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Reality Check Please!

02 December, 2005

By Ahmer Muzammil

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I always wonder how much humiliation and rape will it take from the elite & ; ruling classes of Pakistan for the masses to rise and claim there God-given right of respect? I mean we are not asking for much here are we? Would it be too much for the "SUITS" to at least pretend to be sincere in this time of devastation? When they parade in disaster stricken areas with their designer attire and the GUCCI glasses and do photo ops with the already ravaged, don`t they for once realize that the hypocrisy is so obvious that it`s not even funny anymore? On one hand we see common relief workers, whether they belong to Al –Rasheed or Jamat-e-Islami or Jamatud-dawa, you can see that these workers blend in, there determination and spirit exudes from their dirty faces and un-ironed clothes. While we are on this subject of photo-ops, can the movie stars and random TV stars who can hardly lift their own egos let alone rabble also spare us their presence in that region. It`s not a museum or picnic spot for crying out loud, why do these people feel this urge to take up space in the helicopters just so they can be conveniently filmed while crying, what good does that do? What are they inspecting anyway, do they just want to make sure that this actually happened, believe you me no one is lying, there will be other opportunities where you can pretend to care, spare us this one. Let me also say that this pretentious behavior doesn`t hold true for all, people like Anwer Maqsood, Abrar, Junaid Jamshed, Imran Khan and many other celebrities are doing real work on ground to make the lives of these people easier. My hats off to all of those who are sincerely helping in this time of immense need.

Let`s move on to an event of mammoth pride and glory for our establishment, the recently held International Donor Conference. I am sorry but am I the only one who doesn`t understand the meaning of the word donor? Doesn`t the word "DONATION" imply that the receiving hand doesn`t have to payback because ahhhh "HELLOOOO" it`s a DONATION! Oh no, not only we will have to pay back the most of it but with interest. This is mind boggling, and we as a nation are suppose to be full of gratitude to these "DONORS"? I assure you that eventually people of Pakistan would have to pick up the tab in form of indirect taxes. Meanwhile, "THE MEN AT THEIR BEST, PAKISTAN ARMY" are building themselves a brand new headquarter, can the people of Pakistan ask respectfully (you have to ask respectfully because they are the ones with guns, remember!), what`s wrong with the current one? Can the money not be better spent at the rehabilitation of the poor and ravaged masses of Pakistan, or is this a matter of national security that the higher brass of Army officers get to enjoy a brand new facility? While we are asking questions, why is it that amid public pressure, president backs off from buying those F-16`s (for now anyway) that we don`t n eed and GOD knows we can`t afford, but the establishment has secretly signed a deal with Swedish government to buy early warning systems worth billions of dollars, why? The whole premise of building the nuclear arsenal was so we won`t have to compete with India in the race of conventional arms. But then if we don`t, then how will some Generals and their cronies get those millions of dollars in kick-backs and commissions? Me and my stupid quandaries!

The saddest part of this scheme is that due to the few bad apples that are at the top of the pyramid, the entire institution of Army is being maligned in the public eye, this should be a cause of concern for every patriotic and concerned Pakistani. The lower rank officers and the jawans of the Army are just as helpless and molested as the rest of the country, their dedication to their country is uncanny and their services are irreplaceable, but we as a nation has to put a stop to this empty and irrational stature of "SACRED COW" that the higher brass of armed forces have reserved for themselves. I shouldn`t automatically be a traitor just because I am asking questions; after all there salaries are being paid from our taxes.

One of the biggest reasons that the people of Pakistan and the expatriate community has not donated to the President`s relief fund by and large and instead have opted to give it to Edhi, Alamgir Trust, Jamat-e-Islami etc. is because of the demeanor of the president and people around him haven`t changed. They are still parading in lavish cars, you still see them meeting in glittery glass houses, prime minister have recently ordered custom-made Mercedes for some of the ministers, a new plane is also reported to be ordered on his behest. Should this really be happening, when you are asking the world to spare you the change?

