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Is it 2008 Yet?

29 March, 2006

By Ahmer Muzammil

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Here we go again. According to Sherlock-Bush & Watson-Cheney this time around, people of Iran are anxiously waiting with red carpets rolled out for their liberators on the borders. Hopefully for the sake of American Soldiers (more than anything else) this won't happen. But you can be forgiven for thinking otherwise if you hear the rhetoric from Washington recently. It's the same ol same ol again. 'Iran got WMD's, they got everything ready to go, and if we don't attack first then Iran will nuke Crawford Texas tomorrow, or they might have already done it, so giddy up, eeeehaaa'.

     The stark difference however this time around is that Americans by and large are not buying it. But that's not the only reason why Americans shouldn't dare venture in Iran. With Iraq, at least they were looking at a country in shambles, with a depleted army and with its population disgruntled with their leadership. Iran however is a vibrant country with a strong and united Armed Force under a popular democratic leadership. President Ahmedi-nijad is well liked amongst his country-folk; he was the Cinderella candidate in the elections and against all odds & predictions defeated the Giants of Iranian politics, merely because he has the reputation as an honest, hard working man. Call him a lunatic, anti-Semite or whatever else your little heart desire but the fact remains that  he didn't become president because his dad was a president (no pun intended, actually a lil won't kill) and he won fair and square his brother didn't have to bail him out in Florida. But that's beside the point, the point is that if we think Iraq was a tough nut to crack (well it hasn't cracked yet, has it?), then Iraq will seem like a walk in the park, heavens-forbid if we cow-boyed our way in Iran.

     Besides what do we have against Iran anyway? When will we stop fighting Israel's wars? When will the American public realize that there sons and daughters are being slaughtered in foreign lands not because American freedoms are at stake but because of cheney's oil-lust and Israel's paranoia. And even if it's not paranoia and Israel is genuinely threatened by a country, shouldn't their armed forces be the ones fighting the war on the streets of fallujah? Do we think that Israel will come to our aid if Americans needed them? In the past how many times have they landed us military support (or any kind of support for that matter)? It's almost a cliché that Jewish community in America is one of the richest and most influential community by far. There average salary surpasses any other community and their political weight is uncanny. We all know who controls the big media outlets in America. There successes and influence as a community is no secret.

     Given all this by America, I would like to know what is their contribution when it comes to laying down the lives in wars? Of all the armed forces fighting on the streets of Afghanistan and Iraq, how many of these boys and girls belong to the American-Jewish community? How many American-Jews died in Vietnam while serving the country that has blessed them with unmatched prosperity? And While we are sole-searching, lets also analyze the contribution of American-Hindus in armed forces, after all given that Dunkin-Donuts and Motels are noble contributions to the society but they should also pay their dues in defending the country that they are prospering in, shouldn't they? And just so I am not biased, let's find out how many Muslims are there in American armed forces. I assure you that the Muslim community does have a larger presence in the armed forces as compare to these other "PATRIOTIC COMMUNITIES", even though we are the so called 'ENEMY'. Where am I going with this? I submit to you that the fruits of our economical viability are being eaten by some; where as the vast majority of the poor are left for dying on foreign lands in the name of safeguarding American Freedoms.

     The bitter truth is that a huge majority of Americans who join the armed forces do it as a next to last resort for a career, superseded by none other than MacDonald's. Before you get too excited about the statement I just made, answer one simple question. What percentage of high-school grads would go in armed forces if they had the financial and educational capability to go party at a 4 year college? I don't have the statistical data but my common-sense says, very few. The reason American-Jews and American-Hindus are not joining the armed forces is because there parents can afford to send them to 4 year colleges and they have the grades to go to these colleges and become Engineers and bankers and film producers etc.

     If you don't believe me another interesting survey would be to find out how many kids who join the armed forces come from families where the income is 75K or more per year? (Mind you 75K is not even a rich-man salary now, it's probably middle class). Again I would argue, very very few! There will be exceptions, but a vast majority of them are forced in to armed forces because of the financial constraints and because the better paying and safer careers come with a price tag that they can't afford. So if you think about it, the administration has a stake in making sure that there must and should be a big chunk of society who should fail academically and financially because if they don't, who will go fight their wars on the street of Baghdad? Surely, the Bush's or the Kennedy's are too 'Royal' for that. A simple drive in poor neighborhoods in America would suffice as proof. Three establishments you find in abundance in these neighborhoods. 1) Liquor Stores 2)Payday Loans (High Interest money lenders) 3)Army Recruiting Centers. Chew on that! It's a conspiracy theory but if you take off your Hypocritical-patriotic and mindless-macho goggles, it just might make sense.

