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Not in our Name

12 July, 2005

By Farzana Shah

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Thursday July 7th bombing in London has drawn thick flak from the peace-loving people across the world. Every one, not only from the western countries but also from the Muslim world has condemned this act of barbarism.
Muslims are particularly shocked by the incident where innocent people were killed and injured, for the simple reason that it would not serve their cause in any way and rather would add to their problems and difficulties.  If it is the handiwork of al-Qaeda, as was reported in the press that a group calling itself "The Secret Organization of al-Qaeda in Europe" posted a claim on their website for the  responsibility of  Thursday's blasts in London, saying that it was in retaliation for the Britain's involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, then it will neither do good to the Muslims in these war-hit countries nor to the Muslim Ummah as a whole.

If al-Qaeda is involved in this heinous act and its members claim to be Muslims; they are not, because there is no room in Islam for killing the innocent in any manner or for any cause. Islam is the religion of peace. Its very name Islam is a synonym of peace. Its very greetings, ‘Assalam-o-alaikum” means peace be upon you.  Qura’n says, “killing of one person (innocent) is like killing of the entire humanity”. Then how can the al-Qaeda  terrorists claim to be the Muslims and still perpetrate what is forbidden in Islam?!

The mainstream Muslims of the world have denounced terrorism on numerous occasions. Thousands of the Muslims including Pakistanis have signed petitions denouncing 9/11 to show their solidarity with the world and that the Muslims and Islam do not support terrorism in any form.

Pakistan, in particular, has not only denounced the acts of terrorism in the strongest words, but is also playing a very active ‘front line’ role in fighting the war on terrorism in its north western mountainous region after the 9/11 incident.

If the Londoners are shocked so are we here in Pakistan. Who else can feel their pain better than the Pakistanis who have been fighting the war on terror for bringing peace to the world for more than three years now. Pakistan  has  deployed thousands of its soldiers on its western border fighting the terrorists there and suffering casualties in the process.

There have been innumerable terrorist attacks all over Pakistan and many an innocent life has been lost. The terrorists have not even spared the opportunity to kill our top leadership and several attempts have been made on the life of  President General Musharraf including two suicidal bomb attacks. Similarly Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz had a very narrow escape when a bomb exploded on the wrong side of his car that he was entering.

President Musharraf and the Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz have condemned the London bombing and expressed their heartfelt grief and sorrow over the killing of innocent people, besides expressing sympathies and praying for the departed souls on behalf of entire Pakistani nation.

In this hour of great bereavement of the British people, we the Pakistanis - also being a  favourite target of the terrorists – highly appreciate the resilience, the fortitude, the courage and the a very high sense of discipline shown by the Londoners in facing the calamity. They are certainly a proud part of a great nation.

The London subway attacks also call for a serious examination for their  raison d’etre.  Apparently they look to be the part of an on going series of attacks. Their pattern and style akin to Madrid railways bombing strongly suggest them to be the act of the same perpetrators – al-Qaeda.  Now, what is al-Qaeda and why is it doing such insane, inhuman, unIslamic heinous brutalities?  What has driven it so mad? There seems to be no other consideration among its terrorist members except their murderous agenda. They kill anyone, Muslims just as quickly as the non-Muslims, as long as they feel the target qualifies for their agenda, irrespective of his faith, nationally or the origin.  Unfortunately, they also seem to be blinded by their own agenda and hatred and believe themselves to be right. Their agenda is political, not religious, but Islam is used to justify it. Just as unjust wars have been fought in the name of religion throughout the history, the same still applies today.

