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My country, ’tis of shams

20 June, 2008

By Anwaar Hussain

All of a sudden Maulana Fazl ur-Rahman that unabashed political acrobat, a man on whom one can spot thick folds of lard even from a distance but nary a spine from up close, has suddenly started to appear angelic by comparison.

What a country my country has become. Let us start from the very top.

It is a country where an Army Chief can take over the country, hold its constitution in abeyance, suspend the basic rights of its citizens, beat up and imprison at will an enlightened section of its society, have a sitting Chief Justice of Supreme Court manhandled by lowly cops then fire him from his job, sack dozens of other judges who refuse to play to his tunes, shut down all private television channels daring to show his truth to the nation, compete in phony elections and address public rallies in full uniform, hobnob with the vilest of the vile politicians to prolong his rule, appoint high school qualified serving generals as Vice Chancellors of universities, sacrifice hundreds of his soldiers in the wild goose chase of Kargil, ‘disappear’ scores of Pakistanis in the phony ‘war on terror’, wilt like candle wax on a single phone call from Colin Powell despite commanding a nuclear armed 8th largest army in the world, admit to selling scores of his countrymen to other countries for bounties, claim tongue in cheek that none can undo what he has done and rather than having to pay for his crimes, goes on not only to become the President of Pakistan but also cling to that appointment for dear life.

It is a country where a man who goes by the name of Asif Zardari and who was once affectionately called “Mr. Ten Percent” because of the alleged 10% extortion he forced on people during the PPP governments, who in 1990 was arrested on charges of blackmail for attaching a bomb to a Pakistani businessman, who stands accused of taking unaccounted millions of Rupees from local Pakistani banks for forestation of Pakistan, who maintained a polo ground in the Prime Ministerial residential compound, who finally admitted owning a £4.35m estate in Surrey, England after denying its ownership for years (including a 20-room mansion and two farms on 365 acres, or 1.5 km², of land), about whom a Swiss investigating magistrate has amassed enough evidence to indict him for a proper jail term, who is alleged to have a role in the brazen murder of his brother-in-law can rise up to become the arbiter of the destinies of the unfortunate multitudes of that country grinning like a cheshire cat all the way.

It is a country where another man who goes by the name of Nawaz Sharif and whose political mentor was another general of the yore, who was twice sacked for corruption as Prime Minister of Pakistan, who wanted to himself become the Ameer-ul-Momineen once, who launched a physical attack on the Supreme Court of Pakistan through a goon squad, who was elected as the Leader of the Pakistan Muslim League and subsequently the IJI (Islamic Democratic Alliance) by the ISI (Pakistan’s Intelligence Agency) as documented in the testimony of the then Army Chief in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, who groveled at President Clinton’s feet to extricate Pakistan from the Kargil misadventure, who ordered Pakistan’s airports sealed to prevent the landing of an airliner carrying his Army Chief even if it had to land in India, a supposedly enemy country, who got thrown into a lockup for that from where he managed to slink out after accepting exile to another country in the most shameful of manners, can today take up the flag of justice and cry himself hoarse hurling threats all around with not a morsel of shame visible on his well fed façade.

With all these bogus, duplicitous, fake, phony, crooked, cheating impostors running the country, no wonder we are where we are. Pakistanis are burning without electricity in this scorching summer heat, suicide bombers are hitting out at will, impoverished people are committing suicide rather than having to beg, Americans are killing our soldiers and citizens with impunity and the only thing happening with the speed of light in Pakistan is the swift disposal of court cases against Asif Zardari. While even a two-bit toady like Karzai, the ex-UNOCAL employee who was one of the very first supporters of Taliban when they emerged and now is the mayor of Kabul impersonating as the President of Afghanistan, threatens an invasion of our country, our tricksters travel first class to fairy lands holding meetings in 5-star hotels stuffing shrimps into their faces while discussing animatedly what to do about Pakistan.

All of a sudden Maulana Fazl ur-Rahman that unabashed political acrobat, a man on whom one can spot thick folds of lard even from a distance but nary a spine from up close, has suddenly started to appear angelic by comparison.


