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Indian military might is overplayed

21 November, 2011

By Asif Haroon Raja

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Basing on tangible factors of its armed forces coupled with its nuclear strength, India claims to be the strongest military power in South Asia. America has now started to authenticate its claims. India fought three wars with Pakistan out of which two ended in a stalemate and one in controversial victory. In the 1948 war in Kashmir, when the position of Indian forces became precarious owing to stiff resistance put up by ragtag Pakistani forces together with Mujahideen, Nehru beseeched the UN to intervene and affect a ceasefire. Pakistan agreed to ceasefire only when Nehru gave his pledge that he would hold a plebiscite and allow right of self determination to the Kashmiris. His pledge was a ploy to save Kashmir but Liaquat Ali Khan believed him and thus lost a chance to reclaim Kashmir.

In August 1965, when Pakistani forces launched Operation Grand Slam in Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) and critical city of Akhnur was within their grasping reach, India declared all out war against Pakistan on 6 September. However, its pompous designs to humble Pakistan were effectively foiled by Pak forces. When the 17-day war ended inconclusively after India readily agreed to ceasefire, Pakistan forces had achieved superiority of strategic orientation. They were well poised to deliver the decisive blow and as such had an edge over numerically five times superior Indian military.

In the 1971 war, India used the instrument of psychological war to subvert East Pakistan, which was 1000 miles away from West Pakistan with a sea in between and surrounded by India from three sides. But for Indian military trained 2,87000 strong Bengali rebels who engaged Pakistani forces in high intensity insurgency for nine months, all out support of former Soviet Union and deleterious role of USA, Indian ten divisions together with 32 BSF battalions and Mukti Bahinis backed by massive artillery, tank, air and naval support could not have defeated the marooned force of 34000 regular troops and 11000 paramilitary forces devoid of air and armor support and cut off from rest of the world. In order to glamorize its so-called victory, Indian writers have been repeatedly mentioning false figure of 90,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendering to Indian forces.  

Indian military was tested in 1962 when it was pitched against Chinese forces in Himalayan region and was trampled. It tried to show its prowess in Sri Lanka in 1987-88 by confronting LTTE but had to run home after bloodying its nose. The Indian sponsored LTTE was eventually eliminated by Sri Lankan forces in May 2009. In the two localized conflicts with Pakistan in Rann of Katch in April 1965 and in summer of 1999 in Dras-Kargil area, Pakistani forces had beaten Indian forces. Comparing the performance of UN missions in disturbed countries, Pakistani units have excelled and have earned the reputation of being the best among all nations in the world while Indian units do not figure out at all.

Performance of Indian security forces in combating insurgencies, separatist movements and freedom movements is also deplorable since they have not been able to smother any in spite of applying brutal force. In IHK, over 700,000 Indian forces are battling with ragtag freedom fighters since 1989. They have massacred well over 100,000 Kashmiris and have used rape, torture and guile as weapons of war but have still been unable to quell the movement. India’s lame excuse that the freedom movement was not getting quashed due to Pakistan’s support was also taken care of when Gen Musharraf allowed India to fence the Line of Control and banned all Kashmir focused Jihadi groups. Indian forces are now firing at unarmed teenagers. With such a poor track record, it is strange that the US is betting on India and preparing it as a counterweight against China.

26/11 was the biggest disaster after 9/11 since ten terrorists took the Mumbai city hostage and battled elite forces of Indian Army, coastal guards, paramilitary forces and police for 72 hours. Nine of the attackers were ultimately killed after Israeli and South African commandoes barged in, otherwise the saga could have prolonged. 166 people including the attackers died in the shootout. Complete chaos and confusion prevailed in the city during the siege and security forces were found running around helter-skelter in utter panic. Instead of battling the terrorists, the media and political leaders trained their guns on Pakistan and held it responsible. In order to wash away the fear psychosis and to hide their embarrassment, the entire military might was deployed along Pakistan’s border and it started flexing its muscles. All this was done without having a shred of evidence against Pakistan. Instead of holding its security forces and intelligence agencies responsible for the debacle, Indian media undertook a frenzied campaign against Pakistan to malign its image and to prepare grounds to get ISI declared as a rogue outfit.

