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Reorganisation of the talibans is a challenge

23 August, 2007

By Tanveer Jafri

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The so called representatives of Islam, the talibans have revived themselves in Afghanistan. The talibans have established an empire of kidnapping to get their demands fulfilled, these days. For this they are aiming at the members of government administration or the persons working in foreigner's institution for the development, journalists or members of the NGO's for the welfare of the people. The talibans kidnap them & use them as a tool to get their demands fulfilled. Usually their demand is to release their arrested comrades. They were encouraged at the time when on June 6 they kidnapped an Italian journalist with his driver, at a place named Helmond & got their five talibani companions released in lieu of them. Along with them an afghani journalist Ajmal Naqshbandi was also kidnapped. As the government didn't let off the talibani revolutionaries in lieu of Ajmal's release so the talibanies killed Ajmal.

The cruel talibanies are working on to get released their companions in lieu of the persons kidnapped & it is an anti-Islamic & inhuman design. On the last July 19, the talibans kidnapped 23 South Korean Christian helpers. There were many women & children among them. By now, two of these Korean citizens, a 42 years priest Ve Huge Ku & 29 years Sim Shangu Min have been brutally murdered. The talibans were demanding release of 8 of their comrades in lieu of these kidnapped Korean citizens. Before this in Nimrose, province, two French relief workers were kidnapped. The Frenchmen were working in a non-government educational institution in Afghanistan.

On the next day of kidnapping of the volunteers of South Korea i.e. on July 20, four judges of Afghanistan were kidnapped. After that the dead bodies of all these four kidnapped judges were found in District Dehman of Ghazni province. The responsibility of their murder was also accepted by the Talibani revolutionaries. Similarly, in the last month in the Panjwai district of Kandhar province in Afghanistan, the talibani revolutionaries shot dead justice Qazi Nemtulla. The limits of brutality & inhumanity don't end here. They killed one of their Talibani comrades, Ghulam Nabi who was of Pakistani origin. The talibani activists doubted that Ghulam Nabi was passing their secret information to the American army. Misfortunately the talibans used an innocent of 12, to cut the throat of Ghulam Nabi. They also issue a video tape of this incident.

Day by day worsening conditions in Afghanistan is not only a cause of worry for America & Hamid Karzai government of Afghanistan but is also a cause of worry for the Muslim world because of the cruel & anti-Islamic behaviour of the talibanies. The talibans are of the view that America has established its control over Afghanistan & Iraq & we can't tolerate it. They say that they would continue their bloody struggle here till the foreign armies are present here. According to the talibanies the American government & the dummy government of Afghanistan set up by America & all the persons who work for this government are our enemies whereas the talibani fighters have declared a crusade against their neighbour country Pakistan's Parvez Musharraf government. The talibans are of the view that General Parvez Musharraf is trying hard to implement the American policies in the Pakistan & the Qabaily territory adjacent to Pakistan. According to them they will not tolerate it.

On the other side, the reorganisation of the Taliban fighters has worried, from the UNO to the American President George Bush. An estimate reveals that the number of these fighter talibans has touched the number of millions. Just to consult about the fresh condition that is deteriorating in Afghanistan, President George Bush held a meeting with the President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai at Camp David. Bush has already announced that America will leave no stone unturned in search of the terrorists. Bush has already warned that if there arose the need, the American army will not hesitate to take military action at the doubtful interior areas of Pakistan.

Some paradoxical facts are also being seen during the inhuman activities of the Talibani fighters. For example, General Parvez Musharraf is finding himself in a fix between the Talibans & the American leadership. As the Talibans are looking at Musharraf as a tool of play in the hands of America & they have declared a crusade against him whereas America is accusing Musharraf of being soft & sympathetic towards the talibans. Similarly during the meeting of the President Bush & Karzai, Hamid Karzai accepted that Iran is playing an important role with the Afghan government for establishing peace in Afghanistan whereas American doesn't agree to it. The Bush administration accuses Iran of helping the Taliban revolutionaries for disturbing peace in Afghanistan. In the same way different views are being put forward in South Korea regarding the kidnapping of the South Korean citizens. Where we find that everywhere the Talibani revolutionaries are being criticized at the same time there is also a group that considers America & its policies responsible for the kidnapping of the Korean citizens. The persons who favour this view state that America should come forward in this hour of trouble & play a decisive role for the release of South Korean citizens.