We have heard true stories of brides donating there jewelry, kids of all ages have emptied their pocket monies, all in all middle & lower class Pakistanis all over the world have opened their hearts. Where are the Big wadayras, jagirdaars, industrialists, how come we haven`t heard any good news from that front? Where are the jataois, maliks, chaudhris, leghari`s of the world when there country actually need them? One Mr. Sultan Mehmmood of peoples party, the ex-prime minister and the current leader of the opposition of Azad Kashmir has been comfortably sitting in England ever since the incident happened, whilst the constituency is going thru the hardest time in its history. But here I blame the populous, which is us. We see who the people are on-ground that come to our rescue in time of need. We should know who will serve us better but still when its time to vote, we elect people that belong to our regional klan, we don`t care that they are corrupt, good for nothing buffoons, but as long as they share our caste, they can have our vote. That`s retarded.

Last but not least, India out of the goodness of her heart is dying to help us with milk and tents and blankets. Really? Why? They can`t find anyone in India who could use it? If they looked they really wouldn`t have to go very far. In every major city of India, there are slums, where all this charity will be very welcomed. If all of a sudden indians have this awakening and would like to help their neighbours out, how about stop killing innocent kasmiris, and would it be too much if they could stop cross-border infiltration from afghanistan? If they could just find it in their hearts to accomodate us with that, we`d be very obliged! But then again Old Habits don`t die easily.


Reader Comments:

reality check with a pack of lies and hollow ego ?

I will comment only on part written for India.

Nations are like individuals. We can never have enough for ourselves. This applies to India, to US, and to any other country that offered help in this moment of devastation for the humanity in nothern reaches of Indian subcontinent.

what India offered to Pak and people of Pak Occupied Kashmir, could definitely be used for some of our less fortunate countrymen. similiarly US could have used what it offered, for some of its less fortunate citizens. Here, the pertinent question is whose need is more grave, the citizens of India living in slums (not living a good life but with no imminent danger of loosing their lives) OR the Kashmiris without food and water and no roof over their heads on the edge of himalayan winter. All international bodies including NATO members involved in providing refief in Occupied Kashmir have said even more people can die due to winter if they are not provided adequate shelter soon, than those died in the actual earthquake. Therefore, when India or other countries offered help, it was considering the gravity of the situation and not to show their magnanimity.

If there is question that people of Pakistan should ask, they should ask themselves why did they need external help to handle a calamity, that only effected one corner of their country and that did not effect 98% of their population OR any major government or business center. More importantly, the way Pak leaders were seen busy organising donor conferences and asking for more and more money on BBC and other international channels, does not speak very positively of their country.

A good analysis of the fallings of the Pak establishment in handling this calamity can be found on following link.

on the footnote, I am still on the ground, laughing at the outrageously comical idea, that India is involved in cross border infiltration from afghanistan.

Chan, United Kingdom - 04 December, 2005

Old Habits don`t die easily

Old habits of blaming india for each and everthing will take long time to go.
When both govt. are working peacefully to help needy why others have issue I don't understand. The reactions of author is as if India is airdroping the relief goods with pro-indian slogans. Even Indian media is not updated for this relief work to avoid unnessecary propoganda. If pakistan govt has so much problem in taking relief they can fax a single page to indian govt. Saying no help required and problem will be resolved easily.

If only solution to this is further break India into more pieces forget it you had enough of it.

I need not explain whats happening in Kashmir , since either side knows who is doing what.

Sanjay, Hungary - 05 December, 2005

Things we need to hear

Thank you Mr. Muzimmil, for saying so well what needed to be said and for and having the courage to say it.

I especially liked the part about the donations.

Mr. Chan, if the photos and articles I see in regard to those slums in India are accurate, the residents are, in my opinion, in danger of losing their lives every moment of the day and night...

Well said, Mr. Muzimmil.

Isadora, United Kingdom - 05 December, 2005

religion and cast of begger

So far it was known that beggar does not have any religion or cast, what ever he/she gets is acceptable to him/her. Probably the definition of beggar has been changed. One may not like the word beggar instead to choose to say distress friend or foe. Keep on begging so that whole Pakisthan and especially the jihadis/terrorist can be rehabilitate nicely.

