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Mother of All Deals

02 August, 2007

By Yasar Khalid

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Benazir Bhutto has already started giving the looks of a Prime Minister. The freshness and shine has returned to her face. Her statements, though extremely confusing indicating little which way she is going, have Prime Minister’s House written all over it. The arrogance of Bhuttos is back. And all this has been possible because she has struck the mother of all deals with General Pervez Musharraf, one politician said.

The fine tuning of the political deal between Musharraf and Bhutto in Abu Dhabi is being kept secret. At least half a dozen different versions of the deal have been reported in the media. The details of the deal, as reported by the media, range from Musharraf doffing his uniform prior to presidential elections to amending the constitution to pave way for Bhutto to return as Prime Minister for a third time. Rashid Qureshi, the presidential spokesman denied the meeting took place, while Bhutto has refused to accept or deny the existence of such an event. Parliamentary affairs minister Sher Afgan confirmed the meeting took place and that Musharraf will quit as the army chief before presidential polls. Railways minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said this was second meeting between the two since January this year and the deal has been finalized with Musharraf’s uniform being a non-issue. Such has been the confusion emanating from Musharraf’s visit to the UAE.

Yet, both the stakeholders, including Bhutto and Musharraf, have avoided to confirm the meeting or existence of the deal, though both sides have accepted indirect contacts between them. Off the record, people close to Bhutto and Musharraf say the meeting did take place with the UAE Sheikhs acting as brokers. What transpired in the meeting, or what deal did they formally agreed to isn’t known. But rumor mills have started churning out several versions of the meeting.

Whatever the fine details of the deal, one thing is clear that Bhutto-Musharraf alliance is the future political scenario of the country. Musharraf needed an exit from the present turbulent times. Bhutto required a return to politics. Both had their own personal interests for which they agreed to move the goal posts and set new rules of the game. The U.S. appears to be the sole and biggest winner in this game of chess, while the Pakistani general public and voters are the biggest losers. The general elections, due in less than six months, are likely to be manipulated again to suit the action plan of the deal. The script has been written again with the lead and supporting roles already been decided. National polls, therefore, like always will be an eye-wash.

For those who claimed that Pakistan’s strong establishment was defeated as a result of restoration of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry have had to eat their words. They had claimed that for the first time in sixty years, the few strong men in Pakistani establishment lost to the people’s power. Little did they realize that the establishment doesn’t accept defeat so easily. It hit back with vengeance scripting a new political drama sans the people and putting in doubt the transparency and fairness of the forthcoming general elections into question. If the deal has already been done, and the post-election power structure has already been formulated, how and who will guarantee the fairness of elections.

The reports of secret talks between Bhutto and Musharraf for a political deal had started appearing in the local and foreign media since the start of 2007. So much so the media had reported that the deal was in final stages at that time. It was delayed because of unforeseen events of such as Chief Justice removal and the Lal Masjid issue. The media at that time carried reports that Musharraf had called Bhutto at least three times and that his aide Tariq Aziz met Bhutto secretly in Dubai. Yet, both the sides do not have the moral courage to admit that the deal is done or not done. They are only admitting to having contacts at lower levels. One source close to Musharraf said that the president was extremely disappointed at the ruling party Pakistan Muslim League (Q), which he believed had failed to deliver in testing times and its leadership did not support the president’s camp on Chief Justice and Lal Masjid issue. Musharraf, after losing support from the people, needed a back up and the best available choice was the PPP, which had the backing of the U.S.

The president’s spokesman, at least five days after the purported meeting issued a brief statement admitting of “indirect contacts” with political parties including the PPP to discuss the war on terrorism and holding of free and fair elections. The statement didn’t say more than what the people already know, yet it was quite meaningful in the sense that it indicated the interest of United States in seeing a Bhutto-Musharraf alliance. And for those who think that Musharraf “fell to his knees’’ finally to strike a deal with Bhutto, about whom he had said in past that she wont be allowed to return to the country, they should also try to see the other side of the story. Bhutto’s mother of all compromises. She is also risking the anger and disappointment of her voters and supporters by providing an exit to a military dictator at the behest of the Americans. And questions are being asked whether Bhutto will accept Musharraf as the army chief and the president at the same time or just the president. The issue of Musharraf in uniform is extremely sensitive for both.

