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Indo-Pak Attitudes, 60 Years Later

13 September, 2007

By Adnan Gill

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On August 14 and August 15, in an unprecedented collaborative effort of Pakistan’s GeoTV and India’s NDTV, a political talk show ‘Hamaray Mutabiq’ was broadcasted.  The show hosted some of the most respected cultural and political icons from both Indian and Pakistani sides.  It presented an excellent opportunity to reflect on what had been changed in the last 60 years: physically, economically, ideologically, and more importantly philosophically. It also provided an interesting sample of attitudes and moods of the citizens of the two countries.

In the decades following the partition both countries went at each other's throats, at least four times.  By any standard, these conflicts physically changed the maps, i.e. out of the British India now we have Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and the disputed Kashmir.

Materially, in last decade or so, India improved quite a bit in technologically and economically whereas Pakistan showed intermittent spurts of improvement, but not enough.  Overall, both countries lag far behind the developed nations in the social uplift of their citizens.  The majority of Indians and Pakistanis are still barely surviving on less than $2 per day.  To put this in perspective, according to UNDP’s 2006 Human Development Index (HDI), out of 177 countries, India was ranked at a shameful 126th place and Pakistan took an even worst 134th place.  Even the so-called banana-republics like Honduras and Guatemala were ranked higher than India and Pakistan.

On philosophical and ideological levels, while much has changed on Pakistani side, unfortunately, hardly anything changed on the Indian side of the divide.

Pakistani side has repeatedly gone through political evolutions and devolutions which has over time softened the attitudes of its citizens towards their neighbors in the East.  Pakistanis have matured philosophically, and are mentally exhausted from decades of political instability, ultra-conservatism, and the fruitless struggle of fighting for the rights of the Kashmiris.  They have realized that decades of political instability and leading Jihads, one after other, for the liberty of others has only left them socially exhausted, diplomatically isolated, and financially drained.  With the decent of umpteen political talk-shows of new and independent TV channels, this exhaustion was filled by the heightened social and political awareness, and to some extent, by the religious extremists who played the role of catalyst for even newer mini-Jihads. 

As highlighted in the Hamaray Mutabiq show, the attitudes of majority of Pakistanis from all walks of life have transformed from individualist to righteous, into compromising and conciliatory.  Yes, even in the case of disputed Kashmir too.  Ironically, at the same time, the attitudes on Indian side have become even more self-righteous, arrogant, and condescending as displayed by the Indian Gen. (Retd) Shanker Roy Choudhary.

In last six decades, the attitudes of the general populace on the Indian side have regrettably only hardened.  Just like 60 years ago when most of the Hindu extremists were pursuing the creed of Hindutva, today a growing number of even mainstream Indians are pursuing this intolerant theological dream, only with even hardened resolve.  Hindutva is an intolerant and fascist ideology that negates the teachings and ideals of Mahatma Gandhi and is closer to the teachings of Bal Thackeray. 

Throughout his life, Mahatma Gandhi remained committed to non-violence and truth even in the face of most extreme circumstances.  But on January 30, 1948, his messages of nonviolence and truth were deemed unpatriotic and unbecoming of a Hindu, so he was shot and killed in New Delhi by a Hindu extremist.  In their mad pursuits, the forces of Hindutva didn't spare even the most cherished and beloved Indian leader.  Gandhi’s assassin, Nathuram Godse, was a Hindu radical with links to the Hindu Mahasabha (a Hindu extremist organization).  If you think, Gandhi’s assassination gave a backlash to the Hindu extremists, think again!  Even a higher percentage of Indians elect and support the Hindu extremist parties now.

Ironically, even though Pakistan is viewed as the country in the clutches of religious extremists, but in reality, to this day, its citizens have never elected any religious party in the center.  While in the stark contrast, India has twice sent a Hindu nationalist party to the center, the BJP which twice formed a coalition government with the other Hindu extremist parties.  In fact, it was the BJP Chief Minister ‘Narendra Modi’ who sat over the massacre of 2,000 Muslims.

Sadly, today there are more followers of Mahatma Gandhi’s nemeses, Bal Thackeray.  Thackeray is an admirer of Adolf Hitler and Nazism.  He is a Hindu fundamentalist and a poster boy of the Hindutva believers.  He formed the Shiv Sena (widely known to be a Fascist party), an ally of the BJP.  He holds the most extreme views against non-Hindus (especially Muslims), and the Pakistanis. 

