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Resistance to pettiness of power

30 April, 2007

By Muhammad Ahsan Yatu

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‘My father asked him why you made so many mistakes. His (Bhutto’s) reply was: I got so much so early’: Illahi Bkhash Somroo renowned Sindhi politician said while talking about Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto on TV

Is Benazir Bhutto too making mistakes one after another including the latest one the so-called deal with the General because she too got so much so early? Neither father nor daughter had attained anything at all if the talk is about the politics.  So question of achieving some thing late or early is meaningless. Like the father the daughter too was picked by the army and promoted to a level of dummy prime minister. Yes, both enjoyed protocol and powers to shower favours on their favourites in the bureaucracy and also among their friends. It was nothing but demonstration of reciprocity to satisfy their feudal ego.  The rest that is real politics, the budget making, was not in their control. Neither was foreign policy. Both kept on pleasing the generals, the Americans and the Arabs to remain in power.

All the civilian rulers except Liaqat Ali during his early years of rule did the same. Liaqat was busy in consolidating his ethnic constituency in Sindh and also in establishing an identity for his constituents. That is why Objectives Resolution was passed. He might not have known that through the Objectives Resolution he had also laid the foundation of Talbanisation of Pakistan. The military rulers did only one additional thing; they turned the military into a multi-trade and business organisation and the military bureaucracy into the feudal and wealth based nobility. These are the achievements of our rulers. What the nation attained is before all of us. The deal between the General and Benazir Bhutto is nothing but to continue with such achievements by keeping the circle of power or circus of power intact. Almost all of us know this, yet the deal has shaken the people. 

‘We would be completely destroyed in elections, if the deal is a reality or becomes a reality, though Benazir’s statements have already done lot of damage.’ These are the comments of a PPP parliamentarian on the ‘deal’. ‘Why is she riding a dying horse’; so said a PPP office bearer in Islamabad. ‘Now the ‘uniform’ is a matter of pride and power also for you.’ It was a taunt from a lawyer affiliated with the PML (N). ‘What does Benazir Bhutto want? She has asked for her political death.’ This is what a shopkeeper of Rawalpindi said. He never voted for the PPP. But after every election he would say, we voted for Shiekh but yours’ is the only political party around. The above experiences were narrated by a PPP worker.

He said more: ‘I have no longer faith in the PPP and for that matter in any other political party. As a matter of fact in a country where making wealth has been the only obsession of the elite and that too either through misuse of authority or through the land holdings based slavery or through extortion hidden in indirect taxation or through mafias no genuine political party can emerge. The civil-military bureaucracy, the feudal, the urban race and wealth based fascists and the Islamists are in a grand compromise not to allow real politics to emerge and take roots. It is not out of so-called patriotism that the nationalists of Pakistan are abhorred by all of the constituents of this great compromise.   So genuine politics wherever it was, was crushed by our circle of ruling elite, and that is enough proof of they being one and the same , no matter they are in the ‘uniform’ or in  the shalwar kameez or in the jeans or in the Mao style suiting. My romance with the PPP was shaken when the Baloch were chased for a kill by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.  It decreased considerably during the first tenure of Benazir, and it was completely finished during her second tenure.  I am being warned and subjected to taunts because the people still take me as a PPP worker.’

During the last thirty years no political deal or dialogue has generated as much heat or hatred as the one between the PPP chairperson and the president. Earlier Rafique Bajwa of the Pakistan National Alliance (PNA) destroyed his political career when he was accused of talking to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto without the consent of his comrades.  Factually he had the consent, but the great ‘democrat’ Nawbzada Nassrullah stabbed him in the back.