Although America is giving $10 billion to Afghanistan as help this year which is meant for strengthening of security measures in Afghanistan. But the fact can't be denied that extremist attacks in Afghanistan are also increasing day by day. The death rate of innocent people is also constantly rising. In spite of it, it gives comfort to know that there is a great decrease of sympathy & favour form the common Muslims in the Muslim world towards the Talibans, the Islami terrorists, the Al Qaeda etc. the present incident of Red Mosque too showed that only the network of the fundamentalists & their associates opposed this military action on Lal Masjid while the common citizens of Pakistan just witnessed this action against terrorism.

In reality, if humanity, peace & harmony is to be established in the world & the real Islam is to be kept alive then the reigns of the Islam should not be allowed to pass in the hands of the extremists. The cruel deeds of the Talibans or the Talibani thoughts can be representatives of the Satan but not of the true Islam.            

Reader Comments:

Taliban, Talibani and Talbinization

Taliban, Jamia Hafsa and so called Indian seculars – Part 1
Tanveer Jaffri has just cheated from many articles already written on the subject and presented in his own words. There are dozens of papers from Boston to LA which are busy in this service; including new-con lobbyist is performing same service in other countries regularly without fail. It is not any kind of academic research but only hate propaganda.
Tanvir Jaffri is famous lobbyist of neo-Imperialists, and known for bashing common Muslims under influence of his sectarian faith. His most articles have similarity viewing lick spitting of neo-cons at the price of ordinary Muslims, except Iranians and Iraqi Mullahs. By hook by crook he target chosen Muslims, label them extremists and terrorists which could be his full time job. Refer his articles against Saddam, favoring Tasleema Nasreen, sympathy with converted Afghan to Christianity, and in the current article praising evangelical missionary of South Koreans etc show his hypocrisy and mean mentality. Photo with base ball cap is trade mark to symbolize ground man of Bush bashing club.

This article is a deep conspiracy against Pakistan at a time when India is collecting long term benefits from US and Japan, an international plan is under progress against Pakistani nuclear program, refer Walter Russel Mead (of Henry Kissinger fellow) and Benazir statements against Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, also long meetings of Benazir with Israeli and US ambassadors to UN, Japanese Foreign ministers pressure to sign on NPT, and media reports about “Rules of engagement”, in the article under reference Jafri is praising Mush to influence Pak army to act in same fashion, adopted by Pakistan’s vulgar extremists to drive and push Pak Army to attack on Jamia Hafsa, as a result of which great massacre of this century took place, finally it draws a permanent blood line between peoples and Pak Army. Price of which valued Jawans of Pak Army are paying with their blood, at least three to four hundred have been scarified their lives by foolish decision of Generals. Tanvir Jafri can’t watch that blood line because of his irreligious vision and anti-Pakistan beliefs, which never gave wisdom to accept partition of India by heart by such elements, and some of this mentality have gone too for to get married their daughters with non-Muslims for political benefits in India.

There are some questions: what evangelical missionary is doing in war torn country to preach born again Christianity? And why those missionary workers were kicked out of Afghanistan in hap hazard manner a few months back?
Does any Afghan or Pakistani was involved in 911? Neither Bush senior and nor Bush Junior are innocent prophets which done nothing wrong. US invaded Iraq when there was no sign of 911, later it invaded Afghanistan when there were many options to bring suspects to justice, reinvaded Iraq due to ego problem or conspiracy of neo-cons against their own Army.
In our opinion loss of human life in Iraq, world trade centre, Afghanistan or any other place has the same value under the charter of UN Human Rights. It equally disturbs us when we watch weeping mothers at Gaza, New York or Kabul. Jafri never wrote a single word against state terrorism of Israeli armed forces. United States is a super power and it has resources to punish any one who commits crime against its sovereignty in legal way. But humiliation of Palestinians, first invasion on Iraq, second invasion on Iraq and later on Afghanistan disturbed all peace loving peoples around the globe. Human right activists and anti-war movements agitated in record numbers in western countries, top of the list is UK.