     Another popular sport in America these days is Islam bashing. When it comes to Islam and Muslims, everything is fair game. Nothing is too far-fetched, you can say whatever bigotry you want and get away with it. Radios talk show hosts are calling for all the masajids to be shut down, and all the muslims to be hauled in camps. Hopefully common sense will prevail as it eventually does in America. Islam-bashers are funny people though. I don't know if it's a coincidence or a divine intervention but most of these Islam bashers are usually humiliated in public eye for one reason or another. When you look at the personal lives of these Islam-Bashers, you find a lot of skeletons in the closet. For instance, Rush Limbaugh the self proclaimed 'Excellent Broadcaster' (I am not kidding, he didn't wait for anyone else to give him that title, he just gave it to himself), preached and preached and then preached some more about morals and how drug addicts are the scum of the earth, and then one fine day he was arrested for drug abuse. However the shocker is not that he got arrested for Drug addiction, the irony is that he came back and still rides the high horse of morality and American Conservatives are naïve enough to still buy that dung!

      One of the very first haters of Islam in America in recent times was the man by the name of Rev. Jimmy Swagat, 'THIS MAN OF GOD' was arrested for soliciting sex from a prostitute at a run-down motel. There are other stories but I digress, because my purpose is not to bring shame but to point out the contradiction amongst these preachers of morality & decency.

     Speaking of contradiction, Bush made a point that the girls in the time of Taliban were not allowed to go to school. I respectfully ask, are those same girls going to school now sir? Wouldn't it be kind of hard to go to school when you are actually in graves? If I was given an option either to refrain from school or be bombarded with 'DAISY CUTTERS', I would take the former 7 days a week, twice on Sundays, but that's just me! Please tell us for once, what was the exact reason that you went in Afghanistan for, was it for those girls going to school now? Because I was thinking all along it was for Osama. If schooling is really the dire issue here then I think President Bush should also consider bombing Louisiana and other poor neighborhoods of America as well, because those 'Terrorist' aren't doing to well in education department either. Give us a break, would ya, dubya! Go sell crazy somewhere else! Haven't we had enough of this guy already? Is it 2008 yet?



Reader Comments:

Fight of Clash of Civilisation

Bush Blair slogan is "It is not a clash between religions or civilization but it is fight against the specific religion or the specific civilization Origin or where it is going
Using specific methodology under specific peoples control by hook or crook"

benz m Ispahani, India - 30 March, 2006

be rational and provide evidence Mr Ahmer

Mr Ahmer,

Here some critical flaw in your conclusions.

First of all,American Military does not publish data about their personnel based on their religion. USA is a secular country unlike yours. The funny thing about Muslims is that they see almost everything through prism of Religion and that has potential to distort the vision in harmful way. Your conclusions are mere assertions as there are no data to prove or disprove.

Secondly, how long have you been in USA? Did you ever visit any western country? Do you listen to other liberal media? You are selectively identifying media outlets and personality which servers your purpose of distorting the "whole" picture.

Thirdly, i find it amazing of Muslims to talk about elections and freedom of religion. Did you look into your neighbor lately? Your "Divine" sharia law prescribes death for "apostates". You people seem to forget that there are 1.2 billion Muslims because other religions are tolerant of their adherents if they leave the religion of their parents. How many Muslims there were 1400 hundred years back?? Zero! You want religious freedom in west and you want to kill your own people if they change their religion? Talk about Double Standards.

When did you vote last time to select your leader at national level in Pakistan? Do you even know how election works? At least in democratic countries we have right vote every 4-5 years and speak our minds through ballot boxes.

Fix your mess and your "peaceful" religion before advising anyone else.

Allen Smith, Pakistan - 30 March, 2006

Christianity-Saudi Soldier killed in Combat

Christianity Soldier killed in “C o m b a t” with Islamic forces
In Islamic War Christianity vs. Islam combat battlefield is
Being used.

Therefore, This Language in the media explain Muslim countries
Muslim Leaders Muslim Intellectual Treason in handling this issue.

This means “C o m b a t” IS OR was strategy to steal RETAIN
Iraq oil for Christians for Investors for Looters (including Muslim)
For UN religion for h y p o c r i t e for few w e a l t h sharer via
Allied approved leadership.

C o m b a t WMD comparison means democracy without rule
Passport for borders in OIC is black mail via 85% NUKE Army
Of Looter.