Reader Comments:

Read the hidden message

Recent anti-Pakistan tirade by Karzai is a clear indications of his towing the lines left by his visiting masters, i.e., the senior officials of the US foreign office who visit Afghanistan on routine, to supervise and direct their puppets (Karzai, Musharraf and many more), which is a routine method in their covert procedures.
While commenting on such utterances, we fails to give due consideration to the already known reasons behind such events. Karzai is not a popular public choice to rule Afghanistan. He has to obey those,who brought him to the scene out of nowhere. Our leaders know this well, because they are also here under mysterious arrangements that we know as "Deals", planned and perfected in some "promised lands" and therefore, they are also chips of the same block.
We should remember that, creating of pro-US Governments abroad by any means, is a basic pillar of the current US foreign policy.Originally, the foreign policy of the US Government was based upon the guide lines given by George Washington. In one of such guidelines, he called his people to put aside party differences and unite for the common good, that he called, an "American Character", wholly free of foreign attachments. He directed, "--- the United States must concentrate only on American interests and while the country ought to be friendly and open its commerce to all nations, it should avoid becoming involved in foreign wars."

Americans, accepted Washington's advice as gospel and invoke his message to answer all questions about the "American character". The situation continued up to 1949, when the United States signed a treaty of alliance with a foreign nation, with character requirements in variance with G. Washington and got involved in foreign wars on the entire globe, for all sorts of spurious reasons only and only for American interests, resorting to all clean or oblique tricks, irrespective of their morality considerations and character.

Knowing this background, we should strive to find and follow the best course, giving importance to the obvious intentions hidden in such utterances. We should never forget that, "hit the leg to break the neck", our Urdu equivalent of "Maro Ghutna Phootay Aankh" technique is being employed in most such events.We should save our neck, before blindly reacting to Karzai's hitting leg.

M.Saeed, Pakistan - 21 June, 2008

Good article

Good, you people have started accepting the truth, though slowly.

Prakash, Hungary - 21 June, 2008

Yes, appears to be quite disturbing

reading this writing from India brings sadness and frustration. Talented people of Pakistan deserves better politicians. why should people of Pakistan be served by politicians who have least care for its people. But theres always light at end of tunnel..! People of Pakistan can only change this..its media, judiciary with intellectuals can bring about change. We are sure people of Pakistan wants change and this process of transformation will be hard and time taking...! don't just give up !

Sanjay, Hungary - 22 June, 2008

Exact truth

Dear Sir,

This is exact truth and truth only. Pakistan has most numbers of educated people in Muslim world. There are engineers, Doctors, Intellects. Still, I wonder how come such a country can fall prey to these type of characters whose 'Pardah' was lifted by you.

P.K.Shome, Hungary - 23 June, 2008


As a former Pakistani looking in I can see how Pakistan has been sliding into a fourth world level. A viberant middle class is a prerequest of a successful democracy. Pakistan lacks it. Pakistanis must look to the exaple of Taiwan and South Korea. These countries were rules by strongmen, who developed infrastructure, education and economic foundations from which a healthy middle class emerged and demanded democracy. The political parties in Pakistan are personal organizations of the fuedal lords and the people at large are subservient to them. Althoug there was lots of fanfare about the Feb 18 elections, the true democracy still elludes Pakistan. Constitutions are useless to an average person whose daily survivor consumes his energies. Pakistan has been ineffective in resolving its border issues with its neighbors because of its political instability.

Now, in order to unite the people behind the so-called elected leaders, US-NATO has been presented as enemy of Pakistan. US does not need to attack Pakistan. If US goal was to disrupt Pakistan, all it has to do is to cut off the financial aid that Pakistan to sustain itself as viable country. In the meantime the Talibination of Pakistan is steadily moveing forward. They have become confident to challenge the writ of the goverment while they implement their brand of Shariah laws.

Maqbool Qurashi, Pakistan - 26 July, 2008

Rulers like public

It's not strange, as public in our Pakistan the rulers are same. It's from ALLAH, the public never take a right decision on time of election after this whole of that term they are crying again in next election they will do this job and again they will cry. It become a normal practice. When public will change their thought the government will be automaticaly change

M Umar Farooq, Pakistan - 24 April, 2011

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