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Just think for once and then vote

14 February, 2008

By Amjad Malik

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This could be one of the most uncertain elections in Pakistan where there are hundred of doubts whether they will be held as scheduled, and if yes, will it be fair and the atmosphere is not conducive either.  If people come out of fear, and went to vote on the poll day then rest assured despite all the odds the next Parliament will be a mix of pro and anti Musharraf forces who will be deciding very crucial issues and one of them would be reinstating the deposed judiciary and future of Pakistan. If these elections are rigged, it will open a Pandora ’s Box which may sweep a lot of things with it as Pakistani elections have many stories within.  

In the gloomy atmosphere which is saddened by the death of Benazir Bhutto, election process could not really attract lay men, women and children who are scared as well as the government machinery under instructions ‘to do or not to do’ their job casting spells on its fairness.  Being a human being I sometime feel the pain of incarceration of family members of Chief Justice & others who are blamelessly detained and are not able to run their lives as other normal human beings like going to school, shopping meeting families etc. It reminds me of the colonial past where family members were arrested in order to make an arrest in order to try the main accused and even today our black masters could not exit from that mind set even in 21st century. Mr. Justice Iftikhar Choudhary could be the main man desired to be detained by the General, however his family’s house arrest is unimaginable, and the shameless quietness over it is unforgiveable. 

The remaining election is overshadowed by sleazy campaign of individual criticism and people who have spent 5 years are without proper policies to give road map to take Pakistan out of the mess it is in economically and the recipients on the other side, rather than showing a promising scenario to masses are in fact buying the bait and showing the red rag to a bull and thus tit for tat exchange of fiery allegations.  Alas, politics of personalities in Pakistan may wipe out the possibilities of ever having a public serving leaders. People may still have to bear the brunt’s of the inefficiencies of our elite mafia who is draining all resources to store the grain for their rainy days, for their clan’s well being and for their children and family’s welfare. Politics in Pakistan is a elite club of families devoid of Quaid’s vision and spirit. If Quaid had wanted what our leaders are practising, then his daughter would be running for Presidency, and his sister would have been next Governor General upon his death but did he ?  no sir, but have we learnt anything from this practice of the  leader of the nation, again no sir.  Common man is hardly near to their natural share of those resources and on top of it the overseeing machinery (judiciary) is wiped out as well with a twitch of a finger due to mala fide advice of a few to save their skin and livelihood and we are helplessly watching the onslaught on the top law men of the state and the concept of innocent until proven guilty is tarnished. Above all, detention of chief lawyer barrister Ahsan beyond 90 days, media bashing, and expulsion orders of national heroes from one province to an other is fatal for the federation and rule of law in the state of Pakistan and national government is not in the offing as we could not develop the tolerance level required. People genuinely need tolerance and reconciliation nationally which is not mirrored from the above actions of the regime.

Nationalism is a trump card used by agencies to declare even the most loyal of the land as ‘traitors’ and worst enemies as allies. I for once foresee bigger problems emerging  from these elections as when the basics are not right, then the outer product would be befitting to the origin. We all are devoid of encompassing the ground realities, that free media and judiciary is unavoidable in this day and age and emerging realities forces us to rethink how to run Pakistan and army must pave way for truly elected leadership of masses to run the country under a closely monitored institutions  and the job can be better done by media and judiciary to bridle the unbridled politicians of Pakistan who have looted the dreams from the eyes of newly born children of Pakistan who all are born with heavy debts on their shoulders. Institutions are crumbling, and this system on the pattern of colonial regime is not going to survive any longer, and we need to emancipate people and engage them to think for themselves, like they did when we achieved this statehood. This apathy is killing the original thinking of a man which is never preserved in Pakistan. We need to encourage people to say ‘no’ freely, rather than keep clapping on same old stories of turning Pakistan into a dream land, we neither saw street of Paris in last 60 years nor we have eliminated poverty and have brought revolution of education in the country and in this national crime we all are guilty as charged.

