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Love, Hate & Betrayal

30 July, 2007

By Dr. Aamir Mehmood

Similar to the fact that we know earth has rotated billions of times on its own axis to change into days and nights; we know innumerable times the earth on its elliptical axis travelled around the sun to complete a year, we know centuries have passed, people have experienced, nations have witnessed, we as individual have felt it and compared to the length of time the world has lived, it co-exists with emotions of love, hate and betrayal. The first emotion we associate so fondly in life is “Love”. But tightly coupled to Love is “Hate”, and juxtaposition of both Love and Hate is couched within “Betrayal”. The world in every discipline of life visualizes and narrates the tightly coupled relation of these three emotions which are defining the human race affordability to co-exist and adapt to progress.

Some would disagree with this point of view that we don’t hate anyone and we love all mankind, all races, all ethnicity, all species, nature as gift from God with special fondness for one. Yes, I agree no one plans to betray, nor organize a hate wish list against someone, it is just situations which reveals a lose proximity between these emotions as something to think about. Nelson Mandela in his autobiography mentions it beautifully “No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than it’s opposite.

In many ways it is a simple truth, that love exists and surrounds us in many ways, shapes and exhibits the beauty it carries within itself but it is we that are so intellectually novice that we are reluctant to relish with the true glory of love. Instead, we hold on to love so tightly that we strangulate all the emotions, freshness, kindness, comfort that it nurtures within the fragrance of love to squeeze out hate, it’s repulsive odour, depleted in kindness and wrapped in discomfort. Betrayal is the declaration of admittance that devoted; dedicated aspects of love are depreciated and devalued.

Virtually by now we must have considered and determined that hate and betrayal actually are emotions that are polluting love and subsequently the lives of humans, infiltrating the minds to act in negative ways. But then again if we believe this we are going to be shortsighted and unrealistic. These triad of emotions are not limited to humans, to intellect, to experiences but are correlated to life, world and universe.

Imagine, in the universe, in this world, in this life, no one has been able to understand the logic, relation, reason to substantiate beyond one’s wisdom the loop relationship between love, hate and betrayal. Visualize, when the breeze starts to blow, branches dance to the tunes of breeze, trees swinging in joy, people feel breath of fresh air filling the lungs and we love such beautiful and exquisite moments. But as soon as the wind picks up and the breeze gets a little stiffer we see branches and trees squealing against the wind, people who felt the freshness of breeze, start to find a little more protection and then when the wind picks up and changes into a storm the branches break, the trees fall, knocking around other trees, hurting humans and damaging livelihood and inflicting sufferings in many ways. Now the breeze which was loved, is hated for its intensity and feeling of betrayal derived from its effects what the liked one did to them is quite suggestive and explicitly implicated.

Consider, a calm ocean, the smooth sailing, the serene view, the clarity of water, the composed comforted water inhabitants and a beautiful sky, changes it colours suddenly as the tides begin to rise, the calmness of the quite ocean changes its colours, its behaviour, from being a calm, serene, composed character to transforming to chaos and roughness in water flow, un-peaceful movement in ocean with cloudy sky. Imagine within few moments it transforms from what we loved so dearly to change its stance considerably so we hate these moments and if it carries on further a little longer it is considered literally as betrayal and a killer to such pleasurable, enjoyable glorifying moments of life.

From these environmental situations let us consider some human values & variations, a child loving his parents, loves, respects, adores and cares for them for the entire life he has lived with them, now falls in love with a person from another caste, religion and due to any of the thousand reasons the parents are reluctant to accept this relationship. The once beloved offspring shows disrespect, displeasure in number of ways. Can plan to leave home, desert family, damage and hurt family’s repute but then these are simpler and predictable things but what is not understandable is when the relation once so dear changes in a blink of an eye from love to hate to progress to ultimately betray and I don’t know at or for what cost.

The whole discussion today is focused to understand that love, hate and betrayal are tightly coupled to each other. The world since its defined existence has evolved around the concept of simple rule of the world and nature which is keeping “balance or equilibrium”. If we look closer to our normal routine life, every relation has a defined opposite and equal relation which never allows disturbing of the equilibrium, or allowing to tilt towards one side. Many theories explain the catastrophes’ and natural disasters which encountered suggested imbalance as the igniting factor. Similarly, love, hate, coexist and survive in equilibrium which is worth cherishing but if in imbalance it ignites everything and betrayal is the child which can destroy generations.

Why do we need “Hate” to preside our mind, reside in our heart when all we can gain is hurt, pain, remorse and sufferings. Why can’t we just love, spread happiness, contribute positively to one’s own life to life of others, love affections and in return get affections to have tranquility prevail and fresh breeze of calmness fill our lives. Historically, betrayal, has been the noticeable, detectable output of hate, we have seen wars being fought for numerous reasons known or unknown but reflecting sufferings on oneself or others due malicious acts of individuals, armies, which is believed to be the raged output of hate between nations in animosity or dejections. We have seen war inflicted wounds gape for ages and centuries, depriving us of love, saddening our mind and heart with sorrow and all largely contributed by the act of betrayal.

