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India Using Maoists Against Nepal

22 August, 2005

By Sobia Nisar

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Although Indian reporters allege Pakistan for supporting Maoist guirellas in Nepal, in reality it has always been India rather than Pakistan who has carried out insurgent activities in Bangladesh and Nepal. In order to achieve its hegemonic designs in the region, it has been India’s foremost priority to create destabilization among its neighbouring countries.

India through RAW has played terrorist activities in order to destabilize the respective governments in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and other neighbouring states. Most importantly, there are strong operational linkages between Indian Maoist Communist Center (MCC), Peoples War Group (PWG) and Maoist guerillas in Nepal. The MCC and PWG based in Bihar and Andhra Pradesh are instrumental in providing Nepalese Maoists with training facilities, arms, ammunition, logistical support and safe sanctuaries to take refuge once hounded by security forces. India through its militant organizations is promoting terrorism in Nepal. The events of confrontation between Royal Nepal Army and Maoist guirellas show that Maoists are a hinderance in the revolution and prosperity and are aggravating the problems of impoverished masses because of their opportunistic and cruel tactics. Thousands of innocent citizens including women and children are slain by Maoists because they were being suspected as agents of law enforcing agencies. Ironically, India is showing undue munificence towards these Mao rebels and they safely recede into their hideouts in Indian territory after operating and attacking Nepali military and paramilitary forces. Nepali politicians claim Indian interference and abetting of Naxalites also. King Gyanendra in his Indian visit in June, 2004 handed over a list of 35 senior Maoists leaders believed to be hiding in the state’s Northern Darjeeling districts. Common denominator of this visit was Nepalese request seeking India’s assistance in controlling Maoists attacks in Nepal as India holds the key of controlling Maoist insurgency. The Maoists have become the best weapon for India to fulfill its mission. Nepalese government is also concerned over the reports that Maoists cadres are being trained by LTTE Guirellas in Srilanka. There is a palpable apprehension in Nepal that India may use Maoist insurgency to send a peacekeeping force to consolidate its influence in Nepal. Besides creating destabilization in Nepal, the ethnic crisis in Bhutan led by people of Nepalese origin is aggravated by Indian intelligence agency RAW to try and turn the political crisis to India’s advantage. According to observers, it is surprising that when Pakistan renders moral/diplomatic support to the freedom fighters in Indian Held Kashmir who are fighting for an internationally recognized legitimate cause, India accuses her for committing “cross border terrorism”. Hence there is no reason as to why the international community should not take cognizance of Indian nexus with Maoists insurgents in Nepal and her nefarious design to destabilize a smaller neighbouring country.

    It should be the foremost responsibility of India to adopt a policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of neighbouring peace-loving countries. If only India realizes the importance of peace in the region, all problems of neighbouring countries bordering India would solve automatically. Perhaps, the Indian government realizes this responsibility and let peace prevail in the region by adopting a policy of non-interference.


Reader Comments:

Recent attack of Maoist on Indian Parliamentarian

No doubt the article is written well and if i consider it a Pakistani cuisine it is rightly cooked for our people but Miss Sobia didn't pay attention on one recent attack of Maoist on Indian Parliamentarian, which killed him, I hope she may bring some new thought about it and give us a pro-Pakistani outlook on this incident.

Wasif Ausaf, Pakistan - 22 August, 2005

Give me a break, Maoists are banned in India. India is biggest victim of Maoists than any other contry. Pakis are support Maoists against all contries as mentioned in this article.

Pakibuster, Hungary - 22 August, 2005

RAW is enemy of Pakistan and Nepal, Bangaladesh

RAW is enemy of Bangaladesh, China, Nepal and Pakistan
Dr. Sabitri Chaudhary -

I..K. Gujral, former prime minister of India and Nepal's friend, was sent off to Russia during the late Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi's era. He was trained under the Russian Communist ideology and was assigned to look after a project called RAW whose objective was to build a strong Indian spy network in Asian and achieve Indian stronghold in the region.