The situation before the president’s reference against the chief justice was different. A deal between the PPP and the government would have benefited both. They would have won the election and ruled jointly for one or two years. Yes only for a short period. Neither the PPP leadership nor the president is aware of what is heating up in the minds of the people and a section of the elite. While the former stand crushed by the abject poverty, the latter has become restless with the awful money making business that has been going on for so many years. A part of this restless section of elite has acted out of sincerity. Its expression was first seen when the Chief justice declared the privatisation bid for the Steel Mill illegal. It has also acted out of the fear that nothing will remain with the Pakistanis and in Pakistan if the enrichment of the outsiders and of those insiders, who plunder Pakistan and keep their wealth in Dubai or elsewhere, continues. What is going on in the shape of the resistance shown by the judiciary and lawyers, and the support given to it by a section of the powerful elite and the sympathies won by it from the common people is what would have happened after the above said joint rule. It happened earlier because the situation had reached the boiling point.

Benazir Bhutto had tried for the deal from the day one of Musharraf’s rule. She had offered her services telling the coup makers that she knew much that would help them. She was not accommodated because everybody from Mian Azhar to Ch. Shujat to Iltaf Hussain to Farooq Laghari to Pir of Pagaro to almost all stalwarts was available.  Moreover despite ousting Nawaz Sharif the establishment was sympathetic to him.  If he was to be sent out, how Benazir could be brought in. Almost all the generals, the judges and the rich individuals and groups had benefited from Nawaz Sharif’s twenty year rule of generosity. That is why he was given the best of all deals. He was sent abroad with a clean chit. Imagine a person who raised his industrial empire from three factories to 23, made Motorway with thrice the routine cost and turned into a feudal owning thousands of acres of land was dry-cleaned for all times to come.

Benazir’s misuse of authority and mismanagement of things was also massive but it was far less than that of Nawaz Sharif. He escaped the accountability due to his connections and ethnic base. The present dispensation has surpassed both of them. What it did through privatisation, sugar scams, stock exchanges, property dealing, Banks etc. is unimaginable. It too will get a clean chit. In a country where national interest and accountability mean to keep Rawalpindi, Punjab and Karachi calm, if Benazir is making a deal, she is not committing a different ‘sin’. Deal or no deal, it is a non-issue. What would make the difference is the result of the efforts of our restless elite?

Reader Comments:

BB deal for power

every word you have written is tru about BB & late father but the Problem with ordinary pakistani is, they forget everything to easy, like nothing ever happend & the top elites will use anyone who can serve their purpose incl- BB, they dont give monkey about nation or it's people

fiaz ahmed, Pakistan - 30 April, 2007

Power Politics in Pakistan Bank or anywhere

Islam is recent. Pakistan is since 1947.Other claim to be oldest and few decades old religion. Earth has gravitational pull. For each action there is opposite reaction from
Opposition. Pakistan split 50/50 in 1971.Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated.Liaqat
Ali Khan was assassinated. Entire Muslim of 50/50 Punjab seem to have been
Liquated or converted from other 50 where Pakistan problem seem to be coming.
50/50 Bengal has Muslim in same proportion as before. Nehru
Promoted his daughter Indra Gandhi by taking her with him. Later ZA Bhutto tried
Same with BB.Indra was assassinated with son from same other 50 side. Better believe
ZA Bhutto died from same frame up angle side.So was Ayub Khan .AK was humiliated via Christine Keeler MRDavies DrWard .This is via same 50 side. British lost Raj from same. Hindus accused “sati” Via Mughal or rather Pakistanis but it came via same side.

Some Biharis and Mahajjir immigrated to W Pakistan. New Pakistan has provinces amid pull-push and politics of Oil Israelis and from across border.Govt of Islamabad adjusted between Military Civilian BB Nawaz Zia ul haq that foreign IMF_IDB loan.
When there is money up for Grab but Islamabad controlled provinces well without letting them succeed ‘state within state”. Problem is India competition in Kashmir wars Nuke Detonation and IMF loan.BB promoted well her Dopatta business image as opposed To Qiqab and chador.but she is a week woman.Nawaz Sharif or those
Who borrow money from IMF who seems to promote illicit Maulvis and Ayatollahs?
Soldiers or Lawyers or none productive borrowing is burden. Burden need more loan. Loan is money up for grab by Lal hafsa or Lagoo or Lagan politics anywhere.

