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Thursday Oct 17, 2019, Safar 17, 1441 Hijri

Let's kill all the Moslems!

28 July, 2006

By Ahmer Muzammil

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There is one slight problem however. We are about 1.5 billion, so it might take a little time, and if history is any indicator, we don't go away quietly either so if that's the plan, you might want to buckle up for the ride because it sure will be a bumpy one.


  If it was up to the Zionists and the neo-cons they would love nothing more than to wipe all the "Moslems", (un)fortunately they don't have the stomach for an all out assault, why you ask? There is a saying "when you are burning down your enemy's house, a tear (from the smoke) is the bare minimum price you have to pay". If Lebanon and Palestine are going to burn (and they are) I assure the civilized world that THERE WILL BE TEARS IN THE EYES OF ISRAELI CITIZENS AS WELL (and there are). It's not a threat, just a mere observation as a student of history.


  Israel is a Fat kid of the class, who doesn't get along with anybody, nobody likes him because he is insecure, bullish, rude and obnoxious. No doubt it has power to subdue other kids because of its girth, thanks to mother USA which keeps feeding this mammoth. This is not what the Dr. would order but mother USA just can't help it.


  As I write this article, upwards of about 400 innocent civilians have lost their lives, thousands more have been brutally injured and millions have been displaced from their homes just in last 2 weeks in Lebanon. Furthermore 4000 innocent civilians in Palestine have been killed by Israeli establishment in the name of safeguarding security just in the last 5 years or so. All with the help of bombs & ammunition gifted to Israel by USA. According to NY Times, USA made an expedited shipment of satellite and laser-guided bombs to Israel just to make sure that the FAT KIDD is able to compensate its insecurities by inflicting havoc on the feeble. And then we wonder, "Why do they hate us, It must be our democracy that they don't like!". Ahh NO! It's your bombs falling on their heads and killing their children. That is kind of pissing them off!


  I am startled at the civilized world and their numbness. Small children are literally being blown up in pieces and we are standing idly, going about our lives like its not human beings that are being blown-up in fragments but insignificant animals. Even if they are considered animals at least PETA should protest. But then again like all major groups in USA I am sure they have sold their sole to the Zionist lobby as well. What can we do? At least scream for the love of GOD, so we know that you are alive. See this is why you see people cheering in Palestine when terrorist strike in western countries. Because when there houses and kids are being ravaged by the Israelis, we in the west are either sitting like lifeless mimes or we are defending the oppressor with same old rhetoric. If you oppose indiscriminate killing of civilians when a suicide bomber blows himself in the market place (and we must) then how can you not oppose a state who has been dropping bombs on innocent civilians, hospitals, bridges, animal farms, dry-milk factories and food-convoys. At least those kids and misguided youth that cheer the terrorist acts are illiterate, misguided, and brain-washed & confused, what's our excuse?


  Fact of the matter is that by and large Palestinians have accepted this bitter truth that Israel is a reality and they are willing to exist as 2 separate nations. The problem comes when Israel's insecurity forces them to dictate their will and they are not willing to move an inch from their illogical and baseless stance. The Middle East crisis can only resolve if the USA and the European Union can some how bring Israel on table with the real Palestinian leadership. This obtuse argument that Israelis won't sit on table with Hamas holds no merit at all, because you try to settle issues politically with your foes not with your friends. Hamas is fighting occupation and they are supporters of terrorism no more than Israel itself. This is as stupid as a notion can get that some how carnage is accepted from human beings in uniform but not from people in plain clothes. What is this? I feel like we are living in twilight zone! Whether a brutality is committed by an organized army or a guerilla force it should be equally reprehensible, how can they be judged by 2 different set of rules?