The modus operandi of RAW was to interfere in the neighboring nation's internal affairs in such a way that they are engulfed in their won internal affairs and India could freely interfere in their internal affairs; encroach their border as well. The recent publication of a false report on the Internet against Nepal and Pakistan shows how unprofessionally this organization is operating.

Though the Indian government has denied any official bearing on the report, when over it comes in terms to the issue related to Nepal, the Indian foreign policy makers, ruling parties, opposition parties and the media unite together share a common negative perspective against Nepal. This way, it can never be accepted that the India government had no hands in publicising the report.

The fabrication of fictional characters and their terrorist activities are woven with such a lie that any civilized and democratic nation anywhere in the world would find it amusing to see the seasoned Indian propagandists lose so much of their credibility. RAW interfered in Sri Lanka affairs and the impact it created is still disturbed the peaceful country, was almost split in to two nations. As the saving goes, "he who's the witch acts as the witch acts as the witch doctor himself", the present Indian BJP government has now allotted USD $ 10 million as aid to the Sri Lanka government which is a paradox.

Bhutanese refugee problem in Nepal was also formulated by RAW from which Nepal is suffering a lot. RAW is also assisting the Nepali Maoists movement in supplying weapons and conducting guerrilla training and identifying remote and inaccessible 22 districts like Rolpa, Rukum, and Jajarkot for easy Maoists operation. Though Sri Lanka has been granted economic aids, the BJP government on the other hand neither takes any initiative to solve the root cause there nor does it speak anything against the Tamil Nadu leader Karuna Nidhi of DMK to stop his activities in Sri Lanka. India is also not free from the risk of being split up from problems with ULF As and Kashmiries.

But to cover it all up, to put an illusion on its own citizens, the government is performing all these theatrical gestures like providing donations to Sri Lanka. Unlike the Himalayan Blunder of 1962, the late Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi had to enforce his military force into Sri Lanka to settle problems which India itself had created earlier. Later, the Indian army was compelled to pull out in defeat bearing a loss of more than 1500 army personnel.

As the saying goes: "those who plan poison tree well later be eaten up by the same tree", Rajeev Gandhi was assassinated by the Tamils themselves. Likewise, late Indira Gandhi also had planted a poisonous tree in the name of Saint General Singh Vindarwala. The interference of the Indian forces in the holy Punjabi Golden Temple in Amritsar, the killings of the separatists all added up to the assassination of Indira Gandhi. It is because the poisonous tree she had planted earlier had grown old and she couldn't uproot it. This is the price the Indian are paying for separating Bangladesh from Pakistan. The Pakistanis are now in possession of nuclear weapons.

Maybe they didn't succeed in making Punjab and independent nation, but they won't let Kashmir issue passes away easily. Like 'tit for tat' the Pakistani Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) is there to counter the RAW. There are so many spy networks working under-cover of diplomatic mission. But still Nepal has not been able to carry out any action against Raw. On the other hand, the situation in Bangladesh is also not stable. The People's Republic of China is also fighting Muslim separatists and it is being extra sensitive to the Indian politics. Down south, the military government of Burma is also facing separatist power though they are suppressing their people by military rule. What I want to point out from all the above scenarios is "What is the sole element responsible for such instability? The ultimate cause is the infamous organization RAW and its unethical activities. Because of not only the Bangaladesh and Pakistan are are suffering but also even Indian herself is in a big trauma and has already started explaining about cross border terrorism.

Bahadur, - 22 August, 2005


Dear Madam,

I read the entire article and I felt it is like a Mix Masala Indian movie which for few hours gives good entertainment. Similarly, your article might be appreciated in Pakistan which you might enjoy for few hours/days/months.

Dear Sister, I request you to instead of publishing such articles, why don't we talk something constructive. Instead of throwing mud on each other, why don't we do some positive work. It was very surprising to know that you know more about India then any ordinary Indin. Why do you take such a great amount of respect in India. Pakistan itself is facing lot of problems. Under development, poverty, terrorism,etc. to name a few. Instead of discussing your own issue, you are more interested to know what is happening in neighbour's house.

