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Islam and Pakistan

25 April, 2007

By Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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Even at the risk of entering a hornets’ nest I feel morally obligated to correct the record for the posterity. Every Zaid, Bakr and Umar at the first opportunity afforded to him harangues at the rhetoric that Pakistan was created in the name of Islam. Most people, particularly the post partition generation, some now as old as sixty years,  and who not only constitute the majority but also occupy the decision making seats at most places, not knowing the facts and fed on the false precepts fall an easy prey to it.  No, Sir, Pakistan was never created for Islam. It was created for the Musalman – the down trodden Musalman of Hindustan. Islam was never in any danger in the pre-partitioned India, nor did it need to be liberated from the Hindus or the British. No religio-political party had supported its creation, rather most had opposed it. Pakistan was created ONLY for the socio-economic betterment of the  Muslims of the sub continent who needed badly to be liberated from the economic clutches of the Hindus and other non-Muslims. Iqbal in his letters to Jinnah including the one imploring him to return from England to lead the Muslims of India wrote, “ -----  the problem of bread is becoming more and more acute. ----   The question is how to solve the problem of Muslim poverty. ----  ---  if you do not come to lead the Muslims they will be deprived of even the two morsels that they eat now. --- etc.”  The older generation knows that there used to be mostly only one shop in a  village and that too belonged to a Hindu or Sikh. The shopkeeper out of respect and awe was called ‘Shah’, and held most of the land of the villagers in hypothecation against the money lent by him to them.  Who could ever dream of the kind of opulence and opportunities for the Muslims – employment, industries, mills and factories, banks and financial institutions, shipping and transportation, housing, malls and plazas, cars, air conditioners, refrigerators etc. in just a matter of a few decades after the independence?!  One has only to look at the plight of the majority of the Indian Muslims to visualise the conditions that the Muslims of Pakistan too would have been in had there been no Pakistan.

Once Pakistan came into being and not only survived the first few crucial years of political and economic infancy without collapsing that many a financial pundit and political guru had predicted, but also showed signs of future promise, the Ulema e Hind also started having second thoughts about it and took to migrating to Kafir-e-Azam’s Pakistan.  Used to the unparalled power of the pulpit mainly derived from the ignorance and  superstitions of  the  poor Muslims of India, they saw the red rag in the form of economically better off, educated, modern, progressive and enlightened Muslims in Pakistan. Something had to be done to retain their hold on the masses. What else better than the iron grip hold of the religion and religiosity when even the President of Pakistan and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court can neither offer their prayers nor get their children wedded without a mullah presiding over the occasion.  Hence, the independent Pakistan had to be Islamised to afford the clergy the same power which it enjoyed in the colonial India. A well thought out plan was conceived and the process of Islamisation of Pakistan started, despite the fact that the Quaid had pronounced in unequivocal terms in his famous speech of August 11,1947 on the floor of the Constituent Assembly:, that :

“You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed — that has nothing to do with the business of the State... We are starting with this fundamental principle that we are all citizens and equal citizens of one State... I think we should keep that in front of us as our ideal and you will find that in due course Hindus would cease to be Hindus and Muslims would cease to be Muslims, not in the religious sense, because that is the personal faith of each individual, but in the political sense as citizens of the State.”

Mullahs in collusion with the naïve politicians eager to prove their love for Islam also started harping on the tune of making Pakistan the Fortress of Islam.  Pakistan Ideology was hijacked by the same people who had opposed its creation. Had Jinnah's ideals been held sacred then his speech of August 11, 1947  should have received the status of our Magna Carta, our spirit and soul as a nation. Sadly, that was not to happen and we went completely  in the opposite direction.  

