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Israel between rhetoric and reality over Iran

28 November, 2006

By Abid Mustafa

The recent American overtures to induct Iran in any political settlement over Iraq have immensely troubled the Israel. So perturbed has been the government in Tel Aviv that she has mounted a concerted campaign in America to keep alive the notion that Iran poses a grave danger to the US and must be thwarted at any cost. On 12/11/2006 The Jerusalem Post reported that an Israeli Self-Defence Force (IDF) spokesperson told the newspaper that "Only a military strike by the U.S. and its allies will stop Iran obtaining nuclear weapons." While Israeli Defence Minister Ephraim Sneth was more blunt about attacking Iran. He said, 'I am not advocating an Israeli pre-emptive military action against Iran and I am aware of its possible repercussions. I consider it a last resort. But even the last resort is sometimes the only resort.' The Israeli Prime Minister on his visit to Washington earlier this month said in an interview on NBC's "Today" show. 'I know that America will not allow Iran to possess nuclear weapons because this is a danger to the whole Western world.'

American think tanks also joined in the foray against Iran. In an opinion editorial piece in the Los Angeles Times, Joshua Muarvchik, resident scholar at the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute said, 'We must bomb Iran. The path of diplomacy and sanctions has led nowhere. Our options therefore are narrowed to two: we can prepare to live with a nuclear-armed Iran, or we can use force to prevent it. John Pike, director of, a military issues think-tank, said. 'They are going to bomb WMD facilities next summer. It would be a limited military action to destroy their WMD capabilities.'

Clearly uncertainty has permeated the corridors of power in Washington regarding Iran. On the one hand the Bush administration is prepared to entertain the idea that force against Iran cannot be ruled out. While at the same time the Bush administration is warming to the idea of reaching out to Iran to help US extricate itself from the quagmire in Iraq.

The muddled signals stem from the ongoing conflict between the realists who are in ascendancy and the neoconservative who are in bitter retreat. The neoconservatives believe that America's strategic interests in the Middle East are intertwined with

Israel's security. Therefore any of Israel's neighbours that pose a danger to Israel's security must be neutralised. This not only involves disarming the so called menacing country, but also dividing the country along ethnic and sectarian lines'a sort of Lebanonisation (term first used by Barnard Lewis the chief patron of the neocon movement) ' where new countries curved out from the bloodshed perpetrated by the US Army  pledge their allegiance to serve the American Empire. From Israel's perspective, the Muslim populace surrounding her borders must be kept busy in perpetual conflicts manufactured by

exploiting ethnic and sectarian tensions, and thereby creating new countries that are weak and incapable of threatening Israel's security' this is commonly known as the Kivunim plan.

The desire to Lebanonise the Middle East came to the fore in US foreign policy with the emergence of the neoconservatives in the Bush administration. Their rise to power neatly fitted with Israeli aspirations and hence their respective interests converged.  With the debacle in Iraq, the realists have regained the upperhand and are exerting their influence over all foreign policy matters'included in this revision is Iraq, Palestine and Iran. What this means for Israel's supporters inside the Bush administration is that time is running out for neconservatives likes of Bolton and Abrams and they will soon be

replaced with realists. A more calibrated approach that is inclusive of the concerns expressed by America's allies will be adopted.

Thus the belligerent statements emanating from US and Israeli officials regarding Iran should not be interpreted as the manifestations of a hostile US policy towards Iran. Rather, it should be read as the vestige of a discredited neoconservative theory that is in its last throes. This was aptly summed up by US Foreign Secretary Rice who mentioned three reasons why the United States is currently unable to carry out a military operation against Iran: the wish to solve the crisis through peaceful means; concern that a military strike will be ineffective - that it would fail to completely destroy Iran's nuclear capabilities; and the lack of precise intelligence on the targets' locations.

Without US assistance, it is very unlikely that Israel would carry out such strikes. Leaving the military capability aside, there is another major factor that makes its difficult for Israel to contemplate military action against Iran. The Iraq war, the re-occupation of Palestinian territories and Hizbollah's stiff resistance has not made Israel any safer. On the contrary, these events supported and engineered by the neoconservatives have not only shattered the myth of Israel's invincibility, but also exposed her population to perpetual insecurity.


Reader Comments:

Why and What subversion Israelis do to get Iran and expand at US cost?

Israel is time bomb which need to be diffused.Israel is a catalyst trying to
Detonate 10,000 USA Nuke bombs and world arsenal On Iran
UMMA with 1500 million surrounding Muslim.Israel is a Jewish
community using DNA Genetic time travel kibbutz selling in Afghanistan
India Italy Spain Lithiunion Baku Casablanca Marakash
Morroco Tunisia and Egyptian Sinai.They normallay use isolated
Cut off muslim tribe (not practicing currently) convincing them that the
Custom they practice in marriage funeral are Jewish rather than Islamic.
With buying them off with money with newly introduced Jewish custom.
They use UN Millenium 1999-2015 Kivunim kibbutz concept.Kivunim
Is the most dangerous implant in the world of Islam today with subversive
Activity around.Who runs Kivunim (1998) with combo Jeus abdallah
Sabah dead sea scroll implant ?Recruiting hungry destitute Muslim
Madrassah using Alqaeda gimmick without any islamic purpose is also
Israeli Kivunim act.

Israel With 4 million Jews is trying to harm world‘s 6 thousand million
Population after Realising that world’s 12 million Jews who travel between
Israel and home around the globe got to do something to keep afloat .
Israel idea came when sun was not setting In British Empire. Most of British
Buildings Bridges Queen Victoria Memory was Being built competing with
equal industrial USA Canada. Chinese were dying As poor hungry in Opium war.
Japanese did not have then cars radio TV Electronics computers microwave
industries or oil based economy. Indians Of India were dying at age 35.
China Japan Korea India had poor third world Image with Canada Australia
New Zealand like Africa and Latin America East Europe and USSR.Israel’s
Opium war in Afghanistan to recruit afghan as Jews with 37 allied countries
soldiers got to stop.