So better resolve your own issues. And lastly throwing mud on India is like throwing mud on sun, which will ultimately fall on you and harm you.

So talk development, employment, women issues, for the sake of your own country.

Jai Hind,


AMITSINGH CHAUHAN, Pakistan - 23 August, 2005

paktribune and it's writer

For the sake of argument, If I take it granted that Maoists are in indian inventory then India would have exported them to Pakisthan than to Nepal or Bhutan.India has many other busines, than production and export of terrorist.A stabilized neighbour is always desirable to avert refugee and many other problems Please stop publishing these articles as it would not solve any purpose of masses of the region. Thanks.

SM Ghosh, Hungary - 23 August, 2005

Pakistanis are always jealous of DEMOCRATIC INDIA. 160 million muslims,(including muslim women) can enjoy real freedom in india.Pakistanis have to wait another 100 years or more to get this freedom.They are allowed to write abut RAW with out any fear.Thanks.

Mr.Freedom, United Arab Emirates - 23 August, 2005

It seems that the writer has lost some of her mental peace in the quest for fanatical hatred against India and Hinduism, which spans over 10 centuries and runs in her blood which (she doesn't know, or can't accept) has over 90% of Indian constituents, and less than 10% of constituents of Arabic-central asian invaders.
In the hatred she has even forgotten that if her country helps and encourages Maoists, they would help her country, achieve its ultimate goal, i.e, disintegration of India and Hindu way of life.

Avijeet, Pakistan - 23 August, 2005

keep chewing the same thing again and again . when other countries are passing by with strong economy. wake up and do something for your own country . write about what you should do to make pakistan economically strong.otherwise you will be left with nothing but jealousy.

riky, Svalbard And Jan Mayen - 23 August, 2005

Madam, why don't you put the same effort on the "hasba bill issue" and save your motherland from talibanization?

karan Johar, United Kingdom - 24 August, 2005

Utter nonsense

You clearly dont have any idea about teh situation. THe Maoists are a huge threat to India, and we are trying our best to stamp them out. The last thing we would do is encourge them. ANd what on earth would be gain by destabilizing Nepal???

john, Hungary - 24 August, 2005

Fake Pakistani Amitsing

Hmm, a Pakistani angry at indian/endian criticism. No way, you must be a filthy RAW spy. Any way, I am a proud Bangladeshi and Endia and its newspapers all the time interfare with our own domestic issues. Not only that they poke their nose into Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, SriLanka even faraway Afghanistan and central asian countries' business and try to destablize those governments. So Endia needs to mind its own business. We will criticise Endia and RAW because they are trying to harm other countries. Guys just look at what Endia and RAW did to SriLanka. Even many Endians admit to me that Endia destabilized SriLanka just because of economic jealousy. I appreciate Subia Nisar to write this article. I hope she writes more often about dirty Endian tactics against other innocent countries. When Endian liar writers and journalists can write and publish lying stories, what is the problem with Endians when we write true stories about how Endia is trying to destroy other countries?
Down with Endia.

Hasan, Bahrain - 24 August, 2005

The Research and Analysis Wing (RAW ) of India is different in nature than that of the intellegence of any other country . RAW is the creator Brahma‚ the Supreme Being‚ who creates the nation. It gave birth to Bangladesh. RAW is Yamaraj‚ the God of death. It has already killed half a dozen countries including Goa‚ Daman and Diu‚ Hyderabad‚ Pondicherry‚ Jammu‚ Kashmir and Sikkim. The last victim is Sikkim. RAW is Vishnu who takes care of politics‚ economy‚ religion‚ water policy and people's policy of other countries‚ which it‚ at the moment‚ is doing in Nepal. Therefore it is necessary to understand the objectives and organizational pattern of this agency.

