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Musharraf the Out-smarter

26 September, 2007

By Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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A lot is being said and written these days for and against Musharraf who first introduced the concept of ‘Pakistan First’ (keeping Pakistan before self and all), in context to his seeking re-election as the President of Pakistan The general opinion is divided and on the surface of it, it looks to be more against him than for – thanks to the media hype, a few very vocal orators of the opposition and the legal fraternity all working hand in glove with each other.. However, a deeper look into the murky affairs might present an altogether different reality.

General Musharraf seems to have played his cards very well outsmarting all the opposition combined including the black coats. It was quite amusing the other day when one of the closest confidantes of BB in sheer desperation confided to me that the General had been taking them all on a big ride for the past eight months or so and that they could not see through his game. According to him there was never to be a deal of any kind and in the process the general not only managed to create an irreparable rift between NS and BB, but also that the BB’s graph had gone down considerably amongst her followers. The dramatic hush hush Dubai meeting between the two, which was kept secret and the media projected it as of General’s going on his knees, made the haughty BB lose all sight of prudence and basking in the false glory of her having the upper hand she went to the extent of giving 24 and 48 hour ultimatums for the acceptance of her terms. Terms for which the general and his team had during the negotiations managed masterly to bring her (corner her) to a point of no return where she could dictate them, much to the dismay of his party leaders and followers, turned out to be nothing more than her PERSONAL terms. (One) Take off uniform (so that she could boast to the world that it was she who made the General doff the uniform). (Two) Drop all charges of corruption and court proceedings against her and Zardari. (Three) Amend the rules for her to become the PM for the third time also!! This exposed her threadbare and it became known to all that what mattered to BB was her own personal interest and the country or the party were all secondary affairs.  That was the end of united opposition, the Charter of Democracy, the APDM and what not.

MMA, the next big threat was rendered impotent by none else than its own very Secretary General who was nonchalantly wooed by Ch. Shujaat and lured to be the ‘leader’ whom the Chaudhry Sahib would follow gladly. Maulana Fazal ur Rehman fell for the trap and humbly offered, “If the nation wanted him, he is prepared to serve it as its PM”. Maulana Sahib who has the knack of being out of the country at the crucial time of the meetings of the MMA, now started remaining incommunicado also of the MMA hierarchy.  Any decision taken by the MMA in his absence had no relevance for him. A simple matter of fact statement from him on his return, “I was not consulted for the resignations” was all that was needed to bury the question of the en bloc resignations of JUI members or the dissolution of the NWFP assembly or pulling out of the Baluchistan assembly.

ML(N) practically left leaderless in the absence of NS and Shahbaz Sharif is not considered much of a threat especially in view of the promised reverential  support of Pir Sahib of Pagaro - ML(F),   and the lukewarm support of the Chattas and others.  Imran Khan and his Tehrik have yet to find their roots and can hardly make a dent due to their feeble numbers in the assemblies. 

That leaves a newly introduced element of the Black Coats in the political arena. They came into existence recently ostensibly to fight for the ‘Independence of Judiciary” but have now taken upon themselves the ‘Restoration of Democracy’ as well. To them the hall mark and the epitome of the restoration of democracy is the ouster of General Musharraf from power. Though there is a fully functional elected democratic federal government at the centre under an elected PM - Shaukat Aziz, an elected National Assembly and the Senate, all the provincial governments are also elected with their own elected assemblies, elected Nazims, Naib Nazims at the grass root level of district and tehsil, yet the Black Coats consider the President is having a Military Rule in Pakistan. They do not have a political polity of their own though almost all of them have political affiliations of one kind or the other. As their such ‘struggle’ suits the political parties also, they expect support from them. Therefore, one could call it a natural ‘marriage of convenience’ between the two  However, of late there has been a distinct division in the ranks of the legal fraternity – whether of their own accord or manipulation – dividing them into a placid pro-government or the neutral faction and the proactive anti-government element. The anti-government (read Musharraf) element has fielded their own candidate in the exalted person of Justice ( R ) Wajih ud Din to oppose the General in the ensuing Presidential Elections to be held on 6th October 2007. However, what they have not realized and what is intriguing is that till very recently they were questioning the validity of the assemblies, who were at the brink of their term, to elect a President for the next five years when most of them may not be there. Their main argument for fielding their candidate is not to allow Musharraf a free hand of getting elected unopposed. But by fielding a candidate aren’t they conceding that the ‘dying’ assemblies were entitled to elect a president for the next five years, contrary to their previous stance. Also would it not grant legitimacy to Musharraf’s election who would now have to contest properly an opposition candidate? Their this act (whether of their own or ‘inspired’) has exposed the hollowness of their legal brains. Had they let him go unopposed they could have cashed upon it later by telling the world of their and the opposition parties boycotting the election rendering it to Null and Void.  But it looks they too have fallen in the Musharraf trap.