Even a cursory look at the events would reveal that it all started with Afghanistan. Reversal of the US policy against the Talibans, after they had not only ousted the Soviets from the Afghan soil after 11 long years of war and suffering huge casualties and other untold miseries at the hands of the USSR, but also caused disintegration of the USSR leaving USA as the sole Super Power on the planet,  was the root cause which gave birth to such terrorism. Talibans felt not only badly betrayed by the USA, left high and dry in the lurch as they say,  but also  their very existence was now being threatened by the cruise missile attacks and bombings.  The same Osama bin Laden, who was ‘imported’ from Saudi Arabia and was the main protégée of the US in Afghanistan turned against them. One thing led to the other, till the most heinous of the crimes - 9/11 happened. Now there was an open war between the US and the al-Qaeda. In declared wars the enemy and the targets are known and neutralized as such. Though the battle ground was Afghanistan, but the enemy’s whereabouts were not certain. US soldiers were mostly fighting the ghosts of al-Qaeda. Anything moving was targeted and ‘Daisy Cuttered’ – including innocent men, women and children in the weddings and marriage parties. Donald Rumsfeld shrugged off such wanton killing by inventing the word ‘collateral damage’. However, Afghans and al-Qaeda did not buy this word which not only hardened their attitude against the coalition forces  but also provided them with many dedicated fresh recruits for induction in al-Qaeda. A new breed of terrorist – suicidal bombers – came into being.

War on Iraq – totally uncalled for – gave further impetus to such suicidal bombings. More American, British and the coalition forces’ soldiers have died after the war in Iraq than during the war itself. Similarly many Iraqis have suffered and are suffering from the chaos unleashed on their country by a war waged over demonstrably false premises (i.e. that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, which it did not.). US and its partners are faced with the proverbial “To do or not to do  --.  “To pull out or not to pull out?”.  They are stuck and even if they wish to pull out they cannot. Military pundits equate Iraq with an other Vietnam for the Americans and this time for its allies as well. Britain being the foremost ally had to suffer 7/7.  They all knew it.  Only, they did not know ‘where and when’. 

There are, however, many people in many places who have a huge stake in the senseless and endless war and not all of them live in the caves of Afghanistan or are sheltered across the Pakistani border. They are economical and political interests of much wider scope than they appear to be. Oil from the Mid East and Central Asia is alleged to be the uppermost consideration. I'm not trying to condone the terrorists from their dastardly and cowardly acts of crime against the humanity, but we need to examine all aspects of London bombing instead of just focusing on one group only for its happening.

 We need to look whether some elements (zealots) in the Middle East are angry about U.S. Middle -East policies and they want Coalition Forces (the U.S. and England) to get out of Iraq and they had showed their anger by bombing the subways and buses in England. This is their method of threatening British government and forcing them to withdraw their troops from Iraq. July 7 was to them the most opportune time when the eyes of the entire world were focussed on the G-8 summit taking place in Scotland.

This war ‘On Terrorism’ and ‘For Terrorism’, despite the claims from both sides, does not seem to have any foreseeable end. It is a war of attrition on both sides. None of its proponents seems to gain much, except loss of life, face and despondency on the coalition side and loss of life and material (though not much) for the terrorists. None of them will be able to subdue the other or its will. It is likely to slobber perniciously and perennially.

Will there be an end to all such senseless killing, ask the saner element of the world? Or will it  go on for ever by the slaves of their egos?  Expecting the mainstream Muslims to talk and tell the terrorists to abandon their activities will be like telling black people of America that they should simply go to Los Angeles and sit down and talk to the ‘Crips and Bloods’ and tell them to stop the gang violence and it would just stop or telling Christians to sit down and talk to Christian terrorists like Timothy McVeigh and Eric Rudolph. The repercussions of 7/7 are already on the streets, mosques and churches of Great Britain. Hundreds of Muslims are being interrogated and rounded up. The spill over will most certainly meander to the European continent, to the detriment of the Muslims.

Afghanistan was the first to experience the worst bombing resulting in the killings of hundreds of innocent civilians due to the presence of very same al-Qaeda elements there. Palestinian and Kashmiri freedom movements which already suffered a set back due to 9/11 will find it still more difficult now after the London bombings to convince the world of their genuine struggle for freedom.