Indian intelligence service (IB) is a legacy received from the British. It is doing its work in its own place. Similarly‚ a separate spy agency (INA) has been set up for military intelligence. India has already the Central Bureau of Intelligence‚ shortly known as CBI‚ like the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the US and the Russian Intelligence Agency (KGB) to carry out works relating to the country's security. There is also a Criminal Investigation Department (CID). CBI and RAW are different‚ for the former is a regular organ of the state‚ while the latter is the unnatural organ. CBI is basically involved in security and corrective matters‚ while RAW is found to have been involved in destructive and negative activities. RAW is indulged in creating instability and chasms in the politics of other countries‚ and sowing the seeds of dissensions and hostility in the realms of ethnicity‚ religions and gender. Thus it contributes to disturbing communal harmony and ultimately disintegrating the country. After Sri Lanka‚ Bangladesh‚ Bhutan and Sikkim‚ RAW is now focused on Jammu-Kashmir and Nepal. The situation of Nepal is more serious and sensitive than that of Kashmir. Though it is because of Kashmir that the ego of Pakistan has been badly bruised‚ it cannot go to the extent of infringing upon the independence and sovereignty of Pakistan as a nation. Even if Kashmir became independent‚ India would remain as Soviet Russia. But both these things do not apply in the case of Nepal. Wars over Jammu-Kashmir are like those between two tigers‚ while in the case of Nepal‚ it is like between wolf and cow. The leaders here are cows who are dependent on them and carry out their functions as per their advices. For further elaboration I would like to quote K.P.Nayar " The mainstream political parties in Nepal are beholded to India. Without India's consistent—albeit often tactical—support for their objectives, Nepal would never have democracy in 1990.The dispute between the Nepali Congress and the communists on foreign policy has essentially been about who has India's ear, never on how to eliminate India's influence in Nepal or how to cut the kingdom's umbilitical cord with India" [1] This indicaates that how Nepali politics and paries are run upon India's remote control, how NC, CPN-UML, NSP and RPP are directly on Indian influence. According to him – it is no great secret in Kathmandu that New Delhi forced the king's hand in June in getting him to appoint Sher Bahadur Deuba as prime minister. So was done for Surya Bahadur Thapa before him. It is no wondeer that even in the political appontments to be done by His Majesty or by His Majesty's government are appointed in the PEs, Institutions, Academies, constitutional bodies etc. There are numorious names known to all apponted on the recommendation of the Indian Embassy on the lists prepared and submitted by the RAW. They (Koirala, Nepal, Thapa & Rana) compit to visit to India as how to be closer than the others. These days the RAW disguised as wolf is scratching their back. It does not seem nothing more than scratching on the surface‚ given the speeches and write-ups made in public and international forums. But hardly any people are aware of the fact that the same scratching will ultimately lead to taking out of all the entrails through the anus. The wolf is trying to make the cow convinced of its noble objectives. The organizational pattern of RAW differs from that of other intelligence agencies. Now I would like to present a schematic reprograntorium of the structure of RAW as prepared by Ashoka Raina:[2]

2. Organization of RAW

In 1949 or two years after the independence of India‚ Mr. Pillai felt the need of setting up an agency to study international activities. One year after this‚ the then home secretary Mr. Benarjee apprised the prime minister Nehru and home minister Patel of the need of such


Anti RAW, - 24 August, 2005

u r right

Hi sobina,
I think you are very right for saying that India is using Maoist to create destabilisation in Nepal. Although, India is a close neighbour to nepal, it has never in history worked and voiced for the good of Nepal. But one thing India should realise that Maoist of Nepal are so much parriot that they know very well that India is using them. One day if ever maoist will come in power than I am sure that Maoist government will be the enemy of India.
Lastly, I appreciate you for your article and thanks a lot for your article. God bless you and goodluck.

anoj, Nepal - 24 August, 2005

Waste of time

Reading Sobia's articles are generally a waste of time. i would offer generous cash prize for anyone who can produce a published article from her which does not concern india direct or indirect. her passion for india knows no bounds and so also her hatred and jealousy!!

