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Pakistan Decided to respond U.S. direct Attack?

26 September, 2011

By Zaheerul Hassan

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Already strained Pak-U.S. relationship went under further cloud when in mid September, 2011 American civil and military leadership gave abrasive statements against ISI and Pakistani security agencies. US military chief, Admiral Mike Mullen accused the ISI of supporting the Haqqani network in carrying out an assault on the US Embassy in Kabul on September 13, 2011. He further said that the Haqqani network is a powerful faction of the Taliban and a "veritable arm" of Pakistan's spy agency. He also claimed that they have credible evidence about ISI involvement behind the June 28th attack against the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul. During last few days, CIA and ISI chiefs have also met each other to discuss the Haqqani Network and its presence in Pakistan. ISI Chief General Pasha strongly rejected the Americans' allegations and denied supporting Haqqani against Americans. But, U.S. officials did not agree with Islamabad stance and started urging Pakistan to take action.

In this connection , U.S. Defence sectary of state and White House top official revealed that the U.S. believes, Pakistan is "actively supporting the Haqqanis. U.S. Officials warned that Pakistan is heading towards international isolation. "If it keeps going like this, it could end up like Syria – before the Arab spring." President Zardari, Prime Minister Gillani, Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Kahar and Chief of Staff Pakistan Army strongly rejected the U.S. allegations on ISI and Pakistan Army. Pakistan Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar lashed out at America for accusing the country's powerful spy agency ISI of ties with terror groups, warning it risked losing Islamabad as its ally. "We have conveyed to the US that you will lose an ally."

"It is in the interest of both Pakistan and the U.S. to retain their relationship. So, if it is not a relationship of complete equals, them being a superpower and us not, but it is (a relationship) of sovereign equals," Khar said. She also said both countries need each other and Pakistan wants its relationship with the US to remain intact but not at the cost of Pakistan's sovereignty. Pakistani political and military leadership and the general masses have taken US threat seriously and decided to respond U.S with full strength to deal any misadventure against Pakistan. Government also asked her Foreign Minister to discontinue her American visit and report back to Pakistan.

On September 25, 2011 an extraordinary meeting of the corps commanders was held under the chairmanship of General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani in GHQ. General chaired this important meeting after cancelling his last night depature to London. He was to address the International Institute for Strategic Studies and the Royal College of Defence Studies, According to an ISPR statement, a Special Corps Commanders Conference reviewed the prevailing security situation in the country Yesterday, US Central Command chief General James Mattis met the COAS at the General Headquarters.

General Kayani expressed grave concern over infiltration of militants from the Afghanistan side and made it clear that Pakistan would not tolerate any such incursions in the future. He asked General Mattis to make sure that the Afghan soil is not used against Pakistan.

The COAS also lodged strong protest with Gen Mattis over the statements of US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta and Admiral Mullen calling the statements contrary to ground realities. He said the sacrifices rendered by Pakistan in the war on terror demonstrated Pakistan's commitment to eliminate militancy.

Pakistan Armed Forces Spokesman said that in the meeting we discussed prevailing security situation. Highly placed sources said that the meeting rejected all the allegations and expressed its concern over the negative statements given by the US. The meeting reiterated that Pakistan armed forces are committed to achieve enduring peace in the region. While talking to the media, in a separate question General Athar Abbas acknowledged that Pakistani intelligence set up do have contacts with certain Taliban groups but don't favour their activities. He also disclosed that certain other countries including America too have links with Haqqani and other groups. It is also added here that Haqqani and certain other groups have been created by CIA. During the 1980s, the CIA funneled arms and cash to the Haqqanis to counter Soviet forces. Therefore, the revealed groups thrown out the Soviet forces and after landing ISAF forces stood up against them and gave heavy losses to the occupant NATO forces.

Interestingly, U.S. leadership herself carried out negotiations with Taliban for concluding peace deal in Afghanistan but Taliban leadership probably declined to make any such deal at the U.S. terms and conditions. At the same time, Americans' and NATO military forces physically remained unsuccessful to control the situation and continuously are facing defeats in fighting against Taliban. According to the reliable estimation, American suffered heavy losses in terms of finances and life losses in war against terror like! (One) total cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan since 2001 is $1,254,566,897,296, (two) Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America's War on Iraq: 4,792 (three) Number of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered in Afghanistan: 2,718.

Therefore, before participating into next U.S. presidential elections, Obama's administration has to start implementation of Obama's exit strategy since the administration needs to justify their failures in war on terror in the general public. Thus, now American military leadership has planned gambling of launching some physical attacks in North Waziristan against the Pakistani interest and will. In fact, Obamas' government is trying to use Pakistan as her scapegoat to hide her failures. Probably, U.S. direct attack on Pakistan would prove a blunder and fatal for herself , since Islamabad top civil and military brass is not in a position to go for "do more policy" particularly after U.S. unilaterally May 2, 2011 action in Abbottabad.