Richard Nixon on his White House Farewell said “Always remember others may hate you but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them and then destroy yourself”. Such is the emphasis of hatred that one can hurt oneself in endless ways. Hate and Betrayal effectively combines to eliminate love. Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its stores once due to any reason it is depleted. It is killed by our, errors and betrayals. It dies of illness, wounds, and succumbs to gashes of the cruelty of hate and betrayal.

We, inhabitants of world our custodians of goodness, where we survive and live under the umbrella of preaching’s of love, where God has send us messages of tolerance, peace and tranquility to maintain sanity and to preserve love. We don’t need Hate, Nor Betrayal but we need Love, for others, to give in, to forget, to forgive but not to hurt, not to show supremacy, may be that is what we were taught over and over again in many ways by the exemplary facts derived from the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Let us hope to join hands to rekindle the lost love, kill hate and forget betrayal to develop tolerance, spread peace in the world today. If we do it today, many will follow us, the place will be surrounded with placidity and undisturbed, our future will be bathed in sunshine.

Reader Comments:

Love Hate Betrayal with recorded History

Hazrat Ayesha(hadith):“No one may have suffered as much as Prophet Muhammad PBUH”. But Fatima Zuhra Rad/U since age 6 accompanied the father protecting abuse
From Hate Mongers.Time Travel brought down Jesus Ibn Mariam to Alaqsa and took
Her father “The Prophet ” for the Tour de future where he witnessed deaths of offspring
As well as industrialized world and hirises.Almighty Allah’s universe has such characteristic amid earth rotation on its elliptical axis travelling around the sun converting days into year while 1400 centuries passed with 1500 million Umma grown.Emotions of Trouble makers had converted into love hate and betrayel.God has power to show you Also what Love and progress The Holy Prophet PBUH was preaching or things happen as if there were no night and days.In general adam and Even children have grown into 6 billion with co-existing 3 emotions called love hate and betrayal.Nature however can be co-related by scientist with knowledge of nature and religion by correlating .I do not give guarantee for accuracy but I have been taught phenomenons or learned by myself as it unfolded as if ….Great Calamity was rare.Calamity is when ocean smooth sailing boat clear water, water resident or human affected blue sky, changed colours tide begin to rise, the calmness of the quite ocean disturbed changed into Hurricane Cyclone.Mayan called it “Hurakan”.Then came Turmoil of Pyramidian Moses with hurricane in Mexico 3000 yrs.Such phenomenon vanished for 3000 yrs When suddenly not earlier than 100 years ago turmoil began in Europe and Mideast with Tides and hurricane of Galveston 1900.couple of such disturbances in WW1 WW11.

Suddenly it came in Nixon Iran Contra can with Iran Iraq death in 1979-91 . UN millennium coincidesBut suicide bombings and Iraq invasion of WMD brought Charlie frences Ivan Johanne denis Katrina Rita Wilma as saturation as if some love exists at the cost of others .Betrayal is 100 years old hurricane and saturated hurricanes 3 years suicide bombings since Iraq WMD invasion saturated hurricanes .

As million of lives of human have been lost with mind bending torture of emotion on going.Imagine Holy prophet still sitting making morning prayers with fresh breeze slender Small branches moving butter fly floating green grass ripe corn or dates and mango Peaches orange and fruit trees ripe grapes and clean water.Now imagine Fatima Zuhra Disturbed with father with husband and children amid pressure of earning a living
Shia Sunni love and hate created.Historically, betrayal, has been the noticeable, detectable output of hate with live examples (even the writer’s).Beneficieries of
Current or 100 years came with those who had everything on free wheeling dealing.
Often I thought Qureish of past or 100 yrs mean “Kar aish or ayashi” using pension
Fund occupying other peoples resources shifting as if own using big bomb small bomb small tankers Small cars and small airlines.Those big oil distributors or Concrad black or Abbe of Japan or Nato suddenly showing cracks of 100 yrs or WMD Iraq ‘s past
3 yrs saturated hurricanes.

M.B.Zakaria, United Arab Emirates - 30 July, 2007

Article Review

The article is good. Simple, desired social issues addressed. I think the article is summed up beautifuly and delivers message of peace. Well done Dr. I found the comments irrelevant. The reader did not understand message instead has tried to compete knowledge.

Zeeshan Haider, Pakistan - 31 July, 2007

Love hate Betrayal - for Gain !