Musharraf regime failed bitterly when it came to delivery on his own set 7 points so miserable’s have added misery further. One thing for sure army rule can not be the future and only public rule is the way forward and how we achieve that is a national issue for all including politicians, civil society and army men of today and the past as we must not disappoint Mr. Jinnah who must be thinking the very question why did we achieve Pakistan, was it to see people without flour, gas, oil, employment without education, health and above all at the mercy of only few who were lords then and are lords now, and where does the working middle class fit who could never get out of their daily life worries. We must ponder as to why India is able to shelter so many languages, cultures, and so many different people under one roof, is it on one man one vote principle which we ignored and free judiciary and media which we bashed & gagged. We must think why can’t we, if the country was made on the same principle. Just think for once and then vote.

Reader Comments:

Elections In Pakistan

First rule of Democracy is use your franchise which is vote.All Pakistani citizens young old men women who are elidgible to vote need to come out of their houses without any fear and vote for the best available candidate. Do not vote for the party vote for the candidate. Look at candidates qualifications. If he/she is running again for what did he/she did in their previous venture. Did they do any thing in publics interest or just filled their bank accounts. It is a big responsiblity on the shoulders of young and well educated men and women to excercise their franchise. They are the future of Pakistan not these corrupt leaders. I urge these young future builders to stand up and vote, vote with out fear and vote your concious. DO NOT SELL YOUR VOTE FOE MERE FEW HUNDRED RUPEES because if you do you will be paying for years to come. Understand the power you have in your hands. What if elections are rigged. Let me assure you whole world is watching these elections and if Musharaf wants to rigg them he is not only going to loose respect he is also going to loose allies.

Vinod, United Kingdom - 14 February, 2008

Voting made simple

Pakistan must decide whether or not they are at war with what we westerners call terrorism. Elections, being free, cannot be held under fear of reprocussion. You might as well live in Iran. If the majority of Pakistan think that Taliban and and like minded folk should be in power, so be it. But they must realize that non-muslims in the world will judge them for their actions. Why is it that the United States who supports people who cry for freedom, is criticized when we do so. The U.s. hears people and we act, then we are demonized by the very people we're trying to help. Americans are saying enough!! If you want to be ruled by priests, then so be it. We don't want your problems anymore. We are withdrawing our economic ties, what most people see as our foreign policy, and leaving folks to their own. Vote if you want to, or not. Take a look at how we vote for our leaders and you'll know how we determine foreign policy. We, the American people, Christian, Muslim, nonmuslim, Atheist, Babtist, Pentecostal, Morman, on and on, decide who our leaders are. Blame us. We'll take it, with freedom in our hearts and minds. Support your President Pakistan, whether you realize it or not, you are in the confines of war. Again, ruled by people who say you deserve to die if you don't believe and worship as they do, or freedom. America believes to each his/her own.
Best of luck on your decision.

asha, United Kingdom - 15 February, 2008

Excellent !

People of Pakistan has golden opportunity to decide their future. Individual may think, his or her vote may not be consequential, but thats wrong. Indian elections have srpung surprises, only because people have casted their vote without fear, for their better future. Votes have been cast agaisnt or for some ideologies. Let people of Pakistan rise ..and decide their future. Free media , judiciary and executive are pillars of civilised society. With tolerance and secular ideas sprinkled in, Pakistan has a bright future. Best of Luck !

Sanjay, Hungary - 15 February, 2008

Excellent !

People of Pakistan has golden opportunity to decide their future. Individual may think, his or her vote may not be consequential, but thats wrong. Indian elections have srpung surprises, only because people have casted their vote without fear, for their better future. Votes have been cast agaisnt or for some ideologies. Let people of Pakistan rise ..and decide their future. Free media , judiciary and executive are pillars of civilised society. With tolerance and secular ideas sprinkled in, Pakistan has a bright future. Best of Luck !

Sanjay, Hungary - 15 February, 2008

Just Think why you are in Pakistan and Voting?