Under these domestic circumstances and taking the stock of the international political happenings and pressures near and around us, we need a person of clear perceptions and mind to be able to steer the country out of any potentially troubled waters.  A person, who sets an aim and works diligently with a single mindedness to achieve it, come what may and even if he has be to a Machiavellian in the process to achieve them. And, most importantly, his aim must coincide with ‘Pakistan First’ and all the rest afterwards. Is there anyone else around capable of out-smarting so many in so little a time?  I doubt.

Reader Comments:

out smarting credit is a beggars belief

Sir, you give army control and all agencies to one man, and see that the person will out smart the whole of opposition. Kindly analyse with a view quite to the contrary the price Genreal sahib has paid for the sake of his rule, his own favourite Pinochet of Pakistan gave in on the first warning of Richard Armitage and accepted the whole of the shopping list of aiding the bombardment of his fellow Muslim brethrens and tarnishing their independent integrity in Afghanistan. He did not even like to mention that in his reign, PCO was introduced and 5 SC judges were made to go home, CJ Siddiqui was made subject to house arrest when he refused to take oath whilst the case against coup was pending, duly elected President Tarar was sacked, an other CJ was bullied, sworn at, and intimidated in the presence of sitting full of stars generals, he was confined upon his refusal to resign, his children along with him were house arrested, no medicine, no school in a house incommunicado without legal representations and all that for his out smart rule.
Nexus of our judges with Generals so far in Pakistan hindered democratic flow and process and the struggle must be for strengthening the institutions rather than promoting individuals. If system is strong enough and is allowed to run at its full capacity with free media and judiciary as monitors, it will automatically start chunking out leadership as is the case in India, Britain and United States. Col sahib nation has been bitten by all, do not lull the nation with someone's individual trait good or bad, kindly save army men kidnapped in waziristan and free Dr Qadeer before Bhutto extradite him to USA as thats what General sahib must concentrate.

amjad malik, Pakistan - 26 September, 2007

Musharraf and Political Chicken-farm

Our current political crisis and emerging scenario reminds of a typical Chicken Feed Crisis in poultry. If their feeding pans are empty, hungry chicken go wild and cannibalize, eating each other to death in almost no time.
We, the minions of the nation are feeding-pans of our Politician's Farmland and Musharraf is the scare crow keeping hungry politicians in an "organized disorder". If left to their own selfish devices after removal of the bogey of Uniform, their lopsided urge to fight without a common goal and a sustainably acceptable leader, would definitely make them behave like hungry chickens, immediately pouncing upon each others throats. Starved as they are for 8 years, they will even not spare their exiled leaders. Such scenario will be to the best satisfaction of our enemies, who meticulously planned to " bomb us into the stone-age". We will do the noxious job for them, saving them the cost and trouble of bombing, like they did in Afghanistan and Iraq and are getting ready to do so in Iran. When accomplished, such a scene would be the climax of " New World Disorder", planned and implemented by the Bush administration, of which of 9/11 was the starting point.

M.Saeed, Pakistan - 26 September, 2007

Out Smarting Strategy

Strategically if DR A Q Khan was given candidacy in the election of Pakistan who would have said: “vote for me. As a president Elect I would have designed best Military even using President Musharaff as CIC cutting short expenditure in Military defence equipment. Instead I would create Tens of thousands factories
With tens of million jobs in Mfg job and tens of million job
In service sector in lieu of money being spent in none productive
Area the first reaction would be if he can formulate few
Nuke Bombs as dime a dozen, he can do it”. Poor Scientists like AQK Can live in spacious home while poor politicians or poor Mullahs Strategy would be quick enrichments by kickback commission. All helpless candidates rely upon back up of power or wealth In empty brain.Dr AQKhan ‘s ability to formulate Nuke
Could have only defence needed with millions of foot soldiers doing all kins of job too.

