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Implications Of Indo-Us Nuclear Cooperation

30 August, 2005

By Sobia Nisar

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 US efforts are aimed at promoting Indian nuclear capabilities which are a source of major threat to China as well as for Pakistan. The United States plans to help India become a “major world power in the 21st century”. Under the US plans, Washington offered to set up a strategic dialogue with India to boost missile defence and other security initiatives as well as high-tech cooperation and expanded economic and energy cooperation. The US has decided to allow India to acquire the same facilities accorded to a member-state of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty without signing the agreement, a move tantamount to recognizing India as a nuclear weapon state. In a meeting between US president and Indian PM Manmohan Singh, US enables India to secure international help for its civilian nuclear reactors while retaining its nuclear arms. India can also obtain nuclear fuel for the Tarapur reactors. According to the US accord, India would acquire the same benefits as are reserved for other 5 nations- US, Russia, China, UK and France-that are recognized as legitimate nuclear states under the NPT. While the US agreed to amend its own non-proliferation laws and international regimes to grant the new status to India, New Delhi has agreed to undertake the obligations of a “responsible nuclear state.” These responsibilities will include “identifying and separating civilian and military nuclear facilities and programmes in a phased manner,” placing India’s civilian nuclear facilities “under IAEA safeguards,” and “negotiating an additional protocol” with the International Atomic Energy Agency. India would also continue the moratium on nuclear testing, work with the US for fissile materials cut off treaty and maintain export controls.

According to observers, there are adverse ramifications of Indo-US cooperation:

1.  Since last year, India had pressurized Washington for a firm commitment of defence supplies, at least 4 times, but received no satisfactory answer. However, the US commitment came at a time when the US announced its decision to sell an undetermined number of F-16s to Pakistan in order to prop Pakistan to meet US needs of fighting the War against Terrorism. As a matter of fact, the US aid to Pakistan does not change the balance of power in the region, whereas the US ‘aid’ to India does disturb the balance of power in all respects.

2.  The technology gap, caused by transfer of sensitive technology will upset the balance of nuclear deterrence in the sub-continent.

3.  India is going to use the dual technology received from USA in giving a fillip to her nuclear weapon programme and the delivery means.

4.  The Indo-US defence and nuclear cooperation will lead to the escalation of arms race in the region, which is detrimental to the regional security interests of South Asia.

5.  The Indo-US nuclear cooperation is aimed towards containment of China as China’s military and economic might is perceived as a  threat in the Indian as well as western circles.

6.  The Indo-US Nuclear Cooperation is bound to create insecurity within all South Asian countries bordering India. India has disputes with all of its neighbouring countries including Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Pakistan etc. The so-called “World-Peace Keepers” should understand that any US move to boost Indian hegemonic objectives will create chaos and disturb regional peace.

7.  Although Indian PM has expressed that India is a responsible nuclear state, it is a known fact that India has been engaged in covert nuclear proliferation activities for years. Under Indo-US agreement, the Indian government will allow the US government to carry out a reference check on Indian companies which import sensitive technology. The pact’s objective is to allay US fears of possible technology misuse by India. According to observers, the agreement has been signed in connection with Indo-US Next Steps in Strategic Partnership (NSSP) as US officials had expressed  many times that progress on NSSP is linked to the enforcement of desired non proliferation/ export by India. However, it is not enough to halt nuclear proliferation by India going on at such a large scale. Despite the pact signed, India is sure to remain engaged in nuclear proliferation activities as it has a long history of leakage and illegal transfer of sensitive technology. In addition, India is to receive more nuclear technology from USA under the latest US accord, which is quite surprising for international observers.

8.  In the backdrop of Indo-US cooperation, lies the US belief of the fake claim propagated by India that she is the “World’s Largest Democracy.” However, maltreatment of Indian Muslims and other minorities at the hands of Hindu majority gives a practical blow to this claim. Caste based violence is increasing at an alarming rate. The rise of Hindutwa ideology, sponsored and protected by the state has created an unprecedented environment of violence in India. Slanderous attacks on Islam are made and desecration of mosques and shrines often result due to religious hatred against the Muslims. Besides, anti-Muslim riots are a common feature in India. This reflects a marked disparity between Hindus and Muslims in social, economic and educational fields. Thus, US strategy of promoting cooperation between the world’s oldest and largest democracies is based on a fake democratic concept which is bogus in reality. 

