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Politics of the Corpse

04 September, 2006

By Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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Though the death of Akbar Bugti is unfortunate but it was more of his own choosing and had to come sooner or later. It was a writ large on the wall for all to read, yet it cannot be slighted away as an ordinary event. It is no victory for the conqueror or the vanquished. It was a simple case of bringing order to a house disarrayed and make the delinquent respect the authority of the 'family' elders. However, the 80 year old juvenile thought it otherwise and wanted his diktat to rule supreme. It was a matter handled amateurishly by both - the late Bugti and the law enforcing agencies. Akbar Bugti was known for his obstinacy bordering fool hardiness and at the same time for his avarice for the worldly possessions and ostentation. He had been a trouble maker almost throughout his political life but the previous rulers had been somewhat successful in taming him by use of the carrot and stick policy. This had in a way spoiled him also and during one of his cell phone interceptions he was heard lamenting as to why was the present government not negotiating with him as had all the previous governments done. In order to enforce his terms he adopted still a harder stance. He not only confronted the power of the state but also literally waged a war against it using weapons of all kinds; rifles, Kalashnikovs, LMGs, automatic weapons, rockets, mortars, grenades, mines, explosives and bombs. Where did he get such a liberal supply of these is something that should be a matter of concern to all patriotic Pakistanis?  Time and again he was cajoled, advised and even warned to desist from the policy of open confrontation but the Sardari blood running in his veins kept pumping vain ideas of his invincibility into his head. He was warned in clear terms that it was no more 1973/74 and it will not be possible for him to hide in the mountains where the then ill equipped FC and Police had found itself helpless against the renegades. It was the 21st century and the law enforcing agencies were much better equipped for any one to resist them. However, all such warnings went heedless. To top it all and probably emboldened by the success of his hit and run sporadic attacks on government installations and killing the unwary by ambushing them, he literally invited the inevitable by firing upon two helicopters and damaging one of them severely which gave away his hideout. A hi-tech reconnaissance soon betrayed his presence inside the mud cave in a side hill of Kohlu.  A last minute effort by a team of officers to negotiate his surrender cost them their lives due to a sudden explosion in the cave. Most probably Sardar's unplaced ego made him rather take his own life than surrender alive.   The explosion caved in the cave killing all inside and rendering the retrieval of the body impossible without proper engineer effort. 

  It happened on  26th of August 2006 and as of that moment triggered off the Politics of the Corpses, reminiscent of a pagan ritualistic war dance circling around the flaming pyre of a dead Chief. The ARD, the MMA, the ML(N), the PPP, the Mengals, the Marris, Imran Khan, Abida Hussain, the Bugti sons et al,  are trying to surpass one another in applauding the last Samurai stand of the fallen Nawab and condemning the army and Musharraf for killing him. The print and electronic media not to be left behind joined the chorus instantly taking the topic to every home throughout the length and breadth of the country. The whole episode was portrayed as if it was a target killing transforming the late Bugti into a martyr and a Shaheed. While the crescendo of the martyrdom was going full blast surprisingly not a word of condolence was uttered by any of these leaders or media men for the army officers and men who made the supreme sacrifice of laying down their life in the call of duty.  Even a novice conducting the military operation would have ordered his four officers (a Lieutenant Colonel, two Majors and a Captain) and a JCO out of the cave before aligning the barrel of his rocket launcher in the direction of the cave. How ignorant of those making the accusations of target killing?!  Such an accusation speaks volumes about the hollowness of their heads about the military operations. They do not have the foggiest idea and yet each one of them tries to be a  Napoleon by  propounding his own  theory as to the conduct of the operation. Do they know that if the authorities wanted to eliminate Bugti there were hundred and one overt and covert methods of doing it. Why would the government make a hero out of a runaway renegade hiding in a cave for his life with only a handful of his followers?  Why had the four officers and a JCO gone to the cave?  To kill Bugti?  For that only a squad of commandos would have sufficed and not the senior officers.  The fact of the matter is that they were there to persuade Bugti once again to come to the negotiation table and give up his terrorist activities. Akbar Bugti, strip of the Sardari a week before by the Bugti Jirga, a social pariah in his own Dera Bugti,  the fiefdom gone where once he ruled supreme and now the once ousted by the Nawab thousands of Katpars, Missoris and Bugtis had returned in droves under the government protection, and finally finding the law enforcing agencies knocking at the very entrance of the cave where he was hiding for his life, was driven to a total desperation and blew up the cave taking the lives of the officers along with his own life and that of his few compatriots. He had nothing left to live for. 