BB and NS were poor before becoming rich PM with 2 terms each time spent with empty Treasury.Current Regime
Has 20 times more money with further 8 years to create current
Pakistan Umma with what world sees.Pakistanis in Millions have
Madrassa look .Imagine Lal Hafsa men women and Mullah Army.
Do you know How Pakistan look from Europe and America.?They
Have Subjects lining up for free soup kitchen free food street beggars .Child labourers bulk of the people unemployed untrained
Pakistan Image is what others view from abroad.Overseas Pakistanis Quit Pakistan image and they live in Good looking
Homes and Apartments with employment Cars Education .Even
Pakistan Madrassa Look Subjects wear suits trouser drive cars while living in abroad. Why Poor image Pakistan poor image election leaders? Best Among poor Politician was progressive Lal Abrader Castro of India who spent entire life in poverty as freedom fighter and as Poorest PM of India and the World supervising a dozen steel Mills car Plane mfg And Tens of thousand factories and died with dignity in Central Asia as outgoing Leader worthy of praise.

Z Billo, United Arab Emirates - 26 September, 2007

Musharaf the out smarter

Col Saheb,
I am a great believer of democracy but I have to give you credit for writing an excellent article.
Pakistan needs a leader who can stand up and defend Pakistan national interest. We do not need leaders who are so self centred as BB who now is playing to the US tune by saying that if she comes in to power Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan would be handed over to US for interrogation.

Is she making that statement in the intrest of Pakistan or want to come into power to destroy Pakistan just like her father and herself.

Well done, the people of Pakistan needs to wake up it is time to take responsibility and stop pointing fingers at others.
ALLAH is with Pakistan and my vote is for a leader who will serve Pakistan and not themselves at the expense of Pakistan.
If it is Gen Mussaraf so be it.

Amin IsmaIL, Pakistan - 26 September, 2007

Impishness at gun point

With the help of Military armed with most sophisticated weapons, an entire institution which eat away seventy percent resources of poor country, all the established departments are busy to rehire a person who is most loathed person in country, and loathsome activities of ISI, MI and other military corp.’s, with the help of core commanders to tease public, kept them poor, harass and practically put nation under direct threat and check of super power. It is not any political success, unarmed peoples are helpless when Military agencies kidnap and kill their love ones, so there is no alternative except to wait for time.
It is not at all matter of Pakistan, it is matter of stomach of Generals, like Yajooj and Majooj their appetite of lands, money and benefits is so high that there is no talking of morale or patriotic values. It is entirely last battle to save interests of corrupt Army officers, serving or retired.
Dictators always choose some thing nationalistic, Pakistan First is a drama, to make fool public. Only those gangs are behind dictator who has financial interests, terrorists, swindlers, thugs and sex mafia.
If all Lt. Gen and Maj. Gen will decide and use military resources to help one person then there is no civilian power which can stop them by doing imposter activities.
Corrupt army is always lead nations toward final destiny of disappearance from the map of the nations. Saudi and western governments want to impose dictator on Pakistan; General of Pak Army is fit for their interests. Global community is aware of capabilities of Pak Army, poltroon platoons, sybaritic sycophant, deceitful in character, and fit to kill their mothers for the sake of money.
Pakistan Political Army has power to convert white in black and black in white, officers are running ward committees, wives, daughters, sons and grand’s every body has job, child born in the hands of orderlies, unlimited income and irreligiousness has deprived them from morale values.
All present generals are politician, not a single general has potential to guard Pakistan, and shame on supporters, who are cheering a characterless, odious, agent of CIA and Mosad. Col Jefrey looks like agent of Fauji Mafia.

Ghulam Rasool, Pakistan - 27 September, 2007

Not smarter but a Begger!!!!

Why not you applause Musharraf as he is an Army man and you too belonged to army!!! You praise Musharraf then why not Gen Kulli and Gen Karamat praised him in front of Nawaz Sharif during Nawaz's tenture? Give me the answer of my questions. If you say that Benazir go for a deal and musharraf rejected that deal then tell me why Musharraf wanted to meet her in Dubai, Why not he rejected at that time?
What would you think, after the operation Silence on Laal Masjid, has the image of Pakistan Army turnished or not? Why not he fulfilled his promise about his uniform as he (musharraf) relised the same thing to Nawaz?
What would you say about pakistan's politics, a democratic country or marshal law ruler country?
Only tell me the meaning of Democracy?
What you said about the survey of US which shows only 37% people like musharraf. And we Pakistani people including our leaders give priority to the USA survey all the time.
It is our bad luck that for the past 60 years of our country, we hardly produce only One true leader and that was Bhutto and the left were all the piece of garbage including Musharraf.
Col. (retd) Riaz Jafri sahib, must think about those poor people who are unable to earn their livelihood for the whole day due to inflation. Musharraf always said that his government would root out poverty!! yeah! i agree with his comment... when there will be no poor people left, automatically Poverty will be flop in Pakistan.
I have a lot of comments against musharraf samartness and what would you think???