American leadership should realize that Pakistan has suffered the colossal financial losses of more than $80 billion in the so called war on terror since 2001, while human loss is around 70,000, reveals the Economic Survey report issued by the government of Pakistan. During this war over 50,000 citizens and 5000 security personnel have been killed apart from destruction of infrastructure, internal migration of millions of people from parts of northwestern Pakistan, erosions of investment climate. Moreover, 270 drone attacks killed 2601 persons in FATA since 2004.

Therefore, planning misadventure instead acknowledging Pakistani sacrifices will further tarnish the U.S. image and endorse the ultimate failure of U.S. in Asia. American should read the underline message of Pakistani foreign minister in which she said that "You cannot afford to alienate Pakistan," She also expressed said in New York. "If they are choosing to do so, it will be at their own cost," Ms Khar said, adding that "anything which is said about an ally, about a partner, publicly to recriminate it, to humiliate it, is not acceptable".

American military pundits should also be mindful that Pakistan is a nuclear power and has also carried out Tactical Nuclear Missiles system successfully in its recent tests. It has an organized, disciplined well trained force that is capable to strike with its full strength. In short, I would like to suggest to American leadership instead asking of "do more policy" rather should try to implement on the "Roll Back Policy". She must realize that Pakistan is a sovereign nuclear Islamic power that deserves to protect its interests around the globe and will never surrender to the illogical US demands.

Reader Comments:

We Pakistanis must get united and give up the slavery from America! Buck up!

Waqas Alam, Pakistan - 26 September, 2011

Pakistan Decided to respond U.S. direct Attack?

The U.S. decided to offer Pakistan $ 7.5 billions in aid in return for Pakistan's help to win the war in Afghanistan. In short, the U.S. expected Pakistan to be in full war with the Taliban - like the British and the French are in Afghanistan- but on the Pakistani side of the borders. But since the population is mixed at the Afghanistan-Pakistan borders, Pakistan could not declare war on its own people to satisfy the U.S.

The issue is not really between the Pakistan and the U.S. because most American people are against the U.S. war in Afghanistan. That is why elected Barack Obama in 2008, because he promised to end the war!!!! But now Obama is losing on all political fronts: The U.S. economy has been worsening his re-election chances; unemployment has been abysmal; political contributors set up the Solyandra company pocketed $ 500 millions from the U.S. taxpayers, and now refuse to say what happened to the money; the U.S. public debt is growing; and Obama standing in the polls is sliding down to George Bush approval levels. And that means that as 69% of Americans saw Bush's departure as "A Good Riddance," Barack Obama is feeling the heat of his failures, and he might get the "Good Riddance" smirk by the American voters in 2012.

Unless the U.S. present proof of its allegations against the Pakistan publicly, the whole brouhaha about Pakistan's complicity with the Haqqani militia is just a desperate effort by Barack Obama to shore up his sagging domestic fortunes that threaten his re-election. Simply stated, Obama has become so desperate about his failures -both internal and external- and he just tries to unload the external failures on Pakistan. Nikos Retsos, retired professor

P.S. A more detailed and historically documented strategy of the U.S. "blame game" can be found in my blog at the Daily Telegraph of London titled:

Nikos Retsos, United States - 26 September, 2011

Since Pakistan has already chosen to be an enemy, what is the price of " alienating" Pakistan further?

andy fr dc, - 27 September, 2011

pakistan wont get a chance to even aim its tactical nukes

it will get taken out by high altitude bombers and cruise misslies which will crush its infrastructure

and where will pakistan use its tactical nukes against well spread armoured assaults backed by mobile heavy artillery

harminder, United States - 27 September, 2011

The Islamic Bomb

I'm quite surprised the editors would allow veiled threats to use Pakistani nuclear weapons in a theater role (clearly implying the US grouping in Afghanistan as a target) be published in the Tribune. If this is even on the fringes of Pakistani government policy then God help your country.

Ben Dover, - 29 September, 2011


Pakistan and the U.S. are freinds. Stop the bravado. If Islam and Christianity are peaceful, its time to prove it!

David, United States - 29 September, 2011

No one can help Paki's

Today it is Pakistan and tomorrow it will be India...Which ever country extended their friendship to America are getting that India is a new friend to america and in not time on some factor US will make it as an enemy.None should believe USA.
On the other hand, i am sure Pak is no match to USA and i seriously doubt if the nukes are still with pak...even if it is there US can capture and destroy them in no time..India should be prepared to stop the incursion from Pakistan if there is any war.No doubt Paki Militants will take this as an oppurtunity to attack on india.

Krishna, - 29 September, 2011

Will human end the world or nature ?

Much has been said about end of the world which is reckon to be near and with Superpower like U.S getting into a dispute which might bring about unprecedented death and human suffering but my question is do we understand nature warning ?or we just go about what we think is right ! the coming days are harsh for all human being irrespective of super power or no super. I strongly suggest to be mindful for sake of this beautiful planet.

jamil, Pakistan - 29 September, 2011

weather america attacks or not prudence demands all the political leaders to sit together, pass unanimous resolutions and activate the UN security council. Pakistan, being a sovereign country, has the right to make its own decisions independently so our heartless politicians should ponder again over the forieghn policy and say bye bye to american slavery !

shazia Azmat, Pakistan - 30 September, 2011

DONT underestimate PAKISTAN,Any invading force will be annihilated.