Bhutto seems to lose her popularity if she accepts Musharraf as the army chief as well as the president on grounds that the PPP has consistently maintained a stance that no conciliation was possible with a military dictator.Meanwhile, if Musharraf quits as the army chief he is set to lose his clout in the army, the country’s strongest institution backing him at the moment.

While, the media keeps on speculating on the Musharraf-Bhutto deal, the fate of other politicians, particularly, Nawaz Sharif is in doldrums. He appears a frustrated man left alone to tackle the military rule. That is why recently he has directed his tirade not only against Musharraf but also against Benazir Bhutto. The alliance for Restoration of Democracy is virtually non-existence and new alliances have started emerging. Friends are becoming foes and vice-versa.

And finally what happens to Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz? People involved in the political wheeling-dealing say he was already a `nobody’ in the power game. He has nothing to lose as he had nothing at stake. Because of his corporate background and the fact that he spent major part of his life out of Pakistan, he will return back to his corporate world. After all, the Musharraf camp needed a scapegoat in the Chief Justice case. Somebody had to take the responsibility for formulating frivolous and unfounded charges against the Chief Justice and accept the defeat. The best choice is Aziz in this case, while the ruling PML(Q) can be sacrificed for not providing enough support during the judicial crisis, these people say.

In August and September, the future political scene will become more clear as old alliances break and new alliances emerge. The establishment and the army will emerge as a much stronger party on the political scene with the backing of the United States, while the people’s power, which had stamped authority only for a while, will be shoved back to oblivion.


Reader Comments:

Win-Win Deal

It is a win-win deal for both. On the one hand he is getting what he wants – second term and respite from the political crisis besides a formal back seat to the army as the Americans want.

On her part, Benazir gains from Musharraf doffing off his uniform and thus avoids risking isolation politically.

The Army also gets the respite it is looking for in the wake of Lal Masjid operation, which for the first time in Pakistan history exposed the army to public ire.

There are a spate of reports in Pakistan papers and TV channels and each report had its own spin. Interestingly, most reports emanated from the Benazir camp, according to an Arab journalist covering the event.

Kashif Shah, San Marino - 02 August, 2007

Benazir Musharraf Deal and Our Responsibility

Mubarik Ho Pakistan kai Basion Mubarik Ho

Once more our leaders have established that it is not up to us to determine the fate of Pakistan as we despite being progressing at a so called record pace in the past 8 years, still haven't accumulated enough wisdom to make a solid decision when in comes to electing our ruler.

It is again decided by the higher powers sitting in Presidential House, Dubai, White House and Palaces in the Kingdom. Who are we to have a say in who rules Pakistan. We should be ashamed that we even thought about deciding our fate through fair and free elections.

No ill feelings for Saudi Arabia and UAE, they are our fellow Muslim Countries which have helped us a lot but shouldn't they be dealing with their own countries rather deciding the fate of our country. And do I need to say anything about the muddling nature of USA and UK.

Some will say oh its for the betterment of Pakistan. A Mainstream party leader is coming back. But is she coming back to serve Pakistan?. Her record speaks for that. She agreed on the deal not to save Pakistan, but to dismiss the cases against her specially the Sweden one, hanging over her political career like an axe. You don't need to be the Prime Minister to serve your country, Sonia Gandhi is an prime example of that. But what Benazir Bhutto did was only to sit on the chair of Prime Ministership.

And Musharraf, the current Dictator of Pakistan, after spending the entirety of his rule calling her a Corrupt Leader, joined hands with her to extend his rule. Well Uturns a norm for him. First on Afghanistan Policy, then on MQM and now this, so it is not unexpected as he has a history of doing every thing deem necessary to extend his rule.

I would have had no objection if PPP had come to Power after a free and fair election, but conspiring with USA to get to power and striking deals with Dictator is not what I expected from the Daughter of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. It is a good thing he is dead.

If we the citizens of Pakistan did not rise to stop what the ELITE have forced upon us, then what ever comes next we deserve it. We are standing at a very delicate point in the history of pakistan and our actions will go a long way in strengthening Pakistan or weakening it to a point of no repair.

We have a habit of complaining about everything, and yet doing nothing to avoid what is forced upon us. Should we still vote for Benazir Bhutto just because she is the daughter of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto? No our vote for BB should be based upon her credentials not her father achievements. We have to ask ourselves a questions, does she has the characteristics of her great father, is she sincere to Pakistan and to its citizens , what about her past government experiences. And then come to our decision.

