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No Palestinian Prison state until 2009

21 February, 2007

By Abid Mustafa

Palestine: A longstading dispute in the Middle East, that needs to be settled in the larger interests of the people of the entire region
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The present US effort undertaken by US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice to kick start the peace process between the Palestinians and the Israelis?as envisioned by the Baker-Hamilton Report?is for now, a mere symbolic gesture. There are three major obstacles that must be overcome, if the Bush administration wants to realise its endorsement of a two state solution.

First, Olmert?s government is deeply unpopular and is engulfed in numerous scandals. It is unlikely that Olmert will survive. Fresh elections will have to be scheduled to form a new Israeli government?likely to be a coalition government?this will delay the implementation of the road map. Despite Olmert?s obvious weakness, his government like its predecessor has sanctioned the construction of fresh settlements in West Bank? a move intended to foil the US attempts to re-start the peace process. The proposal elucidated by Israel?s Foreign Minister to advance negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis, which includes psuedo final status termed ?political horizon? is meaningless unless Israel puts a halt to fresh settlement activity and stops the excavation of Al-Aqsa mosque. The tactic of supporting the peace-process and then simultaneously undermining it to provoke the Palestinians into violence is an indelible feature of Israeli politics.

Second, the US under Israeli pressure refused to negotiate with Hamas and instead favoured Abbas to form a new unity government. It must be remembered that it was Abbas?s government which Israel systematically destroyed, and left the door ajar for Hamas to fill the political void and emerge victorious in the parliamentary election held last year. Olmert then proceeded to exploit Hamas?s militant credentials and its repudiation of Israel to cut short Palestinian demands for peace and continued unilaterally to redefine the road map.

Nevertheless, Israel?s defeat in Lebanon destroyed Olmert?s plan and presented the US with another opportunity to move the peace process forward. The US instructed Abbas to form a new government and told Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Syria to reign in Hamas and forge a unity government with Fatah. If the Mecca agreement between Fatah and Hamas fails to hold ?the likelihood is very high?then America will want Abbas to convene fresh elections to consolidate the power of his Fatah party. Already the US, Israel and the EU have offered Abbas aid to augment his security forces in order to offset Hamas. The tussle between Hamas and Fatah will present Israel the pretext to unilaterally shape the peace process in the absence of a viable Palestinian partner. When Hamas and Fatah are not squabbling with one another, they will be busy retaliating against Israeli aggression in the occupied territories. This cycle of violence will pervade much of foreseeable future, stalling the quartet?s efforts to make headway on the road map.

Third, even if the US succeeds in forming unity governments in both Israel and Palestine, there is little the Bush and the Republican Party can do to rejuvenate the road map. With the 2008 US general elections looming, the Republican Party, as well as the Democratic Party requires the Jewish lobby?s support to get elected. The castigation of Jimmy Carter?s new book about Palestine, demonstrates the power of the Jewish lobby over US foreign policy in Palestine.

All of this means that it will be 2009 before the US is able to mount enough pressure to coerce Israel to make necessary compromises with the Palestinians, and bring an end to the protracted dispute.

Reader Comments:

A fourth reason...

Mr. Mustafa should consider a fourth reason for failure to resolve the "protracted dispute"...the majority of the arab population in the west bank and Gaza are one-staters who believe Israel should not exist and have been in a state of war with Israel since 1949.

Joseph Spiegel, United Kingdom - 21 February, 2007

Self delusional

The US under Israeli pressure?
The Jewish lobby's support? Where do you get your information? The US supports Israel not solely b/c of the jewish lobby but because their interests are aligned. The Christian Evangelicals are very much in favor of Israel.
Why don't you make any mention of anyone pressuring the Palestinians to step up their efforts at peace?
No wonder there's no one to talk to.

Joe Shmoe, Romania - 21 February, 2007

It is nothing new for Israel to flout divine edicts.

