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Iran Issue: Is the Boss Always Right?

15 February, 2006

By Tanveer Jafri

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In all Probability Iran issue is giving a hidden feeling that the mother earth is underway to bear the pain of a terrible war. In spite of Iran repeating it again and again that its nuclear programme is for running its nuclear energy established and for increasing its electric production with the help of nuclear energy but America is not willing to accept it. It says that `Iran is telling a lie and it is adamant on its uranium enrichment programme only to manufacture its atomic weapons.` Iran`s answer goes that although its uranium enrichment programme is not at all for manufacturing of atomic weapons yet it is its personal affair whether when and how many atomic weapons should be manufactured or not by it. As Iran is an independent country having independent thinking and independent thoughts so America or any other country should have no objection on its manufacturing of atomic weapons.  

In the meanwhile, an American spokesman scien mc comarck in his fresh statement has anxiously expressed his views that Iran has manufactured different parts of atomic weapons. Now chief scientists and electronic engineers of Iran are busy day and night in their try to assemble their different parts. Comarck is of the view that Iran has got the desired technique and progressed a lot in this direction.

Undoubtedly America has been successful to convince the countries of the world in this matter. It is quite clear by its success in international Atomic energy agency. Now according to America, there is a great possibility of danger in the world by the atomic weapons of Iran so it is not desirable for Iran to manufacture atomic weapons. In stead North Korea has openly & clearly told America that it has so many atomic bombs that it can strongly face any American attack. North Korea has refused to reveal the number of atomic weapons should remain a secret. This blank answer of North Korea could not multiply the worries of America. Why` Because, now it is the turn of Iran & not of North Korea. Iran & America will face each other; this is what was being waited for the last thirty years. Since the time, when the royal rule of Ahmed Raza Shah Pahelvi, who was the promoter of American interests in Iran, ended by Islamic Revolution. Since after the reign of Iran came in the hands of Islamic fundamentalists, Iran`s mainstream of thought changed & there was a `U` turn in the policy of Iran towards America.

The policy of Shah Pahelvi, who like all other countries of the world used to weave the process of development of Iran & thought of taking Iran on the roads of strength & power by becoming a puppet in the hands of America was completely dismissed. Now Iran has adopted the path of self sustenance & self dependence. All the supporters of Shah or America, who were controlling the top posts, were shot at to death. Three decades ago, Islamic power of Iran had given a message to America that GOD is supreme & more powerful than America. Now how could America hear it, when most of the Arab nations worked as puppets of America, Iran is going against it.

American attack on Iraq was condemned by most of the countries of the world & even in America itself. American President George Bush replied it in a very philosophic manner. He said in a recent statement that undoubtedly the reason of attack on Iraq may be wrong but the attack was right. It means that the `boss is always right.` Right in the same way why is Iran starting its Uranium enrichment programme & whatever the world may say about it but what America says is right. That Iran is going to manufacture atomic weapons & its atomic weapons are fatal for the world. Now this Shia majority country may have to face the wrath of American army in the near future. This expectancy is gaining strength day by day. The main reason is that this time is most suitable for American army. Under the pretension of Iraq & Afghanistan, a sufficient number of its soldiers are present in Middle Asia. Under the prevailing circumstances, if there is a war, American army can easily fight against Iran because of its pre-prepared army basis in Kuwait & Iraq.

Now the question arises if there is a war, will it be a like of Iraq, whose result is much ado about nothing. It may be a war for a week or with unimaginary results. It is important to have a look at the history of Shia community. This nation, who accepts `Hazrat Ali` as its 1st Imam takes inspiration from Hazrat Ali & his sons `Hasan` & `Husain`. Every year on the eve of `Moharram`, remembering the sacrifice of its third Imam Hazrat Imam Husain in Karbala, it undertakes astonishing deeds as shedding its own blood & walking on the burning charcoal, follows the ideals of Hazrat Ali that `Honorable death is better than despicable life`. Following this policy, Imam Husain fought against cruel Syrian King Yazeed, sacrificed all the members of his family but thought it better to keep Islam alive. He didn`t accept Yazeed as Islamic King. It seems that this nation will have to undergo the same type of test & another `Karbala` is waiting for it. There is an assumption in Shia community. `In incidents like Karbala, martyrs live forever & nobody remembers the cruel persons.`