Even Countries with thousands of years History seem struggling for survival clinching branches of democracy tree and election gimmick.Pakistan need not worry about fair or unfair election.Pakistan need
Army to defend Pakistan and then Democracy PM Ministers and MPS(elected) to sign papers for bills passed for income and expenditure.This Time 166 million Pakistanis be prepared to line up to your MPS office to get this done.This time MPS ask question in Parliament and make sure that would be Minister
pocketing money using contract or via inside info to make stock gain wealth gain via indirect transfer of state fund in own kitty.This Time PM make sure that Army Budge is such that Army is not enriching themselves.This time engineers lawyers businessmen Teachers Professors and civil servant participate to grow with the growth of economy and country. This time make sure Citizens of Pakistan convert them into vibrant progressive society.This time make sure that neighbouhood watch will prevent suicide bombers of foreign army nearby.This time make sure City Municipals have garbage removal Truck or Pumping staff available to pump over flooded street. This time help to help yourselves to pave the street decorate the street park by planting flowers trees shrubs and install carpet by weaping them.This time prepare to work in
international forum or in production line (men and women alike) with show off of kid stuff ( expensive models hotels motels arts mushairas and sinning Pir mureed Shrine stuff as backward (least industrialized)society.Pakistan is Nuke Power country with education and Islam.Decorate yourself with whatever outcome of election which is nothing but method of governace who can sign for the growth of the country.

Z Billo, United Arab Emirates - 15 February, 2008

No matter who win

Pakistanis are being watched by the world community, if they are civizied enough to conduct the February election peacefully. While the enemies are trying to feed diversity, fraud, distrust and bloodshed for the country, the Pakistanis need to calmly go to the voting stations and cast their votes and accept the result. Pakistani election is not only about electing the new government, its also about if Pakistanis are peaceful enought to own nuclear weapons. The enemies of Pakistan will do eveything to bring about a civil war and its up to Pakistanis how to avoid it. Good luck Pakistan!

Saleem Khan, Pakistan - 16 February, 2008

Golden rules.

We have been led by our enemy disguised as friend through perpetual turmoils, to rubbish trust building virtues. We are killing our Unity right from our infancy, allowing our Faith to be Suicide Bombed and adopting misrule for Discipline. This precisely is the agenda designed and implemented through covert planning by our enemies because, creating such a situation is the basic pre-requisites for not allowing solid foundations required for building a viable nation having all ingredients to become a strong modern Muslim state.

The Quaid clearly told the nation that, it should select leaders who are "sincerely honest, possess highest sense of integrity, are rigidly incorruptible and are ready without reservations to give sacrifices for the nation". Our adversaries ensured, not to allow even a single of these virtues to exist in our leaders in the slightest.

It is highly appalling to see the extent of our ignorance. We have forgotten and never thought it worthwhile to ponder about the strange circumstances which brought Musharraf to rule us in the first place. Those asking him to resign and disappear, are considering solution to the crisis to emerge from its very root cause, that is the perpetrators of evil designs. Can they ever be more senseless?

There is no practical difference for the perpetrators of our demise, whether we willingly go into the death traps laid by them through our "leaders of doom", or we go the suicide way. Benazir was used as a weapon and sent under a horrible secret deal brokered by the perpetrators of the "world dis-order", in the name of solving our crisis. It was a change of gear to move firmly on the difficult terrain of disaster brewing. She was definitely designed to add fuel to ignited fire and hasten the process of doom. She was sent and blasted to start, "The Mother of all Crisis", which is now, our Ground Zero.

We need a leadership that can recognize dissonance between plan and practice, can understands the real meanings of moderation and modernization and is not only open to new horizons, but also capable of developing new ideas as well as finding ways and means to synthesize such ideas for the benefit of people, plugging all possible impeding loop-holes.

We have experienced enough wild promises of heavenly goodies for the nation if given another chance to rule, but always without offering one single explanation as to how they will perform such magics. They are not the kinds of leaders we need now. We need some one, who will put nation in order domestically first before seeking outside the border ventures. We need a leader who can instill discipline in the polity by personal example, who walks his talks to goals. People are willing to follow and obey a leader who leads by personal example. They want a leader, who preaches against corruption and lives it out.

This time around, we "must" boot-out some one who lives a double life, is penchant to be rude and gruff, unforgiving to the point of vindictiveness, proud with limits crossing arrogance, self-confidant beyond presumption and cockiness, having even a single vice detrimental to our developing into a real democracy. Such a person would definitely work as a short fuse, waiting to blow-out on slightest bad current. Definitely, such a person is not yet visible on our political horizon, only having tried and failed leaders dancing to the tunes of masters of deceit and doom.

M.Saeed, Pakistan - 16 February, 2008

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