Such Strategic US moves aim towards making India the World’s major power could have been justified only if India had won confidence of all regional countries of being a peaceful country. If India had resolved all of its disputes including border, water and others with the neighbouring states. If India had resolved the core dispute of Kashmir according to the wishes of Kashmiris at stake.  Rather, India is not at all serious to give up its hegemonic designs and let peace prevail in the region. India is not at all serious to end up the sufferings of Kashmiris even it has a golden chance to do so via the “Composite Dialogue Process”. It is only buying time in the case of Kashmir issue. It is only involving Pakistan in insignificant matters, while sidelining the main dispute to show the International Community and the west that everything is okay between India and her regional neighbours. India is doing so with a view to derive maximum strategic benefits from the west and to attain a permanent seat in the United Nations. The western watch dogs should be wise enough to look into the consequences before extending nuclear cooperation with unreliable partners.


Reader Comments:

To the author..

All your columns are against India. It's good to see negative aspects of India. But how can you ever say just "not responsible", "unreliable". Sophia, believe us we can just accept facts that everyone can perceive. Your columns just reflect the hatred within you against India. It's just going to bring down you and "Pak tribune's" credibility. I agree no country is totally good. Yes, we have lot of problems in India and so does any country in the world. How can you just say that India is just unreliable... We decide the fate of India not a military commander.. Just imagine what would happen to Pak if Mr.Musharraf is gone tomorrow. Think about your country...

John, United Kingdom - 30 August, 2005

Indo-US Defence Cooperation

Assalamu alaikum. Recently I've read your opinion about the US-India nexus and I must say that it is well written and thought provoking. I agree with most of the points you've mentioned but I have little reservation about one of your assumptions. In your article you've mentioned that the Indo-US nexus was designed to counter the growing influence of China in Asia and the world stage. I will not challenge your opinion as it might be the case but I would like you to consider other possibilities as well. The thing is sometimes we fail to see things shrouded in a veil of camouflage, sometimes we see only what we want to see. As a result we never prepare ourselves for the worst, when we should hope for the best prepare ourselves for the worst. Apparently it seems that Indo-US nexus is aimed at countering China but the Chinese reaction in this regard tells me that it might not be the case. If it was really aimed towards containing China I think the Chinese would have been worried by now, but the Chinese don't seem to be worried at all. I believe the Chinese believe what I believe and that is the US government at the moment simply can't afford to stir-up rivalry and antagonism between Beijing and Washington, not when the US government is bogged down in a protracted war in the Muslim World. Perhaps Washington would like us or more precisely, US allies like Pakistan and Bangladesh to believe that to be the case. In the end, you may be right, but my question to you is what if there is an ulterior motive ? What if the nexus is aimed not at China, what if it is aimed at curbing the military power and eventually quashing the sovereignty of the only Muslim country which possesses nuclear capability ? In that case what is going to be the consequence ? I would be much obliged if you could kindly convey to me your valuable opinion regarding my questions. Allah Hafez.

Tarek Masud, Bahrain - 30 August, 2005

Unsubtantiated claims make for bad journalism and worse analysis

Miss sobia has made some very strong allegations about continuing nuclear proliferation from India. "it has a long history of leakage and illegal transfer of sensitive technology." What is her evidence? If she had cared to read the agreement between US and India, she would know that the US civilian nuclear technology will go only to those Indian facilities that are under IAEA safeguards. If safeguards are as good as they are suposed to be, how will the US techno help India's weapons program? When Pak tested in 1998, acc to its own admission, it had acheived strategic equality/parity with India. So, by what stretch of mental acrobatics can she argue that aid to Pak will not change the bal of power in the region but aid to India will? Finally, why would neighbors of India (other than Pak) feel more threatened now? How does it change their security situation if India can threaten them with one nuclear weapon [in 1998] or 15 or 150 [in the future]?