  Ironically, the Sardar, the Nawab and the once Mighty Tumandar of Bugtis  had passed away and his mortal remains were lying locked in a coffin but strangely there were no mourners around. No one from the tribe or the family. Only a few government functionaries and media men were at hand to perform the last rituals. His remains were interned in ancestral graveyard next to his forefathers and other family members. 

  The end was most unbecoming of a Nawab and that's what  provided the opposition and the anti-government elements with an ideal opportunity of  waging the Politics of the Corpse against the government.  Those who despite their incessant rhetoric could never muster even a few men on the street, have announced a series of strikes, protests and demonstrations one after the other spreading over the weeks to keep the momentum going. A plethora of politicians of all shades and standing have taken upon themselves on TV shows and print media to save Pakistan from disintegration in the wake of Bugti's death. Time and again parallels are drawn between the execution of ZAB and the killing of Bugti. Firstly, there is no comparison between the statures of ZAB and the Bugti and anyone equating the two needs a lesson or two in history. Secondly, while portraying both as the victims of the military regimes, what is not understood is as to why a mention is repeatedly made of their belonging to the smaller provinces?! Is it just an unintentional figure of speech or some well thought out nefarious design of spreading hatred between the provinces for the weakening of the federation?  Ch. Shujaat is also being chastised for not repaying Bugti's debt who had spared Ch. Zahoor's life against ZAB orders of eliminating him while transferring from Muchh jail to Mianwali. I wonder if the exponents of democracy reminding Shujaat publicly of his such obligation, realize that how naively they are damaging the cause of democracy run by leaders like ZAB and strengthening the perception against him as a physical eliminator of his opponents?  Is this the way the democracy is run?  Needless to say, his one such 'elimination order' ultimately landed him at the gallows. Some democracy, some leader.

  The other most favourite theme of the so called well wishers of Pakistan is the 1971 events of the then East Pakistan.  We are being constantly reminded by them to learn the lesson from history. I think it is time someone told them also to learn the lesson from history. Peoples memory is not that short and most of us still remember pronouncements like, "We will break the legs of those who go to Dacca to attend the NA session there",  "Undhar tum, idhar ham", "It is better to be a Topdog in half of Pakistan than be an underdog in full Pakistan", etc.   While taking a lesson or two from East Pakistan history let's dig a little deeper. Agartala case had proved beyond any shadow of doubt Mujib's treason in collusion with India. A simple death sentence for the traitor and then relatively unimportant Mujib would have nipped the evil in the bud and the ultimate catastrophe averted. But not acceptable to our politicians and of all the persons Asghar Khan was the chief spokesman for arranging a Round Table Conference with Mujib.  The significance of the roundtable is that no one sits at the head of the table to preside over it and all participants are equal. Asghar Khan brought Mujib at par with the President of Pakistan!!  Made a hero of a near zero over night.  I think Musharraf remembered his lesson from history and knows that , Baluchistan is not a thousand miles away East Pakistan with hostile India in between,  Baluchis are all Muslims and highly patriotic Pakistanis - unlike the Bengalis who had an influential and dominant segment of Hindu population there, no contiguity with India for cross border support,  the present government has done many times more for the uplift of Baluchistan than all the previous government put together during the last fifty years. A number of mega development projects going on and planned for Baluchistan should transform Baluchistan into one of the most opulent provinces of Pakistan, and the Baluchis know it. And, lastly the late Bugti, because of his own doings, had completely lost the confidence of his tribe or for matter of other Baluchis at large. Hence, the worthy politicians need not have any concerns for the secession of Baluchistan.  As a matter of fact, if they are sincere and honest in keeping the solidarity of the federation intact, they will be well advised to refrain from such talk promoting any secessionist trends and tendencies. The operation carried out by the law enforcing agencies must be viewed as an inevitable and an undesirable spanking of a delinquent child in the family and not as any personal grudge against any one. What enmity or grouse could the colonels and majors have against the late Akbar Bugti or his few followers?  How many innocent lives have been lost during the last two years or so?  Members of law enforcing agencies, the engineers - including Chinese and other expatriates, civil government servants and officials, workers at government installations, innocent passengers in buses, trolleys and trains. Don't they and their families deserve a word of sympathy or condolence for having been killed by the Bugti?  Were they not the loyal and patriotic citizens of Pakistan?  If they were, then please politicians, show by your deeds and words that you are also sorry for them to have had lost their lives.  That you also pray for the departed souls, if you cannot hold 'Ghaibana Namaz e Janaza for them. That you are also sorry for their widows and the young children left behind by them. That you shall strive in future never to allow a situation to develop where a politician has to take up arms and kill the innocent. That you shall always keep the interest of the country before self. For the present, all it seems, surprisingly, that the only panacea to this all near you is for Musharraf to quit and the government to resign.  Is it really so? Do really believe it to be good for the country or is it just a ruse just to enter the corridors of powers? This is one question that haunts me badly?  I wish I were wrong.