Blood of Muslims is so cheap that from Indian Gujrat to Africa and China to Chechnya it is flowing like water. On other hand if any body may watch weeping mothers, wives and orphan children of either British, Canadian or American service personnel’s, any human which has heart will agitate against this insane war. Wounded and disabled are also in thousand. Bush will complete his tenure, Blair is already retired, Mush will also settle at Boston, but who is responsible of lost of life at New York, Kabul or Jamia Hafsa, Islamabad.(see part 2)

Khadim Husain, Pakistan - 24 August, 2007

Taliban, Talibani and Talbinization

Taliban, Jamia Hafsa and so called Indian seculars – Part 2
Greediness of dollars, to prolong illegitimate rule and sectarian hate against poor Afghans, pushes sycophants to label them Taliban, Talibani or label as Talbanization. Asma Jahangir is correct in saying that it is another fifty years plan of Mush to create new term of “Talbanization”, it looks that new term of Talibani will pay some extra bonous to Jafri for his remarkable services against Muslims. Gen Aslam Baig and Gen Hameed Gul have already analyzed the future strategy of neo-moderates and plans of their future bread and butter.

This article is nothing except to divide Pakistani nation and promote extremism for more blood shed in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Regrouping of Taliban is false information; in fact peoples who are suffering in Afghanistan since decades are now fed up with foreign intervention and killings of innocent civilians. Remember those days when Mujahideen were killed by Iran supported Northern alliance, hundreds were suffocated in containers and thousand are still missing. No Vatican or Church of England protested at that time neither any Ayot Ullah declared it un-Islamic act.

It is new form of fascism introduced by so called seculars and moderates to tactfully made target to their opponents by cleverly posing sympathetic to west, this creed is wolves in the skin of sheep. This article is highly provocative and full of hate under the present divided society of Pakistan. Author must take care of Muslims under victimization in India including Sanjay Datt being son of a secular so called Muslim women and Salman Khan of Bollywood, don’t create atmosphere of hate on regular basis to target particular groups. It is also doubtful that author is using a Muslim name to bash Muslims.
Khadim Husain - Pakistan

Khadim Husain, Pakistan - 24 August, 2007

Tanveer Jafri's Best Article

On increasing power of Talibanis this is one more very good article by most popular columnist Tanveer Jafri.Once more, with this article he has proved that he is really a peace loving columnist.He is against all those forces which are creating neusense, defaming islam as well as against humanity also. On the name of Islam having heavy weapons, kidnapping, beheading, looting etc are totally anti Islamic. Only a extremist minded man can appreciate it. Islam is the name of giving sacrifice not taking. Islam is the name of love not hate. But alas, the extremist forces are spreading only hate and space between human beings. Mr. Jafri never supported American policies . He always criticise US policies specially president Bush. But he is always against extremism that may be in Muslims or in any other community. Some third grade thinkers look at his cap and compare it from George bush cap. Its a sports cap. Any person having sportsman thoughts can wear it .Ex Indian president
APJ Abdulkalam ,Nawaz Sharif, all have this cap if required. Yes Mr. jafri didn't have Arabian style net cap and 2 ft beered face, so it may be wrong before some short minded peoples. I think that Mr. Jafri should be internationally awarded for his stateforward thoughts. The need of the time is A moderate Muslim like Jafri, not of Extremist thoughts who always looks behind.Thank you very much for this article Mr. Jafri. Moderate Muslims of the world are with you. We always wait for your such articles.