Baber Khan, Pakistan - 27 September, 2007

True democracy

True democracy can be achieved, when you make people choose their candidate in multiple level. That was, the process followed by India is quite good. The delivery system may be flawed in India. Pakistan can adopt same process, it will be beneficial. I have seen the impact of the rural governence on rural West Bengal.

Nikus, Hungary - 27 September, 2007

Coupocracy--round 2nd.

This debate needs to be based upon specific areas to be meaningful. I am reminded of a forgotten term coined by Z.A. Bhutto during one of his visits abroad, stated that, for most of Asian and African countries, Coupocracy was the only possible form of governance.

We should realise that, excepting North Korea, China, Cuba, a few regimes born out of the Mexican Revolution and some Latin America countries where military coups were part of the tradition, there were no military interventions into the elected governments, before the second World War.

Speaking generally about third world countries, military rulers are not willful dictators, but often came in genuinely, in their efforts to clear up mess created by the corrupt elected governments. Mostly, they fail in their endeavours due to inexperience in civil governance and faulting attitudes to work under non-martial conditions. That is the reason why some military heads of states last very long.

Conditions giving the slightest indication that, the elected governments would fall into the wrong hands, brings in the American support and covert interventions. Local politicians being their adversaries, naturally have to be tackled through easily accessible military men employing various devices, mostly deceitful convenient deals. Such deals in fact heralds their marriage of convenience, which Z.A. Bhutto rightly named, "Coupocratic Government", which is headed by a "good dictator", according to the American definition. Musharraf came as an "acceptable good dictator", in place of non cooperative and hostile Nawaz Government.

One of the set backs to perpetrators of Coupocracy is the danger of the "good dictator", spoiled by unchallenged authority in Uniform and assisted by the all too convenient in support police, becomes head strong enough to start daring the power responsible for bringing him as the dictator. Bloodless counter-coups in a Coupocratic government being a difficult proposition, short civilian sojourns are provided as the necessary safe transition period. President Musharraf has exactly fallen into such a situation and therefore, is trying to shift into a civilian sojourn.

The system is very much in line with the above outlined procedure, openly planned and executed under the strict supervision of the covert planners, having noxious hidden agenda under various guises. In short, military politics, like military intelligence, tends to create political voids and then orchestrate to fill-in those voids with goodies and fancies which are unthinkable from any contemporary political force. Under this arrangement, instability and insecurity are the greatest tools of the covert hands to achieve their hidden targets, much beyond comprehension of the hard boiled military minds grounded by Adrenalin.

M.Saeed, Pakistan - 27 September, 2007

What is Pakistan first when he with the support of Army gives up everything Pakistan stands for?

When ever I read Col.Jaffery's articles it tells me only one thing,he believes in supremeacy of army over whole country and cooks logic to support it.
In the constitution,A CNC can't take over presidency(Can't do politics).Here how smart a politician Mushy is has become his feather in his cap rather than making him aware of his breach of oath that he took.
Musy is 65,he should be out of army to begin with.Though our army has made itself into a cosmetic army only like the Mughals before their fall by falling into greed and lucrative job traps.Pakistani nation realises it but army men don't want to.Mushys' imposing of retired army personells into civilian posts has become cause of increasing corruption and poverty.He is killing merit in every walk of life.Every man like col.loves it.Their psyche has nothing to do with service of country but to rob country of every thing.
Col and other army guys have to prove to nation if the nation is above them and they work hard and honestly to reach the goals or else they are dishonest security guards who steal the store they are supposed to guard from thieves.Soon when country will get attacked from India and it sure will, because US and UK love to start wars to make their ammunition industry make profit, army will find itself no place to run or hide, as this is stage one in which the foreign planning is to isolate army due to its policies from its masses,yet mental retards call it Pakistan first.The reality of Pakistan first is this that Collin Powell said laughing on American TV that we presented 10 points to general and hoped he will accept 3 or 4 but he accepted all.THis is the quality of PMA Kakools training.By the way many Pakistanis in USA call PMA as Male Prostitute academy.
Col Sahib should work to make some kind of think tank with intellectuals from civilian side for the sake of nation rather than supporting army without seeing bigger picture.

