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Pakistan Looking Towards Its Nation To Own Her

13 August, 2010

By Faiz Al-Najdi

Pakistan Looking Towards Its Nation To Own Her
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Pakistan was not born in a day. Neither its birth was accidental. In fact Pakistan was born out of a necessity that embodied strenuous struggle of its founding leaders. Mohammad Ali Jinnah who was bestowed upon the title of Quaid-e-Azam was at the spirit behind the creation of a separate homeland for the Muslims of the then India.

Why was the necessity of creation of a separate homeland for the Muslims of India?

This is the question that has remained at the center of the debate till to-date. Many writers have dwelt upon this subject issue. Many politicians, of the past and the contemporary ones, have also opined on the same. There could be varying opinion, but the reason at the center stage was to ensure that the Muslims of the then India would not be exploited by the Hindu majority once the British rulers had left. It is no secret that Jinnah was the ardent supporter of and proponent of the idea of a united India. For this he was often called as the ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity. But Jinnah knew very well that once India was independent, the Muslims population would be overwhelmed by the Hindu majority. It would thus open gates of exploitation, discrimination and hence injustices to the rights of the Muslim minority in this new country. Many open and back door diplomacy to ensure Muslim rights had failed and that is why Jinnah finally was convinced that there was no way out but to plead and fight the case for a separate homeland for the Muslims of the then India. This idea was definitely opposed both by the British and the then Hindu leadership. However Jinnah was determined to reach the goal. This goal was thus not a cake-walk. Millions had to pay through their lives on both sides of the divide to finally get this new homeland for the Muslim.

A new country – Pakistan - thus appeared on the World map on 14th of August 1947. Ever since this new Country is looking for the day when its inhabitants would come forward and own it. Pakistan was created in the Muslim majority areas of the then India – namely, Punjab, East Bengal, Sindh, Balochistan and the North Western Frontier Province. The Pakistan thus formed had the ethnic population of the Punjabis, Bengalis, Sindhis, Balochis and Pathans. A new ethnic dimension was added as a result of the mass migration of the Muslims from the Muslim-minority regions of the then India – they were essentially the refugees or popularly called as the Mohajirs.  They spoke Urdu which later became the national language. As a result of this distinct ethnic divisions and the complex situation resulting thereon, the Pakistanis now are everything other than being a Pakistani. The borders between the provinces became holy and Pakistan thus became a federation with distinct, loud and separate identity of the four nations added to it the fifth one of the Urdu speaking migrants from India, who mostly settled in Karachi. Unfortunately this also remained an official line from Islamabad often propagated as such in both print and electronic media.

Then came the religious leaders who began to harp on yet another new dimension. That was of the Muslim identity. They rallied on the idea that we were Muslims first and Pakistanis later.

As a result, we became Muslims first followed with the Punjabis, Bengalis, Sindhis, Balochis, Pathans and Mohajirs. We thus never were allowed to become Pakistanis. Till to-date we remain everything except Pakistanis. Pakistan is desperately waiting since 14th August 1947 to see if its inhabitants come forward and call themselves Pakistanis and thus own their country Pakistan.

In short the apathy is that as of today, Pakistan remains sans Pakistanis. That is, Pakistan is still looking towards its nation to own her.

As a result of this indifference from the very inhabitants of this country one wing – East Pakistan – was lost and the very stability & integrity of the rest of the remaining parts of this wonderful country is threatened.

God protect this beautiful Country of ours!!!!


Reader Comments:

Democracy and Freedom

If we look back 70 years we will appreciate how great the team was, who were working to build the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Especially the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had the Vision to understand the political realities of the world, something even now 70 years later our leaders lack. Not to forget Doctor Allama Muhammad Iqbal who never agreed with the Western Democracy and Secularism. PPP Government should not worry about democracy and Pakistan after PPP. Pakistan was there before PPP and Pakistan will be there after PPP. It is the Muslims of Pakistan that make-up Pakistan and they love Pakistan. All that we lack is sincere hardworking leadership. And PPP should also not worry about large number of Pakistanis living in the UK, instead they should worry about people living in Pakistan and try and work hard to create conditions for them in Pakistan so that they do not decide to leave Pakistan. It was pre-decided at the time of partition of the sub-continent, that over time, out of Pakistan and India, one had to go. Pakistan was built on the bases of Two-Nation theory, i.e. ‘there is no God but Allah and Muhammad (PBUH) is the Prophet of Al-mighty Allah’, something that Hindus and British made fun of and predicted that Muslim Pakistan would not last 35 years. Hindus founded India on the so-called Principles of Western Democracy and Freedom and Secularism, something they themselves did not believe in, because they killed millions of Muslims immigrating to Pakistan from India, but they also did not know that the Western Christians also did not believe in it either. To Hindus, Gandhi had successfully fooled the West and become a tutor of the West. Not many people know that Quaid-e-Azam started his political career in Indian National Congress but left it because he thought Muslims would never get a fair deal from Hindus or the British, so he later lead the struggle for a separate homeland for the Muslims of the Sub-Continent. Today we see the plight of Muslims in Gaza, an open-air jail for millions of people, men, women and children, Israel practicing Apartheid with the full support of the Western champions of Democracy, Freedom and Secularism. We saw the demolition of Babri Mosque by thousands of Hindus in Secular India; we see anti-Muslim riots in India over and over again. We see Muslim majority being denied their right of self-determination in Kashmir with over 80000 Killed and thousands of women raped. Kashmir is just another open-air jail for Muslims, like in Palestine. We saw the destruction of Iraq in the name of democracy and freedom, just to steal oil with the full support of UN and IAEA. Then there was Bosnia, Afghanistan, East Timor, Chechnya, Sudan, Somalia and we can go on and on and on and all with the support of UN and IAEA. The West has completed all nuclear deals with Hindu India but they are forcing and preventing Muslim Iran from becoming scientifically advanced, and again UN and IAEA is providing these thugs with all possible assistance and support. There used to be talk of rollback of Pakistan’s nuclear program and I am sure that as soon as they are finished in Afghanistan and they do not need Pakistan, they will be on Pakistan’s back again. Here we should also appreciate the wisdom and patience of Chinese Leadership who stopped the revolt in Tianamin Square in the name of Democracy and Freedom and did not rush into introducing swift political reforms and in 20 years China has been turned into a Global Powerhouse.
What I am trying to say is that the greatest freedom an individual can have is economic freedom and Western Christians try and stop the Muslims from becoming economically independent. Same as what Hindus do to Muslims in India, where out of the 100 Indian fortune companies there is not a single Muslim CEO out of 20% Muslim population in India. They all even tried to stop Chinese and they failed miserably.
So it was always about Religion and Quaid-e-Azam and other great Muslim Pakistani Leaders of the Sub-Continent were always right. Vatican was building a Global White Catholic Empire to replace the Evil British Raj and the British were working on putting the Hindus in their own driving seat. And they were all doing this in the name of Democracy and Freedom and Secularism.

Hammad Sethi, Pakistan - 15 August, 2010

pakistan k lia mere jaan be hazer hai. i love pakistan.geo pakistan.

taher mehmood, Pakistan - 15 August, 2010

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