The clergy taking measured steps started gradually influencing the young and naïve minds. The potent power of the pulpit was used methodically to project the partition as a war between the Kufr and Islam. The human holocaust of the partition and the sufferings of the Muslims of India migrating to Pakistan were lauded as their sacrifice for Islam. The Islamic fervour gained a quick acceptance among the newly liberated Muslims and watching the tide the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan passed  the ‘Objectives Resolution’  in March, 1949, which was subsequently made a substantive part of the Constitution of Pakistan by the Presidential Order No. 14 of 1985.  It apart from having many highly laudable, far reaching and significantly democratic clauses has the following article as well:

Wherein the Muslims shall be enabled to order their lives in the individual and collective spheres in accordance with the teachings and requirements of Islam as set out in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah;

This innocent looking clause has been grossly misconstrued and misinterpreted and has changed the complexion of the type of the constitution and consequently the type of the government that we should have had. Though it has been many a time amply clarified that, “No law repugnant to Qura’n and Sunnah will be incorporated by the parliament”, yet it stays short of satisfying the religious parties’ leaders (fundamentalists and obscurantist) who insist that, “Only Qura’n and Sunnah should be implemented in Pakistan”.  Not only that, on top of it they also insist that only their interpretation of the Qura’nic injunctions and Sunnah is to be accepted on all discussable matters.  They invariably, come up with the argument that Pakistan was created in the name of Islam and for the enforcement of Islamic Shariah here.

An effort is, therefore, made here to analyse the correct perspective for the creation of Pakistan and what kind of Islamic values and socio-economic systems its founding fathers had in mind for it.

Pakistan was NOT created for Islam, but for the Muslims of the Sub-continent. Islam was never in any danger in the pre-partitioned India.  As a matter of fact Islam was (and probably still is) in Deoband, Breilley, Lucknow (for the Shia) and Qadian (for Ahmedis).  Akora, Okara, Mansoora, Karachi, Satellite Town Rawalpindi, Rabwah (Chanab Nagar), not any one of them has been able to attain the stature of their pre-partitioned alma-maters.

Muslim emancipation needed a social democratic order in India offering equal opportunities to all which was not possible in Brahmanic cast ridden society of India. Iqbal wrote to Jinnah,  “It is clear to my mind that if Hinduism accepts social democracy it must necessarily cease to be Hinduism”.  Iqbal convinced  the Quaid that such an emancipation was only possible in a free and separate State or States for the Muslims of India, where they will be free from the Hindu domination in every way.

A socio-political movement had to be launched and Muslims had to be given a separate identity of a nation. The Two Nation theory was born and Islam could only be its platform.  In 1941, the Quaid told the students of the Punjab;

“Can’t you see that a Muslim, when he converted more than a thousand years ago, according to Hindu religion and philosophy, he became a Malechaa (untouchable)  and the Hindus ceased to have anything to do with him socially, religiously and culturally or in any other way? ----- ----- Can you possibly compare this with that nonsensical talk that mere change of faith is no ground for a demand for Pakistan?  Can’t you see the fundamental difference?”

Slogans like “Pakistan ka matlab kia? La ilaha illilah”. “Lay kay rahaingain Pakistan, Butt kay rahega Hindustan”, etc. were more to identify Muslims’ culture and identity as a separate nation demanding a separate home land and to counter the Hinduistic Band-e-Matram of the Akhand Bharat than a demand for an orthodox Islamic country.

Had the Pakistan movement any religious overtones, then how could almost all Ulema oppose it, or call its leader Kafir-e-Azam?  It is yet another matter that most of them chose to stay behind and did not migrate to the ‘Land of the Pure’ till after quite some time of its inception, till they found the opportune time to do so?

I do not recollect any of the Muslim League political gatherings, Executive Committee meetings or other functions commencing their proceedings with the recitation from the holy Qura’n or even a Na’at or a Hamd by a Maulvi or Maulana. It was always an appropriate poem befitting the occasion read out by a political worker. There was no display of religiosity in the religious sense any where during the Pakistan movement and yet the Islam and the Muslim nationhood was its political plank and platform.

Once Pakistan achieved the Quaid in his very first address of 11 August 1947 to the Constituent Assembly said,

”From here on Hindus will cease to be Hindus and Muslims will cease to be Muslims,

not in the religious sense but in the political sense.  We are all Pakistanis first and then Muslims and Hindus”. 