DONT underestimate PAKISTAN,Any Invading force will be annihilated.

Tariq hussain, - 03 October, 2011

USA nukes are dormant

So Pakistan has nukes and will use it against USA. Classic comment. Did you consider that even if 1 nuke manages to reach and destroy American assets or region....How many more will come back. Does the word "Bombed back to Stone age" ring a bell. You probably think China will come to your help. Sure it will. But did you imagine how many countries will back USA.

Jean, United States - 04 October, 2011

Pakistan do not reqd anyone from outside

We do not think that there would be any War or direct Attack from US ,until unless US ground forces in Afganistan.But if we see the current situtaion We do not think that Pakistan need to fight anyone fromthere west or east border, they need to fight with the monster which was initially created by Pakistan and US ,within there society in there own backyard, Because if they donot take any swift action this monster will not spare anyone in Pakistan itself.

abhiinalwar, India - 05 October, 2011

Sanity please!!!

I refuse to accept the USA people are blood thirty cannibals.They are on the whole a very decent people.But their media has made them into mindless zombies.And the fact they dont look at what is happening outside the USA or beyond their own nose is baffling.There are some very good truth seekers like the late murdered william cooper who had tried hard to present the truth only to be muzzled.My message to Americans WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

As far as Pakistanis are concerned they should openly tell Americans not to overplay India in Afganistan.It is as simple as that!Why is the USA risking the lives of their own soldiers for the agenda of some other country?I'll tell you why just look at the number of indian americans in the state department and you will get the idea of who is pulling the strings.

Remember americans we supported you when the going was thick and thin.Dont forget you old friends just because you see the noveau riche indians as more better prospect recently.

The truthful paki, Pakistan - 06 October, 2011

good joke guys

Pakistan will be bombed back to stone ages, wait.. its already in stone age.. so no one can do anything to it.

ahmad, Afghanistan - 07 October, 2011

Pakistan Decided to respond U.S. direct Attack?

Few comments from Pakistani gentlemen are classic & rudimentary to say the least! You mean to use N-arsenal against USA ?!?! Well...... its more out of Patriotism and for sure well understood the agonising state of mind.

More suprising is USA gentleman's re-emphasis on..." returning Pakistan to stone age". With Power should come respect and tolerance. Bullying & boasting simply because he is a ctizen of a Super Power is a simple no no

For a moment, sit back and self introspect. A Monster that was nurtured & created over decades well inside Pakistan soil is now gobbling up Pakistan itself or not.

The whole world is saying its the bearded Monsters/the Mollah's who are your downfall and not India, USA or NATO.

Islam has always taught tolerance, peace, piousness and good virtues. However the "so called few sacred Maullavis" have manipulated Holy Quran to decipher their own dibollical, hysterical, devastating, monstorous conclusions. The problem lies there. Home bred Islamic fascism face of Taliban, Haqqanis, Al Qaeda's are mere reflection of these inept, manipulated Mullavies who are hell bent on destroying Pakistan to uphold Pseudo Islamism.

My comments may not appear here becuase of its explosive nature. But it hardly matters

Partha, India, India - 07 October, 2011

pak should take strong steps. us to vacate airbase and make it 100% succesful.
2.cut fud suply permanently nd declare us his enemy.
3.Not alow us to use pak land for any sort of operation.

sajad, India - 28 November, 2011

For Americans, Pakistan is karma, whatever goes around comes around ...

They are blaming spy agency of Pakistan for the failures they are facing in Afghanistan, the same old quote we have been listening since the whole war on terror started *Do more, Do More* And now accusing Pakistan of double crossing.
1) They want Pakistan to go nd engage a full war against our own people.
2) Though everyone knows CIA also have links with Taliban those who are responsible for the deaths of their own allies and their forces too. But they still blame Pakistan to have links with haqqani network, if they can i don't think anyone would disagree that Pakistan shouldn't.
3) If Us is worried about the militants crossing over to Afghanistan did they ever increased the number of check posts on Pak-Afghan border ? The answer is no Pakistan have deployed 3 times more what has been done on the other side of the border.
4) After 10 years where is Afghanistan, the same goes for Iraq, Libya and so on.
5) You guys are making it sound like its a video game that you will get as many chances to make it right what you did wrong, going to war with a country and be a part of destabilizing it is not just the crime you would be responsible for. but also for the coming generations too.
6) I won't say that Pakistan would ever consider going to war with the Us but if they and allies faced casualties in Afghanistan nd Iraq, it would be much more then that.
7) Politics is a dirty game one should know when ur being played ..

Pesaris, Pakistan - 05 December, 2011

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