I would like to take live example about love hate and betrayal via earth has been rotating on its own axis every 24 hrs and earth travelled around the sun in one year and years passed in law breaking of worst kind.why not expose it for education by involving in person . You think Bush Blair Harper Gandhi sheiks emirs do not work with animals who will not let one to work and progress and have normal life then you are wrong.Because we do hate and put obstacle using Bush Blair Harper regime file and folders.The world is wrong.Let us arrest few those sitting with above leaders past 3 decades And parade them like zoo animal. Mandela lost years like million others but what count is live example with power to write and identify.Those who write in books format is recognized and those unrecognized writer are info feeder victim of aggression. When above govt with persons have been born to suppress another person believing he is a VIP or competitor such abnormal animal do exist. The current world situation amid their greed wealth creation is via strangulation of all the emotions of many Affecting some particular one which I like to call culprits animal. These short-sighted
Trying to victimise to extract info of universe business info in this world,in this life and death via logic of suppression of relation via loop of relationship- love, hate and betrayal. Visualize, tunes of breeze, trees swinging in joy, people feel breath of fresh air filling the lungs Sudden suhagin deprived babies deprived amid R&D of above for decades (proven).In quran it has been correlated a calm ocean the serene view of water changes it colours tides begin to rise calmness changed into heavy air higher movement. Imagine if denied basics of these by these live crooks and their advisor dictating .Betrayal is at heavy cost. Some is doing for personal gain some for wealth some for name and fame some for religion at some one ‘s cost or at the cost of others few or at cost of community or higher. Discussion is focused to understand that love, hate and betrayal.If by a live example of an individual such as Mandela Dr Bernard of Heart surgery or even writer, then out come has to be horrible. For this UN US HRC has all rights Law and God can wage a war. In Islam Citation has been made how Cat’s right had been fought. Denial of decades must reflect .In fact everyone can cite their own experience. But writer can write where publicity can be given. But they never did to learn on learn basis. The animals grew bolder and bolder and decades passed into something else. In politics it is called Nixon affair Not every one has resource to write a book to publish or allowed to correspond by
Method of suppression.Imagine Nixon Iran contra ,Monica Lewinsky affair while some promote Israel and some OPEC looting. Court can fight but also almighty God can fight but at the end of the day animal grew amid slogan “justice delayed is justice denied love emotion crushed betrayal gone in power for now”. Law of the jungle they also Apply winners and losers glorify superiority of some animal.that is where we are We read and wait for more in never ending requisite in the absence none functional judiciary none functional democracry or None functional HRC.

benz m Isphahani, United Arab Emirates - 01 August, 2007

To Zeeshan Haider - Knowledge

Zeeshan Haider (and anyone else) Sorry if I offended you.I have a bad habit due to past profession.

Knowledge is one knowing what one knows of the subject of facts or persons
with His knowledge of Chemistry Physics Law Social Issue Psychiatry Social Issue.,
Theory is concept of Ego Emotions or what have you .I enjoy reading high quality
Articles such as written by Dr Aamir Mehmood.Thesis is a proposition that one essays to prove via composition supporting thesis in Academic Exercise.

Competing with a PhD requires knowledge who perhaps control what comment he prints what he does not.Inserting Hurricane for academic exercise Came with betrayal with religion via crushing of emotions and death.It takes 3 yrs – 7 yrs to develop above concept to earn a PhD thesis.There are two types of writing.One simply make comment and other has completely new material or existing issue in any subject witten with co-related citation.Usually a Chemistry specialist do not venture out in Law , Psychiatry or with a PhD in Emotions or Social Issue written by specialist (unless comment maker
Wants to expand ).

.If one can compete on anysubject Via internet which is open for discussion or confront directly to the write based on competence it constitute discussion.Discussion compares opinion of the subject written by writers.(example On the subject of Ego Mr Mohammed of UK compared two writers giving his own opinion).

.But this one deal with deaths Resulting in Group Betrayl.It just so happened I was involved socially with colleaques In Lab of 110 with 98 PhDs in a lab of 350 with more than 100 PhDs and all engineers scientist or in a lab with few PhD rest R&D workers developing new products.Also it so happened I used $250,000 big frame computers in early stage and wanted to design windows programmes softwares long before Bill Gates type of innovators and it happened that I must have been earliest Email Senders. All my email addresses (half a dozen or more ) entire records of such association with
a dozen employers (with turnover $25m to hundreds of million and 3 with $30 bn ,40
and $50 bn) of highest standard pension fund records missing and stolen.

The other day one wrote right here “at least people write your style of writing in internet or resulting in song or movie translation” One wrote I have researched on Neutrinos with many years of work but you carry on with extraordinary knowledge .

M.B.Zakaria, United Arab Emirates - 02 August, 2007

Love Hate Betrayal

Thanks to for all the comments. I would like to say just this much, that I have tried to write to help people respect, love, live peacefully. God has blessed us with so much that we fail to understand and count our blessings. My writing is for tranquility and speaking at times blunt truth and facts.
Let us consider it as a bunch of blossoming flowers which can distribute fragrance to all ages, all religions.
I hope you have faith in my message.

Dr.Aamir Mehmood, Pakistan - 03 August, 2007

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