Entering Afghanistan without passport should be looked USA
Allied have 85% of total Nuke bomb context .USA allied have
85% NUKE Bombs to loot (in their possession) to take All
Islamic asset in possession by force and wrap up Islam by force.

Total Nuke Bombs in the world are 22,700(100%).World with
USA including Saudis others are in a position to design own rule own
Cult own religion own methodology. Blair Bush show of muscle
And language can be looked on in the right context. “Action is
Be Intention” (hadith /hadiis)
What is saudi Intention?

m_zakaria, Hungary - 30 March, 2006

Uh, perhaps that hostage thing?

"Besides what do we have against Iran anyway?" THEY HELD OUR PEOPLE HOSTAGE! We don't forget things like that. I for one won't be happy until we tie a yellow ribbon around the Iranians throat and pull it tight.

Gene, United Kingdom - 30 March, 2006


That's why. Want some more?

John Denver, United Kingdom - 30 March, 2006

things are more complicated as it looks like

Hello Mr Ahmer I wuld like to reply ur few points u raised in article.

1st: I ask you one thing, where were your Iranies when India was opposing world war two winners for wrong and objectionable points of NPT. What they were doing when india was alone and fighting alone with western powers becoz they wanted to have nukes and were threatening other countries for signing NPT? And if iran has signed NPT then why they are making noise now? It was proposed by five countries that they want to keep nukes but not others. And this way they wanted others to follow them. And now one of the their follower country, iran, who has signed NPT is now refusing to follow them. Also iran was cheating her masters and making nuke bombs in secret. and now US and other nuke powers want to attack iran. This is all happening. And oil, haha everyone knows. nothin hidden.

I just want to warn, no matter saddam husain was a dictator, no matter how many people he killed in his life, but attack on iraq is known as wrong attack but in case of iran, I scare if UN will give license, US will not only attack on iran but also show they did what was required to protect the world.

2nd: I accept American Hindus in armed force can not be even counted on fingers. But tell me how many Pakistani Muslims are in armed force and how many are engineers, doctors? I guess if we total indian and pakistani hindus and muslims both in armed force, all together can be counted on the fingers. haha. Please don't count pakistani muslims with Arabic muslims. There is a difference of bloods of indian or pakistanis with bloods of arabic muslims (also known as hottest bloods of the world . My one english female friend also told me.)

Now tell me for what reason American Hindus wuld join armed force? There is no challenge for US in the world so that hindus wuld join armed force to protect US.And on the other hand hinduism has no compatition with christianity or with islam. And something I know, you know, arabic people know or other muslims know, Only Osam and his men are fighting with US. Rest of muslims are just supporting them. haha. ander ki baat hai. No matter muslims are living in muslim countries or in western countries, no matter they drink or not, mean fundamentalist or not. They support them.

And Hindus are brother of muslims bro's and mits of western friends. So why to join armed force. Hindus support everyone, christians muslims all. But from outside. haha. sir pakistani people in US also do the same, means support Arabs against US but from out side.haha

I guess the time china will attack on Taiwan, anytime between 2015-2020, US will loose her grip on arabic nations and that time the game will be converted in triangular series among “china”, “US with her allies” and defeated but united that time “Arabic countries”. China will put more and more challenge to US armed forces and japan, korea groups on one side and on the other hand Arabic countries will get very united and will not miss any chance to use oil as arm against US. I guess even friendship between china and Arabic nations will also be not good as hottest bloods of the world will keep threatening china for oil also for few times but both will be united against US. i guess Pakistan will make a bridge between these two powers, Arabs and China against US. And the result of this triangular series will come anytime in between 2025-2030, I guess.
Also arabic countries will not only be oil rich but will also be rich with missiles and nukes of pakistan

Now the BAZIGARI (don't know the exact english word) of US and her friends will depend on how much success they get in Gulf countries til 2015, time bound given by china for capturing Taiwan. West wil have to be very patient and will have to be ready to
sacrifice much as “ to rule on the whole World was never easy.” hottest blood of the world, Arabs, will never accept salvage of US and West, no matters how many of them will have to die and even if that time US will offer to remove nukes and missiles from the whole world including China, Arabs and West with US. China and Arabs will not be ready that time


And if God will wish, we all will alive after 2030


s tiwari, Hungary - 30 March, 2006

I Hate Iran more than I did Iraq.

I have wanted to destroy Iran practically all my life. In fact I would have rather had us attack Iran than Iraq.