Taking advantage of widespread disorder in Mumbai city, Indian police officer Hemant Karkare was gunned down by RAW agents. He had netted the Hindu terrorist group involved in most terrorist attacks in India and had traced its linkage with Indian Army’s serving and retired officers including Lt Col Purohit. He had arrested the whole group and the case was under trial in law court. This discovery was just the tip of the ice burg. Many startling revelations would have surfaced had Karkare lived for some mort time. It was astonishing to note that all the Hindu terrorist groups in India, particularly those espousing Hindutva were patronized by Indian military intelligence, RAW and BJP. Western media is tightlipped over Hindu terrorism and extremism and rogue elements in Indian Army.

Attacks on GHQ and Mehran Base were executed by handful of terrorists but owing to swift and effective response of the security forces, the situation was brought under complete control within 18-20 hours. Some were overpowered while others were killed in action. These attacks did not disturb the routine life of Rawalpindi and Karachi nor caused any undue panic. Unlike the childish and panicky response of Indian media and its leaders, response of Pakistan leaders and media was dignified. No finger was raised at India or any other country. Rather, Pakistani media took the ruling regime and armed forces to task and held them accountable for intelligence failure and lack of preparedness. With regard to 2 May stealth helicopters assault, it was carried out deceptively by an elite force of USA against most wanted man and not against Pakistani target. There was anger but no nervousness in Pakistan. The incident galvanized the nation to confront the American challenge, which till then was considered an ally.

India claiming to be a world power capable of taking on China and Pakistan at a time didn’t pick up courage to take part in war on terror or to spare troops for invasion of Iraq. Instead it opted for cowardly covert war against Pakistan and that too using Afghan soil. RAW claiming to be the biggest intelligence agency in the region couldn’t get hold of a single al-Qaeda operative wanted by USA. On the other hand, Pakistan was instrumental in breaking the back of al-Qaeda by arresting its over 600 leaders. Indian civil, military and intelligence persons are present in Afghanistan in very large numbers, but al-Qaeda and Taliban have hardly targeted them, giving strong reason to suspect that there is a secret alliance between them, but the US remains mum. Pakistan Army and ISI have lost over 3550 at the hands of militants but the two are still accused of their linkage with them.

There are 37 insurgencies raging in different parts of India fighting Indian security forces due to injustices and discriminatory policies of rulers. There are over 100 non-Muslim and Muslim terrorist groups in India. Restive regions provide a fertile ground to ISI to foment anarchic conditions and fragment India. How is it that the ISI has not contacted any of the anti-state group or added fuel to any of the insurgencies particularly Naxalite or Maoist insurgency which has become an existential threat to India? Conversely, RAW is involved in Balochistan insurgency, FATA and Swat militancy, Karachi unrest, Balwaristan movement in Gilgit-Baltistan, Seraiki movement in South Punjab, and is linked with nationalist parties in rural Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is supporting TTP, Fazlullah group, BLA, BRA, BLF and is associated with militant wing of a political party. Yet it is ISI which is maligned and no finger has ever been raised against RAW.

India is least interested in al-Qaeda or Afghan Taliban and has no interest in curbing terrorism in Afghanistan. It will never ever antagonize China what to talk of going to war with it, but feels elated when it is called a bulwark against China or a world power. Its sole interest is to destabilize, denuclearize and balkanize Pakistan so as to become an unchallenged super power of South Asia. It is more concerned with IHK based Lashkar-e-Taiba which it projects as a bigger monster than al-Qaeda. If India is spending so much money in covert war against Pakistan, why can’t it divert part of it to fight Taliban and al-Qaeda that have become nightmares for USA and NATO, or to alleviate massive poverty and illiteracy in India? 

India should be grateful to Pakistan since it is taking the brunt of terrorism for a decade and containing it. In case the terrorists succeed in gaining an edge over security forces, the natural course of their spill out is India. Since terrorism is a common threat to both India and Pakistan, it will be foolish on part of India to sink its head in sand like an ostrich and imagine that it will remain safe. Once terrorism over floods India, in no time it will get converted from India shining to India darkness. Wisdom and discretion demands India to come out of its fancy world of Mahabharata and become more levelheaded.

Reader Comments:

jerk living in fools paradise

i dont know in which world this writer is living in must be in foolsd paradise

reality, - 27 November, 2011

your Comment is Pathetic instead of writing anti-India article your should focus more on INDIA-PAKISTAN ties other wise Both country will suffer on the hands of US. Which is Just applying the same theroy of DIVIDE AND RULE as the UK have done with us from last 200 years. They want both the country to fight again and when we both will destroy us they will come and make us slave.