This incident will cast its damaging shadow over the entire Muslim community although they have nothing to do with it. Neither has Islam anything to do with it. These terrorist groups like al-Qaeda cannot be termed as Muslim groups, as they are  rather violent, pseudo-religious cults led by men who play on the disenchantment of the people and use the religion as the justification to influence them to do their bidding. Though the Muslim countries are doing their bit to help in tracking down and condemning such terrorists yet, the western world’s viewing them with suspicion and likely to discriminate against them at the social level would not be healthy and the Muslims will justifiably be dismayed and consider it an unfair turn to them.

The need of the hour is in closing the gap rather than distancing themselves further apart. Terrorists are to be considered as a common enemy and combated together. However, in fighting this evil and menace more brain has to be used than the bran.  Whether you saw a young handsome but dishevelled and wounded British being interviewed by the BBC after the bombing or not, I did. He said something which could come out only of the most sagacious, the most compassionate and the most humane being in this world.  On being asked what did he feel about the terrorists who had bombed the trains, he said, “I feel pity for them”!  The BBC reporter not prepared for such an answer, questioned somewhat startlingly, “pity?” and the gentleman calmly said, “Yes, pity.  What else can one feel for people not in possession of their senses?”.  
Terrorist are persons deprived of their senses.  Killing them will neither cure them nor finish them. They breed fast.  Let’s kill the root causes of terrorism, ignorance, poverty and injustice.

The End

Reader Comments:

Is this news true

In order to prove its commitments towards enlightened moderation the Government has started removing thousands of boards carrying the Kalima Tayybah and Daroow Sharif from threes planed on the Shahra-e-Qaod Aziz. He says in the past such orders were issued but labourers refused to remove these boards which lead to their arrest. Though it is not strange from the present rulers as they can make God angry but not Uncle Bush, nevertheless can any courages citizen of Lahore confirm if this news was correct.

Iqbal, Pakistan - 12 July, 2005

Farzana you are spot on with most of your observations. The first being that whatever wrong, criminal or violent act that does get committed in the name of Islam or for it has actually nothing to do with muslims. I am in a Fatwa giving mood, to me all terrorists belong to no religion and specially not Islam. What happened on 7/7 is a pathetically criminally demented act, just as bad as 9/11 or 3/11 or the numerous hits we are so familiar within our motherland. My ftawa is that all terrorists are aids infested rats and deserve only to be put to rest.
What I totally disagree with is your tracing the origin of terrorism. It did certainly not start with the afghan great game, but is as old as the history of war and or psy-warfare. Terror is a form of it. The Powerfull have always flexed their muscles and tell me one great nation or people who never used their power, when they had it.
It easier said then done to kill the root cause of terror, which in your good words are ignorance, poverty and injustice. Taking these three elements out of the human equation does mean changing the entire social contract and global leadership. Who is responsible for all the mess, it cannot be the common man who gets bombed, rather it is the ones who are responsible for it, namely the leaders of the so-called free world. I pity the kind of freedom we all as humans enjoy today. The most powerfull state on earth is not safe, the most proper of all those who think they are proper are not safe, the Rwandans are not safe, so are the Ethopians. Who is safe, we must see and then maybe follow those models of governance or leadership. Norway, Canada and Iceland also exist on our planet and its people are doing well and infact thriving.
We all need to wonder why and what is wrong with the countries where the majority of the people are muslims. We after all do have 70% of the world resources, we all party like their is no tommorow, some eat like that also, ever wondered why all the fatwa making factories are so fat and over bearing.
The time is fast comming when all those who oppose extremeism shall have to stand up and be counted and silence is no longer an option.
Your standing up for what you beleive in my dear sister, is like a breath of fresh air and I do hope that we all try to understand that we cannot be held hostage to people who are doing much in our name and just say "Please for God sake not in our name can you do, what you do."
The title of this new group is strange, as Al-qaeeda I thought is secretive enough, as its cave corporate office address is not public knowledge, now we have a secret society within a secret rat scoiety.
Please do write and read more. The discussion forum is down for long here, once it is up and running, please do visit it and enrich it also.