1979 might seem like a long time ago and I guess it is but many of us still remember what they did to us.

And there is an old saying here in America. Better late than never.

Steve, United Kingdom - 30 March, 2006

We Remember

You people still hold a grudge over things that happened several hundred years ago.

Surely you can understand us not forgeting stuff that happened only a few decades ago.

Iran has been a place where all True Americans have wanted to bomb for a long, long time.

And as we say "Better Late than Never"

James, United Kingdom - 30 March, 2006

It would fullfill a lifelong dream

I have wanted to have Iran bombed ever since I was in the sixth grade. I remember the news media counting the days our people were held hostage.

I agree with Gene. Forget "tying a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree" and hang the Iranians with it.

Or, in a parody of the Beach Boys song Barbara Ann:

Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran.
Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, BOMB IRAN!
Let's take a stand, bomb Iran.
Our country's got a feelin'
Really hit the ceilin', bomb Iran.
Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.

Went to a mosque, gonna throw some rocks.
Tell the Ayatollah..."Gonna put you in a box!"
Bomb Iran. Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.
Our country's got a feelin'
Really hit the ceilin', bomb Iran.
Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.

Ol' Uncle Sam's gettin' pretty hot.
Time to turn Iran into a parking lot. Bomb Iran.
Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.

Call the volunteers; call the bombadiers;
Call the financiers, better get their ass in gear.
Bomb Iran. Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.
Our country's got a feelin'
Really hit the ceilin', bomb Iran.
Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.

Call on our allies to cut off their supplies,
Get our hands untied, and bring em' back alive. Bomb Iran.
Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.
Our country's got a feelin'
Really hit the ceilin', bomb Iran.
Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.

Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.
Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, BOMB IRAN!
Let's take a stand, bomb Iran.
Our people you been stealin'
Now it's time for keelin', bomb Iran.
Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.

Alex, United Kingdom - 30 March, 2006

For Allen Smith

Firstly, The US does not collect data on religion , yep , but it sure collects data on Race ! Don't it ? That is anathema by our standards !
Secondly, is media not controled by a few oligarchs in the US ? Yes / NO ? FOX and the Liberal are just two shades of the same.

There is no sharia law practiced today eccept in Iran and the your obcurantist House of Saud who are in cohoots with your House of Bush !

Your knowledge of Islam and apostacy is as accurate of the media outlet you got it from !!

Behold your lecture on Democracy! If you were that concerned about democracy then ask your government to stop supporting and dealing with Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and attack these countries instead ! Grandiose rhetoric will only take so far sonny !
Throw your narcissistic hissy fit where someone gives a damn !

Ron, United Kingdom - 31 March, 2006

You nailed it! Answer this Mr Ahmer

Hi Allen,

I 100% agree with your point of view and would love to see if Mr. Ahmer refute this. I doubt so ...

Javed, Pakistan - 01 April, 2006


I agree with 98% of what you say. Only two questions:
1) Jewish people are the problem? Erm, I don't see a yarmulke on Bush or Cheney...
2) Bush didn't let defeat in 2000 stop him. Let's all watch as he decides that it "wouldn't be prudent" (oh that was his Dad, well anyway...) "to hold elections when those Iranians are gonna nuke us." 2008? More like 2009...2010...?

K, Canada - 01 April, 2006

once again you have posted an article with totally baseless comments. i dotn understand what is tht you desire. iran yes im against america attacking it and trust me it wont happen...atleast i dont think so and if it does america wil pay heavily in blood. so let them come in and do what they think they can. their military is still very stretched out. i live in america im a student doing undergrad from a college in chicago. but im a die hard pakistani and that is why i jeep they country column pakistan and that is because although im not in pakistan i keep upto date with everything happeneing in my beloved zameen. u saying americans are against it trust me like an aemrican said , americans hate iranians and would go their instead of iraq. im a politics major and trust me im right. regarding you i dont know what your sentiments are. you're so anti musharraf a person who gave pakistan a new your country not just mine which was gona die.

Asfar SIddiqui, Pakistan - 02 April, 2006

things are more complicated

Hello Mr Ahmer I wuld like to reply your few points u raised. First of all case of Iran is so much complicated that Iran now has no option other than either to remove nukes from Iran or to be played on the hands of Russia and China. The reason is, Iran has signed NPT which they didn't have to. It was just proposed by five world war winners that they want to have nukes but not others. It was not a law. It was just proposed and it was upto Iran whether they accept or not. And as they have accepted for the benefits they found that time, and also they were making nukes in secrets, They went against the law of agreement and this provides a right to world war winners to make iran back on the agreement. And for that, legally they may even attack on iran if russia or china don't use vito power in UN.

