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On Rewarding India

12 September, 2005

By Shamsa Ishfaq

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According to a White House communiqué yesterday, Bush agreed that "India should acquire the same benefits and advantages" as other states with advanced nuclear technology. Bush vowed to "work to achieve full civil nuclear energy cooperation with India". So far these benefits are restricted to P5 - the US, Russia, China, Britain and France - that are recognized as legitimate nuclear states under the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT).

USA's decision to allow India to acquire the same facilities accorded to a member-state of NPT without signing the agreement seems to be a virtual recognition of India as a nuclear weapon state. This joint US-India accord calls for the first formal restructuring of the nuclear non-proliferation regime in the last 30 years to accommodate India's desire for acceptance as a nuclear power.  The accord will enable India to secure international help for its civilian nuclear reactors while retaining its nuclear arms. India can now also obtain nuclear fuel for the Tarapur reactors. Under the terms of the deal, India agreed to place its civilian nuclear facilities - but not its nuclear weapons arsenal - under international monitoring and pledged to continue to honor a ban on nuclear testing. In return, it would have access, for the first time, to conventional weapons systems and to sensitive U.S. nuclear technology that can be used in either a civilian or a military program. It could also free India to buy the long-sought-after Arrow Missile System developed by Israel with U.S. technology.

President Bush's agreement has reversed decades of U.S. policies designed to discourage countries from developing nuclear weapons. The agreement does not call for India to cease production of weapons-grade plutonium and hence enables her to expand its nuclear arsenal. Moreover, the communiqué has raised the concerns in quarters of US administration that the deal with India, which built its atomic arsenal in secret, would undermine efforts to confront Iran and North Korea over their nuclear programs. There are also concerns about the acceptance of agreement in Pakistan, a key ally in the U.S. campaign against al Qaeda.

Strategic analysts opine that this move is part of a White House strategy to accelerate New Delhi's rise as a global power, which presents herself a counterweight to China. As a matter of fact, the record shows that since its inception, India has had troubled relations with almost all its neighbours and counterbalancing China is a hollow slogan. India has been failed to forge friendly relations with its neighbours. Her fast developing trade relations with China at one hand and work on US policy of containment of china on the other reflects her dual standards. 

Analysts fear that although Indian PM has expressed that India is a responsible nuclear state but it is also a known fact that she has been engaged in covert nuclear proliferation activities for years. And despite the accord has signed, there is the possibility of nuclear leakages and illegal transfer of sensitive technology by India.
India needs support from both the houses of the US congress for adaptation of this deal. There are fair chances that deal will run into a problem with congress and also the 40 members of nuclear supplier group on the ground that it would undermine Washington's credibility and even-handedness when dealing with countries like North Korea and Iran.

Some factions of US administration are already saying that rewarding India after it tested nuclear weapons would be unfair to countries like Japan and Brazil that had the ability to conduct nuclear tests but refrained from doing so out of respect for international non-proliferation regimes.

The reservations of concerned quarters are genuine and demand from Bush administration to review their policy of exceptionalism. This reward to India without consent of both houses of US Congress and 40 members of nuclear suppliers group will likely to increase the dangers of nuclear holocaust.


Reader Comments:

"India has had troubled relations with all neighbours"

It is indeed a flawed statement. India follows a policy of non-alignment and non-interference. It is only because of this, that History is witness to the fact that in all of History India has never waged a war against another country. India following trade with China and the US only shows India's non-alignment and motives hat only trade and harmony matter.

Manmonhan singh, Seychelles - 12 September, 2005


Following lines"Analysts fear that although Indian PM has expressed that India is a responsible nuclear state but it is also a known fact that she has been engaged in covert nuclear proliferation activities for years. And despite the accord has signed, there is the possibility of nuclear leakages and illegal transfer of sensitive technology by India." by a pakistani author. Well are you talking about India or pakistan? Pakistan is considered walmart of nuclear technology.

manish maheshwari, United Kingdom - 12 September, 2005

i think the writer lacks a basic understanding of the nuclear scene around the world at present. i am sorry to say but your view of india is completely wrong. india has never been a party of nuclear proliferation

a desai, United Arab Emirates - 12 September, 2005

AQ Khan

For the author, just a reminder that A.Q.Khan is not from India.

karim, Hungary - 12 September, 2005

time to see reality !

I fail to understand why people in pakistan are adamant on anti-India rhetoric. they should understand, that being a small contry with barely anything credible to show in its short history of 50-odd years pakistan does not present a very strong case for its 1-to-1 treatment as India gets in international circles. though all is not lost. we as Indian don't have anything aginst pakistan, even though it stand on what was once ours.

spitting venom against anybody whether a country or a person will not take you anywhere. in fact you will only miss all the good opportunities coming your way.

good luck!