Nothing could be more unambiguous about Quaid’s vision of Pakistan.  It wasn’t that he was against Islam in any way.  Far from it.  He had on the other hand on many an occasion said categorically that Pakistan will be governed in accordance with the injunctions of Islam and Qura’n.  Speaking at a broadcast speech from All India Radio Bombay on 13 November 1939, he said:-

“All social regeneration and political freedom must finally depend on something that has a deeper meaning in life. And that, if you will allow me to say so, is Islam and Islamic spirit --- --- In the pursuit of truth and cultivation of beliefs we should be guided by our RATIONAL (capitals mine) interpretation of the Qura’n and our devotion to truth is single minded, we shall in our own measure, achieve our goal.”

The emphasis was on the rational interpretation of Qura’n  (keeping in time & space with it) and not as interpreted by someone totally devoid of the scientific and  technological advancement of the present day and the future.

Similarly replying to a correspondent’s question in 1946 at New Delhi, as to what type of constitution Pakistan will have?  The Quaid had replied, ”I cannot say as to what type of  constitution Pakistan will have, as it is a matter for the future Constituent Assembly of Pakistan to decide, but we have our 1400 year old constitution – the Qura’n with us to draw from”. (Note, ‘Draw from’)

Now, Quaid was no doubt largely influenced by the thought of Allama Iqbal, who first conceived the idea of separate Muslim state(s) as the only political solution of the tangle in India.  Analysing the problems facing Islam in the modern times, he also re-defined the true basis of a resurgent Islam in the modern world. Being an ardent believer in Ijtehad, he gave the dynamic solution to the problem of interpretation of Islam in the present age by observing;

“The teaching of the Qura’n that each generation, guided and unhampered by the work of its predecessors, should be permitted to solve its own problems.”

And to solve the problems, solutions to which were not clearly defined by Qura’n or Sunnah, Iqbal leans heavily upon Ijma – collective opinion. Ijma not necessarily by the Ulema, the scholars and the jurists only but also by the common people, albeit masters of their subjects and fields. It is simply not possible for an Aalim-e-Deen [mostly a scholar from a madrassa] to be able to interpret and apply the ALL encompassing Qura’nic injunctions to the present day highly developed scientific and technological knowledge. This also obviously refers to the Qura’nic injunction of  “amruhum shoora bainahum”. He thus infers that the modern parliaments and legislatures [advised by the higly learned and capable professionals of their respective fields]  can take place of the bodies competent to express the collective will of the people in deciding matters of immediate import.

Quaid, too, like Iqbal believed that Qura’n could be a complete source of inspiration for the Muslims to help them guide their life according to the true spirit of Islam. However, Qura’n was to be interpreted rationally and scientifically which could only be done by the scholars, jurists and enlightened moderates. Quaid distinctly differentiated between an Islamic Social democracy and the Theocracy and stated categorically that Pakistan will not be a theocratic state where the lives of the people could be entrusted to a few ‘custodians’ of religion who could impose their own brand of Islam on the masses.   Islam to him, as universally accepted, is a complete code of life.  A religious, social, moral, military, commercial, judicial, criminal and penal code; it regulates everything from the religious ceremonies and rituals to those of daily life; from the salvation of the soul to the health of the body; from the rights of all those to the duties of all to the individuals; from morality to crime; from punishment here to reward here-after. Islam is not merely confined to few spiritual tenets and doctrines and rituals and ceremonies. It is a complete code regulating the entire Muslim society, every department of life, collectively and individually.

This is all what Pakistan was created for.  A country to be ruled in accordance with the Islamic injunctions for the amelioration of the economically and socially down trodden Muslims of pre-partitioned India, and not to save Islam or impose Islam of a specific brand and breed, embroiling the masses in the trivialities such as; how long should one’s beard be; or at what height the Paincha of the shalwar should be; or could a woman work in an office along with  the male workers?  Islam is much above such petty matters.  And Quaid wanted Islam of all ages, an Islam interpreted in the light of modern, scientific and technological age.  An Islam emancipating the masses and opening to them vistas of the modern and fruitful advancement they could make use of and play their important role in the comity of the nations.