The author is a single eyed and live in the world of hatred . The slums are there in china. Think of human right violation in Tibet by China and think of human right violation by China over pro-democratic students of china( special ref. To 1989 T’men square atrocities). Think of illegal handover of Jammu and Kashmir land to china. Think of Pakistan’s human right violation over Baluch, Mohajir and NWFP.
How long we see the crocodile’s tear from Pakistanis for Kashmiris .In this context I would request to author and others to visit the website of www.kashmirherald .com or or to know what real kashmiris say. Last is the demilitarization of Kashmir by Gen. Mus. So that terrorists can travel to Kashmir for pilgrimage.
If I write more the the paktribune may not published my comments as they did in my in my last comments against an article of Ms Faazana.

SM Ghosh, Hungary - 06 December, 2005


If Pakistanis blame India for some thing becuase its true India got a big problem with Pakistan. You Indians too blame Pakistan for every thing so tit for tat my friend. Personally I haven't got any problem with Indians because I have got many friends of Indian origin. So you too stop moaning about every thing Pakistan does I'm sure Pakistanis would stop it too.

Ali, Pakistan - 07 December, 2005

To the author

Sir I respect your concern about Pakistani gov. But dont you think its been a very long time all us Pakistanis do is, sit and blame the governement. No matter what party is in power we say its bad. I think we should blame the people as well because I dont have you recently been to Pakistan or not but people are not bothered about any thing. Rather than changing the governement they just sit tight and blame them for every thing. So I would say to people like you who got some platform where other people can read your articles that stop blaming the governement and start encoouraging the Pakistani nation to do some thing about their own country.

Ali, United Arab Emirates - 07 December, 2005

Bitter reality

Facts which the upset author has ignored in the reality which he sees from afar are, that the largest contribution of relief work has been provided by America, NATO and western countries, Saudi Arabia and UAE included. No one who has spend any time in the effected areas cannot acknowledge that. The heicopter opertions, which was the largest the world has known, was led by the Americans, the Chinooks were flying in and out evry for minutes, bringing relief goods and evacuating patients and destitute.
The Canadian DART team provided the drinking water and established hospitals in Muzzafarabad area, NATO did so in Bagh and in NWFP everyone chipped in, even the Cubans, have done so much that no one is going to ever forget them. The French resue team was the first to arrive, they were digging people out by the 10th of october, which is just awesome, they saved many many lives, so did the British and all other rescue teams, specially like IRC and others.
Nothing would have happened without the logistic support of Paksitan Army. Which makes us all very proud, for they have been working round the clock, recahing out, opening the road, making the tent villiages, operating field hospitals and providing to a 2 million plus people. One only has to be blinded in hate to not know what difficult situation it is and how well they have been able to reach out to such difficult and inaccessible places and to provide to the ones in need. It is very sad to see people be so critical and get blinded in the love of whom they want to promote or praise. All the bigoted religious parties and political leaders did not even do a fraction of what the others did.
One has to stand and pay his tribute to the ordinary people of Pakistan, specially the people of Karachi, for opening their hearts and giving more then anyone else. In actuality maybe the people of Karachi have certainly contributed more then the entire international community. We as pakistanis should be greatfull to the international community, atleast I am and wish all the best and make a oath to come and help them just as they did for us, whenever the need does arise.
The donor conference was a huge success, as at short notice, such a big event was held and all the global players were present and they all chipped in and are doing so as we discuss here. Yes soft term loans have been offered and pledged, which is great, for we should be able to help the ones in need and pay back what we owe. Thanks to the world bank and ADB for offering and upping all the donations pledged.
I do agree witht he author regarding the photo ops created by self serving magots, but the world is ful of such people, but they get no where by it. Some artists who have actually done a lot is Fakhir, he helped mobilise the karachi youth and for ever has made himself their icon.
My suggestion is not to become critical or play politics with this horrible tragedy but to bring people together and try to provide relief, for tha is what they people require and not just being critical for the sake of it. Also to talk of reality and such parables when one does see them first hand and do something about it.
Isadora thanks for showing the mirror to our Hindu friend, to whom we are all very greatfull for lending a helping hand.

Malik Shahid, Pakistan - 08 December, 2005

Pakisthan is a reality

My friend Pakisthan is a great nation and I never denied its existence in my comments.
I have writeen to Indian Govt. for stoping the aid given to Pak it will be done soon.

Sanjay, Hungary - 09 December, 2005

Reason for Slums ?