Reader Comments:

Millions of Pakistan (oic) Corpses

India RSS Bush Blair Harper Olmert compound every day 9/11 politics of corpses in the Muslim world since cutting Pakistan into Half in 1971.Shameless Umma leaders let
Them willingly as if Salman Rusdie and Fareed Zakaria today IN US TV were justified.
While US made so much fuss for 9/11 with own subversion UMMA leaders have surpassed.Imagine Corpses quantity of Pakistan and OIC since 1971

m_zachariah, United Kingdom - 04 September, 2006

Fossil fuel -Bugti GAS and Fassal (what earth produces)

Collateral Bombing Corpses India Invasion of East Pakistan Corpses
Gulf war Corpses Iran Iraq war Corpses Chechnya Kosovo Bosnia
Serbia Montenegro Yugoslavia Sabra Shatilla Halabja Gujarat politics
Of Corpses. Bush Blair Olmer PM of EU India Pakistan Bangladesh
KAnnan are leaders of Corpses. Jewish Settlers Nato allied army of
world wide bases create Or collect corpses Iron Ore Crude Oil or
live off on the avail of corpses or fossil fuel. Where do you think Crude
Oil fossil fuel came from? Is politics of corpses is re-enactment
of past corpses Turned into Crude oil Stone iron ore Fossil means preserved
remains in earth of person plants animal (prehistoric or otherwise).Allied
Bush Blair Olmer RSS army gujrat Halabja Lydda corp Generated abundant corpses (daily) weekly
Monthly year around .

benz m Ispahani, India - 04 September, 2006

Well said

In an era where media teaches the sponged minds of individuals, true sides of the story - the way the events actually occured - should be promoted more than the mainstream fabricated stories that somehow make the headlines. Anything/anyone that even hints being traitorous should be taken out of what they call the concept of "Pakistan". I'm happy that a termite like bugti corroding our very foundations since the start exists no more. The article really paints the actual picture of what this "impedement" was doing and how it reached its end. Give this article to all the pakistanis that have even a tinge of patriotism alive in them.

Ray Mirza, Aruba - 05 September, 2006

politics of corpses

There is an article of Col, Riaz Jafri in Monday’s issue of your esteemed newspaper. The writer has tried to justify the extra-judicial killing of late Muhammad Akbar Bugti. On the one hand he writes that Bugti was warned several times to change his hostility while on the other he termed his death an accident. He has written about Butte’s activities but has not mentioned the fact that government collected all his enemies who had killed his sons, grandsons and other closed relatives and brought them to Dera Bugti who surrounded him and he became “guest” in his own land. Mr. Jafri writes that Bugti on a satellite lamented that none was coming to negotiate with him like past governments and later on writes that Bugti chose his killing instead of negotiations. To compare Butto with Bugti, he has completely misjudged the reality. When late Butto died there was not a single protest even peaceful but the death of Bugti has sparked serious violence in Sindh and Baluchistan. He must wait and see what happens next as fuel is being added to already sparked fire.
The question is not that of personal gains and losses of late Bugti. The question is of provincial autonomy. Baluchistan and Frontier are very important geographically and in fact these two provinces have made our country the most important country of the region. Pakistan has gained importance through these two provinces. There are a large number of Afghan refugees living here. A single Afghan consumed flour equal to ten locals at a time but flour is still being sent to these two provinces through their ”quota”. The presence of such large number of refugees and smuggling of these flour to Afghanistan and Central Asian states, makes acute shortage of flour in these two provinces and the governments of these provinces has to beg for flour from either Center or Punjab which is often rejected. Gas and electricity of these provinces are direct control of the Center and in fact not available in most parts of the provinces where they are produced or found. This is the real problem with these two provinces, which can be solved through provincial autonomy rather than bullets.
As far the East Pakistan like situation is concerned, it should be kept in mind that both these provinces voted in favour of Pakistan where Shariah was promised but is still refused. The people of these two provinces consider Pakistan a fort of Islam and are giving sacrifices for it like in the past otherwise a single missile fired towards Islamabad will change the situation in minutes rather than days or months. Terming the people of these two provinces as weaker than East Pakistani will add fuel to the fire. We should suggest positively to the rulers rather than clapping them to prevent our dear country from further disintegration.
Muhammad Riaz,
Thana Malakand Agenvy.

