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No Honor among Murderers

09 January, 2007

By Anwaar Hussain

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On Saturday December 30th, at 6:05 Iraq time, in Abu Ghraib prison, Saddam Hussain was executed not for the mass killing of some 100,000 Kurds, but for killing 148 Iraqis in the small town of Dujail who were allegedly involved in a plot to kill him in 1982. His soul left behind his body dangling at the end of the hangman’s rope to join the restless souls of some of his victims still haunting the murky chambers of his infamous prison.

Left behind also are his rejoicing murderers…the incumbent US President, the British Prime minister and, to a varying degree, a host of other Western leaders. The poetic irony is that Saddam’s executioners were once his bosom buddies too.

As many as 100,000 Kurds were killed in 1988. Why then was Saddam tried by a kangaroo court and executed for killing 148 men and boys in the Shiite town of Dujail in 1982? Why this sham trial was pursued with such fervor by the United States of America that the New York Times in its May 21st issue of this year had to observe that;

"The American influence has been undeniably pervasive, with about 90 percent of the $145 million in annual costs for the court and associated investigations paid for by the United States Justice Department, and lawyers sent by Washington acting as advisers."

Between the two extremes--from America’s amorous embrace to the macabre dance at the gallows--Saddam traveled a fateful path. Why did the murderers kill one of their own…is then the question that needs answering. His rush to the scaffolds, therefore, is worth a study.

Here is why.

Saddam Hussein's execution on Dec. 30 not only prevents him from being put on trial for his most serious crimes–genocide against the Kurds and the use of poison gas in the Iran-Iraq war, but more importantly, silences him forever. His accomplices in crime can now breathe easy.

Had the trial been held under international auspices, the world would have known who supplied Saddam Hussein with materials of mass destruction; where from his military regime, notorious for atrocities against Iraqis, Iranians and Kurds, acquired weapons, germs and lethal chemicals.

The world would have known that on March 21st, 1986, when the UN wanted to show its concern of Saddam Hussein's use of chemical weapons with the words that the Council members were "profoundly concerned by the unanimous conclusion of the specialists that chemical weapons on many occasions have been used by Iraqi forces against Iranian troops...[and] the members of the Council strongly condemn this continued use of chemical weapons in clear violation of the Geneva Protocol of 1925 which prohibits the use in war of chemical weapons", the only country to vote AGAINST the issuance of this statement was the United States of America.

The world would have known that from arranging for Iraq to be supplied with the chemicals to make poison gas with which to kill his countrymen to providing Baghdad with satellite and AWACS intelligence data on Iranian targets and sending USAF photo interpreters to Baghdad to draw Saddam the maps of Iranian trenches that let him douse them in poison gas, America was implicated up to its gills in Saddam’s genocide of Kurds and its war against Iran.

The world would have known the long list of Western and U.S. companies that supplied Saddam with deadly and dual-use material. Union Carbide, Honeywell, Dupont, SpectraPhysics, Bechtel are just some of the ones mentioned on the list.

The world would have known that in total violation of the Geneva Protocol of 1925, that outlaws chemical warfare, the Reagan-Bush administration had sanctioned the sale of poisonous chemicals and deadly biological viruses, from anthrax to bubonic plague, throughout the '80s. Not only that, in 1982, while Saddam Hussein built up his war machinery, Reagan and Bush removed Iraq from the State Department list of terrorist states.

The world would have known that Iraq was already using chemical weapons on an "almost daily basis" when Donald Rumsfeld met with Saddam Hussein in 1983 signaling a bonding of the U.S.-Iraq military alliance and that consequent to that visit, the Pentagon supplied logistical and military support, U.S. banks provided billions of dollars in credits, and the C.I.A., using a Chilean conduit, increased Saddam's supply of cluster bombs.

The world would have known that only six months after the heinous massacre of the Kurds in March 1988, U.S. companies sent eleven strains of germs, four types of anthrax to Iraq, including a microbe strain, called 11966, developed for germ warfare at Fort Detrick in the '50s. Judith Miller provides a brief account of this disgusting traffic in U.S. chemicals and germs in her book, “Germs: Biological Weapons And America’s Secret War”.