Malik shahid, Pakistan - 12 July, 2005

An Excellent Treatise

Farzana Shah has done an excellent job in portraying the true feelings of the people in condemning the horrific bombing of the innocent commuters in the London subway. The article is all encompassing giving a detailed account of the events leading to this horrendous crime. She has very ably suggested the remedy for this ever on going malaise also for the serious consideration of the western powers that be, that is; to kill the ignorance, poverty and the injustice, which give birth to such terrorists.

Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd), Pakistan - 13 July, 2005

some facts

If there is any litmus test of any religion then it is to see how they treat other religion or sects.How many "Islamic" states has significant minority and their rights are protected in those countries? Not that many. My friend USA has 1200 mosques for 5 million Muslims. How many temples and churches you have in Pakistan? How many of those are in Saudi? Saudi had captured 40 Pakistani Christians for praying inside their house and gave them lashes. Wow what a tolerant people and religion which rules these people.

When you kill people showing your holy book and shouting "Allah akbar" people know what motivates you. As far as Hitler is concerned, he was strict secular person. He did not show bible while killing American or Europeans. He actually despised American and European Christians. The funny thing is Muslims tend to view everything from eye of religion.
Why are you not talking about death penalty for apostates in Islam? How many other religions have such penalty? Why Islam is so insecure? These kinds of characteristics are of a "cult" not a world religion like Islam.

The evidence put forth by many scholars have suggested that the laws and practice of this religions is stuck n 7th century and in not compatible with current time and world.

As far as Americans are concerned, they are one of the most liberal people I have met. They respect every religion in the world. American government does not tolerate attacks on places of worship. They have imprisoned quite a few people who attacked chruch, mosque or temples. India and Pakistan actually destroy places of worship and the guilty get away without any punishment. Pakistan has worse record in this area. Check recent news about destroying Hindu temple in nowshera (

If this is the face of “fastest” growing religion in the world then I am very scared and frightened.

May God give you wisdom to accept the truth and courage to change your condition for your own betterment?

Allen, Pakistan - 13 July, 2005

well done job

farzana shah has made an excelent effort and well done job.keep it up

ishfaq ashraf, Pakistan - 13 July, 2005


A Letter to the British People from a daughter of Iraq.

Iman al-Saadun

Friday, 8 July 2005

I'm sending this letter to the British people and in particular to the residents of London. For a period of hours, you have lived through moments of desperate anxiety and horror. In those hours you lost a member of your family or a friend, and we wish to tell you in total honesty that we too grieve when human lives pass away. I cannot tell you how much we hurt when we see desperation and pain on the face of another person. For we have lived through this situation – and continue to live through it every day – since your country and the United States formed an alliance and laid plans to attack Iraq.

The Prime Minister of your country, Tony Blair, said that those who carried out the explosions did so in the name of Islam. The Secretary of State of the United States, Condaleezza Rice, described the bombings as an act of barbarism. The United Nations Security Council met and unanimously condemned the event.

I would like to ask you, the free British people, to allow me to inquire: in whose name was our country blockaded for 12 years? In whose name were our cities bombed using internationally prohibited weapons? In whose name did the British army kill Iraqis and torture them? Was that in your name? Or in the name of religion? Or humanity? Or freedom? Or democracy?

What do you call the killing of more than two million children? What do you call the pollution of the soil and the water with depleted uranium and other lethal substances?

What do you call what happened in the prisons in Iraq – in Abu Ghraib, Camp Bucca and the many other prison camps? What do you call the torture of men, women, and children? What do you call tying bombs to the bodies of prisoners and blowing them apart? What do you call the refinement of methods of torture for use on Iraqi prisoners – such as pulling off limbs, gouging out eyes, putting out cigarettes on their skin, and using cigarette lighters to set fire to the hair on their heads? Does the word “barbaric” adequately describe the behavior of your troops in Iraq?

May we ask why the Security Council did not condemn the massacre in al-Amiriyah and what happened in al-Fallujah, Tal'afar, Sadr City, and an-Najaf? Why does the world watch as our people are killed and tortured and not condemn the crimes being committed against us? Are you human beings and we something less? Do you think that only you can feel pain and we can't? In fact it is we who are most aware of how intense is the pain of the mother who has lost her child, or the father who has lost his family. We know very well how painful it is to lose those you love.