Reader Comments:


We could have a long debate on the subject and people could have their own perceptions regarding the creation of Pakistan but one thing is for sure that it was not built for Army to rule its own citizens .IF the Chief Justice and the President cannot offer prayers or get wed with out a Mullah then its there own Fault not the Mullah's, they should have more knowledge of Islam , which is the Duty of every Muslim except those who claim to be enghlitly modern

Gen Hameed Gull, Pakistan - 25 April, 2007

I think, Col. Jafri is 100 percent right. Two nation theory was unique at that time. British followed it through out the world and in the name of religion or in the name of any suitable reason that suits their interst best. A combined India would have been a major power in 100 years that they could realise at that time. Now, a question what Muslims got at this partition? Combined Muslim strength in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan would have been a force majore for any Hindu as a whole community. Except one or two places Indian Muslims are much better of than his neighbour and there is no two opinion on that. You are right Colonel that Pakistan was never made in the name of Islam but for common Moslems, whatever be the reason for its creation from British angle or Indian angle.

leenahoor, Jordan - 25 April, 2007

Islam and Muslims

Oh!This is entirely a new idea to create a difference between Islam an Muslims. To be kept in mind that to wear foreign clothings and be eager to become only a Muslim and to not follow the Islamic teachings has been the root cause of our being backward. Do not include at least Qadianis who for not accepting Mohammad(S) as the last Prphet were declared as Non-Muslims. Actually the disturbances have appeared by any troublesome sect is just because these people claim to be the only true Muslims to remain aloof of the strict Islamic regulation. That Islam is difficult to be followed mostly by the mullahs as they will not be able to beat anyone for not having a beard and will have to serve people as othes do and the Pirs who are receiving a lot claiming to be having contacts with heaven.
If one claims to be a Muslim he should at least not talk against the religion even when he shaves or is fond of wearing three piece suit to look like a westernized Pakistani.
Islam not means to beat people or make his own shrine for worship but is strict for the society for being equality for all.

Mohammad Ilyas, Pakistan - 25 April, 2007

Islam and Muslims

Oh!This is entirely a new idea to create a difference between Islam an Muslims. To be kept in mind that to wear foreign clothings and be eager to become only a Muslim and to not follow the Islamic teachings has been the root cause of our being backward. Do not include at least Qadianis who for not accepting Mohammad(S) as the last Prophet were declared as Non-Muslims by Mr.Bhutto. Actually the disturbances have appeared by any group is just because these people claim to be the only true Muslims just to remain aloof themself from the strict Islamic regulation. That Islam is difficult to be followed mostly by the mullahs as they will not be able to beat anyone for not having a beard and will have to serve people as othes do and the Pirs who are receiving a lot claiming to be having contacts with heaven.
If one claims to be a Muslim he should at least not talk against the religion even when he shaves or is fond of wearing three piece suit to look like a westernized Pakistani.
Islam not means to beat people or make his own shrine for worship but is strict for the society for being equality for all.

Mohammad Ilyas, Pakistan - 25 April, 2007

Requisite for UK Pakistan Islam or World

World including Pakistan(or Umma) -Iqbal(or Col Jaffri) - Jinnah(or US Pelosi) Character falls into Beard -Mouths ache –Clean shave( Muslman yahudi – Hindu-Issai) World need Peace(Islam) not Military (including Bank sauds).On the basis of equality without prejudice religion ethnicity and Law (lal Santa clause).3 decade I used democracy court Madrassa Science Technology Travel and above all “wal insa or Jinnah” or ‘ma le cha’ “ban de Ma Tram )” “ Ma gna Car Ta” and “Ama ruh hum shroo bai na hum” .Birla Salam science of Gobra Topsia is absurd with energy with Mubarak oil. HM Queen V’s India or How rah bridge supplier Do not want any credit for converting World of Islam as modern appliances or gave third world into some kind of road (rah) .Evil is to trying by yourself i.e responsibility you cannot manage

World cannot use fossil fuel militancy polluted water without housing jobs and food for 5 billion is proven. Conflict BMC(clean shave stuff) came with Mistaken Identity Dutch jhylland editor from Noon time Joke with 3ft long hair wrapped like bomb in turban amid mercury rise i.e. cartoon controversy.