The world would have known that as late as 1989 and 1990, according to a report from U.S. representative Dennis Kucinich (Democrat, Ohio), U.S. companies, under permits from the first Bush administration, sent mustard gas materials, live cultures for bacteriological research, to Iraq. U.S. companies not only helped Iraq build a chemical weapons factory, they also shipped Saddam a West Nile virus, hydrogen cyanide precursors and parts for a new nuclear plant.

The world would have known that Dow Chemical of the Vietnam War Napalm fame sold large amounts of pesticides and toxins that cause death by asphyxiation, that twenty-four U.S. firms exported arms and materials to Baghdad and that France also sent Saddam 200 AMX medium tanks, Mirage bombers, and Gazelle helicopter gunships.

The world would have known the executives of Alcoliac International of Maryland, that transported mustard gas precursors to Saddam; the Tennessee manufacturers that provided sarin-based chemicals; the heads of Dow chemical who sold toxins that cause death by asphyxiation; the heads of Bechtel that produced chemicals for Saddam in their Iraqi plant; the CIA agents that made covert arms deals and transported heinous cluster bombs to a proven tyrant. The world would have known the names of a whole lot of other international accessories of Saddam Hussein.

The world would have known that it is not just the buyers but the suppliers of death too who are answerable under the Nuremberg Conventions that says, "Complicity in the commission of a crime against peace, a war crime, or a crime against humanity, is a crime under international law."

Above all, the world would have known that Saddam Hussein was blamed by his severest opponents of killing 300,000 Iraqis during his 35-year rule. In less than four years George W. Bush has more than doubled that, with the ‘surge’ yet to come.

President George W. Bush broke his silence on the unprovoked killing of 24 unarmed Iraqi civilians by US Marines in the town of Haditha more than six months after the event, some two months after he was briefed on the atrocity by his national security adviser, and two months after a detailed account appeared in Time magazine, by muttering he was “troubled by the initial news stories.”

The murderer-in-chief, US President George Bush, promptly called Saddam's execution ''the kind of justice he denied the victims of his brutal regime.''

How about calling out the hangman again for the justice denied to Haditha victims?

No honor among

Some devilry, some hypocrisy, some sense of justice, some double bloody standards.

Copyrights : Anwaar Hussain 


 1. The NYT report:





Reader Comments:

Another whiner spitting venom...

enough said.

Bob Wilson, United Kingdom - 09 January, 2007

Victory for all the World

The execution of Saddam sends a message to all the dictators of the world that this too could be their fate. It is right to celebrate this monster's death. Saddam placed himself above all men, beyond God even but in the end was seen for the mere mortal he was. This is a warning to the leaders of North Korea and Iran. This too could be you. Now my question is why is Anwaar so upset about the death of Saddam, but not upset when kidnapped people are beheaded by the so called insurgency?

Gene, United Kingdom - 09 January, 2007

Sad but true.

You have written a well researched article.Yes the truth is interesting but painful.In US, defence industry wants to work overtime(defence products includes also biological,chemical,atomic WMD and surveylance and torture equipments.)And they need buyers to sell the product on very high price and to practise them on living people to test the quality,so wars are waged,dictators popped up ,given wrong and destructive advices(Like Iran IRaq war,or US ambassador Aprils suggestion to Saddam to attack Kuwait), to use this product on their own people or neighbours and for best results police and army is trained in USA,this also helps to choose the officers with lowest self esteem and national pride or greedy or ambitious among them(some would even be happy with a white woman,not knowing they may be contracting AIDS and other lethal diseases, who are then given medals who when return get promoted to CNC.The example is Pakistan while In India due its diversity in amumuniton resources their army is behaved and under Indian authority and so loyal to India rather than the supplier country.Meanwhile the money that is collected by selling these WMDs is used to do research to make a more lethal generation of WMDs and more sophiscated tools of torture and spying.Then the products that were older and less lethal are sold to dictators.Ideal if the dictators.Sheikhs,Monarchs are from Muslim country because of natural resources and the war on Islamic ideology.Who could do that then the unelected dictator who lives in fear and takes every wish of US as divine order(Look in Pakistan)
I see sadly such atrocities to go on.Recalling the words of Maj.Ralph Peter who wrote in his article"Constant conflict" in Armed forces Journal that there will be no peace and US army will be used to force countries to open their markets to American goods(Defense products included)and to American culture.Article can be read on

Dr.Khan, United Kingdom - 09 January, 2007

Whos fault was it?