We cant let USA, UK and other countries decide what is best for us. By voting for PPP we will indirectly be completing their plans which they have made for Pakistan. They want PPP and Musharraf to Rule and we cant let this happen. I strongly believe that PPP government will show little if any resistance to USA dictation. By agreeing to deal with Musharraf, BB has already obliged USA against the wishes of Pakistani People, should Benazir Bhutto government be any different than Musharraf Government. And any ways with Musharraf as President and BB as Prime Minister there will be hardly any change in the current Policies of Pakistan. The government actions will still be dictated by USA. It will be Musharraf and Benazir instead of Musharraf and Shujaat. Do we want change of faces or change or our tactics?

I strongly urge every body to come out of their houses on election day and vote. But Please don't vote for any body until you feel that he or the party he belongs to is right for Pakistan, they will remain true to our nation wishes. Who will do things that will set Pakistan in the right direction. Who will not take dictation from any body. Their policies will be for the good of Pakistan not for USA. Bring an end to the injustice prevailing in Pakistan. Rid us of illiteracy, poverty and other problems. There has to be a person or one party alteast that you think posses these features. If not then vote for the one that comes closest to above requirements. Pakistan needs your vote so Please dont waste it.

Don't think what is good for you, think what is Good for Pakistan. The party that you vote for need not be a Political force, but after you have voted, you should be able to look into the mirror and feel proud that you did what you thought was right for Pakistan. Pakistan deserves this from us its citizens, otherwise history will never forgive us . This is the least that you can do for your homeland.

"Ask not what your country can do for you: Ask what you can do
for your country"

And your Country is asking for your vote.

Kashif Shah, Saudi Arabia

Kashif Shah, San Marino - 02 August, 2007

Deal Mush & Benazir

Deal between Mush and Benazir – Part 3

Razzak offered an unusual explanation for the Citibank documents that showed his company paying the $10 million to Zardari.
Overseas properties to her husband, and other family members, among these are Rockwood, a 355-acre estate south of London, and a $2.5 million country manor in Normandy. The listed owners of the manor, House of the White Queen, are Hakim and Zarrin Zardari.
Other properties include a string of luxury apartments in London.
Pakistan has asked the U.S. Justice Department to investigate still more bank accounts and properties, including a country club and a polo ranch in Palm Beach County, Fla., said to be worth about $4 million, that were bought by associates of Zardari in the mid-1990s.
A document that refers to Bhutto is a handwritten ledger for an account at the Union Bank of Switzerland in Geneva. In Schlegelmilch's handwriting, the ledger contains the notation "50 percent AAZ 50 percent BB." This account showed deposits of $1.8 million for one 90-day period in 1994 and received at least $860,000 in payments by the two Swiss customs-inspection companies.