But, will the Shia community of Iran be able to fight against America as Hazrat Husain fought with the courage that faces the cruelty` With the change of time, it all has changed. Now if American statement is accepted that Iran is near to its preparation of atomic weapons then if war is thrusted upon it, will it not use them in the war` Some experts believe that long before, Iran has attained the ability to produce atomic weapons. Some experts accept that Iran equipped itself with nuclear weapons. If all these arguments are accepted then just imagine the scene of coming war. Now it is meaningless to doubt Iran that it will use the nuclear weapons, because by now only America has been an accused of using atomic bombs on the Japanese cities, Nagasaki & Hiroshima. So America has been the most irresponsible & not trustworthy in this matter. Now if, `The boss is always right` & the danger is from Iran & not from America then what will be the horrors if Iran uses the atomic weapons`

To know it, we shall have to have a look at the consequences of that atomic attack which was done by America at 5:29 a.m, on July 16, 1945 from the desert of Alam Grado Town of New Mexico on Japanese city, Nagasaki. This terrible blast by atomic weapon plan resulted in immediate death of three lacs of people & the effect of its radiation can be seen on all its citizens till now. The intensity of its blast was equal to twenty thousands tons of explosion. There was a four kilometer deep ditch at the place of blast. A big colored & shining cloud of smoke up to height of 12 kms appeared in the sky. At a distance of hundreds of Kilometers as if the sun was rising. Even a blind girl, who was standing 15 kms away form the spot, saw shine of the blast with its blind eyes.

It was the horror of an atomic explosion done in 1945, a twentieth century explosion, which is beyond description. Obviously the horrible consequences of 21st century atomic bomb may be used by Iran, America or any other country is beyond imagination. God forbid! If this mother earth has to ever face the atomic armaments war, but as is said, `The boss is always right` then every thing is right except you. This American policy will be responsible for the upheaval of this earth because war is nothing but destruction & devastation of humanity. As Sahir ludhianvi, a renowned Urdu poet said:

Isliye aiy  Sharif Insano, Jang Taltee  rahe to behtar hai,
Aap aor Hum, Sabhi ke aangan mein, shamma jalti rahe to behtar hai!!

`It is better to avoid war so that a light will remain visible in our yards.`



Reader Comments:

You're Joking Right?

You honestly believe Iran is enriching uranium for "scientific research?" If so, why did they feel the need to hide the program for so many years? You believe they only desire to be self-sufficent. Why didn't they just build a nuclear reactor that cannot produce the material for a bomb. You believe Iran is a peaceful nation and that if it does acquire the bomb it will be more responsible than the U.S. What is all this talk about labeling America as the "Great Satan?" And don't get me started on its rage against Israel. Oh, and we havn't forgotton that Iran is harboring some of the most dangeous terrorists in the world. But Clearly, these are moves only responsible nations make (sarcasm). Was using nuclear weapons wrong, of course. Why do you think we are trying so hard to prevent such things from happening again?

Doug, United Kingdom - 15 February, 2006

United Iran - 1500m muslim we stand

United We Stand Divided We Fall.1.5 BILLION
Muslim must not let Crazy Ayetollah Khatami
Or President Ahmed Dinejad decide the fate of
Muslim Ummah( include Shiite).Nuke Bombing of
Tehran and even whole Iran will come from none
Muslim Petrol addicted luxury loving atheist USA
Citizen plus other car loving public who drive car
With cheap petrol via elicitly installed sheik emirs
harbouring soldiers already in Iraq Baku Armenia
Turkey and within Iran to invade and bring back
Shah Jr.Motorists go alone to work in car big enough
to carry 5 even 7 or 10 people.If Ayetollahs with
high wage and wives just said Casually after having
Sexy night if you do sanction to us “ we will increase
Price”. These incompetent Muslim leaders are
supposed to do prayer with sheiks emirs wahabbis
moulviis Ummah in pursuit to get Paradise and pure
wives in hereafter.These fraud have created paradise on
earth as well as hoping to get bigger harem in Jannat
( double - double motivation) like counterparts Bush
Blair Henry Kissinger Think Tank group.In the movie
“The Enemy Within”starring Jason Robards and
Forest Whittaker they have exact plan (I mentioned
Earlier in Anwar Hussain Article)White House Chief
Of Staff was betrayed by his junior.President of USA
Fired him but retained co-conspirator Henry Kissinger
Equivalent Sec of State Think Tank group for own
Aggression.This Bush –Rice planned invasion troops
Are Ready to commit worst aggression ever.