You don't know our martyrs, but we know them. You don't remember them, but we remember them. You don't cry over them, but we cry over them.

Have you heard the name of the little girl Hannan Salih Matrud? Or of the boy Ahmad Jabir Karim? Or Sa'id Shabram?

Yes, our dead have names too. They have faces and stories and memories. There was a time when they were among us, laughing and playing. They had dreams, just as you have. They had a tomorrow awaiting them. But today they sleep among us with no tomorrow on which to wake.

We don't hate the British people or the peoples of the world. This war was imposed upon us, but we are now fighting it in defense of our selves. Because we want to live in our homeland – the free land of Iraq – and to live as we want to live, not as your government or the American government wish.

Let the families of those killed know that responsibility for the Thursday morning London bombings lies with Tony Blair and his policies.


Stop your war against our people!

Stop the daily killing that your troops commit!

End your occupation of our homeland!

noor, Pakistan - 13 July, 2005

I respect authors feelings for innocent people died in this horrific crime. I also condemn the bombings which have taken innocent lives. But how does author know Al-Qaida did it? Does author know Al-Qaida. As a matter fact no body knows Al-Qaida. To show the world that terrorism exist the innocent people get caught and sent to jails and are not been even trial for their crimes. How may we have seen has been charged for the terrorism. Most of them are not allowed to have a lawyer. Any one can claim to be Al-Qaida and take responsibility for the bombing. Do we know who claimed, and how they claim where they claim and to who they claim? It is a terror myth created by the west to use as a an excuse to crush poor nations particularly Islamic to have a control on their lives and national recourses. It is myth created by those who want to invade other countries on false propaganda. It is myth created these nations to show their people that they are really fighting an evil. We have been watching that for so many years now but why world does condemn their actions. By saying that I don' agree with the author, the root cause of present danger and terrorism is not poverty or illiteracy but the terrorism has its roots based in the policies, greed, and hegemony of the west. If poverty and illiteracy was the cause for the terrorism then we would have even more terrorism 50 or 100 years go when world has much poverty and more illiteracy than now.

amin, Hungary - 13 July, 2005

Reply to Amin - War breeds terrorism

Amin, you have made a point by raising the various myths in response to authors article, however, when you say that you don't agree with the author on the accord of poverty and illiteracy which breeds wisdom, I think you misunderstood the crux of the whole article, which ends on the word Injustice.

The policies, greed, and hegemony of the west which you mentioned is in fact an open declarattion of injust policies and the economic greed, which now lives under the label of "National Interest"

I absolutely agree with the author and would further go one step ahead in blaming, CNN, BBC, FOX, SKY News, ABC, NBC, CBS etc all of them are being patriotically emotional and hypocrite rather than being "Fair and Balance" I also feel "Pitty" for them, as they know the facts, yet they glamorize things in their favor without being near to neutral.

In this age of Information, the real weapon is Media and the job of a journalist with his/her pen or keyboard is much powerful than any Daisy Cutter or Nuclear Bomb. Therefore, these journalists have far more responsibility than any Bush, Blair or Musharraf.

I think if they can't condemn and glamorize the senses of a British Man who goes out in the street and kills an average Muslim in reaction of the bombing, then they have no right to condmen someone who comes out on the streets of Baghdad or undergound Subway in London to kill anyone.

Media is propogating the emotionalism of people and playing around with their feelings, so they loose sense, and glamorizing this war against terror is the biggest mistake they have under taken. This war will take us no where other than more and more such disasters like London Bombings.

Remember Ramzi Yusuf fifteen years ago tried to blew up world trade centers, but he couldn't succeed. But on 9/11 someone was successful.

Bill Clinton bombed Sudan and Afghanistan, but he couldn't succeed, but Bush came in power and started the whole war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This will not stop untill or unless we bring justice to this world.

It should be the utter most responsibility of G-8.

Someone raised a banner in protest of G-8 Summit, "SOME PEOPLE EAT NOTHING, BECAUSE G-8 EVERYTHING."