Anwar bahi,
I must say I had expected much better than this from you. Here you come up with the normal list of muslims favuorit game. The blame game. World would have known that and continue the old story I have heard 1000 times before. But that does not make it better this time either. Ok, the story is VERY good if one sees it as a record of how far some people, who noramally see themselv or pretend to as top most moral persons or governments on this planet, are willing to strech their moral responsibilty AS SUPPLIERS of deadly marchandises. But as a try to clean wash Saddam=s image, it is only a bad try.
I shall try to explain to you>
Let us think you and I are enemies. You are very rich, but unfortunately you have a VERY VERY STUPID brother. So whos fault will it be if I use your brother to harm you? As much as I can? And [this is the best part of it] on the top of it make a lot of money doing that? Shall I be the one to be blamed or you and YOUR brother, if he buys every thing from me to harm you and himself? Things he even do not actually needs? [why the hell did Saddam need all the weapons anyway? Was Iraq or are other Arab countries, surrounded by enmeies in every direction? Can you imagine how much money he, all in all, wasted during his time? On what?]And the money used on these could have been used on other and FAR BETTER causes. SO IS IT MAY FAULT THAT HE IS A STUPID MONKEY? AND GLADLY WALK IN EVERY TRAP I HAVED HIDEN IN FRONT OF HIM?
Now you may, and even be right when seen from a moraly view, say it is wrong of me to use somebody who is stupid this way. BUT MAN, THIS IS WORLD. And it is full of people who do things like this and even worse. It is ful with marchants of death and their ALWAYS open shops. Small, from one persons to huge companies and governments. They are ALL LOOKING FOR STUPID COSTUMERS. I can almost garanty you that the americans would have gladly sold to the Iranians even an atomic bomb, IF THE PRICE WAS RIGHT for them. In fact that may also be one of the reasons for their beeing mad at the Iranians. Because the iranians have gone to somebody else=s shop and not the american. A Pakistani classic> in any town there is a taxi stand. Do u think the owner of that stand would be happy if I or YOU open a new and better stand next to him? And try to take some of his costumers?
BTW> have you ever seen any chaudry from any village brought to justice because of how he treated some poor fellows? This is woeld man, here there is no justice. THE MAN WITH THE STICK OWNS THE BUFFLOWS. The greatest crime on earth is to be weak and stupid. Beeing that you can not blame anybody for.

Khan G Farooq, Norway - 09 January, 2007

Futile analysis

What's the point in blaming America for short comings of Islamic nations. Islamic principles are fundamentally at odds with Democracy, Equality & Freedom. Therefore there are more Dictators, Aristocrats, Military men who are in power in Islamic nations. For world super powers it's easy to control one person than democratically elected leaders. You can't blame America for looking after it's own interests.
What is this author doing to change the situation in his own Pakistan? Nothing will change in Pakistan, it's stuck between a dictator or mullahs ( only 2 choices). The change has to happen from within. It's hard when most people are obsessed with 7th century mentality and devine? supremacy of Islam.

So don't cry for Saddam!!

