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Media is Poisoning the Minds

12 May, 2005

By Jawaid Mehmood

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In the time of Shah, Iran was known as the Tiger of Asia. The reason was that there was a tiger on Irans National Flag. In return for Oil, Americans made Iran the most powerful country of Asia. In accordance with his western masters and for the love of imitating them, shah of Iran crossed even those frontiers that were sacred. Tehran was the center of this vulgarity.

Vacationers from Europe and America use to come to Iran, and since the majority of Iranis were not enlightened and still treasured their Islamic values, they use to hate this Modernity in Tehran. They were scared that if this problem is not nipped in the bud, then eventually it will reach their homes and will ruin their next generation. That was the motivation behind the Iranian revolution. The fear of so-called modernity ruining their next generation is what shaped that movement, which eventually turned in to a storm and th at storm finally resulted in the demise of Shah of Iran. Its been 26 years since the Islamic revolution of Iran, and not a day has past by where America and its western allies havent tried to topple this democratically elected set-up.

In Pakistan, an average meal for a day cost about a 100 Rs. Monthly Cable bill is 100 Rs as well. A great number of people dont even pay that monthly fee; because they have an illegal cable hook-up. Question that comes to mind is that in this age of outrageous inflation, how is that Cable is so dirt-cheap? In 2002 Ariel Sharon declared it in a speech that we have attained our goals and our enemies are addicted to the culture of song and dance, our task will be much easier now. The reality in America is that the monthly cable bill is around 100 dollars. For an average family its almost impossible to afford 100 dollars for this luxury. Its also surprising that in Pakistan you can watch adult movies for no extra charge at all, where as in America the cost is between 4-13 dollars per movie. In todays environment Americans are afraid of terrorists that they might use Dirty Bombs. However in Pak istan, Media is playing a much hazardous role than any bomb. The extensive amount of vulgarity among the youth, the westernization without any limits, and gulf between the youth and the Islam will result in a great travesty for Pakistan. Post 9/11, Americans have drawn closer to religion. President Bush is also a regular churchgoer himself. The current administration has taken a harder stance on media. FCC the authority in American that regulates the media recently changed its chairman to one Mr. Kevin Martin. In his very short tenure, he has already fined those media outlets that have crossed the American standards of decency.

Fox TV was penalized 183000 dollars for showing partial nudity. One radio station was fined 75500 Dollars for using obscene language on air. CBS had to pay 558000 Dollars because of Janet Jacksons frontal nudity on live TV. Because of Howard Stern the radio station had to pay 495000 dollars in fine. Kron TV was also fined 27500 by FCC. This proves the fact that freedom of media doesnt mean that everything goes. America has a very good check & balance system in place. In this country kids belonging to the elite have to go to jails if the break the law. President Bushs daughter and her cousin who is the daughter of the governor of Florida also had to be reprimanded for breaking the law. Congress is contemplating new legislation against cable operators so these deviances can be ably punished. Time Magazine did a survey on this recent FCC regulation. 66% showed there discontent with the vi olence in the media, 55% were unhappy because of the foul language used on air. 50% were critical of the extensive nudity in the media, 45% were against the open drug and alcohol consumption, whereas 53% of Americans in that poll urged FCC to pass more stringent regulations. One American mother said that I am very worried about my 6-year-old daughter; we have to go back to the media of 1950s where family values were the focal point. One American woman expressed her views by saying that its like media is throwing trash in the playground, how is it possible that kids can be safeguarded from this filth? Successful nations are reforming their media outlets so they can be brought back within the moral circle, whereas the Islamic nations are moving in a totally opposite direction.

I was visiting Pakistan last month, and was troubled to see that one section of our society is blindly following the ills of the west. However it was heartening to witness that young people are taking more interest in their religion. Especially young girls have taken to hijab in large scores, which is very reassuring. The conflict between the Good & the evil is as old as the world itself, eventually Good is always the victor.


Reader Comments:

Media is Poisoning the Minds

Writer has given his views about the situation in Pakistan a minor change has taken place amongst people. That very change is not new it happened in the past and but it goes back to original order again after losing interest. US President going to Church is nothing strange he won the election on issue of Gay and abortion etc. An infusion of a trick of religion he fooled his public though vast majority did not agree with his ideas of colonialism but he got his objectives achieved. Iran was going towards a large scale prostitution during Shah's time but it changed and now there are people with strong faith. Some still resent the present set up and don't like the system which is Islamic. These are invasions of others into the life of countries and its again human weakness they like to see the other side of the fence where grass is green and attractive.They go for it and retreat.
Media can play a role positively and surely people will understand the values of their own faith. A muslim country like Pakistan has got believers of Islam and in the name of Islam they can do anything. We wait and see that a conflict which existed between the Good and the evil as old as the world itself the Good will win but with time, when negative forces are defeated with the strong believers. Insha Allah.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 12 May, 2005


I wonder how a religeon like Islam can thrive in this modern world.It has no scientific basis.Difference between India nad Pakistan is only Islam.

Navnith, Hungary - 12 May, 2005

re Navnith

Navnith read the Quraan first then you will see the scientific evidence dont make comments on baseless fact islam is the truth and you have to understand a quraan or speak to a islamic scholar for more information.

mohammed ibrar, Pakistan - 14 May, 2005

Keep wondering

Navnith(what the hell kind of name is that anyway). Dont burden your vegetarian sole 2 much about why Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, despite all the oppositions, your acne might break out again with all this stress. And you are absolutely right, there is absolutely no scientific proof of anythin in Islam, but Shiva cutting off an elephants head and attaching it to his baby's body so he wont get beatup by his wife makes all the scietific sense in the world, doesnt it?

Ahmer, United Kingdom - 19 May, 2005

Media is poisoning the youth

The article is good enough to open the eyes of the so called moderators.Nudity to them is modernization and progress.Following western culture blindly means to make the new generation addicted to open adultry as well nudity.They forget that the survival of pakistan is in the islamic ideology.We need the system to be changed but the islamic values is the spirit of our body.Without islamic values our survival is at high risk.

ALAMZEB AKHUND, Pakistan - 23 May, 2005


Don't be so arrogant. I am one who believe in Upanishads and Vedas.Ram,Ganesh and all are aberrations invented by self seeking Brahmins.You better read these and understand Hinduism.You can also understand your roots. I have read Holy Quran.I wonder how people can be so ignoromous in believing what it say.

Navnith, Pakistan - 26 May, 2005


Ahmer is right in one way.That is why they are proliferating.Look at Muslims in India,Bangladesh and Indonesia.They with their total belief in the crudest of the crudest religeons have become the scourge of this century.

Jacob Varghese, Seychelles - 05 June, 2005

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