Chan, United Kingdom - 13 September, 2005

Please clarify with examples

Please clarify after citing facts...otherwise don't make such baseless allegations
"it is also a known fact that she has been engaged in covert nuclear proliferation activities for years"

Sanjay K, Hungary - 13 September, 2005

Well Pakistan has a problem with anything what India does !!! What does Pakistan know about the friendship that India and China share ??? You have already embarrassed your "friend" China by claming that the missiles which u have are your own. The whole world knows that 100% of your defence arms are from China. Atleast India has the decency to accept that its cruise missile is jointly developed by India and Russia. Indians are recognised world over even if they are "nuclear scientists", because originality counts. Be original guys and grow up Pakistan. We are living in a multi-polar world and globalisation is the key to success. First improve the situation in Pakistan. Solve ur own problems. How can India be a threat to the world ??? The power is in the hands of the people. Unlike in Pakistan, which is being ruled by the army. We Indians are educated enough to know what is good and bad for us. A handfull of Pakistani's can't change the image of Pakistan. U need the whole country to stand up. Pakistan always thinks that India is going to attack her. I am really amused by this thinking because its always been Pakistan who is attacking India first in every war. Today India-China trade is worth $13 billion. I think the trade volumes itself speak what kind of relationship we have. About the nuclear issue, the whole world knows that India was developing nuclear bombs right from the 1970's. There is nothing to hide. What Mr. A.Q. Khan did has got such good name to Pakistan !!! Atleast we respect our nuclear scientists not like you guys who call your own scientists traitors !!!

ali, Hungary - 13 September, 2005

India Israel Nuclear Cooperation

It is believed by almost all defence analysist that Israel has as many as two hundred nuclear warheads and this fact has also been confirmed by one Israeli scientist who worked with Israel's nuclear weapons project. How could Israel build so many nuclear devices without the tacit approval and help from the US government and an ally like India with whom Israel has close military tie ? Therfore, it is most likely that secretly India has helped Israel to develop nuclear weapons.

Tarek Masud, Bahrain - 13 September, 2005

India's Greatness

It is true that India has great talent, for example the way it covers up its wolf-like nature (the treachery that led to the occupation of Sikim and Kashmir) and postures as a meek lamb is truly remarkable. It is also true that Indians are educated, but the question is what kind of education did they receive? What kind of education incites a society into burning alive the women, children and men of the minority group? It is also true that India is quite capable of building every type of weapon (with the help of its friends)and so was Hitler's Germany. So, I don't think there is anything to brag about it, only a conceited bully, an intimidating thug takes pride in this kind of achievement.

Tarek Masud, Bahrain - 13 September, 2005

to Ali from India

U r very wrong that Pakistan is the one who attacks first. in 1948 it was India to send their troops to Kashmir Pakistan went their to defend its land. in 1965 it was India who attacked Pakistan first because Pakistani gov wasn't expecting any attack until 1967. in 1971 again what happend it was circumstantial but again India started to butt in Pakistani issues. before u make any claim u should think and read unbias material not wot been taught in Indian schools. U talking about the volume of trade between India and China. Brother u have to think about Indian population which is almost 6-7 times more than pakistan. Ofcourse trade between India n China wud be more than Pakistan. Its all about common sense...all i have to say... THINK... TO BOTH PAKISTANI N INDIAN PEOPLE.

Ali, United Arab Emirates - 13 September, 2005

Indians neighbors feel envy to India


Vinay, Pakistan - 13 September, 2005

Tareq Masud has certain misconceptions about India.

Mr.Tarek Masood always give some facts to back your claims.Give only one example which proves that India has transferred nuclear technology to Israel.It is Pakistan and not India which is responsible for the illegal transfer of nuclear technology to various countries (Read the issue of TIME magazine which came about 3-4 months back which had the photo of A.Q. Khan on the cover page and how explained in detail how he ran his international network of nuclear arms).
India is a peace loving country and has never transferred nuclear arms to any country.

Mr.Tarek Masud I am certainly disappointed to see a Bangladeshi lamenting about India this way.
We have good ties with you and even shed our blood for your independence from the clutches of Pakistan.

Let us try to live in PEACE because it is the only way to make this world a better place to live in.

Vikrant Singh, Hungary - 13 September, 2005

India has helped Israel in Nuclear weapons? This is hilarious buddy..thinking that world spy agencies(non-US ones too) dont say sitting in your tiny little bangaldehi home have made a brilliant discovery!! woah! It is also a fact that WORLD agencies(agaion also non-US and non-indian) ones have recognised Pakistans participation in terrorist come you people never talk about what you do...why do you always have a problem with what india does!!?? India is booming right now...your country is will be eradicated in a few something about that instead of looking and commenting about our progress..

Dewakar Akilesh, Seychelles - 13 September, 2005

Nazi Germany's Neighbours were Right

I would like to remind some people that India gets special treatment not from peaceful nations but from the most unjust and aggressive nations of the world. I don't think it is something to be proud of. Talking about spitting venoms I must say that I've seen how the white Americans spit venoms at the blacks in America, I've seen how the Neo-Nazis spit venoms at the non-Europeans in Europe, I've seen how the Hindu Fudamentalists in India spit venoms at their Muslim neighbours. When somebody says that only India has something to show to the world and its neighbours have nothing to show to the world, I would suggest that person has a serious case of superiority complex(inferiority complex is at the root of superiority complex). Hitler used to suffer from the same mental disease and that is why he used to ask why Germany's neighbours were so suspicious about Nazi Germany's great intensions. History has proved that Nazi Germany's neighbours were right.