Unfortunately, the Indian news media and entertainment industry are also hammering the ultra-conservative pro-Hindutva beliefs into the impressionable minds of younger Indians, already high on ‘Shining India’ mantra.  With increasing frequency, Bollywood is churning out movies in which villains are either Muslims or Pakistanis. Not to be beaten by Bollywood, the Indian news media bolsters its rating by hyping the government’s favorite bogyman, the infamous Pakistani ISI.  Every time a violent act takes place in India, immediately, without even any circumstantial evidence, the media joins the government’s favorite chorus of Muslim or Pakistan bashing. 

In last 60 years, barring notable exceptions, while Pakistani attitudes have transformed into humbleness and conciliation; regrettably, the same cannot be said about the Indian attitudes which have only hardened in their yearning for the extremist philosophy of Hindutva whose cardinal objective is establish ‘Akhand Bharat’.

Reader Comments:

Incorrect impression

I am an Indian but have always respected Mr Gill's balanced views on the US heganomy but here he has presented an untrue picture of the Indian attitudes. Mr Gill does not realise that as in any country, both India and Pakistan have small fringes of extremist politicians and people. The BJP or Shiv Sena do not represent the views of the entire population of one billion plus Indians. As in any democracy, people or parties have a right to their views but cannot impose these on other people. The majority of Indian people are secular which reflects in the fact that India has had muslim presidents Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed and Abdul Kalam Azaad. Bollywood's most popular superstars, Shah Rukh, Aamir and Salman are muslim and are adulated throughout the Hindu population. Dilip Kumar (Mohd. Yusuf Khan) is revered as the all time acting legend of India and Mohammad Rafi's melodious voice still entertains us over two decades after his death. Looking at the state of Pakistan's tribal areas, no Indian will wish for an "Akhand Bharat" and are happy for Pakistan to deal with these difficult areas. I have many educated professional Pakistani friends in UK and we always wish for our brothers back in South Asia to forget our differences and to come together to spend the scarce resources for human development rather than arms.

Raghav Upadhyay, United Arab Emirates - 13 September, 2007

Tolerant and Secular India

It is a folly on part of writer to equate political parties with common man. Every political party has a political agenda which it uses to climb ladder to grab power. In India, all political parties ( irrespective of political ideology / religion/ caste/ langauge) have right to participate in electoral process. India has under gone many changes politically in last 2 decades , when single party rule came to end. When Congress ceased to be dominant power , the vacuum was filled by many political BJP/ BSP/ SP and regional parties. This is the strength of the India's democracy and liberal/ secular constitution . Historically for centuries , India has been land of tolerance and secular beliefs. Even during occupation of India by outsiders - right from persian invaders to british, Portuguese...India' secular fabric remained intact. Indian culture encouraged debates and divergent thought processes even in religious matters. The very fact , India has been crucible of various religious thoughts like Buddhism, Jaininsm, Sikhism..Sufism etc.demonstrate that plural society like India will survive many more centuries because of this liberal, secular mindset. In that sense, yes, India hasnt changed ..and wish it doesnt change for millions of years !

Sanjay, Hungary - 13 September, 2007

from 1947 - 2007

1947 - we Indians were pained at the partition
1957 to 1967 - we still dreamt for Akhand Bharat
1977 - we had better (or worse) things to think about, eg. Emergency and aftermath, Punjab trouble brewing etc
1987 - we were busy with Bofors, Ayodhya and Telecom revolution
1997 - we were busy in rejuvenating our economy and living standards
2007 - we are more busy to improve our lives economically

well, the Akhand Bharat dream seems to be a Pakistani dream (or nightmare) not on India's agenda. we have better things to do!

vijay, Hungary - 14 September, 2007

Parition decided during lunch break

According to an article published on the eve of 60 years of Partition, on the BBC titled, "Partitioning India over lunch", a British civil servant's memoirs never published before were disclosed. The civil servant named Christopher Beaumont, is stated to have played a central role in the partition of India in 1947. After the death in 1989 of Mountbatten's Private Secretary, Sir George Abell, Beaumont claimed that, he was the only person left, who "knew the truth about partition".