Seema, United Kingdom - 30 August, 2005

Bogus artical

I think writer is obessed with anti-indian mentality or you are jelous to the stratgic victroy of india. Can you write the same article for Pakistan depicting "Why Pakistan did not get the nuke deal with US as India got?" I guess you will again write the 6th point for Pakistan, you neither have good relationship with Afganistan nor India, so does that mean F-16 should not be given to Pakistan. who are you to decide what India will do after getting Nuclear Technology from US. Please don't compare yourself with India. India is big country and it has different need. Tell me about any AQ Khan living in India. Please try to inspire your leadership for getting same technology agreement from US and then you will come to know where you stand in the eye of western world. Instead commenting on your neighbour please clean up your house.

Again I know some people feel hurted after reading my article but belive me this is the first time when i have reacted like this on the article and I don't have any negative perception about citizen of Pakistan. I am wishing good luck for People of Pakistan.


Pratyush Shukla, Hungary - 30 August, 2005

What about Mr. Khan?

There was no comment from Pakistani press on Mr. Khan's selling technology to terrist states. You should write on that matter to be fair. - Thanks.

Richard Thomas, United Kingdom - 30 August, 2005

Mush is not holding Up Pakistan

Sobia is right in saying that India is not reliable. If India is reliable then why she has never acted upon the UN resolutions for Kashmir? About Musharraf, you guys are lucky to have a traitor like Musharaf but the day he is gone, get ready it will be a full scale Jihad against you guys from the first Islamic Nuclear Power. Pakistan is created in the name of Islam and Allah is our protector. You think about ur country....

Qasim, United Arab Emirates - 31 August, 2005

It is not going to be an easy task to pat a rival(INDIA) for her achievements. Forget abt patting..lets not foment hatred against her. This hatred will one day comes down crashing on ur own people. India and Pakistan are going to be neighbors try to compete interms of lifting standard of living. Lets concentrate on that first. I always make a habit of reading pakistan newspapers just to know your perspective of India. At troubled to find end up talking more about India than Pakistan. Lets hightlight the issues that will benefit common man. Last but not the least...I agree there are incidents of communal voilence in India...but we have freedom to practise our own faith and religion. I feel lucky to be an indian.

GlobalEye, Hungary - 31 August, 2005

well ,i have few questions

# what has pakistan have to do with f-16 fighter planes in war against terroism

# why is that the 'father of pakistan nuclear bomb " -A Q khan is in house arrest

# why is that pakistn is so obessed abt india and hinduism

pakisan has got no rights abt ranting abt indian muslims.hinduism is the "religion of indian soil" -we can practise as good as we want it .
india here in this article is accused as nuclear proliferator ---well , we will be pretty convinced if author can site few examples or atleast few links to vindicate her claims --not just simple bugaboo's agains india .

well its high time paksitan starts concentrating on its own matters and catch up with the rest of the world

kumar, Pakistan - 31 August, 2005

India deserves it

Just answer my question
1> Does any other website other than a pakistani website deny the fact that India is the world's largest democracy?

2>India is the budding superpower which the US needs to achieve it's strategic goals...why is pakistan soo jealous about it?

3>hinduism is the religion of india just like islam is in why do u interfere with internal affairs of india?

4>With what audacity do you say india has leaked away it's nuclear secrets?..why dont you look at your own backyard and answer about AQ Khan to the world

Bob, United Kingdom - 31 August, 2005

Hatred creat hatred

this is first time that i am reacting to a column although i read every pakistani online newspapers.
the author has nothing but hatred against india. tell me what has pakistan got in the last 58 years for its rivalary against india. it has lost half of its territory. now it is widely regarded as epicentre of terrorisum and on the verge of becoming a failed state.
think for a moment about friendship, it will gain much more by becoming a freind than an enemy, iran pipe line (600-800 million pa) being only the tip of the iceburg.
india-us relation is here to grow bigger and bigger because it is mutually beneficial. regarding china believe it or not in the long run we will overtake china militarily and economically.
so please look at your own country. lastly regarding muslim they are much better in india than their counterpart in pakistan. whatever condition they are now is because of their own beliefs and deeds(what about Imrana and Shah bano)

best of luck


sunil, Hungary - 31 August, 2005



K.K.SINGH, Pakistan - 31 August, 2005

A twisted and biased article

Pure hate. This is the only sense I get by reading the article. The priorities in India are very different to that of Pakistan. By conservative estimates India grows by 7% each year, and its needs are far higher, civilian and defence. Let us get this very straight, whether you like it or not, India conducts elections and has a free press and judiciary. Generals in India supervise the armed forces, fullstop. We have our share of failures, notably corruption and probity in public life. But the criticism in the article about India is just a bit too naive and lacks depth. It tracks the same path of religious hatred. Again it suffices to say that India is a huge country with huge needs and it has a broad sense of where it is heading. Its priorities at the moment is economics and social adjustment and improvement. I can only hope that the author takes a broader view of India before spitting venom.