Z_Belal, Canada - 30 April, 2007

NO support for Nawaz or Bhutto

I personally think it is far more than ethinicity. It is the corrupt mentallity which secures more benefits for one politician over the other.

If ethnicity was the main criteria as I take from your article, then Altaf Hussain would have been neutralized even in the UK.

Bottom line is that both Bhutto and Nawaz have done more harm then good for this country. They were not only bussy pleasing Generals, USA and others but they were also bussy in cutting each others' throat. This is what really caused the problem.

All govts in Pakistan are corrupt including the present regime. However, Musharraf regime is far better then others because it is able to finish projects. An example is the Gwadar port (probably started it too). He was also able to guide Pakistan through post 9/11. Many jobs are created and many other projects have taken place.

Pakistanis doubts the loyalty of Bhutto and Nawaz towards Pakistan but we don't doubt the loyalty of Musharraf.

There is a huge responsibility on media; please stop writing on how Bhutto or Nawaz can be brought back instead please write how Pakistan is better off without these two people.

Imran Siddiqui, Canada - 30 April, 2007

Power Politics IMF Oil LNG & Fertilizer Terrorists

Politics started with Surah of democracy revealed to father Muhammad PBUH.Enemy attacked father.Daughter Fatima (only a child) attempted to rescue time And again.Many politician have been seen walking with daughters.Nehru with Indra.Z A Bhutto with the later 2 cases daughters became Prime Ministers of money management. Life in Politics come with evil death and assassination.
Security is managed by Generals. Money circulated after Prophet Muhammad PBUH oilfields had been hijacked by American and generals. Now it became era of evil of politics. Evil of money disposal came with surpluses Stolen via sheikh shah emir. Islam warned evil of new Rasool new religion .They framed Muslim UMMA.Pakistan Creation brought turmoil and evil at doorstep. Evil split Pakistan 50/50.

The Saudis their Wahabi and talibanization cult came with Pakistan.The opponent BJP RSS Sikh London Ottawa Paris have own agendas. Survival for the fittest is the requisite. Life must go on with power changing hands .It is congress it is Muslim league it is monarchy it is kingdom it is sheikhdom it is called democracy it is called IMF loan. MA Jinnah Bhutto Nehru all went to Europe to study. Alliance came with frame up counter Frame up.This is part of the game. Leaders are elected to serve hundreds of million citizen.It is peoples Money the leaders try to use as if own.Networking business partnership come with People surrounding the nation’s treasury.They slice off Commission and use treasury for personal use. Embezzlement is a technique of money management and project of democracy. It comes with killing of each other or the killing of citizens. It could be steel mill it could be dam or car mfg unit. Allah loveth not thief or plunderer. Father was hanged. Daughter betrayed faith and went abroad. All BB NS PM stabbed Saddam and bombarded Iraq via US Saudi Egypt Allied army in pleasing business.IMF Ottawa banks gave loan to Indonesia and Pakistan Mexico. Evil of loan disbursement is a kind of embezzlement. It comes with commission with bulk of money do not reach .Mian Azhar Ch. Shujat Hussain Farooq Laghari to Pir of Pagaro or BB Nawaz Sharif generals judges rich individuals were supposed to benefit with this kind of layout. In the interim elsewhere in India Arabia Kuwait EU USA Canada UK it is the same story. It came with 3 indo pak Kashmir war. It came with Pakistan split. It came with Islam image dented. It came with turmoil in Iraq and oic.Even Prophet Muhammad PBUH was not spared.He saw events of Karbala or Car bala Imam Hassan Hussain in Miraj.Hazrat Abubakr siddiq r/u Hazrat Umar r/u hazrat Ali r/u hazrat Osman r/u had been assassinated.This is muqademmat of Politics which came with religion and Pakistan is part of it.Overnight Indian Pakistan Bangladesh have hundreds of billion dollar loan data without money reaching is the politics of election for new loan.New Loan countries devise claim Pakistanis trying to Bomb their banks with fertilizer while removing city maps hiway maps and muslim banks Islamic infrastructure using above politcs and politician.It is vicious cycle and evil of’ Hijacking oilfields of the Holy prophet from where money in dispute come from.Top soil removal export from IHK in lieu of fertilizer export is another evil.

benz m Ispahani, India - 01 May, 2007

Power not ethical struggle is the goal for PPP.