and pakistan's welfare seems to be te last thing on her mind.

aarvey, Hungary - 24 August, 2005

Read what others have to say

Hi sobia,
Being a citizen from Nepal, it is a matter of great concern for me, about the polictical game being played in the region. India being militarily superior has threatned the soverignity of various countries, when i read your article it does make sense that india is playing different games to maximise its advantage to it's neighbouring countries.RAW is definitely the enemy of the region, which people haven't given much thought about.The countries which are in threat from the RAW should unite together and do something before it maximise its web and can't be taken under control. I agree with that the country should adopt the policy of non-interfernce in internal affairs of any soverign country.Otherwise the consequence would be disastrous.,....(like in palestine and Israel)

sanjeev, Nepal - 24 August, 2005

Mr.Riky dont forget our 8.3 growth rate in 2004-05,go and review your economics, bye bye for now hope you will ask another question,

Ejaz Ahmed, Pakistan - 25 August, 2005

Great fiction work

Please Don't talk or write about things which you don't know.
I am from the State of Andhra Pradesh where maoists are very strong. They kill innocent people ,rape womwn, Extort money from business men and if anybody refuses he will be killed.
If india in Supporting maoists, we would send them to Pakistan rather top Nepal.
Maoists are cold blodded terrorists. It is Pakistani ISI that is supplying arms to maoists.
We Indians have great respect for Pakistani Intellectuals, but please don;t spoil that by writing these type of non sense stories.
We have lot of problems and why the hell we interfere into others' problems.
Before writing any stories please use your senses because thesekind of stories won't to do any good for indo-pak relations.
You are initiating a propaganda aganist us and creating a bad impressiion in the minds of our Pakistani Brothers.

Raju, Hungary - 25 August, 2005

India is the mother of evil

article very rightly highlights Indian links with Maoists.There is no denying the fact that it was India who raised ,equipped and trained the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka and then ultimately sent IPKF to crush this movement. it was India that raised the issue of law and order in Maldives and sent her troops over there.Now it appears the turn of Nepal. India has suspended the arms supply to Nepal to strengthen the Maoists' movement.Nepal is India locked country and question does arise that from where Maoists are getting weapons. Nepali political leaders visit India and and there they have secret meetings with Maoists top leadership.Story of DR Babu Ram aptly establishes these links.Indian ex ambassador to Nepal Mr Shyam Sarran also confessed that Indians have links with Maoists.

Nadeem, Pakistan - 25 August, 2005

Hi !!

Nepal and India...
Their relations are discussed in Pakistan. who says that India is interfering. We have a better cultural relationship with Nepal than Pak. It's true whether you agree or not. So just accept it. I see some folks from Bangladesh too raising their voice against India. Can't you just stop immigrating to my country? We have rights and we have democracy and we are proud of it. I can become a leader tomorrow in India by all the right means. But you have to do a military coup in Pak. You guys are just jealous... Just accept.. We really don't care what you have to say...You can't even imagine a country like India where each and every state have different traditions, customs and languages and yet we are united. Can Pak even dream of something like this ?
You cry against our bollywood and watch it at home...
I am ot sure if the author was terrorized by someone to write this :-)

john, Hungary - 25 August, 2005

You Bangladeshi.. We don't have any interests in your country. But looks like you have a lot in our country. Where are you coming from and poking your unwanted nose in this discussion ? I am here because they talk about my country and I can agree on some pak and nepal folks too as they are related to this discussion. Why are you here ? India destabilized Srilanka ??? How ?? Go and ask a srilankan. We speak similar languages, eat similar food and see similar movies. if asked for, our Govt, helps other countries and there are many organizations like SAARC, UN etc that will never allow India's interference in neighbouring countries. And with you shameless, filthy and foul mouthed neighbour, we can never do that as you would have cried long time before this. I always had a good opinion about Bangladesh.. But after you... Indians need to re-think..

Bahadur, Pakistan - 25 August, 2005

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