Her younger brother, Shahnawaz, died of poisoning in Cannes, France, in 1985 after a dispute that Murtaza Bhutto, her older brother, linked to arguments over family assets stashed in Switzerland.
Murtaza Bhutto was killed in September 1986, after a long-running power struggle with his sister and her husband. Zardari has been charged with masterminding the second murder.
The tax returns filed by Bhutto and her husband in her years in office give no hint of the wealth uncovered by the Pakistani inquiry. Bhutto, Zardari and Nusrat Bhutto declared assets totaling $1.2 million in 1996 and never told Pakistani authorities of any foreign bank accounts or properties, as required by law in Pakistan. Zardari declared no net assets at all in 1990, the year Bhutto's first term ended, and only $402,000 in 1996.
The highest income Bhutto declared was $42,200 in 1996, with $5,110 in tax. In two of her years as prime minister, 1993 and 1994, she paid no income tax at all. Zardari's highest declared income was $13,100, also in 1996, when interest on bank deposits he controlled in Switzerland exceeded that much every week.
Swiss officials have frozen 17 bank accounts belonging to the Bhutto family, and authorities in Britain and France are searching for other accounts and properties. In recent weeks, Bhutto has maintained a heavy travel schedule, flying between Pakistan, Dubai and Geneva, as well as between London and New York, a route that she flew on a supersonic Concorde in October.
January 9, 1998
A Swiss magistrate says he has evidence that Asif Zardari received commissions from two Geneva-based companies which had contracts with Pakistan's Government. Zadari is also charged with trying to launder the money - an offence under Swiss law.
Diamond necklace
August 1997 she used some of it to purchase a diamond necklace for over $175,000.
July 23, 1998
Asif Ali Zardari, husband of then Prime Min Benazir Bhutto, opened Citbank account in Geneva in Feb 1995 through which they say he passed some $40 million of the $100 million he received from payoffs from foreign companies doing business in Pakistan; bank declines comment
May 7, 1999
Poland had handed over documents proving former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and her husband, Asif Zardari, took big bribes in exchange for a 1997 tractor purchase deal.
APP said Zardari and Bhutto,twice elected Prime Minister and twice fired for alleged corruption, "skimmed" Rs 103 mn rupees ($ 2.0 mn) from a scheme to make available inexpensive Polish tractors in a bid to boost farming output.
1990 commissions in Ursus tractor deals negotiated during the Ms Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari received 7.15 per cent commission on purchase of tractors through their front men, Jens Schlegelmilch and Didier Plantin of Dargal S.A., who received about $1.969 million for supplying 5,900 Ursus Tractors.
A British court of 22,000 pages of documents detailing her bank accounts and assets, The Guardian said in its “Special Report: Pakistan”. April 15, 2001
April 2, 2005 Benazir said she recently held talks in Saudi Arabia with Musharraf.
‘We had a fruitful meeting with President Musharraf in Jeddah recently.’ Benazir told reporters on her arrival in Jaipur.
This is what part of Benazir, which might have settled in deal.
Earthman - Pakistan

InternationalProfessor, Pakistan - 03 August, 2007

Deal Mush & Benazir

Deal between Mush and Benazir – Part 1
There are many other points which lead dictator to bow his head in front of international corrupt mafia. On part of Mush every body know why he is so anxious, but on part of Benazir in the light of her previous statements, policy of PPP and sentiments of devoted Jialas it was unbelievable that she will become part of fascism.
She successfully made fool to Nawaz Shariff, her suspicious behavior and meeting Mush like a thief many times, telling lie in front of media and continuous denial of PPP top leadership about occurrence of any such meeting, Aitzaz Ahsan’s movement for restoration of rule of law in his support to CJ, let down all great personalities of PPP in the eyes of public. Now each leader is suspicious in the eyes of public and media.
Benazir performed most shameful act in political history of Pakistan for her personal economical benefits, her over cleverness drowned her personality for ever. We have collected a few cases of her corruption from media, to let you know basis of her negotiations with Mush and her demands to support fascist regime.
Corruption and deal of Dheel:
Recently NAB cell probing Benazir, Zardari cases abolished.
Jun 2006 Arrest warrants against Benazir and her husband
1995, a leading French military contractor, Dassault Aviation, agreed to pay Zardari and a Pakistani partner a $200 million commission for a $4 billion jet fighter deal.
A leading Swiss company hired to curb customs fraud in Pakistan paid millions of dollars between 1994 and 1996 to offshore companies controlled by Zardari and Bhutto's widowed mother, Nusrat Bhutto.
A gold bullion dealer in the Middle East was shown to have deposited at least $10 million into one of Zardari's accounts after the Bhutto government gave him a monopoly on gold imports that sustained Pakistan's jewelry industry. The money was deposited into a Citibank account in the United Arab Emirates sheikdom of Dubai, one of several Citibank accounts used by Zardari.
A worldwide search for properties secretly bought by the Bhutto family is still in its early stages. But the inquiry has so far found that Zardari went on a shopping spree in the mid-1990s, purchasing among other things a $4 million, 355-acre estate south of London. Over eight months in 1994 and 1995, he used a Swiss bank account and an American Express card to buy jewelry worth $660,000 -- including $246,000 at Cartier Inc. and Bulgari Corp. in Beverly Hills, Calif., in barely a month.
Nov. 5, 1996 she was ousted as prime minister during her second term, on, on charges that included gross corruption. The New York Times over a period of several days in October.
The Times' own investigation, lasting three months, extended from Pakistan to the Middle East, Europe and the United States, and included interviews with many of the central figures named by the Pakistani investigators.
Officials leading the inquiry say, that the $100 million have identified so far is only a small part of a much larger windfall from corrupt activities.
1996 found evidence that her family and associates generated more than $1.5 billion in illicit profits through kickbacks in virtually every sphere of government activity -- from rice deals, to the sell-off of government land, even rake-offs from government welfare schemes. An informer offered to sell documents that appeared to have been taken from the Geneva office of Jens Schlegelmilch, whom Bhutto described as the family's attorney in Europe for more than 20 years, and as a close personal friend, asking price for the documents was $10 million. Eventually the seller traveled to London and concluded the deal for $1 million in cash.
Schlegelmilch, 55, developed his relationship with the Bhutto family through links between his Iranian-born wife and Bhutto's mother, who was also born in Iran.The documents included: statements for several accounts in Switzerland, including the Citibank accounts in Dubai and Geneva; letters from executives promising payoffs, with details of the percentage payments to be made; memorandums detailing meetings at which these "commissions" and "remunerations" were agreed on, and certificates incorporating the offshore companies used as fronts in the deals, many registered in the British Virgin Islands.
The documents also revealed the crucial role played by Western institutions. Apart from the companies that made payoffs, and the network of banks that handled the money -- which included Barclay's Bank and Union Bank of Switzerland as well as Citibank -- the arrangements made by the Bhutto family for their wealth relied on Western property companies, Western lawyers and a network of Western friends.
In one case, involving Dassault, the contract specified elaborate arrangements intended to hide the proposed payoff for the fighter plane deal, and to prevent it from triggering French corruption laws.

