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Islamic Madarsas and their role in India

03 March, 2008

By Tanveer Jafri

It may be an international conspiracy or reality but it is clear that wherever there is an event of terrorism in the world, the world at once thinks of the Islamic terrorism. When there is a talk about the Islamic terrorism, it is easily associated with the Islamic Madarsas (Schools).It is accused that these Islamic madarsas work as a nursery to produce religionists. It is accused that the students who get education in these madarsas become the Molvi or other ranked religious teachers & spread such thoughts among their pupils that limit the religious thoughts & make them hardcore religionists. In their views the Islam is the only true religion & the Muslims are the only men of God. And this extreme communalism becomes the reason of hatred for the other religions. And then after some time or due to some political reasons when there is communal hatred in the peaceful atmosphere of a country, the man becomes an enemy of the other man. This is the path that leads to terrorism, terrorists & terrorist activities.

India is accepted as a country that inhabits the largest Muslim population in the world. Not only this, a noted group of the Muslims in the Islam that is known as the Deobandi group has the greatest & the most ancient centre in a Deoband town of India. This madarsa, which is the greatest & the most ancient in the world, famous as Darul Uloom was established in 1866. It is being accused that religious teachers who get education in these madarsas, are misguiding the youths & carry them on the path of terrorism, directly or indirectly. Obviously, under these circumstances, it was necessary from this greatest Islamic madarsa of the world to express his authoritative views to the world that what the views of the Darul Uloom Deoband are regarding the Islami terrorism.

For this objective, last days, the Darul Uloom called a conference of about 6000 madarsa representatives of India, in Darul Uloom Deoband. A declaration was made in this conference that the Darul Uloom & the other madarsas that are under it, have no link with the terrorism & the terrorists. In this conference, the present Muslim scholars & the madarsa teachers were appealed to not to be influenced by the anti-Islam & the anti-national powers & not to try to protect them. And they should oppose them to the maximum. This conference that held in the Deoband town of the Uttar Pradesh is considered the biggest Islamic conference ever held in India. A notable feature of this conference was that, not only persons from the Deobandi thought but the Shiites, the Sufis & the Ahle Hadis representatives were also invited among the many other Muslim groups. In this conference, all the terrorist activities happened in the entire world were announced to be anti-Islamic. All the scholars present, & the madarsa teachers criticized the violence & the terrorism & made an anti-terrorism declaration, in which it was declared that the Islam is a religion that has kind & pitiable attitude towards the humanity. There is no place of violence, terrorism or cruelty in the Islam. The conference strongly criticizes the anti-Islamic activities such as terrorism. There is no place of riots, killing of innocents, cheating & cruelty towards the weak & all these are sins in the Islam religion.

In this great Islamic conference, a light was thrown on the real teachings of Islam & its human aspects & it was told that the Islam religion is a religion that considers equality among all the human beings & gives a message of pity, love & harmony. In this conference, all the madarsa teachers were advised to remain away from all such activities & not to give asylum to the anti-social elements, to unveil them & to oppose them. The organizers of this conference were unhappy that the Islam was being insulted because of the terrorism. Taking part of the other Muslim groups in this conference was a positive & admirable step. The different Islamic groups that are always at daggers drawn because of the historical difference & those different Islamic groups that organize their different sects were also appealed to sink their differences & to be one. Undoubtedly this organizing attitude of the Darul Uloom must be praised. The Darul Uloom has talked of opposing the terrorism & at the same time of the Muslim unity, it will help to lessen the terrorism in the world. But despite this praiseworthy declaration & appeal of the madarsa, will there be a refusal of the world's blame on the madarsa that there is no teaching of hardcore communalism through them? If not so, why was Musharraf compelled to do Operation Red Mosque in Islamabad? What was the thought that influenced the students of that madarsa? How & why, so dangerous weapons reached that madarsa? What is the talibani thought? From where is the talibani or extreme Islamic thoughts are nurtured? Who is Moulana Masood Azhar or other persons who spit out poison? From where did they get the teaching of spreading communalism & terrorism?

The spread of characteristics of the Islam religion by the Muslim scholars will not give mush fruit. Because its message of equality, pity, harmony is well known, not among the Muslims only but the entire world knows it. But the Islamic scholars must not hesitate to accept that it may be the education from the madarsas or the home education. Similar to that of the madarsa education, the teachings that the Islam religion is the best or the own sect among the Muslim groups is the only claimant of heaven. These are the assumptions that give birth to the thought that except them none other is the right follower of God or claimant of heaven. And this is the assumption that gives birth for the hatred of other communities & even the terrorism.

