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On Rewarding India

12 September, 2005

By Shamsa Ishfaq

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According to a White House communiqué yesterday, Bush agreed that "India should acquire the same benefits and advantages" as other states with advanced nuclear technology. Bush vowed to "work to achieve full civil nuclear energy cooperation with India". So far these benefits are restricted to P5 - the US, Russia, China, Britain and France - that are recognized as legitimate nuclear states under the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT).

USA's decision to allow India to acquire the same facilities accorded to a member-state of NPT without signing the agreement seems to be a virtual recognition of India as a nuclear weapon state. This joint US-India accord calls for the first formal restructuring of the nuclear non-proliferation regime in the last 30 years to accommodate India's desire for acceptance as a nuclear power.  The accord will enable India to secure international help for its civilian nuclear reactors while retaining its nuclear arms. India can now also obtain nuclear fuel for the Tarapur reactors. Under the terms of the deal, India agreed to place its civilian nuclear facilities - but not its nuclear weapons arsenal - under international monitoring and pledged to continue to honor a ban on nuclear testing. In return, it would have access, for the first time, to conventional weapons systems and to sensitive U.S. nuclear technology that can be used in either a civilian or a military program. It could also free India to buy the long-sought-after Arrow Missile System developed by Israel with U.S. technology.

President Bush's agreement has reversed decades of U.S. policies designed to discourage countries from developing nuclear weapons. The agreement does not call for India to cease production of weapons-grade plutonium and hence enables her to expand its nuclear arsenal. Moreover, the communiqué has raised the concerns in quarters of US administration that the deal with India, which built its atomic arsenal in secret, would undermine efforts to confront Iran and North Korea over their nuclear programs. There are also concerns about the acceptance of agreement in Pakistan, a key ally in the U.S. campaign against al Qaeda.

Strategic analysts opine that this move is part of a White House strategy to accelerate New Delhi's rise as a global power, which presents herself a counterweight to China. As a matter of fact, the record shows that since its inception, India has had troubled relations with almost all its neighbours and counterbalancing China is a hollow slogan. India has been failed to forge friendly relations with its neighbours. Her fast developing trade relations with China at one hand and work on US policy of containment of china on the other reflects her dual standards. 

Analysts fear that although Indian PM has expressed that India is a responsible nuclear state but it is also a known fact that she has been engaged in covert nuclear proliferation activities for years. And despite the accord has signed, there is the possibility of nuclear leakages and illegal transfer of sensitive technology by India.
India needs support from both the houses of the US congress for adaptation of this deal. There are fair chances that deal will run into a problem with congress and also the 40 members of nuclear supplier group on the ground that it would undermine Washington's credibility and even-handedness when dealing with countries like North Korea and Iran.

Some factions of US administration are already saying that rewarding India after it tested nuclear weapons would be unfair to countries like Japan and Brazil that had the ability to conduct nuclear tests but refrained from doing so out of respect for international non-proliferation regimes.

The reservations of concerned quarters are genuine and demand from Bush administration to review their policy of exceptionalism. This reward to India without consent of both houses of US Congress and 40 members of nuclear suppliers group will likely to increase the dangers of nuclear holocaust.


Reader Comments:

what a joke

well,after going thro posted by the author i have few suggestions for the author

# you can blame india --but try giving atleast one credible link or news accusing india as nuclear proliferator
# how conveniently the author forgets his countries own history as the biggest nuclear proliferator

#india's nuclear program started in the early 1970's and it took more than 2 decades for us to master it # try matching with india in genunine mattrs and let there be a healthy compettion ,not like these kind of blame games .
pak tribune is a respected news paper and half baked articles like these are seriously going to affect the reputations of paktribune..

kumar, Hungary - 14 September, 2005

I am surprised to see such comments from a bangladeshi. It was India who stood behind bangladesh to gain thier independence from Pakistan. In all casses natural of natural disasters bangladesh comes to India like beggers asking for help. thousands of bangladeshis seek refuge india every year in hope of better life and talking about minority rigths it was bangladesh and not India where a death penalty(Fatwah) was issued on Taslima Nasareen because she dared to speak about sufferings of minorities in bangladesh