One point should be very clear in PPP,its founder and its current leader.Their survival,growth,living etcetc meaning everything is for power,yes one can say this about others as well.But for PPP the goal is power and to achieve it any mean no matter how bad is justifed and OK.Bhutto came with American agenda.He played major role in dismemberment of Pakistan in collaboration of greedy and corrupt army and nationalised all the industry and thus contributed to the economic decline of nation while like many other leaders seeing his popularity he became defiant to American aspirations and Zia was used to eliminate him.Today BB will do anything to get in govt,this is like oxygen for her,she can't live if she remains outside.The workers of PPP use the memories of Bhutto as opium to remain drugged and thus unaware of the envoirnment.When she was in govt her brother was sacrificed now who will be,her husband,?.Zardari lives in NY and is sruprisingly in very low profile.Some say it is because he was threatened by Pakistani agencies.Selfless leadership is badly needed and is nowhere available.

Dr.Khan, United Kingdom - 01 May, 2007


Musharraf is not willing to give up his uniform & presidency, he has cornered Benazir now, she does not want to part with her billions, also she is telling US & West she is the answer to Islamists. Army generals rather enjoy their cushi perks ( US gives Mush $100 million every month, that is not accounted for) than oppose Musharraf. Only obstacle to Musharraf is CJ, who is being kicked out(or eventually will be bought out). Musharraf hasn't even used his ace card(Islam & Sharia),he can convince US & Arab world that he is the answer to Shia revival next door. He is ready to ignore BB's feudalism & senseless rambling of Mercedes Benz(or M.)
Long live our 60 yrs of Democracy!

a s ahmed, Pakistan - 04 May, 2007

ZA Bhutto was a rabid socialist and anti-American

Dr. Khan says and I quote:

Bhutto came with American agenda.He played major role in dismemberment of Pakistan in collaboration of greedy and corrupt army and nationalised all the industry and thus contributed to the economic decline of nation while
Socialists like Bhutto, Qaddafi, Chavez, Castro, Nasir are all very happy in the lap commies. They stay away from American ideals of free market and thus ruin the economies.

Socialists tend to nationalize the free industries, and once nationalized, they refuse to free them again ever. Like the same socialists are trying their best not to allow privatization these days.

The only Pakistani leader who brought some semblance of free market economy was Ayub Khan. And we all know Pakistan was pro-America and one of the most prosperous country in the region. You ask any one regardless of their party affiliation just one question. Which leader had a golden period in Pakistan? The unanimous answer will be Gen. Ayub Khan.

However our socialists kicked him out and the decline of Pakistan started.

BDesh was conceived by socialists and ruined by socialists. Blaming it on the army is utterly deceitful.

Facts speak volumes about the socialist intrigues against pre-1947 Pakistan. Sh. Mujib was socialist who smelled jute in the roads of Islamabad. What a conniving magician!

East Pakistan was getting more in today's dollars under free-market regime of Ayub Khan. They were 48% of total budget with no debt, compared to western wing. Now they are less than 40% of Pakistani budget with much bigger debt ratio compared to Pakistan’s.

However socialists will never accept their ill-fated actions, and continue blaming America, army, and the Western world.

The situation is especially bad for the likes of our dear poster Dr. Khan from USA. These socialists either don't know who they are, or they love to point fingers at America while living and breading in the USA. This is what we call "Jis Thali main khao usi may dalo chaid" (And idiot destroys his own dinner plate).