  San-Francisco chronicle reports that the plans to attack Lebanon were in works ever since year 2000 when Israel was forced to retreat from Lebanon. They quote an Israeli Army officer who had been giving presentations in recent times to American and European officials. Detailed road-map as to how Israel plans on invading Lebanon just so they can annihilate Hezbollah's presence in the region. Israel was a signatory to a pact that forbade both Hezbollah and Israel from attacking civilians, there was no protection given in this pact to combatants. Israel's disproportionate response at the civilian population to the capture of its soldiers has once again brought to light the utter disregard Israel has for UN's resolutions and civilized norms. I have said it many a times; democracy is not a magic wand that solves all ills. If your country's majority is bigoted then even thru democratic process your leadership will obviously be bigoted as well. When you have democratically elected bigots and war-criminals like Sharon, then as a society you have no reason to be proud of your democracy. Israelis by & large are full of animosity, hatred, insecurity and suffers from psychological trauma of holocaust that happened some 60 years ago by the way not at the hands of Muslims but by Christians. I am sorry, we can sympathize with them but we can't let them create devastation all over the world like a crazy bull just so they can feel better by seeing others in misery. This is a little psychotic, not to mention scary. We are talking about a country that has an arsenal of nuclear stock-piles and a history of war-crimes (see Sabira & Shatila), this is a ticking time-bomb and the world needs to take a notice of this before it's too late.


  It's useless and quite frankly waste of time & energy to talk about Muslim Rulers. They seem to outdo themselves when it comes to incompetence and impotence. The worthless king of Jordan, useless president of Egypt and futile king of Saudi Arabia have actually condemned Hezbollah for kidnapping the soldiers. Could there be a bigger disconnect between the rulers & the masses? I am personally of the opinion that at this point in time Palestinians and Lebanese people should avoid confrontation as much as humanly and gracefully possible, gracefully being the keyword here. It's in the interest of all parties to resolve this mess politically rather than militarily, that goes without saying. But for these kings to actually take the side of the Goliath when you are actually related to Samson is deplorable. But then again these kings are not even related to their kin, its no secret how real brothers and fathers have been killed in Arab countries for throne, absolutely pathetic!


  It's no hidden secret that American establishment doesn't even shy away from making decisions that are against the interest of America as long as it benefits Israel. They don't really have a choice, the Zionist lobby can literally blow you away from the scene and your political career will be immediately over if you even hint to go against the vested interest of this Godzilla. And it doesn't even matter who you are. Who could be bigger in Washington then the president himself? Clinton learned the hard way that the Zionist lobby is even stronger and more influential than the president himself. Extra-marital affairs are immoral, dissipated and rakish. But was Clinton the first or the only man in America who was involved in one? 2 out of 3 marriages in America are broken because of illicit relationships of spouses. So forgive me for thinking that this Lewinsky issue was blown way out of proportion. Clinton's crime was that he gave both Israel & Palestine ultimatum to resolve this crisis once and for all and the pact that was almost signed was as fair as it could have gotten. But the Zionist don't want a fair deal, they want to suffocate the Palestinians. They want to make sure that the geography of Palestine is such that will keep Palestinians in despair forever. They want to control the ports, the entry points in to Palestine; they want anything and everything that will ensure that Palestinians will be economically devastated in future. The only fair settlement is for the Israelis to go back to the pre-1967 positions. This is what Clinton insisted upon, Palestinians are not overly enthuse about this deal either because they are still getting ripped off big time but they'll take it. Clinton paid for this insistence with impeachment, this also served as a lesson to all future presidents that if you deviate from the line of Zionist lobby in Washington then you will be humiliated.


  Americans need to make a decision at this juncture. Who should be the benefactor of American foreign policy? Should it be America? Or are we an occupied territory of Israel and therefore should make decisions that benefit the master? Anti-Americanism is at all-time high in not just the Muslim-World but everywhere. According to Gallup survey 90-95% world citizens that ranged from North Africa to Southeast Asia said that they did not believe the  U.S. is trustworthy, friendly, or treats other countries respectfully nor that it cares about human rights in other countries. Nothing to write home about.


  I said it in the beginning of this article that if the majority of the Americans are of the opinion that all 1.5 billion Muslims should be wiped out from the face of this earth than they need to come out and say it out loud. This is exactly what Osama Bin Laden has been telling us, I am certain that he is wrong. We need to prove him and the others like him wrong by not taking the side of the oppressor. We need to be balanced in our approach. We are not right now. Our foreign policy is way lop-sided in favor of Israel and its hurting our interest and our credibility as champions of democracy and human-rights all over the world. I support the right of Israel to exist, but it has to exist peacefully. Israel is drunk with power right now and America is the careless bartender, so when Israel runs over innocent by-standers we are rightfully blamed. The stakes are much higher for us. We have always been a nation who supports the under-dog. If we can't support the under-dog, least we can do is be an honest referee. Because nobody likes a rigged game.