Atul, Hungary - 14 September, 2005

To Tarek krej

Wherever you are from? I have seen you in many other comments. please take care.. I will never say India is the best country in the world. But, believe me you or your words just creates hatred among Indians for Bangladeshi's... We are talking about Pak and India not B'desh. You talk as if you know everything about India...
India is a Country with so many different languages and traditions. Yet, we are united... We have better things to do than Pak and B'desh... But you just keep out of our issues...

karim, Hungary - 15 September, 2005


Someday...there will be a day when pakis will see beyond India and they will realise where they stand. Needless to ask them to look now bcoz its too early for them.
Being in India one can see the vibrant economy, a vibrant democracy, empowered citizens and India being looked upon as the Software Giant who in next 20-30 years will be the software superpower. Whose economy will be 3rd largest in the world and is well on the way.
I can explain why I am so happy and excited being an Indian(did i mention anything like India happy bcoz of pak till now ...opps! i did not) and this is the way India and Indians are looking.
My friends, India has forgotten wars, forgotten hatred and is working out hard to achive her goals.
Not even a single Indian will read anything internal of a country including pakistan, because they have their govt to run and take the country forward.
And when I looked here(first time visiter) I see pakis are still worried about wars, weapons etc internals of India. A little funny and as a citizen of a democratic country I will like to say that the leaders of the country refelct the feelings/thoughts of the society and the articles here are a good example.
Its sad picture and true picture. People, newspapers, leaders in pak are still not ready to lead the country independently but they judge their success/failures depending upon India's.
Prez Mush once said "BPO jobs should come to Pakistan as they speak "better" English than Indias" and this statement of his was a source of laughter in many of my friends for days.

Regarding this article, this is not a Reward, this is an alliance which India n US are entering into depending upon each others needs.
Pak Foreign minister says"its is beneficial for pak to have friendly relations with india bcoz of trade, families etc" and it adds "to india as well but they think only pak needs india and not vice versa"
They should be reminded that India will grow n grow and keep growing in ALL spheres independently whether Pak likes or it doesnt, whether pak is with India or it isnt.

The intellectual capital that India holds is a envy for every country including US.

To all those who may not understand I will like to tell them that Intellectual capital means the Brains to lead and grow in every sphere.

But if this is the way you look n see things with a yardstick being India more than your needs then
"God Bless You."

aman, Hungary - 15 September, 2005

Stop Meddling in Our Domestic Affairs

Karim or whatever your name is, I've seen many comments like yours. These comments have little logic but plenty of hatred and intimidation. India never accepted the sovereignty of Bangladesh to begin with and it shows up in its dealing with Bangladesh. No matter what we do India won't stop creating problem for Bangladesh and its neighbours just as a wolf can never change its nature.As long as India will keep on meddling in our domestic affairs, as long as India keeps harbouring ill intentions towards its neighbours, as long as India keeps insisting on playing the big brotherly role in South Asia, I think we should keep exposing this to the world. Who cares what some Karim or Roy thinks about it.

Tarek, Bahrain - 15 September, 2005


I've already explained why India hepled us to gain independence, India did this to weaken Pakistan, plain and simple. By the way I've noticed that when this person spells the name of his country he does not forget to use capital 'I' for India but when he writes the name of Bangladesh he uses small 'b'. This shows what kind of attitude these Indians have towards Bangladesh. Regarding minorities I must say I'm shocked that after having thousands of communal riots, after burning alive minorities in Gujraat these Indians have the audacity to talk about minority rights, human rights.

Tarek, Bahrain - 15 September, 2005

The Question of Dr. Khan

Do you know who passed nuclear secrets to then Soviet Union? It was one of those US scietists who was involved in developing the A-Bomb(according to one documentary on the Discovery Channel). Besides it's widely believed that the US government had supplied its nuclear secrets to all its allies including Israel. So, after all that if the US could still be considered as a responsible nuclear weapons state how could anyone call Pakistan an irresponsibe nuclear weapons state for some irresponsible acts of Dr. A. Q. Khan ?

Tarek Masud, Bahrain - 15 September, 2005

The South Asian Bully

I have no doubt, God Fathers believe that ordinary people envy their way of life, their palaces, just as this man believes that India's neighbours envy the South Asian bully, India.