Jawaid Sultan Pindiwal, United Kingdom - 27 September, 2007

Well written article Col sahib.

Some people have concerns with one person having all control and some have concerns over Musharraf’s uniform.

BB or NS both held more then one office.

Imagine the PM is also minister of Def, PM is also a law maker, PM is also party chairperson.

How come people have no problem when BB & NS held not two but four important positions?

A leader should be honest, sincere and courageous.

President Musharraf have these qualities and BB, NS simply don’t.

Imran Siddiqui, Canada - 27 September, 2007

this is a good article...ignore the people here wining about Musharraf...they are typical pakistani's...uneducated idiots who want all changes to take place in a mere 2 days instead of being patient...those of you thinking of yourself as intellectuals while giving rxamples of india and revolutions do not forget that in those countries people actualy respect the government in power no matter how and what it delievers instead f you winers always comlaining...typical mentality of idiot jahil pakistani;s.

A. Siddiqui, Pakistan - 28 September, 2007

Right Person

I agree with Mr.Riaz Jafri and with full confidence I can say that Mr Parvez Musharaf is the only leader who can take Pakistan out of this mess which has been created by so called democratic Politicians.Actually they live for themselves and are incapable of running the nations.For them Money is the only criteria.Basically they are business men & women with no commitment to their nation and that is why they used to rotate the govt. after every 3yrs.Leaders like Musharaf are born once in a century but its very difficult for people to understand it as they are confused with what should actually happen or what is good for them but atlast its the truth which prevails.Pakistan as a nation should feel lucky that a person like Musharaf is at the helm of the affairs.I give credit to him as he is fighting so many battles at a time and he has succeeded and shall succeed in future also.He does'nt want to be there for the sake of power or money but he wants to complete the mission which is crucial for Pakistan internally as well as externally.If some people in Pakistan think that Afghan policy or episodes like Lal Masjid were not handled properly then they are mistaken because no other person could have even handled it.As I belong to Srinagar so as far as Kashmir is concerned Musharaf has given it a direction, a direction which will ultimately lead to a solution,maybe after 5 or 10yrs but he has made India to accept that their is a issue which is to be solved and by showing flexibility he has really made it to move, maybe at slow pace but things are moving otherwise hallow slogans of the so called democratic politicians cannot solve the problems like Kashmir.I think slowly and steadily people of Pakistan will realize that he is the person they can rely on.

Ashfaq Majid, - 28 September, 2007

Art of Subjugation!

Whatever means used by those in power.Unless through vote
of transparency by the people
it is fraudulency and their
subjugation,by the vested interests.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 29 September, 2007

Man of the Hour.

He is probably the most sane, sensible, progressive and honest leader that Pakistan has ever had, inspite of minor shortcomings and faults. I hope the masses in Pakistan learn to appreciate him far more than what they have shown far.

Doud Mateen, United Kingdom - 29 September, 2007

Spot On

I am so glad to see this article. Everything said is article is accurate and intelligent. Unfortunately, there are too many uneducated people in Pakistan who rely on emotions rather than intellect to make decisions. Sharif and Bhutto were elected twice and failed miserably both times. They both had opportunities to prove themselves and they have nothing bu failure to show. I think both tried and Sharif did better than Bhutto. Governing Pakistan is one of the toughest tasks in the world. Just like any developing country there is corruption at the institution level and regardless of how well intentioned you are there is a higher probability of failure than success. I also agree with Machiavellian point. One can use this leadership style as long its not abused. Nobody abused it more than Bhutto. People immediately around her were simply too corrupt. Both Sharif and Bhutto should help identify and develop new leaders for Pakistan rather than try to figure out ways back for themselves. The law for limiting term to 2 years MUST never be changed. All people charged in the court of law MUST never be allowed to run again. Promoting religion is ok as long as the promotors respect law. The religion promotion MUST be used in a positive way for peace and unity purposes NOT to embed conflict in the society. SHAME on mullahs that do that. Corruption in the army MUST be addresed in a visible way. The best thing that has happend to Pakistan in my lifetime is Shaukat Aziz and Pervas Musharaf. Unfortunately they are leading a group of people where a vocal minority is simply to uneducated to realize it. BEST of luck guys, Pakistan needs you. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

Sharjeel Kashmir, United Kingdom - 30 September, 2007

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