Reader Comments:

One sided

Ahmer Muzammil see's only his side. Americans and I believe most jews dont want to destroy anyone and just want peace. As to the ongoing crisis, if I had relatives kidnapped, missles coming into my community and all the talks of wiping my nation off the map I would not stand for it either. I never had a problem with anyone religion, to each their own way. But the extremists of any religion should not be tolorated. Honestly though, Arab and Muslim exstremists are more barbaric and hateful than any other group. You dont see Jews or Christians slowly cutting off peoples heads or torturing them and disgracing their bodies after their death. Personally I would like to see the end to all extremists any way possible. What kind of man teaches hate and that it is ok to blow themselves up? Not a real man, just a ignorant coward! Lets put it this way. If I was muslim I would feel safe and equal in the United states and Israel. They are here and there as we speak, even my neighbors are happy and prospering. But as an American or Jew I would not feel safe in most Arab countries where I know an extremist could show up kill my family and burn down my property without facing punishment. That says alot about the country the government, and the people. Ill continue to pray for the middle east.

james, United Kingdom - 28 July, 2006


"Israel is a Fat kid of the class, who doesn't get along with anybody" is a wrong statement.

What you should say is this:
"Muslims are religious fanatics, who can't get along with anybody" Look around the world wherever Muslims have to live with other religions. Muslim always create problems & demand special previliges for their religious beliefs.

xxx, Pakistan - 29 July, 2006


Good, and timely article, but the Clinton/Lewinsky/Zionist link is a far reach.

H. LaCour Stille, United Kingdom - 29 July, 2006

You might want to read up on the recent anti-war protests in Israel. The situation in Lebanon is quite complicated and I thought you'd like to know that many Jews oppose the aggression despite continued violence against their country. Haven't seen too many movements about stopping violence against the Jews held in Muslim states. Please do let us know if any have been covered up by the evil empires of the west.

, Pakistan - 29 July, 2006

One sided but full of facts

USA is super power, it adds more responsbility on her such as to be honest broker in the conflict. U tell me we are talking about Palestine problem for the last 40+ years. Simple, USA should force Israel to go back to its 1967 border and let Palestinian return to Palestine which were uprooted in 1948. These problems be solved ASAP before it is too late.

Mian_riaz, United Kingdom - 30 July, 2006

Kill all the Arabs Syndrome - Pschye ?

Kill the Arabs Shia sunni Syndrome-Psyche?

Cost of Rebuilding Lebanon Tax (in liu of Obsolete Jewish
Settlers' Home building Tax) has to come via Resource TAX
To Destroyers and Their Partners in Crime.

World's Poor 4500,000,000 people) have been neglected who have
Suffered since Balfour Idea of Jewish Tax. For 22000 Palestine Jews
Went into legislation.

Method is same .They Kill Oil owning Middle East citizen
Forcing them to sell oil for food .This made Oil for few dollars
A litre .They made money out of dead ores of carcass which
Changed into car plane taxes insurance. This has to change
To Oil for $100 for gallon and Car for $5000 Labour $5/hr
World uniform one wage 178 countries (equal partners)

World Economy is being destroyed by Israel who is free
Dwelling looting swindling Billionaires.

The Losers are Muslim Roman (Lebanon Palestine Syria Iran
Kurdistan Turk) who sustain Heavy Economic Civilian Losses.

Tax need to be levied from OIL of Iraq Iran Arabia by evicting
Lawrence sheik s Israelis and their Bomber US allied Army.

First time missile using rather grenade using Party of God Hzbllh
is seen as taking on to the world economy Destroyer Israel
Free 22000 settlers who turned 4 m enemy of progress enemy of
World poor .They grew under distinguished pimp Govt of G8 who
Are living off the avail of prostitution swindling bombing cheating
Incompetency.They are Zeus Irgun Zionist of blood Fire of israel
Living in stolen Israel (philistine).They is anti God Zeus
Fire Blood Pimp WHORE taxing Australian New Zealand India Holland
German and Bush Allied Army (enemy of progress enemy of God or
POG).Christ Church New Zealand boast to have 2000 prostitutes 9-14.
Yrs (age).Sex tax immigration to above countries from Israel and G20

Z Billo, Pakistan - 30 July, 2006

Good fiction

Like always, this author shares his own perceptions. All problems need to be solved in a positive way and Indian/Malaysian/Indonesian/
Turkish and many other Muslims relize that. My Egyptian boss in Saudi always said that except Saudi(& Pak) all Arab nations have trade and diplomatic relations with Israel. It is not about killing and getting killed as in ancient and middle agges.