Tarek Masud, Bahrain - 15 September, 2005

Karim is Akilesh

First of all let me start by letting all the readers of paktribune in on a secret. Following is a post from another indian site its self explanatory.
Theres this news paper called Paktribune and all I wanted to do right after that catch every paki journalist make em all stand in a line on LoC and shoot em up. If you ever come across rebellious comments on the site for articles like "Core issue is a bore issue" the comments under "indian muslim names" are mostly by me. There is this author called Ahmer Muzammil and if anything I think he needs !! This is just a heartfelt appeal to all indians (especialy ayNUS) to go to that site and blast every anti-india article aimed at brain washing the average il-educated pakistani.
Media brainwashing the public is nothing new and I wont say India is an angel in that respect. However India is very very open to international media too and hence balanced newspapers like The Hindu make sure that news is not exaggerated, misinterpretted or opinions forced on the readers.
As an avid newsreader for the past 8 or so years I think its one of the most influential media of all times. Newspapers as such can be almost called an authority over what people think(Citizen Kane). They can make or break a situation. Wielding such unearthly powers, I think newspapers ought to be more responsible. Paktribune definitely isnt. Check it out!"

Indians are the masters of twisting & turling the facts. They take advantage of their uncomprehensible english and no matter what argument you are having with them, 2 min in to the argument it will transform in to a discussion about alqaida or AQ khan. You can be discussing the price hike in oil or hurricane katrina but evetually indians will some how make it a discussion about the "EVIL PAKISTAN". The problem that i personally run in to and therefore usually avoid having an argument with indians is my complete inability to undrestand their english(or lack thereof), so my humble susggestion is that if you want to discuss a topic in english, please make sure that you actually make sense, because mostly we have no idea as to what the hell you are talking about.

ABU_SAFWAAN, United Kingdom - 15 September, 2005

To Tarek again

Tarek, you did it again... As you do in most other comments..
Why ? Most likely... If India had helped Israeli's ppl like you who always want India to commit a mistake like this would have taken it up long time before... It's funny that you felt that nuclear technology was shared by India and not by USA who is even more closer to Israel.
Get us facts... FACTS, Mr.Tarek... Not your "LIKELY" assumptions...

Karim, Hungary - 15 September, 2005

Don't make us resent...

You are making us resent why we helped B'desh. If we would have done that, atleast we would have Pakistanis believe that it is not because of us... India did it because of selfish reasons... Like??? Like what Mr. Tarek ?? Again, no assumptions, please... We need facts...
BTW, tell me why Bangladeshi's flee to India... You are simply jealous of India, our MOTHER INDIA...

karim, Hungary - 15 September, 2005

Hitler ??

Come to 21st century my friend.. We've seen Black girls marrying White guys and Vice Versa. Probably, you always saw other spitting venom... Go and look at all your articles... You can see how much venom you are spitting against India... Black and whites in america and Neo-Nazi's have changed a lot now... Why can't you ? You are still the same.. You are putting down your country in front of everyone..
Ok for your sake, I agree that you are the only ideal person in this whole world... and all Indians spit venoms:-)... Now, can you stop your propaganda against India...
Whenever a Hindu-Muslim riot happens in India, both the sides suffer losses... It's not like a Hindu killed a muslim and a muslim kept quiet watching it...

Come to India, my dear Tarek... See how muslims are treated there...
Remember, our president is a Muslim and he is most the respected person and was unanimously elected... "almost" uncontested...
Again, I am a Muslim now converted from Hinduism and my parents and relatives are still with me...
Khan(s) rule Bollywood... One of the former Indian Cricket Captains was a Muslim. And today, the female about whom the whole INDIA is proud of is a Muslim... I meant Sania Mirza...
Why can't you see good things ??? What's your problem in life???

karim, Hungary - 15 September, 2005

Yes Tarek all ur accusations about India are correct anyway what are u gonna do about it. All you can do is crib

Saptarshi, New Zealand - 16 September, 2005

To Saptarshi

This the typical path of a . When there is no logic behind what they do or say, when their true identity is revealed, they resort to threat, malice and intimidation. They are the ones who train people like Osama Bin Laden then blame others for what these monsters do. I can feel the haterd venting out of this man for being exposed, he is the kind of man who trains terrorists and then talk about fighting terrorism. Talking of being a man I would suggest this man to advise their notorious RAW to stop training and sending terrorists into Bangladesh disguised as jihadis. Anyway, this man, out of sheer rage, has said one truth; it is true that there is not much a lamb can do against a pack of wolves, especially when the shepherd is also a wolf in sheep's clothing. A lamb can only pray to the Almighty for His protection. May Allah imbue the heart of these merciless human beings with humanity.