In 1947, Beaumont was private secretary to the senior British judge, Sir Cyril Radcliffe, the chairman of the Indo-Pakistan Boundary Commission. Radcliffe was responsible for dividing the vast territories of British India into India and Pakistan, along religious lines.
The memoirs released show that, Beaumont had a stark assessment of the role played by Britain in the last days of the Raj. Beaumont wrote in his memoirs:
"The viceroy, Mountbatten, must take the blame - though not the sole blame - for the massacres in the Punjab in which between 500,000 to a million men, women and children perished. The handover of power was done too quickly."
The central idea presented by Beaumont's in historic memoirs is, that Mountbatten had not only bent the rules when it came to the partition, he had also bent the border in India's favour, by constantly pressurizing. Radcliffe.
At a place, Beaumont recorded his resentment about the whole affair, stating that, he was "deftly excluded" from a lunch between the pair in which a substantial tract of Muslim-majority territory, which should have gone to Pakistan, was instead ceded to India, giving "grave discredit on both men".
Beaumont - who later in his life was a circuit judge in the UK , has recorded his views, which are most scathing about how partition affected the Punjab, which was split between India and Pakistan. Excerpts of his specific remarks are reproduced below:

"The Punjab partition was a disaster," he writes.
"Geography, canals, railways and roads all argued against dismemberment.
"The trouble was that Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs were an integrated population so that it was impossible to make a frontier without widespread dislocation.
"Thousands of people died or were uprooted from their homes in what was in effect a civil war.
"By the end of 1947 there were virtually no Hindus or Sikhs living in west Punjab - now part of Pakistan - and no Muslims in the Indian east.
"The British government and Mountbatten must bear a large part of the blame for this tragedy."

Beaumont goes on to argue that, it was "irresponsible" of Lord Mountbatten to insist that Beaumont complete the within a six-week deadline, on which he insisted despite his protests.

About Kashmir, Beaumont had written that it would have been "far more sensible" to have made the flash-point territory a separate country. He praised Radcciff as a "formidably intelligent" officer, who did not get on well with Mountbatten, saying, "They could not have been more different". He observed about the nature of the two as:
"Radcliffe was very quietly and civilised and his relationship with Mountbetten was so like chalk and cheese that Lady Mountbatten had to use all her adroitness to keep conversation between them on an even keel."
Beaumont died in 2002 and his son Robert remembers his father with great affection, saying:
"He was a man of supreme honesty, who spoke out on numerous occasions against the official British version of events surrounding partition without in any way being disloyal to his country".

In another research paper published about 13 years back in British press, Mountbattrenn was angry on Maharajah of Kashmir, for not being able to sign the agreement of State's allegiance with India, before the expiry of the given deadline. On being told that, Maharajah could not reach Delhi to sign the document, due to inclement Srinagar weather, not allowing his flight to take off for two days. As oblique and tortuous Mountbatten was, he forced the weather records to be changed and got the paper signed back dated, flying the plane on the day of severe rain storm in Srinagar. An undeniable proof of deceit in the whole partition process. But this is something, which the Pakistan government has preferred not to touch, for reasons best known to it, in spite of being told that, Mountbetten had even stopped the clock, to get the papers signed before due time and date.

M.Saeed, Pakistan - 14 September, 2007

Real Issue

Dear Mr. Gill, I hope that you are pointing the people in your country in the right direction. A person of your stature should always use his position for the upliftment of the society. You are right by calling Shiv Sena a party based on Hindutva, but then there are also Islamic political parties in India that you have failed to mention. In a free country like ours you can also launch your own party if you belonged here. This is what secularism is al about, the right to follow your ideology. It is not wrong to follow your ideology or religion as long as you don’t hurt others or their sentiments.
If muslims in India were suppressed the world would not have seen Dr. AJP Abdul Kalam as the president/ missile man of India, Ustaad Zakir Hussain and Ustaad Alla Rakha as the tabla maestros, Musician AR Rehman, Mohamad Azzaruddin as a gifted captain of the Indian cricket team, Javed Akhtar’s lyrics, Ghulam Ali’s ghazals, MF Hussain’s art etc. And these are just very; I mean very few instances where Muslims have made it big in a country with a majority of Hindus. Very recently Azim Premji of Wipro India became the world’s richest Muslim entrepreneur outside the gulf. All these people hold positions and the power to voice concern over the plight of the Muslims if they are not being treated fairly in India. All I can tell you is that one cannot judge a society by living miles away from it. You have to be an integral part of that society to know what it means to celebrate Eid, Diwali, Christmas, Rosh Hashanah, Baisakhi and many more with the entire nation.