Dayal, Hungary - 30 July, 2006

Umma killing for Jews NATO Linked via Litani River Ocean Land pipelines

The Israeli security cabinet unanimously approved The widening of Israeli occupation of Arab land In Lebanon permanently upto Litani River, 30km (18 miles) paving the way to push towards Syria Iraq Iran Afghanistan based NATO Invasion ready soldiers plus Pipeline crews. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Blood thirsty Irgun Likud of Zeus Blood Fire civilian Killing cult has said the offensive will continue.Although India continue to acquire Israel Military Technology calling to cut off link with Israel Muslim States and individuals continue To help Israel NATO officials build their nest and killing Fields as enemy of UMMA within. Without their Joint theft joint Treason against UMMA Civilian death The enemy dare not Kill Muslim civilian in such magnitude. Joint annihilation call to wipe Out Hezbollah Iran Syria then rest of the Sunni billion People in small batches is disgrace of partners in crime. Pick up pipe cutters And descend in river, ocean use liquid flow sensor across Land bordering Israel towards India search and Cut pipe lines and divert flow direction.Destroy Pipe flow supply lines and hunt for oil flow blood flow Crew shouting:”kill shia Sunni POG Hezbollah” innocent Civilian. Under the circumstance Jihad has been prescribed Against enemy and against those Muslim leaders who have Allowed enemy soldiers killing UMMA in the name of Fighting Terrorism. This is supporting Jews and allied killing soldiers who are builder of pipe lines probably now heading via embedded litany river.All free surplus Money from free OIL SALES likely goes to The upkeep of Israelis (free settlers-looters-Civlian killers)and NATO
Soldiers who continue to bring money from oil asset working towards
Lebanon Syria Iran annihilation via Litani river now.

benz m Ispahani, India - 01 August, 2006

Lets Kill all Moslems

Thats really a very good suggetion "lets kill all muslems" only then the peace can be prevailed on this beautiful globe !!!!!!!!!!!

Best regards, Hungary - 01 August, 2006

Please listen to your readers....

I hope people like Ahmer actually writes articles based on evidance and rationale rather there mere asserting his beliefs on readers. As a writer, he should be creating an environment where he becomes part of a constructive dialouge rather than just throwing his beliefs to rest of crowd. I admire PAKTRIBUE for trying to be as honest as possible in publishing comments from all spectrum. 20% of humanity ( Islamic civilization ) can offer more to world.

Peace Lover, United Kingdom - 02 August, 2006

This guy obviously can not think anything besides "KILLING". Either kill them (Jews etc) or kill their own (as in Iraq). Do muslims think about other think constructive, peacful? I really doubt.

scorpiankid, United Kingdom - 04 August, 2006

Kill Muslims Burn Bodies Erase Qbrs design Manmade Hudood

Even in Pakistan Lebanon victims of quake or bombs
Being bombed while qabr mittis used for brick making.
Umma else where being is being carried in ambulance to
Incinarator.WHy just Muslim UMMA amid Hudood
(In liu of quran sunah) ? Do we have real Muslim Leaders?
Or their replica (or just read My Lips faces of Nsrallh Osama
Saudi Kings Muslims MPS ministers leaders) with tape

Z Billo, Pakistan - 04 August, 2006

It's easy to miss the reference to the neo-cons.

Weird article, seems mad the first time one reads it, beacase of the aggressive title. (Everybody hates those guys!)

Anyhow, I think the Saudis had a point in critizing Hezbollah, because one had to expekt the Israelis to react viloently to the killings of 7 soldiers. Still it might have been dumb of the Saudis to say so.

Anyhow, let's not hope we'll se the displacement of the south Lebanese (Shias and others), who'll then fight the rest over what's left of Lebanon. (Similar things happened in the Balkans and Anatolia when the Ottoman Empire collapsed).

Anonymous, Norway - 07 August, 2006


So Israel gets attacked years ago, wins the war...and somehow is supposed to give land back?? When did those rules get created in the 'Rules of Fair War' book? Are you crazy?