Muslim Umma (including myself) must not let them
Have any excuse.They will use short cut by false pretence
Or excuse.The World has already changed .The rich
Have lost grip.From my viewpoint , it is better to die
Fighting in battle than be bombed or killed by Nuke
or unlimited Colatteral bombing and be killed in
Millions or tens of million or even hundereds of million.
The few soldiers of petrol addicted tanker owners oil
Corporations or Car mfrs can be handled if we do not let
Them drop Nuke (easy way out).The peaceful way is
Correct way where we can ask for equal share.We hold
Oil fields in the middle of 1.5 billion muslim countries.

benz m Ispahani, India - 16 February, 2006

US is wrong on Irans nuke issue

Actually common peoples of usa never want to dictate the world but there are some rulers there having mentality like president G.Bush,whose foriegn policies are defaming the country.Tanveer jafri writes that Is the Boss always right? Never, niether usa was boss,nor at present us is right.common people know very well that war is never good .Its always a sign of distruction for both of the fighters.We all must pray to God for avoiding war.Not only Iran but whole world should be free from distructive weapons.Mr.Tanveer Jafri is a very good writer.He always write in favour of peace.I hope that Iran neuke issue will resolve without any war.

Gauhar Nawab, Hungary - 16 February, 2006

Is the Boss Always Right

At the moment I would say yes "Is the Boss Always Right" but given time it will change. Power is never in the hand of one, it keeps on changing and world will be changing in due course. Going back in the history over 200 years ago USA was ruled by British. Today US is super power after dismantling USSR but most of that work's credit should go to Pakistan who did all the dirty work for US and its allies. Let us think about Iran. A country with great history and culture has always been good when buying everything from west, i.e. during Shah's time. At that time Iran was their closest ally in that part of the world. If today Iran likes to develop energy with Nuclear technology they are bad and must be attacked as stated through some media. No doubt US is Boss but by attacking problems will not resolve. US future requirements of OIL for industry which is on their minds and they want to do today being their advance planning they want to secure OIL. I don't know much about the present President of Iran but he is not as bad as one would say. He does not live in Castles or palaces but sits on the ground with simple living as seen on TV. I would not go against any one without having some concrete evidence and a country in need of electricty and development do have a right to exist and use those resources available to feed their people. Nothing wrong with that and that is their right being a great nation.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 17 February, 2006

Crazy writer

Seriously now. A country with an abundance supply of oil needs a nuclear reactor for power? Think about it, what do you really believe. Look at the leader, can you truly say he is sane? How many times has Bush said he wanted to wipe a country off the map? None.

The bomb in Japan was needed. That was a war we did not start and could not end. Do you hear us saying we would do it again? The Iranian cleric said he would use nuclear again the west. How can you not see this????

Ryan, United Kingdom - 20 February, 2006

too many things still to say the rest of world

im not agree with the writer that US has convinced the world that irani nuke bombs are danger for the rest of world. this is all becoz of their president who dont know how to talk. he is such a offensive man that even chance oriented country like russia has left iran. even country like china has refused to support iran. who will support this president who has no control on his language. either in UN or anywhere, such a offensive language he use that US faced no problem to show what he may do if he may get nuke bombs also.

US will have to justify why they want to have nuke bombs but not iran????? they gotto prove what iran has done wrong against the world that they cant keep nuke bombs while US can????? they cant convince the world why they wuld keep nuke bombs but not others???????

s tiwari, Hungary - 20 February, 2006

Pre-Nuke Tehran Conference

Tehran Nuke Conference….
S Tiwari is wrong.Imagine India
And China (2.5Billion) is now
Iran Oil greedy after Iraq Oil.Ryan
about Japan Nuke is wrong for reasoning…

Case de Blanc(whites) Turkish Ottoman Morocco
was insulted with assembly(unauthorized) from
Turkish held Bulgaria refugee Ingrid Bergman
for Casablanca (best film ever made)'42. Roosevelt
and Churchill met TO PLANT ALLIED FLAG after
evicting Turk Hitler Italian and Japan guarding maroc.
They went straight for invading Italy with USA Canadian
UK army.They made raids in Hamburg'43 forcing Hitler
open up at Kuskcks.Japan left Kiska land to Canadian USA
100,000 soldiers allied army.

