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Rules of Transition to the New World Order

28 August, 2006

By Anwaar Hussain

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It is no more a secret that a select group of powerful men of a certain Western Judeo-Christian strain (Anglo-U$raeli henceforth), and their regional touts, are indeed busy carving a new world for us all, a world where we all will be ‘equal’ at last.

It is also a fact that all world orders, from the olden to the present ones, have always been shaped and reshaped from the Middle East. Earlier, it was done in the name of God by kings and Crusaders where adding huge chunks of real estate to the Empire was their actual aim. Now, it is being done in the name of liberty by ruling charlatans for the left over riches in the innards of the earth. While the convenient banner of divinity has been replaced by the equally expedient flag of freedom, we the underdogs, force-fed with the illusory diet of religion and patriotism, continue as ever to remain the fodder, fuel and engine for the schema of the devil.

That we cannot learn not to be their tools remains yet another unfortunate fact. History repeats itself and we are its unlucky medium. Therefore, for a smooth transition from the present to the future, there are certain rules that need to be learned first.

Rule # 1. In this Anglo-U$raeli campaign for New World Order, the war is being fought against a stateless, invisible enemy called a ‘terrorist’. As the enemy is unseen and unquantifiable, so too shall be the end of the war. This is an endless war.

Rule # 2. In this Anglo-U$raeli campaign for New World Order, for the sake of liberty and freedom, all rules of fair play, standards of justice and canons of human rights etc etc. shall stand null and void for the duration of war (see rule # 1 for the duration of war).

Rule # 3. In this Anglo-U$raeli campaign for New World Order, none shall resist the onslaught. It is a ‘war on terror’ and any one resisting it shall be ‘the terrorist’.

Rule # 4. In this Anglo-U$raeli campaign for New World Order, when the ‘liberators’ help each other, it shall be called ‘helping friends’ but when the victims do the same, it shall be called ‘abetting terrorists’.

Rule # 5. In this Anglo-U$raeli campaign for New World Order, the ‘liberators’ may kill hundreds of thousands of human beings. This is called ‘War on Terror’ and there is neither any limit on human casualties in such wars nor is there a need to prove guilt by trial. A single ‘liberator’ being killed in retaliation, however, shall be viewed as an ‘act of unmitigated terror’ inviting an overwhelming rejoinder.

Rule # 6. In this Anglo-U$raeli campaign for New World Order, the ‘liberators’ may capture, imprison and torture thousands at will. The victims doing the same, even in limited numbers like one or two, shall be called ‘kidnapping’ and a pure act of ‘terror’ and a ‘dis/proportionate’ response shall be immediately proffered.

Rule # 7. In this Anglo-U$raeli campaign for New World Order, as a general guideline to the media pundits, it shall always be the Arabs that attack first and the Anglo-U$raelis who defend themselves. This shall be called ‘retaliation’. Likewise, a single Anglo-U$raeli being killed shall be called ‘terrorism’ and the Anglo-U$raelis killing the Arabs et al, an act of ‘self-defense’, or ‘collateral damage’, as the need may be.

Rule # 8. In this Anglo-U$raeli campaign for New World Order, as a further guideline for the media pundits, when Anglo-U$raelis kill too many civilians, the world must call for ‘restraint’ and the needless uproar be termed as ‘reaction of the International Community’. On the other hand, the world community must be ‘outraged’ over the act of a single killing on the Anglo-U$raeli side and must ask the international public to condemn the ‘evil doers’.

Rule # 9. In this Anglo-U$raeli campaign for New World Order, plots after ‘terror plots’ shall be discovered ‘just in time’ as and when the need arises. If the world citizenry does not act spooked enough, this activity of discovering terror plots ‘just in time’ shall be ceased forthwith. From then on, as a collective punishment, such terror plots shall be allowed to be carried through to their logical ends.

Rule # 10. In this Anglo-U$raeli campaign for New World Order, the solitary role of the United Nations Organization shall be that of a debris sweeper after the Anglo-U$raelis conduct their operations. In between these operations, however, the organization may be used, whenever deemed necessary, to impose sanctions to soften the next targets for future operations.

Rule # 11. In this Anglo-U$raeli campaign for New World Order, finally and most importantly, all thought crminalls like George Orwell and John James Ingalls etc. are now declared heretics and lunatics, even if posthumously. All such works are declared as the works of Devil and banned for the duration of war (see rule # 1 for the duration of war). Anyone found reading, disseminating or otherwise being in the general vicinity of printed material carrying such works shall be liable for a lynching death by nearby comrades. To recognize such works of the devil, the following sample excerpts from poisonous creeds of the two earlier mentioned thought criminals are circulated for general public awareness. The first ones are from George Orwell;

Quote # 1. Big Brother is watching you.

Quote # 2. Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.