The core of Israel's problem is that it has flouted the divine edict for Israelis to keep away from the holy land and remain in exile till the coming of the Messiah. Palestinians have made a mistake in their fight for a separate state in the holy land. They would have done better to make a strong hold in Jordan and enter into direct negotiations with the non-Zionist religious Jews. The latter would have told the whole world that the Jews are bound in a pledge with God to remain in exile and wait for the coming of the Messiah. They could form an assembly in the holy land led by the Messiah. Now here is a dilemma. The Messiah is none other than Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is far from friends with the Jews. In fact he had uttered a curse on them. True facts were foretold by the Prophet of Islam that Jews would assemble in Israel (before the coming of the Messiah). That would be a violation of the sacred "Oath" with God. The Messiah - Jesus Christ - will descend in Damascus as a follower of Prophet of Islam. The whole struggle in Palestine is an exercise in futility. Two peoples cannot make a similar mistake in one place at same time. The Zionists have wrongly created the state of Israel. They are committed to attract the world Jewry to Israel by hook or by crook. The world Jewry, moreover, has an uncontrollable nostalgia for Jerusalem. They will all for sure assemble there. God might tolerate it till the world Jewry is entrenched in the holy land. He will, then, send Jesus Christ to crush them in the battle of Armageddon. This is the framework in which the Palestinians should work. They will attract the sympathy and accord with the non-Zionist Jews. The fight would attain some logic and direction. Israelis have no other place in the world to turn to. Palestininians can form a strong state in Jordan and let the King embrace democracy.

Sher Mohammad, Pakistan - 21 February, 2007

Power of Jewsh lobby!

Any body who has lived in US or UK knows the power of jewish lobby.All the major newspapers are owned by Jews,all major TVs are either owned or influenced.Wall street is controlled by them and thus the financial market.Any one who disputes their postion looses his reputation and gets smeared.Jewsih lobby takes every prominent American politician to Israel and thus gains influence on him.Now Ms.CLinton is a very strong supporter of the lobby(you could call her pawn).I recommend every one to read a magazine washington report on middle east affairs.( is the only country that says that its borders are extended to Euphrates and Niles,(Now you could understand the mess Iraq is in.)It has no defined borders.Jews keep on playing victims game yet deny Arabs even basic rights.All due to their power.Now Jewish media is working day and night to work against Islam,Arabs and Pakistan.Foreign policy regarding Arabs or muslim countries is made in Israel and given to pawns in state department in US.,who consider it their religous duty to follow it letter by letter with a submissive spirit.
Presiden Jimmy carter wrote a book and he is being smeared.You can read the article about Jewish power in the above magazine.

Jaidi Jan Aziz., United Kingdom - 22 February, 2007

Israel quote from Old testment Quran and Kissinger Think Tank Group

Bani Israel is implant from Quran .Christian church Quotes for their salvation is
Based On Henry Kissinger Think Tank Institutes.They quote Israel and Jesus Christ being a Jew.This is Obsolete. Quotes are based on Old Testament where current Israel
is free wheeling dealing Settling Zionists and Sheikhs of oil companies .They are new implant of Armageddon. That leaves with the expectation Of Coming of Messiah war of Armageddon understanding of religion For the solution of common citizen of the world (in dire need of equal Share of economy privilege and rights).Contract for few
which will never be given by Few looter who share via private club.The method is called contract of Democracy hanging of democracy or Saddam died for people sin
or own .New Iraq rulers are appointee for releasing licence of Democracy.

Jews had framed Jesus and helped crucify Messiah was initial belief. The Holy
Quran denied saying it was made to look. Islam prophet had Miraj of Alaqsa.
What is Miraj besides time travel?

When Jesus had descended and prayed before guided tour of relativity where
Holy prophet had met Jesus in Aqsa to offer prayer and had met again in
category of Ranks. This made Gulam Ahmed as expected messiah as one
too many(as Ahmediah messiah in Islam).

Sabah Abdullah Jews tribe surfaced out past few decades with 26000 nukes
Golan Height Taken by current Israel amid examination of Qiament and keemat
(price) Which everyone seem to pay as ascertained .

My Neighbour Miss Nighingale (90) point out towards a huge Maple
Tree saying that my mother Had planted this tree herself while
uttering “probably the world is holding expected Messiah in prison
for ransom until Almighty God gives to them in lieu of his release
and better believe they they will crucify Jesus again if they find him”.

Z Billo, Pakistan - 23 February, 2007

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