What exactly Israelis do for divide and rule .They make mischief using the
Name Alqaeda.They destroyed world economy EU USA Canada industrial
Revolution. Israel is replacement of EU GermanyUK USA Canada Australia
Success. Israel is in lieu of Christianity Religion of West who have gone bust
In pursuit to prop up Israel calling themselves as Jews. Jewish demand
To kill 1500 Muslim UMMA With eye on Iran oil as invaders looters
Is most dangerous threat to Islam? With Israel USA EU UK oil pumping
Got to go with full Muslim attack .Their presence in the world of Islam
As businessmen or as kivunimian in Islam got to go.

Israel and Jews of Israel have no significance. If Israel cease to exist 6
Thousand million world population will not miss them in peaceful
Coexistence driving cars with electrified villages amid war free unpolluted
Rivers waters and farm. Jews of Israel can return home and live safely as
They always lived past thousands of years. Islam or OIC Hinduism Buddhism
Or even Christianity do not need Kivunim of Jewish concept suitable for
Low morale 12 million Jews trying to steal Umma of other religion of the world.

benz m Ispahani, India - 28 November, 2006


Interesting argument but I think the author is missing a number of points. First, Hezbollah survived due to Israel's stupidities. They did not have the guts to hit Tel Aviv because they knew that Israel would have unleashed the full military power and thus a big goodbye to Hezbollah. Second, Israel will have no choice but hit Iran. They have issued threats to kill all Jews and they are now practicing Nazi style policies. Third, Is it acceptable to the west to let Iran have nuclear weapons? The answer is no. Anyone who thinks some guy named Ali is coming back is a wacko. Iran has issued threats and thus must be taken-out. Fourth. Economically the Muslim would is a big deadzone. They create nothing but violence. There per-capita income is a joke and never seems to go anywhere. There is jealousy in the Muslim world for the prosperous West. They are crying revenge against Israel but not working to improve the lot of common people. Finally. Neo-con is a word and nothing more. Will Israel and the US let Iran have nuclear weapons? The answer is no. Neo-con or democrate, they are all the same. Good bye Iran. What will Pak do? Nothing. India is there to take care of them. Remember, it was the American that saved Pak from India on a number of occasions.

John, Canada - 28 November, 2006

Israel is a total failure

Pro-Israelis in the US and in the West engineered the illegal war in Iraq. Their only objective is the destruction of that country. Now their attention is on Iran. Will they succeed this time? They have to try. Only this time the US has no appetite for another war. The population is duped. And they know it.

Zak, Canada - 29 November, 2006

What are the nations that US invaded? Iraq, Afghanistan......

I bet they were attacked for good. The taliban had become a real pain on the neck for the world. And Iraq would do fine in long run getting rid of the despotic regime.
And dont accuse them of being racist. They didn't even spare the dangerous regime of Yugoslavia.

Bush is a visionary. He has never ordered any attacks on democratic and peaceful nations.

And nobody cares for what you feel. Everybody knows that you guys are a bunch of sabre-rattling, bearded, skull-capped paranoids, who love to quote verses from Quran out of context to hide your insatiable lust for human blood.

Americans do have their fair share of follies in vietnam, etc...

Abhilash, Hungary - 30 November, 2006

Relax everybody

Pakistan is not supporting any one. It is opposed to the idea of Iran becoming nuclear.

Ammad, Swaziland - 01 December, 2006


US policy towards Iran and brining them into Iraq for finding a way toward peace shows that US has lost another front. US and Israel lost against hizbullah and now Iran. If Israel soldiers had the gutts they could have gone and captured the entire Lebanon. They tried many times before but failed. This time its was a defeat to both US and Israel. Wars are not won just with aircraft. You got to have infantry and ground forces to make advances and that lacks badly in Israeli soldiers as showsn with Hizbullah. Surely with the change of US policy towards Iran must worry Israel but Iran would be carefull and hesitant to come in when US forces are in Iraq. Iran will not enter into any deal and pick up the rubbish of US and allied forces in Iraq. Why should Iraq take over the cleaning job? Middle East is gone out of the books of US and it will be sometime when there is some change in their hearts. US President has made a blunder and hisotry will remember him what damage he has done to America and its people are worried all the times. Let us wait and see what happens about Iraq.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 01 December, 2006

Little U really have no idea what ur talking about, China was always their for Pakistan, US always abondened us, so we know who our real friends are, and keep ur wet dreams to urself.

Adnan, Pakistan - 01 December, 2006

Israel or Arab Nations?

The man chiefly responsible for Iraq's invasion, now sits
as President of World Bank.He
has only one objective.Screw
the Arabs financially till they accept Israel's hegemony
and comletely surrender as vassal states to zion.

K Rahim, Canada - 02 December, 2006


Why Israel should fight with Arabs? They have a peace of land which is not theirs but being allotted by western powers and they will stay there. It would be better for Israel to have good relations with Palestine and let them live in comfort and have trade etc. with the arab world. Israel is a trading country and love to sell their products. By just fighting they are generating lot of jobs and industry is working in full to produce military hardware which in one way is good but the peace will only come when arms are laid down. Come to the table and discuss with open minds and not to be over clever. World today is not the one was in the past. US has lost its face and is in hiding. Not much respect left for the US President because of his wrong doings though American people are great and do help others around the world. They must get credit for their deeds but not the US President. The time he goes US policy will be changed and there will be some peace in and outside Israeli territories. Why not live and let live. Its high time being 21st Century and that belongs to Asia. Fighting is no resolve.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 04 December, 2006

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