Prabhu Chellamuthu, United Arab Emirates - 31 August, 2005

Why start a joke!!!

It shows how immature guys like Qasim are. Imagine India and Indians being lucky to have Musharraf around and not Pakistanis. Yes we need more practical guys like qasim who don't think with their heads.

aarvey, Hungary - 01 September, 2005

i pity these guys

There are some people here passing comments saying there will be jehad against india once mushraff is gone and there is also talk about using nuclear weapons...haha..i pity those illinformed people who are talking like this..they need some maturity. You are talking of jihad against a country (India) which is the worlds largest arms buyer.. please try to save muslim countries like Afganistan, Iraq and Iran(futuer target od America)and then talk about India. Pakistan also can be in deep trouble if the world knows that it's nuclear weapons are in the hands of these jihadis..please watch what you talk . This is a respected news website

Bob, United Kingdom - 01 September, 2005

so much hatred

god bless your souls. i know all pakistani and muslims are not like sabia nisar and qasim fr. uk.
there are many muslims who dislike these sort of articals like anyone else.
all we need is awarness
and love.only that can bring world peace.

riky, Svalbard And Jan Mayen - 01 September, 2005

Dont spread hate

it is totally baseless and illogical to comment on any country.Islam does not allow the hate spread against Hindus and the otherway round. Stop writting such a hated article.

S.A.Kahalekar, Hungary - 02 September, 2005

To Qasim

We respect Islam as a religion. As a religion, it has so many wonderful aspects. But why should fanatics like you follow Islam ? Do you think Allah will be happy with you or Pak if it attacks India or for that matter any country ? What do you guys want ? who are you ? The creators of the world ?? who asked you to make the rules? Don't you have an inch of humanity within you ?
Musharraf is doing all the right things to Pak. Islamic radicals are good... but fanatics are bad. Why do you want Islam or any religion to live on the expense of a human being ?
Your(Our) Allah, if he is a God, will never forgive you or this Sobia Nisar. You promote hatred on the minds of others.
will wait for your reply..

"Pak tribune... Change you writers, please".

John, United Kingdom - 02 September, 2005

when you people still try to compare yourself with us

By reading this article what i can understand that people of pakistan are still fooled by there state media.Since they cann't write about their own misery condition they talk about india. Look in your country first before talking about us. It was a shame for a country who cann;t manage their country ask for loan & money to other country. If middle east country stop providing money to you people you people will die within a days. Look t your own country image. Every country called pakistan as "Militant country or Failed state" May be in future india needs to take over the country back & teach good lesson to those who brainwash chindren & use them in name of so called jehad.

raj, Pakistan - 03 September, 2005

This is Jehadi Propoganda

India is a responsible nuclear state as well as larget democracy. Muslims have rights but Jehadi's don't. They will be crushed in the same way as any civilized society will do to protect themselves. I support Prez .Bush 100% on his war on terror. Author should have explained the role of Dr. Khan and his ISI friends in selling Nuke Technology to terrorists. World knows that Pakistan was a breeding place for terrrorists.So you accuse India because you are jealous of our economic growth. You are not even one fourth of what we are? We are talking peace because we are committed to humanity and human values but don't consider this our weakness.
Hindus and Muslims live with peace and Pakistan only as tried to disturb this.
Remeber the wars of 1948,1965,1971 and Kargil. I have lost some dear ones in these wars but India has won.
But in case this peace process drops ,it will not be in your best interest.
So don't write this crap.
Pakistan can compete with India economically if they leave their Muslim Fundamentalism.

Mohit, United Kingdom - 03 September, 2005

To author again

Why don't the author have the guts to answer questions asked by hundreds of readers ? .. She/he is a joke..

John, Pakistan - 03 September, 2005

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