Allama Iqbal Brahmin was a Convert Inviting Jinnah from UK .Both issued statement in favour of Hindus Muslim Sikhs but where are Million of Muslims In India Punjab. Israelis in 4000 yrs have just 10 m Jews while new comer of few decades counting on above.I spent atleast 3 years in Madrassa (no fees) with teachers from Deoband Bareilli across Newly arrived Mother Tresa in front of St James Church school even though I come from Insa jinnah group with industries, mills and factories, banks and financial institutions, shipping and transportation, housing, mall plazas, cars, air conditioners refrigerator servants and contract employees often 1000s with trucks with week end garden fishing cottage of own.Do not make idea of own for deoband .I have been to world stayed in Delhi Punjab sindh NWF Kashmir E &W Bengal Bihar Mumbai
Orrissa Lucknow to TATA steelmill Jmshedpur Bata to E Pakistan jutemills Paris to
Frankfort Amsterdam Hague New York to other states Pindi & Islamabad to hazrat bal srinagar and working for German Dutch US UK Canada Chem. Conglomerates Trans pipes or undersea cable while doing imamat and promoting Water refining with own design for consulting Engineer.I jumped straight to later portion Of high with 25 cents/month fees and University for Bsc with 50 cents/month fees .By 20 I was in UK with fewer Indians. high profile British Raja leaders I met one way or another Sir Laced Hume H Wilson H McMillan .Amazingly as 6 yr I met Gandhi Nehru Khrushchev HMQ Elizabeth and Bulganin and Emperor Haille Selassi.Probably finest insa jinnah family relatives dost acquittances and relatives of 4 generation (dead and mostly still alive) is mine.They live in India Bangladesh Pakistan UK Germany Canada USA If there is any problem it due to minor obstacle .quran called it when tiil ka rasool cleric male or female take matters on hand or BMC phenomenon for 3 decades to Promote globalilization world remained Adhura (incomplete) from progressing.Mountain Cannot be climbed by looking at them communication cannot be completed by preventing or rejecting all initiative.All my Muslim folds community with azan heard factories management social and progression 4 generation .I took satellite photos of every one including qabrsthan homes residence in major cities villages farms ranch I descended to visit in person to socialize amid masjid doa surgeon doctors engineers mullah – sub se acha mera
Insa Jinnah(proven by my album)

Z.B(, Canada - 25 April, 2007

single objection

My single objection is that it were not the Muslims of India only that needed freedom from the village moneylenders or landlords, etc. It was all of us. For your info., India finished off both (moneylenders/landlords) after independence and largely redistributed land to the farmers. That does not mean that we got freedom from the evils of power e.g. the politicians, the rich and priviledged, etc., but nowadays even central ministers, chief ministers and Bollywood biggies do land in jail straightaway if there is some proof against them. So, at least we are trying with the help of democracy.

Dayal, Hungary - 26 April, 2007

Well argued Article

This is a well written article, which has a substantial grip over the subject. However, the complex relationship between various Islamic interpretation and the social/political program of the Muslim League requires more elaboration.

Hilal Ahmed, United Arab Emirates - 26 April, 2007

Who brought Pakistan to this level of corruption ?Not the Ulema!