Hind kumar Jha, India - 27 November, 2011

Long overdue correction in history

An excellent article bringing the long overdue correction in history!

salman, Pakistan - 27 November, 2011

not all the things written in this are true.

kailash, India - 28 November, 2011

What crap?

Wake up, Sid!!! Amazed at your jingoism:)

Look at the state of affairs around you and get realistic.

Mukhtar Singh, Singapore - 28 November, 2011

One can accept such bluff from Pakistani's only.It is below my dignity to go into details about the article.Its far off from the truth.I do not find any logic for the writer to write such nonsense except hunger for self glory.These are the reason that instead of working in right direction Pakistan is bent upon finding faults with India,where as India has changed its focus from Pakistan since long.

R S RANA, India - 29 November, 2011

This article made me laugh. I would suggest the author to see the interview of the senior most Pakistani Journalist Najam Sethi on Dunya TV.

Poor Pakistani, Pakistan - 04 December, 2011

Living in a dream

I can only laugh at such a stupid article. I am sure the author would have been drunk while writing this article. If Pakistani army was powerful it would have conquered India long back to fulfill the wishes of muslims in Pakistan to once again like MUGHAL rule the whole of India. If you had guts you would have not allowed division of Bangladesh. While it is not good to over-estimate others, it also not good to under-estimate others. Every time Pakistani army has paid for it, they have been shamelessly defeated by India again and over again. Your only backers were Americans and now they are preparing to kick ur butt. Who will now save you Pakis. Also the way Pak Tribune has carried this article shows that it is not a credible media organisation otherwise it would not have published such a stuff which is full of lies....

Harish Chand, India - 04 December, 2011






Rohith, Singapore - 04 December, 2011

Try Wikipedia

You have so many factual errors in this article that is astounding.

Jacob Reznik, Cameroon - 12 December, 2011

It is awesome

Hello, I am Indian and your piece is very interesting indeed. It is like you see a square plate and proclaim it to be round and then try to believe it is indeed round.

Unfortunately, facts are not different even if you measure them according to your scale when you are not dealing with Quantum mechanics.

Friend, India - 29 December, 2011


OMG, What a report from the great Paki analyst.... India is dark and Pakistan is Shining???? Yeah right... India is being treated as the pariah state in the world and Pakistan is offered the permanent membership to security council... but Pakistan is so powerful it wont even accept it.... Its actually the strongest, stronger than rest of the world combined.. its just keeping quiet to US raids as it believes in peace at all cost.... OH PLEASE....... Such article in such a big site.... So much for free and fair press in pakistan.... Again... LOL,ROFL,LMAO......

Dr. K. Kamalakumar, India - 25 January, 2012

This is what pakistan is all about...

Guys this is what pakistan is all about... Defiance of truth... Living in a fantasy... Making themselves a hell out of nothing... Blaming India and under-estimating it even though they know India's power.. Pakistan is above all a kiddish country... They wont hesitate to talk lies boldly... Thanks for showing your true colors so that everyone in the world can understand ur nature.. Pls come up with more articles Mr.Asif Haroon Raja... u r the clown of this century..

World view, - 27 January, 2012

Shekhchalli's story

India is prepairing herself to bcm world level superpower and just one deal of aircraft is more than Pakistani defence budget.In this circumstances,pakistan has no alternate but to find out Shekhchalli type story developers like this writter.Pls carry on my dear sir.....The best way out for Pakistan is to b with India,strengthen economic relations and prosper.Firstly u were used by americans and now chinese.When will u have your own positive and cultured thinking?

piyush, - 05 February, 2012

I got so much knowledge from this article.the media of whole world is wrong and the author of the article is only right.

ashutosh, - 28 February, 2012

Isn't it from Pakistani media which had created fake wiki leaks..rofl

OMG! firstly i have enough of this suck mentality from my dear Pakistanis around us, they won't accept there fluctuation rather give you damn with bulling about it with distortion, really nice IQ power the writer has, even can't hide his jealous & bias with too much crappy stuff about typical anti-indianess, i hope some of the senior Pakistani journalist will teach them how to come out of this pathetic accusation & be digest how the world history (except mudressa fag history) preach Pakistan defeat against India. Wikipedia is enough though..keep going

Nick, United States - 23 March, 2012

Does contain truth

Both the RAW and ISI have been involved in operations against each others country.That is the aim of the Intelligence agencies.
The answer is not in Hatred , but trying to solve our problems by mutual understanding,sacrifice and cooperation.