Dilshaad Husain Rizvi, Kuwait - 25 August, 2007

I will openly say what others don't want to. Jafri sahib is a shia so he has a problem with the Talibans.

How come he doesn't condemn Iran? They are the shia version of the Talibans!

Please forget this shia sunni difference and work together for the improvement of umma and Pakistan.

Imran Siddiqui, Canada - 25 August, 2007

Muslim Mass Massacre

They are either ‘nonbelievers’ or ‘believers’ both have developed amazing consensus since long in choosing us (viz Muslims Mass) for the cruel carnage. Allah Almighty has forbidden without reason killing even of flora and fauna let alone killing of human race or Muslims. Nevertheless Jews, Christians, Hindus and above all Muslim Militants have chosen us, the ‘Muslims Mass’ for the brutal bloodshed!!! If Jews are not killing the Jews - if Christians are not killing Christians - if Hindus are not killing the Hindus and if they are not killing each other then why we (viz the Muslims Mass) are so doomed that our so called Muslims Islamists are more brutal in the blood bath of Muslims mass to such a degree? Neither Jews, Christians, and nor Hindus are hunting their homelands or their natives - but it’s our Muslims alone who are at the throat of their homelands and the Muslims masses. Why ‘they’ all have joined hands & why ‘they’ are so one in the Massacre of Muslims mass? After all why don’t the so called Muslim Militants go and seek martyrdom in the helpless Kashmir, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan? Whether they have been preset against Muslim Masses alone? Can one meet with my question? If one doesn’t have, I have one in my mind. The factors are always many but the main factor is always one and that is; in our homeland, our diverging Mosques, ( Sunny, Shiites, Devbandi , Brailvi etc) madrassas, education institutions are meant to diverge and bring the people at their throats inter se and similarly our universities are in fact versities!!!

AFTAB ALAM ADVOCATE (HIGH, Pakistan - 26 August, 2007

Tanveer Jaafri , You excell in hoodwinking and twisting facts or if not , yours is an example of Koranic prophecy that " Whosoever Allah derails stay derailed forever ". Way away from truth and way away reality.

Post 9/11 , Mullah Omar advised Bush not to get obsessed with 9/11 and to forget it and to look forward . It was a sound advise . He did not listen and now he himself and all his allies , the french, the koreans and the germans are in deep trouble and are being humilated on daily basis .

Not only Taliban struggle but any other struggle which is heavily faith-based as history testifies is dangerously lethal and is absolutetely unconquerable .

What will be your reaction if someone breaks in your house , occupies it and brutalize you and your family. If you are a man , you fight back .

The whole nation of Afghanistan is under a ruthless and brutal occupation and you are not moved but you and your sick thoughts moves at supersonic speed when a few Koreans or Italians or a few french are arrested as a punishment for breaking into other peoples houses uninvited.

Babur Mirza, Pakistan - 26 August, 2007

Oh Pulleeessse

Oh please Imran Saab, your comments deserve no words of description. Comment on the contents of the article, counter what the author says, then maybe people may give some food for thought on your comment.

As for the article itself. Who is more evil, People A who kidnap People B for ransom, or People B whose presence there in the first place resulted from an invasion on People A.

If People A's forces is numbering in millions, that simple means People B has failed to win the hearts and minds and their invasion has failed.

I fail to understand what foreign non-combatants are doing in a country which is established only in the capital and that too just barely. The rest of the land is still at war, What are they stupid or something, its like civilians walking in a battlefield and boohooing over getting shot.

Ahmed Sajjad, Pakistan - 27 August, 2007

Please! no more.

Dear Mr Jafri
For God's sake I request you to kindly brush up your english as well as the topics you pick to comment about.
First of all your composition does not make any sense and secondly you pick some of the most worn off topics. Topics that have been in and out too many times.
What is Talibani ?
Are you innovating some new terms for the world?
I would like to see some real work of journalism published here in the room you are taking for sometime now.
Lets not forget that you also contradict yourself from time to time if one observes your writings against each other. One day you talk about Orthodox Islam and another day you mention Real Islam, I dont really know how to derive what you appear to be telling or mean to be telling.
I still regard your attempt on writing commentaries on current & not so current affairs but I would with due regards suggest that please do make an effort to work on your language, the grammar & composition it will help you & your message will come out nicely to the readers.
Thans again.