Tarek, Pakistan - 16 September, 2005

To Karim

Please read what the famous Indian writer Arundhuti Roy had to say about her mother India, then you will know who has the problem.

Tarek, Bahrain - 16 September, 2005

Amazed?? :-)

Exactly... I feel the same... Having tried and succeeded to get into the India multiple times, How come a Bangladeshi has the audacity to talk about India... You are irked by someone having your country's first character'B' in lower case? and compare it with ppl's atitude. You really need help.
GUJARAT is not something India is proud of... I feel that ppl like you would have been the trigger for those incidents..
As I mentioned earlier, keep out of Indo-Pak affairs...

karim, Hungary - 16 September, 2005

Shed off the negativity

I would ask you guys that please shed off the negativity and do something constructive. Yelling bad things to everybody won't make you successful. To be successful one needs to think positive and give positive vibes to others. After that you will see that success do come at doorsteps. This is true for any person, community or country. So please shed off your ego and negativity, it really does not matter how bad others are, what matters is how good you can do. I am an Indian, I got my education in India and today I am working in USA at a very good position and living my lify successfully and it is because of the education I got in India. There are million's of my muslim friends in India who think like me and all those who say muslim's are suffering in India actually don't know what India is. India has very good base for democracy which is based upon balance of power. It is very strange but Dr. B. R. Ambedkar did a great job in writing its constitution. The balance of different powers is a universal law and because of which the whole earth/solar system and the whole universe exist. The similar kind of system is there in Indian democracy where poverty and population are the cause of many problems but still there is no chance of any kind of discrimination with masses, even though they do happen somewhere or other but it is not possible in mass scale. If you talk about riots, it is all political and a lot of times they are the evil design of ISI. In India I see muslims and people from other religions everywhere, I mean in every department and at every position. In India not only we have our own justice system but we can ware our dresses anywhere we want. This is not allowed in many countries. The situation in Pakistan and Bangladesh is not very good but I am sure the positive minded people will take these countries to a better place. As far as forign policies of India are concerned, I think every country has right to take decisions that are in the best intrest of there nation and these decisions may not be best for other countries but then they are also free to take any decisions for there own nations.

Hasan, United Kingdom - 16 September, 2005

For Tarek

For you...
We want this..

Karim, Hungary - 19 September, 2005

You are wrong !!

To start... I frankly don't believe that Pakistan is EVIL and I respect each and every aspect of Islam. As like any other religion, it is wonderful. If you had read my comments in other articles, I actually admire Prez. Musharraf for what he is doing for his country.
AQ Khan came into picture only when ppl start talking about Pakistani Law in case of Sarabhjit. A Pakistani has a liberty of writing anything against India as an article in "Pak Tribune" while as a reader why can't Indians comment... Mostly, Indians comment only when the article is anti-Indian. There may be few exceptions which should be ignored...
For Mr.Tarek who talked a lot about intolerance, I just can't agree again in someone making "baseless" accusations against my country "India". He compares India with Germany and talks a lot about Hitler?? Yes, I am not tolerant enough when someone does something like this against my country. Regular readers can definitely understand what is true and what's not ? Tarek, I will not stop being intolerant about your comments until they talk about some truth..
Again... I am not Akilesh :-) Trust me...
Again India has many colours... Good and Bad... That's its beauty..

karim, Hungary - 19 September, 2005

To Tarik

Can you be even more clear about the identity, Mr. Tarek.. It's funny... Are you the same Tarek Masud from B'desh.. Hey are you a Pakistani??
Like Pak's feel RAW is notorious Indians feel ISI is...
"May Allah imbue the heart of these merciless human beings with humanity".

karim, Hungary - 19 September, 2005

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