Bring justice, and this will solve terrorism.

Ali, Pakistan - 14 July, 2005


Dear All Pakis,
Only 19% of world follows islam,but you take any terrorist incident, it always involves Islamist.
Whys is it so?
Can you explain?
"Mistake is thy something happens once,
is some thing recurrent!"

Aniruddha, Hungary - 14 July, 2005

How many time?

How many times you guys keep saying,
"Neither has Islam anything to do with it. These terrorist groups like al-Qaeda cannot be termed as Muslim groups, as they are rather violent, pseudo-religious cults led by men who play on the disenchantment of the people and use the religion as the justification to influence them to do their bidding."
After 9/11 you said same thing.
Its fact that all of terrorist attacks are by Islamic fanatics.
Have you ever thought that why almost every terrorist is always Islamic?

Aniruddha, Hungary - 14 July, 2005

It is that unqualified commitment to Voltaire's universal concept that one might disagree with whatever your beliefs are but one would defend with one's life your right to free expression.

In most difficult times in history London's unprecedented level of tolerance has never surrendered to imposed or self-imposed restrictions. It has served as a haven and a sanctuary for dissenters who are either hunted or wanted by their own governments.

London streets, lanes and by-lanes punctuated by colored heritage plaques remind of the foreign rebellious souls that sought refuge here, to preach and practice freely their political, nay all other beliefs. Hunted and wanted in their own countries, they blossomed in London's free air and gave shape and substance to their ideas that changed the course of history, opened floodgates for revolutions and made liberty and freedom a household phenomenon

Pakistanis are happily proud to see a blue plaque on a building in London's Kensington/Olympia area. It says Pakistan's Founder Quaid-i-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah lived there when he was doing his bar from Lincoln's Inn. In Swiss Cottage area, on Kings Road you come across a flat that has a plaque stating that the place had been an abode for Dr Ambedkar, the man who gave India its secular constitution. Simon Bolivar, the Liberator of Latin America and last of the French Bourbon King Charles lived here in exile.

Each London street has a story of its own to tell and each one of them offer to, whether you are Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Jews, Communists or Socialists, landmarks that make one proud of the fact that indelible imprints of our great men are being protected and preserved in London, a city that has come to be our own in so many ways.

Being an oasis of freedom in a vast world that is being torn by conflict ignited by leaders fighting a life-long battle with ignorance and obscurantist forces opposed to them following 9/11, I had believed that London would remain beyond the pale of the terrorist violence. Can there be a better example of greatness than the fact that despite intelligence reports many of the Muslim religious extremists spitting venom from the pulpit, have not only been allowed to live here, they have been given social security sustenance and when the government tried to extradite some of them, British courts did not allow that to happen. Likes of Bakris and Hamzas continue to be running sores in the British society.

No doubt, Fisk says, London bombings were "barbaric"' -- but, asks he: "What were the civilian deaths of the Anglo American invasion of Iraq in 2003, the children torn apart by cluster bombs, the innocent Iraqis gunned down at American military checkpoints. When they die, it is "collateral damage"; when "we" die it is "barbaric terrorism."

This difference has to end to revive those values that cherish life as the ultimate gift of God that demand equal respect, dignity, both in life and death, for all. Time is no doubt running out, the portable nuclear bomb has yet to pass into the hands of those who can professionally plan and precision-execute blasts in London's transport system or knock the Twin Towers off the face of the earth.

Those who sit on piles of nuclear weapons and are drunk with power better get down to seeking words of wisdom from likes of Robin Cook who are opposed to ill-conceived beliefs that terrorism is a war that can be won by military means. It is much more than that. It is a battle between haves and have-nots. Have-nots need to be provided a reasonable and attractive stake in life on earth so that they are not lured into becoming human bombs on the promise of a life of 'milk-n-honey' and bliss hereafter.