InternationalProfessor, Pakistan - 03 August, 2007

Deal Mush & Benazir

Deal between Mush and Benazir – Part 2
Bhutto's twin posts, as prime minister and finance minister, gave her virtually free rein. Zardari became her alter ego, riding roughshod over the bureaucracy although he had no formal economic powers until Bhutto appointed him Investment Minister, reporting only to herself, in July 1996. They maintained an imperial lifestyle in the new prime minister's residence in Islamabad, a $50 million mansion set on 110 acres on an Islamabad hilltop.
Within days of moving in, Zardari ordered 11.5 acres of protected woodland on an adjoining hilltop to be bulldozed for a polo field, an exercise track, stabling for 40 polo ponies, quarters for grooms and a parking lot for spectators. When a senior government official, Mohammed Mehdi, objected to paying for the project with $1.3 million diverted from a budget for parks and other public amenities, Zardari "categorically told me that he does not appreciate his orders to be examined and questioned by any authority," according to an affidavit filed with the Pakistani investigators by Mehdi. A few months later, with the work in progress, Zardari had Mehdi dismissed.
Among the transactions Zardari exploited, according to these officials: defense contracts; power plant projects; the privatization of state-owned industries; the awarding of broadcast licenses; the granting of an export monopoly for the country's huge rice harvest; the purchase of planes for Pakistan International Airlines; the assignment of textile export quotas; the granting of oil and gas permits; authorizations to build sugar mills, and the sale of government lands.
Najam Sethi said Bhutto and Zardari adopted a system under which they assigned favors by writing orders on yellow Post-It notes and attaching them to official files. After the deals were completed, Sethi said, the notes were removed, destroying all trace of involvement.
In April 1995, Dassault found itself in arm's-length negotiations with Zardari and Amer Lodhi(Brother of Maleeha Lodhi, working among other things as an executive of the now-defunct Bank of Commerce and Credit International. Maleeha became Bhutto's ambassador to the United States in 1994.
Schlegelmilch, the Geneva lawyer, wrote a memo for his files describing his talks at Dassault's headquarters on the Champs-Elysees in Paris. According to the memo, the company's executives offered a "remuneration" of 5 percent to Marleton Business SA, an offshore company controlled by Zardari. The memo indicated that in addition to Dassault, the payoff would be made by two companies involved in the manufacture of the Mirages: Snecma, an engine manufacturer, and Thomson-CSF, a maker of aviation electronics.
In 1994, executives of the two Swiss companies wrote promising to pay "commissions" totaling 9 percent to three offshore companies controlled by Zardari and Nusrat Bhutto. A Cotecna letter in June 1994 was direct: "Should we receive, within six months of today, a contract for inspection and price verification of goods imported into Pakistan," it read, "we will pay you 6 percent of the total amount invoiced and paid to the government of Pakistan for such a contract and during the whole duration of that contract and its renewal."
Similar letters, dated March and June 1994, were sent by Societe Generale de Surveillance promising "consultancy fees" of 6 percent and 3 percent to two other offshore companies controlled by the Bhutto family. According to Pakistani investigators, the two Swiss companies inspected more than $15.4 billion in imports into Pakistan from January 1995 to March 1997, making more than $131 million. The investigators estimated that the Bhutto family companies made $11.8 million from the deals, at least a third of which showed up in banking documents taken from the Swiss lawyer.
In January 1994, Schlegelmilch established a British Virgin Island company Capricorn Trading, SA, with Zardari as its principal owner. On Oct. 5, 1994, an account was opened at the Dubai offices of Citibank in the name of Capricorn Trading. The same day, a Citibank deposit slip for the account shows a deposit of $5 million by Razzak's company, ARY Traders. Two weeks later, another Citibank deposit slip showed that ARY had paid a further $5 million.