Matloob Zaman, Pakistan - 27 August, 2007

Reorganization of the Taliban is a myth-1

By watching interest of so many peoples, some more details on the Reorganization of Taliban are as under:
The article of Tanveer Jaffri is a cheating from many websites around the world, particularly Hindu, Tribune of India and Daily Times of Pakistan have the notoriety and similarity, first two papers are publishing such speculations due to communal mindset and last due to sectarian. According to websites majority of his columns are worst example of cheating, and based on hatred and sectarianism.
He wrote Taliban with small t, and word Talibans, while it is already plural in its original shape; used it like childrens in English which is wrong. There are many mistakes, we ignore them usually but a friend who suggested international prize for him is out of thought.
Further mentioned “The so called representatives of Islam”, writer used this type of language in most of his columns, which reflects his sectarian hate.
Wise foe is always better then foolish friend, the services which neo-sectarian writers are performing against particular groups of Muslims had been appreciated by Imperialists for the sake of prolong their rule, Mir Jaffer, Mir Sadiq, and Ibn Alqami were worst example who destroyed Muslim states, due to advancement of communication technology, seculars like Isra Nomani, Tabish Syed, Salman Rushdie, Wafa Sultan, Nonie Darvesh, Salim Mansur, Iyan Hirsi, Irshad Manji, Tasleema Nasreen and many others are now performing same services to please them in a new way. Jaffri’s name could also be watched on some neo-cons web sites, it is a great possibility that he may be awarded Knighthood title, any award from Jewish Congress, or Nishan e Imtiaz from Mush.

Opposite, there are many writers in the west like Robert Fisk and Julie Burchill, British parliamentarian George Galloway, many in US and Canada, who analyzes the situation, writes article against unjust wars, state terrorism. Muslim labeled writer which oppose Muslims have big demand in west to take opportunity in dividing of Muslim society.

Please watch piece of findings obtained from most authentic resource website, it reflects what others think about Muslims.
“At present the most immediately significant set of possibilities for a programme of Islamist territorial expansionism is from the Shia type of Islamic Insurgency which is based in Iran. This because of a number of factors such as Iran's perceived scheme of nuclear proliferation and the international communities intansigents to it, Iran's increasing paranoia and acts of spontaneous aggression, (like those concerning the 2007 abduction of British sailors and marines in the Pesrian Gulf by Iran). Iran's influence and popular appeal in the non-western world, particularly in the Muslim world and the widely published perception of the unpopularity of many pro-westen regimes in the middle east such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel and the possibility of the democratic Republic of Iraq collapsing after coalition troops pull out. Which would subsequently raise the possibility of an Iranian incursion into Iraq and possibly even some form of territorial annexation. The Shia type does however currently have at least one redeeming virtue, which is that it does not seem to engage in the same scope and level of international terrorism that the Wahhabi type does, this maybe because it is linked to Iran, which is an internationally recognised state with vested diplomatic interests and which would probably collapse, if it were to pursue a similar line to Al Qaeda based terrorism.
Currently the Wahhabi type on the other hand although not such an imminent force as the Shia type is nevertheless in many respects just as, if not more dangerous as the Shia type which is not in direct world wide conflict with the West. Indeed one of Al Qaeda's capital demands is not only the recognition of an Al Qaeda state throughout the Muslim world, but also the return of former Muslim ruled territories such as India, Spain, Portugal, the Balkans, Southern Russia, Cyprus, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, South-West France and the city of Marseilles.
It is difficult to define exactly what goals the perceived movement of Global Islamic Insurgency are the most common within the movements own general consensus. However the organisation Al Qaeda is often seen as being at the zenith of the movements international profile, because of the amount of airtime given to frequent Al Qaeda media statements since the September 11, 2001 attacks and also because it is also often seen as being the catalyst for the chain of events concerning the current so-called war on terror, which receives high media coverage in both Western and Muslim countries.”(continued part2)