Muhammad Riaz, Pakistan - 05 September, 2006

politics of army

The correct title should have been "Politics of army".

It's expected and not surprising this predictable article by col. Jafri, who's welfare & perks depend on Musharraf & army.

It's foregone conclusion that Musharraf will be uniformed president for life.
Can you just imagine how many col. jafries will there rooting for Musharraf after another 10 years?

a s ahmed, Pakistan - 05 September, 2006

Cil. Riaz Jafri has summed up Bugti's end rightly.

Cil. Jafri has done a great service by putting Akbar Bugti's death in proper context. The remaing two Sardars should take a lesson from the ongoing events. The people of Balochistan have no future under the influence of Mengal amd Murree. It is for the media to expose the past acts of Sardars in Balochistan.

Sher Mohammad.

Sher Mohammas, Pakistan - 05 September, 2006

What a surprise!!

I am astonished that colonel sahab is taking the side of his former employer. How convenenat. I must salute your courage sir, Bravo! Soldiers like you are a real asset for us. This absurd argument that since our politicians are corrupt we must accept corrupt army officers as our Godfathers is beyond comprehension, good thing is that country at large is not buying this dung anymore.

Abu_Bilal, Pakistan - 05 September, 2006


The Pakistan Army acted as Judge, Jury and executioner and participated in extra-judicial assasination of its own citizen. Irrespective of the merits of the Bugti case, this does not bode well for a democratic order that participates within the confines of the law, however inconvenient this may be. WIth this treatment of the provinces within a federal setup, no wonder think tanks are talking of a "unnatural" state, "failed" state and proposing redrawing of blood boundaries.

Sam Shetty, Hungary - 05 September, 2006

Bugti's fate

I read Col. Jafri's analysis of Bugti's killing and I find the article very realistic and informative as our opposition parties needed on corpse to play political game and they started immediately without noting that Bugti was clearly anti-Pakistan and he had waged war against the government of Pakistan in the name of 'people's right' but the question is what Bugti gave his slave people the rights. They were not allowed to get education, even they were not allowed to buy a cycle with his permission. I back all the contents of the atricle.

Wajid Ali Wajid, Pakistan - 05 September, 2006

Thanks for writing such an excellent article.

Mr. Bugti was involved in all sorts of criminal activities and was a public enemy. I thank Allah for ending Bugti's rein of terror.

Majority of the Pakistanis belive that Mr. Bugti met his justified end but unfortunately our corrupt politicians are trying to make an issue out of this.

This action has taken its effect and Marris are retreating from their support to terrorism.

Mengals are the only ones who still wish to fight and I hope they realize like the Marris or they meet a justified end like Bugti.

Imran Siddiqui, Canada - 06 September, 2006

Great Article

Your article is extremly well written and I thank you for that. Most pakistanies are against this Sardar mentality, we need to move ahead with full force in this century. Keep it up Mr. President!!

sergio, United Kingdom - 07 September, 2006


I hope govt should take MENGLS same way as BUHTI.I am fully sporting IMRAN Saddiqui comments

Anwar, United Arab Emirates - 08 September, 2006

OIC Corpses

benz m Ispahani, neglects to state that most of OIC corpses are the hands of other OIC members! East Bengali corpses courtesy West Punjab troops, Shia sunni violence in Pak, Iraq etc. No doubt, the west and Israel have helped the OIC self falgellation by stirring the hornets nest. "How many deaths will it take till they know, that too many people have died"??