Though every Pakistani is responsible to some extent to make the envoirnment better but there are two main groups.One is called the"Ruling elite"Or Hukmaran tabqa,and the other is "guiding class"or rehnuma tabqa.TO visualise it better see it like this.Make a triangel on paper and write on the top of pyramid Army,on lower two sides write CSS and Feudal Lords.In between the triangel is nation.Army rules the country with the help of CSS and feudal Lords.The priority of Army is to rule regardless of the price to nation,because of its low intellect it needs CSS though now the retired generals are encroaching over every available civilian body to further entrench their control.CSS obliges for its own greed and control and feudal Lords also for the same reason.Now the guiding group or Hukmaran tabqa comprises of Teachers,Ulema and journalists.Unfortunatley they too are busy in struggling for money and control,either or both.Ulema certainly need to improve themselves in quality so their struggle be for justice,peace and be selfless but also their is no cooperation to them from the ruling class either.In Israel a country created on religion, yes you may debate for jews or judasism the CHief Rabbi has huge power while in Army the chief Rabbi is a General.And in Pakistan they don't go above JCO's.WHy?
In Pakistan Army rule has hurt Pakistan in many ways,it has eroded it economically,it has hurt it on the level of self esteem.Army's preference in contradiction with that of nation is to keep US/UK happy.,and to follow the policies told in both letter and spirit.And Generals know the punishment of refusing the orders,so the take huge loans and let the nation sink deeper and deeper in the marshes.They open the country to western cultural assault without even analysing its effects.REcently one Maj.Ralph Peters wrote an article in US Armed forces Journal that the purpose of American military might is two fold,one to open the country for American goods,and secondly to open the societies for American social values and he says for this end there will remain a constant conflict.Read the article "constant conflict" on see it happening inpakistan and in other countries.
Pakistan was made for the muslims and not Islam then it probably didn't make sense because every one including the Quaid knew that it was not possible to get every muslim from India into Pakistan.Islam was the foundation of the nation,its identity and its individuality .Yes therefore there is need to have the ulema lean towards education rather than politics because it is politics that has corrupted them pitched them against each other and confused the nation.Army leaders should realise that their contributions to Pakistan has hurt the nation and themselves.Its about time to speak the truth for the sake of nation above the loyalty to previous job/education or training and its prejudices.There is a need for it now and by every one.

Dr.Khan, United Kingdom - 26 April, 2007

Islam Pakistan and Ideology "Allah's noor come from mubrk drakht kateil"

“Design by Asking”.Allama asked Jinnah to Come and Solve Problem of Poverty. The only book of religion gives solution of poverty Food by technology honey for medicine Trial Muqadmat. What everyone did is trying to solve by asking learning from a bit here
and a bit there. I went to Madrassa to learn from teachers from Deoband for free.But I paid less than a dollar for Bsc to pass with Phys chem. Math of everything including 19.I spent time in Hindu holy places such as baijnath Yatra mthra and in Buddhist Budhgaya Islamic Kaba and Egyptian Pyramid Roman Rome French Notre dame UK ST Paul and Montreal Cathedral.I crossed Sinai like Moses via suez Canal at 20.Recently I had descended into one town with strange looking tons of temples with a mosque.At hotel I heard both temples bells chant and Mosque miladun Nabi simultaneously with Total harmony.World needs solution to problems of poverty and all.Mysteriously I got trained in every science technology skill of earth and universe only to be prevented by All by gossip denial and still making money out of me. If you the stupidity of India Pakistan UK Canada and all what they did or still doing you will give up religion democracy and all. They are plain illiterate incompetent and law breaker even their “Design by asking learning intercepting and denial”(years).

B_LaL [], Hungary - 26 April, 2007

Mullahs in Collusion

Col. has a point! Something to think about!

kadar khan, Pakistan - 26 April, 2007

General sahab apne comments apne paas rahein...

Asfar Siddiqui, Pakistan - 27 April, 2007

pakistan creation

pakistan is a heaven on earth we see how pakistan gave nukes tech to countries to antidote of jews crimes ,

toron, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines - 27 April, 2007


Long debates with wrong perceptions about any subject is certainly unproductive however, one thing is for sure that Pakistan wasn’t built either for obstinate and unyielding attitudes! Mullahs are not needed just because Chief Justice and the President can not offer prayers without them! Mullahs are respected and needed because of their declared commitment to Islam for leading a pious life! Surely, not because they have ultimate knowledge of Islam! The problem arises when mullahs try to be Chief Justice and the President themselves with the reference of righteousness that causes the confusion among masses because of conflicting goals! Enlighten moderation is not a derogatory term or exclusive of Islam. Duty of every muslim should be to avoid extremes with the ability to impart intellectual or spiritual light! The fault is our inability to convince each other!