amit, United Arab Emirates - 14 September, 2007

Indian perspective

Dear Mr Gill,
I ready your article and I m sorry to say that your article is full of lies.i think you need to do some ground work,before you write next Article.My first argument,as you said in your article (that Hindutva is an intolerant and fascist ideology)It seems that you don't know anything about hinduism.Its India only where people from all religion live peacefully with full rights in a hindu Majority country.Having said that you give me an example of only one country in the world where people of other religions living with full rights in a muslim country.The plight of hindus/christians and sikhs in muslim country .On the contrary most of the muslims at the time of partition didn't left India,as we hindus allowed them to settle in India.This shows our greatness as a human being.It is well known through out the world that muslims are involved in terrorist activities.Have you ever come across a hindu involved in terrorist activities?
In a nut shell muslims living in a non-muslim country can only live as terrorist and in Muslim majority country they don't give any right to live.

raj, United Arab Emirates - 15 September, 2007

nice replys,

the reason why lots of indians living abroad and in india love to read pakistan news is that the very fact of belonging and brotherhood, its like an emotional brotherly rivalry situation, i'm sure if a white guy troubles either of us in a party, each one will come to other's rescue.. lets keep this friendly rivalry like aussie,NZ or canada, US, but lets progress without fearing or troubling each other.. and about extremists ..well it depends.. how you define it..your imagination of extreme politics in india and india's real politics are miles need to do a little more ground work before you write your next article on such issues,, and dont try to undo a famous methodology called 'statistics' by choosing an 'army general'or Bal Tackeray as the representative of the mass. some people at NWFP love Osama,(and even may win some provincial elections if allowed to stand)so will that be the general representation of pakistani public..?!

yash, Aruba - 15 September, 2007

India and Pakistan today, in the eyes of Adnan gill

It is to be understood in the very first place that although India and Pakistan were carved out of the same region under the British rule, these two are very different countries, with their own history, language, cultural heritage, population and size, and as such these two can not be compared. India and Pakistan are charting their own destiny.
The author has gone to a great lenght to explain that Hindu extremists are going from strength to strength in India. I would like to ask the author, how many AK-47s and RDX consignments have been recovered from the Hindu extremists so far ? The record will show none, because the Hindu extremism is purely a panic reaction for survival of the Hindus in their own land and there is no systematic global funding of terror, in case of hindu extremism. Increasing support for hindu nationalist parties is only logical, when a country is in a hostile neighbourhood and survival of its heritage is at stake ! Can the author explain, if there can be an Islamic Republic of Pakistan and an Islamic Republic of Bangladesh, what stops India from being a Hindu Republic ?
It is fashionable to many Pakistanis like the author to play down the all round progress made by India, a country of billion plus population. A country is made by its people, and not by wishful thinking. India is always blessed to have the richest of human resources that explains its glorious heritage of thousands of years. It is a tragedy that the India has never seen its best minds in the political arena, that is largely responsible for the poor rate of progess made in the last 60 years. The above shortcoming not withstanding, the the country has been able to correct its course in the past decades and thsnks to its brightest minds in business and technology, India is on a roll, even if it is statistically shown to be in the company of Hondurus, Gustemala and Pakistan. The author would better realize that if China can bring billions of its poor above poverty line, so does India, and now it is only a matter of when, and not if. This resurgence precisely explains the hardening of attitude amongst the Indians that the author has explained in his article. The author knows too well that in next ten to twenty years the gap between Pakistan and India is likely to widen so much that Pakistan's relative strength to bargain may reduce beyond trace, hence the tactical shift !

neel, Canada - 16 September, 2007

Akhanda Bharath

The title Akhanda Brarath only stands for current Indian states, including KASHMIR. No way or means Pakistan is included. Although it was painful, but time has proved that Pakistan don’t deserve to be part of secular India. We are very happy with what we have got. I can assure you, at any point of time; we do not attack or wage war against any country, until unless you initiate it. In case if you are not aware, in India, we citizens and politicians decide our foreign policy. Not Army. They are just servants of the nation, not the owner of the nation. Give us a good reason, why we should capture Pakistan. Instead of buying weapons for grants you are getting from US and European Union, try to grab food and technology and educate your citizens. I am sorry to say, 90% of Pakistanis living in abroad, driving Taxis. Look at Indians! In North America and Europe, or even in the Middle-East, overall as East Indian communities, they are well settled, some cases they are far beyond the local citizens. Plus, in Europe, North America and Middle East or Far East can you show me any Indian restaurant showing India- Pak restaurant? We always say INDIAN Restaurant. In contradiction all Pakistani restaurants displaying Pak-Indian restaurant.