And one more reason is, US or West can't allow any muslim country to have nukes becoz it is widely believed that a war is going on between Islam and Christianity. And there is not even a single news paper of any Muslim country, this is my challenge, which don't say, “US and her friends countries are killing innocent muslim people of iraq, and also want to kill innocent muslims of iran”. I repeat, “not even a single news paper of any muslim country of the whole world.” And this way all the news papers of all the muslims countries have convinced the muslims of whole world that not only in iraq or in iran, but also US and her friends have been involved in killing millions of muslims.

This type of information gives three types of messages, first these killings wuld be stopped and second there would be a resistance to these murders. And the third one very very important, is “murderers, US and her friends, of innocent muslims people would get punishment.”

On the other hand a type of anger and UNITY is seen in all the western countries against muslim countries. More than 66% population of western countries support US and her friends for these wars. Let me prove, in US election, full publicity was made that becoz of Mr Bush US did illegal attack on iraq. It was the main agenda of the last US election. But the result ….. public of US supported Mr Bush. And same things happened in Britain and Australia, friends of US in Iraq war.

That's why the world is now not only divided on political level but also on people to people level. Like in west, now people think if US solders kill few innocent to remove terrorists. then it is not wrong. On the other hand, in muslims countries more than half of the small shops keep even pictures of Osam bin laden and Al jawahari. These terrorists are infact now Hero of majority of muslims who thinks they are fighting for Islam or they are JEHADIES means workers of religions.

On the other hand, english dictionaries now say one more meaning of terrorists that is jehadies. When they try to explain the meaning of terrorist, they say one of the meaning as jehadi. On other hand muslims think these jehadies are fighting for islam. as their religion also say.

Now you may get answers of your many questions. Like why US and West have no faith in any Muslim countries. Why they don't want them to have nukes at any cost. Any cost means…………. haha…… costs of those people who will die in these wars. And again most of them will be muslims terrorists and few will be GREAT, PATRIOT, REAL SON OF US, HEROS of US means “US solders”.this way there will be a publicity which says US solders, who are killing innocent muslims for oil according to muslims news papers, are “patriots” and muslims of iran or iraq who are fighting for innocent muslims, as news papers of muslim countries say, are terrorists. This will again gives anger to muslim people.

Now as my parents are hindu, I don't believe in religion, I want to ask why hindus wuld join US armed force??????????? There is no country who is going to attack on US so that american hindus wuld try to protect US. And on the other hands, even if one innocent muslim, who can not be justified as terrorist, is likely to be killed by US solders. I personally believe no hindu wuld join US armed force. I think american hindu earn good money, u also said, they can pay more money for oil. No matter it reach 100 or 200 $ per barrel. We don't want to be part of those “PATRIOTIC” US armed force who are blamed for fighting for securing oil supply to US and killing innocent people. And also we wont be part any so-called religious war as we are no Christian or Muslims.

s tiwari, Hungary - 03 April, 2006

Hopefully we are keeping an eye on you

Asfar SIddiqui, you say you are in Chicago now and you hope the Iranians kill lots of Americans? Well, dude, I hope we are keeping a close eye on you.

You prove that America's greatests enemies are within our own country.

Eric, United Kingdom - 03 April, 2006

topic is good content is bad

Accept hate towards America, the article doen't convey anything. Statistics are missing, topic is good content is bad

sanjay, Hungary - 03 April, 2006

Not a Religious war on our Part.

s tiwari America is a secular country so it isn't a religious war from our perspective.

But it is impossible to ignore that all the terrorist attacks upon America lately has been by Muslims.

So, they are the ones who are making it it a religious war. America doesn't hate Muslims. Just the ones who support terrorism. Which, indeed unfortunately seems to be quite a few of them.

After 9-11 we can't afford to deny the obvious. We can't afford to be Naive.

Dan, United Kingdom - 03 April, 2006

Concern about Foriegn Students Legitimate

Asfar SIddiqui proves that there is a legitimate concern that Americans should have regarding foreign students. While I am sure most of them are here for honest reasons, it only takes a few like Asfar SIddiqui to cause the problems.

Nathan, United Kingdom - 03 April, 2006

dont give the reasons, think for a solution

Hi Dan I'm fully agrees with you. America is a secular country and provide full rights to their residents no mater from which country they originally came from. Not only US, a compliment to all the western countries that their laws don't make difference between race and religions.