Quote # 3. Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.

Quote # 4. All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.

And this next one from , John James Ingalls;

“In the democracy of the dead all men at last are equal. There is neither rank nor station nor prerogative in the republic of the grave.”

Note : While there shall be no abrogation in the Rules of Transition for the duration of ‘War on Terror’ (see rule # 1 for the duration of war), further additions, as the need arises, may be made from time to time. General public be warned.




Copyrights : Anwaar Hussain

Reader Comments:


Nice site! |

Lionel, Afghanistan - 28 August, 2006


What religious school did you go to for your brainwashing? I've always been curious about these 'religious' leaders keeping young boys in private schools....what are they really teaching?

Ryan, United Kingdom - 29 August, 2006

USA: The global Hells angels?!

USA: The global Hells angels?!

I congratulate you, Mr Anwaar Hussain, over your bold and accurate evaluation of the world politics especially as regards the US, which needs constant help & advice to survive in the coming decades as a sober & super not stupid power like today. So in this way you are doing a great service to the mankind by letting Yankees to realize & relocate themselves before their feared fall from the global arena comes true in the footsteps of USSR....!

Me, as well add some humble remarks/recommendations in the same direction as followed:

To understand the US behaviour in the global politics I would like to draw the following simple hypotheses:

One person comes to me, knocks at my door, I receive him with my open arms, introduce him to my family (nation) serve him in the best possible way as a welcome guest.

The next person comes to me, breaks into my door, takes hostage my family (nation) and occupies my house (country) and I am aware of the fact that the police (UN) in this case is quite helpless and thus I organize defensive resistance at my own to get rid of this perpetrator to save my land (country), free my family (nation) and protect my honour (sovereignty) and property (integrity).

So what is wrong in this or is this terrorism to defend your freedom & sovereignty…?
I am quite confident that the United States of America and its people would do the same in such situations, so what is the point to blame or declare others, on their own soils, as illegal combatants for the similar goal & strategy…?

Now how do behave other modern nations? take the example of Chinese, Japanese, Russians and most of the European nations, they come to our doors, but they knock at first, while we open and welcome them as our honoured friends, guests and partners while the US is probably the only & the lonely nation of the world which always prefers to break through the doors and make friends with force, bribes, threats, wars, occupations, conspiracies, blockades, martial laws and what not?!

So it is not we but the United States by itself is the biggest enemy of itself, In fact we wish that this country realizes, in good time, its bona-fide moral obligations vis-à-vis other countries and make due changes in its attitude and dealings towards other fellow nations and stop the culture of “Hells Angels” in the world’s politics otherwise the Americans shall miss the global train of new world’s order and the obvious sufferer would be the common Americans and their pseudo-allies…!

I would like to conclude my letter with the (following) recent press report containing comments of the US ex-president Jimmy Carter who is very honest in his assessment of the US Today:

“LONDON, Aug 27 (AFP) - Former US president Jimmy Carter lashed out at British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Sunday for being "so compliant and subservient" to the Bush administration in Washington.” I have been surprised and extremely disappointed with Tony Blair's behaviour," Carter told the Sunday Telegraph newspaper as he promoted his new book "Faith and Freedom". "I think that, more than any other person in the world, the prime minister could have had a moderating influence on Washington, and he has not," said the 81-year-old former head of state. He faulted Blair for not having been a constraint on US President George W. Bush's decision to invade Iraq in March 2003 -- an invasion which, he said, subverted the fight against global terrorism. "We now have a situation where America is so unpopular overseas that, even in countries like Egypt and Jordan, our approval ratings are less than five percent," said Carter. "It's a shameful and pitiful state of affairs, and I hold your British prime minister to be substantially responsible for being so compliant and subservient…”

Ahmed bin Babar

Ahmed bin Babar, Pakistan - 30 August, 2006

You see,even you will not even write the name of the hands that rule you. Does one think anyone will ever speak their name? You blaim U.S. citizens who have no power,and only puppets for politicians. The evil only comes from a people that are controlled from satan himself. They are called many things,but zionist would be a start. They are called something else in the past,but are still the same!!!

Billy, Pakistan - 17 September, 2007

Well said Mr. Anwar Hussain!
The United States has had an aggressive Foreign Policy for over one hundred years now and with it's bedfellows Great Britain, Australia (and all the nations who are willing to smear their hands with innocent blood to keep their war machines operational) they assert themselves as the planet's police to enter Sovereign States like it's their next door neighbours backyard! The majority of Americans are lovely, law abiding people. Their Political representatives on the other hand.......

Ralph, Aruba - 18 March, 2008


The Terror war is controlled and operated by USA , Israel and India That is the triangle of terror.
USA makes most money by selling weapons and making others fight.

Jamie kahn, Pakistan - 12 January, 2009

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