Dr. Qazi (, United Kingdom - 04 May, 2007

Free economy is not the solution but the problem of the worlds poor and will only hurt American imag

I see Dr.Qazi's criticism with surprise.Looks like either she/he is unaware of ground reality or has an agenda to pursue.It must not be surprising for those who read.One suggestion is a good book readable at by Bill Blum,he is former US depty secy of state.
Let us put some facts straight.In USA there is poverty,malnutrition,homelessness,diseases like HIV,poor areas have broken roads burned out building,lot of crimes,illicit sexc and drugs etc because of this "free economy" which has no room for the poor segment of society.Old people who retire live a miserable life due to the small money they get inspite of working whole life for the "free economy "system.
She/he says Pakistan was prosperous in AYyub 's time.Really!. You can be prosperous if you take loans without realising that your children may have to pay back in the form of loosing their house,and other belongings and working overtime to pay off the loans.I believe prosperity is financial independence and not higher standard of living on loans.You get offended when someone even indirectly blames US,Army and west,even based on reasoning and facts.This you reflected in your letters.Now One should praise and criticise based on reasoning and logic and that should be tolerable., at least to educated people.Their are always two sides in any dispute and justice needs to accomodate both views and there can't be any peace if there is no justice which explains why there is so much chaos in the world when there is only one superpower in the world.
I believe US has been rightly claiming itself to be country where there has been free speech and it is the responsiblity of all Americans esp American muslims to work to improve American image world over but again that is not possible without knowing,analysing the facts and basing suggestions on the analysis.It must also be noted sadly that in this so called war on terrorism the logic would have been to have more Muslim ambassadors representing US esp in muslim countries.That would have made muslim world think that US is not against Islam/muslims but against terrorism.But that is stretch of an imagination seeing what is happening and how they are being treated in US.There is only one muslim as ambassador, why their share in US state department is not acording to their population percentage.There are many muslim lawyers,peace activists in USA?.
Lastly I should bring your attention to a reality of life.US is sole superpower,it is a small world,no nation is free from the effects of US policies.How US loves dictators,sheikhs,monarchs and not democracies is obvious to every one.Thinking about one,Iran is a democracy but you know what I read in New York times the criticism of some columnists who said ,no Iran is not a democracy because the girls there are not allowed to wear bikini.I thought democracy means peoples' will! not of some country elsewhere.The clue to American image improvement is not to impose American life style on others but to find common grounds with other nations.The mechanism of relations between US,dictators and the "free economy" is obvious in this 3 part Video by John Perkins the writer of a best selling book,translated into many languages called"confessions of an economic hitman".This is his address to American retired soldiers/officers.
Google it "http;//"And watch the 3 videos titled "Why we are at war George Bush is" And hear an important American a former economic hitman say the truth,his experience in destroying world economies!
Yes Dispute has two sides,Justice can't come without taking both into account and Peace can never come without justice!.

Dr.Khan, United Kingdom - 06 May, 2007

No to All

A very strange time has come in the political scenario of our country. All the government offices have plunged into politics. Every body is pulling the booty towards himself just like wild animals. Once a man from the malakand district of NWFP said that when the 1965 war of India and Pakistan took place army personnals visited the villages to look for the volunteers for the time of need. I was a young boy and dwarf by stature but we were in such a high passion and with such a determination that to make me look taller I stood high up on my toes to become upto the mark of the height of body.
Now the situation is absolutely on the contrary, people look towards the army as a body of selfish gang that has less to do for the country and nation. Moreover other offices of the government are also dragged to the politics. It looks very odd that an on service chief justice is visiting gatherings to win people to his side to compete the dictating president. May god keep us strong and firm in all such situations otherwise our army has just turned into a political party and it looks obvious that in the near future candidates will be brought forward from among the regular ranks. Mr.President while in his speech is heard saying to please the population of Sind and Baluchistan that he has recruited many of them as officers in Military which is an utterly unlawful act and almost a crime against the country as while passing through commission there is no preference given to caste or creed. This shows that to politically cool the people down even unjust steps are being taken. Now the suffering population is moreover looking forward towards Nawaz Sharif for his utmost skills to improve and earn for Ittifaq fondery or Miss Benazir to feed bandits. May God pardon us for our sins and not punish us in this world.

Khalida Subhan, Pakistan - 06 May, 2007

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