InternationalProfessor, Pakistan - 03 August, 2007

Are We a suicider nation?

Ours lot of politicians whether clerical, secular, civil or military has been amazingly successful in their strategy of first diverging the people, then bringing them at loggerheads and finally at their throats to lead & facilitate the collective suicide for country. They had planed from the day one to do away with this great but stray country and so the abovementioned lot after having been thinking over thoroughly sorted out meticulously as under:
i) They classified diverging rather conflicting education systems; establishing upper class government schools (viz cadet schools & colleges of Army, of Air force & Naval Force of high grandeur for Pak armed forces & other allied elites.
ii) Established or let to be establishing private schools (viz Atchison etc) of very high prestige for the prestigious elites.
iii) For producing lower staff/clerks therefor the lot established ‘government ordinary schools’.
iv) To lesser the Burdon on government ordinary schools in the mission, the lot flooded them with mushroom growth of ‘private ordinary schools’ with diverging sets of rules, one each.
v) To create semi-lunatics, they established or let to be established tens of thousands seminaries by each sect and let them to be well armed with lethal weapons.
Similarly the lot established judicial courts of assortment with separate rules of games. For example; Regular Courts, Anti Terrorists Courts, Revenue Courts, Custom Courts, Labour Courts, Federal Service tribunal, Provincial Service Tribunals, Quack Courts (viz punchayath, jirgas).
In addition, jumble of Polices Forces of assortment were established for accomplishing the mission of diverging the peoples. For example; Ordinary Police for the ordinary people, Special Traffic Police for cream of the crop people, operates in motor ways.
In the same way the lot created political outfits of assortment; Sectarian Parties; ‘JI’- ‘JUP’- ‘JUI’ - ‘TNFJ’ - ‘Anjuman Sapahi Mohammad’- ‘Anjuman Sapahi Sahaba’, ‘Lashkari Jangvi’ - ‘Jamat Muslimeen’ along with students pressure groups; IJT, JTI, ‘Imamia Student Organization’ etc.
Likewise Secular Personal Political Packs; PML (Q) - PML (N) - PML (F) PML (C) – PPP (P) - PPP (S).
Similarly Regional Pressure Groups; ANP - PQP, PMAP - MQM (A) - MQM (H) - JWP etc.
To play the endgames, the lot established Brutal Guerilla Groups; TNSM, Lal-Masjid Brigade, Baithullah Mehsud Group, Abdullah Mehsud Group etc etc. Despite the fact that most of our rulers have been in uniform but nothing has been done for uniformity of this ill fated nation.

Aftab Alam Advocate (High Court), Pakistan - 04 August, 2007

Are we a suicider nation

As a nation there is nothing wrong its only a few people are born wrong way and do like to suck the blood of old people of Pakistan and ruined that country with their corrupt minds. Interntional Professor has writen so nicely and all must understand that BB, Zardari, Nawaz Sharif are most corrupt people and anyone who backs them must have a brain washed and turn to honesty. There is no deal between BB and Gen. Musharraf because two can never adjust themselves. Gen. Musharraf is a military man and never learned to retreat especially when it comes to the fate and future of the
country because he took oath and would certainly standby to it. By meeting BB has lost all that was left in her political life and gone out of it for good. PML Q, MQM will never accept BB or PPP but will contest elections. With all that to be answered in Swiss Courts how come Gen. Musharraf can make a deal with an absconder and corrupt ex-PM of Pakistan. No way and its never going to work. No one wants BB to go back not fit to govern Pakistan the third time.

Mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 05 August, 2007

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