Although i dont agree with the author on many exxagerated claims of pakistani power, I do have to accept with the Author that India is also not free from terrorism.Indian army is committing henious crimes in Kashmir since 2 decades and the govt. covers it up. The crimes are agianst innocent Indian Kashmiri muslims . Thousands are locked up in jails, many dissapear. The army has been given a free hand in committing crimes. The Samjauta express blasts had Indian hand behind it. But India is never willing to look at it.
Also the the Unrest in SWAT ,Waziristan was fomented by indian RAW and Mossad , but the Pakistani army crushed the unrest in a matter of weeks. Many Bodies of Indian RAW were found, as they were all uncircumsized.

What about the Gujarat Riots which killed 5000 muslims. In pakistans history there has never been such a genocide against Hindu minority. Infact whenever there was a genocide in India, the Pak Govt gave Police security to the Hindu Minority in pakistan to prevent any revenge sort of thing. This is a fact.

Indians say pakistan to get rid of terrorists in pak, but they(India) have one of the biggest terrorist groups like RSS,Shiv sena, VHP who are spreading nothing but hatred and violence. They did not even spare the babri masjid.This is an utter shame to a country's pride.
To establish peace it doesnt work one way around , it should happen from both sides.
Stop the Crimes in Kashmir against innocent civilians and you will get results.
In return Pakistan should stop all the terrorist groups operating in its country and get a hold of itself. The same with India when it comes to Hate mongering terrorirsts like RSS,VHP etc.

Raju, - 28 March, 2012

Replying Raju

Hey Raju, you are claiming that India should remove the terrorist organisation like RSS, shiv sena. Tell me one thing how many of these organisation have gone and attacked on Pakistan while there are more then 10 terrorist organisation in Pakistan which works against India and even have made terrorist attacks. Regarding Kashmir Indian army have to kill the terrorist to keep peace in Kashmir otherwise we already have seen around 1947 when Kashmir was trying to be an independent state but Pakistan attacked on Kashmir and due to that India have to go there to defend the common people.

ghufran, - 23 April, 2012

Nice comedy article...made my day! India ran to UN to get ceasefire in 1948...roflmao! Kashmir chose to remain independent in 1947, and Pakistan attacked it, The Kashmir government sought Indian help, but India would not interfere in Kashmir's internal matter, so Kashmir agreed to merge with India. While all this was happening, Pakistan made some gains, but could not proceed an inch once Kashmir merged with India and Indian forces arrived. What a piece of lies the author has written here! Do you really teach these 'historical truths' in your terrorist madarsas??

Similarly, in 1962, China made some gains because our then defense minister was a traitor and a closet communist. He never issued war orders to the army, for first three days. Once Indian forces received the orders they drove the chinese away. Yaa, China illegally occupied some hundred sq miles of our beloved Kashmir land. But we will take that back sooner or later.

In 1965, Indian PM, Shastri,was assassinated in Tashkent, as he did not agree to ceasefire. Indian forces entered general Lahore area, and were a stone's throw away from the main city...obviously madarsas will not tell you this.

In 1971, we liberated Bangladesh...and 90000 of your 'oh-so-great' armymen were our captives. In a tragic utopian move, India freed the war prisoners unconditionally!

The Jaffna area of SL is like 20 miles away from Tamilnadu, and Tamils are living there for centuries and they are as much SL nationals as anybody else. The majority Sinhalese government, though made constitutional amendments in 1956 and gave second class citizenship to such Tamils. And that's how a indigenous movement for Tamil Elam started there, which was supported by fringe regional parties of Tamilnadu. Indian forces came back in 1987 as India faced internal democratic pressure from TN people to withdraw forces. Of course, in a failed country you won't understand what democratic pressure is!

Vish..., - 23 April, 2012

I hope the author remains in delusion for ever, because he/she is dreaming and out of touch with reality. ZA Bhutto used to say that he will fight a 1000 year war with India over Kashmir, but Bhutto never said Pakistan will get Kashmir. I like delusions of persons like the author and Bhutto.

kafir ka kahar, - 27 April, 2012

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