Kashif Shah- B.E Electronics, Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology

Kashif Shah, San Marino - 14 July, 2005



ZIA UL HASSAN, Pakistan - 14 July, 2005

I resent your calling us all Pakis. Editor should take note of this. The accused 7/7 culprits are being called Britons of Pakistani origin. Their profiles so far do not make them look like the ones who carried out this heinious crime. Before getting all judgmental, we must wait to establish all the facts, however the changing story, the cctv bus camera not beong working and the footage of the kids at Kingcross all do leed to the possibility of this being a false flag operation.
Aniruddha I pity your inteeligence, just try getting the number of people killed all over the world by their religions and you will understand why.

Malik Shahid, Pakistan - 14 July, 2005

Buts and Ifs

As usual, Muslim media tries to apologize for the acts of your insane terrorists then in the same sentence adds conditions such as "but Iraq...", "if Israel..." etc. etc. You really don't get it, do you? Why not try for once an UNCONDITIONAL condemnation of these barbaric acts? Why not just say they were inhuman and that you are against them and leave it at that? Why not clamp down hard on your insidious religious schools that are brainwashing your youth and, now it seems, the youth of Britian? Better still, why not go out and get these monsters -- show us their dead, lifeless bodies! Oh yes, and why not start with Bin-Laden hanging from a tree by his neck? What the hell are you waiting for? He is in your country, is he not? Then maybe the West and all peace-loving, sane people in this world would begin to believe that Muslims are not all blood-thirsty neaderthals!

VinceDC, Canada - 14 July, 2005

Response to Aniruddha, India. The reason my dear is Muslims don't like to take anybody's crap based on prejudice and injustice. Islam inspires its followers as pride Muslims who like to defend their values, land and culture and not get carried away by the name and fame or the glittering of western material gains. Because Islam preaches simplicity and balance in our life. That means a socio economic system where the gap between rich and poor is minimum. Whereas the American western policies are defending materialism/ capitalism where the gap between the rich and the poor keeps growing. Example is G8 and rest of the world. The policies of World banking system and globalization which drive Poor nations deeper and deeper in debt while as rich nations mount on more and more profits. However, there are bad and corrupt elements in every society or religion. In shot and brief you must understand this is not the war between religions but the war between two social system.

amin, Hungary - 14 July, 2005

Absoulte Racism

To Farzana Shah:
The London Bombings were a sad event but more than it being another act of terrorism, it's a war against Islam. I'm not a radical who believes that the West is against Islam or an extremist who supports the jihads in Iraq. But what i fail to understand is that, a little bombing in London can create such a big fuss. Millions of Muslims are killed each day in Iraq and Bosnia. Those matters aren't made into big deals and just pass on.
What i don't understand is that how did the British Intelligence find out it was Al-Qaeda (even if there is an organziation like this). In the world today how hard is it to make a fake site and post lisitngs on it. Does Britain only have a site to prove that Al-Qaeda was responsible for the attack?
Also, the accusations that the suicide bombers were of Pakistani origin has been taken as a sudden surprise. If indeed they were from our country, why does the country have to take the blame of certain individuals? Billions of people live in this country and if someone does something atrocious, the blame comes on the country. Just a week ago was the 10 year anniversary of the Massacre that took place in Serbia. 8000 Muslim men and children were killed and no one really much cared about that rather than these bombings.
Also, suddenly just think about it. After the 9/11 attacks, all around the world the name "Muslim" is being used as an excuse. It is we who are being blamed for terrorism. Imagine if any Western State was named a terrorist state, or if any Catholic was named terrorist.
The part i don't understand is that all Muslisms just shut up and don't say anything about the way they're being treated. And if these suicide attacks indeed are a way of opening up, at least its a start. But not a good one. All Muslims are brothers and sisters. We seem to forget this and desperately try to become Westernized.

Misha, Pakistan - 14 July, 2005

condemnation - validation

Dear Ms. Shah,

Thank you for writing such an interesting article.

However, I can't agree with the last part of it. In fact, if I were a terrorist, I would take great comfort from that last section of your writing. This was not your intention, I'm sure...

But first you condemn mightily the people who go around blowing people up for God or a cause. Then you seem to turn around and validate the people who blow people uf for God or a cause.