Now it is doubtful that only declaration to oppose the terrorism or merely saying that we have no concern with the terrorism will bring a mental change among the madarsa teachers or madarsa students. For it, all the chiefs of the different sects of the Islam will have to come on the single platform. Specially the Shia-Sunni, the Deobandi, the Barelvi, the Wahabi, the Ahmedia, the Ahle Hadis, the Sufis will have to unite. What seems impossible will have to be done possible. After that they will have to base their teachings on that teaching of the Quran sharif that says 'Lukum Deena Kum Waale Deen' that means your religion is the best for you & ours for us. This teaching joins the man to man. All the religious teachers of all the religions should keep it in their minds that unless we adore the other religions, the other religions wouldn't adore our religions. Love begets love & hatred begets hatred. Morally, if we don't give respects to anybody, then we too don't deserve respect. Only this teaching can save the Islam from the blames of terrorism. It can present the true & real form of the Islam before the world. So all the religious leader of the Islam should rise together to oppose the terrorism & teach their followers to love the other communities. Their teachings of communal harmony, cooperation & celebration of the festivals jointly, will bring to light the human aspect of the Islam.

Reader Comments:


Nice article Mr. Jafri. My only hope is that our Taliban and most importantly our government and Army believes in this ideology.
Mr. Jafri it would be nice if you could write an article on Mr. Zardari's view that Kashmir issue should be resolved by future generations.
I really like Mr. Zardari's idea.

BABBU, Pakistan - 03 March, 2008

only hope

kom is waiting when somebody will come who can lead the Kom and believe the similar views like Tanveer jafri.

asharma, Canada - 04 March, 2008

Whate an article

Mr.Abdullah who was not well known in His belief of Islam, established much of these Madrasas in the middle of last century. I think the goal was to manipulate Islam and that is exactly, what is happening today. What the terrorists are doing is provoking the hateret to Islam by eveyday passes and that is not helpful and that is not an Islamic action. God, has ordered Muslims not take lives. I hope, Muslims around the world stop terrorism, by going against them at all time.

Mohammad, Pakistan - 05 March, 2008


These Islamic seminaries are breeding ground for terrorism and hate. India is carrying the baggage of Islamic invastion. First, two separate countries in East and West. Now, it is even causing internal problem. GOI is doling out Rs.1000Cr. to pacify the home grown terrorism problem. I am not sure how far, we, the Indians can carry this burden.

Nikus, Hungary - 05 March, 2008

Indian madrasa

Hi, Pakistani friends,
We have our certain geniun internal problems with these indian madrasas. But when the stage comes to compare our madrasas with rest of the world( Pakistani's in particular) I can strongly say that OUR INDIAN MADRASAS ARE FAR- FAR BETTER THAN YOU FANATICS. So, better you stop pointing fingers on our Madrasas. We have our internal disputes but as long as the rest of the world is concerned, we HINDU, MUSLIMS SIKH< CHRISTIANS are INDIAN first. AND MIND YOU EAST OR WEST INDIA IS THE BEST.

P.C.Godiyal, Hungary - 05 March, 2008

Indian Madrassa vs Canadian High Class Par Excellence Madrassa

Money is going only to Soldiers .With UN sanction invasion these soldiers are not only Stealing bombing reversing civilization but forcing rich to immigrate. Now Canada is promoting Province Separatist as per PM Dr M Singh of India .Canada is breeding ground for incompetency.In Canada Everyone is third world immigrant who have learnt to flash cars. Once acquired legal papers via illicit immigration they have access to parks and clean water amid big name fatwa figh Islamic promotion farms in cult format.They have soldiers of partners soldiers of Sanctions.Who need food if you have Madrassa of fancy Cardoba Deoband Darul Uloom label graduates who are converting Islamic concept into franchise Figh Fatwa colleges franchise unemployed Maulvees at home and overseas. The illicit Immigrant bringing illicit stolen money pays for the thousands of dollars fees private schools.Muslims of India remained same as if population just grew from 350m in 1947 To 1100 million in 2008 with very little per capita.Kids going in the same 6000 ill Equipped Madrassas producing unskilled Muslims Entering into competitive world with Terrorist Label..These Canada USA EU also are living off
Oil Car and sanctions.They are equally ill equipped.Everyone wants to live off asset these days.Asset removal comes with bombing and Killing and forcing Immigration.These create illicit Graduates with one route to escape – commit suicide for spending dozen year in fake Degree as Islamic Par excellence Larning centre Graduate . Imagine dumping Few trapped one with books course of Million Fatwas Figh and dream interpretation class for 10 years while milking fees .The end product as suicide Bomber
Is only alternative I suppose.

B_Lal, Hungary - 07 March, 2008

How to succeed in Life using Free Indian Madrasa?