In Pakistan you have Army / elite community and they won’t let you grow. They want Pakistan to stay in the current state. So they can prosper. They are your enemy. Not us, we Indians. So please, my request is that, stop this India bashing. Accept the realities. WE ARE NOT THE REASON FOR YOUR FAILURE. AND WE WON’T BE.

Jones, Pakistan - 17 September, 2007

Pakistan bashing by Indians.

I have seen posts in Indian press on issues concerning Pakistan. I am yet to see a single post which is not bitterly biased. Adding strength to the bias, one of the Indian news papers which claims to be the world's largest circulated paper, has no courage to accept any contribution from Pakistanis. Its links to Pakistan are totally blocked, refusing all contributions. In contrast, I have seen many serious contributions published daily in Pakistani on-line and print news papers, as on this site of Paktribune. More over, the posts in India's prestigious image maker, are published without moderation and checks on filthy language used not only against Pakistan, but also against Islam, which is the religion also of almost 200 million Indian Muslims, without the slightest concerns of hurting their sentiments, in their bitterly biased approach in Pakistan bashing, and by extension, in Islam bashing. I am sure,all Hindu contributors here are well aware of this fact.

Reaction against this article of Mr. Adnan, from writers of Indian Hindu origin is a basic attitude representation. I would like to remind them that, the sub-continent was divided by the British after accepting beyond doubts, the deep rooted divides between two major groups of Indian people and their resulting amplification into the concept of, "two nations". Ironically, the two nations have lost track of the "Two Nation Theory", which resulted in the Partition. It is useless to talk upon some thing without having any concept of the subject.
I am constrained to remind readers that, the original Indian nation was divided on a simple dividing line. It was unimaginably intriguing for the British to understand, how it could be possible to settle on something Hindus worshiped but Muslims devoured. Therefore, the only alternate they could imagine was a division along the line. I am sure, it that dividing line can be removed, two nations will find ways and means to live in harmony like US & Canada and New Zealand & Australia, all the Scandinavian countries and even Japan and S.Korea. Something not possible for a long time to come. Recent Ram Setu crises in India is a simple proof of the fact.

M.Saeed, Pakistan - 23 September, 2007

1428 AH(yrs) Old Pakistanis in Islam

Pakistanis Muslims ( 1.5 Billion )or Islam are rich resourceful and on way up to be powerful. Islam is a religion that encourages peace. It will never allow acts of terror since it considers killing of a person killing of humanity. Unlike India ‘s Hindus Muslims live in more countries than listed 57 countries of OIC.Pakistanis abroad are not just taxis drivers.It is absurd. Indian Sikhs Hindus are drivers too.Only USA EU Israel India since Iraq WMD possession of oil and wealth seem flying high. Their own wrongdoing cannot be blamed on Islam,Muslim are 96% in Kashmir and in India’s Major high tech locations Muslim still constitute 40/60 amid overall claim of 20%.Hindu Republic India will be joke. In fact Bangladesh is close enough to call Islamic republic as Most Hindus of Bengal prefer to spend more time in growing rich West Bengal of India.How rich are Indians at home and abroad while trying to climb above Local Muslim Population of None Muslim USA Europe Thailand Nepal or in Malaysia Singapore Indonesia Gulf States? SRK SK or khans of Bollywood with gangster Image of Islam is recent .This has been done via movie by Israelis Indian and US EU Canadian Hindu civil servant .They in turn are oil greedy who were just oil Customers before.they have ceased to be just customers Amid above controversy.USA have 52 states.India has many states and many billionaires.But Muslims within above infrastructure have more millionaires billionaires more engineers more doctors more graduates more professionals and have more resources than India with substantial Muslim Population with poor quality image they importune debate with Oil executive C Rice and WMD Iraq oil beneficiary debating 242 383 with UN boss Moon with no talk on Golan Height relying upon Israel India Orthodox Christian Arab League reflected amid Media terrorising visiting Ahmeddinejad which reflected:“These Muslims would not let us invade Iran oil and keep Oil as masters rather than customers”. That is how well to do is India Israel US EU Japan mooning around and thriving With slogan “terrorists Islam Terrorist oil rich countries citizen”.If I am wrong about Muslim Millionaires doctors.Wait ! We are on way up.