Tarek Masud, Bahrain - 13 September, 2005

It is prime time when Pakistanis get away with their India-phobia. India-phobia is the only thing which is pulling Pakistan backwards on the roads of development. Pakistan invests all its energies in keeping itself militarily on par with India, even though they know that in the 4 wars India has never attacked first. Infuture it never will. India is like an ocean in which species of different colours live with peace. The day Pakistan makes its outlook non- India-Phobia-centric, is the day when Pakistan will start rising.

India has nothing to lose. We have lost all, in 14 centuries of murder, mayhem, rape, beheadings, etc. In 21st century, no power in the universe, not even god itself can stop India. India will rise even though Pakistan is friendly or not. Its choice of Pakistan now?
If they want to rise, they need to be friendly with us. India can afford an enemy. We have faced the enemy for 14 centuries, and we are now the strongest, even after repeated onslaughts from the enemy. We can afford an enemy, which cannot afford our enemity.

All this text is in context to Pakistani leaders and general public getting overtly worried because US, China, France, Japan, Brazil, Chile, Afganistan and Iran are coming to India for friendship like bees come to Honeycomb. They know that a state which has survived for 7000 years and which has successfully survived 14 centuries of madness and fanaticism, has got a heart of steel and will become the strongest nation in the world whatever conditions be.

Avijeet Singh, Hungary - 13 September, 2005

Mr Masud

Mr Masud's acute perceptions are remarkable indeed. If it were not for India oppressing East Pakistanis, Bangladesh would not have been formed! Oops -- wrong oppressor:)

seema, United Kingdom - 13 September, 2005

Baseless allegations

This is the first time I am checking a Pakistani newspaper and it is no wonder that there is so much enimity with India amongst the Pakistanis. I'm surprised that newspapers in Pakistan publish such baseless articles.

"it is also a known fact that she has been engaged in covert nuclear proliferation activities for years"

"India has been failed to forge friendly relations with its neighbours."
Friendly doesn't mean like an Islamic Pakistan and a communist China does. Friendship means resolving disputes in a friendly manner by sitting across the table and not by sending trained terrorists across the border. Pakistan is the only pestilential neighbour that India has a problem with
And look at the comments by a Bangladeshi Tarek Masud. He seems to have forgotten about all his people butchered by the Pakistani army in '71 and the help his country received from India in liberating itself. Well, what more can be expected from a true muslim?

"Her fast developing trade relations with China at one hand and work on US policy of containment of china on the other reflects her dual standards."
The author seems to have forgotten that US-China trade is almost 250 billion, if not more. Are US and China friends or enemies? China and India have a multi billion dollar trade - even bigger than Pakistan-China trade. India and Pakistan are sworn enemies. US wants India to develop as a bulwark against the Chinese and for the author Shamsa Isfaq, it is dual standards by India.
The author and the publisher need to get their heads checked.

Syam, United Kingdom - 13 September, 2005

"lack of understanding or misleading"

from the article above it is quite evident that the author is trying to potray India as a nuclear weapons proliferator or a security threat to the world.I dont understand what motives had prompted the author to do so. I believe such comments arise out of " utter lack of understanding " of the ground situation or intention to "mislead" the people of Pakistan. In stark contrast to what has been mentioned above Indian has always been a very responsible nuclear state. She has always done things that ,she felt, are necessary to her and her security. It has never done anything just because its neighbour had done somehting on that particular front.Some serious introspection by the author is expected in this sense.

Secondly , India always maintains a very cordial relationship with its neighbours unless or otherwise provocated. Its ties with China are very much public and known to the world. I can't recall a situation wherein India maintained a tacit or secret relationship with any country.Same with Israel.Thirdly, i understand that a very bad picture of India is been potrayed by the media too in Pakistan. Instead of comparing itself with India in every issue , Pakistanis should seriously introspect and "define their country in their own right" rather. Believe me , India is far ahead of Pakistan on almost every front.

R M N CHOWDARY, Hungary - 13 September, 2005

pain of some Pakistanis

This comment reflects the pain of some Pakistanis, the real fact was published in every newspaper in the world, and they sold this stolen technology to several countries. Let us sympathize with them.

Rajeev, Hungary - 13 September, 2005

Deliberately Blind

Miss Seema God fathers often help people in order to exploit them, that does not make the God Fathers good friends. During the liberation war there was attempt to receive help from the French but that was sabotaged by our great Indian friends as they would have missed the chance to be the sole deliverer. India helped Bangladesh not because of noble reasons but because of selfish reasons; a state that wants to turn its neighbours into its satellite states can never be a friendly neighbour. If India had not helped Bangladesh it would have taken much longer to gain independence but it would have gained it, this way or that way. I would like to remind some people that no country on the face of the earth is indispensable.

Tarek Masud, Bahrain - 14 September, 2005

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