kadar khan, Pakistan - 27 April, 2007

Spoken like a true military man

Everybody knows of the atrocities carried out by West Pakistan against East Pakistanis that lead to the creation of Bangladesh when India defeated Pakistan in 1971. The East Pakistanis were Muslim too, but were treated as second class citizens in their own country. And this was done by a Muslim to a Muslim, not by a Hindu to a Muslim. Even today, Pakistan is not done laying Afghanistan waste (again, one Muslim country to another Muslim country). It is a myth that people like the author deliberately like to believe that Hindus exploited Muslims or anyone else, the fact is, it is the Punjabis of Pakistan, not even the rest of Pakistanis, who are the real villains. It is laughable when the author refers to the so called sorry plight of Muslims in India, but then, being in the army, what more can he do than toe Mushy's line ? All Pakistan has managed to achieve in 60 years of independence is a unique status as ground zero of terrorism. Every terrorist attack in the world can be traced to Pakistan. The country lives off a monthly aid of US $ 80 million and is forced to act as a hit-man for the US, this is what Pakistani Muslims have achieved. Even other Islamic states have placed Pakistan in a special category when it comes to issuing Visas to Pakistani nationals because of their credentials. This is what Pakistan has given it's citizens. A culture where Prime Ministers are hanged, Chief Justices are sacked without reason, politicians are forever in exile and scientists are jailed after they have served their purpose. Yes, the author is right, Indian Muslims have not received such treatment, but somehow, I think they're thankful for that.

Arun Nair, Hungary - 28 April, 2007

Let Pakistan be a non-religious state

Dear Pak Tribune
Seldom have I read such a clear, factual and enlightened article as Islam and Pakistan by Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd) April 25, 2007.
He is very right to point out that Pakistan was never meant as a theocracy but a homeland for the downtrodden Muslim masses of Pre-partition India. It is a historical fact that British and Hindus never wanted to let Muslims get their fair share of power and resources. Their socio-economic situation was getting worst by the day and if they had continued living like a minority, their fate would have been sealed as second class citizens. Quaid's political struggle was to free Muslims of India from stagnation and poverty by giving them a place to decide their own destiny. He was not a religious leader and did warn us against turning Pakistan in to a theocracy. My father used to narrate an event, he witnessed in forties. While touring North India, Quaide’s procession was greeting by Muslim League devotees with slogans; “ Amir - e-Musalmanan –e-Hind Zindabad”. Quaid asked his car to be stopped, got out and approached the cheering crowd with these stern words;
” Remember, I am your political leader and not a religious one”.
Today when I listen and read statements coming out of religious politicians in Pakistan, I wonder which world they are living in. I never hear these Ulema –cum-politicians talking about socio-economic issues facing Pakistan. They have no clue as to how, complex issues such as; infrastructure, economy, environment, trade, education and foreign affairs have to be taken care of. Their speeches start with Islam and end at Islam. I want my religion – Islam - to be my private affair, something between me and my creator and the path to my salvation does not go through a mosque but through my good deeds. Islam has suffered tremendously at the hands of some zealots. Islam deserves to be free from the clutches of ignorant religious elite and brought back in the heart of an individual Muslim. Here lies the key to our progress.

Bashy Quraishy
Chief Editor
MediaWatch – Copenhagen-Denmark
0045 40 15 47 71

Bashy Quarishy, Czech Republic - 02 May, 2007

Please stop using such examples

In his article, Col Riaz Jafri has held the noble Sahaba like Zaid (R.A), Umar (R.A) and Abu Bakr (R.A) in low esteem. I strongly critize such deviations in the use of lanhuage as it is highly derogatory and hurts the Sunni beliefs.

Masood Balouch, Oman - 05 May, 2007

a very informative essay

i love to read such informative essays, which show us a true picture of our political situation. KEEP IT UP!!!

Rabia Anjum, Pakistan - 25 September, 2007

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