Sam Shetty, Hungary - 08 September, 2006

Crime to attack one's own people

Unfortunately, our people remain unecessarily emotional and jingoistic- both our military rulers and local leaders. If only dialogue and sanity would prevail. I firmly believe that behind all of Nawab Bugti's complaints there was a man who wanted to come to an accord with the present government.After all he served in many capacities including as a government official and head of the province. Moreover people conveniently forget that Nawab Bugti worked to bring Balochistan into Pakistan at the time of our independence from the British. Unfortunately a great number of pronouncements made by Baloch nationalists do not do justice to their own genuine grievances. They simply want to safegaurd their rights within Pakistan.I believe that Bugti wanted to engage in dialogue but revved up his rhetoric to his own demise. President Musharraf cannot understand or appreciate nuances that take place in the political forum as witnessed by his repeated gaffes on the international press scene. From initially making than denying ownership of misogynist comments against women the Pakistani military leadership is generally viewed in a negative light in the Western world. It is tolerated because it serves the interests of the Western powers but for how long? We should concern ourselves with putting our own house in order rather than worry about International issues which are not of our doing. President Musharraf lacks the understanding and flexibility to appreciate that Pakistan is a Federation in which one has to listen and accomodate all members of the unit. If anything I more convinced than ever that the military has to return to the barracks and the process of developing a functioning democracy must begin. The military must realise that Pakistan is far more important than the egos and whims of our generals who frankly are not trained to run a country. My background is from rural Punjab but I completely understand that Balochis are concerned that the influx of capital and development in Baluchistan and particularly Gwader may not filter down to the local people. They see the example of Sind where migrants from outside the province have largely monopolized commerce and industry. I believe that only a civilian governemnt can ensure that the Baloch are given pride of place and preference in their own province when it comes to opportunities.

Mohammed Elahi, Canada - 08 September, 2006

Mengal and Murree would meet same fate

Balochistan affairs have to be tackled with an iron hand. Better do it now and arrest both Mengal and Murree alive and try them in a court of law.

Sher Mohammad.

Sher Mohammad, Pakistan - 08 September, 2006

A comprehensive account

Thanks for summizing the entire episode of State V/s Traitors.
I am totally convinced that there were no plans by the Pakistani Govt or the Armed Forces to conclude this uprising in this manner however, those who chose to enclave themselves equipped with weaponry and a defiant & bullying disposition brought it upon themselves. Even now I feel confident that such an end was not envisioned by any authority charged with the security of Pakistan it's people and resources and they would rather have brought the Traitors down from the hills and had a face to face dialogue with them instead of chosing to end all those lives that most probably under false pride and loaded with weapons either had booby trapped themselves inside the cave or did not know how to properly handle the storage of such explosive materials and people among that resulting in such a sad ending.
Its time for other defiants to lay down their arms and come to terms in a civil manner while I strongly believe that civil liberties are for those who are civic and dont resort to violence, defiance and para-military practices, while those who do definitely deserve to be dealt in the hardest manner without regard to their lives reciprocal to their acts.
Those who think and state herein above that this is not good politics or is military politics unfortunately do not understand what politics literally means since there is no room for armed politics and once it takes place it must be met in the strongest terms since it is not a civic quality to bear arms against the administration and armed forces of the nation and is defined as Treason.
What adds insult to injury is the self made polticians of today in Pakistan, those who are career opposition and have always chosen to remain in opposition be it any govt. in Pakistan. Its time for these hoodloms who capitalize on such events to promote their political innuendoes to be said Good Bye to if they dont stop playing with the emotions of poor public of Pakistan which has suffered a great deal due to their daily protests and shutting down of normal business and affairs of life every now and then which only causes harm to the overall economy of Pakistan not to mention the damaging of property and loss of lives due to this anti-social activity.

Matloob Zaman, Pakistan - 10 September, 2006

Sam Shetty/Judge, Jury and executioner

Perhaps your description is right, if one hangs out too long around trash thats what he begans to smell like.
May be your reading in this context is somewhat correct since living in the shadow of a neighbor like we do could have contributed to spoiling of our habits, like our neighbor did by taking a walk into the State of Hyderabad Deccan and too many others to name here like Goa and others.
Its high time our neighbor influences us with some better examples by withdrawing from occupied territories which may prove helpful in learning from a positive experience.
Please do enlighten all of us with the MERITS OF BUGTI CASE since you seem to know a lot more than any of us.
Looking forward to a comprehensive listing of Merits authored by venomous neighbor at his earliest.

Matloob Zaman, Pakistan - 10 September, 2006

We still remember SUTANA DAKOO.No use to remember BUGTI.No use to write articles for Bugti.just wasting time,and that is all.

Khalid Awan, Pakistan - 12 September, 2006

Musharaf has done a rly worst thing. not good.

Aamir, Pakistan - 19 September, 2006

Politiccs of the corpse

Listening to the so called independent media from Pakistan, I had come to the conclusion that no one in Pakistan was prepared to face truth and reality and everyone had submitted to the "wisdom" of talking heads on TV. Col. Jafri's article comes like a breath of fresh air. Let us all get rid of the hypocricy whereby we give lip service to abolition of feudal system and tyranny and also lament the death of a murderous villian.

Dr. Khursheed Omer, United Kingdom - 20 September, 2006

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