H. Harris, United Kingdom - 10 January, 2007

Ref Gene and Bob Wilson

The execution of Saddam sends a message to all the dictators of the world that this too could be their fate. OF COURSE. UNLESS THEY ARE AMERICAN PUPPETS? ACTUALLY THEY CAN BE MUCH MORE BRUTAL, RUTHLESS, STUPID AND UNDEMOCRATIC ELECTED, ONLY IF THEY MAKE SURE THAT THEY HAVE AMERICA ON THEIR SIDE FIRST. AMERICA HAS A IMPRESSIVE AND PROUDE HISTORY OF SUPPORTING PEOPLE LIKE PINOCHET, SOMOSA, MUSHY, MUBARRAK OR OTHER THIS KIND OF ARAB RULERS.[The funny thing is that i do not AT ALL blame USA for these kind things. YOU are only doing this because people let you to do so. U are only taking the advantage of the situation. Good for you.]
It is right to celebrate this monster's death. Saddam placed himself above all men, beyond God even but in the end was seen for the mere mortal he was.
This is a warning to the leaders of North Korea and Iran. This too could be you.
Now my question is why is Anwaar so upset about the death of Saddam, but not upset when kidnapped people are beheaded by the so called insurgency?
btw> How is the mighty american army treating helpless prisoners in GITMO? What a GIGANTIC task is it for US army doing that. The humalating of people who are not only prisoners, but also have their legs and hands bounded. Their mouth and eyes covered? ONLY FLUSHING OF THE HOLLY KOREAN MUST HAVE BEEN A TASK SO GREAT THAT MANY DIVSIONS WERE NEEDED FOR DOING THAT? What a shame on both the sisze and the force of your army.

Khan G Farooq, Norway - 10 January, 2007

Saddam, Religious? Ha!

Saddam, leader of the Ba'ath Party in Iraq once decided to execute a mufti who displeased him. He set the beard of the mufti on fire, and shot roofing nails into his head. After Saddam was captured, he tried to show how pious he was by growing a beard , carrying around and constantly quoting from a Qu'ran.

Ya`akov N. Miles, Canada - 10 January, 2007

No Honor Indeed

Bang on Mr. Hussain. An awesome piece.

The murderers stood together but did not hang together.

Thank you too for not making an icon of Saddam. He was a monster indeed. But the bigger monsters still roam free. And I cannot say for sure they will face the gallows with Saddam's nerve when the time does indeed come.

May the hangman's rope reach the remaining murderers.


Maximus, Canada - 10 January, 2007


I need to commend Anwar Hussain Sahab for the kind research that he did to write this wonderful article. But let me tell you that you have not tried to find out the reasons behind (or may be you know the reasons but you havent quiet discussed it.)
There is no point in blaming America for whatever. Every country is acting in their own national intrest. America is no exception. It is the flaw of the muslim countries to keep fighting with each other or with the neighbouring countries for silly reasons. Iran Iraq war is well know to the world. It went on for years together. Both the coutries are stupid. They should give priority to their own development then to fight with each other. A third country will always try to settle their scores whenever possible.
Even now what is happening between Iran and Iraq. What is happening between Pakistan and Afganistan. Also between India and Pakistan. They always keep fight over petty issues. Then they want America to settle the issues. Obviously America will always think about their own intrest and act accordingly. In future America will not have to fight any war by themselves. The will just have to support one of the two countries that are fighting to eleminate their own enemies.
Gone are the days when battles are fought on the battle field. From now onwards battles will be fought with the brains. Islamic counties are becoming a victims of the larger battles because other countries are using Islam as a sword that does not have a brain but has got immense power to attack their own enemies. The day when these people stop fighting over petty issues and start using their brains issues like these will not prop up. When these same countries start working towards their own development the same America will come to do business with them rather than supporting one of them in their wars. Wake up people and smell the coffee.

Prashant Sonawane, Hungary - 11 January, 2007

We are a nation of talkers and pointers

What is this author doing to change the situation in his own Pakistan?
... He is probably doing the same things most of us, who are settled abroad,love to do> TALKING and POINTING. That is our hobby. Pluss chasing status and material goods. AND of course wasting money by building our houses bigger and taller than the locals. Houses NEITHER we NOR our kids will ever have time to live in anyway. We never think about USING THE SAME MONEY to create jobs for people less lucky than us. BUT LUCKLY, here the government of Pakistan is helping us a lot. By NOT doing anything to safeguard people who could think of investing in comunity of their origin. The government likes big fishes. From whom also the kickbacks tend to be much bigger.
Those of us living in Pakistan for exemple, spend a lot of money on our kids. To send them to private and expensive schools. Paying fees which could, if used on local school, have ALSO provided better education for other kids TOGETHER WITH OURS. But since most of us, in their innermost, are racists, we think> why should this poor fellow's kids sit on the same bench or have same opurtunity like my kids?

Khan G Farooq, Norway - 12 January, 2007

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