Further down in your article, you do say "I am not trying to to condone the terrorists from their dastardly and cowardly acts against humanity..." In giving them "reasons" could you have done just that? Unintentionally, of course.

Coming from America, I know the feelings of a lot of Americans. We hunger to just see a condemnation of these cruel and brutal acts from the Muslim people. That's all. We know that murder is not representative of Islam. We know the average Muslim isn't involved in any of the recent tragedies. It's just nice to hear it said occasionally without any "root causes." America simply wants to hear that this is not what Islam is about. Period.

I know that takes us all right back to Afghanistan and Iraq. I wish so much that the world could understand that America would never have gone into a war stance if Mr. Bin Laden and his cronies hadn't come along. Pakistan knows only too well the pain at the death of innocents. So do we Americans. 9/11 taught us well.

Terrorism has divided my country into two hateful camps. We do not stand united at the moment. Terrorism has changed us all and, I'm afraid, not for the better.

Many of you might suspect America is using the situation to steal oil.

I can't agree. Mr. Bush has a most ambitious energy plan. He is turning to technology to solve our energy problems. If the Partisans in the Senate would just give him a bill to sign, we could get on with it...

I know many of you don't agree with me. I only submit this as just another thought.
Nothing more. I mean no harm.

I just think we should all stand up together and denounce terrorism. Period.

Carollane, United Kingdom - 14 July, 2005

Sad Insanity

Insanity is repeating the same action and expecting different outcomes. So, this action of terrorism is Insane. Regardless of motivation. It is insane. The outcomes will not change. They are predictable and reliable. The outcome is more hate, more mistrust and more terror. The circle is complete. Man must find some outlet for his insanity. His insanity against himself. The world grieves... the mothers cry, the ground will one day burst, with our own ego's driving the rupture. Politics, organized religion are always the tools for the ambitious. Insane. Rest in Peace you stolen souls. Pray for us.

M Frehulfer, United Kingdom - 14 July, 2005

Condemn Osama

I believe its time that at least one Muslim say that 'Osama is evil person', but still i have not seen one single person saying that. Condeming is one thing but pointing the source is another thing. I know Pakistanis get on streets in few hours and are very good in burning 'effigies' and 'flags' of other nations. Maybe its time that Osama's effigy be burned and kicked around to show him he is not welcomed anymore.
I was reading 'Misha's' comments, let me be clear on one thing, you said 'million of muslims' die every day in Iraq, which is not true. Iraqis are being killed by Zarqawi's gangsters more than US forces.

John Jay, Hungary - 15 July, 2005

To Carollane United States

Dear Carollane, I think the author has done a good job by condemning the terrorists and also tried to highlight the facts that cause such horrible events. Unlike the American/western media who don't want to talk about the root cause of this terrorism because that would not be in the interest of their governments and their unjust policies which play as a source that is breeding the terrorist grounds all over the world. You like any other Hippocratic American who don' want to talk, condemn or criticize your government policies, your leaders, your churches and your priests. Why 500 christen club priest Pat Robertson Jerry Fowler is immune to any criticism from your media and Government?. They are a radical christen who brainwashes young Christians and poisons them with hatred against Muslims. Why Pat Robertson is allowed to do so? Why his open blasphemy against prophet and Islam on his TV net work is tolerated but a Muslim priest's sermons in mosques which may not be blasphemous but provocative are criticized by your people and your institutions .

You people can observe 2 minute silence on London bombing that killed 30 people including children how many minute silence you observed on Iraq cluster bombing when your armies killed children in thousands day and night. Where were your ethics and feeling for human tragedy then?

I think as long as you are in denial of your crimes nothing is going to change. As long as you people try to cover the crimes your governments have made against humanity, against Iraq, against Afghanistan against Muslim nations in the cover of your national greed , nothing is going to change. As long as your people keep re-electing the same warmongers as your leaders, nothing is going to change. As long as you making heroes from your barbaric armies, nothing is going to change. And when you will change everything will change and the peace will prevail on this planet once again..

amin, Hungary - 15 July, 2005

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