After 9/11 attack, I also think US is not that secured. And to provide safe life to her citizens, including migrants, US is also not left with many options. After 9/11 attack, it has been proved that terrorists can not be ignored whether they are in US or in iraq. And the way Mr Saddam Husain was dreaming to destroy US, US was not left with any option other than to attack on Iraq.

But the story doesn't end here mit. The question is why all the terrorists want to remove America and his friends? Why all the news papers of muslim countries are saying US is killing innocent people? Why Arabic people are ready to even die just for insulting US? Why a majority of muslims are supporting these terrorists? WHY AMERICA IS NOT LEFT WITH ANY OPTIONS OTHER THAN TO ATTACK ON THEIR ENEMIES? Why enemies of US are so much against US that even news papers are writing articles in such a way that u will find only hate for US and her friends from top to bottom of any article?

I don't believe only those people are terrorists who are dreaming to attack on western countries and want to kill innocent people. I want to include all those people also who are providing them such types of materials, which encourage them to become terrorists. But here again I find a majority of muslims doing this. Like the news papers of muslim countries, educated muslim people living in western countries, even when I talk to women of muslims countries, I find the same thing. I find all most all the muslims saying, “just for oil, US and his friends countries are killing “innocent people””.

And this way they are in fact justifying the attacks of US or on Britain or anywhere. Becoz if innocent people are being killed in mass scale by US and her friend countries, as they say, the clear messages are
1st: these killings wuld be stopped.
2nd: there wuld be a resistance for these murders and,
3rd: very very important, “murderers, US and his friends wuld get punishment.”

Now what's the solution? Becoz Muslims, mainly Arabic muslims, are not going to pull their head back. Also the way a type of environment is being made in all the muslim countries, it is less likely that they will compromise on the terms and conditions of US. Then what will be the result????? I guess, until they can't do anything they will suffer and when they will get strength they will take revenge. And for that they will cross any limit. Any limit means… I repeat any limit. Till then they will have seen so many bombardments in Muslim countries that even if a mad ruler of any Muslim country will use N-bombs against any western countries, I'm sure muslims will criticize it from outside only.

I wuld like to warn, if US will not be successful in establishing true democracy in Iraq, whole world will pay for that. Whatever has been done till now is different, but now the situation is such that US wont leave Iraq untill they provide them full security. Otherwise not only US but also all other countries including india, and other asian countries will pay for that. Population of muslims is no less in any country. US must be successful in providing a better life to Iraqi. It wont be look like US was defeated in Iraq otherwise whole world will pay for the anger of Muslims.

Now “Dan” I tell u a truth. I really don't know what's really happening in Iraq. haha. Some news papers says US armed force killing innocent people and some says they are there to make democracy in Iraq. But one thing I have known till now what Muslims are thinking. And I can say majorities of them are thinking in the same way the articles in news papers of muslim countries are written. And if they are thinkin in this way, one thing I must say, they won't think like this. And for that other western countries and US will have to take steps so that they won't think like this. The steps would include justice. And justice for what ………. Yet to define. But they must get justice otherwise they will take revenge whenever it will be possible.


s tiwari, Hungary - 04 April, 2006

The million dollar question

With all due respect to Islam, I just don't understand why is it that Muslims are a party to every major conflict on earth. Take Kashmir, Chechenya, Kosovo, Israel-Palestine & the most recent one the 9/11.
Muslims are fighting Jews, Hindus, & now it's the Christianity dominated West vs Islam. Does anybody has any justification for this? Why are all these Jews, Hindus & Christians- collectively referred to as Infidels or 'Kaafirs' against the religion of Islam which promotes brotherhood & peace & gives equal rights to all other religions. Are these religions inherently evil or is there some problem with Islam instead? Please don't take it personal whatever your religion might be but I just don't understand where the problem lies.

As far as the author of the article is concerned, Sir, Kabir said, "Bura jo dekhan mein chala, bura na milya koi, Jab apne andar dekha, mujhse bura na koi." Jews & Hindus are making a fool of US government & policymakers it's the American muslims who are the protectors of the Stars & Stripes. By the way, in return for all the opportunities that US has provide you, may I humbly ask what you have done in return? Islam says the biggest burden on a Muslim is 'Ehsaan' & you are returning it by writing this article against the very country's head you are living in & which has provided you opportunities which your home/ancestral country couldn't.

Karan Thapar, Hungary - 05 April, 2006

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