Indian Madrassa is a place where children finish entire Quran of Islam. Probably I had best education from a Madrasa.For free(no fees) I completed Madrassa Entire High School for Rs 900/- Entire Bsc for Rs 800/- Bsc Eng. 100% on my own fees by age 25 bought A home got married and started earning competitive wage.I did learn French German Arabic Persian Bangla Punjabi Urdu English languages And even now I remember more than 30 surah fateha kind with knowledge of many Fatwas figh tafseer and
Foreign Jurisprudence.

B _Lal, Hungary - 08 March, 2008

I love Jafri and his views

Althoug The steps of Deobandis are very appreciateble but the writeup of Mr. Tanveer Jafri is very good & coorect.Although Mullahs Dont accept that they r responsible for spreading hate But actually they are only responsible for it.Mr. Tanveer Jafri is absolutely right that the only way to defend Islam religion is the global level Muslim unity and to leave exremism.Love,peace, and brotherhood must be in practical shape in all the moslims.All the moslims shouls follow that what they are, not it that they r kafirs and those are Mushriks.Moslim unity is very must now.Thanks to Mr. Jafri for this great article. All Moslims should follow Mr. Jafris writeup.

Dilshad Rizvi, Hungary - 15 March, 2008

Re-defining Struggle called Jihad

Mr.Jafari's report would be incomplete without identifying and including Pakistani manifestations. Problems being faced by Muslims are universal and need a thoroughly combined approach to address all issues bedeviling them world-wide.

Ongoing tussle between the "enlightened Muslims' and the rigidly orthodox Muslims who prefer to call themselves,"Ulema-e-Ikram", or the "Blessed Scholars" is assuming alarming proportions. Recent Laws for Women making exercise has raised serious doubts about their sincerity to the cause, for which they appear to be fighting and, their calibre.
Their interpretations of Holy Quran and Sunnah is increasingly being observed to be wanting, which is often more self serving than anything.Their religious knowledge is highly questionable and they only excel in making mountains out of mole hills even of trivial matters. Their treatment to the women vividly reminds one, of the time when women were kept in chains like animals, during early human civilization.They tend to negate the noble strides of Islam in giving due honour to women who were degraded to such an extent that they became enigma to the honour of the Arabs, who preferred to bury their new born girls alive than giving them in marriage to strangers.

Our so called Ulema are also ruthlessly funny.Most of us would still remember that, when Neil Armstrong landed on moon in 1969, a Mufti from Kohat issued a fatwa that, the story was a hoax specially fabricated to malign the minds of faithfuls and a challenge to Al-mighty Allah's Ultimate powers, therefore decrying that, no body should believe it. The Fatwa added further that, any one who believed that story would become infidel and would therefore have his Nikah dissolved, inviting further punishments. How anti progress and development !
Our "Enlightened Scholars" are seriously dagger drawn against modern scientific education. Being handicapped in modern Scientific knowledge, they have a simple answer to anything beyond their comprehension as being "Satanic product', and un-touchable for the "faithfuls" by their definition. In their eagerness to fight modern education, they go to the limit of negating famous Hadith of our Prophet (PBUH) stating that,"knowledge is a lost property of a Momen, which should be grabbed, where ever, when ever and how so ever found"! ! Whither our "Maulanas"

Finally, I have to say that, in our fight against the combined opposition of all other religions of the contemporary world, we shall have to be realistic. The struggle has already assumed the proportions of a modern crusade, which calls for creating an entirely new breed of Jihad which actually means Struggle against Sham-ism. This requires utmost care and thinking as we already face the renewed and highly reinforced threats. President Bush, who was cautious when he made a statement: "-----Muslims per se were not America's enemy". Now, six years on, he is bold enough to emphasize that message with frequent use of terms like "Islamic fascists", which casts a shadow upon Islam and bolsters the argument that there is a clash of civilizations between Islam and the West,
During a recent press conference from his ranch in Texas, Bush said,"terrorists try to spread their jihadist message - a message I call ... Islamic radicalism, Islamic fascism, an ideology that is real and profound.... will use any means to destroy those of us who love freedom"
These tirades against Islam from the top most anti-Islamist today, should be enough to explain the type of struggle we must start. It has to be something which we could save from stirringly being called as, terrorist, Jihadist or Islamic fascist movement. Even for preparing a road map for this struggle, we shall need "brigades of think tanks", capable of countering all sorts of expected reactions and attacks which we can only comprehend and effectively defend, if these brigades have worked and fixed the mile stones on road sufficiently mapped for the jumpy-boggy journey. Definitely, a very long call for our Ulema, if they can understand.

M.Saeed, Pakistan - 18 March, 2008

authors introduction

I wrote 4 books in urdu language.
1. Sooch Ka Safar
2. Super Natural
3. Shikwah
4. Ilm-o-Hikmat kay Moti

saeed jafri, Pakistan - 07 June, 2008


BHARAT VASI, India - 22 June, 2013

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