Allied went with 100,000 soldier to hold Emirau..
Allied Roosevelt Churchill Stalin met in Tehran
To implant Shah without respect for Islam in early
1944. while 150,000 German Italian Turks Bulgarian
Romanian were found Dead near Turkish Black Sea
Aegian and Adriatic Caspian Sea battle specially
Around Crimea USSR of Gorbachov Who wrapped
up Communism due to past memory when he used
to walk 6 km to school everyday for being poor..

USA Allied planted their flag in T E H R A N throwing
Out Turks Hitler Italian Japan and went straight to drop
1945 Nagasaki Hiroshima Nuke killing for Toyota and

Here Ahmed Dinejad or an Ayotollah do not represent
Fate of 1500 muslim.The issue is how to send USA allied
Soldiers back home who have surrounded Iran and all oil
Fields for theft stealing on behalf of Toyota Tata Honda Ford
Chrysler BMW Shell BP Standardard oil Boeing Air Bus
Major Airlines Banks Investors who finance their wage.Looting
Supporters who drive cars big enough to carry 5 or more is
Thief too for a joy ride every day doing 10,000-50000 km/yr
Bypassing share of Muslim UMMA who do not own car yet.

benz m Ispahani, India - 20 February, 2006

How one American feels

I don`t think Iran should have any nuclear technology. To go from no energy to atomic energy is a big jump. They haven`t learned how to respect this type of technology. It`s like giving a child a firecracker and then handing them a stick of dynamite. Iran is controlled by religious zealots who think for their people and prohibit free speech. I read a lot about how other countries say Americans aren`t really free to say what they want. For example, the incarceration of David Irving for publishing lies about the Holocaust is not free speech, it`s called slander. This happens everyday in America. It is illegal to do this, just most of the time the person who is hurt doesn`t press charges. In America, if you write lies claiming to be fact you can be prosecuted. There is a fine line in proclaiming fact and excercising free speech. We don`t believe cartoons are fact. It`s funny how the "West" is to blame for what Danish Newspapers print. We in America think most of the people over there are just plain nuts. Behind the times, uneducated, nonmodern. Living in tents without electricity or plumbing and riding camels. Scared of ghosts and spirits. Most of us think they don`t have freedom to think as one would like to. That if people tried to choose a different religion
or question leaders decisions, they would be persecuted. I am a Christian, but I believe "to each his own". If someone doesn`t believe the way I do, or wants to make a cartoon of Jesus, I don`t think that person should die. I pity them. Their ideas don`t change the way I feel about Jesus. Do you see where I`m going with this? By the way, when was the last time you saw an Iman malnurished to the point of exhaustion? They put themselves before their people. They don`t mind the average Iranian makes barely enough to feed his family, according to the Koran that`s all they need. The people of Iran need to wake from their slumber. Demand good jobs, healthcare, educational institutions, freedom to use their minds!! If they don`t their religious leaders pockets and bellies will continue to get fat from the blood, sweat, and mental degradation of the Iranian people. And other countries will step in due to threats and wipe them out. Hopefully the average Iranian Joe won`t feel the pain.

carlos santanna, United Kingdom - 21 February, 2006

be slow and first think before say

hi brother "benz m Ispahani" man first think before say if u think india and china are oil greedy........then i may say by voting against iran in UN, they have prooved, nothing may happen whether iran supply gas (or oil) or not. india has made some contract with western australian state government for gas recently, katar and many african and many real greedy countries like russia has too much oil and gas for india and china case of india, russian oil may travel some more distance. nothing else. china has even bougth many oil and gas field of russia. india is also doing the same but slower than china. oil card is failed in UN brother. try to understand. u cant put AK47 of oil on ur friends and then ask for help. if not iran then many other arebic "money greedy" countries like saudi arabia will sell oil who are main supplier to even country like US.

change ur president. everyone want to support iran. but first choose a president who wuld say "IRAN WANT TO HAVE NUKE POWER TO PROTECT WORLD". like US say ........... dont say u want to remove any country or want to blackmail some other countries and thats why u want nuke bomb. things dont work like this brother. give some space to ur friends so that they may support u.

otherwise my best wishes is with u against US. who knows, may be iran may give some unexpected results. who knows. but statistics says............. "be slow".

s tiwari, Hungary - 22 February, 2006

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