Z Billo, Canada - 24 September, 2007

Peace is all that matters!!

I am indian and stay in united states... here i had my first intercation with Pakistanis... i see no difference ... we all feel the same emotions , everything remains the same except the fact that we are carrying the burden of past silly legacies that must be by-gones and must be forgotten. Hinduism , Islam, or any other religion was created to sothe the victims of so called majority faiths... all religions have the same foundation of love and peace.... peace is all that matters!!

India is a country of great tolerance... and you guys will acknowldge the diversity factor in India...

till recntly... WE HAD MUSLIM AS THE PRESIDET.... SIKH IS STILL THE PM.... NOW MUSLIM IS THE VICE PRESIDENT.... HEAD OF CONGRESS IS /WAS CHRISTIAN.... ALL THREE BIGGEST BOLLYWOOD STARS ARE MUSLIMS.... Riots happen... because of bigger politics and we all know that why...

Yours and our governments should rise above and think broadly.. but sadly you have a dictator who is pawn in someother country's hand... and we have a PM who is pawn in his owns party chief...

Question: How did japan rise so much??
Because they forgot and forgave Americans and dedicated all their energy in developoing cutting edge technology... finesh watches... finest electronic items, cars... you name them and they have it....

comeon think ... and spread education.... science , maths... can save us from all the problems....

we have the boggest market in the world... thats our biggest advantage... use it....grow it...

Plz have courage to face the fact.... educate yourself , your kids.... and dont be afraid from fundamentalists....

Vivek, United Kingdom - 25 September, 2007

re: Billo

i think you and that guy from Iran who also had "verbal diarrhea" were classmates. Can you please tell us which school did you guys go to? Hope it was not one of those notorious madrassas of NWFP..!! but surprisingly you guys put a lot of information in few sentences, and i have no idea what kind of english is that..never read anything like that before and it just doesnt make any sense...has it got any coded message to anybody or something..!!??

yash, Aruba - 26 September, 2007

Shame on you Mr Gill....

Here we go again, the same old "ghisa pitta” rhetoric from a poorly informed Pakistani Author. Is this PORTAL stated owned?

Brothers and sisters of India and Pakistan, Wake Up...For God's sake Wake up. It has been 50 years since our independence and we are still fighting among ourselves...Thanks to Brits and forces like Mr Gill who is hell bent on keeping us apart. They would rather see us starved than prosper. Can you imagine what we can achieve if we channel all our energies towards our betterments. Free Trade, open borders, educated population…. India and Pakistan will be a force to reckon with, both economically and militarily.

India is on its way to economically prosperity, and this revolution is at the grass root level. I have met people who earn $2 a day but save 50 cents so that they can send their kids to school. I see this all over the place in India. I do not know what the geo politically climate in Pakistan is, but I hope Pakistan is working toward their betterment.

Finally, about this article, I am not sure what the author wants to convey. Are you trying to say that Pakistan society is more moderate than Indian one? If that’s the case, then Good for you and Pakistan. I am glad that Pakistan is moving toward moderation than towards the jihadi mentality. Keep it up and do not worry about India, because believe me, when every thing is said and done, India will remain a secular and vibrant society.

Pat, United Kingdom - 27 December, 2007


Hindutva as a Fascist ideology.
I guess Mr. Gill totally forgot about our own Islamo-fascism in Pakistan.

Arhsad Ali, Pakistan - 12 January, 2008

That's funny...

... I've been to India. Haven't seen any grip of arrogance or hindutava-ism. I've been to Pakistan and have seen recruiting posters for the Taleban advertised everywhere... Get a reality check mate

Rich, Norway - 12 January, 2008

Do you work to fill empty Space on this portal?

It seems you praise your leaders as hero (which they are not), and living conditions in Pakistan (which it is not. India is a democracy. Pakistan is not a true democracy). I think you can suitably praise the ISI for its hate strategies(which it does use)in your own right.

champ, Pakistan - 09 January, 2009

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