Khadim Husain, Pakistan - 28 August, 2007

Reorganization of the Taliban is a myth-2

Some more articles worth reading:
Iran’s revolutionary guards designated a terrorist group
Tehran Goes Latin
Proxy Power

Decide what will happen tomorrow, it is insane to blindly propagate against a particular group of the society; it is undemocratic and uncivilized way to start spreading hate. Pushtoon are almost 30-40 million peoples living in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Jaffri type peoples invite others to kill innocent peoples on the name of Taliban.
Mush has his own agenda in gaining economical benefits in billion of dollars, after receiving dollars he forget name of Kashmir immediately after 911.
Why Jaffri did not write on Kashmir, Palestine, and Chechnya, brutalities against Muslims in Philippines, Thailand, Burma, China and many other places.
In fact bashing Muslims and targeting particular groups and dividing society will lead every one toward destruction. Iraqi Ayatollahs, who assured Bush and Blair gift of Baghdad, just get rid of Saddam. Whether those are successful in their plan, every day loss of human life and devastation is now their fate. Instead their target is Iran, and the fear among Arabs is developed like it was developed in Pakistan after Iranian revolution, billion of dollars sophisticated equipment will be given to Arab states in forthcoming years. Iran helped to eliminate Taliban, whether those are not regrouping today according to Jaffri.

Finally according to Indian TV’s latest bombing at Gokkal restaurant, State government left no chance to point finger toward Pakistan and world media except BBC spared no time to link it to Al Qaeda. Muslims are included who are killed, it is inability of governments to provide security to their citizens, Pakistan government is also not different, under political motivation some innocent faces are shown on TV’s as criminal and provide more room for actual terrorist to save their skin.

Khadim Husain, Pakistan - 28 August, 2007

Short Cut to Greatness-Nothing significant

Some like to become great without any basis without common sense without much to write something “ Original”.Zamani seem one of them – Entire Ramayan finished he asks Who is Radha with simple excuse about
Composition about unable to understand specific style
English or innovative attempt”.Patent on invention with
Slight variation is common innovation of those who like to create new product. Taliban means student.They could have been Mujaheddin Islamists or group of People of Afghanistan origin with specific style of living fighting Or following Jihad.They can be Talibani style or even Taliban Culture( rightly or wrongly).Don’t be Talibani can be equal to don’t be Matloob Zamani Ghamandi (arrogant follower of book method of composition or English with simple easy to understand sentence).MZ has complex rather than content.

Z Billo, United Arab Emirates - 03 September, 2007

What brand of Islam do you follow?

Jafri sahib its about time that you give up interpreting Islam & Islamic values because you demonstrate no sense or should I say pure nonsense when it comes to making stipulations regarding the faith of Islam.
Now that you find no other topic to blabber about you are attempting to innovate some new form of Islam.
You appear to have adopted a name similar to that of Muslims however your writing convinces otherwise.
Stop coming up with new terminology that you cook in your kitchen and stick with the prevailing terms because no one is going to remember you once you are gone, turn around and answer the knock on your door there is a Talibani knocking at your door.

Matloob Zaman, Pakistan - 25 September, 2007

Thanks for enlightening.

So I take it that the term "talibani" is being introduced under the influence of Equal Opportunity, i.e. to include the feminine gender such as Billo the Talibani.
Many thanks for opening my eyes to this matter, Billo

Matloob Zaman, Pakistan - 25 September, 2007

Billo you are out of context.

But you do well on Ebonics.

Matloob Zaman, Pakistan - 25 September, 2007

Who cares

Who cares about Ramayan or Radha when there is a kitty jumping all over this forum and getting the z's straight

Matloob Zaman, Pakistan - 26 September, 2007

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