soviet union.

In english,“there is something in we all indians becoz of which no one could remove our existance, while whole world was robbing us for more 1000s of years”

Want example of our “REAL STRENGTH”? Our father of nation, Mr M. Gandhi, defeated that time super power Britain without taking any arms.Even that time, when indians were just struggling for two times of food, they faced bullets of the most powerful military of the world on their chest in Jalia Wala Bagh, including men and women and kids, but didn't take arm.


To be Indian doesn't means we belong to a country IndiA, “TO BE INDIAN IS A CONCEPT”


s tiwari, Hungary - 26 April, 2006

Indian proliferation record.

Mr. Tharpar,

Thank you for the kind remarks. However, please be advised, neither shooting the messenger, nor pointing fingers outward will make India's case or cover its record.

The title of the column clearly suggests the subject matter, which is Indian proliferation record. No amount of debating Pakistan's or any other country's record can help to sanitize Indian record. The column briefly goes over Indian proliferation practices and does NOT compare or contrast with the practices of any other nation.

Rebuttals based on merit can go long way to improve India's image, while sarcasms and hate mails only expose deeply rooted frustrations.


Adnan Gill

Adnan Gill, United Kingdom - 26 April, 2006

Please wake up.

Mr Tiwari.Appriciate Your immagination.No doubt India is a big state but by population.Have u ever thought of the MAJOR part of ur population who can hardly afford to eat something once in 24 hrs.What a powerful country?Stop dreaming .It will hurt u when u wake up.

Pakistani, Pakistan - 26 April, 2006

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