Did it occur to author why 90 % slums are in Mumbai where per capita income is highest within nation. And where less than 10 % are below poverty line. Does you guys know those slums have TV/VCRs within the hutments.

The reason is only one the slums are best way to grab the govt. land, get the best compensation from govt or private parties. And the mumbai land is the costliest within the nation hence most of the slums are in Mumbai. And it doesnot have anything to do with poverty.

Anyway in last 5 years picture has changed lot and in next 5 years slums will be feature of past. The slum dwellers have realized that they are not gaining much out of it since all slum occupant are given permanent housing and its recorded that they don't sell it to anybody else for the profit purpose.

Change is taking place since last 15 years and we Indians are commited to make ourselves one of the best in the world.

And in between if we are unfortunate to be hit with calamity of the magnitute of the recent earthquake which we are unable to handle we will ask help from pakis. And we will say thanks for it rather than accepting the help and then showing a picture of beggar in karachi to them.

Sanjay, Hungary - 09 December, 2005

Real freedom

Pakistan needs Kasmir issue,Taliban,9/11,7/7,earth quake and kargil to rule their country.I feel sorry for the 85% of ordinary pakistani people who never got real freedom.Hope one day they will rule their country.

Mr.Bill, United Arab Emirates - 09 December, 2005

Reality Check

I am glad that an article like this was posted on this website. It tells us of the true atmosphere of Pakistani society. The public sees these things and does not speak out, this shows one that the issue of justice and human rights have not changed in Pakistan. When these "super star" politicians roll in to these devestated areas they are only driven by their thirst for popularity. By the way I personally think that President's relief fund is a joke. I think every Pakistani has a right to be told where the money for this releif fund is being spent. If there are releif organizations that disclose their funding breakdowns, it should done for this national fund also.

Osman Afzal, United Kingdom - 14 December, 2005

facts from real Kashiri

To Ghosh from India,

Mr. Gosh, although I don't agree with author for criticizing Indian aid which could have been an honest gesture by Indian side, however, your self-satisfied Indian ethical and human rights values was equally a cheap shot on your part. Also, those websites you have pointed for author's attention are run by Kashmir Pundits, who are propagating against, Islam and Kashmiri Muslims for the conditions they are in. They suffer because of their vicious and treacherous mentality towards their fellow Muslim Kashmiri, their greed and selfishness, their aiding to conspiracies with Indian government institutions against Kashmir Muslims and their freedom struggle, which in the end entrapped them into a volunteer exit from the valley, but they blame it on Kashmiri Muslims and their religion. Now they are opposed to any peace process or settlement on Kashmir issue which does not allow them to enjoy their old monopoly of power and control of local politics, strings of which they always held through bureaucracy of Indian government machinery and used that control the goverment strategies in their favor and interest. So, please Mr. Gosh you may try to impress a Pakistani writer with your reporting not a Kashmiri Muslim. We have had it, seen it and done with it.

Noor, - 17 December, 2005

"volunteer exit" is a pack of lie

terming kashmiri pandit's exit from valley as "volunteer exit" is a pack of lie. at least accept that they were forced out as ethic cleansing carried out by islamic terrorist.

by the way, how many kashmiri pandits blew themselves up as human bombs to protest against injustices against them, the way muslim youth are blowing themselves in far off democratic lands (like UK) for percieved injustices against muslims brethren in places probably they never have visited.

Chan, United Kingdom - 25 December, 2005

Reality Check Please

There is injustice in Pakistan and rule of law is not given that much importance. Being a society where education is very low nations is not getting what they should from the government. People on top need to be educated and told how to look after their voters and must take their responsiblites with honesty. There is lot to be done there and Media can play a role and help little bit, rest lies with the government and top brass.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 25 December, 2005

facts from kashmir

to chan,
Why havn't Hindu (Sikh) community was forced to leave If, as per your theory Islamists caused Kashmiri Pandits exit from Kashmir. Hindu Sikh Community still live in the valley side by side with Kashmir Muslims. However, there have been some migrations but they are purely economicaly based so as well with Kashmiri Muslims too.

noor, United Kingdom - 02 January, 2006

undivided india

we the people of indopak love
each other,we are people haveing common heritage,socio cultural life,STOP POLITCS @ U.S.A Tactis

sunil das, Hungary - 01 February, 2006

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