Ryan, United Kingdom - 07 August, 2006

to the editors,

It's high time you and your chosen panel of selectors from various religions,multi ethnic denominations in the most democratic and secular Pakistan since its inception this author of article included, has written all facts except the name should be Pakistan instead of Isreal .Several people have written to your news paper requesting not to allow these myopic views published as articles in your what?
Have you or your author ever bothered why 49 out of 50 years existence of Pakistan you had no democracy or any credibility that goes with it.Instead of criticing isreal,egypt,jordan and readily sleeping with Saudi arabians shows .Pakistanis ,it's govt.and all institutions (if any left by British)should concentrate on improving their own rather than going after others.If all Islamic people want to gang-up on others then why not west should resort to same for Iareal?

Adnangill, Pakistan - 09 August, 2006

good article

Overall a good article. Muslims can be not be wiped out even if the whole world were to unite and attack. Its ok for America to give Israel the latest weapons of mass destruction but as soon as Iran and Syria(allegedly) provide weaponry to Hizbollah, the whole world cries Foul! What double standards and hypocrisy. Also I remember a saying of the the prophet who said that near the day of judgement more and more muslims will be killed through wars and natural disasters.

saj khan, United Arab Emirates - 09 August, 2006


This article is foolish and ignorant. To argue that anyone (other than a small few on the internet) wants to wipe out all Moslems is one of the most reactionary and foolish things I have ever read. Even Israel with its violent attacks just wants their own security from those immediately around it. On the other hand, it has been the leaders of Iran who have been calling for the complete destruction of all of the jews. One would be careful not to place one's own feelings on others. Just because you harbor genocidal tendencies doesnt mean others do as well.

One day, enshallah, we will all move past this cursed violence and embrace peace.

Kago, Afghanistan - 09 August, 2006

no more killing

Hi Ahmer,

Your article is very thought provoking and refreshing, as in the western world our journalists do not speak as openly.

The middle east seems to be an irresolvable situation. There has never once throughout all history been a border system there that everyone was happy with.

Now we are in a position as (technologically advanced human beings) to help the downtrodden and the oppressed. How should we do this? Today's oppressed often turn into tomorrow's oppressors.

For any type of peace and reconciliation today, there has to be peace and forgiveness for the atrocities of yesterday. But how far back do you search for this? Do we go back 100 years to when today's oldest victims were being mistreated? Or do you go back further and blame the parties that built the system that mistreated this 100 year old survivor? Or do you go all the way back to Abraham?

Another question is whether every human has a right to have access to other parts of the planet. Do the pyramids belong to Egypt? Or are they such an ancient part of earth that every man, woman and child has some ownership of them? The same goes for the countless ancient sites that exist throughout the middles east. And of course the same goes for ancient sites in the Americas and Europe being accessible to Africans, Asians, etc.

The USA has a very difficult role in this conflict. Their military might is a decisive factor for any side, but where should they offer help? If they offer military back-up, they're accused of "interfering" or "sticking their nose where it doesn't belong". Conversely if they don't get involved, they are vilified for standing idly by.

The only thing I can see which can help to change this tide of events is to find more outspoken, positive, Muslim role models to offset all the extremists. How hard can it be to find a few Arabic rock stars? Young people everywhere in the world are more easily impressed by their favorite, singer, actor, writer, sports star, etc than they are by politicians & religious leaders. In my opinion, it is only by focusing on the people who will be forced to fight this war tomorrow, that we can stop the war happening today.

Please visit my website, where you will find more thoughts on this, and other important subjects:
Sam Gusway

Samwell, Canada - 09 August, 2006

are you nuts????

Read what you write and this article. What scares me is even the thoughts that are put out. Yes, there will be a race/religious war in the world. It will be all religions against Muslim. I wish it wouldn't happen, but it will happen because of people who think like you and the author. If two people ask me for a knife, one says he wants to keep it around in case of attack and the other wants to kill somebody....which would I give it to??? I do not wish death on anyone, but there are a hundred thousand people marching in Iran chanting 'death to America'. They want to kill innocent people. There is a huge difference in a civilized society like Isreal and uncivilized societies like Iran and Syria.

Ryan, Turks And Caicos Islands - 10 August, 2006

Kill all muslims

Kill all Muslims? Not at all but the radical elements of the Muslim faith may lead to All our destruction.Without common-sense muslims to help put out this fire!

robert free, United Kingdom - 10 August, 2006

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